27 March 2015

Enjoy your week-end!

It keeps happening....

The co-pilot of the Germanwings Airbus was a convert to Islam

Let's not rush to judgement and wait to see how accurate this report turns out to be.

But, it appears that 
Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight who locked the pilot out of the cockpit and then proceeded to glide the plane into the French Alps two days ago killing all 150 on board, was a Muslim convert.

What I do find suspicious, and what may prove the claim correct in this article, is that the Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin refused to divulge any information on Lubitz's religion or ethnic background that might shed light on a motive.

Hat tip: Nick A

Here is the flight of the doomed plane (red is the right flight path):

According to Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News, Germany now has its own 9/11, thanks to the convert to Islam, Andreas Lubitz.

Translation from German:

All evidence indicates that the copilot of Airbus machine in his six-months break during his training as a pilot in Germanwings, converted to Islam and subsequently either by the order of "radical", ie. devout Muslims , or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder. As a radical mosque in Bremen is in the center of the investigation, in which the convert was staying often, it can be assumed that he - as Mohammed Atta, in the attack against New York - received his instructions directly from the immediate vicinity of the mosque. 

Converts are the most important weapon of Islam. Because their resume do not suggests that they often are particularly violent Muslims. Thus Germany now has its own 9/11, but in a reduced form. And so it is clear that Islam is a terrorist organization that are in accordance with §129a of the Criminal Code to prohibit it and to investigate its followers. But nothing will happen. One can bet that the apologists (media, politics, "Islamic Scholars") will agree to assign this an act of a "mentally unstable" man, and you can bet that now, once again the mantra of how supposedly peaceful Islam is will continue. And worse still, the attacks by the left against those who have always warned against Islam, will be angrier and merciless. 

For now the German Islam supporters like never before have their backs against the wall. 

Michael Mannheimer, 26.3.2015

The Daily Mail today writes:

Police investigating the Germanwings crash said tonight they had made a 'significant discovery' at the home of pilot Andreas Lubitz, who deliberately ploughed the Airbus A320 into the French Alps.

Officers refused to reveal details of the potential breakthrough but said it was not a suicide note.

Hopefully we'll know in a few days if this article is accurate. 


South Africa: No 'jobs for pals' in government: Zuma

No, no, this is not an early April 1st joke. This is an actual article out of South Africa.

And he said it with a straight face.

From the article:

President Jacob Zuma has spoken out against municipal officials employing family and friends with no skills.
"Don't employ people because you feel for them or they are your friend or cousin. Employ people to do work," said Zuma.
The president also called on municipalities to employ engineers who are "experts" in their field of work.


In case any readers are a bit flummoxed as to why Zuma should be pointed at and laughed at hysterically, here's a clue:
The appointment of Thuthukile Zuma, the daughter of President Jacob Zuma, as the chief of staff in the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services raised eyebrows in South Africa recently.
At only 25 years of age Thuthukile Zuma became the youngest chief of staff of a minister’s office ever appointed in South Africa.
Many people questioned Thuthukile Zuma’s rise from an entry-level position of public liaison officer to chief of staff – earning nearly R1 million annually – in only one year.

Yeah, no idea how a 25 year old named Thuthukile Zuma could rise to such an esteemed government position at such an early age. I'm sure she was overly qualified and is not family of anyone in government....

Oh wait!

Try figure this one out.....

Don't forget, it's Earth hour tomorrow!

Earth hour in Australia will take place on Saturday, 28 March from 20h30 to 21h30.

Ah, time for me to switch on all my lights and every other electrical appliance I own. Time to burn the candles and fire up the BBQ! Heck, I may even find some wood lying around that I can make a nice bonfire with.

You see, while the Green Environazi's urge everyone in Australia to switch off the lights and return to the dark-ages, sane people choose to celebrate the great achievement of electricity. Electricity, after all, has given us a lot more than what burning wood or candles could ever do.

However, that doesn't stop the stupidity of the Geenies. No.To celebrate Earth Hour, Sydney is intending to switch off the lights and have the Sydney Symphony Orchestra play, while beaming the event over the TV to the world in celebration of the darkness:
On Saturday night, during Earth Hour, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra will play Gustav Holst’s famous suite, The Planets, at the Sydney Opera House… 
And this celebration of darkness, this event against electricity, will of course be beamed all around the planet thanks to — yes, you guessed it — electricity…
They're not very bright, are they? It seems it never occurred to these idiots that they actually need ELECTRICITY to beam their little Green Kumbaya event to the world.

But, the stupidity doesn't stop there. No it sure doesn't - as you'd expect with the deranged. In order to not use electricity, these fools will switch to paraffin candles, which releases nearly 10 times the carbon dioxide electricity does:
True believers will switch off lights that generate 1.1 grams of carbon dioxide per hour and, instead, they’ll use paraffin wax candles — manufactured from fossil fuels — burning them to produce heat and light, and 10.7 grams of carbon dioxide per hour
Hahahahaha. You just gotta laugh at these idiots - they sure are free entertainment. They are their own parody. 

