30 January 2016

German feminist welcomes refugees

As you know, Liberals/Progressives/Feminazi's/Commies/Socialists/etc - all suffer from mental disease. They are sick in their heads. Anyone who wants to control your life, your thoughts, your purse-strings, your actions - are fascist bullies. 

And here is living proof. A German feminazi, who prefers foreign rapist Muslims over patriotic German males (whom she calls 'racists').

UPDATE: Apparently this is fake. However, saying that, it wouldn't surprise me if this is the mentality of the Feminazi's. So I'm not taking it down, because let it serve as a reminder one day that this was predicted....

Gay Mafia Wants To Take Away She & He

A video from the Doctor of Common Sense.

This is really funny. 

WARNING: This could be offensive..... so please don't watch if you're easily offended - because you will be offended.

28 January 2016

USA: Welfare vs workers

Welfare moochers vs tax paying workers.

This picture sums up the upside-down world we live in today. And this applies to just about every Western nation - governments punishing the workers to reward the non-workers. 


USA election: Cruz vs Trump

I'm going to lay my cards out on the table. I'm a Trump supporter.  

I find Cruz to be a smarmy, speak-out-of-both-sides-of-his-mouth, do-nothing DC lawyer, just hanging out in the US senate. He has done nothing of note in the senate - yet he now wants to be POTUS of the country. 

Can you imagine him getting anything done? Nope. He'd be beholden to his handlers, including where his wife works - Goldman Sacks. 

Cruz is clever enough to say the right things and pander to the Evangelical base, assuming they are all he needs to win the GOP nomination.

Here's Cruz, back-flipping and triple-somersaulting about his support for amnesty for illegals in America. Bare in mind he is of Cuban descent and born in Canada.

Now, tell me this is a face which people from both sides of the aisle will vote for. I say not. He has a face for radio - not POTUS.

Compare him to Trump, who is a successful business man who gets things done. He isn't owned by anyone, and that's why people are flocking to support him - from both sides of politics. He is a walking ego, and people like that don't like to fail. Trump is also known as a tough negotiator and a strategic genius. Just by him pulling out of the GOP debate tomorrow, he sucks out all the oxygen from the other campaigns, keeps the focus on him, and wins even more support by slamming Fox News, which is a GOP establishment shill for open borders, lower wages and a non-White America.

Here is Trump with radio host Michael Savage yesterday - before he'd pulled out of the debate due to Fox stitching him up by mocking him. 

Trump is sounding more and more presidential and in control every day. Give him a few more months and he'll have POTUS locked in.

And America badly needs him to fix the country.

South Africa: Apartheid fun fact of the day

Apartheid fun fact #4:

The monthly income of South African Blacks per capita in 1988 was R352 per month – in Malawi and Mozambique it was less than R20 per month.

No wonder they were all trying to get into South Africa......

The 50 most violent cities in the world

Guess how many South African cities make it into the top 50 most violent cities in the world??

That would be 4 cities. Unheard of under Apartheid. In fact, South Africa is the ONLY African country represented in the top 50. 

Cape Town proudly leads the way, cracking the top 10 at position #9.They must be really chuffed.

The other 3 cities are:

  • Durban #41
  • Nelson Mandela Bay #42
  • Johannesburg #47

Not too surprised about Cape Town. It's ultimately why we left the country. Our house had been broken into countless times over a period of a few years and a close friend had been murdered in his home while he ate dinner with the family - so we were a statistic waiting to happen.

Plus it was tiring living behind every security system known to man - alarm; armed response; burglar bars; safety gates; 8-ft fencing with barbed wire; dogs; intercom; cameras...... Here in Australia we have none of that. The only gate attached to the house is the fly screen at the front door. To keep the flies out .....not humans.

People don't realise the stresses they live under in South Africa until they leave and live as a normal person again. The constant waiting for the hammer to fall is the worst type of PTSD out there.

Arriving in Melbourne 8 years ago was like winning the lottery.

Oh, and remind me never to go to Brazil - they have 21 cities in the top 50. Actually, remind me not venture into South America ever, including Mexico. 

America has 4 in the top 50 - all IQ67 areas. 

However, seeing as most of South America is heading to America for some of Obama's free stuff - watch the crime soar there over the next few years.


