16 November 2016

Anti-Trump Protesters Paid $35 Per Hour

Some more perspective.....

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USA: Popular vote vs Electoral College vote

The Left is still in complete melt-down over the Trump victory.

Please remember that this is an ORCHESTRATED campaign by the Progressive Communist Left in America, unleashed hours after Trump won. It was all planned in advance should Trump do the un-thinkable and actually win.

You don't have professional posters printed ready to go, and huge Trump effigies ready to burn, all organised hours after an election result, for this not to be pre-planned.

The main culprit is George Soros, who funds many of the socialist/communist movements and organisations in America and around the world, to force populations, through intimidation, to his communist views so that he can profit.

Having billions in the bank is never enough for these old war-monger 'revolutionaries'. 

Soros uses fascism, intimidation and hatred - paying 3rd party 'protesters and anarchists' to do his dirty work - to cower his political enemies to his will. Tactics which appeals to the natural instincts of the Left.

Australians also get to experience the Soros love Down Under, through organisations such as GetUp, which is funded indirectly by Soros. GetUp went into overdrive when Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister, and became extremely quiet when Malcolm Turnbull knifed Abbott a short while later.... Which says a lot about Malcolm Turnbull, that he isn't seen as a threat....

If Trump wanted to do the world a favour, he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Soros - to look into his wealth, and funding of domestic terrorism around the world, and especially in America. 

Were Soros really concerned about the poor and destitute, as he claims - he could have taken all those many millions he's wasted trying to influence people around the world, and rather ploughed the money into supporting global hunger and poverty in 3rd world countries. 

Instead he wants every Western country to share the poverty and hunger of the 3rd world......

People like Soros aren't in this fight for fuzzy, warm feelings - they're in this for money, power and influence. Period.

Of course, Trump could go one better and just hand Soros over to Putin, who would love to have a chat with him - seeing as Soros was instrumental in organising the overthrow of the sitting Ukranian government to install his own puppet and try and bring Putin down. Soros is also connected to "Pussy Riot", the anti-Putin 'feminist band'.......

It's also why Putin has banned NGO's in Russia - because most are backed by Soros to try and destablise Putin/Russia. 

Putin isn't stupid. He knows they want Russia run by a Lefty Progressive.

Soros is also instrumental in flooding Europe by pushing and funding massive 3rd world immigration.

Open borders and globalism.......Soros' calling card.

Soros also funded and supported Obama's election back in 2008. No need to say anything more.

All this influence peddling, while he sits in his penthouse in New York - far away from the fall-out from his actions. He's a typical Leftist COWARD, who wants to control everyone and every thing else, without being in the front-lines, all the while profiting. 

Soros would be that cowardly general who slinks off the battle field in fear, just as the battle begins.

Being a multi-billionaire, he uses his ill-gained wealth and influence to organise a plethora of globalist and communist organisations to follow his orders. 

And to confirm all of this, and article just in:
George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.
The meeting is the first major gathering of the institutional left since Trump’s shocking victory over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election, and, if the agenda is any indication, liberals plan full-on trench warfare against Trump from Day One. Some sessions deal with gearing up for 2017 and 2018 elections, while others focus on thwarting President-elect Trump’s 100-day plan, which the agenda calls “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements — and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.”

Hahaha - Obama's achievements?? And just replace the word "progressive" with "regressive" and you have the reason Trump won.

It will be a great day for the world when Soros takes his final dirt nap.

Off topic, but have you noticed how evil people always seem to live forever? Mugarbage, Mandela, Soros.... It's almost as if they're afraid to die.....

But, back to the 'grass-roots', not-grass-roots riots and protests in the USA.

Here are some mugshots of some of the upstanding members of the community, protesting against Trump in Portland (a Lefty bastion):

Most of those rioting in Portland (60%) are not from the area and didn't vote.....yet now they protest?

He's not their president, they declare! Well, one should hope not.

