18 February 2014

Obama To Launch ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Initiative For Young Men Of Color

So, the article below comes from NewOne, a website for Black America. Yeah, not racist or anything.....

As you read the article you will hear the violins playing heartbreaking music in the background - so have your tissues ready! Lots and lots of tissues for all those tears you're sure to shed when you read about the plight of the poor people of colour in America today..... 

According to the author - D.L Chandler - during his presidency, Obama has shied away from race matters in the past. 


So, what was his beer summit about, where he slammed a White police officer for arresting a Black man who was "breaking into" a home? It later emerged that the Black man - a professor - was breaking into his own house, but at the time the policeman didn't know that as he was responding to a 9-1-1 call about a potential burglary. Yet Obama and every other race hustler in America slammed the police officer for doing his job, without knowing the facts. Obama quickly called for a "beer summit" inviting the Black professor and White policeman to drink a beer at the White House with him to cover his racist blunder. All manner of TV stations were invited to take photos of the PR stunt....

Then we have the other famous foot-in-mouth incident by Obama regarding George Zimmerman - a half-en-half Hispanic, which the media needed to portray as being White - who shot and killed Trayvon Martin - a Black teenage punk - allegedly killed in self defence. Obama went on national TV to condemn the shooting, saying that Trayvon could have been his son and implied that Saint Trayvon was shot because of his skin colour by the White (almost) Hispanic. 

Zimmerman was subsequently found not guilty of murder.....seeing as he had his head pounded into the pavement by Saint Trayvon.

Obama has also given US Attorney General Eric Holder - a fellow negro - carte blanche to hound White people in America, while ignoring "his people's" crimes. Holder is on record as saying that schools may not punish "minorities" any longer as it's racist to do so. The knock-out game and other Black-on-White hate attacks are routinely ignored by his justice department, but in the same breath they pursue ANY White attack on a Black person with enthusiasm and vigour.

In short, Obama et al are creating a hostile environment for Whites in America. He has ramped up racial tensions by his words, actions and policies, contrary to what he promised back in 2008 - when he was still bullshitting his way into the White House.

But, let's continue with the article below.

The author continues with his it's-all-Whitey's-fault line when he writes the following:
..........shift in focus from the White House regarding the plight of young people of color who have been disproportionately slammed by poverty, lack of opportunity, and unfair prison sentences.
Who's fault is it that "people of colour" have been slammed by poverty? Who has kids out of wedlock? Who has so many kids that they can't keep tabs on what they're all up to or who they're hanging out with? Who has kids and don't care if they're in school or not? Or if they can read or write or are passing classes? Who has fatherless kids, who lack discipline and who tend to follow in the footsteps of their sperm donor - straight into jail? 

Who??? White people???

Lack of opportunity?? Who says people of colour don't have opportunities in America? We're not talking North Frigging Korea people! They have affirmative action and quotas protecting them - from school to college to the work place - there are racial policies to give them places in front of other more deserving kids. 

Lack of opportunity???? Obama seems to have done just fine. His Wookie did just fine. Eric Holder did just fine. The entire Negro caucus did just fine. All of them had opportunities, so just who is holding his people back????

And then we come to his last point - unfair prison sentences. You mean that because Blacks tend to do more crime, and therefore fill the jails disproportionately, their sentences are somehow unfair??? TYPICAL Negro mentality. It's never their fault. Someone forced them to break the law. Some Whitey no doubt held their hand while they stole, or did drugs, or raped, or assaulted, or murdered.....You do the crime, you do the time. Simple! No crime, no time. Capiche??

Yet, somehow because "men of colour" are, boo-hoo, doing it, boo-hoo-hoo, tough, somehow this allows Obama to go on TV and claim that he's going to help these men. Not White men who are raised in poverty. Not Asian men who are raised in poverty. 

No, just men of colour! 

And what about the women of colour Mr Obama?? Are they not in need of some of your daddy-ing and special attention??

But, let's not kid ourselves here. It's not like Obama suddenly woke up on his luxury sheets, threw open the silk curtains and realised that he needs to help his peeps to save themselves. No, that wouldn't occur to a narcissistic Negro Marxist. This has to do with his slipping numbers among the Negro and Hispanic communities. There is an election coming up in November after all:
President Obama has endured heavy criticism from Black leaders and other minority groups for not tailoring his policies toward their needs.
Their needs?? What about the needs of the rest of the country? How racist can these people get?? Apparently plenty more racist. 