1. Caracas, Venezuela – 119.87
2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras – 111.03
3. San Salvador, El Salvador – 108.54
4. Acapulco, Mexico – 104.73
5. Maturin, Venezuela – 86.45
6. Distrito Central, Honduras – 73.51
7. Valencia, Venezuela – 72.31
8. Palmira, Colombia – 70.88
9. Cape Town, South Africa – 65.53
10. Cali, Colombia – 64.27
11. Cuidad Guayana, Venezuela – 62.33
12. Fortaleza, Brazil – 60.77
13. Natal, Brazil – 60.66
14. Salvador, Brazil – 60.63
15. St Louis, Missouri, U.S. – 59.23
16. Joao Pessoa, Brazil – 58.40
17. Culiacan, Mexico – 56.09
18. Maceio, Brazil – 55.63
19. Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. – 54.98
20. Barquisimeto, Venezuela – 54.96
21. Sao Luis, Brazil – 53.05
22. Cuiaba, Brazil – 48.52
23. Manaus, Brazil – 47.87
24. Cumana, Venezuela – 47.77
25. Guatemala City, Guatemala – 47.17
26. Belem, Brazil – 45.83
27. Feira de Santana, Brazil – 45.5
28. Detroit, Michigan, U.S. – 43.89
29. Goiania, Brazil – 43.38
30. Teresina, Brazil – 42.64
31. Vitoria, Brazil – 41.99
32. New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. – 41.44
33. Kingston, Jamaica – 41.14
34. Gran Barcelona, Venezuela – 40.08
35. Tijuana, Mexico – 39.09
36. Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil – 38.46
37. Recife, Brazil – 38.12
38. Aracaju. Brazil – 37.7
39. Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil – 36.16
40. Campina Grande, Brazil – 36.04
41. Durban, South Africa – 35.93
42. Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa – 35.85
43. Porto Alegre, Brazil – 34.73
44. Curitiba, Brazil – 34.71
45. Pereira, Colombia – 32.58
46. Victoria, Mexico – 30.50
47. Johannesburg, South Africa – 30.31
48. Macapa, Brazil – 30.25
49. Maracaibo, Venezuela – 28.85
50. Obregon, Mexico – 28.29

Australia: Latest tourism advert

Australia must be one of the best kept secrets in the world. I don't think many people realise just how beautiful this country is. I always thought I could never leave Cape Town as I'd miss the beauty of the place too much. How wrong was I.

Over the Christmas/New Year break I traveled up the Queensland coast. Coastal town after coastal town had the most glorious white beaches, full of fair dinkum full-blooded Aussies.

We are truly blessed to be living in this country with so much beauty surrounding us. No overseas holidays for me - I need years to explore my new country.

Put the video below on full screen and enjoy the vision that is Australia.

Then eat your hearts out if you don't live here :-)

27 January 2016

Ozzie Saffa members disappearing

Something I've noticed over the last few days is that my member numbers are disappearing fast. I had around 562 at the beginning of this week, and today, over the last 5 minutes I've lost another 2 members. I'm now down to 541.

Now, I might be a conspiracy theorist, but something smells rotten in the state of Denmark. When I stopped blogging for months, I didn't lose any members. Now that I'm back blogging, and after attacking the stupid White Libtards of South Africa, my member numbers are dropping.

Anyone have any ideas???

Q: What can you buy for 6 American cents?

Answer: One South African rand!

The article below by economist Mike Schüssler states that by 2030, it is projected that one US dollar will cost South Africans R33...... or, put another way, cost 3 American cents to buy a SA rand.

Currently just under six American cents buy a rand, down from over 12 cents in 2011. (Remember that another 50% fall will now only bring the total fall to just over 75%. ) In fact the rand lost 2.2 American cents just in 2015 as it cost Americans 8.65 American cents to buy a rand at the end of 2014 and only 6.45 at the end of 2015.

Since then the rand declined again and currently 5.95 American cents buy a rand. A decline of less than 1 US cent will therefore take the rand to R20 to the dollar. It is really that simple for the trader in New York at present.

