30 June 2014

How's this for precision?

Scott Augur has to fell a 100 feet tall Douglas Fir with only five inches to spare on either side of it.

His plan is to cut it down but the only issue is that it's between two buildings.....

Watch the video to see the end result.

Public Confidence In USA Government

Which way will it tip? Left or Right???

Australia: Feral Left wants to kill Tony Abbott

Hey America (and other western nations)! Don't think you have a monopoly on the feral Leftist Socialists!

Here in Australia we have our fair share. For the past 6 years, when the socialist Labor party was in power, these feral creatures - who call themselves the Socialist Alternative - were sleeping nice and warm in their hibernating pods.

Who knew that all it would take to rouse them from their deep slumber, would be the voting in of a conservative government? Well, boy did that wake up them up! They woke up not in a very good mood, I might add. No, they woke up in their normal foul socialist mood, but even more foul than ever, after getting up on the wrong side of reality.

It seems while Fabian Socialist Julia Gillard was head of the country, giving out free lolly-pops to all her voters and opening the border for all manner of third-world country shoppers, they were having a good nap. When Jules was cutting university funding, these Socialist cuties were sleeping tight. When she was cutting aid to single mothers, they all rolled over, gave a sigh and continued their deep sleep. 

Jules, their idol, could do no wrong. Even when she stood up in parliament and BLATANTLY LIED accused Tony Abbott of being a misogynist.Why, even darling Hitlery Clinton wrote about that stunt in her non-selling book recently.

Still they slept....

However, with the coming of Abbott, well, their slumber came to an abrupt end. All of a sudden they were shocked into action, their eyes bulged opened, their tummies grumbled and they came out of their caves looking for some socialist agitation.

First they held public protests where they managed to cobble a few hundred hippies together and ridiculed Abbott with posters, lies and propaganda. Naturally. 

Then they physically jostled our female Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop. Not a word of misogyny from these commie deviants then.

Then they intimidated a former female Liberal Party MP when she was giving a lecture at a university. Still no word from the Left about the misogyny shown these conservative females.

Then  they went looking for one of the Abbott daughters, to highlight that she was studying on a grant....... a grant that a private organisation awarded her based on her intelligence. Yeah, crickets on that misogyny..... Coooo-eeeeee, lefty Feminazi's, where are you????

Then they tried to shut down a program being broadcast live-to-air, on our national broadcaster, paid for by OUR taxes, trying to get their little commie poster shown on Tee-Vee.

And now this front cover to their commie magazine titled "REDFLAG", showing what they'd like to do to Tony Abbott, involving a knife to his throat.

Aren't they just adorable?

Yeah, can you imagine living under these Socialist Alternative freakoids? I mean, they've shown us some true civilised behaviour recently - behaviour we'd love to see replicated in the younger generations, no? Can you imagine giving these savage barbarians ONE INCH of political power, ever?? 

Ah, I remember the good old days when the Left was whining like babies about the non-existent poor treatment Julia Gillard, dished out, apparently, from conservatives. The one incident they keep bringing up - because that's all they've got - was when Tony Abbott gave an off-the-cuff speech against the Carbon Tax and someone held up a sign - without his knowledge and behind his back saying "ditch the witch". 

Oh, how the Lefty precious petals all fainted in horror at the misogyny!

So, I'm eagerly awaiting their condemnation of this front cover of the commie magazine....with clear murderous implications, visions and misandry.

I'm thinking I'll be waiting a looooooooong time, seeing as these same precious petals all defended the upcoming "Festival of Dangerous Ideas" from criticism, when they scheduled a lecture from a RADICAL Muslim hate-preacher titled “Honour killings are morally justified.”

It seems that they suffer selective outrages. When it's perceived "misogyny" against Julia Gillard, then they get their panties into a twist. When it's definite misogyny against women and girls in Islam, where these females are murdered by their men for bringing 'shame' to their family -  then it's acceptable misogyny and can be excused due to culture.

ANYONE who thinks the Left are balanced and mentally stable, need their heads read or need to go on medication..... pronto! 

South Africa: Man in court for genitals in bag

Police: Hello! Excuse me, sir! Excuse me! Hello, sir, what have you got in that bag?

IQ67: Eish, I have a bag with some body parts.

Police: Body parts? What kind of body parts?

IQ67: Errrr..... eish, I have a bag with two hands and some private parts.

Police: Why have you got these body parts in a bag?

IQ67: Eish, I want to sell them to a sangoma for medicine to make some money. It's our culcha!

Police: Oh, okay, off you go. There's a sangoma down the road you can try.......


Okay, not exactly what happened - at least in this case the IQ67 was arrested for possession of human body parts. The rest is sadly true.

Imagine walking around with a someone's cut-off hands and genitals in a bag, just wondering around looking for a willing buyer. As if it's an everyday occurrence - which it is nowadays.

This criminal is 35 years old - not 12 or 15 - but 35 years old, and he thinks it's okay to cut off chunks of someone's body - who was probably still alive at the time of mutilations, seeing that the fresher the body parts the better - and then go looking for a sangoma to sell it to. 

Yes people, this is South Africa today, where sangoma's (witch-doctors) are treated like royalty, and their bone-throwing, muti (medicine) making is viewed as better than western medicine. This is the mentality that civilised people have been fighting for centuries. And still this mentality and all the superstitions that goes with it, wins, time after time.

And don't think it's just the ignorant, poor Black people who believe in the bone-throwing and medicine containing human parts. Oh no. It's across every sector of the Black population, from the poor to the president of the country.

And if they're not selling human body parts, they're eating them:
A ZIMBABWEAN man has been arrested in South Africa after he allegedly killed a love rival in a savage attack, cut out his heart and ate it with a fork and knife.
Oh, okay then! At least he used a knife and fork to eat a human heart.

And then if it's not humans they're eating, it's the local pets:
Two Nigerian men and a South African woman appeared in the Klerksdorp Magistrate's Court for allegedly beheading a dog while it was alive, and eating its meat, the Stilfontein SPCA in the North West said on Thursday.

