12 December 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Dear Readers,

It's that time of year again where I close the blog for a few weeks.

I will be taking the next 3 weeks off to spend some quality down-time with the family.

This year we're getting to know a little more about our new and wonderful country and we'll be spending Christmas in the Grampians with friends and family.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish every one of you a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.


11 December 2014

Eskom's new range of Energy-Saving Globes

USA: Where all the money goes

Yeah, nothing to worry about. The welfare bill is just under $1 trillion per year these days.

Yes, 69% - well over two-thirds - of all federal government expenditure went to entitlement and welfare programs. Out of every $3 the government spent, just over $2 was a handout of one sort or another. Less than $1 went to actually run the country.

In order to spend all that money on entitlement and welfare programs, the US government is deeper in debt than ever before - and note that this figure does not include future promises to taxpayers, which add tens of trillions of dollars to the debt load, but keep it off the books so that the politicians can pretend it doesn't exist. 

That way they can fool the electorate into re-electing them. 


New South African power generator

South Africa: China to help SA with skills shortage

Well, this makes perfect sense if you're an IQ67.

They got handed a perfectly working almost 1st-world country on a platter without losing one drop of blood.

Then they purge all the competent Whites from key portfolios in government and state enterprises. 

Then they bring in discriminatory Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment policies against the minority White race to ensure the Whites remain unemployed, and any successful companies are handed to Black ANC cadres for next to nothing. You know, to redistribution of wealth, and all that "fairness" the commies go on about.

Then they destroy the country, when all they had to do was just follow the simple recipe left by the Whites.

And now that the country is broken, out of electricity, uneducated, a crime cesspit, has crumbling infrastructure and an unskilled workforce - NOW they turn to China to come help them out and help address the skills shortage.

Yeah, makes perfectly logical sense. It's not as if the Whites aren't looking for work, have loyalty to the country and are able to do the job. Nah, much better to bring in the Chinese to help the country "reduce its skills gap". A people who wouldn't understand the Blacks chattering, let alone the African culture.

That should work a treat! I mean, we all know how much the Asians love Blacks. 

I'm getting my popcorn ready:
“China committed to support South Africa’s industrialisation agenda by agreeing to assist in the development of science and technology and industrial parks, as well as in key areas, such as the ocean economy.”
This from a country which has such a smog problem that their own people have to wear masks to breathe. 

But yet now they're going to build 3 new cities in Gauteng. Hmmm... I wonder who they're going to use for labour? Chinese or Blacks??

And when China starts talking about the "ocean economy" then we all know what that means. Gone will be the abundant fishing waters, all trawled to death and sent to feed the 1.3 billion Chinese in the motherland. 

There goes the abalone, rhinoceros and other endangered species. All sent to China to help their men perk up and make more babies.

These obtuse ANC IQ67's running South Africa are imbeciles. Mamparas of the highest order. They can't admit they're useless, out of their depth and failures. No, they would rather give the country to the Chinese than do the right thing and step down.

Well, let's see how the Chinese treat the Blacks. Pretty soon they'll be begging for the White baas (boss) to come back and save them. Apartheid will seem like a dream to them.


Hat tip: Nick A

China will increase short-term skills development programmes in South Africa to help the country reduce its skills gap, International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane said on Tuesday.

“China will gradually increase the training opportunities for South Africa and will provide training for 2000 South Africans from the year 2015 through to 2020,” she told reporters in Pretoria.

“China committed to support South Africa’s industrialisation agenda by agreeing to assist in the development of science and technology and industrial parks, as well as in key areas, such as the ocean economy.”

The minister was briefing media following President Jacob Zuma's visit to China.

She said China had agreed to South Africa's request for assistance in creating black industrialists who would participate in the mainstream economy.

Chinese companies would be encouraged to invest in economic zones, industrial parks and science and technology parks.

“The Chinese government is ready to consider favourable lending rates with regard to the financing of specific projects.”

Nkoana-Mashabane said the Chinese had also committed to support the establishment of a railway park.

This was linked to localisation of railway carriage manufacturing processes to facilitate inward buying missions into South Africa starting early next year.

The two countries also discussed ways to support tourism and increase investment in the industry.

She said while in China, Zuma attended the closing ceremony for the year of South Africa 2014 in China. Next year would be the year of China in South Africa.



Regular readers of the blog will know how much I love Sweden.


Reason being that they financially supported the ANC - and still do, and many other terrorists organisations around the world, including HAMAS - and the financial support helped blow up many innocent people in South Africa.

And the wheel turns and the Swedish wheel is turning.

Yes, we all know not all Swedes are guilty of supporting what their government did and continues to do - and hopefully those voices will one day help reclaim Sweden from the clutches of the cultural Marxists running the country. But until that day comes - which will probably never happen - I will continue pointing out the stupidity that is pervasive in Sweden today.

Here is a classic example of that stupidity. The Swedish government wants to place 76 cultural enriches into a Swedish town numbering just 50 people. How's that for a classic own-cultural-suicide-goal?

And here's some more stupidity. When one of the residents of the town of Kall, Anki Wiklund, was asked what the impact would be, she replied that is was 'surely a good thing for the school as there will be lots of people, but time will tell'.

The Swedish people only have themselves to blame. If they can't even see that inviting nearly double the number of foreigners into your town will be a bad thing culturally, traditionally and for your children, then when will they wake up??