A 3 US cent rand would translate into over R33 per dollar and this is more than likely by the end of the downward phase in 2030 or so. If the rand has the same percentage decline as during 1981 to 2000 then the currency would be over R70 to the dollar or less than 1.5 US cents per rand!

Read more HERE 

And today's Darwin Award goes to........

Reminds me of Libtards. They think they know better when the obvious is right in front of their faces. Then reality sets in......

South Africa: Apartheid fun fact of the day

Apartheid fun fact #3:

In 1972, South African Blacks owned 360,000 vehicles - more than all the Black African states together.

Sweden: The PC madness continues

Ah, Sweden. That little experiment of cultural suicide, ethnic cleansing of the native Swedes, and the Islamification and Africanisation of a once all-White successful country. All so that the little darling Swedes can feel good and get PC tingles up their White legs. 

You gotta love it.

Of course, as well documented on this blog over the years, I don't exactly have any love for Sweden, seeing as their government financially supported any terrorist organisation fighting South Africa back in the days of Apartheid. Anyone who was willing to blow up innocent people in the name of Black 'liberation' was handsomely rewarded by the Swedes (and Denmark). 

As nature dictates, what goes around, comes around, and Sweden is receiving a good dose of coming around - as good as I've ever seen in this world. Eventually the Left destroy everything because of their farked up ideology - the snake starts eating its own tail - and Sweden is a great example of that phenomenon.

So here we have the feel-good Swedes, willing to allow a native Swede to freeze to death after kicking him out of a shelter they needed to house migrants instead. I'm sure that gave them some enormous tingles as they ushered the migrants into the shelter. 

Another laugh was this story:
Police officers flee angry mob in Swedish refugee center through back door
Last Wednesday, 10 police officers went into a refugee centre to go save a 10-year old boy who had been raped multiple times by 'refugees'. They were surrounded by an angry mob and fled for their lives, leaving the boy behind to be raped again no doubt. At the time of reporting (yesterday), there was no update if the boy had been removed. 

From the same article: On Monday a young woman, a refugee centre worker in Mölndal, was stabbed to death when an argument broke out at the center for underage unaccompanied refugees. Alexandra Mezher, 22, was taken to hospital with severe injuries and later died. She was stabbed by a 15-year-old boy who was later arrested on suspicion of murder. 

Those are just two ho-hum articles about the joys of being culturally enriched by the 3rd world. I'm sure the Swedes will hold candle-light vigils for the poor refugees, ignoring the frozen dead Swedish male, the 10-year old raped boy and the dead young Swedish woman. Don't be surprised. This is the farked up world we live in nowadays.

But, I've left the best for last. 

Watch the video below to see how the fawning Swedish government worker hands over a fully furnished apartment to a Black African woman, who has 3 children and another baby on her back. Watch this stupid White woman smile proudly as she explains how the stove and electrical switches work; how the blinds open; how a toilet flushes; how to work the washing and drying machines (which will more than likely be broken within weeks). This stupid Libtard woman is positively beaming with pride! So is the IQ67, who looks around in wonder at the stupid benevolence of White people. Ms IQ 67 then phones her peeps back in Africa to tell them how grand she's living in Sweden. And the Swedes pick up the phone bill too, no doubt. 

And by the way, I didn't see this parasite say thank you once during the videoing. 

Bare in mind that this parasite and her pikinini parasites have contributed ZERO Swedish Krona in exchange for all this free stuff. And her pikinini's will no doubt continue the cycle when they reach adulthood. And what's the bet she'll be adding to her brood? 

This is how dumb White people are. They ignore their own people to accommodate foreign unskilled, unintelligent parasites - while their own indigenous Swedish people get to pay for all this largesse through some of the highest taxes in the world. 

Palm meet face.

26 January 2016

South Africa: Barmy Army sings about the strong pound

This is pretty funny. The traveling English cricket team supporters, known as the Barmy Army, sing about how they got 23 South African rand to the British pound. And they keep going.

Happy Australia Day!!!!

I notice that Google has the following as their home-page graphic today:

Stuff you Google. You can take your PC bullshit and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

We are celebrating Australia Day - a day to celebrate the Australian culture and what our great country is all about. It's not Aboriginal day.

To all my fellow Aussies, Happy Australia Day! Don't let the minority Lefty rubbish destroy the country we are all proud to call home. 