Just take a look at the hippie-freaks - all look like they're high as kites. Just imagine how many fine young men and women have died for America on the battle field, and compare them to these delinquents.

And to think this is what Hillary was pandering to.....

More at this LINK

These are the types of freaks now trying to convince everyone that Trump shouldn't be POTUS, because he didn't win the popular vote.

As an aside, there are still about 7 million votes to count, so the popular vote is far from being over. And in some states, they stop counting once the POTUS has been announced so the true number will probably never be confirmed.

But, that doesn't stop the Left. T
hey are all about opportunism, lying, slandering and skewing information to their benefit and then use the media to spread that message. The American media, instead of being balanced, have now become unhinged, openly-biased, and cry-babies. They are partly to blame for the protests, because, instead of reporting the truth they add fuel and oxygen to the flames.

Their fascist petticoats are showing.....

So, what is the popular vote, you may be asking? It's the total number of votes each candidate received. At the moment, Clinton is leading Trump by around 700,000 votes.

However, the American system is based on the Electoral College votes, where every State (and Washington DC) carries a certain number of votes. Whoever wins that State, receives those votes.

That's why Trump needed 270 votes to win. He won 306 at last count. Which is a shellacking of Clinton, who only received 232 votes.

The reason for the Electoral College voting method is to avoid the bigger states with massive populations from 'cutting' out the voices from the smaller states. 

Now, were the Presidency won on the popular vote, Trump would have parked himself in the big cities where he would've begged and pandered to just those populations for their votes. He would have only had to concern himself with their issues, and ignored the rest of the country and their concerns. 

And as most of the big cities are inhabited by Lefties and illegal immigrants, the entire country would be held to ransom based on their wants and needs.

That's why Trump focused his campaign on just 12 States - whose electoral votes he needed to beat Clinton. She, in contrast, ignored some of those States, believing she had their votes in the bag.

So it's very disingenuous of the Left and the media to now demand that Trump be rejected as POTUS based on the popular vote.


  • How many of those voting were illegals and weren't allowed to vote. Some are reporting up to 3 million illegals voted - mostly in the big cities, which luckily had no influence over the vote. If you remove those 3 million, then Trump wins the popular vote as well;
  • You can't use one voting system at the beginning of an election, and then decide after the fact that you want another system to decide the outcome.

But, does that stop the media from pushing this absurd angle? Nope. 

In the media's case, it's 'win by any means', rather than being ethical, balanced or truthful. It's the side, not the cause.

The fascists on the Left are the reason the world is topsy-turvy. We have allowed these mentally ill people way too much say over our lives. If only we could banish these fascists to live in one area of the world, where they could all live in peace and harmony with each other, and leave the sane people to get on with their lives. 

In the image below in blue is where Hillary won the popular vote. The red is where Trump won the popular vote.

And that, folks, is the reason for the Electoral College.....

15 November 2016

Pic of the day.....

Stockholm defends 'gender-equal' snow-clearing

You can always count on the moonbat crazy Swedes to provide some light entertainment....  although I don't think that is their exact goal.

Pure comedic genius.

I must admit, when I saw the headline above, I thought that Sweden (Stockholm to be more specific) had hired equal numbers of male and female snow plough-ers to clear up after a storm.

But, I was wrong. 

Gender-equal snow-clearing refers to the priority list of which areas are cleared first.

You see, in the past, snow was first cleared from main roads and from areas like construction sites, before being removed from pavements and cycle lanes.

But, last Winter, the city moved to a “gender-equal” system of clearing snow, because the powers that be decided it was 'sexist' not to clear pavements/cycle lanes and public transport lanes first, as more women walked/cycled and rode public transport than men. who tended to drive. And, because women drove less than men, they tended to have more injuries from falling ... leading to complaints that snow-clearing priorities were sexist.

