21 July 2016

Venezuela: The long march to...... food

I had a reader on my blog a few years back, who worshipped Chavez. Thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. I'd love for that reader to comment here now about how Venezuela is travelling these days, as it goes through the final throes of the joys of Socialism/Communism.....

Venezuelans cried at the sight of fully-stocked supermarket shelves in Colombia.

Venezuelans marching into Colombia for food......

USA: Lyin' Ted gets booed off stage

The petulant, sneaky, slippery snake that is Lyin' Ted Cruz, got booed off stage at the RNC convention today. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Cruz refused to endorse Trump during his sanctimonious speech. This from a guy who purports to be a Christian. He couldn't even stand by his pledge - signed months ago by all 17 GOP candidates - to support the eventual nominee. Nope, instead he said that people should vote, up and down the ballot paper, with their conscience. In other words, he thinks Hillary Clinton is fit to be POTUS.

Sell-out traitor. True to form.

Cruz needs to go back to Canada, where he was born. He clearly does not love his supposed 'country'. Maybe Canada will better suit his sensibilities. 

I have to admit that I couldn't watch this smarmy slithering snake's speech - I just forwarded to the end where the crowd chants "we want Trump" when they realise he isn't going to endorse - and then they rightly boo the Benedict Arnold off stage. 

If anyone didn't expect this from Cruz, then they haven't been paying attention to him. He has told everyone in very clear terms just what his character is - or rather, his lack of character. I'm just amazed at the level of stupidity that is a Cruz-bot supporter.

In any case, this was another master stroke by Trump. Trump had read Cruz's speech prior to him giving it, so he knew there would be no endorsement. That's why Trump was on the convention floor, waving to the crowd as they booed Cruz off stage. When Cruz was booed off stage, it was the end of his political career. No one in their right minds would trust this lyin' snake in future. Someone who insulted the crowd, when he couldn't put his ego aside and do the right thing for America.

And Trump looks the bigger man. He invited Cruz to address the convention - when he didn't have to - and Cruz chose to put on an empty suit and show what a small man he is.

Cruz got Trumped. Again.

Here is the moment he poured petrol over himself and lit the match....

Here is Cruz pledging to support Trump if he's the nominee.

Trump was 100% correct with the moniker he gave Cruz..... Lyin' Ted

The war on cops

Stephen Molyneux did me a favour on his Freedom Radio show and interviewed Heather Mac Donald yesterday, author of the book:  “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe.”

Enjoy some more facts and truth. 

BTW - Stephen's dad lived in South Africa - not sure if his dad was South African - so I guess that's why he's so knowledgeable about SA and it's history. Not that this little fact has anything to do with the crux of this interview....

20 July 2016

USA: Crime, not a White problem

Americans, living in America, know who and what is responsible for the crime problem in the country. Even the who and what responsible people know who and what is responsible.

Just like South Africans living in South Africa know who commits most of the crime....

And that is why American Blacks embrace movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM). It's to hide their own guilt as to what their own race is achieving in America. Which is nothing, but crime. It's to rile up the stupid Black people, to get them 'angry' about all the 'racism' against them..... 

It's all they've got going for them. As if Whites cared enough.

At the end of the day, Black Lives Matter is just another Marxist wolf in sheep's clothing, but their followers haven't worked that one out yet. 

For BLM followers, it's all about deflection. Blame others for what you yourself are guilty of doing. And repeat the lie often enough so that the media can use those lies to sell as truth. You can refer to the interview on CNN with Don Lemon HERE to see what I'm referring to. A few months back, Lemon was saying how Blacks need to take responsibility for their actions and most Blacks are killed by other Blacks. Fast forward a few months and he's now singing a completely different tune. His previous common sense views didn't get him noticed - but his new pro-BLM tone gets him plenty noticed.

At the end of the day, the Left-controlled media are the ones fuelling the anti-Cop narrative, because of two reasons:
Reason 1: The media gets to feed the nation and the world the lie that American cops are racist towards Blacks. That Blacks are the eternal victims of Whites - ergo, America is racist and needs to be destroyed. And what better way to do this than by attacking the cops who are the last line of defence for the ordinary citizen. 

Destruction of America is the Progressive/Marxist ultimate wet-dream. The media is one of their vehicles to achieve this goal.

Reason 2:  That same lie told by the media brings in the money $$. Stating the obvious doesn't sell airtime or newspapers or clicks to their websites.... hyping up the hate does.

And so what if some cops get killed in the process due to the media lies and drummed-up hysteria? After all, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette, and the omelette the Left are busy making is called "American Destruction" with side orders of anarchy, mayhem and anti-White hatred.