South Africa: Apartheid fun fact for the day

Fun fact #2:

In 1988 Black people could undergo a complicated heart valve surgery for just more than $1 while Black Americans had to pay $ 15,000. In a Pretoria hospital between 2,000 and 3,000 of these surgeries were done per year. 

USA: Achievement Gap Between White and Black Students Still Gaping

Fifty years ago, James Coleman, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, released the Coleman Report (also known as  "Equality of Education Opportunity") - a report on education equity in the USA.

The report was mandated by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which tasked the Department of Education with examining the inequality of educational opportunities in elementary and secondary education across the USA, and especially in the South, to gauge the differences between schools attended by White and Black students.

The Coleman Report found that in both math and reading, the average Black student in Grade 12 placed in the 13th percentile of the score distribution, meaning that 87 percent of White students in Grade 12 scored ahead of the average Black 12th grader.

Hmmmmm........ South Africa looks eerily similar today under Black rule - where the country is now second last in the world for reading and math. 

Fast forward 50 years and what does the US education system look like today - after 50 years of pandering to every Black grievance, throwing vast amounts of money at Black students/schools, and lowering standards to accommodate them?

Eric Hanushek, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research decided to do a follow-up to the Coleman Report to see how things have improved for Black students.

Well, wouldn't you know it, but all that 'help' hasn't exactly ended in Blacks improving their scores greatly. 

Nope - 50 years later and the gap has barely narrowed. Hanushek found that the average 12th Grade Black student placed only in the 19th percentile. In reading, the achievement gap has improved slightly more than in math, but after a half century, the average Black student scores at just the 22nd percentile.

Hanushek estimates that if the achievement gaps continues to close at such a slow rate, it will be roughly two and a half centuries before the Black-White math gap closes and over one and a half centuries until the reading gap closes. 

Actually, I'm pretty certain pigs will fly before the achievement gaps close completely. 

Hanushek also found that the achievement 'gains' is unrelated to increased spending.

No shite Sherlock. In other words, no matter how much money you through at a problem, the problem still exists if the route cause isn't addressed.The root cause in this case is the genetic difference in the intelligence gene.

Hanushek is of course part of the problem, as he thinks that it's the achievement gap that should be the focus:
"Everybody focused in on that (the role of the family and school - LL)  and and ignored page after page of achievement differences," says Hanushek. "Partly, I think in 1965 we were not used to having measures of what kids knew in schools. We just didn't have achievement measures for a large part of the population."
Hanushek argues that the Coleman Report failed to accomplish one of the key goals that led Congress to commission the report in the first place – what he called "a forward march" toward equal educational opportunity across racial groups.

Sounds like goobly-gook to me. You can march forward as much as you like, but that doesn't mean your army is capable of marching properly. 

I wonder if Mr Hanushek would explain why the east Asian population in America is doing well in the US school system? What is the difference between the Black population and the Asian population - both minorities, and both 'oppressed' by the Whites? 

Could it possibly have something to do with the difference in IQ? Add to that the stable home life and the strict parenting of Asians?

It's all very amusing watching these PC research navel-gazers do triple back-flips to explain the under achievement of Blacks despite years of careful nurturing. They never compare Blacks to other "minorities" who are succeeding, because that, of course, would blow their carefully scripted narrative out of the water.

The ginormous elephant in the room is the Black IQ level - which everyone is extremely careful not to highlight. The IQ Bell curve for the US population has been swept under the PC carpet, waiting for someone with cojones to trip over it.

No matter how you dress it or how much lipstick you smack on, a pig will always be a pig. No matter how much you try and hide it, Blacks are born with a lower IQ than other races and it stays the same no matter how much money, attention and Lefty-love you lavish on the population. It is a DNA reality. All around the world the same is true. 

In sub-Sahara Africa and other Black majority African states, the average Black IQ is 67 (< 70 is regarded as 'mentally deficient'). The average White IQ is the same as the US - 100. Imagine how that Bell curve would look?? The vast gap between the IQ of Whites and Blacks in Africa would be pretty clear for everyone to see. And it would explain why South Africa was once the most successful and advanced economic power-house on the African continent before the mentally deficient ANC stepped in and started ruining the country. Same with Rhodesia under White rule. Zimboonwe under Mugarbage has been a spectacular failure.

