23 December 2015

Oxford student who wants Rhodes statue down branded 'hypocrite' for taking money from trust

A Black South African Oxford student, Ntokozo Qwabe, is leading an 'aggressive' campaign to remove the Cecil Rhodes statue at Oriel College in England. 

This piece of Black excrement and the 'Rhodes Must Fall'movement want the statue removed because of Rhodes' "controversial views on other races". 

This follows the removal of the Rhodes statue from the University of Cape Town campus in South Africa earlier this year.

The only problem is that Qwabe's education at Oxford has been funded by the Rhodes scholarship - a scholarship set up by the man whose statue he is now demanding be removed.

I'm betting Rhodes is spinning in his grave knowing that his money is being used to educate IQ67 Blacks from Africa. One has to wonder how Qwabe received the scholarship in the first place.....

Qwabe has been branded a hypocrite and some have called for him to return the money he's taken for his studies and go back home.

But, not so fast, says Qwabe, as he's of the opinion that the money doesn't actually belong to Rhodes:
The student has argued that he isn’t a beneficiary of Rhodes money and that he simply taking back “tiny fractions” of what he looted during his time in Africa.
He wrote: “Rhodes did not have a scholarship. It was never his money. All that he looted must absolutely be returned immediately.
“I’m no beneficiary of Rhodes. I’m a beneficiary of the resources and labour of my people which Rhodes pillaged and slaved.”

See how this game works? Justify your hypocrisy by blaming others for their achievements. Must be wonderful to live in his eternal Black victim world. All you need to enter is to be born Black, with a race card firmly strapped to your hip. 

I'm surprised Qwabe can get out of bed in the morning - the weight of that chip on his shoulder must be substantial.

So, according to Mr Oxford Qwabe, Rhodes didn't actually earn his money - he looted it from the Blacks, who Rhodes pillaged and slaved in South Africa. 

Hahahaha. The Blacks were literally walking over diamonds and gold as they raped and pillaged from other Black tribes back in the day. They would not have recognised wealth if it hit them between the eyes. They didn't even know what the concept of wealth meant. 

Blacks have been murdering and slaughtering each other for centuries, but it hasn't been until the White civilisation emerged that it became anyone's fault. 

So then, Mr Qwabe, when will the Xhosa and the Zulu's be held to account for the genocide, rape and looting from other Black tribes in Southern Africa, back in the day? 

When will Mr Qwabe leave the evil White institution known as a university, on the evil White invention known as a plane, and return to the mud huts of his forefathers, where they taught calculus, mathematics, physics and science to a much higher degree compared to the Whites, who actually formed the country called South Africa, and built it up to what it was before the terrorist ANC took it over? 

Actually, maybe Mr Qwabe would be kind enough to explain where all the billions of dollars are located, which goes missing every year under his great Black ANC government - which I'm guessing is billions more than what Mr Qwabe claims Rhodes stole from South Africa.  

Here is a post from Mr Qwabe's Facebook:
"There is absolutely nothing more fulfilling than seeing socially conscious black students dominate white universities, and do so ruthlessly and decisively! .........."
That is all you need to know about the Black racist known as Ntokozo Qwabe.  He's not there to study, but to be a Black supremacist activist, hiding behind the poor-me Black victim excuse. 

Unfortunately, universities today are not places of learning, but places of indoctrination, political correctness and the hot-bed for the destruction of the White race and Western civilisation. So, Mr Qwabe should fit right in. 

Playing a minority victim leads to wealth these days. 

Hat tip: Mark L

Ntokozo Qwabe says that Cecil Rhodes

South Africa: White couple takes in refugees.......hilarity ensues

Below is a photo of Andrew and Rae Wartnaby. They have 11 children,  two foster, two biological, and the rest adopted.

Take a good look at these 2 smiling idiots.

Andrew and Rae are what you would call stupid White Liberals and useful idiots. 

In July this year, during the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, when South African Blacks attacked other African Blacks, these two useful idiots opened their private 20-hectare Kwa-Zulu Natal farm to 143 fleeing 'refugees', displaced by the attacks.

At the time they were called angels. They were 'devastated' when the Chatsworth municipality decided to close the remaining camp for displaced nationals, and their hearts 'sank further' when they heard that the people were arrested, for illegally occupying the camp, and separated from their children. 