Maybe we should tell the Chinese that Black genitals are way more potent than African rhinoceros horn to get their weenies standing up to attention. Maybe that's the way to solve the African savage problem overnight.

Hat tip: ABC of the ANC, Nick A

Polokwane - A Mozambican man accused of the possession of human body parts has appeared in the Malamulele Magistrate's Court, Limpopo police said on Friday.

Samson Majoko, 35, appeared on Thursday, when the case was postponed to July 2 for further investigation, said Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi.

Majoko was arrested on Tuesday by police who were following up information about a man wanting to sell body parts, Mulaudzi said.

“Police rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect, who was allegedly sitting in a vehicle and had a plastic bag containing private parts and two hands in his possession,” he said.

On Wednesday, detectives found the body of the person from whom the parts were thought to have been taken.

“The body will be taken to forensics to determine whether the body parts found belong to the deceased,” Mulaudzi said.


Elton John: Jesus Christ would support gay marriage

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Here is a homosexual person, telling Christians what Jesus would do today. Elton John, who probably hasn't been in a church his entire adult life, is now telling Christians that Jesus would support Gay marriage.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Bible condemns homosexuality, because, last I checked, two men, or two women can't make a child. Unless you're Elton John and you can buy your babies so that you and your homosexual partner can raise them and play happy families with a menagerie of nannies to act as their rotating mommies. 

But, here's my main point Mr Elton John. When you go tell the Muslims what their prophet means when he says homosexuals should die, then get back to me with what you think Jesus would say today.

Show us how much of a man you are Mr John, and off you trotter to your nearest mosque and tell them to embrace homosexual marriage!

Oh, and by the way, good luck with your visit trying to convince Putin to embrace homosexuality in Russia! Let me know how that works out for you.

Elton John argued Sunday that Jesus Christ would support the idea of two gay priests tying the knot and that the celibacy vow among clergy is an “old and stupid” rule that should be abolished.

“The new Pope has been wonderful; he’s excited me so much,” the 67-year-old Grammy winner toldSky News. “He’s stripped [the Church] down to the bare bones and said it’s all basically about love.”

Mr. John, who hopes to marry David Furnish some time next year, said gay clergy should be allowed to marry and have sexual relationships.

“These are old and stupid things. If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this could not happen,” he said.

“He was all about love and compassion and forgiveness and trying to bring people together, and that’s what the church should be about.”

Mr. John told Sky News that the global fight for gay rights was stalling and that he planned to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin in November.

“Globally, we seem to have gone backwards over the last 18 months,” he said. “I will see Putin and talk to him. I don’t know what good it will do though.”

Read more HERE

Chinese teens trafficked into US through Central America

Hundreds of Chinese teens are slipping into the USA a year. Hidden among all those Hispanics and Arab Islamic terrorists.....

It's quite a sight to see some of the Democrat leaders rushing to go welcome all the "illegal" immigrants - also known as a photo-op - as they move over the border into America. As House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi proclaimed, as she embraced her new voters, they're all American now and this isn't a problem for America - it's an opportunity!

It's almost the same as when the Democrats proclaimed that losing your job would free you from job-lock. You gotta give it to the Left - when it comes to political spin, they're unbeatable world champions. They can take a turd and spin it into a gold nugget - and the sad part is that most people believe them.

How warped are the minds of these Progressives? They actively embrace the race that will be the majority in a few decades time - displacing them and the very people who built up the country. They actively embrace how Obama is committing cultural suicide and expect Americans to see it as an opportunity.

Hey Nancy! Why don't you take a few hundred sickly, diseased illegals back with you to your hometown of San Fransicko and keep them in your mansion? Go on Nancy, show us how optimistic you're feeling and put your home where your big mouth is. Think of the children, Nancy! 

Why is there not one reporter willing to ask Nancy that question? Just stand up and say: "Excuse me Ms Pelosi, we all know how generous you are (with other people's money) and how caring and concerned you appear to be for all these illegal immigrants - especially the children - so have you considered taking a few of the unaccompanied minors back home with you so you can look after them? Or, if you're not comfortable with the children, how about taking on a few of the adult diseased adult males? They can cut your lawns and clean your garden, and you can pay them a salary! It's' a win-win for both sides. So, what is your response Ms Pelosi?"

Watch her run for the hills. Then you'll see just how well the Demon-rats can spin! 

In any case, most of the lies..... er...... spin from the Democrats is that these "children" are fleeing unrest in their countries, and heading for safe America.

So then, how do they explain all the Chinese teens coming into the country? They sure are fleeing and taking the longest route possible to a "safe" county! Some are paying people smugglers $80 000 to get their kids into the country. 

Yeah, I may be a dumb red-neck, but I'm not that dumb. 

This is nothing but the importing of Obama and the Democrats' next cultural army. They are importing these people because they need them to vote this coming November, and at the next election in 2016, so that the Democrats retain both the Senate and the presidency. What's the bet that all these illegals will magically be placed on the voter rolls and be extremely willing to vote for the party they're told to vote for who has given them a new, free life?

There are currently around 97 million people out of work in America, and hundreds of thousands of more unskilled, low-intelligence, non-English speaking, unemployable children/teens/adults are being waved into the country.

I'm just wondering when White America is going to be angry enough to stop the communists in the White House from destroying their country?

The signs at the Texas border offer a glimpse of the enormity of the problem of unaccompanied minors trying to sneak into the US.

The instructions are printed in English and Spanish, of course — but also, surprisingly, they’re instructions for help are also in Chinese.

Hundreds of Chinese teens are slipping into the US a year, immigration groups say, mostly through Central America and Cuba.

They make their way to New York City, typically on buses, where they are farmed out across the country to work in Chinese restaurants.

Lauren Burke, a lawyer who speaks Mandarin, has worked with some 200 kids under age 18 in the last five years. She now has a caseload of 30 who need legal status.

“Some of them are actually trafficked by their parents. The parents are very complicit,” Burke said. “Sometimes, the family member gets duped by somebody who says . . . ‘I see you can’t afford to send your kid to school anymore. If you send them to America, there are streets paved with gold.’ ”

They take complicated routes to get here, through cities where visas are easily secured. Guatemala and Cuba are favored stops, said Burke, executive director of Atlas: DIY, an advocacy group in Brooklyn.

