28 February 2016

South Africa: North West University's Potchefstroom campus burns

"North-West University said protesting students burned an administration building and science center at the North-West University's campus in the city of Mahikeng (also called Mafikeng) on Wednesday night, forcing administrators to close the campus indefinitely and tell students to leave."
Here are some photos of the fires and the aftermath:

A science centre, burned?? Now, why doesn't that surprise me? 
South African President Jacob Zuma said: "No amount of anger should drive students to burn their own university and deny themselves and others education."
That's pretty rich, coming from an ANC member, whose organisation instituted the slogan: "Liberation before education". The ANC was all about burning schools and universities down. Yet, here is the chief nincompoop saying that students shouldn't burn down their own universities and "deny themselves and others an education".

Good luck trying to put the IQ67 genie back in the lamp. In case you've missed it, this is how they behave when they don't get their own way. They burn things down that they could never hope to create. They resort to acting like 2-year old toddlers, throwing their temper-tantrums. 

Burning is their business. Their go-to MO. Trains, buses, businesses, schools, universities..... people. Whatever stands in their way, is burned or destroyed. They, as a race, are not do'ers - they are destroy'ers. A race of people who wouldn't know how to even start a fire if it weren't for matches.

A race of people that has given the world almost nothing of value - but who has caused enormous social issues and costs for other races. Not least of all, crime and violence. 

Wherever they are, they burn things down when they're unhappy. America, Haiti, South Africa..... 

The Left keeps telling us that race is just a social construct. That we are all the same. Please show me the last university the South African Whites have burned down. Ever.

No, we are not the same. We have completely different thinking processes, ingenuity, morals and standards. Our culture is not the same as those who think that burning people alive is acceptable. Or burning down your own university is a good idea, when you're trying to get an education. 

It's like burning down your house, because you don't like the paint colour. If you don't like the paint colour, re-paint the house! You don't burn it down.

Like it or not, Apartheid was the glue that held the different tribes & cultures together. It made it possible for so many vastly different tribes to co-exist. Now that the glue has been removed, the country is falling apart. The Whites at least tried to drag a part of Africa into the civilised world. The Blacks are intent to drag it back to the dark ages. They will eventually win. If you have IQ67's running a country, the outcome will never be a good one.

And if you are wondering what is next in store for South Africa, just look at deep-dark Africa. The blueprint is already written and available. Hint: expect this ape-like destructive behaviour to get worse, while they blame their behaviour on others....

To conclude - the Blacks were burning down these buildings in demand of lower tuition costs (as in, everything for free), more student housing, and 'erasing remnants of South Africa's racist past'. 

They certainly achieved one of their goals - at least the buildings are now black and no longer racist .....

26 February 2016

Donald Trump In Game of Thrones


Whoever did this edit, deserves a golf clap.

24 February 2016

Idiots is too good a word for them.....

South Africa: UTC student set "White Devil's Books" on fire, dance around burning Art, Paintings

'Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings' - H Heine 1836

Never a truer word spoken - in the case of South Africa especially.

This is exactly what happened in South Africa, towards the end of Apartheid. Once the ANC terrorist thugs got their hero the Dead Terrorist, Nelson Mandela released from jail (WITHOUT any concessions) and got a sniff that they would be allowed to run for government at the next election, they stepped up their attacks on the moderate Blacks in their communities and started necklacing them. 

Necklacing is an excruciating way to die. Victims are burnt alive - their arms secured by their sides when a petrol-filled tyre is placed around their neck/upper body. And then set on fire.

Anyone seen as a threat, or anti-ANC, or a problem in the area, needed to be removed. Selected people were attacked by the ANC lynch-mob, and set-alight, while the IQ67's danced around the burning corpses. 

All meant to intimidate the Blacks into voting for the ANC. More Blacks died in the 4 years leading up to the 1994 vote, than during Apartheid at the hands of the security forces, with a ratio of roughly 7:1. If not higher. 

Winnie Mandela, then wife of the Dead Terrorist, was the ANC's chief necklace-ambassador during the 1980's. She and her jailed hubby plotted and planned how to use this method to keep a low-level revolution agitation going in SA - not only to intimidate the Blacks, but to keep the Whites on edge and ready to give up the country.

