31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Make it a good one.

USA: Mitt Romney's Black Grandson

Ah, the Romney clan have finally done it. One of the Romney boys and his wife have decided to be good Christian people and adopt a Negro child into their lily-White family. 

How benevolent. How tolerant. How stupid. 

I'm guessing there weren't any White babies needing a good home at the time they decided to adopt, huh? 

Just look at how proud the wife is with her new inter-racial family:

And have a look at the photo below of the one Negro child (on Mitt Romney's lap) among the other 21 White Romney grandchildren:

How very paternalistic of these people, looking after the Negroes in this way. Here is a Negro child, one among 22 White children, who will grow up feeling like he doesn't belong. He'll be forever the token Black child - there for the Romney's to fawn over and make feel special because he's different - as superior White people tend to do to minorities.

Where are the Negroes to take care of their own? Where are the Negro families adopting these babies? 

And how many wealthy Negro families have adopted an unwanted White baby and given them everything their hearts desire - like so many wealthy White people have done to unwanted Negro children? 

Where are the Asians or Hispanics to adopt these Black babies?

And why are White people adopting Black babies - and every other race - when there are so many White children in need of good White families?? What is wrong with us???

Ah, I forget, it's the in-thing to do after all - adopt Negro children and then parade them around to show how noble you are. Adopting a White child these days is so blasé. So yesterday....so not done. 

Classic example is "Hollywood actress" Charlize Theron, who went all the way to South Africa to adopt a Kaffir Black baby. She ignored all the crying White Afrikaner babies, living in shocking conditions in the unfunded orphanages and went straight for a Black baby. No need to save one of her own people. So much nobler to parade her new political correct accessory - the Negro baby. 

And despite the Romney's act of mercy and nobility, they just can't seem to make the Progressives happy. MSNBC showed the photo of Romney holding his Negro grandchild and ridiculed him for having a darkie in his lilly-White family.

So many conservative sites have run the MSNBC story, saying how shocking it is to make fun of the good deed done by the Romney's. 

Really? This is what they've taken out of this story?

This is a clear example of why the White race is being wiped out in the USA. When White Conservatives praise the Romney's adoption instead of asking why they adopted a Negro child instead of a needy White child, then you will finally know why American Whites are soon to be in the minority in their own country.

They've drunk the inter-racial kool-aid.

Keep going White America, with your kumbaya we-are-one happy family vision. It's clearly working for y'all! 

49% - here we come!

USA: Marine Corps quietly delays pullup requirement for women

Feminazi's have fought for years to get females into combat roles.

For years these Feminazi's assured people that this wouldn't mean that testing standards should be different for women and men. Both sexes should be treated the same. 

Because in the eyes of the Feminazi's, both sexes are equal. 

And as usual, reality begs to differ. Apparently it's become obvious that women aren't the same as men physically. Who would've thunk??

See, females are failing to do 3 pullups - the minimum requirement for marines. Fifty-five percent of females can't complete the 3 pullups, compared to just 1% of the males. The 3-pullup requirement was supposed to be implemented on 1 January - currently females only have to hold their chin above a pullup bar for 15 seconds.

The pullups are used to test upper body strength, which is required to carry heavy equipment; carry a fallen soldier; pull themselves out of foxholes or over walls, etc. 

So far only 13 females have passed the test. 

What to do, what to do.....

Well, what the Marine Corps has done is delay the requirement - which they QUIETLY announced via Twitter and their TV show, the Corps Report. 

So much for men and women being treated the say, eh? 

I wonder how male marines will feel knowing that the females fighting beside them one day won't be able to carry them to safety should they be wounded? Or that the females will need help to get out of deep holes or pull themselves over walls? Or that they'll need to carry heavy equipment for them?? 

But, never fear! 

Seeing as the USA military is being sissified under Obama, and run by atheists, gays and Feminazi's, females WILL BE equal, no matter the lengths they have to go to make it happen. Even if it means lowering standards.....

As usual with these fools, ideology trumps reality and common sense.

The Marine Corps has delayed the requirement for female Marines to do three pullups because most women have so far been unable to pass the test.

For 40 years, male recruits were required to perform three pullups to prove their upper body strength for combat, where they would need to carry heavy equipment and potentially lift themselves out of mud walls. Starting Jan. 1, female recruits would have been required to do the same.

But 55 percent of female recruits could not complete all three pullups, compared to just 1 percent of male recruits who could not, so the requirement was delayed. The Marine Corps made the announcement without fanfare on Twitter and its TV show, the Corps Report. Currently, female Marines only have to hold their chin above a pullup bar for 15 seconds.