What she should have said was: "over my dead body will you bring in sub-humans to re-populate our small town and wipe out the Swedish people, our culture and traditions". 

But no, she's prepared to let time tell.

And while she's waiting, the wheel turns.

Hat tip: A Murray


In the village of Kall in western Jämtland in Åre Municipality live today around 50 people but in the near future residents will more than double.

It is the old historic mountain hotel in Kall now becoming asylum accommodation. And in the autumn has been working flat out to get ready for everything. 

- We have assembled all new beds and furniture and prepared most of the time says Julianne Spitz Inger on Källgården.

76 places are available here and the idea was that the first would move into November 14 - but that did not happen. 

- We stood ready to receive them but they did not come. We are not sure when they first arrive now but I think it will be within a few weeks, says Julianne Spitz Inger on Källgården.

Last summer, opened an asylum accommodation on continenal inn in Åre with about 180 seats. But in early October, it was announced that the Swedish Migration Board wanted to close the accommodation. The reason was that the company did not meet the legal requirements of sound financial standing. But it was not the owner with and appeal. He got right and the accommodation was left. Instead of moving over the asylum seekers to Källgården so will new placed here.

Many worried
A few weeks ago the Migration Board had a meeting with the villagers and many are worried. What you are afraid of is that they are more than what we are residents here in the village, you never know, this is all new to us, says Ann -Britt Edbjörk from Kall.

There are a small company from Stockholm, HMO care who bought Källgården. Four people will drive asylum accommodation together with staff from the district. Surely you thoughts but it will be a good thing for the school if there will be a lot of people, but yes time will tell, says Anki Wiklund from Kall.



Those who helped bring the ANC to power are now silent. But silence on the part of concerned South Africans is not an option. It has been said many times but it is as valid as ever: It only needs for evil to triumph that good men do nothing.
The Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAU) has published a great bulletin. 

It's a bit of a read, but well worth the effort - and there's not much more to add. When you use logic, based on facts then not even the dumbo Liberals who helped drag the ANC into power, can open their mouths and refute.

Instead all these dumbo Liberals can do these days is attack anyone telling the truth and try silence them. 

That's what you do when you know you are wrong and guilty. 

You scream the loudest and blame everyone else.

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” was the title of a story on the Spanish Civil War written by famous author Ernest Hemingway and published in 1940. It is still a classic.

The title is interesting – it is attributed to the British poet John Donne, and was written in 1624 when Donne was Dean of St. Paul’s cathedral in England. The essence of its meaning has survived the centuries: it evokes a sense of responsibility in that man must take cognizance of his place in this world and he must be accountable for what went before and what will come after. “No man is an island” said Donne. In the context of the period in which he lived, pre-colonial England and the European continent were his world. “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls: it tolls for thee”.

The bell tolls for South Africa. (The word “toll” evokes sadness, as opposed to a bell that “rings”, usually for joy!) None other than top South African businessman Johann Rupert recently recalled – ironically - Ernest Hemingway’s quote that “man goes bust gradually – and then suddenly “. He criticized the ANC government on just about every level – red tape and corruption are “pervasive”, he declared. We are in a state of “economic malaise”. Education is a disaster. ”We are negotiating for nuclear power plants with people who are clearly not capable of doing so”, said Rupert. “The leadership in South Africa is difficult to defend abroad because of corruption”.

Some warned the country many years ago what the results of an ANC government would entail. Some businessmen tried to secure their interests for when that party took power by secretly meeting with the ANC in the mid-eighties. This proved to be a bad strategy – it didn’t work in post-colonial Africa so why they thought it would work here is a mystery. They were not protected – on the contrary, they have been milked through legislation which allows blacks to legally steal a percentage of another’s hard work. Their businesses are crippled by strikes, minimum wage demands and a government that continually extracts what it can from them.

The bell tolls for every one of us, and pretending that government malaise doesn’t exist (“I don’t read the papers so I don’t get upset!”), or turning away when confronted with it, or making excuses for it, is simply not acceptable. If South Africans with any integrity value what went before, then it is incumbent upon them to resist, to object, to raise Cain and to tell the world about the scourge with which we are saddled in this beautiful country. Muttering into one’s beer at the braai won’t stop the rot. Being afraid to take action, or to go to the streets, or hold back taxes or involve the international community might secure you a relatively worry-free short term future, but this is folly. Holding back “because it will eventually come right” is a fallacy. Nothing “comes right” without action. Depending on what ordinary South Africans do now will dictate whether we sink or swim together.

USA: White Liberal meets Karma again

The Wildlings in the USA are currently chimping out about all the poor little innocent Black men dying at the hands of White cops.

Back at the ranch of reality, more Whites died at the hands of the police in 2013 - nearly 3:1.

The Black chimping has turned from "peaceful protests" to all-out anarchy, with property being looted and damaged - not to mention the attacks on people and stopping of traffic. Apparently stealing and trashing other people's property is the best way to get your message across about how peaceful you are.

Of course we know the chimps are just acting like the Wildlings they are. Add to that the dumb-as-a-bag-of-nails White anarchists and Communist revolutionaries - who have joined the fray in solidarity with their Black brothers - and you have the chaos being seen in the very Liberal areas around the country. Berkeley is one such example.

Meanwhile, the normal people are just getting on with their lives, going to work, paying their taxes, taking care of their families. Being stopped in traffic by the "protesters". 