These Greenies are total imbeciles - switching off the lights and lighting up their candles to increase their carbon emissions by tenfold in order to pretend they are reducing their emissions as a gesture of support for lower emissions. 

Back in the real world, the same city of Sydney would have to hold an Earth hour every day to off-set the New Year fireworks - and that would only break even if everyone in Sydney switched off their electricity for one hour, 365 days. 

It seems the Global Warming scam is finally entering its dying throes - so rejoice! In America the fear-mongering has come to naught as a recent Gallup poll found that Americans' level of concern about global warming is back to 1989 levels:
A new Gallup poll shows that Americans’ concern about warming has fallen to the same level it was in 1989. In fact, global warming ranked at the bottom of a list of Americans’ environmental concerns, with only 32 percent saying they worried about it a “great deal.”
That won't stop the Environazi's. Watch as they get shriller and shriller.

And to finish off we have an excellent example of Mother Nature Karma.
Tree-hugger hospitalized after falling tens of feet from his branch on 11th day of protest over $25m golf course
A man who had occupied a cypress tree for 11 days to block construction of a premier golf course in New Orleans’ large public park has fallen from the tree and injured himself.

26 March 2015

You are warned.....


So, the deserter Bowe Bergdahl is being charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy.

This after he was traded last year for $5 billion and 5 Taliban Gitmo prisoners.

Last May when Obama made the grand announcement with Bergdahl's parents in the Rose Garden at the White House, Obama stated that America never left their men or women behind. Now it seems they even pay billions for traitors and deserters.

Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser said that Bergdahl had served “with honor and distinction.”

The Left at the time drew their wagons around Obama and trashed anyone questioning the swap:


Obama needed to give Qatar $5 billion and he had to release a few Taliban terrorists to prove how good a Muslim-sympathiser he could be. Bowe Bergdahl was meant to be his shield and excuse to justify his actions. 

But, no worries mate, it's not as if the US media will hound Obama as they would surely have done if this had been, say, a Bush or Reagan deal.

Now the patriotic American people just need to track down Susan Rice under her rock and ask her what her definition of 'honor and distinction' are.....

Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

His father, Robert, was a jihadi twitter groupie. He lobbied for the release of Guantanamo prisoners—“God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen,” he tweeted.  Standing in the Rose Garden with President Obama, he sent his son a message in Arabic: “In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate.” He worried that his son had forgotten to speak his native tongue, which he had spoken for 23 years, during the five years he was held “prisoner” by the Taliban.

His fellow soldiers claimed he was a deserter. Yet, to get him back, we sacrificed the lives of six American soldiers and released five Taliban generals so that they could return to the business of killing Americans.

In his last email prior to his “capture” he told his father that he was ashamed to be an American. His father responded, advising him to follow his conscience and “[s]tand with like minded men when possible.” Then Bowe walked away from his base.

Whilst in captivity Bowe “converted to Islam, fraternized openly with his captors and declared himself a ‘mujahid,’ or warrior for Islam,” reported Fox News.

On his return, President Obama gave Bowe a hero’s welcome. Susan Rice declared that he had served with honor and distinction.

Meanwhile, American Pastor Saeed Abedini is being held in an Iranian prison, charged with performing Christian religious services. He received an eight-year sentence. His ISIS prison mates are threatening to kill him. Waiting for him at home are his wife and their two young children. I am not aware that President Obama is negotiating for his release.

For the Obama administration, it would appear that Christian lives don’t matter.


Take care all.

Adam Carpenter25/3/15 19:54
Christ! Really?! I always though Islam was a filthy religion & now there is the proof!

Anonymous25/3/15 23:29
@Adam 19:54
I'm one of your fans Adam, but you'll lose me as one if blaspheming comes that easily to you.

Adam Carpenter26/3/15 00:15
Blaspheming eh? What did I say that caused you offence?

Lime Lite26/3/15 09:37
@Adam - I think he meant you typing "Christ".

Anonymous26/3/15 16:13
I'm not a Bible-puncher Adam and I'd like to think that I'm not a hypocrite either, but Lime is right on this one - that is what I meant.
I know it's old fashioned in this day and age and I don't expect everyone to share my point of view, but I personally find it rather sad that so few people defend Christianity anymore, particularly when one considers the torment and persecution so many Christians have been confronted with of late.

Well, I guess one of the lessons here is "never be surprised by anything".

It's pretty obvious that I or any of the other more established posters & least of all, Limelite himself, would ever post anything that would offend our sensibilities i.e derogatory imagery, swear words to describe the finer aspect of our race, western culture or Judeo-Christian god, either by describing an aforementioned god in a sexual position or desecrated in some manner.

I.e. "boundaries of good taste".

