11 November 2014

China puts Obama with the wives

There was China's president, Xi Jinping, Russia's president Vladimir Putin to his right, next to Philippine president Aquino and the uberwealthy Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. 

And then there is Barack Obama, right in the middle of the "wives club"...

Hat tip: Dawid v E


  1. 'n Regte doos! Bwahaahaa!!!

  2. FredBarbarossa12/11/14 13:36

    At least 'the Wookie' will not feel as threatened as when 'those' selfies were being produced by her 'Buck' and the Danish PM.

  3. They look like they are wearing Star Trek uniforms and holding up Spocks "Live Long and Prosper" greeting!

  4. Not very Subtle at all..

    I thought the Chinese were masters of subterfuge.

    That was as subtle as a steaming bucket of "Es Aich One Tee".

    Maybe Obama put himself there...