Do you know what offends the Left the most?? 


To them the truth is like what sun is to vampires. 

It's why they turn to personal abuse and insults when they can't refute the truth or facts. To the Left, abuse and insults equals constructive argument. Just remember, the more they shout you down, the more on target you are.

And the best way to get at the Left is to keep telling the truth. And the best way to tell the truth is to arm yourself with the facts. And a sense a humour. They hate that.

So, on that point, HERE is an excellent summary of just who and what is committing most of the murders and doing the most crime in America. Go ahead and read it. It may explain why Blacks go out onto the streets to chimp-out and play the victim of White "racism", when they KNOW it's their own people doing the crime and who are the biggest racists. 

They live it daily. They breath it daily. They do it daily. School is too hard.

And this would explain why the media HAVE to peddle these lies as truth. What's a victim narrative without a victim?

From the linked post, it shows that:
'Chicago is 32% white, but they commit only 3.5% of the murders. Over 96% of the murders are committed by non-whites. Essentially, it is young black men murdering other black men. White people are not in the equation and are not part of the problem.'
Do you ever hear CNN discussing the crime and murder rates in Chicago? Do you ever hear Obama mention it, as he goes after the actions of cops and encourages more cop-killings?????

The answer would be: NO. 

And why not, you ask, scratching your head in confusion. Well, let's connect the dots for you. If they had to highlight all the crime and murder in Chicago, they would have to admit who is committing that crime. And then they would also need to point out that Democrats control that city, and have for decades - just as the Democrats control every major city with crime problems. And then they would need to mention that Chicago has very strict gun laws - which doesn't seem to be working, seeing as Blacks keep shooting and killing other Blacks, DESPITE all those anti-gun laws. Apparently, criminals still manage to get their hands on guns. Funny that, huh?

So, then, there goes Obama and the Left's "Whites are killing us/Whites are racist" narrative. There goes their "Republicans are bad and evil" narrative". And there goes their "more gun control is needed to stop killings" narrative. 

Admitting what's going on in Chicago would be like opening a very small can containing a trillion worms - which they dare not even pick up!

Obama's holier than thou, tone-deaf, mean-nothing, anti-cop, anti-gun speeches would show him for the hollow IQ67 kneegrow Community Organizer that he is, and the media would have a whole lot of omelette on their faces - seeing as they've been carrying his water for nearly 8 years now. 

Also from the link:
'There are approximately 8,000 gun related homicides annually in the U.S. The vast majority occur in the urban ghettos and are committed by blacks and hispanics against other blacks and hispanics. They use illegally acquired guns, so more gun laws will do nothing.' 
Up to 90% of the crime is committed by....... non-Whites. 

It also shows that the US national crime rate has dropped by half since the high of 1991, with violent crime dropping by 51%. 

So, most of the crime is being committed in the non-White ghettos of America - where Blacks kills Blacks. YET, Obama and the media keep feeding the lies that Black men are being harassed by the cops. If they are doing the most crime, then they would be in contact with the cops the most. Fact.

It's why I've always maintained that cops avoid going into these areas - leave them to kill each other in their ghettos. It's called population control. And only the strong and smart make it out alive (mostly). It may increase their average IQ. 

It also points to another lie from the Left - that guns are the problem in America. No, the exact opposite is true. 

There has never been more guns in the hands of American citizens (thanks Obama!) than today - and yet the crime and murder rates keep dropping. The truth is, the more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, the more well-behaved the society. Would you, as a criminal, go into a house if you didn't know if there was a gun at the other end? Would you attack someone on the streets if you didn't know if they were carrying a gun? 

This simple truth explains why the days of the "Wild West" were the safest in America. Everyone carried a gun. Plus, there were fewer Blacks back then. And we all know Blacks and crime go hand in hand like Coke and Cola (truth alert!!).

Not that I'm only singling Blacks out, mind you. Any low-IQ racial group tend to be more violent. Think (non-White) Hispanics, think Australian Aborigines, think NZ Maori's, think Arabs (the in-bred Muzloid types). You will also find a higher crime rate among Whites with lower IQ's compared to average IQ'd Whites. That's why Whites tend to segregate from this group as well. It's not all about race....

So, there's your truth. Arm yourself and proclaim it loud and proud. And watch the Left cockroaches scurry from the light of truth and fact.

18 July 2016

CNN's Don Lemon gets crushed by Sheriff Clarke

I'm betting this is the last time Sheriff Clarke gets invited onto the Clinton News Network, CNN, to speak about the ape-group Black Lives Matters. This after ANOTHER 3 cops were killed in America. 