I guess America is currently reaping what it sowed in the schools for the past few decades, with the youth told they deserve a better life and the only reason they can't get that better life is because of the privileged White man and evil capitalism.

One of those protesting in Berkeley was a hippy "elderly man" wearing a ‘Stop Killing Black Men' T-shirt. When he tried to persuade a Black mob of looters to stop looting, one of the chimps smashed him the face with a hammer. They're brave like that.

All together now: ah shame!


When you lie down with dogs you stand up with fleas. Maybe someone should have taught the hippy that saying. 

But, I'm guessing he's forgiven his Black attacker as they've been "oppressed" by the White man and Mr Hippy deserved to have his teeth knocked out and his head beat in. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he's grateful for the experience.

Karma meet the White Liberal.

10 December 2014


Grandpa knows best.....

South Africa: Eskom: The system IS collapsing

Who knew that ESKOM was spending R2 BILLION PER MONTH on diesel to fire up generators meant mainly for emergencies and peak periods?

Now the diesel money has run out.....

R2 billion a month - just for diesel? Are you kidding me? I wonder how much money ESKOM makes a month?

Geez, that points to incompetence of the highest order. All because the government raped ESKOM to fund their luxurious lives for the past 20 years. All they had to do to keep it all quiet was to appoint revolving-door ANC cadres to the CEO position so that they had a puppet in place to hide the truth.

For 20 years the ANC idiots have done just about nothing to keep the electricity infrastructure maintained. Of course it's not the only sector neglected by the ANC, but it is the most telling as it affects every South African. 

But neglect and the ANC go hand in hand. What do you expect from a people who can't look after themselves? From a people who wouldn't know how to plan for tomorrow if it hit them in the face today? Blacks only worry about today, and let tomorrow take care of itself later. That's why they can't even do a simple thing like plan for the future. Let alone plant crops to feed a nation.

Electricity expert Doug Kuni has said that all South Africans can do now about the current electricity situation is to buy candles and a generator. Listen to the man. He knows what he's talking about. Kuni said this is going to last at least the next 5-10 years.

Why? Because all the experts have left. The result? Eskom is now producing less power than it was 10 years ago, even though the number of (free) users has increased dramatically.

Bottom line is that the electricity grid is finally giving up. It's been whipped for the last few years, giving up the last gasp of energy it had. Now the horse - she is dying from neglect and abuse. And once she collapses then that's it.

As I blogged yesterday, by the time the "new" power stations come on line - in maybe the next 18 months if lucky, and we know luck's run out in SA - the other power stations which have been abused by the IQ67's over the last 20 years would have died and gone to electricity heaven.

As the article states below, South Africa had an abundance of electricity 20 years ago - so much had we that we gave it away almost for free to our neighbouring countries. These days the ANC has to scramble just to keep the lights on in some parts of the country at different times. Like musical chairs. A little bit here, a little bit there. Some for you, some for me.

"Load shedding" it's called. Except there's no load to shed, so now it's just shedding.

Haha  - the new South Africa. Every day shows just how superior the country was in the hands of White leaders - until F-wit de Klerk came along and gave it all away to chase the skirts of his Greek mistress and for 30 pieces of silver and half a Nobel Prize, which he shared with a murdering, now very Dead Terrorist.

I'm waiting for the Liberal excuse-makers to explain this one away. For this they can't blame Apartheid - but then again, we are speaking about the feeble mind of the Liberal, and to them it's never the fault of the Black man.

Take a deep continuous bow ANC, you useless thieving commies. We all know you didn't join the "struggle" to remain poor. Under your rule South Africa has gone from an orderly, safe, industrious nation to another crumbling African basket case full of uneducated, low-intelligent gibs-me-dat ANC voting sheeple.

Just as you wanted.

Hat tips: Nick A and Walter H (pic)

But don't worry! The ESKOM CEO is on top of the problem: 

It is very doubful that the public has even started to understand the true extent of the ongoing catastrophe that is Eishkom.

According to MoneyWeb, electricity expert Doug Kuni has said that all South Africans can do now about the current electricity situation is to buy candles and a generator. "You are going to need it for the next five to ten years," he said. 

And the experts have left. He added.

The Stage 3 "loadshedding" over the weekend clearly showed that Eskom is in a state of serious decline.

Eskom is now producing less power than it was 10 years ago. Yet the number of users have grown dramatically, and intentionally. What is happening was bound to happen, and was predicted more than 15 years ago. Yet the Government did nothing. 

Even Eskom is now warning that the whole system could collapse and take weeks to get restarted.

The system IS collapsing. More are more power stations are showing serious signs of distress as their age, lack of full maintainenance, lack of capital investment, and the appointment of seriously under-skilled Ministers and MDs over a 20 year period, are combining to take an ever-greater toll.

The latest in this series of mal-appointments in Public Enterprises Minister, Lynne Brown whose office says she is working with Eskom to ensure urgent action to "get us out of this crisis." Nonsense, what is she smoking? There is no such quick solution to 20 years of maladminstration and neglect. 

To the extent that the system is being kept going this appears to being done by working the remaining aging power stations even harder, and spending an unsustainable R2 BILLION (R2000 million!) a month on diesel to fire up generators meant mainly for emergencies and peak periods. And the budget for diesel has been used up. 

Meanwhile President Zuma is secretly signing absurd agreements to build Trillion Rand nuclear facilities that the country cannot possibly afford, borrow or wait for.