So these 2 geniuses decided to intervene:
“The lawyers said if these people have somewhere to go, then they will be able to sort out the charges and get the families reunited. So we said that we have space, we can do it,” he said.
Of course these 2 geniuses were seen as soft-in-the-head White suckers, and the municipality and lawyers quickly took them up on their very generous offer.

Most of the families were from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.

Andy and Rae bragged that they had so much help from the public to organise provisions, transport, accommodation, etc. for the refugees. It seems the public are just as stupid as these 2 buffoons.

According to Rae, God spoke to her and said that she mustn't rush to go help when the attacks first broke out, but she should wait as she would be needed later. And here was her later calling......
When asked how the family was coping she said: “It’s been a day. Everybody is organised. We told everyone that they are welcome in our home and they are guests here.
"So they cook their own breakfast, lunch and supper. Our plan is to set them up with their own families in their own tents. Everyone is going to have their own plate and spoons,” said Rae.
When asked how long they would accommodate their guests, Rae said: “The mediators are coming on Friday and the United Nations and after that we will be able to make better decisions on the issue.”

Oooooo, the UN are getting involved! Gee, that should end well..... 

Her 11 children were loving having all the new people on the farm, said Rae.

If you look at the original article about these angels, and read the comment section, you will see that Andy and Rae were mostly praised for their compassion. 

Here is one such comment:
"I was going to help you my farmer friend if I was nearby. I am proud of you. leave politics to the politicians and N24 block to the racists."

Here are the happy, grateful 'refugees' on the farm:

(Amanda Khoza, News24)

Let's fast-forward to today, shall we, and let's go peep in at the farm and see how all that love is going.

Oh dear. It appears it's not going so well at all. In fact, Andy and Rae have been chased off their own farm by the 'grateful' refugees for not doing enough for them. Their property has been destroyed and their home was attacked in the early hours yesterday morning. So they grabbed their children and ran for their lives. 

Here is dear darling Andrew now:
“When we took everyone in, we said we would try and help, which we have. But they feel like it has been too long and we let them down. I have asked that group to leave my farm, but they refuse to and to be honest, I don’t know what is going to happen. All I know is that I don’t want to be murdered tonight,” said Andrew.
No mention if Rae had another discussion with God about being a stupid White Liberal. Maybe next time she'll listen a little closer when God tells her not to interfere and to mind her own business.

As the very appropriate Afrikaans saying goes - if you want to be dumb, then you must feel.

As I always maintain, no good deed goes unpunished. I'm guessing Andy and Rae and their 11 kids have now learned that lesson.

It will be fun to watch the next exciting episode. Will Andy and Rae ever get to return to their farm? Will their house still be standing? Will they ever get rid of the parasites that now infest their farm? Will they learn their lesson? Are they still stupid White Liberals? 

Watch this space! 

And remember people, Liberalism is a mental disease.

18 December 2015

South African home robbery prompts victim to renounce her White privilege

Every now and then I come across an article that floors me. Usually because it's so improbable that it ends up being hysterically funny. This article doesn't miss the mark, so read on if you're looking for a laugh.

The author of this PC drivel is Robyn Dixon, who covers sub-Saharan Africa for the LA Times. 

Here's a photo of Ms Dixon, the 'reporter':

Ms Robyn Dixon

As usual, Ms Dixon looks like your typical Lefty feminazi. After all, they all look the same. The same demented look; the same pale-white skin; the same boring unfeminine face. She has the look of the typical White-Guilt, self-hating, morally superior smug Lefty White female. 

But, back to this hog-wash article. 

Ms Dixon reports that after a Liberal South African White female lawyer, MsTracey Lomax (and husband and 8-year old daughter) experienced a violent home invasion robbery on their smallholding outside of Johannesburg 5 years ago, by a group of armed Black males, she saw that her White Privilege was to blame for the attack and has since done everything to destroy her White privileges. Goodness knows how she's achieved this - probably by smearing all (non-Liberal) Whites in the country as racist bigot homophobic throwbacks.

I encourage you to read the entire article HERE as it's pretty funny. In my opinion, it's full of lies, improbabilities and made-up fantasies. See if you agree. Some people are clearly in denial about what occurred during the attack.

