02 January 2014

Australia: More multi-cultural and diversity success!

As is the MO of every White-run country in the world, the levels of Black violence is to be hidden from the general populace so that authorities don't appear to be "racist" or offend anyone.

They also can't allow the public to realise that there may be a Black-race issue with crime! 

In this case, however, police - and the cover-up media - have had to report the race of the perpetrators as the police have released the CCTV footage to try and catch the other perpetrators.

The victim is a 20-year old Indian student - now lying in a coma. The perpetrators are 8 brave African warriors - also known as a gang of cowardly Blacks. The pack mentality - she shines so bright....

Gee, try and contain your shock!

Also accompanying these African warriors was a dumb "light-skinned" female, who has no doubt been brainwashed into believing that Black men are sexy as hell and just misunderstood - the poor dears. Bloody racist Australian bastards! How dare you tell us women that Blacks are no good for us! I'll show you!

No description of the Africans have been released, so they could be either Somali's or Sudanese, because of course, that's who has been going around Melbourne - and around Australia - terrorising and attacking people, while the police "consult" with the communities about how to stop the Black African youth from acting like, well....errrr..... Black Africans.

Hey police, how's that dialogue coming? How many years have you been "working" with the community to stop these attacks? Without success?? Keep going, it's going to work any day now....any day.....yeah, any day now.....

And while the police are "consulting" and playing basketball with Africans - to show that they're just human and not to be feared or hated! - the African youth are having a great time attacking people, laughing at the politically correct police, knowing that they are a protected species from the racist Australians! Why, they have human rights lawyers, lefty-media publications and Progressives lined up to protect them from the nasty, racist, mean police, who are only out to get them because they're African. Nothing to do with their criminal activities.....

Oh well, maybe some unsuspecting people will now be more alert when they see gangs of African "youth" coming at them. Maybe that little warning bell they hear going off will be acted on and they'll run for the hills. 

Or maybe not, seeing as people don't want to cause offence to the poor down-trodden misunderstood Blacks. 

Three teenagers have been arrested over a vicious assault on two men at Birrarung Marr on Sunday.

Manrajwinder Singh, a 20-year-old overseas student from Reservoir, remains in an induced coma after being bashed in an inner-city park about 4.15am.

CCTV footage released by police showed Mr Singh standing with a friend near the footpath at Birrarung Marr park, about 50 metres from St Kilda Road, when they were approached by eight men of African appearance and one fair-skinned woman.

Detective Senior Constable Adam Foley said that after a brief conversation between the group and the two victims, one of the offenders kicked Mr Singh in the jaw, causing him to fall, unconscious, to the ground.

Meanwhile, the others "set upon the other victim, punching and kicking him" before knocking him to the ground.

"While this was occurring, another man picked up a stick and beat the unconscious victim with it," Senior Constable Foley said.

Mr Singh's friend, a 23-year-old Springvale man, suffered swelling and abrasions to his face.
A third friend, who was talking on the phone to a relative at the time of the attack, managed to flee and alert the police.

A PSO at Sunshine railway station arrested a 16-year-old boy just before midnight on Tuesday, after seeing footage of the attack in the media.

The St Albans teen has been charged with serious assault and was remanded in custody.

A Sydenham boy, 17, has been charged with intentionally causing serious injury, robbery and theft.

He faced an out-of-sessions court hearing on Tuesday night and was remanded to appear at a children's court on January 2.

An Ascot Vale boy, 15, has been released and is expected to be charged on summons with assault-related offences. 

Police are searching for five people believed to have been involved in the attack.



  1. Anonymous2/1/14 13:52

    Did you know that historically it was traditional for Somali women to have the pleasure of burning the skin off living prisoners who were offered to them by their men . They died slowly a hell on earth death . It was the heights of pleasure for the women .

    1. No, but it wouldn't surprise me. Africa isn't exactly a bastion of intelligence or compassion! It's a violent backward superstitious cesspit. Apart from where the Whites have tried to civilise countries, it's still as it was back in the good old days. No matter how they wear suits and put lipstick on, they revert to culture whenever they can.

  2. Anonymous5/1/14 00:51

    It looks to me that Australia will follow America soon with all them niggers settling over there