31 May 2014

White House spin doctor Jay Carney resigns

Obama's buffer between the truth and the lies fed to America - aka his press secretary and resident spin doctor Jay Carney - has resigned from his post.

It seems the rats are fleeing the sinking Obama ship.

Obama paid tribute to Carney today and asked that the media be nice to his replacement Josh Earnest. Well duh, that shouldn't be too hard for the pro-Obama lap-dog media! What's he talking about???

After his speech Obama gave the most awkward hug in history. Seems he went for the handshake and Carney went for the hug and kiss.

So, who is Carney's replacement?

Well, seeing as Obama is sooooooooooooooooooooo worried about inequality in America, and how the racist straight White privileged males are given all the opportunities, then surely, surely, the new spin doctor is a minority lesbian female? 

Err......no. It seems that Obama has once again decided to place his trust to spin the truth in another White Lefty Liberal Progressive.

In recent years Earnest has been Carney's understudy and before that he joined then Senator Obama’s presidential campaign as Obama’s Iowa Communications Director. He also later served as Obama’s Texas Communications Director during the primaries.

It seems that Obama needs to be surrounded by White males to protect and spin for him. And if they're Progressive then race or gender apparently doesn't matter so much to Obama. 

Oh well, new face, same lies. You can change the curtains but the house is still the same!

New liar press secretary Josh Earnest

Lesson of the day......

French students rally to 'save democracy' from far-right

Isn't it cute when "students" think they know better than everyone else in a country?

Isn't it cute when they hold rallies stating that French democracy is in danger, because most people voted for the National Front instead of who they think should have been voted for?

I mean, heck, of course these students know better! Their ideology should be taken as gospel, as they are full of knowledge and truth. What does the ordinary French person know compared to them? They are far superior to anyone else. They are students!

I should probably add at this point that the protests were organised by student unions as well as Socialist, Communist and Green youth groups. 

Yes, clearly the voices of reason! 

Their idea of "democracy" is: What I say goes, what other people say has no validity. 

Bunch of totalitarian fascist freaks. 

These kids need a good kick up their backsides. Maybe their brains will open and they'll realise that they are no-nothing blobs of DNA, still wet behind the ears, gullible to every Lefty loon idea and notion Marxists fill their empty heads with.

Wait until they hit the real world, where they have to pay their 75% income taxes to fund all the Socialist policies destroying their country. 

In the meantime, go do some growing up, put the signs away and go study. Your government needs you to be the next tax slave to pay for the "immigrants" streaming into your country and for all the babies they're making.

Paris (AFP) - Thousands of students rallied across France Thursday to protest against the anti-immigration National Front party, whose historic success in EU polls they said threatened democracy.

Waving banners that read "No to the National Front", and "Wake up, France," demonstrators rallied in Lyon, in the east of the country, as well as in Paris, Toulouse, Rouen, Amiens, Nantes, Marseille and Bordeaux.

"We respect the result of the European elections, of democracy, but we do not accept the values of the National Front (FN)," said Silvio Philippe, one of the organisers of the Lyon rally. "French democracy is in danger."

The FN won a nationwide election for the first time on Sunday, topping mainstream political parties to clinch 24 of France's 74 seats in the new European parliament.

The result, which was echoed by similar gains for far-right parties in other countries such as the United Kingdom, sent shock waves through the political establishment.

The party led by Marine Le Pen wants France to quit the euro, reinstate national border controls and repatriate the bulk of Brussels' powers to national parliaments.

After the vote, Le Pen said that voters had demanded "only one type of politics - a politics of the French, for the French and with the French," comments that sparked concern among the country's large immigrant population.

On Thursday -- a national holiday in France -- young people met in cities across the country to protest against the party.

One organiser said the rallies had been organised after a call to action by a secondary school student in the multi-cultural southern port city of Marseille.

In Paris, thousands of students met at the Bastille shouting anti-right wing slogans. Police said the crowds topped 4,000, although organisers said it was double that.

A large group of students rallied outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg, some carrying banners reading "We will not let fascism happen".

AFP reporters estimated the crowd at 2,000-strong, the police put the number at 800.

In Lyon, between 700 and a thousand students and school children met to protest against the party, according to police and organisers, some carrying posters that read "Lyon, capital of the resistance".

"We are all the children of immigrants," shouted demonstrators as they marched in Toulouse, where police said 800 young people had gathered. Posters being carried by the young people taking part said they are "fed up of the FN".

Organisers said there had been 2,000 at the rally.

"It is a lot for a protest organised in three days, purely on social media," the leader of one student union said.

The rallies were organised by student unions as well as Socialist, Communist and Green youth groups.

"It's the first time I have been to an anti-FN march," Tom, one 18-year old at the rally in Toulouse said, adding that he "regretted" not going to vote last Sunday.


USA Has A Refugee Crisis As Illegals Flood Across The Border

Obama has been saying for months and months that America should just grant amnesty to everyone who's in the country illegally.

Just make them legal and all will be better in the world.

The result?

Over 120 000 unaccompanied minors are expected to stream over the US border in 2014 as they look to America to pass amnesty and give them rights. And once they have their legal resident status, they can bring their families into the country as well.