This also applies to Haiti, which has been run by Black Africans for the last few centuries. Today it resembles just another failed African state. Maybe Mr Hanushek should research why this is the case. 

Speaking of Haiti, below is a photo taken a day ago. The Haitians are out protesting against their government. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear it was a photo taken in South Africa. Same modus operandi. 

It's almost as if all Blacks think and act alike.....

24 January 2016

Magical White skin

I'm not sure about you, but I've learned a lot about myself over the last few years.

I've learned that I was born with a magical White skin - and all who are born with this skin are privileged too. My White skin not only gives me magical powers, but super-powers too!

Apparently my White skin enabled me to sit at a school desk for 12 years and helped me to absorb all my lessons. No studying or homework required on my part.

Then, my magical and privileged White skin got me a place at university, where, once again it helped me pass all my exams with no effort required. No sleepless nights studying for exams. Nope, it all just magically happened for me and my fellow White students.

THEN, my privileged skin also got me my first job. I didn't even have to apply or interview! Once my soon-to-be-boss saw that I had a White skin he fell to his knees in awe and I was given a job immediately. What I didn't know at the time was that I could have commanded whatever salary and position I wanted. Bummer. As a result of my naivety, I started at the bottom and had to work my way up. 

To be honest, I'm not sure about all this work nonsense. Surely my White skin is that powerful and privileged, that I shouldn't have to work and everything just falls into my lap?? 

Then I had to lower myself and go ask a bank to loan me money to buy a house. Apparently that was also unnecessary, because I wasn't aware at the time that all I had to do was walk into any bank and flash my White skin, and I would have automatically be given any loan I wanted.

Rumour has it that my White skin also allows me to walk on water and fly to the moon. I am going to be testing those powers out shortly. 

Bottom line is that I have untold super powers, which I was automatically granted at birth, just by being born with a privileged White skin. If only Whites knew how powerful they actually are they could take over the world. It must be the best kept secret out there.

No wonder Blacks envy my skin and blame it for everything that they have failed to achieve. 

And no wonder Libtards suffering from White-guilt keep telling Blacks about the magical powers and privileges of those born with White skin. If you're going to blame under-achievement on anything, you may as well blame it on mystical powers yet to be discovered. 

USA: Black thugs beat White privileged homeless man to death

So the story goes like this.

A bunch of Black thugs upstanding citizens beat a poor defenseless homeless privileged racist evil White man to death at a gas station in Philadelphia. 

All based on a lie from a 10-year old.

When asked why he was late home, the 10-year old said that a homeless man at the gas station had argued with him and then assaulted him. The truth is that they only had a verbal altercation when they were both trying to make some pocket money pumping gas. 

But the mom got hot under the collar and decided to go pay the man some retribution.

So, the mother-of-the-year rounded up a posse, comprising a group of her family and friends (including children and the 10-year old), and headed off to find the evil White male who assaulted the 10-year old. They took mace, a hammer and a piece of wood from a broken rocking chair.

When they got to the gas station they jumped the man and beat him to death. One woman hit the evil White man a few times in the head, and the others stomped on his head for good measure, and hit him with the wood. At the end of the beating, the mother-of-the-year dragged her 10-year old son to see what a beaten man looks like. What a proud parenting moment.

So, a 51-year old man is dead, beaten to death by a bunch of Black thugs. That's how they roll in da hood. No need to go to the police and lay a charge of assault against the man first; or, no need to go to the man and talk it out first. Nah, just beat him to death as your first instinct. As you do when your base instincts are exactly that. All on a lie of a 10-year old boy, who probably lies whenever his lips move.

This is just another example of Black on White crime - but, White people deserve it because they are racist and privileged.

22 January 2016

South Africa: Apartheid fun fact

Seeing as all the White Libtards in South Africa - with a public voice/platform - are currently attacking the White population of the country with their "White Privilege" BS, I've decided to do some daily home-truth facts about Apartheid, and how it benefited the Black South African population.

Maybe then people will finally realise that the propaganda against the Whites of South Africa is exactly that - propaganda.