20 years ago South Africa had a major surplus of electricity. That advantage has been wasted. Now we have a growing shortage that stunts economic growth and prevents job creation. It may well also lead to further downgrades by rating agencies on Friday. 

Yes, there are a couple of new powerstations in the works - Medupi and Kusile - they are years overdue and over budget, will not be fully operational for years, and will not even replace the power stations that will have collapased by then.

This is one problem that truly has been "brought to you by the ANC." Post 1994, it has done far more damage to the power grid than those who were blowing up electricity sub-stations pre-1994.

If the party thinks that public anger at the eTolls was a problem at the last election, we suspect it ain't seen nothing yet. This a crisis that affects every South African - their lives, their pockets and even their jobs and businesses.

Soon Nkandla may seem like a minor bad dream compared to the power crisis, will the whole of South Africa, not just some opposition MPs, angrily chanting "Turn on the lights! TURN ON THE LIGHTS!" 


New ESKOM multi-plug

Quick! Order now as I suspect it's going to be a big seller!

Hat tip: Walter H

USA: Karma finally came a-knocking

Take a good look at this face:

This is the face of the now deceased David Ruenzel of Oakland.

Mr Ruenzel was gunned down and robbed by two Black males while hiking in Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve.

So, who was Mr Ruenzel you ask?

Well, Mr Ruenzel was a prominent writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center - a radical anti-White, anti-American "law" centre run by good Liberal Whites, whose entire focus is targeting Whites who they think are racist and need to be brought down.

And the SPLC has a good thing going. They're tax-funded live the good life in their safe mansions, while driving their fast cars and looking down their noses at their fellow common White man.

Here is American Thinker on Mr Ruenzel:
"As a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of this favorite topics was rooting out racism. And how white racism is permanent. White racism is everywhere. And white racism explains everything. Ruenzel was writing about white privilege for the Southern Poverty Law Center as far back as 1997 — long before it became the rage at college campuses, newsrooms, churches, high schools and even grade schools."
So, in a nutshell, Mr Ruenzel was a White self-hating Liberal, who projected his self-hatred onto others, guilting them about their White "privileges" and how racist they were towards the vastly superior Black man. 

So I'm wondering what he was thinking as he was hiking, enjoying his lovely life, when he was confronted by his Black heroes? He had a good life, a well-paying safe job, a home, an intact family, and a moral superiority which exempted him from ever becoming a victim of Blacks - the very people whose behaviour he has defended tooth and nail his entire life, preferring to blame White people instead for their failings.

Except on that fateful day, that is. Apparently someone forgot to tell those two fine, upstanding, law-abiding, productive Black males that the White man they were about to murder, was one of the good White liberals and wasn't to be touched. 

Oopsie. I guess they didn't get that memo, eh Mr Ruenzel? Or maybe they did get it, but couldn't read it?

And just like that another White-hating Liberal met Karma and lost.


A prominent writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center was gunned down by two black males while hiking in Oakland Californa last Tuesday. The irony of his murder is that according to Colin Flaherty at American Thinker, David Ruenzel had made a living using the notion of white privilege to excuse any and all black crime:
"As a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of this favorite topics was rooting out racism. And how white racism is permanent. White racism is everywhere. And white racism explains everything. Ruenzel was writing about white privilege for the Southern Poverty Law Center as far back as 1997 — long before it became the rage at college campuses, newsrooms, churches, high schools and even grade schools.
By the time of his death, Ruenzel had accumulated many of the trappings of the white privilege he exposed: The job. The home. The intact family. And most importantly in his case, white privilege endowed Ruenzel with an expectation of safety in the Oakland neighborhood where last week two black people are suspected of killing him.
This mantra of the Critical Race Theory and the Southern Poverty Law Center applied to all white people because, even if they were not personally cracking the whips, or breaking the skulls, white people benefitted from a racist system that did all that — and a lot more."

Swedes do not deserve to have it better than refugees

Sometimes I read the rubbish that comes out of the infantile minds of Liberals and I'm left speechless.

Then luckily I recover.

This special mental case - some Swedish Feminazi named Lisa Magnusson - is convinced that the Swedish people were just lucky to be born in Sweden, and therefore don't deserve to be better off than say, Syrian people.

Yeah, Sweden magically sprouted into a first-world country all on it's own, while other countries were overlooked by the magic Luck Genie.

That Genie must sure be racist, because just about every country in the world built up by White people has become a first-world country. That same Luck Genie clearly flew straight past Africa, and crashed into Europe and Scandinavia. Lucky them! Well,that is, apart from when it did a quick detour to South Africa and Rhodesia during the last century. But that lucky mistake by the Genie is being rectified, as both countries are now returning to the bush.

Success of a country has clearly nothing to do with the people living there, their minds, ingenuity, stamina or resourcefulness. It's all due to luck. Who knew? I mean, which Black tribe wouldn't have been able to take a country like Sweden, which has a Winter over 8 months long, and make it into a thriving country? Just imagine the IQ67's trying to build up a successful country in Scandinavia? Why, it would be a hub of activity and wealth!

Yeah, nothing to do with the people at all. Just pure luck. 

In comparison you have Africa - for example - which is blessed with so much rich soil, minerals, metals, natural resources, abundant exotic wildlife - and just look what they've managed not to do with the place? I'm guessing were the Swedish people to have lucked out and landed in Congo, they'd have made a success of that too. 