Great plan! They just want a better life after all, and the American people get to pay for their better life not only with money, but by giving up their country, their values and their traditions.

These children are coming from countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador - moving through Mexico and into the USA. Most don't have their parents with them, so one can just imagine what happens to them once they're in America. Paedophile heaven!
 Border patrol agents in South Texas reported over 1,000 such children were apprehended by officials earlier this month, including a 3-year-old boy from Honduras.
A 3-year-old boy, all alone, travelling thousands of miles into America from Honduras?? Gee, what can go wrong?? And Obama and his fellow amnesty-groupies haven't got a problem with this. That's how much they care. That's how compassionate they are. Just give the nod and a wink, and people come running to respond to all that "compassion" - the rest of what happens is someone else's problem.

What will all these kids do to the American school system, seeing as they don't speak English?

How does that saying go? Oh yes: Build it and they will come. 

Or, how about this one: The Left's compassion kills.

All because Obama has given the signal that he'll pass amnesty - with or without getting approval from Congress. Obama is all-knowing, all-powerful. He knows best. He is KING!

So, what's the answer? Well, spend more money on caring for these runaways, of course! Isn't that always the answer? Just throw more money at a problem and the compassionate government will sort it all out:
Leading humanitarians to seek much more than the $1.5 billion spent to handle the runaways.
Well, let's look at what Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott did to stop the boats full of illegal country shoppers when he came into power. He immediately started turning boats back to Indonesia and made it VERY clear that anyone who reached Australian shores would NOT be resettled in Australia. 

And miraculously, days into the new government, the boats had all but stopped arriving. It's been over 6 months with not one successful boat arriving on our shores. And with the boats stopping, there have been no more drownings of babies, children and women (and men). The over 1200 which are known to have drowned under Labor's "compassionate" nature are now notched on their record as a government. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard excused the deaths at the time, saying that people would die because they were desperate to flee for their lives and get to Australia. 

Seems like they're not so desperate to flee these days. Or maybe they've all headed to Mexico, where the open borders into the USA is winking at them.

If a government shows a backbone and sends out a clear message, the people magically stop coming. But, that's not what Obama wants. He wants as many third-world immigrants to come to the USA for two reasons. One - more Democrat voters. Two - to destroy the American culture by flooding America with another demographic other than White people. 

Remember demographics is destiny!

Obama has given the nod to anyone outside the USA that he has their back. The innocent babies being aborted in America don't have his back though.

He's given lots of cultural-destroying nods in his failed term as POTUS. He's given nods to the militant homosexual lobbyists; he's given the nod to atheists and Muslims; he's given the nod for his administration to go after Conservative political opponents through the IRS; he's given the nod to not treat military veterans; he's given the nod to spy on the American people; he's given the nod to the Federal Reserve to kill the economy; he's given the nod to racist Blacks to attack Whites; he's given the nod to his justice department to intensify race-divisions; he's given the nod to his liberal judges to judge on their ideology, not on doing the right thing; he's given the nod that he's NOT the Commander in Chief of the USA military.......

With all that nodding, it's a wonder Obama can still walk in a straight line.

A city-sized rush of about 120,000 illegal immigrant children and teens from Latin America is expected to crash through the U.S. border this year, twice the administration’s prediction, leading humanitarians to seek much more than the $1.5 billion spent to handle the runaways.
U.S. authorities report that there was massive surge in May of children trying to escape crime, drug gangs and sexual exploitation in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, leading them to cast aside the administration's prediction of 60,000, which was still more than twice the 24,000 apprehended last year.

“It's a city of children,” said Annie Wilson, executive vice president for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), a national group that works with the government to settle child refugees and exiles.

“It’s 100,000 kids on their feet walking out of their country,” she said, adding that the numbers are “unprecedented” and due more to avoiding threats back home than the lure of America.

“In desperation, people have chosen the impossible odds of fleeing over what seems like the certainty of death and fear,” added Rev. David Vasquez, a campus pastor for Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and an immigration advocate.

LIRS on Tuesday announced a new campaign, dubbed “#ActOfLove,” to win added funding. It also sent a petition to President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seeking emergency funds and better protections for the children.

“When disasters strike, the United States steps forward. This is just such a moment,” the letter said. “It’s a large-scale disaster that calls for an immediate and generous response.”

Unlike adult illegal immigrants, children crossing the border on their own are generally linked up with family members in the United States and helped through the immigration process, not sent home. Faith-based groups like 75-year-old LIRS help in the effort which the federal government budgets $1.5 billion for.

At a press conference to announce #ActOfLove, LIRS officials said that the current efforts by the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services are overwhelmed and need more money. They also cheered a proposal in Obama's fiscal 2015 budget for an emergency contingency fund to help with illegal immigration surges.


UK: Are we all racist now?

Good comment piece below about how people in England are rebelling against uncontrolled immigration, while the politicians tried to shut their concerns down by labeling them racists.

Racist - that pathetically over-used, cowardly term used by lazy disingenuous politicians to every problem these days.

And people are finally saying "so what?". Go ahead, label us racists, we don't care anymore.

