31 March 2014

Got cooked good......

Good question

South Africa: Zuma: Intelligence of ANC supporters undermined

President Jacob Zuma has warned opposition parties not to undermine the intelligence of African National Congress (ANC) supporters.

LOL - ANC supporters intelligent?

Who knew??

I guess it makes sense to an idiot like Zuma. When you have a buffoon in charge who thinks he's the brightest light bulb around, then of course he'd think his supporters are just as clever as he is. 

The dumb leading the dumber. 

Hat tip: Richard K

CAPE TOWN – President Jacob Zuma has warned opposition parties not to undermine the intelligence of African National Congress (ANC) supporters.

The president, who was on a campaign trail in Kimberley on Wednesday, exuded confidence while addressing business leaders, the youth and party members.

He called on opposition parties not to undermine the intelligence of his supporters. 

“At times people take the people of the country for granted, as though they cannot see reality, they’ve got to listen to propaganda and leave reality - and think that propaganda is the reality. That is undermining the intelligence of the people of this country.”

Zuma also touched on issues, which government is yet to resolve, including free and higher education for all. 


UK: Police fast-track scheme to 'open up' top ranks

Geez, England is intent on becoming an Islamic third-world country in a hurry!

Day after day one reads how the British government and local communities bow down to make Muslims feel more welcome in England. Last week they even introduced aspects of Sharia law into British law:
Islamic law is to be effectively enshrined in the British legal system for the first time under guidelines for solicitors on drawing up “Sharia compliant” wills.
Under Prime Minister David Cameron, England is fully embracing Islam.

So much for Dave being a conservative. What a joke.

Schools in England are facing a Muslim onslaught, with some public schools becoming Muslim enclaves. One primary school has been set up by a radical Islamist:
An Islamic school set  up by a hardliner  who trained the ringleader of the 7/7 bombings is receiving money from the taxpayer, it emerged yesterday.
Other schools are starting to ban pork products from their school menus, and are serving halal meals only.  

Other foul Islamic practices, like female genital mutilation, are becoming the new norm.

Slowly, but surely the UK is becoming Islamacized and their own government is doing all they can to facilitate the handover. 

But this madness doesn't end here. No sirree. The next onslaught is on the police, who now want external "minorities" to be fast-tracked into senior policing roles in England and Wales.
PM David Cameron said the move would make the police more open and diverse. 
The College of Policing, the professional body for policing, announced the recruitment schemes and said they would bring in "people with more diverse backgrounds and new perspectives".
White males no longer need apply for any top jobs within government institutions - unless you're well-connected of course - as you're no longer needed or wanted. What you did to build up and protect your country in the past is over and new diverse - read non-White - superiors are the in-thing. Just sit at home, collect your dole and feel good about your life, in a country which is no longer your country. Allow your children to inter-breed with your new diverse population as they are good and White is bad.

Good luck Britain! You have a few traitors in your ranks and they're doing untold damage to your country.

Pretty soon the UK will be known as Englandistan.

Don't we all just love a feel-good story!

 Hat tip: rANCid and Mark L

A move to fast-track external recruits into senior policing roles for the first time is about to come into force in England and Wales.

A second fast-track scheme for some graduate recruits will enable them to rise from constable to inspector in three years.

PM David Cameron said the move would make the police more open and diverse.

For 180 years the normal way to enter the police has been to join as a constable and rise up the ranks.

The rank of chief constable is to be opened up to applicants from overseas.

'Talented and experienced'
The College of Policing, the professional body for policing, announced the recruitment schemes and said they would bring in "people with more diverse backgrounds and new perspectives".

The direct entry programme is aimed at recruiting 20 "experienced leaders" from the private, public and charity sectors to join as superintendants, the college said.

There are approximately 800 superintendents in England and Wales. The officers have operational responsibilities for local divisions and major investigations.

On the graduate scheme, some 82 recruits can expect to earn £47,000 after three years when they become an inspector.

"Schemes like these will enable talented and experienced people from a range of backgrounds to bring new ideas and a fresh approach to policing," Mr Cameron said.

"We have already slashed red tape and cut bureaucratic targets, this is about opening up policing culture by making the workforce more diverse."

He said he wanted every force in England and Wales to use the schemes.

Policing Minister Damian Green added: "This is the first time that chief constables will be able to recruit talented and motivated leaders from other walks of life, who can bring a wide range of experience and expertise."

'Not great'
The move was recommended by Tom Winsor in his review of police pay and conditions.

Gavin Thomas, vice president of the Police Superintendent's Association of England and Wales, said overall he was in support of the scheme as long it was managed correctly.

"I hope it will improve diversity among senior policing," he said.

"We were initially concerned about new candidates coming into the force without a grounding in operational policing.

"But I know the College of Policing are aware of those concerns and working hard to alleviate them, so we will have to see.

"Diversity among senior policing is not great at the moment, and this could be one of the ways of improving that."

But the Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers, has previously insisted external candidates should not be able to enter the force above the level of constable.

Steve White, vice chairman of the federation, said: "We agree that the police service should be seeking to attract the brightest and best, however the current high potential development scheme should already identify those individuals and allow them to flourish.