Just a wild racist guess.

And just how does this Feminazi freakoid think this luck should be stopped? By bringing in more third-world immigrants to balance out the luckiness and to allow Sweden to "grow" more.

Hahaha. You really have to laugh at her insane mutterings.

But, that's not her only words of wisdom. She's just bubbling over with cleverness. See, she's the same broad who says she isn't surprised that immigrants are raping Swedish girls and women. Nah, she's not surprised one bit, because she feels their pain. That would be the pain of the immigrant and not the raped females, because the immigrants are "“emotionally crippled". 

Apparently being a Muslim/Black doormat trumps standing up for your fellow females in Feminazi land.

And, she continues, because it's not their fault that they chose to rape the females of Sweden, it would be inhumane and racist to deport these "emotionally crippled" rapists back to their home countries.

Ah Lisa. There's a special padded cell waiting for you to join it permanently - preferably with a permanent sock in your mouth. You're not only mentally retarded, but you're a danger to humanity. 

Or better yet, let Sweden deport you permanently to one of those unlucky countries like Ethiopia or Somalia so you can experience some of their unluckiness. I'm sure the local males will be just as "emotionally crippled" and you can help heal their pain.

Do something useful in your life for once.

And there you have the midget mind of a self-hating, moronic Liberal. 

Liberalism is a mental disease and there's only one sure fire cure.

A Nation Commits Suicide Before Our Very Eyes NB – Google Translate

Lisa Magnusson : “The Swedes have managed to carve out a more tolerable life than people in the Third World have with “pure luck” to do, argue Metro columnist Lisa Magnusson. We Swedes deserves not to have it better than, say, Syrians, she beats firm

“Neither I nor anyone else who grew up on this blissful place has done a single thing which implies that right, we would have more right to a decent existence. It was pure luck that made ​​us born in Sweden. We drew a winning ticket in life’s raffle, “writes Lisa in a chronicle of immigration policy.

Now we need immigration from third world to grow even more, she argues.

“During World War II, we received almost twice as many war refugees per year that we receive from Syria, and then we were also considerably fewer and poorer. We simply better.”

Lisa Magnusson is already a strong voice for the weak and vulnerable. In March 2012 , she brought a stir by stating that it is “not surprising” that immigrants over the falls and rape Swedish girls and women. She noted that immigrants only rape because they are “emotionally crippled” and that therefore it is both inhumane and racist find that rapists should be deported to their home countries.”


09 December 2014

And now we know......

South Africa: There is no crisis at Eskom – Matona

The CEO of ESKOM - South Africa's electricity supplier - Tshediso Matona says there is no electricity crisis.

I'm betting millions of people in SA who have experienced rolling black-outs will disagree. 

Not only are the rolling black-outs affecting homes, but it's affecting business in a big way, already costing the steel and engineering sectors R6 billion in lost output.

But, that's not a crisis according to the genius IQ67 head of ESKOM. 

While the CEO was serenading the media with spin classes, his twin at ESKOM was telling another story:
Eskom: Hang in there for another year
"Power supply will ease once Kusile and Medupi are online and producing power... and that will take between 12 and 18 months," chief executive Tshediso Matona told reporters in Johannesburg.
So, not a year then as claimed. More like 1.5 years until some new power stations come on-line. By that time the other overworked power plants would have conked out......

But, that's next years problem.

And who believes these fools anyway? It's taken them 11 years to get Medupi off the drawing board and kind-of built. And it's nowhere finished yet.

So, hang in there South Africa! Your ESKOM CEO says there is no crisis and whatever crisis there isn't, it'll be resolved in the next year..... or so.

Hopefully businesses will understand and hang around!

The country is not experiencing a power supply crisis, says Eskom.

“There is no crisis at Eskom. I think the way Eskom gets reported on creates the perception of a crisis,” CEO Tshediso Matona told reporters in Johannesburg today.

Matona said the power utility needed financial stability and additional power to make sure electricity supply was reliable.

“We sell electricity below cost compared to other countries. We have spoken about this before… It is a matter of policy implementation, which we do not do ourselves.”

Eskom did not anticipate implementing its Stage 3 schedule of rolling blackouts again this month, he said.

“We will probably not go into Stage 3 from this difficult patch, but that will rely on additional power capacity going forward,” said Matona.

Stage one allows for up to 1000MW of the national load to be shed, stage two for up to 2000MW and stage three for up to 4000MW.

Matona earlier apologised for recent power blackouts.

“The events were completely unexpected, especially on Thursday and Friday,” he said.


South Africa: DA has no place for ‘disgusting’ white racists, says Zille

Ah, Aunty Botox Zille is at it again.

Zille, leader of the "Democratic Alliance" is showing her true colours - eventually. You can't keep a true Communist hidden for long - no matter how much they dress up and botox the heck out of their face.

Aunty Zille has been so busy navel gazing about "disgusting white racists" that she managed to miss the 130 Whites who were murdered by her precious Black peeps during the time frame she refers to. Not to mention the 400 other Whites who were victims of other serious crimes.

Gee, fancy that, eh?

Aunty Black-Sash Zille is only doing what's in her cultural Marxist nature. She is, at the end of the day, just another political demagogue, who needs to visit the gutter to win over some more Black voters. And how better to achieve that than to throw her own race under the bus?