The UKIP victory has now forced these elitist politicians to start addressing people's fears, instead of calling them all racists. 

When people look back at what's happening in England today, they will have to acknowledge that England finally reached a tipping point. Where "multi-culturalism" and race interbreeding were recognised as killing the culture and future of a country.

A tipping point between what the politicians wanted to impose and what the people didn't want imposed on them.

The premise of multi-culturalism is that many cultures are able to live together,side by side, and adopt the host country's culture. This isn't happening in many multi-cultural societies, because the cultures being brought in aren't interested in assimilating. They're only interested in keeping the culture and imposing it on others, causing tensions to rise and no-go ghettos to form.

You only have to look at Muslims and the miserable culture they bring to western countries to realise the truth.

And it seems people have had enough. 

Not only is it the Muslims, but it's the other third-world cultures moving in and then interbreeding with the locals, that is starting to be noticed. It was all acceptable for a while, because people were told by government and every media outlet that it's acceptable and right and noble, and to be against it meant you were just a bigoted racist. 

The article below even states how proud England should be that: "...in the eighties, 50 per cent of the public was against marriages across ethnic lines; that figure dropped to 40 per cent in the Nineties, and stood at just 15 per cent in 2012". Now it's reversing again - and rightly so. The wallpaper covering the cracks is falling down and the cracks are once again visible.

Now, England has a choice. Do they wallpaper again, or do they fix the cracks??

Racial prejudice is on the rise in England, now that people have experienced all this "racial proudness" for the past few decades. The older generation have realised that their country is changing and they're not liking it anymore. 

The politicians, of course, were hoping that the uneasiness would hold off another generation until all those old White Britons had died off and the new brainwashed generation had replaced them. 

Unfortunately, in their eagerness to destroy England they pushed too hard, too soon, and the people were woken up with a loud jolt of reality.

The best line in the article is the following one:
"It is politicians, not the British people, who are to blame for a resurgence in racism; politicians who have ignored public opinion and created the conditions in which resentments fester and grow."
For far too long it's been the politicians and their interests which have formed policy. Bugger the people. Now with the UKIP finally gate-crashing their party, they are now being forced to LISTEN to the fears of the people.

And it's not only in England. No, the rest of Europe have also seen what vibrant multi-culturalism is bringing their countries and they don't like it one little bit.

Europe is at the tipping point. Which way will it tip?

With impeccable timing, the children chose Mother’s Day lunch to tell their grandmother she was racist. And what vile abuse had my poor mother bandied about? She had asked her grandson if his choir sang Negro spirituals.

“Raaaa-cisst,” chorused my junior Thought Police with more than a hint of witchfinder glee.

“I’m not racist,” said my mother, clearly shocked. “What did I say that was racist?”
“You’re not allowed to call them Negro spirituals any more,” my Daughter informed her.

“What do you call them, then?” asked Grandma.

“African-American spirituals,” announced Daughter, a creature of such impeccable liberal certitude that she makes Nick Clegg look like Oswald Mosley.

“People of Colour spirituals,” hazarded the Boy. He obviously didn’t have a clue, but was enjoying his generation’s favourite baiting game: More Politically Correct Than Thou.

“Grandma is not racist,” said Himself. “Heinrich Himmler is a racist. Grandma, not so much.”
“Who’s Henry Himmer?” asked the Boy.

“Heinrich HIMMLER,” said Himself, “was a foul, Jew-exterminating, Nazi fiend whom your grandmother’s parents and their whole generation fought a world war to defeat in order that she could sit here 70 years later and be called racist by her sanctimonious and ungrateful grandchildren. Anyone for crumble?”

When my mum had gone for a nap, I explained to the kids that racism was not as black and white as they seemed to think. During their grandmother’s lifetime, the UK had seen vast social changes. Certain words once in common usage were now regarded as toxic, and rightly so. I blenched to think that, as a child myself, I went down the “Paki” shop to get some Blackjacks (inky toffees in a wrapper decorated with the faces of, then unremarkable, golliwogs). Miss Leyshon, my lovely primary school teacher, taught us to count with the help of three toys, Teddy, Dolly and Golly. In 2014, she would be considered guilty of inciting racial hatred.

I told the kids that, over the past 15 years, my mother’s town in South Wales had seen a huge influx of Eastern Europeans. It was possible for Grandma and her friends to note that the character of their birthplace had changed, and express some unease about it, but also for them to enthuse about their excellent Romanian dentist. Tolerance was not a one-way street. Tolerance meant treating elderly people who used outdated language with understanding, not finger-pointing and yelling “Raaa-cisst!” Real racism – the ugly, frightening, visceral kind – would flourish if people’s tolerance was taken for granted, and their communities changed too fast without any regard for the consequences.

That was two months ago, and I wish I were more surprised to learn that a new British Social Attitudes survey has found that more than a third of Britons admit they are racially prejudiced. Prejudice fell to an all-time low in 2001, but the latest figures show that the problem has returned to the level of 30 years ago. More than 90 per cent of those who say they are racist want to see immigration halted. More interestingly, 72 per cent of those who do not consider themselves racist also want to see immigration cut drastically.

