14 June 2014

South Africa: Child grant to be extended to 23

Well, that's certainly one easy way to extend "caring" welfare by the ANC government of South Africa - just extend the child support grant age!

The Department of Social Development announced on Tuesday that they would be extending the grant for an extra 5 years, until a child was 23.

Only in South Africa can an adult still be called a child at 23 years of age! I guess when you have a majority population with an average IQ of 67 then you can pretty much get away with saying anything stupid....

According to the ANC, children whose benefits are cut off at age 18 "struggle" to fend for themselves, so the government needs to keep the free welfare taps open for an extra 5 years until they no longer are "struggling".  Why not for the rest of their lives??? They could go from the child support grant to the old age pension without missing  beat. I mean, you wouldn't want them to struggle, or anything....

Imagine in the wild, when an adult bird kicks their baby chick out of the nest to start fending for themselves, the chick turns around and says: "Oi, I'm not ready". Do you think the parents think:"Hmmmm...... shame, let junior stay in the nest for another 5 years until he won't struggle???

And who exactly pays for all this free "find your feet" money?? 

Well, apparently the tax payers. Or, to put it simply so that the IQ67's who stray onto this blog will understand - those who are lucky to have paying jobs, seeing as South Africa's economy is headed for a recession.

But, seeing as the ANC are full of talented cadres who know what they're doing, I'm sure the economy will turn around and improve any second now. Those strikes by the unions on behalf of the mine workers will no doubt end any day now and all will be sunshine and roses with thousands of miners earning millions each year - as promised by the unions. 

Yes, luckily South Africa is in competent hands, with eager capitalists at the helm and not communists destroying the economy. The sinking ship is sure to remain buoyant and afloat under these top economists. President Zuma did promise 5 million jobs after all, and we all know that what he promises transforms into reality!

Need a job to pay for the welfare...

PRETORIA - Plans are underway to extend eligibility for the child support grant by five years, to those aged 23.

The Department of Social Development made the announcement on Tuesday, saying those whose benefits are cut off when they turn 18 often struggle to fend for themselves.

The department said it is looking into the issue for children who get the grant and whose parents are unemployed.

Lumka Oliphant, spokesperson for the Department of Social Development, said, “The Minister is saying we’ve heard you…and are doing something about it."



  1. So : how many " children " that are unable to exist without some grant will be able to vote ? What a country ...

    1. Anonymous15/6/14 06:59

      Obviously planning for next elections.

  2. I really believe that they actually have no idea where the money comes from. They have no grasp whatsoever, even the most senior official. They see it as one huge piggy bank that will never be empty.
    The anc has always made me think about a dog that eventually catches its own tail. "Now what the f@#k do I do with it?"

  3. Anonymous15/6/14 08:59

    And when all the money runs out and things to further shit, blame it on whitey and apartheid!

  4. Anonymous17/6/14 03:24

    Whilst I don't disagree with your sentiments entirely, kids in orphanages and foster care are now not left stranded at 18 years old and have a chance to go onto tertiary training. It's not much money a month circa R320. For most this might cover transport costs. Maybe 1 meal a day. Two things vital for young people to get further training and a marketable skill

    1. Hi Anon,
      If these people were responsible and would use the grant money to further themselves, then I am pretty sure most tax payers would hold your sentiments.
      Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is not the case.... the majority will use this grant as another freebie and just carry on lying in the sun doing bugger all.

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