The first laugh for me when reading her story, is that the 'most aggressive' of the armed Black men who attacked them that evening took Ms Lomax into the master bedroom and demanded her jewelry, or he would rape her. Her response?
She replied firmly, "We don't behave like that. We're not savages."
"I took his hand off my shoulder. I said, 'No, we are not doing this.' And I walked back into the other room." She spoke to him as if addressing a child — or giving orders to a gardener, telling him to plant a shrub in this place, not that place.
Hahaha. Since when do you respond in that way if you're being threatened by an aggressive, armed Black male? Let alone walk calmly back into the other room - even after she believed her husband had been shot and her 8-year old daughter was being held by the rest of the thugs?? 

It continues:
During the attack, she was at turns charming and patronizing to the intruders 
Last time I checked, a group of aggressive armed Black males don't usually allow their victims to be 'charming and patronising' when they've arrived to kill and rob.

And here's one of the biggest lies ever:
On that night five years ago, it was her young daughter who finally convinced the gunmen there was no hidden money or guns, just the computers, TV, DVD player and stereo.
"Jaime said, 'We're broke,'" Lomax said. "They wanted guns. Jaime piped up, 'My parents don't have guns because they don't believe in them.'"
Her 8-year old daughter, after already hearing guns go off and thinking her father had been 'shot', was brave enough to take on these Blacks and claiming they were broke, and remembers to get in her parents view of guns? 

Wow, she must be quite some 8-year old. Bear in mind, they were living on a smallholding in a "comfortable four-bedroom home on a small leased farm, renting out horse stables, with two grooms and a full-time housekeeper." And, at the time of the attack the area they were staying in had seen "dozens of horrifying attacks. A couple had been murdered. A woman had been raped in front of her 4-year-old son. People had been beaten and shot." 

And yet I am to believe an 8-year old was brave enough to have a civil conversation with a group of armed, aggressive attackers? 

Not on God's green earth. Sorry, but I don't buy it.

And in any case, why would these Blacks believe they were broke if they lived in a big house and had horses, a maid and grooms? (errr..... this smells like the stench of an inside job, inside job, inside job......)

But, here's the kicker of all lies:
In the end, they were calling Lomax "madam." They put pillows on the floor to make her comfortable, before gently tying her up with her arms around her daughter. They called Jaime "the little madam."
Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........ They put pillows on the floor for them, made them comfortable, before gently tying them up????????? Far out. Who believes this rubbish? 


The article doesn't give the rest of this fairy tale and to be honest I just can't be bothered to search the internet because it's all clearly pretty unbelievable - it just states that the men were caught and jailed for life.

The White Privilege Lawyer, Tracey Lomax, said that after the men were jailed, she didn't feel relieved, because the attack brought her and the attackers together and they shared the experience:
"I think about how what drew us together that night was a shared humanity, a spark of something we recognized and respected in one another despite the fact that we were meant to be adversaries," she said.
But mainly, she felt grateful to them, "for holding up a mirror to my soul and showing me the person I no longer wanted to be."
This woman is clearly demented and her child should be taken away from her. She's not right in the head. She's just like that other White loon who was raped by a Black male in Haiti after the earthquake a few years back, saying she was grateful for the experience. I think that was my first ever blog post (or one of the first).

After the attack, the Lomax's wanted to leave the country, but stepped off the ledge. Probably after Ms Lawyer decided she'd be a nothing overseas, when she could continue to be an anti-White, morally superior, White-bashing somebody in South Africa. In fact, since the attack, Ms Lomax 'has taken on more pro bono (poor Black) cases, particularly those involving domestic violence victims or those aiming to dismantle White Privilege, call out hate speech or make the law more accessible to disadvantaged people.'

There's more bullshite in the article. More waffle about the evils of Apartheid, how the economy is unfair to the Black masses, and how Mandela the Terrorist was a saint. The usual lies from these Liberal media hacks. 

That the author of this fantasy-piece didn't see all the holes in the story is probably not so surprising.

What I find very suspicious though, is that when the attack started, they 'shot' the husband (or so Ms Lomax thought) as he fell to the ground. But, he wasn't harmed (sounds like a typical White Liberal male reaction). Then he was bound and while bound he says he was trying to remember everyone's faces, but after the attack he hit a blank. During the interview with Ms Feminazi Reporter, he kept quiet and didn't embellish on the story.