And it worked.

As Winnie said back in 1986:  "With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country." 

Numerous people disappeared under Winnie's watch. And still today she has never been brought to proper justice. One has to wonder why.

The media - especially the international media - turned a blind eye to the Black-on-Black violence during these years - violence perpetrated by the ANC. The lying media couldn't report the truth to the world. Their scripted narrative was that the ANC was good - the Whites, evil. We in South Africa at the time, were so frustrated at seeing how the media portrayed the country to the world. Absolutely no balance or a view from the other side.

Then you wonder why I don't trust the media..... ALWAYS question. 

The media and their globalist handlers back then were, of course, in the tank for the ANC and Black rule. The Whites had to go. They were far too good to the Blacks, and happy Blacks meant peace. 

They didn't want peace. They needed the IQ67 Blacks in charge of the country so they could rape and pillage the riches - something the Whites refused to allow. And they also wanted to be in charge of the strategic land-mass at the southern tip of the African continent.

Those same globalists ensured F-Wit de Klerk was elected to State President in 1989, to oversee the handing over of the country to the communist ANC. He was the Sheppard, leading his flock to ruin. He did it to his own people, with a smile on his face. Such a nice man. A noble man. A man with South Africa's interest at heart....

Together with the Dead Terrorist, F-Wit de Klerk was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, and 30 pieces of bloody silver - and he also got handed a new rich Greek wife. His old wife was brutally murdered a few years after the country was handed over. She must have taken quite a few secrets to her grave. Secrets certain people - cough-cough-FWit - never wanted revealed.

Throughout the 1980's, the ANC and other communist groups in the country used the campaign of 'Liberation before Education' to cause mayhem in the country. As a result, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Black children failed to get an education. They were too busy burning down their schools and libraries, and toy-toying in the streets, dreaming of liberation.

That is the most likely reason that entire generation has had to rely on the ANC government for jobs that they weren't qualified to do. The Dead Terrorist Nelson Mandela implemented the racist hiring policy of 'affirmative action'. For how else would his liberated sheep be hired above the skilled intelligent Whites, if not through force?

So, first the ANC encouraged schools to be burned down, then they brought in hiring policies to give the dumbo uneducated IQ67's jobs. 

The Dead Terrorist was such a fair man, there to rule South Africa for all....Isn't that the BS line the world was fed?? Hahaha.

The country is in a mess as a result. High unemployment, rampant government corruption, fraud and theft. Many skilled people have fled - including myself - taking their skills, earning power, entrepreneurship, and, most importantly, their intelligence quotient, with them. All to benefit other countries.

And FINALLY it appears the liberated Black masses are starting to realise that they weren't liberated by the ANC after all - they were just sold into government slavery. They were nothing but pawns - the useful idiots - used by Communists in the Communist Chess game. 

When you expect big daddy government to feed you, then big daddy government also has the ability to stop feeding you.....whenever big daddy government wants.

And now that the Black masses are slowly-slowly starting to question the track-record of their government - and seeing as it's an election year - it's time for the ANC to shift the blame for their failures. And what better way than to shift the blame from them to the White SA population? As per normal.

The IQ67's usually fall for this ANC smoking mirror. You see, they are not very bright. They lack the ability to think further than their next meal, or next free T-shirt, or the next government grant. That is why their culture is a tribal system. They need their tribal leader to tell them when to eat, when to sleep, and when to bow down before him.

So, the ANC need festering race tensions to win the election. A happy Black means peace.....and Communists hate peace. They only thrive in chaos. 

There is a lot one can say about the sad state of affairs in South Africa. Blacks attacking Whites. Whites attacking them back - after years of biting their tongue. Whites have finally decided that if they're going to be hated by the Blacks, they may as well give them something to hate them for, instead of meekly standing by and taking it...

In Afrikaans there is a phrase for this mindset: 'gatvol'. It roughly translates into 'really, really, really frigging fed-up'.