This suggests a need by the Marine Corps to hide the fact that equality in combat may not be possible, though some female Marines are able to pass the test. So far 13 have done so.

Former Marine Greg Jacob told NPR that the onus is on the Marine Corps to better train female recruits.

“At first, a lot of women weren't able to do it,” Jacob said. “They were able to do one, some were able to do two, but what happened was by having that standard and enforcing that standard, it made my Marines, it made the troops go to the gym and train to that standard.”

Jacob said that within six months, the women he trained were able to do nine to 12 pullups.

So it is possible for women to perform three or more pullups, but the Marine Corps' decision to put off the requirement for women shows reluctance to accept that men and women are not physically equal, and that women may need more training to get the upper body strength necessary to pass the test.

No standards should be lowered for women when it comes to the strength and skills necessary to defend the U.S. The safety of the country, and the men and women who serve it, is far more important than politically correct special interests.


South Africa: The debt burden....

South Africa isn't much different from any of the countries around the world which have been run on Socialist policies. 

They are going broke.

The only difference is that South Africa doesn't have enough skilled people, the know-how or worker-base to get themselves out of the economic mess that the ANC has put the country in. 

The ANC's  Communist double-talk about nationalising businesses and land, the high violent crime levels and the militant Unions are also scaring away foreign investment into the country.

To add fuel to the fire, the racist Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment policies implemented by the Dead Terrorist and his ANC mob have only been successful in stifling job creation and economic growth. 

It's estimated that South Africa's debt will reach R1.7 TRILLION within the next 3 years, as the country borrows more and more to pay for the Socialist welfare programs implemented by the ANC - all to keep their low-information-voters happy. 

Today there are 16 million people on welfare programs in SA. That's nearly a third of the population supported by an incompetent, corrupt government. The tax base, however, is estimated to be around 3.5 million people out of a population of 52 million. So, the welfare burden is nearly 5 times the number of tax payers.....Or to put it another way: each tax payer supports not only their family, but another 5 people on welfare plus all their dependents. 

Currently, the SA government spends R1 trillion per year - but only takes in R750 billion in taxes. That means they're R250 billion short a year, which gets added to the net debt. 

Free money is only free for those who don't have to pay for it. The rest of the suckers - aka tax payers - have to pay for the free ride of the others. And as the economy gets worse and worse, the number needing the free ride increases. 

I wonder when governments around the world are going to realise that Socialism just doesn't work? Ever.

Yes, it's great for governments to try and make everyone happy and give people what they think they deserve, but at the end of the day man is never satisfied. No sooner has one government program been instituted, when the next bright idea is floated for another free gift from government. All in exchange for votes. 

Welfare soon becomes a drug - the more you get, the more you want.

And it's not easy to get people off welfare once they've tasted that sweet nectar.

Greeks were living a great life just a few short years ago - on their credit card - with no one paying for the bill. Greek workers were well looked after by their unions and government Socialist policies. Working hours were wonderful and if you were, say a hairdresser, you were allowed to retire on full government pension by 45 years of age because, shame, it was a hard job standing all day and lifting your arms fixing hair. 

And pretty soon Greece found out that the more they tried to accommodate and make everyone happy - giving them utopia - the more their debt grew. And today most Greeks are living in poverty, struggling to pay off not only their own debt but also the debt left to them by successive governments......all to make them happy.

Sometimes governments have to act like adults - and not loopy Liberal Progressive touchy-feely, good-ideas, but no funding, shites. 

They have to learn to say NO. 

NO more "free" programs. NO more increasing taxes on one group to pay for another group's happiness. NO more giving out "free" sweets, candy or lollies. 

When people feel the pain of having to pay for things themselves, then all of a sudden they don't have to visit that "free" doctor just for fun; or have that "free" tooth filling; or swop their perfectly good car for a new car. Because at the end of the day SOMEONE has to pay for all that government largess and that sucker is YOU. The politicians retire on their full tax-payer funded pensions, leaving YOU with the debt they accumulated for YOU.

But, at the end of the day it's all about power to politicians, and to stay in power they need YOUR vote, which they buy with all those lovely, touchy-feely government welfare programs.

Welfare is the currency of politicians. 

Here's an idea governments! How about you let us KEEP the money we make with OUR skills, charge us a flat tax of 10%, and let us pay for our own things? We don't need you to interfere and decide for us what to do with OUR money. How about you learn to live within your means with the 10% you earn from us? That way we'd have limited government, no waste, no free stuff, no social programs. That way people will get off their asses and make a plan to earn their own money. It's amazing how quickly people make a plan when they're starving. Or stop having babies they can't feed. Or pull together as families and communities and look after each other....just like the good old days.