That...I would agree would be entirely inappropriate & would not take kindly to anyone who did/does such a thing, as these are symbols of decency that have helped drive our culture the high standards of achievement that we experience today, that are sadly slipping as our fellow countrymen embrace faithless liberalism & tolerance of the teachings of the worthless Quran, a faith we have no problem mocking for what it is, as history, past & present, speaks for itself.

"Christ" "God damn it" are, in our western culture, in the context they're often used when not in a religious sense...expressions of judgment, albeit negative, but hardly an erosion of or attack on Christianity, although I except that some people use "Christ!" as an alternative to a swear word, not ideal, but not done in malice either to a follower of the faith or the representation of god.

Anyway, I never thought this was a blog to be walking on egg shells, in fact, considering what is posted here...I'd have thought it would be one of the last places I'd expect to see it.

How wrong I was.

The one thing we, the non-progressives in this world, all have...is perspective, context & the ability to make sound judgments & most of all, discretion.

If unfortunately, that one person, cannot see that...on a blog such as this one, it's one person too many, we accuse Liberals of being sensitive to things that aren't offensive or...just simply require common sense & that applies in these circumstances...100%

Which regrettably for me, is a pity...I enjoy this blog & am very honoured to have been given the opportunity by Lime Lite to share my opinions & to blog some of the hypocrisy we see in this world & open peoples eyes who are fortunate enough to come across it.
There have been times where other posters here have said something I didn't like or even disagreed with me in a quite animated fashion, I've even disagreed with Lime Lite a couple of times, but "perspective", he's still the good man he is an ally in this world & we could also consider...a friend to us all.

Anyway, I will not be forced to censor what I comment on, where I think to myself "I'd better not use this word or that word" simply because one person takes offense to a single word that was never meant to cause offense to start with & use "persecution of Christians" in the narrative.

And that is the bottom line.

I know this will divide opinion, many I'm sure will disagree with me, some not.

I want to pay tribute to you all, but I'll single out Limelite as the man I'll salute the most, for his dedication & willingness to give up his limited time, to try & make the world 0.0000000000000001% better.

All the best to all of you, I hope the world changes for the better for us all & our future ancestors look back on this time with horror & learn it's lessons well.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Nigeria.......

This is how they roll in Africa.....

Halal body wash

Who knew body wash had to be halal?

Guess other brands must be using pig-products in their washes! 

Gee these Muslims sure are taking us for the fools we are. Just remember, every time you buy a product with some arabic symbol or halal certification on, you are contributing to the wallets of Islamic radicals - who fund their Islamic schools, terrorism, mosques and invasions with that money. 

They make billions and billions every year from us by forcing us to submit to their sharia laws.

So yet another product to boycott and duly added to the list.

And don't forget that Cadbury chocolate is halal certified. Rather support Lindt Easter eggs.

UK: Female students swap clapping for jazz hands at Feminazi event

The National Union of Students (NUS) Women's Conference asked the female attendees to use jazz hands instead of clapping:
"Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as it's triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!"
In case you don't know what jazz hands are, here is a clue:

Yeah, it's pretty hard not to make fun of these feminazi imbeciles and their "inclusive" rubbish. If any person gets anxiety from people clapping then they need express psychological help, like yesterday. 

Imagine for a moment, some feminazi giving a speech about the evils of the male, and all the attendees shaking their hands in the air next to their ears like morons instead of clapping. You'd think you were at a mental illness seminar and the mentally ill were the audience.

Ah, you have to hand it to the dregs who have taken over the stupid feminist movement. In the old days females chained themselves to things in protest - I'm sure those women would turn in their graves knowing their gender has gone from chaining themselves to things to being scared of clapping. 

If you're happy and you know it, jazz hands!...........

Women at a national student event have been asked to use jazz hands instead of clapping.

The request came during the National Union of Students (NUS) Women's Conference in Solihull, West Midlands.

The NUS Women's Campaign tweeted: "Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as it's triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!"

Delegates have told Newsbeat "it's a nice way to show solidarity".

Nona Buckley-Irvine is general secretary at the London School of Economics Students' Union (LSE SU).

She told Newsbeat: "Jazz hands are used throughout NUS in place of clapping as a way to show appreciation of someone's point without interrupting or causing disturbance, as it can create anxiety.

South Africa: Thuli calls on expats to come home

South African Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela has flown to London to go beg (White) South Africans to return home to "play a part in transforming the country in pursuit of an inclusive society rooted in human rights, including social justice".

So, exactly whose human rights are you going to include Thuli? White South Africans are currently the most despised, vilified, pilloried and excluded population in South Africa today, so please tell me with tears in my big blue eyes, just who you're championing for with human rights fairy tales?

How about the fact that South African Whites are at Genocide level 6, Thuli? 

As for "social justice" - that's a phrase these mouthpieces use and which people don't fully understand. It just sounds hip and now and happening, and they think it means something about equality - when it's actually a Progressive/Marxist feel-good term for: 'we will take what you have built and destroy it and redistribute your wealth to anyone not White'.

That's what social justice is all about. 