Don Lemon - the Black apologist and anti-White CNN 'journalist' - tried to shut Sheriff Clarke up every time Clarke made a good point.

Lemon looked like a fool - and he knows it. Hence why he wouldn't let Clarke get his points out. Clarke did a good job under the circumstances. I would not have been so cool. 

Islam - the long march through American institutions

A really good video, which links all the dots in the Obama administration back to the Muslim Brotherhood. As you may recall, the Arab Spring was instigated by Obama/Clinton, to replace certain governments in the Middle-East/North Africa. The big prize was of course Egypt, with Libya and Syria on the chopping board. Egypt was hand-delivered to the Muslim Brotherhood by Obama; however, the country was quickly taken back by the army and have now sided with Russia instead of the USA.

Similarly with Assad. Obama is desperate to hand it to the Muslim Brotherhood, but Russia is preventing him from doing so. 

Libya is a lost cause, with Obama assisting the MB to overthrow Qaddafi. Time will tell who ends up with the prize.

Paul Sutliff in the interview below, calmly states that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member. If you are surprised by this, then don't be. Most of his African family are members of the MB. He was the son of a Sunni Muslim and was brought up by an Indonesian Sunni Muslim. That death cult runs through his veins. 

And, if you take it one step further, then it makes sense as to why Obama has inserted Muslims into every department of government. Jeh Johnson (Homeland security) is probably a Muslim and part of the MB. So too John Brennan, head of the CIA. In fact, scratch beneath the surface and you'll find many MB members in the White House, including Hillary's most trusted confidant - Huma Abedin. Her mother is a founding member of the female version of the MB, and her father was a leader in the MB.

It all helps to understand just how Obama has managed to infiltrate the US government and sold America out to his Muslim overlords. All these Muslims need to do to destroy Western civilisation, is to tag along with the dumb-nut infantile stupid Lefties, to get where they need to go.....

It's only a matter of time before America and the world realise that they've been duped by a goat-shagging queer girly-man, named Obama.

15 July 2016

France: Another 80 people bite the dust

While the usual Islamic-apologists are trotted out by the Lefty media to make excuses for their farked-up 'religion'; and PC politicians become human pretzels trying to avoid voicing the truth about Islam, another 80 people have been murdered in the West by an Islamist.

While the human pretzels and media scratch their heads, wondering about the motive, ISIS has taken responsibility and has stated today that they have sleeper cells in France and Turkey, ready to go at a moment's notice. 

ISIS forgot to mention Germany and Brussels, but I'm sure that was just an oversight. I'm sure Germany won't have to wait long before they too feel the stupidity of Angela Merkel....

In my humble opinion, there are 2 responses to these attacks:

1. Once again preach tolerance, love, understanding, appeasement, while holding hands and changing Facebook avitars to the French flag - and hope for the best;


2. Start taking this threat seriously. Round up all the known Alloha Snackbar fanatics in each country and deport them back from whence they came. And if they were born in the country, send them to Syria or Iraq, where the ISLAMIC STATE is waiting, ready to embrace the goats with open arms. Did I forget to mention their families? Why, yes, I did. Silly me. Round them up as well and send them packing with their barbaric kids. Once they're out of the country, start cracking down on the remaining Mooozlims. Put them all on notice. Anyone committing a terrorist act; anyone preaching hate against the country; anyone wearing a penguin suit burqa - especially the ones with the slit-eyes; anyone remotely looking to start anything other than a civil conversation, WILL BE DEPORTED back from whence they come from, with their families - or to ISIS. Their choice. And, ANY and ALL government funding of anything Islamic, including schools, mosques, Halal funding, etc. ceases IMMEDIATELY. Not one more penny is to be spent on this barbaric religious murdering cult. And immediately cease Muslim immigration into the West. Let them move to the rich gulf states, or Pakistan, or any other Muslim hell-hole. We don't need to create anymore - especially in the West. Close down all Islamic schools/madrasas in the West. Block any Saudi (or other foreign) funding of Islam. 


I'm thinking that some of the bleeding hearts would be asking if this response equates to a modern-day witch-hunt or Crusade, while they swoon in horror. The short answer is Abso-bloody-lutely. And if this horrifies the Lefty bleeding hearts, then they are welcome to be deported with their pet victims. Free one-way plane tickets are available. Money well spent.

But, but, what about all the 'moderate' Mooozlims, they say? I don't care. NONE of them are speaking out against their own murderous religion - some out of fear, others because deep-down they agree with what's going on - either way, I don't care. If they don't have the balls to say anything, then they don't have the balls to live among us. Off they go.