So the city flipped their list of snow-clearing priorities and (predictably) chaos ensued over the week-end, after huge snow storm:
Hundreds of thousands of people were affected, with the majority of bus routes put out of service and commuters having to wait in queues for several hours. 
Police last week said the system is so bad, with ambulances unable to make their way along Stockholm’s roads, it posed a danger to society. Officer Fredrik Ståhle branded the conditions for drivers in the city “deplorable”.

Hospitals reported a fourfold increase in broken bones as a result of the new gender-equal policy.

I kid you not.

One day, people will study Sweden and come to the conclusion that, even though the country was once inhabited by the mighty, fearless Vikings, somewhere along the line the Swedish people decided they hated their peaceful, safe lives; their blonde hair and blue eyes; their achievements; their wealth.... and decided to embark on a re-population experiment to replace the accomplished, beautiful Swedish people with people from the failed 3rd world - as if there aren't enough of them already. 

They will also conclude that the crazy Swedish people instigated their own cultural suicide/demise by allowing batshit crazy Lefties and Feminazi's to shape policy and run the country. 

Will we ever know what that self-destruction trigger was?

RIP Sweden. 

CNN feminazi gets owned

Predictably, the 'media' are using their Lefty magnifying glass to review and denounce all of Trump's choices for his inner government circle.

Steve Bannon is their latest obsession. 

When Trump hired Bannon to be his campaign chairman, the Left (especially CNN) freaked out. Just how could Trump hire Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart! Breitbart has exposed the Progressive agenda for years, and Bannon has become expert at counteracting their talking points. So, no wonder he is not 'qualified' per the Left.

Bannon also helped Trump to win the election by outsmarting not only the Democrat/media machine, but the Clinton/globalist one too.

Now that Trump has hired Bannon to be his chief strategist at the White House, the Left is going apoplectic, bigly. Apparently Bannon is a White nationalist and anti-Semite. OMG!! Shoot him now.

Actually, he isn't, but what's a bit of truth while smearing, huh? There is now the predictable ho-hum group pack attack by the Lefty Media - a frenzy feeding.

Just so that everyone is aware, this is the typical Left's tactic - isolate and smear (Alinsky 101). The Left doesn't want Bannon in a position where he can counteract all their actions and strategies. They'd much prefer a compliant GOP RINO wimp.

If they are freaking out this big, then you know Trump has made the right decision.

And just to remind everyone - NOTHING Trump does or will do, will make the Left happy. They are like the 3 bears. It's either too hot, or too cold, and never right, even if it's perfect - because Baby bear is hiding under her bed in her safe space, stroking her therapy dog.

Why, just today, CNN was lamenting that the stock market was doing too well now as opposed to their glum faces the day of the election, when the stock market dropped. 

You see, it's never good enough for them.....Trump should use this to his advantage over the next 4 years. He needs to realise nothing he does will be acceptable to the Left, so why not just go all-out and get his agenda done while they're still acting like stunned mullets?

And BTW - I don't recall the Left subjugating Obama's picks to any close scrutiny. I don't recall them being alarmed that he sat in an anti-USA church for 20 years, hearing how God is going to damn America. 

Or any scrutiny being given to Valerie Jarrett - an ex-Iranian Muslim Brotherhood communist operative, and Obama's senior advisor:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.
It’s been well documented that Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer and longtime Obama confidant, is a liberal extremist who wields tremendous power in the White House. Faithful to her roots, she still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Jarrett and her family also had strong ties to Frank Marshal Davis, a big Obama mentor and Communist Party member with an extensive FBI file.

But, then, there are different rules for conservatives as opposed to the Left. Conservatives are held to a higher moral standard than the Left, who lack any soul, morals, or ethics. 

So, watch this video and enjoy how RNC Member Randy Evans Tears Into Kate Bolduan from CNN. Poor Kate - she was so owned that her producers had to feed her talking points during the discussion.

Point and laugh, folks. Point and laugh.

Never go full retard.....

So, with the shellacking that the Democrats just received at the ballot box, the Dem Party is in retrospection. 

