30 September 2014

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South Africa: Gauteng water shortage a technical glitch

First the water shortage was blamed on the pumps, then it was the generators, and now the water shortage is blamed on..... electric cable theft!

All that spinning to hide the truth - that IQ67s in charge of anything usually leads to a disaster.

They're not clever enough to do basic maintenance of systems. No, they're too busy stealing from the money tills to worry about keeping the goose laying golden eggs.

This isn't the end of this sorry tale. Not when the Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane is asking Rand Water to draw up a 10-year water plan.

They can't even work out what to do tomorrow, let alone in 10-years time.

Here's some help with the 10-year plan:

1. Come up with a list of who to blame when things go wrong.
2. Steal as much as you can now, before people realise we're incompetent Affirmative Action appointed thieving cadres.
3. When things go wrong, bring in "experts" to explain it to the minister.
4. Tell Sipho not to steal any more "cables".
5. Ignore maintenance schedules - that's just White's trying to scare the company into spending money on something that's not needed. It's just racism.
6. Keep appointing incompetent CEO's to continue the scam.

In the meantime, here's how the children of Gauteng are taking baths......

Hat tip: MS

Johannesburg - Water supply problems in Gauteng were due to a technical glitch and not Rand Water's fault, Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane said on Monday.

"Even though the fault does not lie with Rand Water, we've taken collective responsibility. What happened in Gauteng was a technical glitch," she told reporters at Rand Water's depot in Glenvista, Johannesburg.

According to eNCA she said the shortages were caused by the theft of electric cables that were needed for the pump stations at the reservoirs.

She denied claims that the province had a water crisis.

She called on experts to explain the problem.

This was the first time Rand Water had experienced such a problem. Mokonyane said although correcting the problem took time, it was a reasonable delay.

"The situation is far better than it was three or four days ago."

She has called on all municipalities in Gauteng to draw up a 10-year water plan.

Rand Water CEO Percy Sechemane said water levels had stabilised. Supply to affected areas had been restored, but he could not confirm that every single household had running water.

"It's normal in the sense that people are receiving water."

Mokonyane gave Rand Water two weeks to resolve the matter.

Rand Water board chairperson Matshidiso Mayimele-Hashatse said reservoir levels were not yet at a 100%, but all were stable. The volumes they had pumped in during the past few days had been higher than normal, she said.


USA: Black Muslim beheads White woman

It's been rather entertaining watching the fall-out from a Black Muslim convert beheading a White female in Oklahoma last week.

Not entertaining due to the barbarity of the attack on two innocent women. But entertaining watching the American libtards and the FBI tie themselves in knots to protect a Black Muslim man and his motivation for the beheading.

In the end the FBI failed America and failed the American people by classifying the crime as 'work place violence'.

However, that's pretty standard behaviour from Obama's FBI these days. Didn't they also classify the Fort Hood killings as "work place violence", even after the shooter, Muslim Nidal Hasan, admitted to it being killings for Mo, and shouting Allu Snackbar as he shot 13 soldiers dead?

Gone are the days when the enemy is named and shamed. Today, under the loony pathetic Progressives, the enemy is actually the victim and needs all the excusing and protection they can offer.

Plus, it would be highly embarrassing to classify this cowardly act as terrorism - Islamic terrorism - because hasn't Obama said that Islam is a religion of peace, and therefore can't be anything else but peaceful?

So, just give the crime another name and Bob's your uncle. Problem solved. Enemy and truth hidden behind a tall PC wall.

What terrorism?? Crazy talk by racist Whites - that's all.

May the poor innocent victim, Colleen Hufford (54), rest in peace. She didn't deserve to die in such a brutal way - first stabbed and then beheaded by some crazy coward of a Black Muslim. 

She got up that fateful morning, dressed herself and went off to work - and then came face to face with evil and lost.

After stabbing and severing the head of Hufford, our brave Black Muslim then turned his attention to the next female he could find - Traci Johnson, 43. He stabbed her a few times before he was shot and stopped by the CEO of the company, from where our brave Black Muslim was fired, and then returned to show the world how to deal with unfairness Muslim style.

Yes, dear readers, because this is all about unfairness. It wasn't fair that the meat processing company where our brave Black Muslim worked fired him for comments encouraging the stoning of women, or for trying to convert his fellow workers to Islam. 

Just for trying to practise his religion - at work - he was persecuted by the horrible White people, so it was only fair that the Black Muslim returned and beheaded the nearest White woman he could find. 

And for that, he was gunned down by an armed racist White male, who stopped him practising his peaceful religion.

Yeah, so at the end of the day, the Black Muslim was just another victim of White privilege. 

How do you like that version of the truth?

Because that's exactly how the libtards will come to see this incident. They are that dumb that this will somehow make more sense to them. 