Know what I think? I think Mr Lomax knows what happened that night and it's CLEARLY not the kumbaya-version Ms Lomax would have the world believe. Ms Lomax is lying to protect her precious Black victims. We all know Liberals are mentally unstable, with an infantile world-view and an ideology which has failed repeatedly, so what better way to champion her ideology than to lie about what happened that night? And then, even better, turn the tables and blame the very people she hates for the attack, which would be the South African Whites. And Whites in general. Just not the Liberal Whites, because they are much better people - because they care.

You gotta give it to these Lefties and their enablers in the media. They love nothing better than to sock it to the Whites continuously, and especially by blaming White Privilege for everything that's gone wrong. It's a very convenient excuse these days, used to explain the failure of the darker races.

Well, all I can say is thank goodness for these White Liberals, otherwise the world would surely stop turning. The sun may even stop rising. As it is, the Earth is only able to turn due to the enormous amounts of moral-superiority these Liberals emit on a daily basis. Carbon Emissions has nothing on those emissions.

Hat tip: ABC of the ANC

Ms Tracey Lomax and daughter. Another typical Lefty Liberal White hater Feminazi beauty.

Tracey Lomax and daughter Jamie

Spain: Church Recreates Nativity Scene With Drowned Syrian Child Aylan Kurdi

A church in Madrid has decided to recreate the nativity scene using the image of drowned Syrian child Aylan Kurdi to highlight the plight of migrants.

As a reminder, Aylan was the small child who drowned off the coast of Turkey. The media at the time used the image to beat their collective breasts in horror and demand that the West do more to help accelerate the Islamic invasion of Europe. 

Back in reality, Aylan's Daddy needed new teeth and decided to put his entire family on a rickety boat headed to Europe. Little Aylan didn't have a life jacket so he, his mother and his young brother drowned when the boat sank. Luckily the father with no teeth survived and now lives back in Syria, from where he apparently fled for his life a few years ago. At the time of stepping onto the boat, the family had been living safely in Turkey for years - before Daddy No-Teeth and the Father of the Year decided to risk the lives of his family for the lands of free-stuff.

So these are the people this 'church' has decided to use as their guilt-stick to beat the Christian community with - at a time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus:
In the nativity scene, Aylan takes the place of the baby Jesus while his parents act as Mary and Joseph. The stable becomes a refugee tent, while the floor is a map of Europe with the main routes taken by migrants.
This is the level our "Christian" churches have degenerated into these days under the Marxist filth. I'm battling to remember the last time Muslims have used the images of ISIS crucified Christians as their symbol of how to better themselves as a religion - during one of their holy times of the year. Or how about all the Yazidi women Muslims have raped and sold into slavery? No pictures of them? Or how about the homosexuals they've thrown alive off buildings? Yeah, I can't seem to remember when last Islam has held up any pictures of the victims of their "radical" elements- as a way to show how peaceful Islam really is.

Yet, the stupid Christians in Madrid will just go along with this political stunt, all the while beating their breasts in sympathy with the poor, dear Muslim victims. No truth or context required. 

And certainly no challenging of the offensive use of Muslims in a Christian nativity scene, celebrating Jesus' birth. 

No nothing. 

The scene was designed by Spanish artist Ikella Alonso. I'm wondering how many 'refugees' and/or third-world 'migrants' Mr Alonso has taken into his home, so he can care, feed, clothe and look after, seeing as he's so concerned about the plight of migrants???

Let me guess. That would be a big, fat ZERO.

Once again, this would be a case of NIMBY-D: not in my backyard, darling. 

The Left are fantastic at moral posturing - at your cost. They get to decide what social injustices you need to care about - the cost borne by you. No need for them to contribute as their monumental contribution is to decide what 'unjust causes' require your immediate attention, and yours is to pay for the remedy of this unjust cause, whether that payment is financial, social destruction, or a less safe environment. 

The Left are full of mental retards - and yet these mentally ill people get to rise to the top and rule our lives. It's been a case of the lunatics running the asylum for decades now, and the result is the chaos we see all around the world.

So, take your politically correct nativity scene and stuff it in a Turkey where it belongs.

aylan kurdi

Hypocrisy, they name is Saudi Arabia

Prissy Holly - come on over and try and kill me

Prissy Holly was threatened on Facebook by a Muslim man who said he would rape and kill her if she continued to speak out against Islam. 

Here is her video response. Had a bit of a chuckle. I'm guessing the Muslim coward is licking his non-existent testicles right about now.

Australia: Christian graves destroyed - not a religious hate crime declare the police

Our public servants are amazing contortionists these days. They will bend over backwards to deny the bleeding obvious.