As shell-shocked politicians from the main parties struggle to discern the causes of Ukip’s deafening electoral success, here’s a tip: look in the mirror, chaps! It is politicians, not the British people, who are to blame for a resurgence in racism; politicians who have ignored public opinion and created the conditions in which resentments fester and grow. Specifically, though not exclusively, it is New Labour who welcomed workers from the new, accession countries of the EU at a time when countries such as France and Germany wisely exercised their right to keep them out for another seven years. According to Jack Straw, this was a “spectacular” error. And Jack should know, because he was Home Secretary at the time. The plan of Tony Blair’s government, as laid bare by Andrew Neather, then a Blair speechwriter, was to banish that old, hideously white, retrograde England and usher in a new, vibrant, multicultural country which, rather conveniently, would vote Labour. Mr Blair now works in international conflict resolution, having stored up enough conflict in his homeland to keep future generations busy for centuries.

As Frank Field, that admirably plain-speaking Labour MP, told Wednesday’s Today programme on Radio 4, it was different when you had a European Union comprised of countries with very similar standards of living. The minute you gave drastically poor countries free entry to the UK, the inevitable happened. Since 1997, four million people have come to Britain – the equivalent of a city the size of Birmingham – yet there has been no concomitant expansion of roads, schools or hospitals. It explains why it is now easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to buy a coffee in England from a native English speaker.
It also explains why regions such as my own East Anglia voted Ukip so overwhelmingly last week. If places such as Peterborough turned purple with apoplexy, it is not because its residents are necessarily racist or because they saw in Nigel Farage the finest statesman since Winston Churchill. It is more likely to be because women in labour are often turned away by one of the region’s major maternity units, which has several times actually locked its doors, so difficult does it find a soaring, immigrant-driven birth rate. A midwife friend who was seconded there described conditions as “third-world”.

Until recently, it would have been “racist” to point this out. Four years ago in Rochdale, when Gillian Duffy challenged Gordon Brown on immigration, the affronted prime minister shied away and muttered darkly about that “bigoted woman”. It is quite clear now who was the bigot. Brown was typical of a political class that became shamefully biased against its own people. In thrall to a post-war European ideal, they had scant interest in the difficulties and discomfort it caused ordinary people on the ground. If anyone complained, simply shut them up by hissing “bigot” or “racist”.

A plasterer out of work because Poles living five to a room undercut him? Little Englander!
A mother-of-three hit by the child-benefit cuts, which come into force next week, and expressing disbelief that the UK is still sending £30 million in benefits to the kids of EU workers, who aren’t even living here? Sorry, nothing we can do about it, madam. It’s all for the greater European good, you know. Do be quiet.

A teacher hounded from a school by Islamist hardliners who want girls and boys segregated and treated in a way that is anathema to British values? Racist!

Disgusted at countless male, Muslim grooming gangs treating vulnerable white girls like “chewing gum thrown in the street”? Racist!

Fed up with being required to show cultural sensitivity to customs we find morally repugnant, and getting no cultural sensitivity in return? Racist!

Constantly decried as racists by a bien-pensant elite, the overwhelming evidence is that, until recently, Britons have absorbed seismic shifts in this country’s ethnic make-up with remarkable patience and good humour. Certainly, we are a lot nicer to our immigrants than the French (go on, permit me un petit racist sentiment…). We have far more mixed-race marriages than any other European country. Mixed-race celebrities such as Dame Shirley Bassey, Lewis Hamilton and Jessica Ennis-Hill have been key influences on public acceptance. In the Eighties, 50 per cent of the public was against marriages across ethnic lines; that figure dropped to 40 per cent in the Nineties, and stood at just 15 per cent in 2012. 

It’s a record of change and growing acceptance to be proud of.

And now we are going backwards, with more than a third of British people admitting they have racist feelings. If there had been a proper outlet for public disquiet over mass immigration, that would never have happened. Even settled immigrants, who have been here for more than two generations, say they are fed up with the level of immigration. Are they racist as well?

During the campaign for the Euro elections, I saw an elderly couple being asked by a TV reporter to explain why they were changing their vote from Labour to Ukip. “We liked the old Rochdale,” they explained meekly. Those pensioners are as entitled to their views as Nick Clegg is to his. Calling them “racist” when you have altered their town without consulting them is outrageous.

We should have seen this coming. Back in 2007, I appeared on BBC One’s Question Time in the week that the Labour MP Margaret Hodge had called for British-born families in her Essex constituency to take priority over immigrants in the queue for council homes. Hodge had seen with great foresight how that thorny issue was alienating white working-class voters and playing into the hands of racists. The Labour Party immediately distanced itself icily from Mrs Hodge’s pragmatic stance. On the panel next to me, Alan Johnson, then a minister, regretted that Margaret should be reduced to “using the language of the BNP”.

Well, they’re all talking about immigration now. Ukip has given them no choice. In his recent party political broadcast, Ed Miliband conceded that Labour would now address the issue it had tried to shut down for so long. Overnight, “racism” had stopped being racism or bigotry and become “people’s legitimate concerns about immigration”.