From Guatemala, they take overland routes to the US border.

One of Burke’s clients who flew from Bejing to Guatemala then took buses to the border. Once there, smugglers put him in a coffin to cross the border.

Another girl hid in a Guatemalan tour-bus bathroom that was marked out of order.

Those who land in Cuba come to the United States hidden under the floorboards of boats.

Another client took a less typical but equally circuitous route from her home in Fujian province through Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, then New York.

Juliet thought she was coming to live with the dad she hadn’t seen since she was a toddler. 

Her mom paid a “snakehead,” or smuggler, $80,000 to spirit her to America.

She was 15 when she left China for the month-long journey to New York. She landed, alone, at JFK Airport with a fake passport and understanding no English.

A day later, her dad sent her on a bus in Chinatown bound for Illinois, where she was to work in a Chinese restaurant. She doesn’t know if he was paid to send her, but it’s likely.

“I hated it here,” she told The Post. “They didn’t tell me anything.”

Juliet worked as a waitress in Illinois until customers asked her age and why she wasn’t in school. the restaurant owners enrolled her in school. where a classmate alerted her mom, who A parent there alerted a child advocates group.

Juliet eventually met Burke, who took her case. She lived in a Manhattan shelter and a succession of foster homes and graduated from high school.

Now 21, she waits tables and attends nursing school in Rochester. She obtained a green card through a program that helps abused, abandoned, or neglected children.

She says she sends money to her mom to pay off the snakehead.

“I just wish someone would know better before they come here so they wouldn’t have to go through what I had to go through,” she said.


USA: Sorry, Bald Eagles: Wind Farms Are Allowed to Kill You Now

In the USA, under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, the felony killing of a bald eagle is punished by a fine of $250,000 and prison time.

However, if you're in the 'right' industry, then these for-the-common-people laws don't apply to you - if the killing of these rare eagles can be justified as a moral killing, then kill away! 

And what would these 'right' industries be, you ask? Well, that would be the moral killing of birds in the name of saving the environment. Yes, that's right - if you own, say a wind farm - you know, to produce expensive, unsustainable "green" energy, then chopping protected eagles into tiny bits is acceptable. 

If you don't fall into the category of a moral killing you get to see the inside of a prison cell and the caring government empties your bank account.

Isn't the new environmentalism grand?? In that new crazy world you're allowed to kill rare birds so you can save 0.0000001 degree in temperature by the end of the decade - or some-such incalculable number. That's how much difference these wind farms will make at the end of the day - ZERO percent difference. But, it will make our electricity more expensive and drive jobs off-shore to less greener pastures - like Asia, where they REALLY REALLY don't care about the planet.

Wind farms allow the new Gaia worshipers to soothe their guilty consciences and proclaim that they're at least doing something to save the world..... even if  it means that over half a million birds die every year in America alone. Not to mention the dead bats - nearly 1 million bats a year get chopped to pieces.

Wind farms = the chopping block, literally. 

Not that solar plants are any better, as many dead birds are being found with "singed wings" around several California solar energy facilities. They either dive into the shiny panels thinking it's water, or they get their wings singed from the heat reflected off the panels.....and go splat.

But, back to the real world and all the Greenies will no doubt be pleased to hear that the Antarctic sea ice is growing, despite Global Warming fear-mongering. Actually, scrap that, the sea ice coverage around Antarctica over the weekend marked a RECORD high, with the ice surrounding the continent measuring at 2.07 million square kilometers....

If we'd listened to Al Bore a few years back, then the Arctic would be ice-free today and children wouldn't know what snow is. As I'm sitting here in my cold, icy house, shivering while typing, I can quite safely say that if Global Warming doesn't hurry up and get here, then I'm going to be one very upset non-believer!

Maybe they can burn the carcasses of the millions of dead birds to heat up the planet? After all, what's a few million dead birds when you're trying to save the planet??

I'm just wondering.....how many bird deaths will be enough for our moral Greenie friends? 

If you and I kill a bald eagle or disturb its nest, the consequences can be severe. Under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, the felony killing of a bald eagle is punished by a fine of $250,000 and prison time. The authorities are taking the killing seriously. Well, sort of. As it turns out, not everyone is equal under the do-not-kill-bald-eagles law. If you happen to be a favored industry like say, a wind farm, you could get a get-out-of-jail-free card after killing up to five bald eagles if you request a permit and the feds grants it. The Associated Press reports:
A California wind farm will become the first in the U.S. to avoid prosecution if eagles are injured or die when they run into the giant turning blades, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Thursday. 
Under President Barack Obama, wind energy has exploded as a pollution-free energy source that can help reduce the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming. But it is not without opposition from wildlife advocates. 
The Shiloh IV Wind Project LLC will receive a special permit allowing up to five golden eagles to be accidentally killed, harmed or disturbed over five years. Previously, such a violation could potentially draw criminal charges and discourage private investment in wind farms, which are known for catching birds in their rotors. 
Fish and Wildlife Service Director Daniel Ashe said the permit encourages development of renewable energy while requiring the wind company to take steps to protect eagles from turbines and power lines. The move will help California reach its goal of producing one-third of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, he said. 
“We can’t solve the problem of eagle mortality at wind farms overnight,” Mr. Ashe said in a statement.
The Federal government is being sued over the permits, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Bald eagles watch out, turns out, you are not that special after all. That’s a lesson some 888,000 bats and 573,000 birds had to learn back in 2012. 


Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Oppression of Gays Is 'New Apartheid'

NBC interviewed the communist "Archbishop" Tutu about homosexuality:
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who fought racial discrimination in South Africa, says the oppression of gay people around the world is the "new Apartheid."

Yeah, he fought racial discrimination alright - just for the Black race. Anyone with a White skin is still subjected to his pious hatred. This old commie has used his purple church skirts to hide his sinister Black supremacy tendencies and communist heart for decades. 

There's nothing like an atheist communist godless man pretending to be a man of the cloth.