Take a look at the video below, where 50 grave-sites were trashed at Rookwood cemetery in Sydney on 28 November. Once you look at the video you will pretty soon realise that all the graves (and the memorial) show Christian symbols, especially the Cross.

Police Inspector Sean Gabin (?Indian) was quick to inform viewers that this was not an attack on any religion. No if's or but's. Not even a question of doubt in his mind. Nothing he saw convinced him otherwise. Not even a hint that the police would consider such a motive in the attack. No sirree. This act was committed by low-life grubs, said Gabin.

How good are our police these days? No need to investigate all possible motives. Even Blind Freddie can see that a religious motivation is a pretty plausible motive.

And now lookee here. Guess who they arrested for vadalising the graves? The low-life grub Gabin was referring to turns out to be 23-year old (and 100% guaranteed to be on welfare) - Muhammad Ibrahim. 

Now, I'm not the brightest bulb on the planet, but I would say that Mr Ibrahim appears to be Muslim. So, we have to wonder why Mr Ibrahim would target Christian graves in a cemetery late at night? A great mystery to be sure. I mean, we were told my police Inspector Gabin that this wasn't a religious hate crime, so it must have been an accident-on-purpose when he stumbled into the cemetery and trashed Christian graves. This was the second such attack on the cemetery over the last few months, but I'm sure Mr Ibrahim wasn't responsible for the first attack. No way!

Even Mr Ibrahim's lawyer is puzzled:
"THE lawyer for a man accused of destroying more than 50 gravesites at Rookwood cemetery maintains his client would never commit such a vile act, describing him as an ­upstanding citizen ......"
Don't all these Muslims who do us harm, turn out to be previous 'upstanding citizens'? Amazing that. They were such good boys, until they: raped, killed, blew people up, vadalised, shot, beheaded, stoned, honour-killed.....

Must be our fault that they became non-good boys.

Despite objections from the police prosecutors, the judge decided to give the upstanding citizen bail. No word on who will pay to replace all the gravestones - at a cost of $500k. 

Here is the fine, upstanding Mr Ibrahim. He looks like such a delight and asset to humanity and to Australia. I'm so glad he's made Australia home.

15 December 2015

Australia: Another $300 million thrown at drug prevention

Call me stupid, but here is a classic example of BIG government. Funded by we the tax payers.

The stupid Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Malcolm Turdbull, has announced he will throw away another $300 million on "rolling out a four-year strategy of improved treatment, aftercare, education, prevention, support and community engagement to tackle the crystal meth issue".

This in response to 2 deaths at music concerts recently held in Australia. One death occurred in Sydney, the other in Adelaide.

And the go-to position of government these days is do throw money at the problem. Of course.

So, another $300 million will be spent on fighting drugs. I pay nearly $3k in taxes a month to the Australian government, and they reward my hard work by taking this money and pissing it away on some dope-heads.

Here is what I would do, were I PM of this wonderful country. I would hold a press conference and say the following:

"It is tragic to hear about another 2 deaths of young people in Australia, while taking drugs at a music concert. Unfortunately, this is almost a daily occurrence in Australia - as it is around the world - and the reality is that some young people take drugs.This will never stop, no matter what governments do to curb the problem. This will never change. So it is up to the families, the community, the schools and general society to educate our youth about the dangers of taking drugs. As is already done through numerous government programs. 

Let me remind society, and especially those taking illicit drugs - drugs kill. They kill because drug manufacturers put chemicals into the drugs that no one has tested, or know how people will react to them. They kill because drugs are not regulated as pharmaceutical drugs are. There are no expensive clinical trials to work out the safe dosing strengths, or to regulate the manufacturer of these drugs. So, the bottom line is that you take a chance when you put a non-vetted pill in your mouth, or chemicals up your nose, or smoke in your lungs or in your blood stream. 

Drugs kill. 

Now, as Prime Minister I could announce another grand, paternalistic and expensive government drug-prevention policy to combat the stupidity of people who should know better, but I'm not going to do that. I will instead thank all the hard working people of Australia, who get up early, drop off their kids at childcare or school, and leave to go to work, so that they can pay taxes to keep our wonderful country going. I'm going to thank those people by not wasting more of their taxes on the stupidity of others. Thank you to those Australians who do the right thing everyday. Who work hard, pay their taxes and take care of their beautiful children. Children, who end up repeating the same cycle as their parents, without taking drugs, and without government telling them to do the right thing.