"External candidates should not be able to join the service at any rank above that of constable; the current structure properly equips officers for the next stage in their career."

Applications are due to open in April or May with the first recruits from both schemes starting before the end of the year.


The new South Africa

This is an email I received over the week-end (I kid you not):

I'm a 18 year old black South African boy. I just passed matric on 2013 now i do not know what to do because my parents are not working they do not have money for me to go to University.

I thought there was free education in South Africa but there is no such thing! Can you help me in my situation?

Yours sincerly
Sikhumbuzo Sinobolo

Can anyone help Sikhumbuzo as he seems to have me confused with someone who gives a damn? All I could think of was telling him to go ask Mandela. 

Geert Wilders responds to critics about his anti-Moroccan Muslim remarks

Isn't it just amazing that just as Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch anti-immigration Party for Freedom, is leading in many national polls ahead of elections for the European Parliament, that the media attack him for his anti-immigration comments?

And it's worked a treat. He's projected to lose between 5 and 7 seats at the election. Two of his Members of Parliament have now also quit the party due to his anti-immigrant remarks. Sounds like two infiltrators to me.

What were his outrageous remarks you ask? 

Well, you'll be surprised to know that he said absolutely nothing new - nothing that he hasn't been saying for the last 10 years. That Moroccans are over-represented in the crime statistics in The Netherlands.  And for this the media went ape-shite and attacked him - right before an election, where the Left were going to get a good hiding.

Yeah, nothing to see here. The media has once again done it's job and changed the direction of history - back to the Left and Islam. And the Dutch sheeple have fallen for their lies and propaganda, hook, line and sinker. 

The Dutch aren't exactly the cleverest of people, seeing as they sided with the ANC against the Afrikaners during Apartheid. So I'm guessing all those Muslim immigrants is called karma?? Kry vir julle!

One day these same media people will be scratching their heads as their new Islamic media owners kick them out and replace them with Muslims. They'll be scratching their heads thinking, wow, old Geert was right after all, and we helped destroy our country.

Media - take a bow! You're a special kind of stupid.

Here's Geert responding to the media storm:

Hat tip: Julian B

Australia: More than 600 asylum seekers return home voluntarily

Attention Europe! Attention Europe!!

Do you want to stop the invasion of third-world Africans boating illegally from Africa to Europe - to seek asylum for a better life?

Well, instead of sending the cavalry to help them reach European soil, why not do as Australia has done and adopt a no-nonsense, strict policy of turning boats back from where they've come from. Within weeks you should see a sharp drop in the number of boat arrivals, instead of the steady increase you are currently seeing.

And as a bonus, there will be fewer drownings - drownings which the EU uses to guilt Europeans into assisting and accepting boats to reach their soils safely.  

Even the Pope is out saying Europe needs to do more....

Just a hint - if you help undeserving people, more of them will make the journey. If you turn them around then they will stop getting on boats.

It's pretty simple. Aristotelian logic if you will.  

Australia has now gone just over 100 days without a boat arrival. Something the previous government said could never be accomplished. There were just too many push factors, they said.....when in fact it was Labor's generosity and open borders policy which were the pull factors. As Indonesia said at the time, Rudd had put sugar on the table.

Now that the arrivals have all but stopped it doesn't mean that the problem of illegal boat arrivals has been resolved, but it is a dramatic difference to what was happening under the previous idiot Labor/Green government, where over 50 000 country shoppers boated in.

As you may already have realised, any Labor/Democrat/Social political party - are renown for their "compassion" for third-world'ers. They haven't seen or met a third-world'er they haven't wanted to help - no matter their character or background. 

The Left's thought process is that, just like Blacks who can never be racist, third-world'ers are inherently good, and if they do have a dodgy background then it must be due to the colonisation that occurred in their country. By the White people. Hence why they are obliged to help anyone with a non-White skin unconditionally.

It makes them feel superior and good and allows them to climb onto their moral high-horse.....except when their benevolence leads to drownings.

Diversity and multi-culturalism are added bonuses of third world'ers streaming into our countries, and according to the Left, this should be embraced by all Whites ....or you're racist and xenophobic.

Under Labor/Green "compassion" over 2000 boat people drowned trying to get to Australia.

Under our new government none have drowned in Australian waters. 

So, you would think, wouldn't you, that our Lefties must just be thrilled that those horrible drownings have finally stopped! Wrong. So, so wrong. No, now they're outraged that the boats have stopped - and using their logic, that the drownings have also stopped.

Yeah, logic, reason and consequences don't feature in their thought process or vocabulary.

This week-end we learnt that over 600 - of the over 50 000 - asylum seekers who have arrived have returned voluntarily or through forced repatriation back to their countries since the new government closed our borders to the people smugglers. For the first time since 2008, the number of people returning home is now exceeding arrival numbers.


No wonder the Lefties are in a bad mood and out holding candle-lit vigils for some dead person they can't name, or organising protests to call for the death of our prime minister. 

The bottom line is that they are living under a conservative government for the first time in 6 years and they're grumpy about it. They don't do decent or moral - they prefer anarchy, corruption, waste and death. That's more to their liking - the natural home of the feral Left. When people die they're at their happiest.