But, isn't it fascinating that Muslim men have such a problem with women? At the end of the day, Muslim men are nothing but a bunch of cowards. They are so scared of their women that they have to hide them behind tents and give them slits to look out onto the world. They are so insecure that they can't have another man look at their wife/wives.

They are so scared of women that they treat them like scum. They stone them, rape and then blame them, flog them, hide them, behead them, murder their own daughters for "dishonouring" the family, and treat them as less than human. 

Their children - especially the boys - are taught that their mother is less worthy than a man. Women are regarded as below men and unclean.

No wonder Islam is a cultist 'religion' so full of hatred and violence - when even the children don't know the loving touch of their own Mother's hand, and where the male child is taught to disrespect their own mother from the cradle.

No wonder then, that this COWARDLY Black Muslim attacked a woman first - to show the world just how brave the Muslim male is. Then he went for the next female he could find. Such is his bravery. 

Take on the weaker sex - the natural instinct of the Muslim male.

But, if you're an Obama voter, then repeat after me: It had NOTHING to do with Islam, it was all work-place violence.....

You may actually start believing that if you're an imbecilic, nincompoop libtard. 

Hat tip: Pink Panther

Our brave Black Muslim warrior

At first, the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City had denied that beheader Jah’keem Yisrael, nee Alton Nolen, attended mosque or that they were familiar with him. When pictures emerged of Jah’keem praying at the mosque on his Facebook page, their story radically changed. The media seamlessly reports the morphing narrative without question.

Read more HERE

And look, here are the imbecilic, nincompoop libtards I've blogged about (just in case you were a doubting Thomas)!

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Picture roundup.......

Photo: A climber navigating sharp pinnacles of limestone in Madagascar

Hungry hippo: He must be a very hungry hippo. As a herd of hippopotamus bathe under the sun, a fight kicks off between two adults - and ends with one giving the other a huge bite on the bottom. The group of 25 were lounging around peacefully in a river when the pair started battling. One hippo opens it's four-foot wide mouth and shows off a set of huge teeth before lunging at the other animal. These breathtaking pictures were captured by professional nature photographer, John Shaw.

An Attacus atlas butterfly sits on the face of a visitor to the Botanical Garden of Masaryk University in Brno

A staff member plays a shot towards a putting green on a lake from a tee ground on top of a hill, at Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. A invitational competition for Chinese and Korean celebrities will be held this month in Zhangjiajie, and the player who can make a hole in one will be awarded $1,000,000, local media reported.

A firefighter battling the King fire watches as a backfire burns along Highway 50 in Fresh Pond, California. The fire led officials to call on about 400 people to evacuate from areas threatened by the blaze, Cal Fire spokeswoman Alyssa Smith said. It has charred more than 11,500 acres (4,654 hectares) and was 5 percent contained on Tuesday.

The Virginia creeper covering the 15th-century cottage housing the Tu Hwnt Ir Bont tearoom has turned to copper red as Autumn approaches, in Llanrwst, North Wales

An unlucky leopard got more than it bargained for after trying to catch and eat a honey badger. Pictured brawling with the badger, the leopard soon found out this was one animal that wouldnt go down without a fight. After spotting the badger from a distance, the leopard managed to rush down inside its burrow and drag it outside for what it thought was going to be an easy meal. But despite catching its prey by the neck, the tough mammal managed to wriggle free thanks to its specially adapted, loose skin.

Jakub Vlk from Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic, is a professional pilot who normally flies a Boeing 737-800, but he decided to take a nifty glider for a spin when he posed for the selfie. The picture, which Jakub took while soaring in the air above Benesov Airport, shows him sporting a cheesy grin, while his back seat companion Zdenek, looks less than impressed.

A large male elephant flipping a large Black Rhino on September 2014 in South Africa.  An elephant flips a black rhino onto its back in a violent battle between the African giants. Amateur photographer Louis Kok and his wife Marthie, captured extraordinary photographs of the large male elephant flipping a large Black Rhino cow ñ leaving it on its back with its legs in the air. The couple from Pretoria, South Africa, were stunned to watch the peaceful scene transform into a fight as the bull elephant attacked the protective rhino mother.

Two Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-130J Hercules aircraft fly above the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge during a display. Australia raised its terror threat level to 'high' from 'medium' on September 12, 2014, saying there was an increased likelihood of a terrorist attack at home but stressed it had no knowledge of a specific attack plan.

A thick layer of fog sweeps across and swamps a windmill as the sun rises over a field in the Zaans Schans, Zaandam in Holland

Genetically-engineered fish (Pterophyllum Scalare var.) glow in a tank

Two kingfishers fighting over a perch near Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Australia's Mick Fanning wipes out on the French Polynesian island of Tahiti.

A competitor takes part in the first international waterfall jumping competition held in the old town of Jajce, Bosnia.

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