The time for pussy-footing around with these barbaric worshippers of their insatiable blood-thirsty god call Mo, is OVER. Either they pack their bags and return to the dessert where the belong, or they are assisted to do so. And if they resist, shoot them dead. 

No negotiations. No discussion. No nothing.

To do anything else is asking for these attacks to continue and more innocent lives to be lost. The PEOPLE are over this cult.

And if this makes me a racist xenophobic Islamophobe, then I gladly accept these titles. With honour. Keep them coming.

Because, if the current form of Islam is supposedly representative of a religion of peace, then just what the fark will it look like when it turns violent?

14 July 2016

USA: White teen male wins award for slam poem about his White privilege

To think that so many White males have bravely fought and died for their country over the last few centuries, only for those countries to produce these brainwashed White punk wiggers, who get glorified for hating their own race.

If this 14-year old kid, Royce Mann, were my kid, he'd not be able to sit down for a few months. He would be pulled out of that school so fast, his head would spin.

But, he isn't my kid. Nope. He's the son of a Social Justice Warrior Feminazi, who has obviously worked her magic on this poor male child:
Royce’s mother, Sheri Mann Stewart, is a prominent social justice activist and registered Democrat. She has posed publicly with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and can frequently be seen posting on Twitter using the Black Lives Matter hashtag, attacking the NRA, and promoting her son’s “white boy privilege” performance video.

Royce stood up in front of his private school (fees are around $23,000 per year), and got to entertain all the other little brainwashed, anti-White hating kids with a slam poem - all about his White-privilege. And, gosh-oh-mighty, surprise, surprise - didn't he just go ahead and win the competition with this diatribe! 

Here are some of his awe-inspiring lines:
  • Dear women, I’m sorry. Dear black people, I’m sorry. Dear Asian Americans, dear Native Americans, dear immigrants who come here seeking a better life, I’m sorry. Dear everyone who isn’t a middle or other class white boy, I’m sorry.
  • I have started life at the top of the ladder while you were born on the first rung. 
  • I’m just saying that I f**ing love being privileged and I’m not ready to give that away.
  • When I was born I had a success story already written for me. You were given a pen and no paper.
  • I know it wasn’t us eighth grade white boys who created this system, but we profit from it every day.
  • Because of my gender, I can watch any sport on TV, and feel that that could be me one day. Because of my race I can eat at a fancy restaurant without wait staff expecting me to steal the silverware. 

And the best:
  • Hey white boys: it’s time to act like a woman. To be strong and make a difference. 
I wonder if Royce sits down when he pees??

Firstly, I'm thinking that this Wigger Royce, didn't write this poem. It sounds more like the anti-White-male crappy tripe Mommy-dearest would write. She probably coached him on how to deliver the lines with maximum impact. It's just amazing that, at the level she clearly hates Whites, why did she procreate with a White male?

Secondly, if White privilege is to blame for Whites being achievers, what's to blame for Asians achieving??

Thirdly, if studying, obeying the law, working hard and contributing to society, is White privilege, then maybe Royce should slam poem about why Blacks don't generally do the same.

And lastly, why doesn't Royce do the world a favour and go top himself? Just jump off that privileged ladder into da hood, so they can show you just how much they appreciate your sacrifices, Royce.

Punk idiot girly-boy.

UK: Murdered schoolgirl opposed 'racist' immigration laws

On 28 August 2014, a 14-year old West London schoolgirl, Alice Gross, was murdered by a Latvian convicted killer.

Arnis Zalkalns, a 41 year old Latvian tried to rape Alice, and in the process smothered her to death (death by crushing of the chest). He then hid her naked body in the river, returning three times over the following 30 hours to conceal it, so that it took police almost a month to find her remains.

Zalkalns hung himself on 4 September 2014, after a murder investigation was opened for the schoolgirl.

Zalkalns arrived in Britain legally in 2007 after being released from prison following the murder of his wife (battering her to death). He was arrested in 2009 on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. The case was later dropped after the girl refused to cooperate.

Alice Gross


And here is the point of this post. 

Four months before her death, Alice Gross wrote a pro-European Union (EU) essay, arguing that barring foreign criminals from entering the country was “racist”.
“Personally, I believe that the United Kingdom should remain a member of the EU as it allows our country to be considered a communal and friendly country,” Alice wrote in May 2014.
Her parents, who are equally cuckoo, have released the essay to The Guardian, as they oppose their daughter’s murder being used to highlight the dangers of unregulated immigration:
“Alice believed in the free movement of people and so do we. For her sake we are determined to ask questions responsibly and sensitively."
Quite ironic that the parents are upset that people are using Alice's murder to highlight the dangers of unchecked immigration, by using her pro-EU essay to push their own support for unchecked migration.....Some sick minds at play here.