Our Lefties use the argument that people are entitled to come to Australia and claim asylum. Two things about that. One is that we are far, far away from any other country apart from New Zealand and PNG. So, when people from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, India, China, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Sudan, Somalia etc, arrive, having jumped numerous other countries to pay to get on a leaky boat headed to Australia, then excuse us for being dubious about their intentions or claims. The UN, after all, states that asylum seekers should stop at the first safe country. 

That's hardly Australia!

Secondly, yes, they have a right to claim asylum, but we have the right as a country to reject their claims when it's found to be BS. The Left seems to have problems grasping this very simple concept.

And just to put the final nail into the coffin of the compassionate, gullible, idiotic Left, research by the Immigration Department last year - that would be under the then LABOR government - reveals only half of all asylum seekers who arrived since 2008 — about 30,000 — claimed on their applications that they had come to Australia to flee persecution.

So 30 000 people admit that they weren't fleeing persecution. 

So, why did they come you ask? Well here's a clue:

A survey of people being held in detention revealed most arrivals had sought to come to Australia because they believed the previous Labor government would let them stay. Under Labor, there was a 90 per cent acceptance rate.
There you go. Out of the mouth of country shopping babes. Finally the truth.

The thousands who arrived came because they knew they couldn't get through the front door. And with a Labor government in power, 90% of the bull-shitters would be allowed to stay. Kept in relative luxury for the rest of their lives by we the tax payer.

No wonder the immigration budget blew out to over $10 BILLION in the last year. That would be $10 000 000 000 spent on country shoppers. Money which could have been spent on health, education and our military.

But, Labor and the equally "compassionate" Marxist Greens won't let the truth or facts get in the way of their "protests". They will hold their little drumming ceremonies, their feral protests and their whack-job candle-lit vigils for some or other country shopper who died in a detention centre, and they'll keep pushing the line that our Prime Minister is a horrible man who deserves to die because he's not allowing people to drown at sea. Because that's much more compassionate than stopping them from getting on boats.....

And the rest of us - the majority - we will keep hitting them with facts and mocking them for their stupidity.

 MORE than 600 asylum seekers have returned home voluntarily or through forced repatriation since the Coalition declared Australia’s borders closed, The Saturday Telegraph can reveal.

The figures, that until now had been kept secret, confirm that for the first time since 2008 the tide of boat arrivals has begun to turn, and the number of people returning home is now exceeding arrival numbers.

Figures from the Immigration Department show 606 people have returned or were forced to return to their place of origin since the start of the Coalition’s controversial Operation Sovereign Borders policy.

Of those, 240 from mainland detention or community detention left voluntarily, having given up hope of being granted asylum, and 168 were flown home by the government.

A total of 198 asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru had also asked authorities to be returned home after realising they would not be settled in Australia.

The Daily Telegraph has also obtained Immigration Department research from last year that reveals only half of all asylum seekers who arrived since 2008 — about 30,000 — claimed on their applications that they had come to Australia to flee persecution.

A survey of people being held in detention revealed most arrivals had sought to come to Australia because they believed the previous Labor government would let them stay.

Under Labor, there was a 90 per cent acceptance rate.

The overwhelming finding from the survey conducted during Labor’s time was that the door was open to refugees and they would not be returned.

Today will be 100 days since the last boat successfully arrived in Australian territory.

The asylum-seeker return figures suggest the Coalition’s policy, despite being labelled cruel by the Greens and refugee advocacy groups, has smashed hope for asylum seekers coming by boat that they would ever settle permanently in Australia.

Immigration minister Scott Morrison said his military-led operation would now enter a third phase with signs that the first two phases had succeeded.

He confirmed he would now turn his attention to the 30,000 people still in detention centres or in community detention and awaiting processing.

While pleased with the border security results, Mr Morrison said there was “no room for complacency”.


29 March 2014

ObamaCare Supporters Explain Hobby Lobby Case

For those unaware, Hobby Lobby is fighting the USA government in the supreme court against Obamacare's “contraceptive mandate" - the requirement that businesses offering their employees health insurance MUST provide plans that cover all federally-approved contraception methods at no extra cost to their employees.

Hobby Lobby Stores is owned by Christians who believe that some of those contraceptive methods are tantamount to abortion, because they can prevent a fertilised egg from implanting in the uterus. The owners seek an exemption to the contraceptive mandate under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a statute that Congress passed almost unanimously in 1993.

Obama is fighting against giving them an exemption, because they're a for-profit business - yeah right - that's the real reason.

Back in reality, Obama has given many of his Union pals and pro-Obama big corporations exemptions from various Obamacare mandates.....anything to keep their costs down.

Naturally, the Lefty wankers were out in full force to protest Hobby Lobby and the court action. They are, after all, all for death and against having any kind of moral compass. 

Watch as some of them get confused and tongue-tied when asked some logical questions.....

South Africa: Nkandla Style

Pretty funny. Actually, it's brilliant. 

28 March 2014

South Africa: Malema’s Nkandla house falls apart

This article encapsulates what's gone wrong in South Africa.

On the one hand you have the ANC, who built a mansion/complex for their King Zuma - in his hometown of Nkandla.