No wonder he's now all for Gay marriage, Gay this and Gay that - anything to destroy Christianity, our traditions and the moral compass that goes together with the philosophy.

Or maybe he needs to wow a few more liberal bleeding hearts into departing with more of their money to fund his extremely comfortable retirement? Tutes is after all the Al Gore of Gay marriage. What does Gore command these days to go lie about Global Warming? $50 000, $150 000, $250 000, $500 000 a speech??

According to Tutes, "oppression" of Gays is the New Apartheid!

In the simpering, boot-licking interview, Tutes says that if God is a homophobe, then he would rather go to hell than to a homophobic heaven! Wow, he's got tickets on himself - who says he's going anywhere near heaven? Last I heard, all the vile murdering communists were down in hell, having a nice hot eternal sauna together. 

When was the last time you heard Tutu speaking out against Islamic radicalisation, the extremist be-headings, the attacks on Christians in the Middle East and Africa - especially in Nigeria?? When was the last time he stood up for Christianity, instead  of embracing Muslims and their murderous cult? When was the last time he gave a fu......err... a hoot?

BUT, for homosexual rights he's got all the time in the world! Even gets NBC to go to his palace in Cape Town to get his holy words on the matter.

So, forgive me if I'm a tad jaundiced with hatred for this feral piece of commie filth. He's as much a Christian and I'm a Muslim. 

Karma is on the way to visit Tutes, and I hope he enjoys the visit when it finally happens.

HERE is a link to the video if the embedding doesn't appear on your screens.

USA fighter pilot lands his plane on a padded stool

Watch and be amazed.

U.S. Marine Corps Capt. William Mahoney, an AV-8B Harrier aircraft pilot, talks about his experience landing his aircraft on a padded stool aboard the USS Bataan at sea June 7, 2014. 

His front landing wheels were faulty so he was forced to land the nose of his Harrier plane on a padded stool. 

As I watched this I kept wondering which Affirmative Action pilot in South Africa would be able to do this.

Watch and learn from the White man.......again.

27 June 2014

Happy Friday!

Crossing fingers for you!

Give him a break!

South African government offering incentives to keep whites out of public service jobs

South African public service managers are being encouraged to keep posts vacant rather than fill them with Whites.
“Our system of government is indeed poisoned by a toxic mix of affirmative action, cadre deployment, and impunity.
“Filling a racial quota or supporting the right party, or the right faction within it, are often more important.”
This is according to the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR).

The Commission for Employment Equity reports that Africans presently hold 69% of top management jobs in government. And the results are there for all to see.

South Africa has a crumbling health system, a rising disease burden, healthcare management in crisis, infrastructure and equipment in health facilities are in a desperate state, facilities in rural areas face dire shortages, and those in urban areas are under severe strain due to a growing population.

That's just health. Then add in water, sewage, roads, education, safety and security etc. - all of which suffer the same issues under the cadres appointed by the ANC government.
“Posts are sometimes left vacant if the only person available to fill them is white. It further means that experienced people who happen to be white get out of the public service because they are denied promotion or encouraged to take early retirement.”
They would rather the country fall apart then employ a competent person, who happens to have a White skin. This from the ANC, which, under the Dead Terrorist proclaimed that they would govern for all......from one side of his mouth - and from the other side of his mouth the next day he implemented Affirmative Action and BEE policies to keep Whites out of the office and out of the economy.

And the world cheered.

In Zimbabwe their economy is going gangbusters.......errr...... just busted under similar BEE policies. First they stole land, then they forced Whites to leave, then they forced businesses to sell 51% to Blacks, now the banks are looking for sugar daddies to keep them going: 
A series of Zimbabwean-owned banks are struggling to stay above water as loan defaults grow, forcing lenders to turn to foreign investors if they can and undermining President Robert Mugabe's black economic empowerment drive.
But, the ANC are determined to prove they can be successful where other dictators have failed! They are that confident in their people. 


Hat tip: DR

Public service managers are being encouraged to keep posts vacant rather than fill them with whites, an SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) consultant said in a newsletter this week.

“In the name of transformation, managers in the public service have actually been incentivised to keep whites out for racial and ideological reasons.

Better to leave a vacancy unfilled than to put a white person into it,” SAIRR consultant John Kane-Berman said in the newsletter, published on Tuesday.

He believed this set up newly-qualified young black recruits for failure and their failures in turn hurt countless numbers of people dependent on the public service.

He said this was a “lose-lose-lose situation” and “madness”.

The incentives included, among other things, performance bonuses and promotion prospects, he told Sapa on Thursday (June 26).

In the newsletter, Kane-Berman was responding to the death of three babies in Bloemhof, North West, due to water contamination caused by a sewage spill.

Earlier in June, the SAIRR reportedly blamed affirmative action for the deaths, and said the policy should be scrapped.

The institute said black empowerment policies had seen unqualified people appointed to positions where their incompetence affected poor and vulnerable communities.

“The Bloemhof municipality lost its capacity to maintain the sewer plant,” CEO Frans Cronje was quoted as saying at the time.

“There is no doubt that the officials responsible for these deaths were appointed, at least in part, on grounds of race-based affirmative action and that a direct causal link therefore exists between the policy and the deaths.”

In his newsletter, Kane-Berman said the majority of “victims” of affirmative action were the “black poor”.

“But affirmative action is one of those holy cows, discussion of which is inhibited by the dictates of political correctness.”

He questioned why so many government sectors were having problems.

“The reasons have a great deal to do with the criteria for appointment of staff at the national, provincial, and local levels… Affirmative action and cadre deployment mean that appointments to government jobs are very often made on grounds of race and/or political allegiance to the ruling party.”

He said skills and experience were a subordinate criteria, and many of those appointed to posts were unqualified.

“Posts are sometimes left vacant if the only person available to fill them is white. It further means that experienced people who happen to be white get out of the public service because they are denied promotion or encouraged to take early retirement.”

The problem is further complicated by a lack of accountability in government, with politicians accountable to party headquarters, rather than to the electorate.

“People who fail to do their jobs, or who defraud the state, do so because they know they can get away with it,” he said.