It's also pretty telling that the parents chose to run to The Guardian with the essay. The Guardian is the place where Stupid people go to demonstrate in public how Stupid they are. 

Now, I'm not sure what rampant, unchecked mass migration has to do with racism, seeing as the man who ended up murdering their daughter was a European. But then, we are dealing with the tiny mind that is known as the Liberal mind. 

And speaking of the Liberal mind, one has to give God his due. He knew that we conservatives - who have repeatedly been shown to have inherited the common sense gene in abundance - needed a humorous outlet. Hence the Liberal was created to entertain us. And even when they are at their most idiotic, one can only but point and laugh at them. Hysterically.

Liberalism truly is a mental disease.

Having said all that - society can only but be grateful that the Latvian criminal chose Alice as his victim. The weak and stupid need to be culled to save the rest. Alice's parents raised her to believe that it's somehow evil and racist to protect your own borders and the people within. Hopefully her death served to wake other stupid people up.

One can just imagine what was going through Alice's mind as she lay dying, with a foreign man lying on top of her. 

But, I'm sure her parents don't really think about that - not when they can grandstand and show how morally superior they are compared to the racist xenophobes underlings. This was merely Alice being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Never mind that many other people in the UK - girls, boys, men, women - will befall the same fate, due to people like them, who have chosen to sacrifice safety to worship at the altar of mass invasion.

You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. Alice was but an egg.

Now, had Alice been taught to be wary of strangers, and to trust her survival instincts, she may be alive today. Liberalism tends to erode those instincts... 

These loony parents sound just like the parents of 26-year old Amy Biehl, who was murdered by Blacks in South Africa in 1993. The father shook hands with her killers and begged the courts to release them, as he believed they had killed his daughter because they hated Whites (due to Apartheid). They were released, and subsequently, two of the three were later accused of rape. 

Idealism and altruism tend to eventually mock their devotees with a slap of some cold, hard reality. Having said that, were Ms Biehl alive today, she would probably be in the Black Lives Matter movement....

Sometimes, you just can't fix stupid.

Actor Matt Damon: Americans too sensitive to discuss gun control

Ah, Liberals and their reasoning skills. Just what would the world do without them??

Here is a classic example of the cognitive dissonance of these sanctimonious idiots: 
Actor Matt Damon used the Australian premiere of Jason Bourne to moan about the absence of an Australian-style gun ban in the USA.  
Let me take this opportunity to point a few things out to Mr Damon. 

Firstly, Australia does not have a gun ban. It just has a very convoluted and laborious gun license application process, with very stringent gun-storage laws in place. Citizens can access guns.

Secondly, even with this difficult licensing process in place in Australia, criminals somehow always seem to get their grubby paws on guns. The people who tend to shoot up the country happen to be criminals, not the law-abiding citizens. And if a criminal wants to get hold of a gun, no amount of 'gun-control' will stop them.


And so here is the disconnect of people like Mr Damon. 

He wants guns banned in America, but here is the latest poster for his next movie:

I rest my case. Hollywood doesn't get 1 cent of my hard-earned money. Not 1 cent.

13 July 2016

South Africa: Rudderless SA needs a new Madiba

So, I came across this opinion piece on Fin24.com, written by Solly Moeng. Apparently, he's a brand manager, come PR & media relations blah blah blah expert, and writes a weekly opinion piece for Fin24.com.

Rudderless SA needs a new Madiba

After reviewing some of his other opinion pieces, I note that he's slightly depressed about the direction South Africa is taking under the ANC, and is praying for a new Mandela - aka Dead Terrorist - to magically appear, to save the country.

According to Mr Moeng, the Dead Terrorist (DT) achieved glorious heights of success when he was running South Africa. Actually, DT was the reason for today's rot. You see, it was under DT that Affirmative Action policies were introduced - a racist employment hierarchy, where Whites were at the bottom of the totem pole, and even blind, deaf and dumb people were to be employed before a capable White person.

The fallout from this policy alone, has been huge. Many skilled, educated people have fled South Africa (myself included) - and the economy has taken a hit due to the poor productivity post Affirmative Action. Crime has become a way of life in South Africa under the rudderless ANC, and has also contributed to White-flight. 

If you reward mediocrity, expect mediocrity, or worse.

It was also under the DT that experienced, capable public servants were replaced by Black people. No skills or experience required. The only qualifying factor in many instances, was skin colour - and if they knew an ANC person in any leadership role it was a bonus, as they were fast-tracked into management positions. 