On the other hand you have the mini-Zuma, Economic Freedom Fighter leader Julius "Juju" Malema, who aspires to dethrone the King, and instead become King.

It's all rather primitive, but that is the African way.

So, how do you make staunch ANC supporters see that, although the EFF are the new kids on the political block, they should be taken seriously by them?? Even vote for them in the upcoming elections?

Well, you go to the King's turf and pull a stunt. And the stunt in this instance was to build a proper house for one of King Zuma's neighbours - someone who lives just a stone's throw from the new King Zuma palace. You know, to rub his face in all that EFF benevolence to the salt-of-the-Earth people of Nkandla, who Zuma's forgotten about.

And they did just that. They built a house for an indigent Black lady in just 2 weeks.

Wow. Two weeks you say? Yes - a brick house in just two weeks!! All hail the EFF and Juju.  

Here is the house:

Just ignore the roof that isn't quite finished or straight, and the lopsided walls, and the poor foundations - everything else is just perfect! Built by the EFF.

The house was handed over to the lucky lady in January, accompanied by much fanfare from the EFF. See how good the EFF is to Black people in South Africa? See how competent? See how caring? Vote for us!

Viva EFF!

Now two months after the house was handed over, the cracks are beginning to show. Literally.

The roof of the house is caving in, and its walls are beginning to show cracks.

But, the lucky lady doesn't blame the EFF or Juju for her house starting to fall apart:
“It’s the contractor’s fault."
Yes, as you can see, it's never Juju's fault. It's always someone else's fault. It's not as if the EFF contracted the builder.....oh wait!

Anyhow, this is supposed to be an uplifting story. 

The lucky lady is happy with her house, apart from when she has to move the furniture into the kids bedroom when it rains, as the water seeps in from the sagging roof and through the ceiling..... 

And, she's just so happy she doesn't have to cook outside anymore, and just as soon as the electricity gets connected then all will be great and she'll be able to use her appliances - finally. In the meantime she's probably still cooking outside.....

But, but, she now also has a flushing toilet - which she can only use when the water's been connected. Did I mention that there's no water or electricity connected yet?? After two months???

But apart from those small things, life is great. 

Yes, just as soon as they finish tiling the veranda and completing the bathroom, life will be hunky-dory. 

So apart from the sagging roof, the cracking walls, the leaking ceiling, the incomplete bathroom, the non-flushing toilet, the disconnected electricity, the un-tiled veranda, there is one positive! Yes there sure is! She loves the tiles in the house!

Well, at least something was finished to her liking. And hopefully when the house finally comes crashing down around her ears, the tiles will survive.

Durban - Two weeks. That is how long it took for the Economic Freedom Fighters to build a house for S’thandiwe Hlongwane, 31, who lives just metres from President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead.
On the day the house was handed over, the party’s red-beret-clad members were seen frantically putting last-minute touches to the roof. The walls of the house had also been plastered days before the handover.
Two months later, the roof of the house is caving in, and its walls are beginning to show cracks.
But Hlongwane does not blame her bearer of good fortune, EFF leader Julius Malema, but rather the contractor who did a shoddy job.
Malema handed over the house built by his party in January amid tension in Zuma’s home town.
Angry Nkandla residents wearing ANC T-shirts hurled insults at Malema for daring to build a house for the president’s neighbour.
The Sunday Independent visited Hlongwane to see how her life had changed since receiving the house.
The first thing you notice from the main road is that the roof of the newly built house dips in the centre of the structure.
The roof tiles sit loosely on the roof and could easily be blown away by strong winds.
We received a warm welcome from Hlongwane, who didn’t stop smiling, despite her recent troubles.
“I am still getting used to having tiles in the house,” she said, referring to the brown floor tiles.
There was little furniture in the two-bedroomed house.
“I had to move the sofas to the kids’ bedroom, because when it rains water seeps in through the ceiling,” she explained.
“Everything happened so fast. It’s no wonder things are falling apart. I have only been living in the house for two months, and the roof is already caving in. Last week, when it rained, water was seeping into the house.
“It’s the contractor’s fault.
“The wooden planks are too far apart, and the roof tiles are too heavy.”
She said she had reported the defects to the contractor, Paul, in Joburg, and he had made numerous promises about fixing the roof, but they were never honoured.
Apart from the defects, Hlongwane says she loves her house and is confident the EFF will keep its promise to fix the roof and complete some of the features they were originally unable to finish.
“I don’t have to cook outside any more. So much has changed. It is really beautiful,” she said.
When the house was handed over to her, Hlongwane also received household goods to start her off, including a TV stand, a fridge, a kitchen set, a shower, a flushing toilet, two single beds, a double bed, a four-piece wardrobe set and sofas. Someone even offered to pay for her DStv connection.
“The fault is not with Malema – it is with the contractor who failed to do a good job. Malema did not physically build the house.”
Hlongwane reported the matter to the EFF’s Empangeni branch, whose members came to inspect the house and promised her they would have it fixed.
“They also promised to finish the tiling on the veranda, and to complete the bathroom. I am also trying to get the water connected. I am in talks with the municipality.”
Hlongwane is also trying to get her electricity connected.
“I know that things won’t happen immediately because of the elections. Parties are busy campaigning,” she said.
The EFF’s KwaZulu-Natal convenor, Vusi Khoza, confirmed that Hlongwane had reported the problems to the party.
“Some of our comrades from uThungulu district have visited her,” he said.
Khoza promised he would take a contractor to Nkandla this weekend to have the problems fixed.
He admitted the party had been busy with its election campaign, but said it had not forgotten about Hlongwane.
“We will fix the roof and connect the toilet, so that when she has water, she is able to use it.”
Hlongwane remains hopeful.
“My life has changed dramatically. Malema has really helped me. People will always talk about whether it’s something positive or negative. Sometimes I think that it is out of jealousy.”
She said she knew by accepting a house from the EFF she was putting herself in a difficult position.
“The EFF has never asked me to vote for them. They have never forced me to vote for them – they know that that wouldn’t be right. I know who I am going to vote for.
“Malema has lifted us out of poverty. And even if people judge me, I don’t have a problem with the house. They will fix it. I love my house.”

