02 January 2014

Naughty, dirty Imam

He doesn't seem to mind that she's not all veiled up and hidden from his sensitive eyes....or that it's not his wife......or that she's not Muslim......or that she's not even his race.

Hypocrisy, they name is Islam.


  1. .......hand (y) job for allah

    1. Now he should blow himself up to repent...

  2. Anonymous2/1/14 17:11


  3. Anonymous2/1/14 18:31

    I am a south african, living in south africa. Just came across your blog. If you think these people are disgusting, let me remind you that they can be taken care off. On the other hand my boy, the bigger problem is jews. For every one bad thing muzzies do, the jews do a thousand. If you lived in s.a. and never figured out the jewish problem, you really need to do some research. Shakira law as I call it got nothing on the noahide laws. These people flood into western countries via the blessings of jews in all governments. Just ask Golden dawn of greece. Or an I am anti semite now?

    1. If you don't think that Muslims are a bigger threat than the Jewish people then you have rocks in your head. And I'll forgive your ignorance about my blog seeing as you're new to it. I have repeated pointed out that Marxist Jews started and were part of the ANC. Three were on trial with the Dead Terrorist. I don't, however, just Jew bash because most Jews living in Israel are just minding their business. There is no doubt that there are many Marxist Jews in America - those who profess to be Jewish, but are not by their actions. Even our own White people have such traitors among us and to focus and blame just Jews for OUR demise is just sheer stupidity. I didn't see any Jew holding a gun to the head of FW de Klerk when he sold the Whites of SA out. Our own people are our traitors. And if you're going to go through life blaming Jews for everything, then good luck to you!

    2. those who profess to be Jewish, but are not by their actions.

      This is known as the No True Scotsman fallacy.

      Of course Jews are not monolithic, but you'll notice two facts if you look around you:

      1. At the centre of every deleterious movement, be it Marxism, feminism, pornography, open borders, multiculturalism, whatever, you will find a disproportionately large group of Jews;

      2. Jewish organisations are overwhelmingly, if not unanimously, on the wrong side of those issues.

      Nobody held a gun to De Klerk's head, at least as far as we know. But where is he now? Why, he's living the high life in Greece with his new whore. You don't need a gun if you can buy a man. And who has enough money to buy a politician? Well Harry Oppenheimer had more than most. Yes, the same man who bragged on TV, "I was the quiet engine behind the ANC".

    3. Anonymous4/1/14 06:56

      Yeah, the Jews are minding their own business in Israel. Like most Muslims are minding their own business. Like Christians minding their own business. Like black South Africans minding their own business. Like people who leave SA minding their own business.

    4. There are THOUSANDS of Jew hating blogs around. Rather go there if you don't agree with me. Cheers.

    5. You only want readers who always agree with you? Right, you got it. Cheers.

  4. Maybe this horny old Mullah should listen to this old Bette Midler song...

    From a distance the world looks blue and green
    And the snow capped mountains white
    From a distance the ocean meets the stream
    And the eagle takes to flight

    From a distance, there is harmony
    And it echoes through the land
    It's the voice of hope, it's the voice of peace
    It's the voice of every man

    From a distance we all have enough
    And no one is in need
    And there are no guns, no bombs, and no disease
    No hungry mouths to feed

    From a distance we are instruments
    Marching in a common band
    Playing songs of hope, playing songs of peace
    They're the songs of every man

    God is watching us, God is watching us
    God is watching us from a distance

    From a distance you look like my friend
    Even though we are at war
    From a distance I just cannot comprehend
    What all this fighting is for

    From a distance there is harmony
    And it echoes through the land
    And it's the hope of hopes, it's the love of loves
    It's the heart of every man
    (Every man)

    It's the hope of hopes, it's the love of loves
    This is the song of every man

    And God is watching us, God is watching us
    God is watching us from a distance
    Oh, God is watching us, God is watching
    God is watching us from a distance

    Hahaha...nowhere to hide you horny old goat!

    1. Yeah, apparently their alla isn't all-seeing....

  5. Concerned Citizen3/1/14 01:17

    Meh, getting a blowjob from an infidel is practically a non-event for muzzies and that piece of wood is all the covering need to protect Allah's eyes.

    1. That piece of wood sure is powerful!