Thanks, but no thanks Thuli. You can fool some of the stupid Whites with this goobly-gook language, but not me.

So Thuli, let me know when South Africa has transformed - transformed BACK into the successful country we already built decades ago. Not only did we build the country decades ago, but we also developed it, so thanks for the invite to return to "contribute to the development", but we've already done that and have the T-shirts to prove it.

Instead, let me know when the ANC stops their racist hiring practise of Affirmative Action, and the theft of companies through BBEEE. Let me know when the pale male can walk into an interview and get a job based on their skills and not rejected based on their skin colour.

Let me know when Black children are accepted into university on the back of their results and not their skin colour to fill a quota system. Let me know when White children with straight A's are accepted into medical schools ahead of Blacks with C's.

Maybe then I'll actually open an ear and listen to you and your social justice and human rights double-speak.

Just as the ANC cadres exiled themselves during Apartheid, now Whites are exiling themselves from the current crap-hole that is South Africa. We have chosen to speak with our feet and take our unwanted White skins, our children, our brains, our skills, our pets, our money and our assets and move elsewhere, where we are appreciated. 

Where there aren't the crime levels as seen in SA; where the schools and hospitals function; where there is law and order; where there is safety and security. 

Where farmers are appreciated and revered.....

And most importantly, where there are no racist hiring policies and where people can make it on their own. Where there is hardly any corruption and where their taxes are actually appreciated. 

White South Africans are tired of being the scapegoat for the useless ANC government. They are tired of the endless White-guilt and White-privilege labels and the constant harrassment - even from their own. They are tired of listening to the likes of Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma telling them they must leave if they're not happy; or how they must feel perpetually guilty for all that the White race has accomplished in South Africa.

They are tired of the uncertainty, where their land can be taken from them on the whim of an IQ67 communist comrade, who never completed Grade 5. An ex-goat herder who can't even count, but can marry numerous wives and have over 20 children to be supported by the White people he so hates. And who spends nearly R250 million to upgrade his private residence.

Exiled White South Africans are tired of feeding the pigs at the government trough. 

So, please tell me Thuli, what will they return to? What can you offer them that they don't already have in their new countries? Can you offer them better jobs? Less crime? Stability? A better life? Good education, health and security?? Or just a pretty country with a black soul?

Let me answer for you Thuli. Nothing. You can't offer them anything. 

Next time you're in London, look up the misery index and you'll see South Africa is ranked top 3. This is no mistake Thuli.

Why would we want to return to a country which is on the brink of collapse and circling the drain? 

It's now the turn of the Black South Africans to keep the lights on......

The Blacks now need to show us Whites how they can do better. We've given them a 21-year head start and It's time for them to stop blaming a tiny minority for all their shortcomings. It's time for the South African Black man to put up or shut up. 

And if you want us back, show us that you mean it. Offer us more than we currently have.

Needless to say, I won't be packing my bags any time soon.

Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela has called on expatriates in Europe and other parts of the world to come back to South Africa and play a part in transforming the country in pursuit of an inclusive society rooted in human rights, including social justice.

She was addressing the Homecoming Revolution-Speed Meet Africa event in London, UK, at the weekend.

The two-day event sought to encourage Africans living outside the continent to return to their native lands with skills and knowledge gained abroad to contribute to the development of their countries.

“Please come back to South Africa to lay your brick in this great transformation project in pursuit of our constitutional dream of the South Africa that belongs to all who live in it, black and white… where every person’s potential is freed and their lives improved.”

She told expats that they would have opportunities to play a significant role in the world as global citizens while based in South Africa, the land of their birth or ancestry.

There were, she said, hundreds of scarce skills jobs back home, waiting for South Africans in the diaspora just as there were business opportunities in all areas of life.

She added that the problems the country faced were opportunities for South Africans to bring in an international perspective, combined with knowledge of the local complexities and peculiarities.

The Public Protector argued that the rejection of corruption and accountability lapses among those entrusted with public power was, in fact, an example of the good that was happening: “The fact that we talk about these lapses is because wrongdoing is rejected and reported by people and a free and vigilant media…”

Canada: Calgary's Worst Driver

Before you start the video, go to this LINK to play the background music for the video. 

A female driver in Calgary took over 4 minutes to get her car out of a parking lot. 

You are warned - this is painful to watch.

The man in green top is the owner of red car. He helped the driver of the silver BMW without knowing that she had damaged his car before he arrived. She drove away without saying anything. He then realises that his car may have been damaged.....

The damage.......

25 March 2015

The power of alcohol....

Never wear flip-flops while drunk....

Question of the day......

Answer below the fold......

Grant Elliott proves critics wrong as South African turns tables on land of his birth

Great game of cricket yesterday between South Africa and New Zealand in the semi-finals of the cricket world cup.

South Africa lost to New Zealand in the final over - and the hero of New Zealand was Grant Elliott, who scored an unbeaten 84 and collected the man of the match award.