Obama Seeks to Rally Allies on Russia - President Calls for NATO Members to 'Step Up'

NATO members must "step up" according to Obama.


So, Obama and his clueless administration of neo-cons have created the problem in Ukraine - to which Putin rightly reacted - and now Obama wants others to clean up his mess?

Okey-dokey, if you say so. Quick, let's send some of our young men and women to go fight and die against Russia for Obama!

Isn't it just so rich for Obama to declare that "Russia's invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea as a violation of a European order"?

Let's cast our minds back to when the USA - under the Clinton administration- re-branded USA planes with NATO stickers and then willy-nilly bombed Serbia until they gave in and allowed Kosovo to become "independent". Hospitals, orphanages, bridges, innocent people - all bombed by America....err.... NATO, so that Clinton cold propel attention away from a certain "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" event. Impeachment? Nah, just bomb Serbia and kill thousands instead.  

That was all okay and groovy. 

Russia and Crimea? Putin is a bad-bad boy - the next Hitler - and needs to be stopped!

Obama isn't doing a good job on the international front. In fact, people are quite tired of the USA government interference around the globe. 

Let's think about why.

Let's go back to George Bush, who started a war in Afghanistan, apparently to stop the Taliban from gaining anymore traction there post 9/11. And to find Osama bin Laden - who wasn't there, but in Pakistan, a country the USA gives billions to, and who knew that OBL was living in their country, but forgot to let the USA know. The result of this war? The Taliban - who were armed and trained to fight the Soviets by the USA - are now even more entrenched in Afghanistan; the Afghan people, especially the females, are worse off; and, the USA has helped instill a corrupt anti-American/anti-Western President Hamid Karzai. The Islamists hate America and the West even more now - a common theme throughout the ME.

George Bush then started a war in Iraq, to depose Saddam Hussein and his sons, and to find all those Weapons of Mass Destruction, or something. Just who Saddam was going to use these errr... weapons on remains a mystery till today. Saddam wasn't exactly a stellar character, but he was better than who has since taken over the country. Saddam was caught and then hung by the USA, and now that Obama has removed the remaining USA troops the country has gone to hell and is being overrun by.....Al Qaeda and Iran. Hussein at least kept Iran out and the different Muslim tribes subdued. Now chaos and death reigns.

How many American and NATO soldiers lost their lives in these two wars? For what?? The countries are now WORSE than when the USA started the wars. 

Now to Obama. 

Obama encouraged the Arab Spring after a Muslim man set himself alight in Tunisia. Next country to fall was Libya, where the USA toppled Gaddafi. Sure, Gaddafi wasn't an angel - he was an evil bastard - but who has replaced him today? Why, that wouldn't be Al Qaeda, would it? Why yes, that would be correct. Once again a dictator has been replaced by someone worse and the ordinary people suffer.

Then it was Egypt's turn. Mubarak, an ally of the USA for decades, was unceremoniously overthrown without a peep from Obama. He was arrested and eventually replaced by the USA-backed radical Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi. The result? Anarchy. Within days of Morsi ascending the thrown, he started killing the Coptic Christians, killing moderate Muslims, imposing Sharia law, and subsequently killed off the tourism industry. No more money flowed into Egypt. Then the IMF came in and demanded Egypt stop subsidising food and energy - which they refused to do - and the economy collapsed. And pretty soon, all those protesters against Mubarak realised their folly in falling for the Arab Spring, called Obama Morsi's bitch, and BEGGED the Egyptian army to intervene and depose the Muslim Brotherhood.

Which they did. At least one country got it right. Yet, still today Obama is calling for Morsi to be re-instated - against the will of the people.

Then the Arab Spring moved to Syria, where the al-Assad family have ruled for four decades. Sure, Bashar Assad isn't the best of characters, but he is ruling over various Islamic tribes, as well as protecting the minority Christians.

How does that saying go? Better the devil you know....

Who did Obama back? The "rebels", who turned out to be Al-Qaeda operatives - Al Qaeda and much, much worse. Gee, who would have thought, eh? Obama funneled guns and weaponry to the "rebels" - who were supposed to be moderate Muslims - to help topple Assad. He even drew a red-line in the sand, saying that if Assad used chemical weapons on his people then he would step in with military aid to the rebels.