The boere are gatvol. They are gatvol of having imbeciles running their country into the ground. They are gatvol of the IQ67's destroying what they had built up, only to be blamed by these same IQ67's for the destruction. They are gatvol of the reverse discrimination being practiced by a bunch of Black thugs, who are incapable of tying their own shoes without breaking the laces. 

Actually, saying they are gatvol is probably like saying the Sahara desert is slightly sandy. The boere are more than gatvol.

And this brings me back to the original reason for this post. 
Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings' - H Heine 1836

Last week the IQ67's at the University of Cape Town burned art, books, literature, paintings and anything connected to the "White Devil" that has allegedly been oppressing them in a movement called "Rhodes Must Fall".

Watch below as they dance and sing around a bonfire, burning the "White Devil books". 

Close your eyes and this could be any place on Earth where Blacks congregate. Think Ferguson in the USA a few months back, where they went on a rampage, burning down buildings and looting. Name any Black-majority area/country, and this is what you'll find. Blacks burning things others built. 

Learned knowledge to them is like sun to a vampire.

We don't need no stinking education..... 

It's almost as if they are incapable of further development as a race. Their brains have stopped growing - either due to being born with the race/victim card strapped to their thigh - or, due to their IQ67 genes. Either or.  It doesn't matter.

Because no matter where, how, when - the IQ67 genes usually comes out eventually. You can slap lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. 

And the more things change, the more they stay the same. Whites didn't need to 'oppress' Blacks - they do a pretty darn good job on their own. 

So, off you go. Go burn your White Devil books. And while you're at it, burn your White Devil clothes, medicine, cars, roads, buildings, houses, phones, electricity, etc. 

If you really want to go ape, then really go ape.

23 February 2016

South Africa: More Black-White fighting

Hat tip: Dawid v E

It looks like the South African Whites are FINALLY sick and tired of being the doormat and punching bags of the IQ67's and are no longer scared to take them on - physically.

If the IQ67's are going to hate the Whites, the Whites may as well give them something to hate them for - say I.

A fight broke out between White university rugby players and their supporters and the EFF (Economic Freedumb Fighters) - during a match between Shimlas and Madibaz in Bloemfontein. The EFF commies decided to invade the pitch half-way through the first half to 'protest' about who knows what, and who really cares, anyway?

The IQ67's are at their happiest when they are unhappy, and/or protesting something Whites have done or not done to them. It's due to the inferiority complex of the Black man. 

The EFF started attacking the rugby players - they fought back. Then the crowd of mostly White males decided to go teach the IQ67's a lesson. 

Good on them!  Just a pity the IQ67's were still able to run away.

It may be that South Africa has reached a turning a point of no return. Maybe the Whites have figured out they can either stand and take the abuse from the backward IQ67's - or they can fight them and show them who's boss. 

Watch the IQ67's run away like the dogs they are. No wonder they have to attack the elderly, females or the young in SA. They are cowardly filth. 

South Africa: Blacks attacking Whites on university campus

Watch as they pack-attack a White male at TUKS university in South Africa. See how brave they are when they're in numbers. Against a lone White young male.

Mr Whitey didn't stand back - he laid into the IQ67. My heart swells with pride. Mooi man.

This is due to agitation by the IQ67's about Afrikaans still being the language of the university. The boons think that it's unfair. 

Pick a finger Mr IQ67's. Oh look, it's the middle one! 

Having some fun with an IQ67

Megatron's Ally - playing the victim of Apartheid is getting tedious, you buffoon. 

Especially when these fools weren't even around during Apartheid.

TUKS is the University of Pretoria in South Africa, and the fool is blaming Apartheid for how the IQ67's are behaving, protesting against "Afrikaans" tuition there - at an Afrikaans-speaking university!  They manged to convert Stellenbosch Uni to English with this type of boon agitation, so let's hope the Afrikaners in Pretoria stand firm against these twits.

22 February 2016

God Bless the USA - The Texas Tenors

This is how Trump should open all his campaign rallies from now on.....

It's an extremely patriotic song, which will make Americans start loving their country again..... after 7 years of the Obama-wreck. Obama has accomplished so much of that transformation he promised. It's time for Trump to put America back together again.

Sweden: All aboard!

