14 November 2016

President Trump: How & Why...

LANGUAGE Warning - if you are prone to getting the vapours at some salty language, then don't watch this video.

But, before you do, I would like to say that I in no way agree with Jonathon Pie's Lefty ideology. I have posted the video because Mr Pie explains to the Lefties why things like Brexit and Trump have happened. 

CLUE: When you don't let people express a different opinion without shutting them down with cheap-shot insults, people stop expressing how they are thinking (which is why the polls were so wrong on both occasions). Their only avenue to be truthful, and not to be shamed or slandered for how they think, is via the ballot box.

Spot on Mr Pie. 

Actually, keep it up Lefties - the more you use this tactic to stop other people from expressing their views/opinions/concerns, the more people will reject your damaging Lefty ideology.


  1. I don't think agreeing is the issue that matters, but debating and negotiating. Civilization is not made by people who agree completely (indeed, that's a very bad recipe to build a wealthy society) but by people who disagree, debate, and ultimately negotiate, get a deal, respect the rules and work together.

    Maybe Jonathan Pie is not a person you agree with, but it's a person who can debate a work in a common project. This is what matters. You don't need people you agree with, you need people you can respect.

    1. Spot on. However, I think the reason why the Left run from debate, is that they really don't have an argument. They can't defend their failed policies, warped ideology and the gloom & doom it spreads. They need to shut down the debate, and that is why they prefer to throw insults instead of reasoning via argument. They have lost all moral authority and the power of persuasion. They are now intellectually lazy and resort to bullying to win at anything.

    2. Well, when you don't have an argument, then you step back, think over it and bring new ideas. This is how society advances.

      The problem I see it's more a problem of character and behaviour than an ideological one. Instead of rethinking and redesigning ideas and bringing new arguments, the left is behaving like spoiled children. Maybe because they're mostly spoiled children.

    3. Yann14/11/16 16:29
      I don't think agreeing is the issue that matters, but debating and negotiating. Civilization is not made by people who agree completely (indeed, that's a very bad recipe to build a wealthy society) but by people who disagree, debate, and ultimately negotiate, get a deal, respect the rules and work together.

      True BUT the left is too stupid to know that civilization is also not made by throwing people of completely polar cultural religious and social backgrounds and beliefs together and attempting to force them to live and work together and "respect" each others belief systems. This goes against the vast majority of natural rules and indeed the weight of history shows that it can never work.

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  2. this clip is hilirious, ive been watching pie for some time now, how did you get to hear about it?

  3. Very funny. Staged but funny. I think Mr Pie is a closet conservative, a foul mouthed one, but one none the less. He contradicts himself quite a bit, says that the reason Trump won was because of the lefts refusal to discuss anything, then calls Trump a climate denialist, yet the science hasn't been finalised, so how can he be a climate denialist.
    LL, I can't recall enjoying anything as much as the reaction from the left when he won. The first 2 days was spent on YouTube seeing their reactions. Damn its been good.


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