And lo and behold, soon reports emerged that chemical weapons had been used and Obama threatened to fire a few missiles into Syria to stop the evil Assad - who denied using the chemicals. It later emerged that the "rebels" were the ones who staged the photos of the dead, and used chemicals on people to get the USA involved in their civil war. 

Who stopped Obama from starting another war?? Putin. Yes, that's right, evil Putin intervened and negotiated to stop a war before it started.

Today we hear terrible stories of how the Christians in Syria are being slaughtered, raped, and literally crucified by the Muslim rebels. The same "moderates" who Obama has helped arm are killing the Christians without a peep out of the American government. Thousands of jihad fighters from Western countries have made their way to Syria to go fight for Allah, against Assad. If they're lucky and survive, they return home all fired up to fight jihad in their adopted Western homelands against the infidels and kaffirs.... that would be us.

But I digress.

Who has stabbed Israel in the back, repeatedly? Obama. 

Who has relaxed sanctions and given Iran the green-light to develop nuclear weapons? Obama.

Who triggered the coup d'etat of an elected President in Ukraine? Obama.

Who is now calling on NATO to clean up his mess in Ukraine, by blaming Putin for the trouble he himself started? Obama.

And now, right on cue, we have that other war-monger and neo-con, the former Secretary of State under George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, calling on Obama to toughen up and not become war weary:
“Right now, there’s a vacuum,” she told a crowd of more than two thousand attending the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual dinner last night in Washington, D.C. “There’s a vacuum because we’ve decided to lower our voice. We’ve decided to step back. We’ve decided that if we step back and lower our voice, others will lead, other things will fill that vacuum.” Citing Bashar al Assad’s slaughter in Syria, Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, al Qaeda’s triumphant return to Fallujah, Iraq, and China’s nationalist fervor, she concluded: “When America steps back and there is a vacuum, trouble will fill that vacuum.”
 “I fully understand the sense of weariness. I fully understand that we must think: ‘Us, again?’ I know that we’ve been through two wars. I know that we’ve been vigilant against terrorism. I know that it’s hard. But leaders can’t afford to get tired. Leaders can’t afford to be weary.”
Leaders aren't the ones who die on the battlefield Condi, you stupid idiot.

Rice is as conservative as I am Progressive. Yet you have Republican's lapping her shite up and calling for her to run for POTUS. Just because she's Black and female. Their new saviour!

Rice has never seen a war she hasn't liked. It's not her son or daughter she wants to send to fight and die, it's other people's children/fathers/mothers, so why should she care? ANYONE who calls for war, or boots on the ground, should have some skin in the game. Either they themselves need to go join the front-line and put those boots on, or they need to send a proxy son/daughter/husband/wife to the front line in their place. Let's see how many of them call for war then.

It's easy to talk when it's not your loved ones set to die.

If anything, America - and the world - should be grateful Obama is a weakling and hasn't the stomach for war. Probably his only redeeming quality.

I've said this before and I'll keep saying it - the American government needs to mind their own business, which they won't. Everyone needs to mind their own business. Russia is protecting their business - no one else's. They are NOT the ones who start these conflicts, but they are the ones who have to finish it. 

America has tried to "democratise" the world to their type of democracy for decades, when we can see what it leads to by looking at their very own country. They are now a country run by debauched Liberal Progressives, who have forgotten who God is. They murder their unborn children in the millions. They push every vice on their youth and do everything to dumb them down in their schools and universities. They have gone from American exceptionalism to a bankrupt welfare-state in 50 years. NASA has gone from being the space leader to a Muslim outreach and global warming fear-mongering mouthpiece. In fact, America now relies on Russia to transport their astronauts to the space station for them. How ironic is that?

Today Obama met with the Pope. Obama, a man who supports abortion from conception to birth, and who also supports infanticide, said that the Pope was an "inspiration".  Obama, who wants to destroy traditional marriage and Christianity in his own country and around the world, was out scrapping and bowing to the Pope. Anything goes when he has to boost his sagging popularity back home and around the world. 

Spare me the hypocrisy.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Time to stop paving that road!

Hat tip: Richard K

BRUSSELS—President Barack Obama, emphasizing U.S. allies' united front against Moscow, cast Russia's invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea as a violation of a European order painstakingly built from the rubble and bloodshed of World War II.

Capping off three days of intensive meetings with European leaders, Mr. Obama spent much of Wednesday telling U.S. allies that they need to "step up" their commitments, particularly on military security.

"Russia's leadership is challenging truths that only a few weeks ago seemed self-evident: that in the 21st century, the borders of Europe cannot be redrawn with force," Mr. Obama said.

Unless the U.S. and Europe take stern action to protect these principles, he warned: "That message would be heard not just in Europe but in Asia and the Americas, in Africa and the Middle East."

European officials responded to the prodding by agreeing to take steps to reduce their dependence on Russian natural gas and to improve the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's security posture.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO's secretary-general, said the alliance will "intensify our military cooperation with Ukraine," including helping modernize Ukrainian forces. "We will review the viability of our relationship with Russia," he said. "We will not seek confrontation, but we will not waver if challenged."