Sweden has finally started to run out of housing for the thousands of 'asylum seekers' they have taken in over the past few years, so they've resorted to hiring a cruise ship to house the invaders.

Some 1,790 asylum seekers will be housed aboard the ship for up to a year. At a cost of £65,000 a day. Or, $93,000 USD/day.

That works out to be around $34 million for the year. Or, just under $1580 per 'asylum seeker' per month. 

They could pay off a family monthly mortgage for the cost of one invader.

Don't ever accuse the Swedes of not being VERY generous with tax money. It all makes perfectly good sense..... if you're a stupid, gullible, bleeding-heart, kumbaya Lefty. 

Or a Swede.

It must be great if you're a Swedish tax payer. You work hard to earn your salary, then get taxed at the highest rate -  to support people who have never contributed one cent to Sweden. Then they get to live on a luxury cruise liner on your dime. The ship includes a theatre and swimming pool.Tough life.

Give it a few months and the invaders will start complaining the water isn't hot enough, the food is too cold, the sound of the ocean too loud.....
A spokesman said:  'Having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.'
Yes, they really need encouragement. To live on a cruise liner. For free. 

If Sweden were really, really clever, they'd show these photos all around the world to discourage other 'asylum seekers' from going to Sweden. I mean, what a deterrent! Look world! Look how to have to live if you land up in Sweden. Don't risk it! You too may have to live on a luxury boat at no cost to you or your family. Your education, healthcare and living costs all included. For free.

Showing the world that asylum seekers would have to live in tents, in the cold and snow would just encourage more to come..... but a luxury ship will really scare them away!

I just bet potential 'asylum seekers' are so revolted that they're busy scratching Sweden off their list of possible Western destinations.... 

We are told - mostly by the media and politicians - that this is what compassion is all about. That this is the right thing to do. 

All the while, Sweden is importing a culture of people who choose not to assimilate, who are becoming a huge problem for the country, and who are responsible for most of the crime and rape. They are scaring away productive Swedish people and replacing them with low-skilled, low-intelligence throw-backs.

This will surely end well! I'm sure the Vikings would be proud.

And yet the Swedish people stand idly by while a bunch of government clowns destroys the country. For good. 

And anyone speaking out about this slow-boil genocide of the Swedish people are branded bigots, xenophobes, racists and Islamophobes.....by the media.

Remember people - it is the media who destroy countries. They enable the Left to run countries according to their warped ideology. And no where is this more true than in Sweden.

I'm just curious to see when the Viking blood finally comes out and the Swedish people say, enough!

Socialism summed up

The woman in this video represents the socialist view and sums up why the world is in such a mess today.

Envy politics may sound lovely on paper, but in reality it never ends well. And sadly, the youth in Western countries has been indoctrinated with this 'poor me' thinking by the very people charged with teaching the next generations. It should come as no surprise that most of the youth want everything others have worked for, as it's not fair they have so much.....

If you choose to be a bum, embrace being a bum, but don't visit your decision on people who choose not to be a bum.

Looks a little like Obama......

17 February 2016

South Africa: Purple the new Black

Anyone still in doubt that there's a witch-hunt against the Whites in South Africa needs to have their heads read..... by a psychologist......while admitted to a mental institution.

Here is the latest anti-White tirade in the Rainbow Nation that is now the New and Improved progressive South Africa.

On Thursday 4 February, a fancy-dress party was held at the Stellenbosch University (SU) Heemstede residence, just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. The theme was 'Stellar Space" party. Girls dressed up as appropriate, with some painting themselves as purple aliens covered in glitter, with tinfoil antennae and boots. 

Various photos were posted to social media.

Here are 2 photos that were posted that evening:

Someone then cropped one of the photo's posted to Instagram, cutting out the tinfoil boots and antennae, darkened the photo and tweeted it to the world, announcing that Stellenbosch students were racist as they were in 'black-face'. One of the girls suspects an "Open Stellenbosch" member is to blame for the slander. Open Stellenbosch is a Black agitator group on campus - their cause in life is to hate White people. 