Under Obama the past 8 years, the Democrat party has been decimated. 

In 2009 (the first year of the Obama presidency), the Democrats held:

- 59 out of 100 Senate seats; and
- 235 out of 435 US House of Representatives

Majorities in both houses of Congress, as well as the presidency.

Under Obama, they now have:

- 46/100 Senate seats; and
- 193/435 US House of Representatives

Not only that, but Republicans now hold 32 of the nation's governorships  (64%), as well as have total control of 30 of the country's 50 state legislatures (60%) and have total or split control of 38 of the 50 (76%.)

That makes Obama the overseer of the biggest loss in Senate seats, House seats, governorships, and state legislature seats of any of the past seven two-term presidencies.

If there was any doubt, doubt no longer. America has become either more conservative - or less Progressive/Liberal, take your pick.

What Americans have done is reject the agenda of the Progressives, which was meant to 'fundamentally change' the American political landscape. The Democrat Party has allowed the fascist, communist Left to usurp their platform and rot it to the core.  

And so, after this retrospection post election, what did the Democrat Party decide to do to fix what is broken?

If you thought they finally understood that the People were no longer on their commie plantation, then think again. Because instead of fixing what the retarded Left has done, they're doubling down and moving even further to the Left......

Here is their brilliant strategy:
"Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), formally announced his bid to run the Democratic National Committee on Monday, calling for the Democrats to “rebuild” the party after losing the White House and Congress in the elections last week."
Who is Ellison?
"Ellison is a Muslim and is among the more liberal Democratic lawmakers, and if he were elevated to DNC chair, it would signal the party’s move to the left and an acknowledgement that the party did not motivate the base to turn out to vote last week." 

I mean, what's not to like, right? The Dems will finally have a Muslim Brotherhood supporter and CAIR leader in charge of the Left in America.

If you were wondering why America has been floundering the past 2 decades - this is the reason. A once Christian nation, with the Left now openly supporting Islam as their voice of reason.

Good luck with that Democrats! I'm sure it's going to work out just fine for you and any sane supporters you still have in the Party.

Don't forget to bring your prayer-rugs to your next group-wankathon. 

The Dems are going full retard. Never go full retard.

14 November 2016

Fox NewsTulsa OK, gives directions to Canada for those who don't want Trump

Now that's pretty funny stuff.

Hope the video works. If not, here is the LINK.

Notice how all the people who said they'd leave the USA if Trump won, said they'd go to Canada (some said Spain, Australia.....)? 

What, Mexico not good enough for you?? Yet you're ok with them streaming over the border, but you don't want to live with them? How about Nigeria then? Or any other country in Africa??? Don't you Liberals worship the 3rd world populations????

Now tell me who are the racists again??

Just saying.......

President Trump: How & Why...

LANGUAGE Warning - if you are prone to getting the vapours at some salty language, then don't watch this video.

But, before you do, I would like to say that I in no way agree with Jonathon Pie's Lefty ideology. I have posted the video because Mr Pie explains to the Lefties why things like Brexit and Trump have happened. 

CLUE: When you don't let people express a different opinion without shutting them down with cheap-shot insults, people stop expressing how they are thinking (which is why the polls were so wrong on both occasions). Their only avenue to be truthful, and not to be shamed or slandered for how they think, is via the ballot box.

Spot on Mr Pie. 

Actually, keep it up Lefties - the more you use this tactic to stop other people from expressing their views/opinions/concerns, the more people will reject your damaging Lefty ideology.

LIBERALS Freak Out over TRUMP winning the election


BTW - to that dumb female at the 1min13sec mark who says she has no respect for women who voted for Trump and that they are dumb - fark you sweetie. You know why more women voted for Trump than for Romney? Because women prefer an alpha male to wimps. And if the media thought that by them releasing an 11 year old tape, where Trump says women LET HIM GRAB THEM BY THE P*SSY was going to stop women voting for him, then you're a moron. I've heard women say more disgusting things in private about men, than what Trump said about women. Women know that, and that's why it wasn't a major factor - it was only a major factor to those who thought saying something 11 years ago, in the PRIVACY of a bus, would matter to voters and ensure they don't vote for him. 