Many good teachers were lost as a result of this displacement. The failing education system is testament to this. 

It was also under the DT that BEE was introduced. Black Economic Empowerment. To redress past imbalances, you understand - and not meant to enrich ANC cadres... (cough, BS, cough). This racist BEE policy forced companies of a certain size to take on a Black partner, even if they contributed nothing financially to that company, and even if they were useless to the company long-term. As long as these companies took on a Black partner, they were allowed to bid for government contracts. These Black partners then earned partner salaries, doing nothing for huge reward. The long tentacles of government are far-reaching, so the bigger companies took on a Black partners for window-dressing only. They could afford to carry a non-productive employee, as long as it meant business being steered their way.

Other smaller companies weren't as lucky. Many chose to remain small enough to escape BEE implementation. And many others were forced to take on a Black partner who refused to be a silent partner, instead insisting on having a say on the day-to-day running of the company, thus ending up hurting the companies long-term. Some even went bang. I know a few.

BEE has been another disaster for business in SA.

There are many more disastrous policies and government interference which has contributed to the demise of SA, but you get the picture.....

What Mr Moeng also seems to forget, is that when South Africa was handed to the Communist ANC, it was a fully functioning country - Africa's biggest economy - rich in minerals and resources, with good infrastructure, money in the ground, and an educated working class, running the country like clock-work.

And just like anyone inheriting a successful estate, things usually plod along for a while, living off the banked assets, built-up infrastructure, and knowledge/skills of the staff. And if you are a clever inheritor, you would do as little possible to upset the status quo, so as to ensure it doesn't all fall apart or go bust. The ANC were not that clever. Nope. They rushed change, got rid of the skilled and knowledgeable staff, plundered the banked assets, and partied like a drunken sailor. And forgot to invest in the future. 

It took a few years to really screw up what they inherited - testament to the good state the country was in when handed over to a bunch of uneducated liberation nincompoops - but, South Africa today is finally feeling those effects. Hence why poor Mr Moeng is a tad depressed. Sad face.

The Dead Terrorist was lucky in that he presided over the country while the estate was still using up the assets. That is why it appears he ran the country well. Or as well as a Black communist can run anything. Meantime, back in reality, the DT was responsible for setting up the destruction and plundering the estate with his fellow ANC cronies. 

He did not die a poor man....

So, Mr Moeng is welcome to pray for his next Madiba. He won't be any better than the first Dead Terrorist. 

Another snippet from another Moeng opinion piece, goes:
Sunday Times columnist Barney Mthombothi says of us, the wounded people of South Africa, “those who benefited from it [apartheid] mainly want us to move on with Godspeed; while the victims prefer to linger on just a tad, to allow time for the wounds to heal and to extract an acknowledgement of their hurt. How we bridge this gulf determines the society we become or the future we inherit."
The victims of Apartheid want to linger a tad?? While those who benefited want people to move on??

Well now, let's think about that for a second. Let's use the Second World War as an example. I'm betting after the war, people didn't sit around for 22 years, wallowing in anger and hurt. I'm guessing they all rolled up their sleeves, put the victim mentality and hurt away, and started the clean-up, while wallowing in anger. You can do 2 things at the same time and be productive. 

As a result of this mindset, Germany was rebuilt in a matter of years. The same with the rest of Europe and the UK, not to mention Japan.

They could have all sat round the fire, drinking beer, wallowing away together; or, they could have done something to fix the situation. Which is what they chose to do. 

Maybe if people like Mr Moeng and Mr Mthombothi used their column space to stop the constant Apartheid eulogy and beating of a dead horse, and instead used their words to stop the Black victim knee-jerk mentality, encouraging their own Black people to become educated, productive, law-abiding citizens instead, South Africa may have turned out to be a totally different country to what it now is.

But, who am I kidding? Blacks do not do productive. They do guilt and play victim. Past behaviour usually predicts future behaviour, and so, going on the past Black African behaviours, South Africa WILL end up another failed Black-run state.

That you can count on, Mr Moeng.

USA: Black Homeschool & Education Expo

Quick! There are still places available to attend the 5th  'Black Homeschool & Education Expo', being held in Atlanta, from 15-17 July....

According to the website, the expo is all about: "Our Culture Is Our Cure: Cultivating the Black Genius In Our Children".

Well, then, I'm not sure why this expo is being held over 2 days. Surely 30 minutes would be enough to discuss Black genius. 

You'll also note that the website keeps stating 'Afrikan'. Maybe people would take them seriously as an education option, if they at least knew how to spell Africa correctly. 