The mix, he said, was toxic.

Europe's migrant influx: 'we need help but we don’t know where from'

Shame, poor Europe. They don't know what to do about the invasion of Africans onto their shores:
Unprecedented numbers are risking their lives to reach Europe, and local authorities in coastal communities where they land are struggling to cope. 

Paging Australian Immigration Minister! Paging Australian Immigration Minister! Coo-eeee Scott Morrison, report for duty in Italy sir, so you can show them how to stop the boats in ONE MONTH.

Or, if Scotty is unavailable, his deputy, Lime Lite is available. I can show them the secret. It's called TURN THE BOATS AROUND.

Farking nutjobs. This from a country who produced Michelangelo, and they can't figure out in 2014 how to stop invading masses from reaching their shores.

Maybe they deserve what they get.
At an EU summit this week, the Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, is expected to raise the issue with other leaders, urging them to make a “significant investment” in the bloc’s border control agency, Frontex. Since October, in the aftermath of two disasters in which around 400 people died at sea, the Italian navy has been carrying out a €9m-a-month (£7.2m) operation in the Mediterranean aimed at intercepting rickety migrant boats before they get into trouble. Mare Nostrum (“Our Sea”) is credited by the Italian government and NGOs on the ground with having saved countless lives. On Tuesday, Renzi told parliament: “A Europe that tells the Calabrian fisherman that he must use a certain technique to catch tuna but then turns its back when there are dead bodies in the sea cannot call itself civilised.”
Well, see Mr Renzi, that's your first problem. Treating people invading your shores in a "civilised" manner, when they don't know what civilised is. If you treat them all civilised, they will continue coming. It's called "sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind". 

Italy, in all its wisdom launched operation "Mare Nostrum", which runs to the aid of every invading boat, before it has time to be sabotaged and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Mare Nostrum costs €9m-a-month to run - and now Italy wants to shame other European countries into paying for their compassionate policies.

People smugglers also sabotaged boats under Rudd/Gillard in Australia back when socialist Labor was in charge. Once the boat crews were in sight of a Navy boat, they would sabotage the boat so that the Navy had to rescue the people and take them back to shore. In stepped Morrison and he put all country-shoppers into secure rescue pods at sea, which couldn't be sabotaged, and returned the pods back to Indonesia. It took a few times for the people smugglers to realise that he was serious and that Australia wasn't going to run out of pods anytime soon.

And miraculously! miraculously!! I says miraculously, the boats stopped..... within a month - after nearly 6 years of being told by Labor that nothing could be done to stop the "push" factors. Apparently they lied. Who knew?

Just use your frigging brains Italy! YOU know what the answer is, but you're too politically correct or stupid to do it.

Anyway, have a read of the Guardians bleeding-heart article below, to see what suckers we Whites are. They start off by writing about a 25-year-old Eritrean and her 3-month old baby, who have arrived in Italy, looking lost. Ah, all together now, shaaaaaame. They want us to feel sorry for a woman who fled her country in 2012, because of their mandatory national service. REALLY? REALLY???? She then managed to find $1,600 (£950) to pay people smugglers to get her on a boat pointed at Italy. That's a fortune in Eritrean money. Apart from fleeing national service, she did find time - on her way to Italy - to make a baby and then take it to Europe with her - you know, to ensure she would be fussed over and let into the country by the stupid Whites. Who can resist a tiny baby, eh?? Who would turn a mother with a baby away? 
“Somewhere I can live with my baby, happy,” she says
Yes, happy - something you no doubt deserve to be, your happiness paid for by others, after running away from your country, paying people smugglers, and then climbing on a rickety boat with your 3-month old baby.

See how the Guardian try and weasel their pro-immigration agenda with these types of rubbish sob stories? All meant to make the gullible European Whites feel all sorry for them. If you read to the end you'll see that initially - when the onslaught started - many Italians were all sympathetic and donated money and items to the poor boat peole. And when this sympathy led to broken borders and a huge onslaught of Africans, all of a sudden they're not to sympathetic anymore.
"59,880 migrants and refugees have landed on the country’s coast this year – almost as many as in the whole of 2011, which holds the record"
Did they not THINK what the consequence would be? And until Italy grows some balls and stops helping the boats make it to shore, then they will keep coming and the Italian government will keep crying about having no money.

(And if you really want a good laugh, get a cup of coffee, sit yourself down,go to the original article and read through the comment section - you'll see moonbat liberals in action, writing how these poor people deserve to be helped as they're fleeing Africa.......Yeah, I think there's a few hundred million poor Africans in Africa, time to take them all into Europe and wipe their asses forever, moonbats!)

With a bandana on her head and a three-month-old baby at her feet, Azeb Brahana stands in the gardens of Catania’s train station and looks a little lost. The 25-year-old Eritrean left her country in 2012, aware, she says, that the life she wanted was not possible in a country with mandatory national service. To get here, she says, she worked for a year in Sudan and endured months in a Libyan jail, where the United Nations estimates thousands of refugees and migrants are being held in deplorable conditions. It was in prison that Brahana gave birth to her son, and it is because of him that she is determined to make it, finally, to a place of safety and stability. “Somewhere I can live with my baby, happy,” she says. Somehow, though, despite all that she has been through, that still feels like a very distant dream.

Like almost 60,000 others this year, Brahana decided to brave the Mediterranean sea in order to reach Italy, and therefore Europe. She paid people-smugglers $1,600 (£950), she says, to board a boat packed with more than 300 people. “It’s really hard with a small baby,” she says stoically of a journey that has proved deadly for thousands over the past 20 years. Her boat was intercepted by an Italian navy ship last week and all its passengers taken to safety. The question for them now is what comes next. Brahana, like many of the refugees and migrants landing in Italy, has not yet requested asylum and is not in the care of an official structure. She is waiting for the bus to Rome, where her aunt lives. And then? “I don’t know,” she admits. “I want to work. I can’t live in my country because of the government. We need help but we don’t know where from.”