Who is shocked - shocked I tells ya - that women throw themselves are multi-millionaires?? How do you think old, shriveled-up billionaires manage to get young, blond sexy things to cling to their arms and proclaim their undying love for them?? Women want a rich man and most don't care what they have to do to get one. And Trump wasn't bragging about assaulting women - he used the word "let". If you think letting someone do something to you when you're a consenting adult female, then you are most likely a card-carrying member of the 'White males are to blame for everything wrong in this world' man-hating club.

So, build a bridge and get over the feminazi crap you're spewing, sweetie.


USA: Losers act like petulant children......

I guess you can't expect much more from the Left these days - other than acting as they do. It's in their nature. 

THEY are the fascist totalitarians they accuse others of being. THEY are unwilling to listen to anyone else's viewpoint. THEY are the intolerant haters trying to impose their will on others through force and intimidation.

They are the ones using hate to trump love.....while screeching it's the other way around.

You see, the Left these days don't do losing very well. We saw that after the Brexit vote, when thousands of anarchists, socialists, communists, progressives, open-border activists, and unpatriotic Leftards, marched, rioted and protested across England, after the People voted in the majority to leave the EU. They just couldn't accept that they had somehow lost what THEY thought was the right side of the argument. 

They demanded a do-over  for Brexit - as if the first result was just a practice session. 

In the Left's case these days, it's repeat until THEY get the result THEY want. Because, you know, THEY know better than the uneducated red-neck racists.

And so we see the same tactic being used by the Progressives in America, after Trump thumped Clinton by 306 to 232 electoral votes. Trump only needed 270 votes to win, so by getting 306 he not only won outright, but he rubbed the Clinton Machine's nose in the win for good measure:

In case you were wondering, the areas in RED are the areas Trump won. Blue are for Clinton, which shows you the Progressive anti-American filth congregate mainly in the large cities and spread their hatred, while looking down their noses at the fly-over, Bible thumping, gun-clinging, uneducated red-neck, hillbillies......

The Democratic Establishment and all their vicious henchmen also don't like the election outcome, so they implemented their predictable strategy of getting their little whiny cry-baby sheeple out to 'protest' the result. The imbecilic cannon-fodder. 

The Dem globalist henchmen tried their best to sway the election for Clinton. They used their media propaganda arm to continuously attack Trump and announce to the world over and over, that he was unfit to be president by painting him a racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobe, sexist, misogynist - you name it and he was IT - while staying very silent on Hillary and her proven lies, corruption, fraud and thieving. And all the good little media outlets around the world repeated the lies like the good little meek lambs they are.

The Dem Establishment also tried to push illegal aliens - who have poured into the country by the millions under Obama - to go out and vote, even though it's illegal for them to do so as non-citizens. Obama went on TV days before the election and said that anyone can go vote and there would be no repercussions. This is an act of treason against the very country he swore to uphold the laws of, and to protect the People of, but the media ignored this as they've done all 8 years of his presidency.

They also  rolled out Obama to go 'campaign' for Hillary. Obama then proceeded to accuse Trump of being unfit to be president and painted him a KKK supporter.... days before he had to welcome Trump into the White House and shake his hand as the next president. Apparently being a community organiser, who voted 'absent' in the Senate more than he voted present, made Obama more qualified than Trump to run America.....

And when all else fails, roll out the Wookie and Leftard 'celebrities', to convince the adoring crowds that Hillary should be elected just because she's a woman and not a White male. The Wookie apparently forgot that she had slandered Hillary back in 2008 while Obama fought her to be the Dem nominee....