Or how do you think countries like America and Australia became great back when there weren't any social programs or government help??

And South Africans are going to feel a lot of pain paying back the ANC's debt. Debt levels that weren't around pre-1994.......

Hat tip: Nick A

Well, you are probably expecting this article to be about Nkandla, or maybe E-tolls, or maybe it is about that sign language interpreter, but in fact there is a bigger trick going on beneath our noses.

So lets start with some basics. Our politicians make promises every election - such as free education, free medical aid etc. Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch and although we "provide" those services they are really paid for through taxes. Simple enough so far.

We have a R1 trillion annual budget but only generate R750 billion in taxes. So where does the extra cash come from ? Well our government sells  "bonds" - a promise to pay someone back with interest at some future date.

In essence the government borrows money from the future to pay for things now - much like we borrow to buy a house. This would be ok if the money raised by those bonds went into assets such as power stations and roads or we were creating new jobs with it.... But let me not become sidetracked too early.

In 2013 South Africa has raised R250 billion in bonds increasing our total debt to R1.2 trillion. The budget plans to borrow an additional R497 billion over the next three years which will increase our debt to R1.7 trillion. How are we going to pay this back ?

Government actually has no intention of paying this back... They can't - they spend more than they earn ... All we plan to do is pay back the interest. And so what happens ? The bonds and loans become due and guess what.... we issue MORE bonds to pay for the old bonds.

Our net debt in 2007/08 was R483 billion... we have TRIPLED it under the current regime to R1.2 trillion and will increase it again to R1.7 trillion over the next three years... think about that.... Borrow R497 billion to pay back R300 billion in interest, and we still have to pay back the principal of R1.7 trillion ! In other words our borrowing has reached the point where the loans are being paid off by more loans.

So what does it all mean ? It means that we are paying taxes to pay interest. And as the interest rises, we pay more and more of our tax money to paying interest. Or put another way, the proportion of our taxes which goes to paying interest is growing all the time. Future generations will have to pay even MORE tax to cover the interest costs.

What it also means is that large amounts of money - interest leaves the country - and does so forever at MUCH greater levels than say e-tolls achieves. And like that family that pays one credit card off with the other, the debt becomes huge. This is how you land up being a Cyprus. 

Frankly this interest machine is sheer genius with respect to shifting wealth from the many poor and middle class people of SA to the wealth elite of the world who own the banks who earn the interest. Biggest SCAM ever.

So to all my ANC, DA, EFF, AGANG, the Booi's and Mashilo's and the other political aspirants - what ARE you going to be doing about this ? Your answer SHOULD be what we as a country are talking about and debating .... and SHOULD ultimately be what your vote in 2014 is about.

PS. The government plan is to .... print more money ... and simply devalue everything you earn. To those defenders of the poor, the unions, the politicians and ordinary citizens ... this is why the poor can never earn enough, the reason why petrol is through the roof, and the reason why e-tolls as a new tax form are being implemented.

USA: Obama Impoverish​ing the Middle Class

Joe the Plumber - aka Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher - is an American Conservative who gained national attention during the 2008 U.S. presidential election when he asked Senator Obama about his small business tax policy. Obama's response included the statement, "when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody."

Hmmmm........good for everybody?

Well, it clearly hasn't been good for America's Middle Class, who's median net worth was $120,000 just six years ago.


Well, today their net worth has fallen 45%, down from $120,000 to $66,000.

Ain't life grand under Obama??

Instead of being a champion for the Middle Class, Obama has systematically made their lives worse off. It's what Communists do so well - destroy the Middle Class until there are only those in poverty or the elites, who are well off.

By imposing new taxes and Obamacare on the American people, Obama is basically destroying America's future. He's done ZERO for the economy apart from keeping his Wall Street buddies in luxury via the Federal Reserve. By pumping made-up printed money into the Fed, he's artificially inflated the stock market, fooling most people into believing that America is "recovering". What America is doing is creating another stock-market bubble, which is about to burst any day now and cause further global shock-waves.

Obama and his handlers have also been very creative with the unemployment figures, fudging them as they go along - changing the method of calculation to show an improvement when there clearly has been none. They're also fudging the housing market figures, reporting that it's going gang-busters, when the truth is that mortgage applications are at an all time low. 

Obama's poll numbers are now in the low 40s. This is sure to worsen as his former dreamy-eyed college graduate Obamabots hit the job market looking for a job to start paying off their exorbitant study loans. Those under 26 won't feel the brunt of Obamacare payments just yet, as mommy and daddy will still be paying for them. Those over 26......well, good luck!