According to Italian interior ministry figures given to the Guardian, 59,880 migrants and refugees have landed on the country’s coast this year – almost as many as in the whole of 2011, which holds the record. The situation is unprecedented. Sicily, which has received more than 53,000 of the new arrivals, is bearing the brunt and struggling to cope. And summer – historically the peak time for boat landings – has only just begun. “I’m very afraid that in July, August and September, the situation will grow and grow,” says Rosario Valastro, president of the Italian Red Cross in Sicily. “We have some days where we have the navy arriving in three or four different ports at the same time. My volunteers are really, really tired. I’m very afraid.”

At an EU summit this week, the Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, is expected to raise the issue with other leaders, urging them to make a “significant investment” in the bloc’s border control agency, Frontex. Since October, in the aftermath of two disasters in which around 400 people died at sea, the Italian navy has been carrying out a €9m-a-month (£7.2m) operation in the Mediterranean aimed at intercepting rickety migrant boats before they get into trouble. Mare Nostrum (“Our Sea”) is credited by the Italian government and NGOs on the ground with having saved countless lives. But Rome is determined that it should not continue to shoulder the burden alone. On Tuesday, Renzi told parliament: “A Europe that tells the Calabrian fisherman that he must use a certain technique to catch tuna but then turns its back when there are dead bodies in the sea cannot call itself civilised.”

All along the Sicilian coastline, in port towns better known for their beaches than for refugee crises, local authorities are begging for help – from Rome, certainly, but also from Brussels. What they need, says Lillo Firetto, mayor of Porto Empedocle, is a “supranational approach” to be taken in conjunction with the United Nations and the EU. Firetto, whose town has seen more than 8,000 arrivals this year, says the local council wants to provide a reception “worthy of its name” – but that is hard to do. “When, in the course of two days, 2,000 people arrive, and you’re forced to send them to sports halls or other makeshift structures, it’s obvious that this is not the kind of reception required,” he says.

Sicilian towns from Catania on the eastern coast to Palermo in the north have been transforming sports halls, churches and other buildings into ad-hoc facilities. NGOs say the system, though well-meaning, has often proved chaotic. “The problem was, there wasn’t preparation for tackling these kinds of numbers,” says Alessandra Turri, of Save the Children Italy. “Not preparing the ground and approaching it as an emergency does not allow for organisation.” People have sometimes ended up sleeping in tents, she says, because there is simply no room at the inn.

USA: SEAL Team 6 member becomes Pentagon’s poster girl in transgender recruiting

The USA is broke, the economy is tanking, there are hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants flooding the border to get into the USA, the cold-war has been restarted, radical Islamists are chopping off heads all over the place........and Obama is worried about how many transgendered people are being recruited by the military.


The Pentagon currently defines transgenders as sexual deviants, but Obama and his co-social engineer, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, are at the forefront of pushing the military to integrate transgenders into their ranks.

Transgenders...... that would be like 0.0000001% of the population, right? Forget the other 95% "normal" people and focus like a laser on the Homosexuals and Transgenders. That's sure to promote unit cohesion and the military mindset like nothing else. 

After all, the military is just the place to play dress-up and what's-your-gender-today games. It's just the place for people who are still "finding" themselves to find themselves. 

It's just the place to enforce what Progressives think society needs to accept as normal when it's clearly NOT normal. If it were normal then there would be equal numbers of Homosexual, Transgenders, Gender-neutrals and every other confused sexual orientation out in the world, as there would be heterosexuals. 

And yet over 95% of the world population is HETEROSEXUAL.

Don't you just loooooooove them Progressives and all the deviancy they bring our societies? No wonder they're so against Christianity - can't allow morals into their messed-up world. Anything that's regarded as abnormal by society, is embraced, raised up and pushed by the Progressive's as lost causes there to be saved and promoted. You know why? Because most of them can't compute what's right and wrong, because they're usually the ones in the 5%.

So, here's their newest poster child of the abnormal - a former Navy SEAL, who has decided that his male gonads weren't good enough, and that he just HAD to be butchered into a female body:
“We are all, all of us, created equal, and we all deserve equal justice,” she said, explaining how she hid her true sexual identity during her military career.
Really? So all that artificial oestrogen flooding your body today - you know, to force it into being something it's not - is making you as much of a man as when you had male genitalia and testosterone? Take a guess - would you pass the SEAL exam now, both physically and mentally - as the new "woman" you are today??

I'm going to go out on a limb and say no. Call me a rebel. 

For a male who can't decide if he's a man or a woman, he sure is mouthy these days. 

Christopher errr.... Kristin Beck is pushing for allowing transgenders in uniform:
"She said the Pentagon should stop defining people by external appearances and accept what they say they are on the inside."
See how they make YOU out to the be crazy ones here? Yeah, you're the crazy one for assuming a male is a male and a female, a female, based on appearances - and not regard them as the crazy ones - the ones who can't be satisfied with the gender they were born with.

Hey Ms Beck - YOU go tell that to the enemy on the battlefield. The Islamists must be laughing their heads off at the "brave" Americans, who want to send soldiers once men, now women; or, once women, now men, to go fight them. Come to think of it, they'd probably love them some confused men!

And instead of "Kristin" slinking off into the sunset to go live her life as an artificial woman, she's out there in normal people's face, writing books and trying to make money out of the stupid idiots who buy this rubbish. She's out telling everyone to stop judging her confusion, and just accept that she's the normal one.

And if you don't think she's normal, then you're the crazy one.

Can anyone say attention whore? Yup, I can.

Former Navy SEAL Christopher Beck, now Kristin!

A former member of SEAL Team 6 has become the poster girl for a Pentagon effort to include transgenders — people who have undergone sex-change operations — in the ranks.

Kristin Beck, formerly Senior Chief Petty Officer Christopher Beck, spoke recently at several high-profile events at intelligence agencies and the Pentagon to promote the integration of transgenders.

“Transgender service in the armed forces, yes it will happen soon,” she said on Twitter.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, among the most politically correct Pentagon chiefs of the past several decades, fueled the effort within the Pentagon to integrate transgenders in May when he said the policy of banning transgenders should be reviewed continually. The transgender drive is the latest element of the Obama administration’s social engineering within the U.S. military.

