05 June 2014

South Africa: Mountain Bike Rider Gunpoint Robbery in Somerset West

This armed robbery happened on 31 May, at the railway crossing behind Lorensford and another farm in Somerset West, Western Cape.

Two things to note: 

Firstly, the rider remained calm and was lucky not to be shot. Many have commented at the video that a gun wouldn't have helped in this situation. See my second point for my answer.

Secondly, the stupid woodheads didn't even see he had a camera strapped to his head, and as a result, have been captured. I'm betting next time they'll shoot whoever they hold up, so if you have a gun, use it first!

This video has over 1.3 million views already. Hopefully a lot of people are seeing the reality of South Africa now.


  1. Anonymous6/6/14 15:43

    Yip, next time they will just shoot.

  2. Being captured for serious crime in SA doesn't mean much (and armed robbery is very serious in any normal(?) society).

    I doubt a whole lot will happen to them.

    After all, they were "previously disadvantaged", doncha know.