Grant Elliot was born in South Africa, but left for New Zealand in 2001 after realising the RACIST quota system in South Africa sport was going to hinder his career.

Last night he won the match for New Zealand against the country of his birth.

How ironic.

Thanks quota system! 

Right, so now Australia needs to beat India on Thursday and then slaughter New Zealand in the final on Sunday. Amen.

Hat tip: Fred T

How ironic a man born in South Africa but now with his heart in New Zealand decided the issue with an innings from the end of the earth and a final strike that every batsman dreams off but seldom accomplishes.

His name is Grant Elliott, his team-mates called him the "Hairy Javelin" for his slight build and body hair but after this they need to find something more complimentary after he fired them into a World Cup final in Melbourne.

Elliott is 36 and had his doubters coming into the tournament and this correspondent doesn't mind putting his hand up to say he was one of them.

His strengths with his bat are his ability to access areas left vacant, to keep a clear head and a calm mind when everyone else around him is losing theirs and occasionally to strike a big ball when you think he should drop one at his feet and run a single.

He did of all that, collected the man of the match award for his unbeaten 84 and then joined his team-mates in a lap of honour at Eden Park, a venue that resembled a mad house when the last over began with 13 required, effectively 12 because the home side would advance in a tie.

Liberals: Gay marriage ban costs Michigan tourism industry

Okay, I admit it. I'm going on holiday to the United States later this year & there I was, thinking to myself, "Where exactly should I go?" & naturally, the first thing I thought of was "Which states don't allow gay marriage?", as obviously I'm not remotely interested in seeing things such, oh I don't know...monuments, idyllic scenery, restaurants, oh no...no of course, I want to go to a gay wedding, even though I don't know anyone who is gay (that I know of), least of all in that U.S & I'm not planning to or even like going to weddings.

So, I nearly spat my porridge over my monitor when I read that a gay marriage ban costs the Michigan tourism industry!

Okay, what he actually said was:

"Whatever percentage of Michigan's business now is weddings, it could be increased by including LGBTs. Certainly within the state but those who have family here, etc. I think that there's a lot of opportunity," said Thomas Roth, president of San Francisco-based Community Marketing, Inc.

Obviously this guy represents the interests of the LGBT community & obviously would love it, if you the tourist, were able to see more of, this...

A black priest as well, how progressive...


Aww grandpa & ma look so proud...

And better still, this:

Caption not needed...

Got your bags packed yet?

Well considering that about 0.00000000000000000000001% of people visiting Michigan are going there for a wedding, never mind a gay one is obviously lost on this loony-liberal business think tank, but nevermind facts, it's not inclusive & we can't have that!
But seriously, to these liberals, this would be a problem that somehow, some way, it has to all point to the fact that someone, somewhere, somehow...is not being inclusive!

How about 83% African-American Detroit, how about fixing the crime problem there, I think that'd bring more tourists & weddings...straight & gay!

What am I saying, that'd be racist!

South Africa: Wheels come off farming project

In 2010 President Jacob Zuma spent R500-million in taxes (~$50 million) to buy 85 new tractors for the Masibuyele Emasimini (back to the fields) project in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal to encourage small-scale farming (read: Black farming only).

Of the 32 new tractors given to the DrJS Moroka municipality in Mpumalanga, only 6 are still running. The rest are rotting away due to lack of maintenance (read: broken by the Blacks and still not fixed).

In Mmametlhake and Marapyane (both in Mpumalanga), more than 30 farmers missed planting 65ha of sunflower seeds this season because 17 of the tractors allocated to their area were either broken or did not have fuel.

According to the African Farmers' Association of SA (read: Black organisation run by Blacks to look after Black farmers only = disaster), a total of 185000ha of once-productive, redistributed land in KwaZulu-Natal was standing idle as farmers waited to benefit from the project.

Ah, waited to benefit from the project........the African begging bowl out once again.

No need to fix the tractors yourselves then, eh? Someone else will do that for the precious petals. They just know how to break them - no help required for that. In the meantime just allow the redistributed farm land to return to bush. The magic farming-fairy and her wand will be along shortly to transform the land back into productive farm lands..... 

Of course this doesn't faze the ANC government - not when they are proposing removing even more productive lands from White farmers and handing it over to the clueless 'waiting for a miracle' Black farm wekkers. You know, to make everything more fair and to balance the injustices of the past. Back in reality, the ANC has only redistributed 1.5 million hectares of the 7.5 millioh hectares they've acquired through 'restitution'. It sure would be interesting to see how much of those 1.5 million hectares are still productive.

And it sure would be interesting to find out what's happened to the other 6 million hectares not redistributed yet by the ANC. Maybe Julius Malema can do an audit.