And despite having the media, the GOP/Dem Establishment, political hacks, celebrities and most of the institutions all against him, Trump still prevailed. 

You can imagine how much more of a thumping it would have been had the media remained unbiased......

As it is, the Left is in melt-down. No one prepared them for a Hillary loss. In fact, Hillary and her team where throwing back the champagne celebrating their 'win' on the flight back from her final rally the day before the election - that's how confident they were of victory. She also signed advance copies of the next "Newsweek" issue, which declared her 'Madam President' on the cover:

Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch....

You only have to flip through the American TV 'news' channels to understand the total and utter confusion of the political pundits at the result. Most, if not all (besides some Fox presenters) are STILL in shock and disbelief. They were told by their media/polling echo chamber buddies that it was a done-deal - Hillary would win, and she would win in a landslide.....

That's why there was a group pile-on against Trump - they were convinced he was going to lose and lose bigly.

They now sit scratching their heads, not understanding how Trump actually won. I mean, he's a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobic clown, so just HOW could the People vote for him????

Well, if they'd stepped outside their little echo-chamber bubble for just a fleeting moment, they may understand why Trump won. Had they stepped out they would have read and felt the real mood of the American People.

The main reason for Trump's win is that the People voted against them, the status quo establishment - those in that exact echo-chamber bubble. They voted against all the media who are nothing but the propaganda arm for the globalists; against the political hacks who continuously speak down to them as if they don't matter; against all the #NeverTrump GOP/Dem politicians who think they can demand how people should vote to sway an election; against all the celebrities who live in their mansions while preaching just how great socialism is for the little people; and finally, they voted against Obama and his disastrous policies, which has ruined America over the past 8 years. 

Obama has done more to elect Trump than anyone or anything else. The People are living the results of the incompetent moron's 'presidency', and they decided they had had enough of all that 'Hope 'n Change' he was bottling and selling, which in reality amounted to pain and depression in the real world.

And the more all these know-it-all groups attacked Trump, the more the People decided to stick it to them with a giant F-YOU via the ballot box. Their vote was their only voice, and it's the only one that mattered in the end.

So, it's quite funny to now watch these same political pundits on TeeVee telling Trump what he needs to do to 'heal' the country. It's pretty obvious what their tact is - keep pushing the narrative that Trump ran a 'hostile' campaign, maligning groups, such as Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims, when it was THEM who pushed that narrative to begin with. And once they've shaped the narrative that Trump has to correct all his sins, they then tell him how to correct his mistakes by doing what they want him to do. 

As IF he'll listen to these stupid people who continuously knifed him.

And by the media keeping the anti-Trump narrative alive, they whip up the hatred out on the streets, of the special snow-flakes, who are now protesting the result of a democratic election. 

They now demand a do-over, because the result isn't to their liking.....

I say keep going. They are destroying the cities who didn't vote for Trump. Talk about stupidity.

Dear Special Snow-Flakes - take your therapy dogs, colouring books and scream therapy sessions, and go hide in your 'safe-spaces' with your tinfoil hats on while sucking on your pacifiers, and let Trump do what he does best - deliver results. 

Something foreign to your crowd.

Take a huge jump off the nearest f***ing bridge, is what I say to the media pundits. Trump won because of his message, his drive and his love of America, and he will implement HIS policies, NOT yours. 

The People voted against everything you stand for. 

Do you get it ??????? 

Do you hear the People now????????

Loud enough for you yet???????

Some people ask me how I can support the walking ego that is Trump. Well, that's exactly why I said from the outset that Trump was the one to save America - because of his ego (and the common sense policies he was pushing). Trump doesn't do failure very well. His entire reputation has been built on his ego. So, do you honestly think he will be happy to fail? 

That's why he will be successful. That's why he will build that wall - because all the pundits said he wouldn't. That's why he will create jobs - because they all said he couldn't. That's why he'll appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court - because they said he shouldn't. 

And that's why he will make America Great Again - because they said it couldn't be done.