And furthermore, how do I know this is just another pretentious, brain-washing, pseudo-intellectual exercise by Black supremacist Marxists, who are trying very hard to act like their White Progressive, anti-American, anti-White, counterparts? Well, they will be serving a 'vegan' Soul brunch. I mean, please. Which Kneegrow in America doesn't run over their own kids to get to the fried chicken first? What a joke.

So, you may ask, just what is on the agenda for this riveting expo? HERE is the agenda for the Saturday - they haven't quite figured out what's on offer for Sunday. And if you look at Saturday's agenda, then, as expected, it's a load of pro-Black, victimhood baloney.

For example (sessions are all 1.5 hours):
  • The infinite mind of the Afrikan child
  • Nurturing the Spiritual Essence of our Black Children
  • Teaching in the Spirit of Ubuntu
  • Afrikan Family Survival and Preparedness
Just on that last point, what Afrikan family are they referring to? Nearly 80% of Black children in America are born outside of wedlock, and most don't know who their daddy is. And most of their mothers are on life-support from Daddy Welfare Government, resulting in dysfunctional, angry, hostile Black kids, who mostly fail at school because of their low IQ's.

That Afrikan family??

If they don't know how to fill the Sunday agenda, here are some wild ideas:
  • How to listen - especially to police instructions
  • How not to reach for your gun when police stop you
  • How to survive an arrest (hint: involves listening to cops)
  • How to promote White guilt by playing the eternal victim
  • How to keep the White privilege lie going, to keep the welfare cheques coming
  • How to leave the Amerika part behind in Afrikan-Amerikan, and embrace the Afrikan part (hint - involves getting a passport and returning to the Motherland)
  • The myth of Black inventors, Black explorers, and Black wisdom
  • Why Black-run Africa will never amount to anything
And can you imagine if Whites held such an education expo?? Promoting White kids, education and White culture? Can you imagine discussing topics such as: the "infinite mind of the White child'? Why high-IQ White children have to drop standards to accommodate low-IQ'd Black kids? White family survival? How America would be the greatest country in the world if it were full of White people only? Just how much does it cost White children's parents to keep supporting dysfunctional Blacks? 

And then, join us for the every-type-of-meat-on-the-planet BBQ afterwards!!

Wow - now that would be an expo I would love to attend. Show some love to our high achieving White kids.

But, let's not kid ourselves. American Blacks aren't going anywhere. No matter how much they bitch and complain about the racist Whites in America, and how they owe them more. After all, where could these Blacks find another race as gullible as the Whites, who would take care of them so completely - from cradle to grave - and put up with all their BS while smiling and singing about the Red, White and Blue??

No where.

USA: Black Lives Matter may stage a "Day of Rage"

Still to be confirmed, but there are rumours Black Lives Matter will be staging a "day of rage" this Friday, 15 July, in 37 cities around the USA.

HERE is a list of the cities which may be involved.

If true, then BLM sure are brave. I mean, what's to stop angry White males from planning their own attacks and picking off Black protesters. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel. The Black cop killer got away with his actions  - they weren't labelled 'hate crimes' or 'racist' by Obama, Loretta Lynch or the media, so the same logic would apply to White shooters, or am I missing something?

And if these protests do occur, I hope no police will be there to herd the animals. It would not be safe for them to do their jobs as cops - because this is the very group which has called for police to die.

So, good luck America. 

Australia: African behaviour comes Down Under

As you know, Australia is part of the Western globalist Kumbaya project - where we feel compelled to import backward cultures and races, which do not fit into the Australian way of life - in order for us to feel like good, noble people.

And how is that working out for Australia?

Well, we now sit with around 500,000 Muslims, who are reproducing like wild rabbits, and making parts of Australia Sharia-only zones. Muslims now run the Middle-East drug-gangs in Sydney (and around the rest of the country), regularly shooting up neighbourhoods as part of their turf wars. Muslim leaders also regularly bash Australians as being Islamophobic racists, who should do more to accommodate the requirements of Islam.

And then we have the African mobs - mostly Sudanese and Somalian "refugees" - who are imported to show the world how non-racist we are as a nation.

The result? We now have gangs of Africans roaming the streets, acting.......well...... like Africans.

Melbourne is the current flavour of the month, with gangs of 'youths' terrifying residents. The main gang is known as the Apex gang, made up of Sudanese and Somalian males. They go around in packs, attacking people for fun, pleasure and business.