Zille managed to find "a slew" of racial incidents committed by Whites against Blacks over the past few months. No mention of when she'll find the "avalanche" of Black-on-White racial incidents, including all the farm murders, crime, rapes and assaults? 

I guess she'll find out and address those incidents in the media when she's finished finding her navel.

The "slew" of incidents she's referring to totals 4. Yup, that's the total sum of all the acts committed by "disgusting white racists". 

Can someone please find her overreaction button and turn it off??

But, that doesn't stop the Aunty from carrying like a Muppet:
"Our party has no place for people like these. We are disgusted by them. While our constitution guarantees them the right to free speech, even when they are vile and offensive, they do not have a right to associate, or be associated with, the DA," Ms Zille said.
Wow, apparently the Aunty thinks everyone with a White skin votes for her pathetic political party! She's obviously read the muti tea-leaves and decided that losing a few White voters is nothing compared to pandering to millions of Blacks. 


Just imagine what she'd do to the Whites were she ever to come to power? Zille is mini-me ANC-lite - she believes in all their policies, and thinks the country needs even more Affirmative Action laws to "redress" the past. Stupid moron.

And were this loony-bin White-hater Liberal ever in charge of running SA, then the Whites would have nowhere to hide. She'd annihilate them. Her anti-White genes would kick in big-time - not to mention her Afrikaans-hating ones - they'd be on high alert.

She's a snake. A very dangerous snake with no morals, integrity or soul.

And if she's carrying on like this now in reaction to Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr, who has become popular among his people for standing up and telling the truth, then these Marxist scum must surely be very worried. Because the LAST thing they ever thought would happen was for the Afrikaners to regain their pride and passion for their old homeland.

So Aunty Zille, take that Black-Sash you have hiding in your closet and look for the nearest tree.

Do South African Whites a favour.

Hat tip: Richard K

DEMOCRATIC Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille on Sunday criticised white perpetrators of racist attacks, and distanced her party from actions of "such individuals".

Ms Zille’s statement comes after a slew of highly publicised racial attacks, some of which she mentioned in her weekly newsletter, SA Today. She focused on white racists because the "they are all too often associated with the DA".

In October, a white male swimming coach attacked a black female domestic worker in Cape Town, claiming he believed the domestic worker was a prostitute. Last week two white men attacked a black petrol attendant at a petrol station in Witbank, Mpumalanga.

In September, a group of white spectators at the Newlands rugby Test match between the Springboks and Australia began loudly shouting the "k-word" every time a black player touched the ball. When some white people around them objected, they were verbally abused for the rest of the game.

In March, two black women left a bar in Richards Bay to fetch a friend. When they returned, they were blocked from entering by a group of white men who told them it was "not a bar for blacks".

When they protested, a scuffle ensued and they were assaulted by the men.

"Our party has no place for people like these. We are disgusted by them. While our constitution guarantees them the right to free speech, even when they are vile and offensive, they do not have a right to associate, or be associated with, the DA," Ms Zille said.

The statement coincides with the weekend commemorating one year since former president Nelson Mandela died. Ms Zille blamed the "sudden surge of racist incidents" on complacency by white South Africans who were not racist and the emergence of new "right-wing leaders" in the form of Afrikaans pop singer Steve Hofmeyr and literary critic Dan Roodt.

"Gone are the khaki-clad, gun-toting, horse-riding para-militaries of old. They have now been replaced by one pop star and one self-proclaimed intellectual, in Steve Hofmeyr and Dan Roodt. I often wonder what happened in Steve Hofmeyr’s life to turn him into the man he has become.

"Cloaked in flowery prose and intellectual bluster, their racism has emboldened some of their followers. I doubt it is a coincidence that the increase in racist incidents across the country has run parallel to the increase in their public profiles," the DA leader said.

Last year, the opposition party expelled Nelson Mandela Bay councillor Stanford Slabbert after it was found that he had sent a racist e-mail to fellow councillors insulting President Jacob Zuma.

Political analyst Steven Friedman said Ms Zille was not overreacting in distancing the party from recent acts of racial attacks. "I think she’s right to be concerned about race relations in SA and their impact on the DA. There are incidences and they are often associated with white SA and racial violence is associated with apartheid. I think it’s important for her to make that statement and distance her party from these and of course it’s obvious that the DA is not the Red October or anything."

Political leaders in SA have not yet made a concerted effort to confront the tense race relations in society after the constitutional reform, Mr Friedman said.


Germans take to the streets to protest against 'Islamisation'

It seems Germany is finally waking up with Germans rallying against the invasion of Muslims into the country.

Luckily no neo-Nazi signs were seen at this demonstration, otherwise it would have given the media an excuse to call it a right-wing extremist movement - ergo, racist White supremacists.

This time the protestors were shouting “Wir sind das Volk”, or “We are the people” - the rallying call shouted to pressure the East German communists to bring down the Berlin Wall 25 years ago. 


The demonstrators say they want to preserve Germany’s Judeo-Christian Western culture. That's it. So now the media has to hold-off demonising the anti-Muslim movement, until they can find someone waving an unsavoury flag or banner. Which will no doubt happen - even if they have to plant one such deviant among the crowds themselves!

Because they just can't have this happening in Germany! Why, it could spread all across Europe - and then what? Not that it isn't already happening in many European countries, but Germany is the big one. If the German people have lost their fear of being vilified for Nazism which happened 70-odd years ago and which has shell-shocked Germans into being overly sensitive about their past, then it will send the Globalists into a panic. They will no longer be able to manipulate and use propaganda to tell people that there is nothing to worry about and convince them that if they're against Muslims then they're just racist xenophobes.