The deeply distressing and rapid rise in racial prejudice among the British people over the past 13 years maps on to a period of uncontrolled mass immigration. Cause and effect could not be clearer. Nor could the solution. I only hope it’s not too late.


30 May 2014

Happy Friday everyone....

Why insurance premiums are higher for males......

Spelling fail....

Language alert!

But it's still funny.

South Africa: Bloemhof residents queue for water

It's just business as usual in South Africa once again.

In Malmesbury, Western Cape, over 2000 Blacks were dancing in the streets, stoning cars and barricading streets for better "service delivery" - aka free houses.

Why aren't they protesting at Zuma's residence in Nkandla?? What do the people in Malmesbury have to do with free houses?? 

Over to the Eastern Cape:

Chaos has once again erupted in Walmer township outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

Residents have embarked on a protest, burning tyres and barricading roads, protesting against cutting illegal power connections in informal settlements.  

Yeah, they want FREE electricity. No need to pay - let the White people do that for them. 

And now we head to Boitumelong township in Bloemhof, North West, where residents are queuing up around the only water tap that's kind-of working.

Water from the tap is contaminated, but it's still better than what they're getting from their home taps:
"The water that was coming out (from house taps) was stinking, black in colour with some algae."
Residents were suffering from diarrhoea, with one child already dead as a result.

City manager Andrew Makwapane was in a meeting so was unavailable for comment about the situation.

Never mind people! Chin up! You have once again voted for the wonderfully efficient and considerate Jacob Zuma to look after your many needs and wants. I'm sure any minute now he'll assist you to get safe water, free houses and free electricity.

Luckily the evil White people who used to run the country, with none of these problems, aren't anywhere near your townships to help you out now. Phew! Instead you can rely on Zuma and his 72 ministers to care about what's going on at the grassroots level.

And if Zuma can't help, then I'm sure Mini-Idi Amin Malema will be available with his big mouth to tell you how much he cares about you and your plight. Why, if you ask him nicely, you may even get him to wear his red mining hat and gum boots while he sings and dances to entertain you...

You should be so lucky!

So, settle down people. It's only taken the ANC 20 years to realise that they need to supply basic needs to you, so it shouldn't take them more than another 20 years to work out a plan for you. So what if a few of you die in the meantime - it's all about the struggle - not the outcome. And you won the struggle handsomely. You voted for a better government and you now have one. 

You have a competent, non-corrupt Black government in place to help you to that better life you deserve!

Surely you can't ask for more than that?

Viva ANC! Viva. 

Just remember to boil that water before you use it.....

Residents of the Boitumelong township in Bloemhof, North West, on Thursday queued in a yard to get water from what appeared to be the only working tap in the area.

Despite the water being contaminated, residents said they needed it and had been without water since Friday.

About 30 people were in the line, some with buckets and 25 litre containers, and others with wheelbarrows. Some left with the full containers on their heads.

"Our toilets are stinking. They are full because we don't have water," resident Meisie Kgomo told Sapa.

"Our kids have been returned from school. [We] can't bath, can't cook, we need clean water as soon as possible."

Residents said they would boil the contaminated water and use it.

"We haven't had water since last Friday. The water that was coming out (from house taps) was stinking, black in colour with some algae," said resident Martha Bokaba.

"We are suffering from diarrhoea. It's painful, my child is sick and weak."

Another local, Jonas Sekati, said residents were using the bush to relieve themselves as they had no other option.

"Our toilets are full of shit. We don't have anywhere to shit. We have to shit in the nearby bushes."

Earlier, North West health department spokesperson Tebogo Lekgethwane said Bloemhof's water source had been contaminated and the water pipe had been closed. One child had already died after contracting severe diarrhoea.

"The municipality also stopped water distribution to the community as it was clear the water was the source of contamination and that the water circulating was not safe," he said.

The pipe was closed on Tuesday. Water tankers had been sent to the area. Schools had been closed since Monday.

Resident Kgomotso Moalusi said some people were not getting water from the tanks.

"The water tanks are selective. They give water to their own people. They started giving water to people late last night in five litre containers."

In Boitumelong, no tankers were seen on Thursday.

Over 200 other people had reported to local clinics with diarrhoea between Saturday and Tuesday.

By 17:00 on Wednesday, another 30 people had sought medical help.

"Today [Thursday] the situation has stabilised. There are no huge numbers of people coming in," said Lekgethwane.

He said claims that there had been a cholera outbreak had not yet been confirmed.

"Cholera can only be declared when there have been laboratory tests done. We have not declared it cholera. We took samples from the water to go test them. We have not received the results from the laboratory."

Attempts to get comment from the Lekwa-Teemane municipality were unsuccessful as city manager Andrew Makwapane was in a meeting.

USA: College students answer some history questions

College students (Low Information Voters) tells Jesse Watters why America celebrates Memorial Day.


Now, I'm not even America, but even I could answer all the questions he asked, so it's a bit embarrassing that American college students couldn't answer questions about their own history.


I'm betting if you asked the average Russian student about their history, they'd be able to answer without hesitation. Why? Because Russians are proud of their history and teach it in their schools. 

American children are no longer taught their history or the history of the world due to the Progressives who now run the institutions. 