You see, the Apex gang has decided to liberate Australians of their possessions, either by violent car hijackings or violent home invasions. In other words, typical IQ67 behaviour. And while the police and media have held off informing the public of the race of these criminals as much as they can, the truth usually comes out, much to their consternation. After all, to report the truth - that these violent events are being perpetrated by BLACK AFRICANS - would be racist and, gasp! expose just who is behind the attacks.

It may wake some people up from their safe slumber......

Now, I know I should feel something other than glee, but I can't help myself. Australians are mostly naive as to the true nature of African Blacks, which is not entirely their fault, as we have a media which doesn't tend to focus on what's going on back in Africa, and who certainly don't go out of their way to report on all the Black violence in and around Australia, being committed by the African imports. So can you blame Australians for not knowing what to expect from the IQ67's, when they've lived most of their lives in a safe, civil society, only to be confronted by the horrible truth? 

Don't get me wrong - there are many wide-awake, intelligent Australians who do know what Africans are all about, but there are just as many who don't, or who chose to overlook and ignore the problem so as not to be racist. Shame, they say, those poor dear African Blacks - so hard-done-by in life..... give them a break.....

And it is this latter group who are now slowly being introduced to the criminality of Black Africans via the nightly news and reality. They are now hearing about all the violent carjackings and home invasions, the store theft, the White bashings, the train attacks, the mob attacks. And finally, the ugly reality and truth of the Black African male is becoming apparent. 

It is also becoming apparent just why Black Africa still can't produce civilised, safe societies of their own.

Every attack opens more eyes. Every attack gets the brain juices flowing. Every attack is harder and harder to hide by the police and the media. 

And after every attack the lie that is forced on Australians - that people are all the same no matter where they are from in the world - that you can take them and just transport them to Australian soil; water them with love, welfare and generosity, and they will magically become Australian, embracing the culture, language, laws and take pride in their new country - is all just a myth. Like a unicorn. In fact, I'd probably find a unicorn first.

Just like the lie that is multi-culturalism and diversity.

Our communities have never been more unsafe than after multi-culturalism and diversity was forced on the West by the Marxist globalists. The general population were treated like the idiots they are, believing the lies of the diversity-pushers, over the logic of their own brains.

Australia is now also feeling the effects of this lie, pushed by coward politicians, who didn't care about the end results. Just as long as they felt good and sanctimonious at the time.

Just about the only public commentator, prepared to point out the Black African issue in Australia, is conservative Andrew Bolt. He regularly publishes the articles on his blog - connecting the dots for the sleepy people. He also did a really good editorial on his Bolt Report program earlier in the week (below).

Notice that in his clip, the Black Lives Matter Marxists are now trying to push their BS in Australia (Melbourne), via Ethiopian-born Maki Issa. Melbourne is usually the bed of all these types of anti-White, anti-Capitalist, anti-Australian protests, because the Socialist/Communist/Anarchists are based here. It is no mistake that they are always part of these protests. When they sniff anything in line with their agenda, they're there like flies on shit. Just like the grubs they are.

Dear Mr Issa - fuck off back to Ethiopia if you think the Australian police don't treat AFRICAN Blacks right. As far as I'm concerned, they don't do enough to profile Black Africans here in Australia, otherwise the Apex gang would not have been allowed to fester and now run amok on our streets, terrorising innocent people trying to live their life within the laws of the country. Take your eternal victimhood & overused race-card and shove it up your caboose. When you convince your fellow African Blacks to stop their criminal activities in Melbourne and around the country, then you may have a right to speak. Otherwise STFU. Regards, LL.

And just remember Apex gang - it only takes one time for you to pick on the wrong victim, before you feel the full brunt of the response and anger of the people. One event.

(Apologies for the language, but I feel pretty strongly about this garbage - I didn't leave Africa, just for Africa to follow me to my new home)

12 July 2016

An Honest Conversation About Race | Jared Taylor and Stefan Molyneux

I would encourage all readers to watch this video. There were so many good points made - and so much intelligent theorising that makes one think.

Jared Taylor states a few inconvenient facts about Blacks and their criminal behaviour, which the New York Times would rather slit their own wrists, than report.....

At around the 35 minute mark, they start speaking about immigration and how the Democrat party sold out the country in 1965 (Edward Kennedy), when they changed the immigration policy from favouring Northern Europeans, to importing non-White immigrants. As per usual at the time, the politicians promised the change would NOT impact the country. And as per usual, what politicians promise and what common sense says is BS, has been proven correct. America is changing demographically towards a non-White majority.

At about the 55 minute mark, they start speaking about White guilt and why Whites tend to feel guilty about their achievements. It would be interesting to know readers opinion on this subject - so please list in the comment section.

South Africa is also mentioned towards the end.

Someone escaped the reservation.....