Haven't I said all along that you can kick the most placid dog only for so long before it finally bites back? Well Europe has been kicked enough and it's finally biting back. The balance has tilted against their favour and it's time to tip it back.

And Germany is finally finding it's testosterone again.


A new type of anti-immigration protest is sweeping across Germany, as thousands take to the streets against what they say is the growing “Islamisation” of the country.

The new protests, which began in the city of Dresden in the former East Germany, feature no neo-Nazi slogans and have nothing to do with the traditional far right.

Instead the demonstrators have adopted the old rallying call of the protests against the East German communist regime that brought down the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, “Wir sind das Volk”, or “We are the people”. They say they want to preserve Germany’s Judeo-Christian Western culture.

The protests come as Bavaria’s ruling Christian Social Union (CSU) is seeking to distance itself from a draft proposal for its party conference which said that immigrants should speak German not only in public, but at home as well.

Germany is now the second most popular destination in the world for migrants, after the US, and the country is struggling to cope with an unprecedented influx of asylum-seekers.

While Angela Merkel’s government has made clear it will block any attempt by David Cameron to curtail freedom of movement within the EU, the German debate over immigration has focused on those coming from outside the bloc, and on Muslims in particular.

Thousands have defied sub-zero temperatures to join weekly marches each Monday in Dresden under the banner of Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of Europe, or Pegida.

The protests were started by a local man, Lutz Bachmann, with no background in politics. 

When he called his first demonstration in October, only a few hundred turned up, but the movement has snowballed, and last week 7,500 came.

Pegida has inspired similar movements across Germany. Though the numbers have not been as high as in Dresden so far, marches have been called in cities from Düsseldorf to Munich.

Demonstrations against Muslim immigration in Cologne earlier this year turned violent, but unlike the far-right groups and self-proclaimed “hooligans” behind those protests, Pegida insists its movement is peaceful.

It has run into opposition, though: last week a counter-demonstration by around 1,000 people succeeded in blocking Pegida’s way through Dresden, and in the city of Kassel, counter-demonstrators actually outnumbered those who marched against immigrants.

Critics contend that known neo-Nazis have infiltrated the protests, while Mr Bachmann, who has called for “zero tolerance for criminal immigrants”, was forced to acknowledge he “has a past”, after a local newspaper reported he has a lengthy criminal record of his own, including convictions for burglary and drug-dealing.

The Devolution of South Africa under the ANC......

USA: Demographics complicate Hartford desegregation

This article below caught my eye today.

So I did a little digging into the background.

It seems that in 1989, 18 school aged children from Hartford, Connecticut, took the local government to court over alleged "significant constitutional violations under applicable sections of the State constitution which they believe constituted a denial of their fundamental rights to an education and rights to equal protection under the law."

Basically they were upset White schools were getting more money and resources than Black/Brown schools, so sued the government to force them spend as much on them as the White kids. They also wanted the Black schools to be integrated with the White schools. 

Course they did. They were probably worried they were missing out on White culture and their privileged riches.

At first the motion was denied, but then a year later it was overturned on appeal by some female Liberal judge. As tends to happen these days.

The case was known as Sheff v. O'Neill. Sheff referred to Milo Sheff who was the lead plaintiff of the case and in fourth-grade at the time.

Here is Milo Sheff then and now - his 15 minutes of fame clearly expired:

The local government has been negotiating with the school district for over 25 years now on how best to implement the judicial decision.

And every time they decide on a magic bullet, it never hits the mark and they have to start again, doubling down on the stupidity.

According to Liberals it is possible to force different people to live together when they clearly don't want to, and it WILL WORK ONE DAY. All they have to do is try again and again, using underhand tactics such as changing district lines and bus-ing White kids in and it will all fall into place one day.

And as the Liberals in Connecticut scratch their heads at the failure to lure more White kids to Black schools, Whites are fleeing the district in record numbers to go live among their own - away from the riff-raff "in da hood' diversity types that is enriching their lives.

Gee, I wonder why Whites and Asians are fleeing the wonderful Liberal Utopia of Hartford? It's almost as if they don't want to live next to the exploding Black and Hispanic population. But that couldn't possibly be the motivation?

From the original article comes this comment:
What a joke. Of course whites are rolling out of town, Hartford is a ghetto, who wants to deal with that? And forcing suburban schools to take inner city students doesn't do anything but degrade the schools themselves. Schools, and their success, are a reflection of the communities they serve. If schools are bad it is because the culture of the people attending are bad, period.
What I find interesting is this social pressure for normal people to accept cultures they don't like and move away from, and if they don't then the liberals label them "racist". Fun fact, I can't think of any major cities in America where a large and/or growing black population has led to decreased crime, a better economy, higher property values, better schools and a lower percentage of welfare dependency.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

Golf clap all round.

This just goes to show that self-segregating as the nasties move in is quite normal and instinctive. 

We stupidly gave it a name in South Africa - Apartheid.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The shrinking population of white students in Hartford's suburbs is complicating efforts to comply with Connecticut's landmark school desegregation settlement — and even making it harder for some of the capital city's students to attend new schools created to help meet the racial integration goals set by the lawsuit 25 years ago.