Here is the cropped, darkened photo that was re-tweeted:

The brave Stellenbosch University faculty then held a meeting the next day and invited every social justice warrior group it could find:
The meeting was attended by a large group of students, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), the residence house committee, Heemstede residents and University staff members, including Prof Nico Koopman, Acting Vice-Rector: Social Impact, Transformation and Personnel, and Prof Arnold Schoonwinkel, Vice-Rector: Learning and Teaching.
Students voiced their anger, discontent and hurt about the incident at a meeting held in Heemstede on Friday evening.
Shame, the poor darlings.

However, it's now come to light that within hours of charges laid against the girls, the university knew that the girls had painted themselves purple and dressed as aliens for the party, and STILL they chose to continue with the witch-hunt.

One of the chief instigators against the girls is a social justice warrior puppet, Matthew Sporenberg. He is linked to some happy-clappy 'inclusivity' department at the university.

Mr Sporenberg dragged the girls over the coals in his office the day after the party, chastising and intimidating them, and accusing them of being racists. He also said that they shouldn't use the word 'alien' 'as it somehow implied that White people thought Blacks weren't part of society. 

Yeah, really.

Mr Sporenberg would be what one would call a social justice, thought-police, yellow-bellied snake.

Here is Mr Sporenberg:

He looks a bit..... errrrr.... feminine. Must be really in touch with his femininity. At least he's not racist. Just an asshat. 

The girls were forced to apologise by this twit. Mr Sporenberg texted them the apology wording, instructing them to post it to their Facebook.

So they made grovelling apologies claiming they were racists. 

A case was then registered with SU’s Equality Unit, a recently established entity to deal with all forms of unfair discrimination, and the matter was reported to the Central Disciplinary Committee.

The outcome? Both girls were immediately suspended and kicked off campus.

After a SEVEN day 'investigation', the suspension was lifted when the Equality Unit found the girls not guilty. Apparently, they were dressed as purple aliens. It only took them 7 days to come to that conclusion.
The university came out red-faced, and apologised to the 2 girls:
Rector and vice-chancellor of SU, Wim de Villiers said: “Management regrets the trauma that the two students‚ the house committee‚ the residence head and the residents of Heemstede experienced.”
Really??? So they regret the trauma caused to the 2 young women, after the university suspended them? What could that trauma be, you ask? 

Here is a clue:
The verbal abuse and humiliating behaviour by some students towards fellow students and staff in the course of some interactions were unacceptable‚ SU management said.
While the girls were still on campus, the Economic Freedumb Fighters and Open Stellenbosch members decided to visit the residence, where they forced the house committee and other residents to sit on the floor and be lectured about their racism. The 2 girls hid in their rooms, scared for their lives. The EFF and OS then walked around campus holding up placards with the photos and telephone numbers of the 2 girls. 

The university did nothing to stop the abuse.

So, once again the Libtards, social justice warriors and the eternal victims known as Blacks, jumped to the wrong conclusion without first finding out the facts. As is their usual modus operandi. Anyone with 1% vision could see that the photos were of purple painted aliens. But no - the new racists who are the anti-racists thrive on knee-jerk hurt feelings. And anytime they can kick and trample White people, they're there like flies on shite.

Meanwhile, hundreds of White farmers are murdered every year in South Africa at the hands of Blacks, and not ONE FARKING WORD is said about their deaths. NOT ONE WORD. No outrage. No meetings. No action. No placards. No photos. No nothing.

But, just let a White person put some paint on their bodies, and the world goes mad.

I hope these girls sue the University for millions for the trauma they suffered at the hands of all these 'hurt-feelings' groups, including the university. Each and every last one of these nincompoops who were quick to suspend and abuse these girls should be sued to within an inch of their lives. 

And it looks like they have appointed a lawyerI hope he's a frigging good lawyer. These girls and their future generations shouldn't have to work for a living after they're done suing them. 

But, it doesn't end there.

A few days later, at Wits university, on the other side of the country, "Fuck white people" graffiti was spray-painted all across the Wits campus. One IQ67 wore a white T-shirt with the same message:

The university quickly reassured everyone, that although offensive, this didn't constitute hate-speech, but rather it was freedom of expression - as allowed in the constitution.