As Donald Trump Jnr said about his father when asked if he can still win after poll after poll showed him losing: " I've learned not to underestimate him ".

You don't say to a walking, talking ego, that something can't be done and expect him not to prove you wrong.....

10 November 2016

Says it all.....

Should be 100% off. Aren't the Left all about giving away to the non-productive, what others have produced? 

Trump wins!

Trump's win has inspired me to put up a blog post.

I have watched the election antics since June 2015, when Trump first announced he was running for President of the USA. His maiden speech won me over to his side almost immediately, when he said that he was going to build a wall along the southern border. 

Now, some people may say, well, have walls ever worked? 

To that I would reply that Israel has a new shiny glorious wall and it's working. 

And in America's case, what is the alternative to keeping hoards of Mexicans, South Americans, and other illegals out, other than building a wall, when you have a pussy in the White House shoeing illegals in quicker than 3rd world'ers can run to the West? The traitor in the White House, President Obama, also instructed his own border agents to stand down and let the illegals and drugs stream in freely. 

The wall was a symbol as much as anything else. It grabbed the attention of the long-suffering (White) patriotic Americans. It fired them up. AT LAST, someone was listening to their concerns about the Left destroying their country through mass immigration population replacement (Muslim and 3rd world'ers) and costly welfare bills. 

Suddenly they had hope - there was someone who was prepared to fight for them.

Trump burst onto the scene and spoke their language. He knew he had to, to get any traction. Plus he was all about putting America first. Make America Great Again (MAGA). 

And the more he spoke, the more horrified the Left became, the more they attacked him, and the more popular he became. The Left couldn't afford the truth being told by an American patriot, nor to allow people to start questioning just why Republicans and Conservatives had allowed the Left to humiliate them for decades, via their PC group-think cultural Marxism ploy.

White America turned out in droves to vote for a man who put his people and his country first. He was their outspoken hero, out of a sea of loser Republican surrender cojone-less White male wimps. 

For years Republican voters have been told that they have to appease the Hispanics, to get their vote. Trump blew that lie right out of the water. He spoke truth, and the truth won them over. Not appeasement. 

This election, Trump has shown American patriots how to fight fire with fire. You point out the enemy and you keep attacking them. In his case, the media. The American media is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Political Establishment these days (GOP and Dem). So many in the media now are former 'advisers' to politicians. It's a rigged system and Trump mocked them and called them out. 

So, in part, Trump won by neutralising the media. The other part was being honest and using common sense with the American people - and speaking at their level. 

Clinton lost once the media was out of the picture - when the people realised that they could no longer rely on the media to provide them with a balanced view of their world. The media, this election cycle particularly, acted as a pack of hungry wolves, hunting down their political enemy, instead of doing their job, which is to work for the People to keep those in power honest.

Once the people no longer trusted the media, Clinton was exposed for the empty pant-suit she was. She offered no policies, apart from 'vote for me as I'm a women, I'm not Trump, and I deserve to be POTUS'. The people decided that she didn't deserve anything. And rightly so. 

But, that didn't stop the media from circling their wagons around Hillary - a flawed, lying, thieving, corrupt, power-hungry, anti-American socialist. They protected her. They flirted with her. They chose to ignore her gigantic closet of skeletons, instead pointing to the mole-hills made by Trump. Trump wasn't a racist, homophobic Islamophobe..... until he decided to run as a Republican presidential nominee. Then the vast media machine kicked in.

The media are disgusting. They deserve to be mocked, pilloried and ignored. The People must be reminded continuously of the media's obvious bias and the uncontrolled hatred and contempt they have for the true American (White) people. 

The media was very willing to back a failed candidate at any cost. Even one under FBI investigation.

Shame on them.

Just imagine how they would have covered for Hillary were she elected? If they couldn't even bring themselves to question her email server and the obvious pay-for-play between her State Department and the Clinton Foundation - just how could they be relied on to report what she did as POTUS?

