03 January 2014

USA: Black adopted son stabs Black adopted sister multiple times - kids of prominent NJ doctor

Hope the Romney's, Bullocks and Theron's of this world take note.....

The adopted 17-year only Black son of a prominent New Jersey doctor has been accused of stabbing to death his Black sister (also adopted). Travis Gallo allegedly stabbed Teia Gallo, 20, multiple times in front of another sibling.

The father Dr. Robert Gallo and his wife have 12 children - three adopted, including Travis and Teia, and nine biological. The three adopted are all Black.

All together now, ahhhhh.........what a man to take on three Negroes!

Travis was adopted by the good doctor when he was 3. Until last year Travis attended Westwood Regional High School, where he took special education classes and played on the football team. 

Dr. Gallo said Travis was being home-schooled after getting bullied by other students at school. Yeah sure, he was being bullied....

It also seems like he had anger issues with his sister:
"Friend Jennifer O'Connor told NorthJersey.com Teia, a Paramus Catholic High School graduate, thought her brother was becoming increasingly aggressive." 
But the dad has denied that there were serious issues.

Seems to me the good doctor ignored all the warning signs as to the nature of his Negro son. 

At the end of the day it boils down to nature vs nurture. Nurture lost this round.

And someone died. He should count his blessings his son didn't turn on him, although it's probably only a matter of time....

Travis Gallo 

Teia Gallo, deceased

With their stupid parents

The rest of the kumbaya family

The 17-year-old adopted son of a prominent New Jersey doctor has been accused of stabbing to death his sister with a kitchen knife during an argument on Thursday evening. 

Travis Gallo allegedly stabbed Teia Gallo, 20, multiple times in front of another sibling in their Pershing Ave, Washington Township, home about 5.30pm.

'There are two lives lost,' father Dr. Robert Gallo said. 'It’s a tragedy.'

Travis was charged with murder as a juvenile yesterday during a closed hearing in Superior Court in Hackensack, with authorities deciding whether to charge him as an adult, NorthJersey.com reported.

The shocking news has devastated the tight-knit family, with Dr. Gallo saying he didn't know what sparked the argument. 

'She was a loving kid. She was adored by my grandchildren, by her sisters and brothers,' the Hackensack gynecologist told NorthJersey.com.

'My family is devastated....We're a very strong family. There’s a lot of love and a lot of hugging, and we will get through this. We will weather this storm.'

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  1. Can't blame falling into the wrong crowd or a bad home environment for this. The doctor looks so proud of himself. Look how noble I am! Now?

  2. methinks that there was too much "lot of love and a lot of hugging" going on between the siblings..

    1. Me think you may be right!

  3. Anonymous3/1/14 20:06

    It's difficult to buck that DNA.

  4. Anonymous4/1/14 05:03

    These americans a lot of them are liberal turds some are not,but for a first world country its on par with Brazil in the Americas,I say the best countries in the Americas today are Argentina,Chile, Canada.Yes Argentina might be under developed but I would rather live there than in the good old US of F**king A with all then Negros and Mexicans.At least Argentina has few Nergros.

    1. Yup. Argentina and Chile in S.America. Canada is becoming very Muslim with lots of Asians. I wonder how long before the White population is in the minority there as well?

  5. FredBarbarossa4/1/14 13:21

    I wonder if Robert is related to the American researcher of the same name who ‘discovered’ the HIV/AIDS virus.
    In the mid 90’s I worked with an affirmative action candidate who was convinced that Dr. Robert Gallo had invented the virus to infect blacks so as to reduce the African population.