The Pentagon currently defines transgenders as sexual deviants.

Among Ms. Beck’s recent appearances were speeches at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office and at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, according to the DIA and her Twitter feed.

She also was scheduled to speak to the Multicultural Heritage Committee at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, although one defense official said it is not clear how transgenderism fits within the multicultural spectrum.

Ms. Beck, author of “Warrior Princess,” spoke to the DIA on June 18 as part of the intelligence agency’s annual Pride Month — formerly Gay Pride Month but now expanded to include a host of sexually related terms, including transgenders. She received an award from DIA Director Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn at the event.

According to DIA’s newsletter, Ms. Beck, in her remarks, pushed for allowing transgenders in uniform. She said the Pentagon should stop defining people by external appearances and accept what they say they are on the inside.

“We are all, all of us, created equal, and we all deserve equal justice,” she said, explaining how she hid her true sexual identity during her military career.

As a man, Ms. Beck was part of SEAL Teams 1, 5 and 6 and was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

Since sex reassignment last year, Ms. Beck has sought to promote gay, bisexual and transgender acceptance in the military.

“The world is looking at us,” Ms. Beck told the DIA. “You can change the wallpaper, but I’m still right here. I can still do the job I was doing in uniform.”

The DIA said its event was designed to promote education and diversity in the workplace.

A Pentagon official critical of the sexual-diversity campaign said it was a waste of money.

Read more HERE

26 June 2014

Uruguay's star soccer player, the biting Luis Suarez

Uruguay's star player Luis Suarez bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during their World Cup game on Tuesday night.

This isn't the first time Suarez has bitten players. He's renowned for biting, diving and acting like a diva. His mamma obviously didn't clout him as a child.

Twitter had some fun mocking the 2-year old tantrum throwing brat.

And finally.......

Ugly truth behind Mandela's final days

The Dead Terrorist's former personal assistant and spokeswoman, and now unemployed, Zelda la Grange has written a memoir of her time with the DT.

Can anyone say "retirement money"?? What's the guess that all DT-worshipers will be buying her book so they can feel closer to the murderer?

I guess old Zelda isn't going to find employment anytime soon, due to the Affirmative Action policies implemented by her former boss. Oh the irony.

Zelda is a White Afrikaner. She started working for the DT at age 23, when she was a naive, young "conservative". In other words, brought up by decent, God-fearing Afrikaners. She worked for him for 19 years, until she was kicked to the curb. No hubby, no kids. No DT.

In her book she talks about the last few months of the DTs life. Sounded like a blast!

What's enjoyable to read is how the DT's bitchy daughters made his life a living hell in his final days. Not even his wife Graça Machel, was allowed to make any decisions for the hubby. The daughters were making funeral arrangements for months prior to his death. The DT couldn't speak towards the end, so imagine having to listen to your own flesh and blood plan your funeral in minute detail, while sitting there listening to it all. Ah, poor DT. Well, at least he got to listen to something - unlike his bomb-blast victims .

So, he went to prison for years, got out and had to go live with Winnie. Then he got rid of her and married Machel, and hired a White Afrikaner lady to look after him. 

Now, why would he do that?? 

Want to know why? Because, no matter how much he said he hated the Afrikaner, he liked and respected them more than anyone else. In prison he was treated with respect - more than what he deserved as he knew he should have been hanged - and during his last years in "prison", his best buddy was his White Afrikaner prison guard. 

Outside in the real world, his best friend was a White Afrikaner female. She looked after him, worshiped him, wiped his ass for him. NOT a Black person. One has to assume that through his actions, he finally acknowledged his failures.

It's also hilarious to read how advocate George Bizos - the DT's lawyer at his Rivonia trial, and a close friend subsequently - was given the finger by the bitchy daughters. He was made to use the kitchen door when he went to greet the family in Qunu after the DT's death.

But there's more:
La Grange details the chaos during the FNB Stadium memorial service, when she had to improvise when Charlize Theron and Bono were refused access to a VIP suite and had to watch part of the proceedings behind a screen at the back of the stage.
Haha, liberals Charlize Theron and Bono, being treated like scum by the DTs family. Relegated to non-entities......maybe she should adopt another Black baby from Soweto to fill her aching heart. 

So, all those years of planning the DT's funeral by his daughters - months, years of fine detail - and it was still an absolute mess. Chaos. 

Sounds about right.

It sounds like the DT died a lonely man, surrounded by his screeching, bitchy, squabbling daughters and family. He probably couldn't die quick enough. 

And poor ex-conservative, new-liberal Zelda. She was reduced to a nothing at the end. Shunned by the DT's family and friends - after all her years of loyalty and blinded love for the terrorist.

I'm sure the money from the book will help her recover though.

Zelda  and the dogs who keep her warm at night these days

Sensational new details have emerged about vicious squabbles during former president Nelson Mandela's last months alive

In Good Morning, Mr Mandela - Zelda la Grange's highly anticipated memoir, which is to be released this week - the late statesman's personal assistant lifts the lid on behind-the-scenes family drama as Madiba lay on his death bed, as well as the power struggles that marred the period immediately after his death.

Among the disturbing revelations in the book are that:

Mandela's widow, Graça Machel, had to get accreditation for her own husband's funeral and the Machel family were allocated only four spots at the service;

Makaziwe Mandela, Mandela's eldest daughter from his first marriage to Evelyn Mase, tauntingly referred to Machel as "Ms Frantic" following a press report that she had been frantic when an ambulance carrying her sick husband broke down on the M1 highway on the way from his Houghton home to a Pretoria hospital;

Even though the Mandela Foundation and La Grange had stopped scheduling visits by people who were not familiar to Mandela after his condition worsened, unnamed members of the family would take advantage of his inability to express his wishes by bringing strangers to the house to see him;

World-renowned stars Bono and Charlize Theron were initially refused access to a VIP suite during the chaotic memorial service to honour Mandela at Soweto's FNB Stadium; and

It took the intervention of former president FW de Klerk for Bono and Naomi Campbell to get accreditation for Mandela's lying-in-state at the Union Buildings.