Emerging farmer Abios Maloka said 25ha of maize went to waste last season because the fields had not been ploughed in time:
"Instead of assisting farmers, [the programme] brought devastation and hopelessness. Before, we would plan in advance to get the fields ploughed but we were given a false sense of hope. Now we are sitting with heaps of fertiliser and seed that has not been used.
Yeah, tough break man. Maybe you should get off your Affirmative Action behind and go plough your own fields. You know, as the Boers did in the good old days - with a few cattle and some sweat. There were no magical tractors falling out of the heavens back then. Or did you think Jan van Riebeeck brought some with when he arrived back in 1652??

If this is the calibre of Black farmer in the new rainbow shit-hole of South Africa, then things are sure looking up! Not.

Hat tip: Nick A

A R500-million project intended to help emerging black farmers is on the brink of collapse.

President Jacob Zuma handed over 85 new tractors to the Masibuyele Emasimini (back to the fields) project in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal in June 2010 to encourage small-scale farming.

But, in Mpumalanga, of the 32 new tractors allocated to the DrJS Moroka municipality only six are still running.

The rest are idle because of lack of maintenance.

Tractor drivers in Machiding, who battle to get diesel fuel and broken tractors repaired, went on strike early this month because, they say, they have not been paid.

In Mmametlhake and Marapyane, more than 30 farmers missed planting 65ha of sunflower seeds this season because 17 of the tractors allocated to their area were either broken or did not have fuel.

The African Farmers' Association of SA said a total of 185000ha of once-productive, redistributed land in KwaZulu-Natal was standing idle as farmers waited to benefit from the project.

The government has proposed that commercial farmers give half of their farm land to workers and wants to limit individual ownership of land to 12000ha.

The neglect of agricultural colleges was raised in parliament and acknowledged by Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana.

A member of parliament's portfolio committee on agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Annette Steyn, said the state of the agricultural colleges did not augur well for the government's ambitious plans to support emerging black farmers.

Disintegrating infrastructure and staff shortages were undermining the efforts of agricultural extension officers to support farmers, Steyn said.

Muslim medical students sue Dutch university because they don't want to be touched.

I'm thinking of changing my religion, clearly being a Christian or a Catholic just doesn't cut it in the real world anymore, maybe at long last, I earn some "privilege" that I keep reading about.

I am of course talking about converting to Islam, because if I did, I'm unquestionable, beyond criticism & if I do something violent to anyone, I can just say "Crusades", "The Quran says I/you can't...." & everyone has to shut up.

In Rotterdam, with it's 34% non-white population & a Mulsim mayor, is obviously a place where you can go, breath the free air & never feel the need to walk on egg-shells, because someone might take offense over doing something normal.

Pfft...yeah right.

The last example of "Islamic sensitivity" comes at Erasmus University Medical Center, where two female students filed a case against Erasmus MC at the Board of Appeal for Higher Education in The Hague, because in the curriculum, it requires them to be examines by a student of another gender, which as  David Drexhage from Erasmus MC says:
“The students also have to experience how an examination feels for a patient. That promotes understanding.”
Pretty damn obvious right? What are they going to do when they get in the real world? 
  • "Sorry I can't resuscitate that man who has fallen down in the street from a heart attack as my faith says I can't touch him"
  • "Sorry I can't examine that patient unclothed as my faith forbids it"
  • "Sorry I can't...." Oh add whatever you like! 
Bloody stupid 7th century backward religion!!! What the hell you two becoming doctors for if your faith stops you doing at LEAST half of your job??

Predictably, the university will cave in & give discretion for Muslim students, as they're our treasured asset that the world needs to solve inequality & promote world peace.

Wait, isn't that meant to read create inequality & promote world war? 

"Shhh..don't tell anyone...the answer is...."

Australia: Fears of racial tension prompt cash grants from Victorian Government

So here is how the grand dream of multi-culturalism really works.

First you ruin your country by bringing in people who are incompatible with your own culture - all so that you can look like a good and non-racist country. Because that's important.

Then when the newly arrived incompatible culture proves to be an incompatible culture, and more of a problem than a benefit to your country, you start spending vast amounts of money to either force the new arrivals to start integrating, or you use money to stop your own citizens from speaking out against the problem. The go-to card played by authorities is the racism/discrimination one. Naturally.

Case in point is my home town of Melbourne, where the state government is now going to spend hundreds of thousands of MY TAX DOLLARS to fight the "surge in racially motivated violence and discrimination" between long-time residents and newly arrived invaders 'immigrants' in one suburb.

Of course there were no issues before the immigrants arrived....

Take a wild guess which population we're talking about? If you guessed the Muslims then you would be 100% correct.

You see, it's not just bringing them into our country on the wing of a prayer and a grand noble superior gesture, the real problem is you then sit with them for the rest of time. Muslims seem to be the eternal problem child of every country which takes them in. No other religious group is so demanding or causes more problems.

These people come to our countries and then choose not to assimilate, integrate or shut their mouths and get on with life. Nooooo..... not these fine forward thinkers. Instead they come into our countries and start demanding the country accommodate their backward culture, religion and sharia laws.