In Washington, however, U.K. Defense Minister Philip Hammond acknowledged NATO members, including the U.K. and U.S., face budget constraints.

"With budget constraints a real and present factor in both countries, it is incumbent upon us to explore new areas of cooperation," he said.

Mr. Obama invoked the long-standing U.S.-European alliance in an address in Brussels on Wednesday and argued that the Russian intervention has repercussions that could stretch far beyond a dispute over a small peninsula in Eastern Europe.

Mr. Obama's diplomatic effort to blunt what he described as Russia's reversion to "the old way of doing things" has paid some dividends.

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South Africa: Youths admit Richmond farm murders

Earlier in the month I blogged about a triple murder in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The victims were an elderly German farming couple and their adult son who had flown in from Germany to surprise his dad for his upcoming 77th birthday.

Now we hear that three "youths" have admitted in court that they murdered the family. "Youths" is a cute euphemism the politically correct - including the media and police - use to avoid admitting that the criminals are young barbaric savage Blacks. It's also used widely in the USA and other Western countries so as not to offend, sound racist, or to alarm people regarding the number of attacks by these Black "youth" on Whites. 

The farked up Lefty Liberal/Progressives in South Africa will argue that, shame, they must have killed these people because of the trauma of Apartheid and how the farmer treated them.

WRONG. You're out of luck with this one you stupid Lefty excuse makers. The three noble savage murderers are all aged 20 and under, plus they were all ex-employees of the farmer, one of whom was currently working as a gardener for another son of the farmer. In fact, this same brave gardener even went to work the following day in the garden of the man whose father he had barbarically murdered the previous day. 

That's chutzpah for you. 

He was arrested later that evening much to the shock of the son (who had discovered the bodies of his family). 

This was a pre-meditated MURDER spree: 
The three youths admitted having gone to Springvale Farm near Richmond on March 1, 2014, to rob the family, and taking knives to kill their victims so that they would not be identified. 
They also took petrol, “to destroy any evidence to link us” and set their bodies alight.
They took a taxi to the farm together with a sack-full of knives, duct-tape and petrol. That wasn't to hold a picnic on the farm - it was to kill innocent hard-working, decent people and burn the bodies to destroy the evidence of their evilness: 
They took money and other items (firearms, money, speakers,  amplifiers and a car - LL) and then doused the bodies with petrol before setting them alight.
All so they could rob - and then callously murder - an elderly man and his family of what he'd worked for and they hadn't.

More details about what they did to these poor people have now emerged. The three "youths" were allowed onto the farm by pretending to buy fire-wood from the farmer. Once on the property they attacked him in a shed, stabbing him in the neck.

They then went into the farmhouse and tried to open the safe, but couldn't, so they lay in wait for the wife to arrive home from picking her son up at the airport. When they arrived the son was stabbed several times in the head and neck.

They then took the wife to open the safe, tied her hands and then slit her throat. Then they burned all the bodies using the petrol they brought, and stole a car to make their cowardly getaway.

I just bet they were laughing and smiling and high-fiving each other as they drove away - mission accomplished. They had conquered another White farmer and his family. They had contributed to the ongoing genocide against the White farmers. They would be heroes. A few yeas in jail and they'll be the next Mandela!

These are the type of barbaric people the White Progressives in South Africa protect with their fawning compassion and ever-ready excuses. This is what the media tries to cover-up, but horror-of-horrors, this story slipped out so that the world can see what White South Africans have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Welcome to the new and improved South Africa! Where Blacks are now free to vote - and as an added bonus, can slaughter and rape to their heart's content without the world getting too excited about it. It's their culture and it's only Africa. 

But, but, Apartheid was evil! And Oscar's court-case is far more intriguing. Front page news everyday and everything! 

Barbaric savage murders of White people in the same country? Nah, not so much.

RIP and our thoughts and prayers are with their family.

Hat tip: DR

Murdered: Echard Schutte, 76, his wife Elizabeth Schutte, 66, and their son, Lutz Schutte, 33 (second on the right). Son Stefan (far right) discovered their bodies.

Pietermaritzburg - Three youths admitted in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Tuesday to killing a family of three on a farm in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal.

The three, aged 17, 19 and 20, admitted to stabbing to death Echard Schutte, 76, his wife Elizabeth Schutte, 66, and their son, Lutz Schutte, 33.

Their son had gone to the farm to attend his father's 77th birthday celebrations.

The three youths admitted having gone to Springvale Farm near Richmond on March 1, 2014, to rob the family, and taking knives to kill their victims so that they would not be identified.

They also took petrol, “to destroy any evidence to link us” and set their bodies alight.

They were arrested three days after the crimes.

Accused Sandekuhle Maduna, 19, who worked for the elderly Schutte, said that they took a taxi from Pietermaritzburg to the farm.

Maduna said he approached Schutte pretending he wanted to buy wood. In a shed the 17-year-old grabbed Schutte from the back, a struggle ensued and he stabbed Schutte in the neck.

The three then went to the farmhouse but Elizabeth was not home. They tried to open a safe but failed and decided to wait for her as she had the safe keys.