State education officials are currently negotiating the latest changes to the agreement, reached with the plaintiffs after they won a 1996 Connecticut Supreme Court ruling, but say it is becoming harder to attract white students to Hartford's schools because they're living farther away.

About half the students living in the 22 communities subject to the agreement, according to state officials, are non-white. That's up from about 38 percent in 2008, when the parties negotiated a revised timetable for progress on reducing racial, ethnic and economic isolation. Another revision was made last year.

USA: Obama legacy: Race relations have gotten WORSE on his watch

In case you haven't been following the happenings in America, here's a quick snap-shot.

First, all Whites are privileged racists - EXCEPT for the White liberals who, if they grovel enough, are to be seen as good Whites and therefore given a pass by their poor Black brethren.

Secondly, the police are racist and hunt and kill Blacks for fun. Period. 

America under Obama and his Black supremacist Attorney General Eric "my people" Holder, has become more divided than ever before. And with Holder soon out the door, he's doing everything he can in the remaining few months to destroy the police's standing in the eyes of the public. Especially the Black public.

This will be Obama's legacy - dividing America. Hating on cops. Hating on the military.

Remember when Obama was pandering for White votes back in 2008, where he said there wasn't a White America, or a Black America, or an Asian America, or a Hispanic America, or a Native Indian America - no, there was only the United States of America?

Yeah, fooled you didn't he?

How the stupid people lapped that crap up, all to eager to embrace the new Black messiah named Barack Hussein Obama - a man who was finally going to rid them of their White guilt just by voting for their new Black master. 

All those who voted for him in 2008 believed that he was going to calm the troubled waters, heal the sick and save the world by magically transforming America into a racial Utopia. And life would be good.

Except the transformation Obama was talking about was the transformation of America from a successful country into a broken, divided shadow of its former self.

So then, job well done by this Communist community agitator.

Everything Obama has promised has turned out to be a lie. He told Americans that they could keep their doctors and their health plan under his marvellous "Obamacare". LIE. He said he was going to be have the most transparent administration ever. Haha. LIE. He said he was going to work with Congress to pass laws. LIE. He said he was going to unite America. LIE. He said he was going to be fiscally prudent. LIE LIE LIE.

Every time the mulatto's purple lips move he lies. Now maybe America will understand why they resisted having a Black president for so many years. All those stereotypes and generalisations proved to be true after all and the joke is on you America. You still have 2 more years of this fool to live through.

In the meantime, Obama's tandem-partner and co-racist, the other Commie piece of trash Eric Holder is smearing the good name of cops in America every chance he gets. 

Every little incident is blown out of proportion and claimed as proof of the inherent racism of Whites.

Who could ever have believed that America would not only have a Black president, but that he would be allowed to fill government departments with his useless Black radical pals? No wonder America is choking.

According to Holder, all cops are racist and have “unconscious bias” towards Black people. So, it's back to re-training for them:
The NYPD can expect to undergo the same kind of “de-biasing” training that Holder put departments in Seattle, New Orleans, St. Louis and several other cities through while investigating them for alleged civil rights violations.
All Holder is doing is to constantly undermine the police and the dangerous job they are tasked to do. Every day he's fugly mugg is on TV telling White America how racist they are and how the cops are bias towards the poor Blacks. As a result of all the insults, vilification and witch-hunting, cops will now think twice before acting and not react on instinct and training. 

The inevitable result will be that crime will rise and Blacks will get bolder knowing that any time anything happens to them at the hands of a cop, all they need to do is claim racism and the police will run like cowards, scared to be the next "Daren Wilson" of Ferguson fame. 

You only have to look at what's happening in Seattle since Holder introduced his "de-biasing" training - to see the truth. Hint: crime is up:
In a 2012 consent decree, Holder ordered Seattle to soften its use-of-force rules and train brass and rank and file alike in “bias-free” policing that recognizes and eliminates “implicit bias,” while disciplining any conduct tied to it.
Since Holder stepped in, crime is up 13% overall in Seattle. But it’s not just minor infractions. It’s the biggies — aggravated assaults up 14%, car theft up a whopping 44% and murders up 21%.
So, welcome to the new lawless America - being hatched with care by the Black communists in the White House. All meant to keep the White people down and living in fear. All to assist the Black criminals in targeting the White population.


Because Holder and Obama hate White people and they hate what America stands for even more. 


More than half of adults say race relations in the United States have worsened under President Obama, according to a new poll.

Fifty-three percent of respondents said race relations have gotten worse under the first black president, according to the Bloomberg politics poll. Nine percent think they’ve gotten better and 36 percent say they’ve stayed about the same.

Race relations in the country have come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of two recent grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers who were involved in the deaths of unarmed black men.

Fifty-two percent of Americans agreed with a Ferguson, Mo. grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown over the summer, and 36 percent disagreed.

Sixty-four percent of whites agreed with the decision in Ferguson, compared to 89 percent of blacks who disagreed.

In New York City, meanwhile, 60 percent of Americans disagreed with a grand jury’s declining to bring criminal charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the choking death of 43-year-old Eric Garner on Staten Island over the summer.

As was the case with Ferguson, the question was sharply divided along racial lines there as well, though a majority of both whites and blacks disagreed with the decision. Fifty-two percent of whites and 90 percent of blacks disagreed with the grand jury’s decision in the case of Garner, who had been questioned on suspicion of illegally selling cigarettes.

The survey of 1,001 adults was taken from Dec. 3-5 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.