Oh good. That means that Whites can start wearing T-Shirts with "Fuck Black people" as it's not hate speech. Just mildly offensive. Get to it Whitey's!!

So, if this is the new bench-mark in South Africa - where White kids can't even put paint on their bodies without the social justice warriors fainting in horror, then Whites should stand up for their rights and demand that the Xhosa's stop painting their faces and bodies with white clay. White-face triggers my anxiety. 

I don't know about you, but my feelings are totally hurt by these photos. Why, I may even sue.......

Oh, and how do you like my new black car??

16 February 2016

Germany’s Merkel Will ‘Convert’ Misogynistic Migrants

Peter Altmaier who is both the German federal refugee coordinator and a member of Angela Merkel’s own Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) said that Mrs. Merkel  will “convert” misogynistic Muslim migrants, and bring them in line with Germany’s more progressive attitudes.

This in response to migrants in local asylum centres refusing to listen to the instructions from female workers.

Asked how this was going to be achieved, Mr Altmaier said that the asylum workers should tell each migrant who does not listen to a woman that he must respect women like he would respect Chancellor Merkel. “you have to explain to him that there are hundreds of thousands of “Angela Merkels” in Germany who have just as much to say,” and that they should treat women with the same reverence.
Are German government members really that naive, stupid and gullible??? I guess so - otherwise what else explains the idiocy of inviting over a million young male Muslims into the country last year alone? With another 100,000+ already arriving this year - during Winter! 

This is how these invading pigs treated the women in Cologne at New Year:

Well, there you go then. Just add miracle-maker to Angela's long list of non-achievements. Hundreds of centuries of anti-female Islamic backward culture will miraculously disappear under Merkel's rule in Germany - all you have to do is explain to them that their views of women are wrong.

And if you believe that will work, I have a shiny new red bridge in my backyard to sell to you! It's very, very cheap - just email me your bank details and password.

This just sums up why the West is sliding into the abyss. When you have such ignorant, stupid, dumb-heads running countries, no wonder these Muslim chancers have seen and taken the gap. As is human nature. And when you don't have a government with balls in place to act decisively, then you can kiss your country goodbye.

Cheers Germany.

Kanye West asks for financial help to fund ‘ideas,’ explains personal debt in latest Twitter rant

Black rapper Kanye West - also better known as Mr Kim Kardashian - is in debt. And not some small amount of debt. Nope. He's in debt to the tune of $53 million.

Mr West thinks he's the greatest thing to happen to the world since sliced white bread. His ego needs its own mansion. But, his ego isn't so great that he can't be reduced to begging people out in the real world to bail him out of his self-made debt. No sirree. Not the great Mr West. 

First he tweeted Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, asking for a $1 billion investment. Then he asked the Twitter universe to recognise what a great man he is by donating to keep his greatness going:
"I need access to more money in order to bring more beautiful ideas to the world," West wrote in a series of tweets. "I want to help the world and I need help to do it. I am an artist and I care about humanity."
Let's remind the Twitter sphere where Mr West lives:

Let me also do my civic duty and remind everyone that his 'marriage' to the attention-seeker low-life Kim Kardashian cost over $8 million.

Let me also bring to your attention some of Mr West's recent tweets:

One wonders if he tweeted this before or after he asked a rich White man to bail him out with $1 billion??

One also has to wonder how this rich knee-grow can still go on about slavery and being oppressed by the White man, when he was a multi-millionaire? That system he's complaining about sure seemed to treat him pretty good. Even when he was singing grunting about women being bitches, whores and only good for one thing. 

Only in the world of the eternal Black victim can they blame slavery from 150+ years ago for their personal failures today. Apparently the White masters from those by-gone days forced him to go into debt to the tune of $53 million. Who knew they were that powerful?? Even from the grave.....

No other country on earth has given so much to the knee-grows as America has - so many opportunities, so much babying, so much tolerance, so many excuses for their failures, so much money wasted - and yet they, as a race, still can't pull themselves up without pulling Whites down and blaming slavery and oppression.

Anyone wanting to contribute to his cause, please dial 1800-SLAVERY.