And I would like to repeat at this point that drugs kill and if you're stupid enough to 'experiment' or to chase a high to escape life for a while, all the while knowing that drugs are dangerous and can kill, then that is your decision. Do not visit your stupidity on the people of Australia, who do the right thing by not taking drugs.

And to those of you listening to this speech and who are outraged that my government will not be throwing tax-payer money at this problem, please contact my office and we will gladly direct you to where you can donate your money to assist in community awareness programs.

Thank you."

Prime Minister LL

And that's how you save your country $300 million.

USA: Liberal 'social justice warrior' shown to be a hypocrite

Have a look at the video below. It's pretty funny actually.

Dinesh D'Souza, an Indian-born US film maker and author, is not an establishment minority - because he's conservative and has stood up for White America too many times to remember. Even when academic White America is full of self-loathing. 

In the video below he is at Amherst College and engaged in some voluntary debate with a small audience. 

One White male liberal social justice warrior asked a few questions, including one about social justice and White privilege.

You have to hand it to these Lefty windbags - the self-importance, the pompous nature, and their air of hypocrisy is mind-blowing. And he appears to be a pretty intelligent guy; however, his entire reasoning is so laughable, that instead of appearing intelligent, he looks quite the fool.

Notice how he has his little cheer squad surrounding him, egging him on. One grey-haired woman to his right, is clearly the prime propagandist, brain-washer and his mentor about his White privileges. She is the problem. She is the instigator. She is most probably a tenured professor, steeped in communism and there to re-educate and shame White Americans into believing her warped ideology. She has clearly succeeded.

In any case, keep going with the video. Dinesh waffles a bit in the beginning, but it's to build his later case. The end is classic - when he asks this social justice warrior why he doesn't give up HIS privileges first - right now- instead of campaigning on behalf of the entire White race. How about he act as an example of what he clearly feels passionate about? 

Hilarity ensues as Mr SJW tries to spin his way out of the corner he's painted for himself.

Best quote by Dinesh is right at the end:
"For you, society should act before you do, to enforce YOUR moral code."

And that's how you take these Lefty fools on. You call them out on their hypocrisy. If they're not willing to do as they preach, then laugh at them. That would include all those who preach the global warming religion. If they're not first to kill themselves to save the planet, give them the finger.

14 December 2015

A world going mad

So, I've been MIA for a while, due to work commitments. For the past few weeks I've been wrapping up one of my big projects, flying all over Australia and New Zealand to tie-up all the loose-ends. The last thing I've had time for is to blog about the mess our world is becoming.

I've also had a lot of time to think about what exactly the ordinary man can do to stop the madness. At the end of the day, we are at the mercy of our governments. These people, who reign over us, decide our fate, whether we agree with their policies or not. I can guarantee you that everyone of you have been lied to by these people. They say one thing to get into power and then do another thing once they're elected into power. All so that they can stroke their egos.

At the end of the day, they are nothing but bullies. Our governments have become bullies. They don't act in the interest of the People, but to spite the People.

Gone are the days where our politicians are beholden to the voters. Nowadays, the voters are used as vessels for their own destruction. We suffer from their decisions - whether today, or down the line.

And don't get me started on 'democracy'. Majority vote means nothing these days. Democracy is a hoax. Think about it. What does your vote mean exactly? Instead of voting in custodians of your future and the future of your children, you get to elect people who are interested in their ego, their bank balances, and imposing their ideology on the rest of us.

Let's take 2 countries as examples. Germany voted in Frau Commie Merkel, who has turned around and sold her own country down the river. For what gain, one can only guess. She has brought in 1+million (mainly) young Muslim males. This despite vocal opposition from her People to the decision. Since the invasion started, there have been countless protests by the People, Merkel's poll numbers are in free-fall, and her own People are turning against her. You would think she would pause and reflect that she may have made a mistake, and actually listen to her People. But, you'd be wrong. She continues with the destruction of Germany, and keeps telling her People that they need to accept the invasion, as it's good for them.  