Here are 2 examples of whiny rants that the Libtards have published to bash the SA Whites: 

1. White SA has to wake up - fast
In this fun SA White-bashing piece, Ms Liz Cowan has the following to say (among the other peaches she writes): 
Despite the prolonged emotional, mental and physical suffering to themselves and their families, black people have, in the name of freedom and reconciliation, and “a better life for all”, willingly forgone retribution.
Retribution? How quickly these White Libtards forget when the Dead Terrorist Nelson Mandela announced to the world that he would govern for all the people in SA and the past is the past. How these Libtards fawned over their great leader then, lapping up that kumbaya shite. 

Now they are asking why the SA Blacks have forgone retribution. Now when the country resembles ANOTHER failed African state, they ask why the Blacks haven't seeked vengeance. You know why? Because they had it pretty good under Apartheid, that's why.

But, Ms Cowan, by all means, you be the first. Go line up against a wall and let the Black man 'retribute' against you. Show us how you will suffer for your ills on behalf of your White race. Set that example. Be the first to step up and unshackle your White-guilt and let go of your White privileges and racism forever

This juvenile opinion piece was authored by Pieter Bosch Botha (also known by his married name as Pieter Howes - must be one of those male bag-holding feminazi's - LL) is a well-known, award-winning South African actor, theatre director, playwright and television script writer (NEVER heard of him - LL). 

His whiny rant starts off with:
Hey white people,
And ends with the tags:
Tagged: racism, White privilege, white supremacy
No need to read this trash. The beginning and end says it all. If it were in a newspaper, you could at least use it to line your cats litter box. No, it's just ANOTHER BORING WHITE BASHING opinion piece, from another sanctimonious navel-gazing White Libtard who thinks if he throws his fellow White South Africans under the bus first, he won't ever get run over by that bus. It's the same as the Jews in Germany during WWII who sold out their fellow Jews to the Nazi's, in the hopes they could delay their own trip to Auschwitz.

I note there was a link to "Leave a response" on his trash-piece - and wouldn't you know it, but that darn-gone link doesn't seem to be working...... Oh, gee, that means the Whites he bashes can't respond.


It is a pretty incredible coincidence that just as the major news websites have closed their comments sections on their websites in South Africa, along come all the Libtard mealy-mouthed worms to bash Whites via the media. The comment sections had to be closed before these bottom-feeders could unleash behind the safety of the no-comment wall. The White population now have no way to refute what these scum-bags are saying about them.

Funny that, eh? And just as there's an upcoming election. It's time for the media and their Libtard enablers to circle the wagons and protect their Black-run communist state.

So, here is my fact of the day about Apartheid.

Apartheid Fun Fact 1:

Between 1962 and 1972 the UN paid $ 298 million to underdeveloped countries compared to South Africa that spent $ 558 million on the development of its black areas.

Caryn Gootkin's feathers are ruffled

Yesterday I posted a response to Caryn Gootkin's anti-White hit-piece titled:"The A-Z of white privilege and racism"

Apparently this was her response (I presume on Twitter):

A fascist ex-SAn Ozzie has written the vilest blog on my @rdm_za column. His anti-black & ant-Semitic ramblings have me shaking 


@cathhayden @rdm_za I'm feeling physically ill from it. Going offline for a bit.

Poor precious petal. Apparently she can't handle it when someone calls her out on her bullshit.

Dear Caryn,

Firstly, I'm a FEMALE, so you can drop your White-men-are-all-misogynists pretend fainting spell.

Secondly, I'm not a fascist. A fascist is someone who doesn't allow others to think, speak or have an opinion. It's their way or the highway. So the fascist would be YOU, not me.

Thirdly, I don't think my blog is vile. That's your opinion - and you're entitled to express your opinion. My blog highlights the hypocrites in this world. People like you. The double-standards. It highlights the biased media, with their constant attack on the West and on the average person. Most countries are right-of-centre politically, yet the media is PREDOMINANTLY of the Left. Why is that?? Journalists wouldn't know balance if it hit them between their eyes. This is the same media which publishes your type of hit-piece, but will refuse to publish a response - because it doesn't fit THEIR narrative. 

