11 May 2016

The fall of Sweden

The Swedish people now suffer buyer's remorse. Since the mid-1970's when the Swedish government decided - without citizen approval - to open the country up to the 3rd world and Islam, the country at first slowly declined, but is now rushing to total oblivion as the Swedish nation as we knew it. 

Hence the feeling of doom and gloom, and buyers remorse, that some Swedes now feel. Not all of them, mind you, but some. It would be too much to ask that the Swedish people as a whole suddenly experience their light-bulb moment and 'get it' collectively. They are far too stupid and kowtowed a people to have their much-needed epiphany any time soon. 

Last year Sweden took in 165,000 3rd world 'refugees'. This year they're on track to take in another 190,000 - or 2% of the population. And this has been going on for years now. This is hardly good or sustainable when the population of a country is only around 9.5 million. It's is also hardly good for the preservation of the Swedish culture when most of these so-called 'refugees' come from backward places such as Africa or the Middle-East and are mainly Black or Muslim. The Black race isn't exactly known for their intellect and industrious ways - unless it's to do with some form of crime. And, as everyone with half a brain-cell knows, Islam is incompatible with Western civilisation, as it's not only a 'religion', but a totalitarian ideology - it is religion, politics and law all wrapped under one umbrella, namely Islam. And it steam-rolls over any other group, because followers believe they are superior and right. They also have one mission - to Islamise the world, and when over a billion followers march to reach the same goal, it's inevitable that it will one day happen - aided by the stupid, gullible Lefties/Progressives/Communists.

The Swedish culture is just another speed-bump in the way of the invading Muslims, and it will be removed in time. 

Islam is also a system where woman are treated worse than goats. Much like Black African males covet livestock more than their females. And, as a result, the group suffering the most in Sweden today are the Swedish females, who live with the constant threat of rape and attack. Sweden now has the highest rape figures in Europe and is the rape capital of the West. This is not due to the Swedish White male, but due to the Muslim and African immigrants.

At the same time as the communist government opened Sweden to destruction in the '70-80's under Olof Palme, the Left grew bolder, pushing their infantile agenda of feminism, and heartily embracing multi-culturalism via worship of the 3rd-world sub-cultures. And so began the fascist government campaign to silence anyone not on board with their ideology. Today Sweden pays for having the feminists, greens, communists and Progressives running ruining the country. 

You would think Swedish feminists would be outraged at how Muslim men treat women in Sweden, but you would be wrong. If you still haven't figured out that feminists do more harm to the female cause, than good, then you have some catching up to do with reality. Feminists would rather protect Muslim and Black men than tackle the truth, because they feel compelled to protect those poor, down-trodden races who they think need their protection. That paternalistic feeling trumps having to deal with the ugly, never-to-be-spoken-or-admitted truth, even if it exposes the feminists as the loons they are. Feminists much prefer to blame Muslim and African male behaviour on the White male instead. After all, feminists have de-balled the White male to such an extent that they know they won't dare fight back. Feminists are, after all, bullies, and the White male is their arch-enemy.

I have often wondered what it would take to wake dumb, gullible people up. Every time something happens that exposes the truth, I think, NOW they'll get it. NOW they'll see what I've been saying for years. NOW they will finally wake up. But, nope. The truth is quickly either explained away by the Left-controlled media, or lied about, or twisted, or swept under the carpet, and the gullible Muppet Western populations link arms and sing Kumbaya again. Until the next event....then it's rinse, repeat.....

I have all but given up on my fellow-man. It's been a slow process to let go of the anger and frustration, to shrug my shoulders and brush off that what I know I cannot change. I've at least got the blog to channel some of that frustration.

I live in hope that one day something big will happen to wake these ignoramuses up. One day......

And while I wait for the epiphany to happen, watch the video below. Swede Ingrid Carlqvist gets it, and has done so for a while now. She makes quite a few good observations, about why Sweden is a secularist society and so very forgiving and accommodating to the parasite Muslims who are killing the host. 

She also estimates that there are now over 1 million Muslims in Sweden..... making the country a lost cause.

It's worth the listen.