Then let's go to Australia, where Tony Abbott was voted in as Prime Minister in 2013. He took his party from a zero-party, to leading government in 3 short years, and his reward was to get knifed in the back from 2 of his front-benchers a few months later, Malcolm Turnbull and Julia Bishop. These two low-life bottom feeders have since dragged Australia to the Left, against the voting wishes of the people who put them into power in 2013. Their latest betrayal, the signing of the Climate Change Hoax International Agreement in Paris last week. Bishop, who under Abbott was laughing at climate-change alarmists, has now all of a sudden become a Warmist Worshiper, telling Australians that signing away our sovereignty and our wealth to the UN was for the good of the country, all to save the world from non-existing warming. 

This despite the majority of  Australians voting AGAINST this nonsense under Tony Abbott.

So, what do our votes matter at the end of the day, when the people we vote for turn against us, the people who elected them into office in the first place?

Frankly, I'm getting sick of this circus. Unfortunately, those who should be in politics to be our leaders don't enter the political circus, and those who aren't good enough to sweep streets, do. 

So, I'm finding my tolerance of the world at a low. I'm off work for the next few weeks to re-charge the batteries, and I'm hoping my mood lifts. I will blog a little more over the next few days until I leave for Christmas up in Queensland.

Having said all that, just when I needed a sign, I received one. While driving in rural Victoria over the week-end I finally had time to listen the a Neil Diamond CD I bought years ago. And this song came on. And I smiled for the first time in a long time. I'm thinking this is the answer to everything. Just leave a little room for God.

01 December 2015

Europe opens its door to 75million Turks as price of migrant deal

First create the problem, then offer the solution....

Europe created the current Muslim invasion problem by opening the borders and not protecting the perimeter, and now they have made a deal with the Islamic Devil in Turkey to allow 75-million Turks free roam in Europe. No visas required as of next year. And the very generous EU has also decided to redistribute give Turkey €3 billion in funding next year. And to wave EU membership at them. 

All this in exchange for the hope that Turkey will help stem the migrant crisis.

Hahahahahaa. I'm sorry, but apparently these EU bureaucrats are that dumb. Or they're that clever. 

I'm going to go with very, very clever.

Let me show you how this 'which cup is the pea under' game works.

First you create the problem (Muslim invasion), then when enough people are pissed off (at the invasion), you offer the solution. The solution is usually the goal in the first place, but because it was unpopular, they had to find a way to make it more palatable to the sheeple. The unpopular goal was to have Turkey join the EU. Europeans didn't want Turkey in the EU due to the huge Muslim population, which would then give them free access to Europe and the welfare states. Free Muslim movement.....what could go wrong?

And then wait until the rest of the Muslim populations around the world realise they only have to pretend to be Turks to get into Europe......no more leaky boats for them. Just fly to Turkey and off you go into Europe.

And bingo, the EU magically found a way to get the European people to accept Turkey free-movement... and eventually EU membership.

The European people will one day wake up, when they realise they've been duped by their own leaders, when they find that the 'solution' to their current problem, will eventually be worse than the problem.

Just have a good look at the picture below. This sums up the stupidity of the European people. Especially the White European women. They run to save their own rapists. We sure are a stupid race.

Turkey’s 75 million citizens will be given the right to travel to and within Europe without a visa next year after European Union leaders took a gamble yesterday that the country could solve the continent’s migration crisis.

A summit in Brussels made concessions to Turkey including an open-ended financial commitment — beginning with €3 billion in funding next year —and the reopening of talks on the country’s application for EU membership talks, despite fears the country is sliding into authoritarianism. 


Is war coming to Europe?

A lot of people are asking the same question. Why isn't the EU closing the borders and implementing border control to fight back against the current unpopular Muslim invasion?

Well, if you want mass chaos, then why would you close the borders? You would open them wider. Which is what the EU seems to be doing. Any European country not allowing the invasion is not praised by the EU for standing up for their nation, but they are attacked instead. 

The next logical question would be, so why does the EU want chaos and mayhem in Europe? What do they get in exchange?

Well, to answer that question, you need to step back in time and realise what the EU is. The EU is the culmination of the globalist socialist wet-dream. For centuries this tiny community of the deranged has cultivated their socialist ideology, where the end result is that the few 'correctly educated' people (from their side) control the many - made up of the 'dumb masses' of ignoramuses. That would be us.

These socialists see it as their duty to control those they view as vastly inferior to them. The stupid people who, in their eyes, aren't capable of tying their own shoes, let alone thinking and making their own decisions. 

The elite who rule over us will get to live like kings in exchange. As reward for being so paternalistic to us lesser beings.