This video is the result.

Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.

And these students are the ones voting for people like Obama.....

EU demands Britain pays ANOTHER £500million

This is what happens when you have a purely bureaucratic body in charge of running other people's lives - they end up thinking they're a law unto themselves.

Despite the swing away from the EU in the UK, France, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Germany in the recent European elections, the EU socialists still think it's within their rights to demand their budget increases by another £3.8 billion. This is on top of the £110 billion they already receive from member states annually.

Apparently they need the money for "youth employment projects and regional policy and extra help for Ukraine". Ukraine isn't even an EU member state!

Isn't it grand living off other people's money??

Euorpeans are no doubt scratching their heads as they slowly realise that the EU hasn't lived up to the dream it was sold to them as being. Instead of a more "united" Europe run on one currency (to make things easier) with certain rules, it's turned out to be a bureaucrats dream, where bureaucrats get to make pie-in-the-sky laws, and then force everyone else to comply. In return they get to live very well in Brussels, paid for by the tax payers of the member states.

From Brussels they get to control laws in other countries; enforce immigration and welfare policies of various countries; decide on economic policy of member nations; and, demand more and more money for all their "hard" work. And the European people are treated as an endless pit of money!

England voters voted for UKIP because they were unhappy with being run by Brussels. Cameron realised that the EU is his political Achilles heel and hightailed it to Brussels to tell the leadership that the people of Europe are rebelling. 

But, do you think they care???


Instead they send an invoice for more money! 

Socialism at its best!  The EU has been the ultimate Socialist experiment and it's failed! You can't force people to give up their culture and traditions, and replace it with a one-size-fits-all god bureaucracy, which decides how people must live, which laws they have to follow, and then get others to pay for their lunacy.

The EU is responsible for the mass influx of Muslims into Europe. They are responsible for human trafficking, the increase in African "refugees", and the increase of humanitarian aid to third-world countries. They are responsible for the destruction of Christianity and trying to force countries to the Left politically. They are responsible for the out-of-control debt of some member countries, and for the increase in general and especially youth unemployment in Europe.

In other words, the are the re-incarnation of USSR! 

And now they're responsible for interfering in Ukraine - and for interfering in Ukraine, they now want other countries to pay for their interference. 

So, the question is, what will "just call me Dave" Cameron do? Will he roll over and just pay - or will he swallow a bag of cement and harden the heck up and tell the EU to go get fu..... errr.... stuffed?

The EU sparked fury by demanding an extra £500million from British taxpayers – just hours after claiming it would take heed of damning election results.

The European Commission was accused of ‘living on a different planet’ after asking member countries for a £3.8billion cash increase to its budget.

Around an eighth of this will come from UK pockets, with the cash going on projects to help drive down Europe's chronic youth unemployment - as well as £200million for crisis-hit Ukraine including £60million from British taxpayers.

The astonishing demand came just hours after Herman Van Rompuy, the President of the European Council, said EU leaders had agreed to ‘re-evaluate’ its agenda after voters ‘sent a strong message’ at the weekend.

He announced a round of consultations with the leaders of the 28 EU members on future policies such as reducing the amount of regulation.

The apparent climb down came a day after David Cameron demanded change – saying the EU had become ‘too big, too bossy and too interfering’.

He travelled to Brussels on Tuesday to demand the union be dramatically scaled back, and to warn fellow leaders not to ‘shrug off’ the view of the European people that Brussels should hand back power to national governments.

At a dinner in the Belgian capital that night, he won the first skirmish in his battle to prevent arch-federalist Jean-Claude Juncker taking the Commission’s top job when it falls vacant in the autumn.

But, despite the apparent successes, the Commission returned to form just hours later – by demanding its £110billion budget go up by £3.8billion to pay for youth employment projects and regional policy and extra help for Ukraine.

Britain is one of the largest contributors to the union, meaning that around £500million would come from the UK.

The request comes just days after European election results in which millions voted for parties opposed to ever closer union or the entire concept of the EU.

UKIP came top of the poll in Britain, while there were successes for such parties in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Greece.

Sweden: SDU salute to the European youth

The youth of Sweden are demanding an end to their loss of national identity and cultural traditions because of EU policies of multiculturalism and mass (Muslim) immigration.

Leading members of SDU, the youth organization of the Sweden Democrats, salute the European youth in different languages.

Maybe this is the start of the Swedish people fighting back against the idiocy and the suicide mission of their government!

Hat tip: Pink Panther

USA: Randallstown High School graduation brawl

Let's play "guess the race"!

Parents and students - females and males - climbed in during a brawl following the graduation day ceremony at Randallstown High School.

Watch as hair weaves go flying, shirts get ripped, handbags and shoes get some action, and fists connect.

No matter where you take them, the genes sure come shining through.

At the end of the video all you see are the pulled-out hair weaves.

Hat tip: Pink Panther

South Africa: Eye Witness News censored for anti-ANC cartoon

Eye Witness News published a cartoon mocking the new ANC cabinet on Wednesday, and it was promptly attacked by pro-ANC cadres and subsequently removed from their website.

The cartoon has been deemed "offensive" and "racist".