15 February 2016

USA: Youth loving Socialism

A recent US survey from YouGov asking people if they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Socialism, found that in the 18-29 age group, 43% regarded Socialism as superior to Capitalism. Only 26% viewed Socialism unfavorably.

The youth of America having a favorable view of Socialism is the culmination of decades of brainwashing by the Communists within the education department. 

About 4 decades ago, the Left brought in their feel-good policies, where kids weren't allowed to feel like failures. Teachers started rewarding kids for 'participation', rather than achievement. Achievement was seen as 'unfair'. Pretty soon, kids were under the impression that real life reflected what they experienced in school. Imagine their surprise and horror when they eventually reached the labour force and found that they had to actually work hard, be responsible and succeed to make it in life!

Hence why all these special snowflakes are now appalled at the idea that personal responsibility dictates success. That's just not fair. No, what is fair - to them - is Socialism, where everyone is treated equal no matter what you contribute, or whether you are capable or not - everyone is the same. And even better, you get rewarded even if you do not contribute. Indiscriminate welfare is Socialism. 

It is not difficult to understand why Socialist/Communist states eventually fail under this philosophy. As Margaret Thatcher once famously said: "Socialism is great, until you run out of other people's money.......". 

Most European nations are finding that out the hard way today.

The reason Socialism eventually stagnates a country is because people quickly realise that they can get ahead without doing any heavy-lifting. Why should they work harder than the next person, if they are eventually treated and rewarded equally? In Communist USSR, university professors earned the same as street-sweepers. They didn't receive any recognition for their knowledge and research. Eventually the professors either ran away to the USA where their knowledge was appreciated and rewarded; or, they stopped advancing as there was no incentive for them to achieve.

Which is why the USSR eventually crumbled. 

And that's the crux of the problem with Socialism/Communism. It fundamentally goes against human nature. Humans have a desire to be rewarded and recognised for effort. Under Socialism/Communism no one is allowed to be better than anyone else, hence why they stagnate.

You can see why the Socialist philosophy appeals to the young, stupid and lazy. The young and stupid don't have the ability to see into the future, or recognise the consequences and outcomes of their actions. The lazy just want what others have by putting zero effort into contributing.

Given the choice, wouldn't we all like to sit on a couch, watching TV and eating, or sleeping all day, without having to do anything for the lifestyle? I'm sure we all would. But then, who would pay for the couch, the electricity, the water, the TV and the food? Someone eventually has to pay for that lifestyle.

Go have a good look at Venezuela today - a few short decades after Daddy Government started doing everything for the citizens. When Daddy Government started getting sick, all of a sudden the kiddies didn't know how to fend for themselves. Today they're lining up in the streets for toilet paper - which is now probably worth more to them than gold. It is the culmination of Socialist policies.

And here you have the youth of America begging to follow Venezuela.They can't reason or follow the path to the logical conclusion.....

As you are probably aware by now, there are 2 viable Democrat candidates currently battling it out for the party nomination for POTUS later in the year - Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton is Clinton - a lying power-hungry Lefty, who wouldn't know the truth were it to hit her between the eyes. She would throw anyone under the bus to advance herself politically. Lying is her natural instinct.

Sanders doesn't hide who he is - he is an avowed Socialist, who is actually a Communist. Most of his speeches are about the big evil corporations and the rich - especially the rich White people. He has promised to give everyone - and by everyone I mean the poor down-trodden minorities - free everything, including free college education. To pay for it he will tax the rich and corporations. 

Someone should ask France what happened when President Hollande introduced higher taxes on the rich and corporations. Most fled the country. Maybe Sanders will be standing at the airports with his Nazi Brown Shirts, to stop the evil rich from fleeing? 

Isn't that how it goes??

Amazingly, Sanders is doing well against Clinton with the popular vote among the Lefty youth and commie dolts. He trounced Clinton in the New Hampshire election last week. That says all you need to know about the slide of America into the commie doldrums. 

However, Clinton has received more delegate votes to date and leads Sanders 394 to 44. That's how the Democrat nomination works. 

But, Bernie shouldn't complain. After all, if he needs a clear example of what Socialism is all about, all he has to do is look at what happened to him in New Hampshire. He did all the hard work to win the election, yet Clinton swooped in and claimed the win with hardly any support or effort.