My Brother's Keeper....even the name of this program sounds like Commie speak. Notice that Obama and the other race hustlers never go to the heart of the problem - the lack of a father figure. Over 75% of Negro households have no father-figure. And if there is one it's usually not a good example of one. If the Negroes can't even produce men who can be good fathers - or mothers who know how to stop having babies they can't afford or have no interest in raising - then you can have as many "Brother's Keeper's" as you like, the results will be the same. Failure!

Unfortunately the African has come out in the African-Americans these days. The DNA is too strong to control. It's like the wolf coming out of the werewolf when it's full-moon. Nature can't be overridden. The genie has finally escaped. The need to pretend that the Black man is somehow equal to their White counterpart is no longer required. With the Progressives giving them excuse after excuse to fail, and a Negro President and Negro Attorney General to provide extra cover, the mask of the Negro in America is slipping.

So, good luck with the "Brother's Keeper" program. The gibs-me-dat mentality will sure make it very successful! 

And yet we all know it'll go the route of all the other Obama light-bulb moments - into draw 13 - the rubbish bin. 

Obama is the classic demagogue. He panders to his base - he tells them what they want to hear. He is the ultimate political whore - selling his soul for political points.

This ridiculous idea will be dead before it's even begun. It's meant to shut the "people of colour" up for a few months until after the election. They will wait with bated breath for their Negro president to save them from poverty, oppression and the horrible White man - who is full of White privilege and everything.

Obama will surely, surely come through for them this time! He's said so himself....on MSNBC and CNN, so it must be true.

Suckers. Keep believing - the same way I believe in unicorn farts.

And in the meantime keep blaming others for your failure as a race while you wait for your Negro knight on his Black horse to come save you. 

President Barack Obama (pictured) has been aggressively pushing an agenda that strengthens the core of the nation via education, job creation, and supporting middle class families. Now the administration will turn its aim to improve the lives of young men of color via an initiative titled “My Brother’s Keeper.”

Although the President has shied away from race matters in the past, there has been an undeniable shift in focus from the White House regarding the plight of young people of color who have been disproportionately slammed by poverty, lack of opportunity, and unfair prison sentences.

According to a Washington Post report, the President will officially announce the launch of this new plan this Thursday, and it comes at a critical point in his second term. President Obama has endured heavy criticism from Black leaders and other minority groups for not tailoring his policies toward their needs.

There has been a change in direction in the President’s message ever since his spirited State of the Union speech last month. During the address, President Obama spoke clearly of his upcoming agenda, although he didn’t announce it by name.

“I’m reaching out to some of America’s leading foundations and corporations on a new initiative to help more young men of color facing especially tough odds stay on track and reach their full potential,” said the President during the address.

A White House official told the Washington Post that, with the help of community and business leaders, the initiative will zero in “on key moments in the lives of these young men where interventions have been shown to have the greatest impact — things like making sure children arrive at school ready to learn and reducing negative interactions with the criminal justice system.”

There is also word that the administration will investigate programs currently in place that have shown good results in helping young men of color improve. According to reports, President Obama has been planning the rollout of the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative since last summer.

The White House says an official report will be issued Thursday morning.



  1. Anonymous18/2/14 20:27

    Obama obviously gets his ideas from Malema!

    1. IQ 67 is the common thread...

  2. Ich Bin ein Obama Voter19/2/14 11:03

    It is disgusting that Obama has only received the Nobel Peace prize.

    What about physics? No one has more physically fucked-up America than he! So give him the prize!

    What about economics? His understanding of economics is so advanced you have every economist scratching their heads. Give him the award!

    And medicine? Obamacare!! Just brilliant! Hand it over, already!!

    Anyway, onto chemistry and literature ...

    Well, he doesn't actually have any real chemistry, as such, but a great deal has been written in his favour by craven sycophants whose favourite pastime is kissing ass - so, hey, hand dem awards over!

    1. Anonymous19/2/14 17:53

      Good one......
      W Etdo

    2. The "chemistry" exists in the ghey bathhouses Обама goes to.

    3. Ich Bin ein Obama Voter - comment of the year!

  3. Anonymous10/1/17 03:50

    "My Brother's Keeper....even the name of this program sounds like Commie speak."

    Actually, that's a biblical term, from the book of Genesis.