As you will recall, just about the first order of business for the EU was to remove the borders of countries within Europe and, of course, implement the Euro (think globalist). The Euro was used to convince countries that they no longer needed borders - everyone in Europe would be free to move and use the Euro as the international European currency. 

One would assume that if you're going to remove borders, then you need to protect the outer perimeter with fervor - which is what the EU bureaucrats in Brussels promised to do. But alas, that's not the case, is it? They kept their promise of open borders, but not of border control. 

It's the same thinking behind removing guns from society to apparently ensure everyone's safety. In return, those removing our guns should guarantee the safety of everyone and prevent anyone from getting guns. But, as you see, for example, in Australia and South Africa, where guns have been removed from the law-abiding citizens under the guise of 'for the greater good', it's the criminals who end up with the guns and the citizens with no way to defend themselves. Those who removed the guns preen around feeling morally superior - never having to account for their actions (and usually protected by armed police).

It's only the law-abiding citizens who are ultimately affected. 

The EU removed the borders, but 'forgot' to protect the perimeter. In fact, not only has the EU forgotten about the perimeter, but they've done everything in their power to ensure that as many 3rd world outsiders make it into Europe as possible - across that perimeter. They have set up water taxis to go save the boats full of drowning invaders and bring them back to Europe to be looked after. They have funded special ferries, buses,and trains to transport the invaders and make their passage into Europe as painless as possible. They are even handing out Euros to the invaders so that they have money to spend as they hop from country to country, shopping for the best welfare deals.

After all, borders aren't necessary when you view the world as your playground..... 

Never forget that patriots and/or nationalists are the enemy of socialists. 

So we go back to the second question. Why?

Well, Europe is bankrupt. There is a looming financial crisis coming, and usually when there is a looming financial crisis, war is the answer. That way, not only do the globalist socialist bankers get to fund the war, but they also get to wipe their debts clean and hope people forget what they did to get them into the mess in the first place. It's a guaranteed re-set of their fortunes. And all the while, they grow dizzy on power. The elite socialists are all in this together.

Now, for war to occur, you need a lot of unhappy people. After all, no war has broken out in a peaceful happy country, where there's been heat, food and general well-being. No. For war to break out you need to create chaos, resentment and unhappiness. And what better way to get Europe really unhappy than by bringing in millions of Muslims, who hate them, their way of life, their culture, traditions and achievements? What better way to really rile the people up but by importing a 3rd-world death cult and a load of mooching, low IQ Africans? What better way to get Europeans angry, but by having all these testosterone-fueled 3rd world males start attacking and raping the European females?

Plus, Winter is coming. There are hundreds of thousands of young, angry, male Muslims and Africans looking for a place to live - and Europe can only accommodate them by turning on their own citizens, forcing them to take these people into their homes. Watch, it will happen. Already Muslims are sleeping on the streets in Sweden. It won't be long until the demented Progressive socialist elite force the Swedish people to start housing the invaders. 

And all the time, resentment grows.

Pretty soon the people will revolt. Europe will have a civil war. Countries will hate other countries - as we already see with Germany and those who have dared reject the Musloid onslaught by building fences. Countries which lived peacefully side-by-side, are now enemies. Who would have thought this was possible in Europe in the year 2015? 

Well, it's' happening. 

The 1+ million young male Muslims who have arrived in Europe have arrived with one goal. To convert Europe to Islam. It is their ultimate holy war - their Jihad. And all that stands between these rabid death-worshiping fanatics and the gentle European, multi-cultural-worshipers, are their gentle, PC militaries. Militaries who would rather shoot their own than offend anyone.

By the way, this would be the perfect time for the Whites of South Africa to make their move. While the Progressive filth and their media are distracted in Europe, the Whites of SA can start fighting back. 

And the Europeans will be more worried about how to get the Muslim rubbish out of Europe than what's happening in Africa. Allowing Muslims in was pretty easy - getting rid of them is another story entirely. Just ask the Crusades.

So, that's my theory. There is a lot more to say, but I can't be bothered. It's depressing enough thinking about what Europe is going to go through in the next few years. All because of a handful of demented, power-hungry Lefties, who think they are entitled to run our lives under their repeatedly-failed ideology. And never forget that these are the same demented, twisted POS who run our learning institutions, and brainwash our children. 

Go suck on rotten apples, you commie filth.