In the end, justice has prevailed and America got it right. Thankfully.

Trump was the man at the right time. He used his popularity and public profile to his advantage. He buried the other 17 GOP nominees and then locked his target on Clinton and blew her away.

And as for the pro-Hillary polls - anyone following the election would have known that the polls were mostly wrong. One of the few correct was the LA Times, which had Trump ahead of Hillary. Huffington Post - the day before the election - had their polls showing Hillary winning at 98%...... and shaming anyone not in lock-step with their editorial.

Now people are asking just how did professional pollsters get this election so wrong? As if it's rocket science...which it's not.

Well (as with Brexit), the pollsters did 2 things wrong:

1. They underestimated the number of people who lied to pollsters, not admitting to voting for Trump. Why would people lie? Because they were tired of having to defend their choice of candidate. Because of the rabid media demonisation of Trump, who they labelled as every 'phobe' known to man - homophobe, Islamophobe, etc. - as well as calling him a bigot and racist, people chose to keep quiet. It's what's called the Monster Vote;

2. The pollsters willfully LIED to the public. In many cases they over-sampled Democrats in their polls, to skew them against Trump. This was all meant to dampen the enthusiasm of the Trump voters and discourage them from voting. That's why Trump kept saying the polls were rigged, and asking people to ignore them and just go vote. And the people listened (thankfully). Think about this - how come the Trump camp's internal polling showed they were going to flip some blue States to their camp, and that Trump had a path to POTUS - and the professional pollsters, who do this for a living, didn't have a clue about Trump's elect-ability? Poll after poll - hundreds of them - all showed Hillary as the clear winner, even going so far as to claim it would be a whitewash? Hillary's own polling knew she was in trouble, so she started following Trump's rallies across the States to try and save her campaign. 

And yet the media and their lying polls kept showing her winning in a landslide.

Well, the polls were correct in one thing - this was a whitewash, as in White people wash.

And today we see the media luvvies crying in their cups. Hand-wringing and worrying just what Trump is going to do. Is he capable? Is he sane? Is he going to kill Blacks, Muslims and Mexicans?? That is how demented they are, these f-wit Lefties.

I don't recall them having any angst when an unknown, inexperienced Black Senator was elevated to POTUS. Yet, a man who has built up his own successful business, who has hired people and created thousands of jobs, who is known to get things done - over him they clench their chests and faint?? Pass them the smelling salts and then kick them in the butts.

Bunch of cowards. 

I can't lie, but I have enjoyed the melt-down from the Left. I have actually watched CNN today for the first time in years, just to see the Lefties cry like babies. And they don't even try to hide their hatred of Trump. This from an 'unbiased media' organisation. Wikileaks showed us exactly how 'unbiased' CNN was - what with them passing on debate questions to Hillary, and having supper with her campaign manager.....

That will be first and last time I switch my TV to CNN - or, the Clinton News Network as we fondly call it. Let's hope they go the way of the dinosaur. That would be Trump's ultimate revenge. Let's also hope that Trump has a very long memory and keeps treating the media as the enemy they so clearly are. He has the upper hand over the media, and they know it. All he has to do is call them out and they will scurry away like the cockroaches they are. And he has the people on his side now.

And that brings me to Jug-ears in the White House. 

In 2011, Obama publicly mocked and humiliated Trump at the White House Correspondence Dinner. This after Trump questioned where Obama was born:

It would not surprise me if that was the momentTrump decided that he was going to pay Obama back. And what better way than to run for election and ultimately destroy Obama's 'legacy', should he win??

Obama hasn't learned that you don't poke a sleeping bear. Not only has be poked Trump, but he's also poking Putin....

And then to cap off this post, here is Obama recently, putting his big negro foot in his commie mouth. I'm sure Obama said what he said in the clip below, believing that there was no way Trump would ever be elected:

I guess the last laugh is on you, huh Obama, you disastrous POTUS?