14 June 2014

Iraq - let them be!

To be honest, most of the blame for the mess in Iraq has to go to George Bush and his merry band of advisers, who didn't copy what Bush Snr did -i.e just cripple Hussein - but instead advised GWB to invade Iraq, and kill Saddam Hussein and his sons.

Yes, yes, we all realise that Saddam wasn't the nicest guy. But, he was the guy able to squash all radical Muslim uprisings and keep them in check. Saddam was a Sunni Muslim and Iraq was under Sunni leadership.

Iran is a Shia stronghold. 

Shia muslims only comprise around 15% of all Muslims - the rest are predominantly Sunni's. The Sunni/Shia rivalry has been going on for 1400 years - since 632 AD - and the rivalry is about who's the rightful successor to their prophet Muhammad.

So, what Bush did was to remove the very person keeping a lid on the rivalries in the region - Saddam Hussein. Hussein was also keeping Iran in check.

Subsequently Obama has done the same in Libya, by removing Ghadaffi. Ghadaffi was ruthlessly keeping a lid on all the tribal religious rivalries, and with his removal all the lids have been opened. The Sunni's are now in control in Libya, imposing their conservative view of Islam and Sharia law onto everyone in the country and the country is in chaos.

Whoever advised GW Bush to remove Saddam Hussein deserves a bullet between their eyes. Thousands of American lives were lost toppling the man who was keeping the peace in the region. With his demise, and with Obama withdrawing all USA troops in 2011, a power vacuum was created. The American government made another idiotic decision by imposing a Shia government in Iraq, even though the country is mostly Sunni. 

Syria is also mainly Sunni, but is led by Assad who is a Shia. His ruthless rule has also kept the radical Sunni's at bay - hence why Iran supports him. The rebels fighting in Syria are made up of Sunni's - which Obama (and John McCain) have funded and armed to the teeth to fight Assad (who is keeping the peace). When the rebels hit a stonewall in Syria, they turned their eyes to Iraq, and have begun their march to Baghdad, beheading anyone in their way. 

And as they go they enforce Sharia law and force the women to become tented ghosts, killing Christians and anyone not willing to conform to Sunni laws.

This extremist terror group - the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) - wants to create their Islamic caliphate - or Islamic state - which stretches from Syria in the north, to parts of Iran, and down to the south of Iraq.

In reality, America is arming both sides of the fight. One side through the "rebels" in Syria, which is now invading Iraq - and also arming the other side, the Iraqi government and military. Various generals in the Iraq army are abandoning their posts as the Sunni's move in. 

So, all that money, equipment, time, energy, training and lives America invested in Iraq has all been for nothing it would seem.

Iran is now panicking as they see the march of the Sunni's in Iraq. They have said they are willing to provide weapons to the Iraq Shia government - but no troops. Iran has also indicated that they are WILLING TO WORK WITH AMERICA - the very people they call Satan. Haha. What a joke. NOW they're willing to work with America. And what's the bet Obama will comply, seeing as he's been wetting his panties for years to become a partner with Iran??

One could almost say that Valerie Jarrett, Obama's puppeteer and side-kick in the White House and an IRANIAN, has planned this all very well. Iran wants Iraq back, and for that to happen they need Iraq to be kept in the hands of the Shia Muslims - NOT the Sunni's. The ISIS "rebels" (an Al Qaeda Sunni splinter-group) - is being funded by elements in Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Turkey (Sunni). 

Next ISIS will head to Jordan, which although Sunni, is too moderate for the radical Sunni's. They will no doubt topple the leader there and impose their strict Sharia laws - all part of the caliphate plan.

And then they'll be on the border with Israel.

So, what would I do were I the president of America?

Well, I'd kick off my shoes, get the popcorn and let the Muslims kill each other. Once they've all killed each other, then let Israel take them all out with a few nuclear bombs at the end. 

Because no matter what America does - under lame-duck Obama or not - the Shia/Sunni rivalry will continue for another 1400 years, so why interfere?? GW Bush interfered when he should have kept out of it. The same applies to Afghanistan, where the Taliban will take over once Obama removes the troops in 2016.

Western countries around the world should close their borders to the invading sleeper-cells of Muslims. Kick them all out and let them return to the Middle East where they and their backward religious cult of an ideology belong. NO MORE Muslims in our countries. Already the number two religion in over 20 States in America is Islam - and in Britain, the most popular boy baby name in London is now.......Muhammed, with Mohammed coming in at number 4!!!

Hello!!! Coo-eeeeee.......any alarm bells going off?????

NO more Muslims. NO more invading third-world, low-IQ, unskilled non-White people into our countries either. Get back to the basics and protect what we have. 

And if ISIS turns their eyes on America, or any other Western nation - as they threaten - then, and ONLY then do we take action to wipe them out if Israel fails.

In the meantime, let them all wipe each other out.



  1. Anonymous14/6/14 17:21

    Assad is not Shea, he is Alawite.

  2. The Muslim National Anthem™:
    الجميع يمارس الجنس مع بعقب!
    بعقب! بعقب! بعقب اللعنة!

    1. Anonymous15/6/14 01:41


      "Everyone fuck butt!
      Butt! Butt! Butt Fuck!"

    2. Well, they are a bunch of buttfuckers anyway, are they not!

  3. Anonymous15/6/14 07:31

    se nog altyd dat ons kak gaan kom as olie prys BOKSPRING

  4. Anonymous15/6/14 07:34

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    1. Jews and Christians pray to the same God. Mohammedans do not...Allah/Iblis is indeed a god of Death.

    2. Sorry, don't read arabic so not sure what you're promoting/saying. Say it in English pls.

    3. Anonymous17/6/14 16:44

      Lol....Try to copy and paste it into google translate. It was n boerjie who was typing arabic trough google translate

  5. Anonymous15/6/14 11:15

    If muslims are prepared to kill fellow muslims because they believe in a slightly different version of islam, imagine what they will do to Christians, Jews, Hindus & Buddhists.