Why is it offensive? Because it depicts ANC cabinet members as clowns.

Why is it racist? Because the cartoonist points to the voters and calls them "poephols" (assholes).

Apparently every precious princess in South Africa got the vapours and fainted at being depicted as assholes. RACIST! they shouted. I guess that's one way to stop people telling the truth these days - just shout "racist" the loudest and all debate and thought gets shut down.

However, by making such a fuss about the cartoon, it's gotten more views and more attention than it would have if they'd just let it slide.

But no, the ANC princesses had to shut down a negative reaction to the lousy ANC dictatorship.

Here is the offending and racist cartoon. 

Spread it far and wide!

Hat tip: Richard K

29 May 2014

South Africa: Singer Kurt Darren shocked by right-wing haters

If people want to be liberals then they should be upfront about it and stop hiding who they are to sell their products to people they think are haters and "right-wing" extremists. 

Just like certain singers should be upfront and tell the truth about their sexuality.....

Take old plastic-faced, shiny foreheaded confused metrosexual Kurt Darren as an example. He's an Afrikaans singer, who relies on Afrikaners to support him by him trying to sing and them buying his products. 

However, he's also a pro-ANC twerp, who thinks it's grand to sing at the inauguration of President Showerhead Zuma (who wants to kill Boers with his machine gun), and then write an open letter to trash the people who criticised him for doing it.

Singing to a bunch of terrorists, including Mugarbage, Mini-Idi Amin Malema, and all the other Afrikaans White-haters, isn't an "honour" Kurt. It just shows people who you really are behind that fake smile of yours.

You know, this smile that never seems to reach his eyes:

In his open letter he states his wife - cough, cough, BS - woke him up early the day after his performance to tell him all about the insulting comments on Twitter and Facebook, but then pleaded with him not to look at the comments. What a drama queen. 

Then he slams the "small" group of people who can't accept they're now living in a democracy.

Small group???  DEMOCRACY?? Where does Affirmative Action, BEE, government corruption, nepotism, civil unrest and rampant crime - including a low-level White genocide - fit into a democracy, Kurt??

Before his love-sick performance to Zuma he called on South Africans to work together to help the current government move forward:
"The present government has teething problems but I think we need to work together to get through that," he said at the Union Buildings ahead of his performance for the inauguration of President Jacob Zuma.
TEETHING PROBLEMS??????? I'm not sure how long your teething problems last, but 20 years of teething seems a bit extreme. Even by liberal standards.

In any case, Darren can do as he pleases. But then people can criticise him as they please too. They can also show how much they believe in democracy by choosing to buy or not to buy his pretend music or support his shows.

There are suckers born every minute. If you're one, then by all means go support him with your hard-earned money. 

I'm sure he'll think of you the next time he hears about another Afrikaans farmer being bludgeoned to death, his wife raped and kids drowned in boiling hot water - just part of those teething problems; or, when he sings with honour to the next terrorist to lead the country; or, when he's on his next vacation paid for by you.

Yup, I'm sure he'll think of you then, all you extreme right-wingers.....

Kurt Darren (left) before serenading Zuma last week-end

Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren on Tuesday posted an open letter online in reaction to a sea of negative comments after he performed at the inauguration of President Jacob Zuma in Pretoria on Saturday. 

According to Darren his wife, Dunay, alerted him to the shocking comments on social media mostly posted by right-wing haters who were upset over the fact that he performed at the presidential event. 

Twitter user @StopWhiteGenocide tweeted; “#kurtDarren #wakeup get a life and face the facts: your idiotic rainbow nation never existed and never will. #Liberalturd”

Kurt reacted with a heartfelt open letter in which he wrote; “I expected some critique over my decision to perform at the inauguration of President Jacob Zuma but never the amount of aggression I am currently receiving. 

“I’ve realised that it is just a small group of people who haven’t moved on and who haven’t accepted that they live in a democratic South Africa,” Darren wrote. 

“I’m shocked by the messages wrote on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. For someone to write that they wish my child will be born dead is the lowest of low. 

“It was an honour for me to be asked to represent Afrikaans on stage at the event. I felt the same pride I did when I performed at the Nelson Mandela 46664 concert in London in 2008,” he added.

The Loslappie singer concluded his letter with; “South Africa is a country for all South Africans. I’m positive about the future of our country. Through it all I will never fall out of love with South Africa.”


South Africa: Zuma's monster cabinet to cost SA R1bn

As I blogged a few days ago, the salary of Zuma's new cabinet will be around R143 million per year. That doesn't include any of their extras and perks......

Instead of contracting the cabinet to save South Africa money, Zuma has increased his cabinet to 35 ministers and 37 deputy ministers. 

Newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (in a country of over 1.1 billion people) has just shrunk his cabinet from 71 to 46 ministers. Germany has a much bigger economy than SA and has a far higher tax base but has a cabinet of 16; Japan has a cabinet of 16 and the US has a cabinet of 15.

So, it  seems the more incompetent you are, the more people you need under you to prop you up and disguise how incompetent you are.

OR, you need 72 people to blame as the economy slips ever further behind.....