Nothing cures Liberalism/Socialism/Communism quite like having to live under Liberalism/Socialism/Communism. 

And as Obama's poll numbers continue to fall, know that everyday more and more Obamabots have fallen out of love with their Progressive hero Barack Hussein Obama, smacked in the head by reality. 

They have a long way to go though. They are only now figuring out that when something is too good to be true, it really is too good to be true.

And if they've taken this long to figure out that Obama is nothing but a smooth-talking snake-oil salesman, then good luck America!

Remember Joe the Plumber? 

He understood exactly what the socialist "spread the wealth around" crap REALLY meant. That is why he was bureaucratically bullied, audited, abused, and made to STFU by the apparatchiks. 

Six years ago...before the annual 'in-your-face' Hawaiian Vacations became a holiday tradition of the Red Shed...the median net worth of the Middle Class was $120,000. Today it is $66,000, having dropped 45%. 

That's before 1/3 of earnings is taken by Federal-State-Local taxes and 'fees.' Thanks to ObamaCare, now their health insurance is 'gone' or going to be gone, and another 15% of annual income will be needed to replace it. 

But as the Supremes said, it's a tax so it's OK. 

Then there is the not insignificant matter of wealth confiscation by inflation and lower purchasing power. The inflation that isn't 'officially' there has eaten about 30% of the Dollar's worth over the last ten years...or roughly 3% per year for six years,,,so ~18%. 

Figuring out the math yet? The system of 'fundamental transformation' isn't working for the benefit of the Middle Class, but to its detriment. The Middle Class is sinking beneath the financial waves as a matter of intentional policy, and the latest (and ongoing) 'funeral selfie' is of Middle Class Americans who are already in the hole...Requiem Im Pacem


30 December 2013

South Africa: ANC prioritises Pretoria name change

The incompetent clownish ANC are at it again. 

Under these incompetent ANC nincompoops, South Africa's economy is in the toilet; there is soaring unemployment; a crumbling health system; a joke of an education system; poor municipal service delivery; rampant crime; widespread government corruption...... and the list goes on. 

Socialism/Communism hasn't exactly been great for the country seeing as South Africa's currency was the worse performing against the pathetic US dollar in 2013 (click image to enlarge)

YET, instead of addressing some of these big-ticket issues that they've created all by themselves, these idiots want to prioritise changing the name of the city of Pretoria in 2014. 

Yeah, that will make people's lives so much better!! Why, maybe they should just re-name every city built by the Whites to resolve the country's unemployment problem....by giving the tender to another ANC cadre naturally. Think of the deaf sign-language interpreter at the Dead Terrorists memorial service when you think of ANC competence. 

I guess when you're good at nothing then you focus on the ridiculous. Hey, at least they can then say they met one of their promises before the next election! 

Just forget about the 5 million jobs Hot-pants Zuma promised to create by now. Forget about the ANC promising to tackle government corruption and the stealing of billions from the tax payers. Forget about them promising to get serious about crime and police corruption. Forget about them promising to make Black South Africans' lives better.

But, do remember that they promised to change the name of a city that they didn't even build nor live in! 

Never say that the ANC don't tackle the difficult issues! 

Johannesburg - The ANC has placed changing Pretoria's name high on its list of priorities for 2014, Beeld reported on Monday.

The party in Tshwane would "act decisively" to ensure the Pretoria/Tshwane debacle was concluded in the new year, a senior African National Congress official in the region told the newspaper.

The metro is currently called Tshwane, and the city is still known as Pretoria.

Tshwane metro mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa said last week the capital city's name would change. Both the metro and city would then be called Tshwane.

Ramokgopa, who is also ANC chairperson in the region, said Pretoria was an unpleasant symbol of the past to many.

The metro announced earlier this month that it would not hold another public participation process on the matter, saying it would not help to do another count of who was for or against the name change.

Civil rights group AfriForum intends opposing the change in court. It previously said the Tshwane metro stopped the process after it emerged that more than 160 000 people supported the name of Pretoria in an SMS campaign AfriForum conducted.


The Truth About the Dead Terrorist

So, the Dead Terrorist has been dead for almost a month now and one of the main propaganda news websites in South Africa, News24, doesn't have ONE article about him on their website anymore. 

So, that's that then. The martyr has hopefully been forgotten....or maybe they've realised the world just doesn't care about a terrorist, held up as a hero by the Left. Or, maybe the truth being revealed about him worldwide - ironically by his death - has sobered up the fawning prematurely?