The book's revelations are bound to ruffle feathers. In an interview with the Sunday Times this week, La Grange said she was prepared for criticism.

"I expect backlash from a lot of people. You can never write something or expose yourself like this and expect no one to be upset about it. I'm not going to engage in any public fights. I know I've told the truth - that there's not one line that can be contested in the book," she said.

La Grange, who worked as Mandela's personal assistant for 19 years, spent more time with Mandela than any other person during his presidency and retirement.

She started off as a 23-year-old conservative Afrikaner typist in the president's office and became his trusted assistant and spokeswoman.

"I couldn't even begin to count the hours I spent with Madiba," she said.

The book reveals that factions in Mandela's family used the dying statesman's inability to express his wishes to "step in and start controlling matters to their advantage".

These actions included banning some of his favourite people from visiting him during his last months and bringing strangers to meet him when he was too ill to express his wishes. His beloved wife was also repeatedly sidelined from certain key decisions concerning his legacy and wellbeing.

In one of the chapters, La Grange writes that at one point a frail Mandela was moved to Qunu - far from friends and medical attention - at the insistence of a faction in the family, and certain family members did not want La Grange to travel to see him, even though he was lonely and received few visitors.

La Grange says Machel was "the only person who really made him happy", although another anecdote illustrates the friction Machel had to endure as a member of the Mandela family.

In the middle of winter in 2013, a gravely ill Mandela was taken to hospital in an unmarked vehicle at 3am, an incident widely reported in the media. The press reported that Machel was frantic when the vehicle broke down for 40 minutes. The next day, Makaziwe entered the hospital calling Machel "Ms Frantic".

"Mum [as La Grange refers to Machel] was hurt and emotionally brutalised," writes La Grange, adding that she and Machel's daughter, Josina, constantly tried to keep her strong by supporting her.

In another chapter, La Grange details that after Mandela was hospitalised in March 2013, Makaziwe told La Grange that because she was no longer an employee, she was not welcome to visit her father.

With Mandela too ill to speak for her, Machel stepped in.

La Grange writes: "Mum had to defend me once again, arguing that she was willing to defend Madiba's decisions whether they liked it or not, and that she was going to see that his wishes were fulfilled until the day he passed on.

"She told them that my presence from time to time provided him with emotional stability."

La Grange eventually managed to see her boss.

"The poison in the family was leaking out everywhere. Many of his family had never wanted me around and they were now getting their chance," she writes.

Not all his children resented Mandela's relationship with La Grange. After being told that Zelda had visited her father in hospital a few days before, Zindzi Mandela reportedly responded: "Then I can rest."

The last time La Grange saw him alive was July 11 2013, when he was unable to talk but could still smile.

"I told him how much I love him ... and so on ... ja," she said.

According to Good Morning, Mr Mandela, the Mandela family politics took a heavy toll on Machel.

"I don't know of any person alive who has been treated with the amount of disrespect that people have shown towards Mrs Machel," writes La Grange. "Politics within his family about his funeral took place for years before his death.

"Mrs Machel and some of the children had refused to be party to arrangements about Madiba's funeral. He was still in fairly good health and it was unthinkable to be planning someone's funeral while the person was still happily alive, still being cared for by his wife."

The quality of Mandela's medical care, which, as a former president, fell under the control of the Ministry of Defence, was a constant source of friction.

At one stage, the possibility of replacing his medical team was raised by Lindiwe Sisulu, then the minister of defence.

"Mrs Machel felt hopeless and undermined ... The minister explored the possibility of replacing the entire team, but Mrs Machel felt that they would (figuratively speaking) crucify her if she dared interfere with appointees endorsed by the family."

La Grange writes about an incident in Cape Town when a team of military specialists missed an appointment to examine Mandela owing to red tape.

"I enquired about the specialists and was told that they could not come to the house by themselves but were awaiting orders, like in any military bureaucracy, to be fetched from the hospital and brought to the house. When I called them and asked whether they couldn't drive themselves, I was told they were not allowed."

After Mandela died on December 5 last year, the Machel family were told they would only be allowed five accreditation cards to the funeral, which included one for his widow, Graça.

La Grange details the chaos during the FNB Stadium memorial service, when she had to improvise when Charlize Theron and Bono were refused access to a VIP suite and had to watch part of the proceedings behind a screen at the back of the stage.

One of the most heart-rending events she describes is going with advocate George Bizos, one of Madiba's closest friends and most trusted compatriots, to greet the family before the Qunu funeral. Bizos had been part of Mandela's legal team during the Rivonia Trial and had regularly visited him when he was in prison on Robben Island.

The front door to the Qunu home was locked and they were refused entry. They entered through the kitchen, only to be told by Makaziwe: "We don't want you people in the house."

A frail Bizos was then grudgingly allowed to stay, but La Grange was ordered to leave.

La Grange was also barred from the grave site and at least two of Mandela's household employees were pulled out of a row at the funeral and prevented from going to the burial.

Makaziwe Mandela said La Grange would have to substantiate whatever references she made about her family, "otherwise she will be sued".

When the Sunday Times contacted her this week, Makaziwe said she did not want to hear what La Grange had written about her.

"I don't want to talk to you guys. Let her memoirs come out and I'll see what she writes about me. What Zelda writes ... I'll deal with it at that point in time."

La Grange writes: "I found it difficult and emotionally challenging to reconcile his last years and what we had experienced for 16-odd years with what was happening now. To say it was in complete contrast would be putting it mildly."

Yet speaking out now, she is without anger.

"I am tempted to be bitter," she said, "but how can I be bitter about one incident in my life when he was not bitter about anything? He pulls me back. And Mrs Machel has been my compass. For years she tried to teach me that you can't be responsible for other people's relationships. Maybe it took this event for me to grasp the fact that my relationship with Madiba was the only thing that mattered. How I was treated by anyone else didn't matter.

"My book was not written as a definitive account - to say 'this is Madiba'. It's just my experience," she said.

"Madiba belongs to the world. Nothing can change who he was. There are political parties and sections of society that are entitled to claim him, but as long as it doesn't affect his legacy, I think everyone should be free to think about him and remember him in their way."