OR, you need to reward 72 loyal ANC servants......

Take your pick.

Now we hear that the budget for the Presidency has gone from R257 million in 2007 (under Mbeki) to R1.1 billion in 2012 (Zuma), and is expected to reach R1.3 billion in the next 3 years.

If you remove the R143 million for salaries, a good question to ask Zuma would be what is he spending the other R1.15 bn on, apart from his numerous wives and pikanins? 

Gee, those perks must sure be gooooood. 

Zuma's understudy and prominent Black business tycoon, Deputy Prime Minister Cyril Ramaphosa, is doing extremely well financially these days as well. He's merging his $1bn investment company, Shanduka Group, with another high-profile Black business Pembani, owned by Phuthuma Nhleko, who is another prominent Black businessman - so Cyril can focus on his political career.  How noble of him! 

The new entity will have a gross value in excess of R13.5bn ($1.3bn) and be chaired by Mr Nhleko.

From a relative standing start of zero when the ANC took over the country, to being worth billions today, Ramaphosa sure is living the ANC cadre "we are for the people" dream. Plus, don't forget he also gets his government salary of R2.36 million and other government perks.....including more political power to make even more money.

Have a look at all the pies old Cyril has his fingers in:

No news as to when Zuma will come out to condemn Ramaphosa for being a rich Black businessman, keeping the riches for himself...... 

But, Cyril and the Zuma ministers aren't the only one's doing great under the ANC! The directors of the rail, ports and pipeline operator Transnet are doing just dandy as well! Of the 15 top earners at state-owned enterprises, 12 work for Transnet. Freight Rail boss Siyabonga Gama was the best-paid taking home R12.76m. Gama's boss Brian Molefe, CEO of Transnet, took home R12.47m. 

Other Transnet bosses in the top 15 include Karl Socikwa, CEO of Transnet Port Terminals, who was paid R10.89m; Richard Vallihu, CEO of Transnet Rail Engineering, who took home R10.4m; and Anoj Singh, chief financial officer, who was paid R9.9m.

Not too shabby for a state-owned company where customers are paying some of the highest tariffs in the world to use their capacity-constrained services.

Yes, it's sure shining in the ANC world these days. 

Pity the economy isn't going gangbusters to support all this government exuberance though:
Figures released today showed that South Africa’s economy experienced its first contraction since the 2009 recession, suffering a quarter-on-quarter drop of 0,6 percent.
Though many expected a negative trend, the average prediction was that the country would only see a 0,1 percent drop.
It seems the mining strikes are impacting the economy. The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu)-led industrial action has entered its fifth month, with workers sticking to their demand for a R12,500 basic salary.

And not to be outdone, 5500 sugar workers are also striking to demand an 11% rise in pay, in the first stoppage in this industry since 1997.

Can't imagine why they're all striking, seeing as 68% of them are happy with how the ANC are running the country. That's 2/3 people in South Africa - happy with the ANC and giving them another term to plunder and pillage errrr..... run the country. 

So, it can't all be bad people! From the bloated government benches and cadres, to the bloated state-owned enterprises, life is good for the ANC comrades. Memories of the "struggle" seem to have finally dissipated. 

Now, if only the economy would play ball and pay for all this spending! Come on White people pay those taxes!!

Hat tips to: Nick A and Richard K

President Jacob Zuma's new cabinet, announced on Sunday, is expected to cost South Africans more than R1-billion.

He has added two ministries .

His cabinet is one of the biggest in the world - he has more cabinet ministers than the US, Germany and Japan, all of which have much bigger economies and broader tax bases.

South Africa now has 35 ministers, each of whom earns about R2.1-million a year. T he 37 deputy ministers will each earn R1.7-million. Zuma earns about R2.62-million a year and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, gets R2.36-million .

Economist Mike Schussler said: "I'm not sure if a bigger cabinet is going to make a difference or just add to the cost of government."

The budget for The Presidency has soared from R257-million in 2007, during president Thabo Mbeki's tenure, to R329-million in 2009.

Kgalema Motlanthe held office from September 2008 until elections brought Zuma to power in May 2009.

The cost of the cabinet rose to R727-million in 2010, R959-million in 2011 and R1. 1-billion in 2012.

It is estimated that the allocation for The Presidency will rise to R1.3-billion in the next three years.

Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of SA CEO Kaizer Nyatsumba told the SABC that the federation was worried about the ever-expanding cabinet growing despite a small tax base and an under-performing economy .

"Germany has a much bigger economy and it has a far higher tax base but has a cabinet of 16; Japan has a cabinet of 16 and the US has a cabinet of 15," he said.

US President Barack Obama, who presides over one of the biggest economies in the world, earns just over R4-million a year.

Obama's 15-member executive is not given perks such as housing and free flights as in South Africa.

India's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, is perhaps the most modestly paid head of state. He will earn just under R30000 a month.

Modi this week shrank his cabinet from 71 to 46 members.

The Economic Freedom Fighters said that, with perks and support staff, the cost of Zuma's executive could hit R1-billion a year.

"Almost R1-billion is spent on this permanent government mass meeting of ministers before we can even think of core functions and programmes that change lives," said EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.