Oh the irony.....

09 February 2016

Busy travelling

I'm out of Melbourne this week travelling around Australia on work-related business, so no blogging.

What has been quite amazing to me as I travel around the country is that wherever I am, I come across ex-South Africans - the latest encounter being this evening in the hotel restaurant, where a South African male was chatting to a Pom and an Aussie - and he was pretty honest about the state of SA. And more surprising to me was that the Pom and Aussie were aware of what was happening in the country. Pretty refreshing actually. It just goes to show that even though the media choose what is reported to the world, people aren't fooled. The silent majority are not dumb.

It's becoming more and more obvious that there are a ton of expat Saffas now living in Australia.  Are there any White South Africans left in the country?

On a sadder note, friends of the family lost a family member in SA last week. Major Coert Jordaan was stabbed/shot to death while he was fishing on his day off. He was 39 and in the police service. He leaves behind a wife and 3 year old daughter. His fellow police officers didn't rest until they found the scum IQ67's who were responsible. May he RIP.


04 February 2016

USA GOP candidates....

Sums them up 100%.....

If either of these clowns win the GOP nomination, then God save America, because Hitlery Clinton will win. And if Americans think the country is going to hell in a hand-basket now, then watch under Clinton's reign....it will be America's final nail in the coffin. Period.

South Africa: 22 charges laid against De Klerk, Vlok

The Anti-Racism Action Forum (ARAF) has laid 22 criminal charges against the last Apartheid president, F-Wit de Klerk.

As you may recall, it was under Liberal pansy de Klerk's watch that the country was handed over to the ANC.

F-Wit de Klerk and the Dead Terrorist, Nelson Mandela, were given a joint Nobel Peace Prize by the international globalists as a thank you. That's the reward when you destroy a previously functioning White-run country.

Even Obama received his early.....

This is actually hilarious. The great de Klerk being whacked over the head by the same Blacks he handed the country over to so enthusiastically.....Gone are his 15 minutes of fame, and now the dogs are back to bite the hand that fed them.

They are still hungry and still unable to feed themselves.

According to de Klerk, he has nothing to fear as his hands are clean. Well, they bloody better be clean, because surely he can afford the best soap in the world with the 30 pieces of silver he received for selling SA out to a bunch of murdering communist liberation dunces.

South Africa wasn't perfect back under Apartheid. No country is - but it was a fully functioning country, where the skilled, industrious White population paid their taxes towards the upkeep of the lesser-abled Black tribes. This allowed the Black numbers to swell, as their living standards improved, their life expectancy extended, the infant mortality rates fell, and their education levels were boosted. 

This all to the detriment of the White population by the way.

And yet these Black twits want to lay charges against de Klerk - instead of laying charges against the ANC, which has caused all the problems. They were handed a first-world country with the best economy and military on the African continent, which they have systematically destroyed since 1994. All that good fortune banked during the Apartheid era has now been squandered and the country is running in the red - morally, financially, criminally. The ARAF should be suing the ANC to explain where all the billions of stolen taxes have gone under their watch. They should be suing for the corruption, incompetence and theft against the SA citizens. They should be suing Zuma to return the money he used to build his mansion. 

But, no. Once again they blame the Whites for their eternal misery - and de Klerk is their target. They should be kissing his treasonous feet.

Speaking of feet, it's not only F-Wit de Klerk they're targeting. Nope. They also going after Apartheid minister of law and order Adrian Vlok. Old Vlokkie was the nincompoop who washed the feet of some Blacks, to 'atone for his sins'. Today the fool uses his house as a refuge for the vulnerable and distributes food to poor Black families. How about the poor White families Vlokkie?? The poor AFRIKANER families??? Your own people.

In the video is the IQ67 ARAF communist Black supremacists explaining their plan of action. The leader is typical of the Black agitators found during Apartheid. They are not mentally fit to herd goats. In fact, if it were 300 years ago, they would have been known as the village idiot and shunned.

Enjoy de Klerk and Vlokkie. Your 15 minutes of fame are back.