And lastly - is that the best you can do? No refuting anything I said in my blog post? No calling me out on my facts? Know why? Because you can't. You sure were brave in your hit-piece, using big words and debasing the White's in just about every sentence, but now you crumble like a cheap suit when someone calls you out. 

Just because my response hurt your feelings, doesn't mean what I wrote is wrong. Your entire tirade was based on emotion and half-truths and lies. You call me anti-Black, yet your piece was 100% anti-White, but that's ok, eh? Whites are fair-game. Easy to attack because they tend not to get violent or fight back. It's ok to attack them, because all your fellow anti-White buddies who you surround yourself with in your Libtard jerk-circle are all in agreement with your opinion. And that's all that matters. For you to feel loved by your Lefty peers. Like a panting dog gazing adoringly at his master.

And so you call anyone pointing out your vile anti-White hatred a 'fascist racist'. That doesn't work with me. Point out my errors - you'd get some respect.

See how this works people? Her hit-piece appears in the Rand Daily Mail, where NO COMMENTS are allowed. You know why? Because they'd be flooded with many opinions calling Ms Caryn a deranged liar who needs help. It's why most of the SA news/opinion websites have closed their comments sections. They're alarmed that White people aren't happy to be spoon-fed how evil they are anymore, or are tired of being told how great the ANC is when the exact opposite is true. They're like, gasp! fighting back through the comments - just about the only avenue left to them to express their frustrations - and the media just can't have that! So, close the comment sections!!! 

So people like Ms Caryn prefer to write this type of rubbish and then hide behind the no-comment wall - and then have fainting spells when someone actually dares refute what they've written.

Oh the horror! Ms Caryn isn't used to people not agreeing with her.

So, who's the fascist at the end of the day? Me - who allows comments on my blog - or YOU, who doesn't need to hear any other opinion which you aren't comfortable with?

And as for the anti-Semitic comment. You obviously don't know that I'm a huge supporter of Israel - go read my previous blog posts. However, the Jews of South Africa - and especially in Cape Town - have a history of being radical Lefties. Who helped form the SA Communist Party, Ms Caryn? I was pointing out some facts Ms Caryn. Are they too uncomfortable?

You, Ms Caryn, have the option of running to Israel when the SHTF in SA - the lemmings remaining in the country don't. And I note you went to Herzlia. Go look at their website and show me ONE picture of a Black student. 

So, please take your offended feelings and shove them. You offend me.

The fact is, YOU'RE the privileged one, not the average White man on the street. You write your rubbish from behind rose-tinted Black glasses and project your angst and guilty feelings on all the Whites of South Africa. YOU suffer from a huge dose of White-guilt. YOU are the one able to express your feelings and opinions on the people of South Africa through a pen and a news website with a wide-reach. They don't. They can't even defend themselves from your bile.

YOU have generalised and branded all White people in South Africa racist and privileged. Go look at the White squatter camps and come tell me how privileged they are. Leave the bubble of your nice suburb and go live out in the real world. Or, even better, give up your nice house to a lovely Black family and go live in a township - put your money where your big White privileged mouth is. Maybe that will cure you and you will be free. You wouldn't be a hypocrite like Max du Preez would you? We're all still waiting for him to move to a township as he promised a while ago.

You are a typical Libtard. You have set the bar as per your standard, and everyone else needs to jump over it. Just not you and your fellow travelers.

In the meantime, while you're out finding your cojones, please return to the safety of your Libtard jerk-circle, put your bubble-wrap and rose-tinted glasses on, and keep bashing the Whites. There's an election coming up and the ANC must win at all costs. Time to attack the Whites again. Communists to rule forever. Liberation to suppress. 

Yours truly,



Apparently Ms Gootkin says I'm "BRAVE" to ridicule her column. Hahaha. Brave? A flipping 2-year old has more sense than her. That's not bravery. Bravery is when our young WHITE boys fought on the South African border to protect your ass, so you could sleep all nice and safe at night.  No, what I am, is being kind to the mentally unstable to point out their idiocy and making sure they're on medication.

And as for protesting. No dear, I'm not protesting. I'm pointing and laughing at your self-absorbed, navel-gazing, superior sense of sanctimony. As the saying goes, when you're dead you don't know you're dead. Same as when you're stupid.