She and their son arrived. She was grabbed and he was stabbed in the head and neck.

The three men then took Elizabeth to the main bedroom and after binding her wrists with tape, they cut her throat.

They took money and other items and then doused the bodies with petrol before setting them alight.

The three drove off in the Schuttes' vehicle.

After all three made similar confessions, acting Judge Louis Barnard adjourned the case to April 22 for pre-sentencing reports.

The second accused is Siphesihle Ngubane, 20, and third accused, aged 17, may not be identified because of his age.


27 March 2014

How many does it take?

South Africa.........no wonder.....

Obama's destruction of the military is by design

A great summary of what Obama is doing to the US military, and more broadly, to America.

The ultimate goal of a modern Liberal/Progressive/Marxist is to destroy the military. Hence why every time a country has the misfortune of having a Lefty government, the military inevitably gets gutted and destroyed with less funding and trying out their latest social experiment fad.

Obama's fad is encouraging homosexuals/transgenders to join up and proudly coming out, and feminising the military. He is also intent on removing Christianity.  
Women who are ill-equipped to be fighters because they lack the physical characteristics that provide for masculine strength; homosexuals, whose primary focus is sexual sodomy; and way too many people who join the military for government benefits do not make for a quality fighting force. A weak military is a useless military, and the Left is well-aware of this fact.
It was fully known by all involved that the majority of military personnel opposed the removal of the ban on open homosexuality in the military, because it jeopardizes their safety, health, and freedom of conscience.
Homosexual assaults on males are up since the ban was removed, in the same way that rapes and pregnancies went up when feminists forced the integration of women into the all-male ranks.
.....very few supposedly conservative groups have lifted a finger against the Administration's assaults – from tying soldiers' hands during combat to persecuting Christian members. 
The Republican party has an identity crisis at the moment. Too many cooks want to be in charge of the kitchen, and as a result there is not one cohesive message being sent to the American people.

In fact, there are so many different messages being sent out by these so-called Republicans - some are for gay marriage; others for mass-amnesty; and some are for smaller government and fiscal responsibility - and yet others are happy to spend and worry later - and all this sends a distorted political message where no one stands for anything.

And therein lays the problem in America. There are no true conservatives willing to speak the truth in case they offend anyone, or are eaten by their own. 

And if the conservative people in the USA don't get their act together, and soon, then the next POTUS will be far worse than the Affirmative Action POTUS Obama. It will be Hillary Clinton.

And if you think the USA military is in bad shape now, wait until Shrillary get's her lesbian paws on it.

Hat tip: Fred T

It is patently clear that the Obama administration and the Left have always intended to scuttle the military, and it is irritating to me that so many couch the intent as "social experimentation." Yes, the means of turning the greatest fighting force on the globe into a third-world look-alike is through feigned social equity, but the ultimate goal is to destroy the organization. That fact should not be soft-pedaled.

Women who are ill-equipped to be fighters because they lack the physical characteristics that provide for masculine strength; homosexuals, whose primary focus is sexual sodomy; and way too many people who join the military for government benefits do not make for a quality fighting force. A weak military is a useless military, and the Left is well-aware of this fact.

None of the rot that has infiltrated America's military ranks would be quite so abominable if it had been allowed to happen to a less stellar fighting force. I emphasize allowed to happen, because very few supposedly conservative groups have lifted a finger against the Administration's assaults – from tying soldiers' hands during combat to persecuting Christian members. When Obama and the Democrats (with the help of Republican Scott Brown and a few other Republican Senators) forced an acceptance of open homosexuality in the armed forces, few noted conservatives gave support to the Center for Military Readiness (CMR) and Elaine Donnelly, President, who was the voice of reason on behalf of the rank and file.

It was fully known by all involved that the majority of military personnel opposed the removal of the ban on open homosexuality in the military, because it jeopardizes their safety, health, and freedom of conscience. The CMR provided statistics to prove the danger of that twisted decision (http://cmrlink.org/), but so-called "conservative" forces scarcely made a peep.

There was nothing from the likes of Fox News (the so-called "conservative" news outlet), nor anything of substance from conservative groups or religious organizations, who knew full well that lifting the ban would sound the death knell of the United States military. Everybody was running scared from activist homosexuals and their leftist and Libertarian supporters, just as they turned tail and ran from rabid feminists back when that group insisted on the integration of women into male units.

After imploring my conservative contacts to fight the madness, because the troops needed our support, I was told by a conservative male friend that the military was so ordered that they would keep things in check. Yeah, sure. Homosexual assaults on males are up since the ban was removed, in the same way that rapes and pregnancies went up when feminists forced the integration of women into the all-male ranks.*

Women, by the way, have always served valiantly in the military, but back when sanity reigned, they were in their own units – remember the WAC, the WAF, and the WAVES? I do. Back then, America had a great military with little of the messiness that ensues when degeneracy and perversion are heartily embraced to appease the minority position.

When the Democrats, the Left, and a few elitist Republicans were lying through their teeth about there being no harm to lifting the ban against open homosexuality in the military – a ban that had held since Washington's Continental Army – I was irritatingly puzzled at the lack of male voices joining this lone woman, Donnelly, at the forefront of fighting for America's military.