14 November 2016

USA: Losers act like petulant children......

I guess you can't expect much more from the Left these days - other than acting as they do. It's in their nature. 

THEY are the fascist totalitarians they accuse others of being. THEY are unwilling to listen to anyone else's viewpoint. THEY are the intolerant haters trying to impose their will on others through force and intimidation.

They are the ones using hate to trump love.....while screeching it's the other way around.

You see, the Left these days don't do losing very well. We saw that after the Brexit vote, when thousands of anarchists, socialists, communists, progressives, open-border activists, and unpatriotic Leftards, marched, rioted and protested across England, after the People voted in the majority to leave the EU. They just couldn't accept that they had somehow lost what THEY thought was the right side of the argument. 

They demanded a do-over  for Brexit - as if the first result was just a practice session. 

In the Left's case these days, it's repeat until THEY get the result THEY want. Because, you know, THEY know better than the uneducated red-neck racists.

And so we see the same tactic being used by the Progressives in America, after Trump thumped Clinton by 306 to 232 electoral votes. Trump only needed 270 votes to win, so by getting 306 he not only won outright, but he rubbed the Clinton Machine's nose in the win for good measure:

In case you were wondering, the areas in RED are the areas Trump won. Blue are for Clinton, which shows you the Progressive anti-American filth congregate mainly in the large cities and spread their hatred, while looking down their noses at the fly-over, Bible thumping, gun-clinging, uneducated red-neck, hillbillies......

The Democratic Establishment and all their vicious henchmen also don't like the election outcome, so they implemented their predictable strategy of getting their little whiny cry-baby sheeple out to 'protest' the result. The imbecilic cannon-fodder. 

The Dem globalist henchmen tried their best to sway the election for Clinton. They used their media propaganda arm to continuously attack Trump and announce to the world over and over, that he was unfit to be president by painting him a racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobe, sexist, misogynist - you name it and he was IT - while staying very silent on Hillary and her proven lies, corruption, fraud and thieving. And all the good little media outlets around the world repeated the lies like the good little meek lambs they are.

The Dem Establishment also tried to push illegal aliens - who have poured into the country by the millions under Obama - to go out and vote, even though it's illegal for them to do so as non-citizens. Obama went on TV days before the election and said that anyone can go vote and there would be no repercussions. This is an act of treason against the very country he swore to uphold the laws of, and to protect the People of, but the media ignored this as they've done all 8 years of his presidency.

They also  rolled out Obama to go 'campaign' for Hillary. Obama then proceeded to accuse Trump of being unfit to be president and painted him a KKK supporter.... days before he had to welcome Trump into the White House and shake his hand as the next president. Apparently being a community organiser, who voted 'absent' in the Senate more than he voted present, made Obama more qualified than Trump to run America.....

And when all else fails, roll out the Wookie and Leftard 'celebrities', to convince the adoring crowds that Hillary should be elected just because she's a woman and not a White male. The Wookie apparently forgot that she had slandered Hillary back in 2008 while Obama fought her to be the Dem nominee....

And despite having the media, the GOP/Dem Establishment, political hacks, celebrities and most of the institutions all against him, Trump still prevailed. 

You can imagine how much more of a thumping it would have been had the media remained unbiased......

As it is, the Left is in melt-down. No one prepared them for a Hillary loss. In fact, Hillary and her team where throwing back the champagne celebrating their 'win' on the flight back from her final rally the day before the election - that's how confident they were of victory. She also signed advance copies of the next "Newsweek" issue, which declared her 'Madam President' on the cover:

Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch....

You only have to flip through the American TV 'news' channels to understand the total and utter confusion of the political pundits at the result. Most, if not all (besides some Fox presenters) are STILL in shock and disbelief. They were told by their media/polling echo chamber buddies that it was a done-deal - Hillary would win, and she would win in a landslide.....

That's why there was a group pile-on against Trump - they were convinced he was going to lose and lose bigly.

They now sit scratching their heads, not understanding how Trump actually won. I mean, he's a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobic clown, so just HOW could the People vote for him????

Well, if they'd stepped outside their little echo-chamber bubble for just a fleeting moment, they may understand why Trump won. Had they stepped out they would have read and felt the real mood of the American People.

The main reason for Trump's win is that the People voted against them, the status quo establishment - those in that exact echo-chamber bubble. They voted against all the media who are nothing but the propaganda arm for the globalists; against the political hacks who continuously speak down to them as if they don't matter; against all the #NeverTrump GOP/Dem politicians who think they can demand how people should vote to sway an election; against all the celebrities who live in their mansions while preaching just how great socialism is for the little people; and finally, they voted against Obama and his disastrous policies, which has ruined America over the past 8 years. 

Obama has done more to elect Trump than anyone or anything else. The People are living the results of the incompetent moron's 'presidency', and they decided they had had enough of all that 'Hope 'n Change' he was bottling and selling, which in reality amounted to pain and depression in the real world.

And the more all these know-it-all groups attacked Trump, the more the People decided to stick it to them with a giant F-YOU via the ballot box. Their vote was their only voice, and it's the only one that mattered in the end.

So, it's quite funny to now watch these same political pundits on TeeVee telling Trump what he needs to do to 'heal' the country. It's pretty obvious what their tact is - keep pushing the narrative that Trump ran a 'hostile' campaign, maligning groups, such as Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims, when it was THEM who pushed that narrative to begin with. And once they've shaped the narrative that Trump has to correct all his sins, they then tell him how to correct his mistakes by doing what they want him to do. 

As IF he'll listen to these stupid people who continuously knifed him.

And by the media keeping the anti-Trump narrative alive, they whip up the hatred out on the streets, of the special snow-flakes, who are now protesting the result of a democratic election. 

They now demand a do-over, because the result isn't to their liking.....

I say keep going. They are destroying the cities who didn't vote for Trump. Talk about stupidity.

Dear Special Snow-Flakes - take your therapy dogs, colouring books and scream therapy sessions, and go hide in your 'safe-spaces' with your tinfoil hats on while sucking on your pacifiers, and let Trump do what he does best - deliver results. 

Something foreign to your crowd.

Take a huge jump off the nearest f***ing bridge, is what I say to the media pundits. Trump won because of his message, his drive and his love of America, and he will implement HIS policies, NOT yours. 

The People voted against everything you stand for. 

Do you get it ??????? 

Do you hear the People now????????

Loud enough for you yet???????

Some people ask me how I can support the walking ego that is Trump. Well, that's exactly why I said from the outset that Trump was the one to save America - because of his ego (and the common sense policies he was pushing). Trump doesn't do failure very well. His entire reputation has been built on his ego. So, do you honestly think he will be happy to fail? 

That's why he will be successful. That's why he will build that wall - because all the pundits said he wouldn't. That's why he will create jobs - because they all said he couldn't. That's why he'll appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court - because they said he shouldn't. 

And that's why he will make America Great Again - because they said it couldn't be done.

As Donald Trump Jnr said about his father when asked if he can still win after poll after poll showed him losing: " I've learned not to underestimate him ".

You don't say to a walking, talking ego, that something can't be done and expect him not to prove you wrong.....


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