First they put their women in black tents with face coverings, which makes them:
  • unemployable
  • unsociable
  • unapproachable
  • rude, uppity and the eternal victim for the Lefties
Then they start breeding via their harem of wives - supported by the tax payer - to a point where they start taking over areas and making them no-go zones for the rest of the community. 

Of course the residents don't like the invasion and start to rebel. And who can blame them? Would you like to see hordes of Muslims in your community?

And then in steps the saviour - the local government with their grants of my tax money to fix the problem they created in the first place:
In a bid to dissipate simmering tensions and bring residents from different cultural backgrounds together, Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott announced $140,000 in social cohesion grants for Moreland and Hume councils.
Gee, how progressive - a social cohesion grant is going to fix a backward culture. You may as well take that $140,000, and set it alight for the amount of good it's going to do. But, that's not all they intend to spend. They have another $500,000 ready to go!

This is the Left's way of course. Cause the problem and then fix it with other people's money.... or in lives lost through the unintended consequences of actions.

The bottom line is that the sooner these twits in government admit they've been totally wrong regarding their stupid multi-cultural Kumbaya wankathon, the quicker we can stop importing these ingrates into our countries and polluting them.

Think what we could do with all the billions in saved welfare money, grant money, anti-terrorism money, health costs, education costs, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention stopping the breeding of more anti-Australian Muslim terrorists within our borders, and who dream of ISIS rather than the Australian flag.

This is what you get when you are so intent on destroying Christianity, but are prepared to bow and scrape to Islam to appease and not offend. The Left is full of infantile, naive and moronic people.

They are our true enemy. 

FEARS of tensions erupting in Melbourne’s northern suburbs between long-term residents and new migrants have prompted the Victorian Government to commit tens of thousands of dollars to promote calm.

Fawkner and similar multicultural suburbs — which are popular destinations for new arrivals — have faced a surge in racially motivated violence and discrimination.

The area was flagged as a potential boiling point due to marginalisation of the growing Muslim community, socio-economic disadvantage and growing employment challenges, according to a 2013 RMIT report.

The study also noted some women wearing hijabs and burqas were abused and spat on, and it highlighted tensions regarding a new mosque in the area.

In a bid to dissipate simmering tensions and bring residents from different cultural backgrounds together, Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott announced $140,000 in social cohesion grants for Moreland and Hume councils.

Mr Scott said the programs were not aimed at extremism but would help prevent community alienation of people who could be targeted terror recruiters.

”Social cohesion programs really help create the environment where those who want to exploit fear and misunderstanding — and that includes people who want to promote terrorism — don’t have fertile ground because there are strong networks, you don’t have fear, you don’t have resentment, you don’t have a sense of people being isolated and excluded from the community.

“It’s not a direct countering-violence-extremism program, but it does help set the scene for a more peaceful community.

“This is not just funding people in their own group to participate in activities, it’s about people coming together from different cultures.

The Labor Government has pledged $500,000 to similar grants across Victoria, including projects in Shepparton and Ballarat areas.

The grants will be used to run sports programs, forums and fund intercultural mediators.


24 March 2015

For the boys (the picture says it all)...

For the Greens

Oh-oh, someone's grumpy.....

Swedish turkeys continue to vote for Christmas.

Ahhh Sweden, how I love them, they should do a Swedish version of Lord of the Rings, where the people open the castle doors & let the orc's in, handing over their wives, children, food & gold while they're at it.

Sweden, ever feeling sorry for anyone who looks darker than they do, is in an urgent rush to turn from this:

I wouldn't say no either...don't tell the wife...

Into this:

A vast improvement.

And let's face it, it's not like Muslims have done anything bad to the sleepy Swedes, I mean it's not like there is 55 no-go zones in Sweden that emergency services can't enter, wait, what's this?

No go Muslim enclaves in Sweden, surely it's not true?

So despite the fact that Sweden has highest rate of rape in Europe, committed overwhelmingly by Swedish men Muslim immigrants, you won't be surprised to know that 60% of all Swedes support immigration & their biggest concern over it is "integration".

"We have long been an immigration country and it has been of major importance for society. The results confirm what other studies have shown. For example, Eurobarometer, which shows that Swedes are the most positive nation about immigration in the EU", said Ahlin.

Yeah, with the results they're getting, I'm not surprised they feel that way (not)!

But, a feel good element to the story, the Minister for Housing & Immigration Morgan Johansson was attacked at a refugee housing settlement project with a fire extinguisher, there apparently wasn't any physical injury to the Turkey, but the minister does have brain damage...a prerequisite for being a Swedish politician.

So, rejoice you Swedish Turkey's, enjoy being the meal, it won't be eaten on Christmas day of course, but you can bet it will be halal.

South Africa: ‘Tear down all symbols of apartheid’- Julius Malema

Oh look, here comes Johnny-come-lately with his "tear down symbols which reminded them of apartheid" rhetoric.

Gee Juju Red-Overall, what took you so long to climb onto the bandwagon??

Now that the communists at the University of Cape Town have all but ensured the statue of Cecil John Rhodes will be removed from the university grounds, here comes Julius Malema calling for other statues to be torn down.

Apparently Juju is confused as to why there is even a debate about this. There was no debate a few days ago, but now he's confused why there is a debate. A few days ago Juju was blissfully unaware that there was an offensive statue on the grounds of UCT. Now that he's aware, the statue must go. Because he says it should.

Thanks for that Mr Malema. Nice of you to finally join in the vilification. What took you so long to get your marching orders from the ANC and the Communist Party? Were they delayed by the flying pigeon getting lost??

According to this IQ67 genius:
Malema said Rhodes had wanted to create a city for only white residents and had promoted white supremacy.
So tell me, oh wise one, just what is the ANC doing all around South Africa, if not building a country just to favour Blacks? Also known as Black supremacy??

But, on the drongo went:
“It is because of this Rhodes that you and me today are still suffering…
Really? This Rhodes?? What's the bet Malema had never even heard of him until the ANC told him to stop eating KFC and get off the couch and agitate in Cape Town?? 

So now because of Cecil John Rhodes, Malema and all the other Blacks are suffering today??? If only CJR knew his power! He and Jan van Riebeeck could have owned the world with all the power they had over the Black man in South Africa. They must be kicking themselves with all those missed opportunities.

Malema also encouraged his sheeple to take down other statues which reminded them of apartheid, saying that 'revolution" is not a legal activity.

But, that's not all:
“And any symbol that reminds black people that you are inferior, that symbol shall be confronted by the EFF. We are fearless.”
But dear Mr Malema, seeing as you now admit that everything makes you feel inferior, why stop at statues? Just keep going and revolution against all the buildings, the roads, the schools, the airports, the hospitals, the houses, the infrastructure, the power stations, the water and sewerage infrastructure, the dams, and especially the mirrors - and destroy it all. Return South Africa to how it looked back in 1652 before Jan van Riebeeck arrived.

Please, please, please show the world just how disgusted you are with what the White man has done to destroy glorious dark-ages Africa and keep destroying! 

So, welcome to the party Malema. You surely are the true African the rest of Africa should aspire to! A true IQ67 Mampara of note.

And when no White South Africans lift a finger to stop these IQ67's from destroying all the White historical statues and buildings, then the next logical step is for them to start screaming to kill the Whites.

The cultural Marxist experiment of South Africa has been a complete and utter failure.

This is not going to end well. 

Hat tip: Nick A

A fired-up Julius Malema on Saturday urged South Africans to tear down symbols which reminded them of apartheid, including the statue of former prime minister Louis Botha outside Parliament.

The leader of the EFF said residents should crush the statue of English colonialist Cecil John Rhodes at


The student-led “Rhodes Must Fall” campaign has lobbied for the removal of the statue of Rhodes. It made headlines this weekend when student protesters warned they would take their fight against racism to other universities.

Malema, speaking at an EFF rally in Langa on Saturday, said he did not understand why there was a debate about whether the statue should remain on the campus or be pulled down.

“There is no discussion. Rhodes must fall,” he said.

The crowd cheered, screamed and whistled in response.

Malema said Rhodes had wanted to create a city for only white residents and had promoted white supremacy.

“It is because of this Rhodes that you and me today are still suffering… If they say it’s expensive to bring him down, the masses must crush that statue of Rhodes. It will not be expensive.

“They can hire our services. We will go and remove it free of charge,” he said.

Malema also encouraged residents to take down other statues which reminded them of apartheid.

“I’m challenging you... Revolution is not a legal activity. You must stop listening to this things like ‘This is illegal’. There’s nothing like that.

“I’m challenging you, the fighters of Western Cape, that statue of Louis Botha at Parliament, it must go down and how it goes down it’s your business. How it goes down, I’m not interested… Make a plan for that statue.”

Malema said each day locals were not just depressed by parliamentary speaker Beleka Mbete when they were at Parliament, but first by the statue of Botha.

He then urged citizens countrywide to get rid of any symbols of apartheid.

“Not only in the Western Cape, everywhere in South Africa, those who love their democracy, those who despise apartheid and everything else it represents, you have a duty to remove those symbols.”

“Stop being crybabies. You brought down apartheid. You can’t fail to bring down the symbols of apartheid. It is your duty as a revolutionary. Take it upon yourself. Prison or no prison, you must be arrested for bringing down Botha.”

Malema’s comments were met with shrieks, applause and stamping from the audience.

He went on to say he did not fear arrest for what he was telling them.

“If they want to arrest me for saying this and saying I’m inciting violence, they know where to find me. I’m not scared of them. I’m not scared of their government.

“Because this is a rotten government. I have no respect for a rotten government. I have no respect for a government which does not respect black people. I’m fighting for the dignity of black people.

“And any symbol that reminds black people that you are inferior, that symbol shall be confronted by the EFF. We are fearless.”