Dear oh dear. A bang and then a big fizzle.......

The video below is good viewing as the presenter gives a pretty accurate picture of the country via statistics from South Africa today vs under Apartheid. The stats part starts around the 8 minute mark if you're tired of hearing about the DT and his real history.

The presenter does make a few factual errors, especially when he harps on about the Whites "colonising" South Africa. The fact is that the different Black tribes also colonised SA at about the same time as the Whites arrived in the Cape, having moved down from central Africa into the south. 

After listening to the stats, the big question is this: are Black South Africans better off today than under Apartheid?

We all know the answer, but the media will never admit it. 

But I guess having the right to vote outweighs living a longer, safer, healthier and more secure and productive life, eh?

The last 2 minutes of the video are very good. Have a listen.

20 December 2013

End of another year of blogging......

It's that time of year again where I take off with the family for some holiday time and to celebrate Christmas.

This year we're staying in Australia and driving across this vast beautiful land. 

Thank you to all my new and loyal readers who have made blogging so rewarding. 

Thank you to all my hat tippers who make my life easier! 

I will be back in a few weeks.....unless the car breaks down in the Outback somewhere. If you don't hear from me, send out the search parties!

I wish you a Merry, Blessed Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

And I'll see everyone in 2014.


18 December 2013

South Sudan violence claims more than 400 people: report

Ho hum, just more tribal/ethnic violence in Africa - this time in South Sudan, Africa's newest state which is only 2½ years old. 

It's obviously got a bright future ahead! 

This time the clash is between the Dinka's and the Nuer's.

What is wrong with these people. They should just follow South Africa's shining example of the different tribes all living together peacefully like happy Larry! Just ignore all the crime, rape, tribal clashes and murders. Other than that, it's been a huge success...and we know this because the Liberals say it's so........ from their safe countries like America, England, Europe......

So far it's been reported that between 400-500 people have been killed in SS and over 800 wounded. 

That's nothing! The Xhosa's and the Zulu's have killed thousands of each other over the years in South Africa.

And in the Rowandan Genocide, there was mass slaughter of the Tutsis by the Hutus, where around 1 million people were killed.

So, what's another few million African Blacks to feed and look after by all the countries funding the UN? 

Another peaceful African success story! 

Just like South Africa....

The President, who comes from South Sudan's dominant Dinka ethnic group, sacked Dr Machar, a Nuer, after mounting public frustration at the government's failure to deliver tangible improvements in public services and other basic demands.

The government played down suggestions that the conflict had an ethnic element, and said Mr Kiir had met Nuer leaders to dispel the "misleading information" that they were being targeted.

Read more here

Australians call for sanctions against South Africa

"Australia was quick to take the moral high-ground against South Africa decades ago, now is not the time to expose our hypocrisy by refusing to re-introduce sanctions and apply meaningful diplomatic pressure upon the ANC regime."
So says the National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, Andrew Phillips.

Well done sir. You are quite correct of course, but as we all know nothing will come of your call for sanctions against the racist ANC government - because there are too many blind-to-Black-racism Black people and Progressives within the upper echelons of the UN.

And can you just imagine the outcry were the UN to impose sanctions on the Dead Terrorist's homeland?

Never gonna happen.

But a noble attempt all the same. I truly hope something does come from this, but reality begs to differ.

Black Africans - and especially the poor dear former "oppressed" Black South Africans - are an untouchable species by Progressives. They are their beloved victim-group so why would anyone think they'd possibly slap them with sanctions for their slow genocide of the Whites of South Africa? Because to do that would mean they'd have to finally admit that their little South African rainbow nation experiment has been an abject failure.

And since when has a Progressive ever admitted making a mistake? Ever??

Hat tip: Nick A

The new South African government's racist policies and affirmative action has led to calls for sanctions against SA.

The National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, Andrew Phillips called upon both the Federal Labor government and the Opposition to unanimously support the re-introduction of sanctions upon South Africa.

"It is becoming increasingly clear the situation in South Africa warrants international attention once again", Phillips said. "Despite noble announcements by the African National Congress (ANC) of its intent to make South Africa an egalitarian society in which all people could live in harmony and have equal opportunity-the reality is quite different."

His calls follow Woolworths SA asking that only "African Black candidates" apply for certain posts in job advertisements and South African Airways saying it will only appoint black pilots to its cadet pilot training programme.

Phillips said "Australia is dragging its feet in recognising the reality of the New South Africa. Euro MPs Barry Madlener and Lucas Hartong have already called for the EU to cease giving millions in aid to South Africa and have already raised the issue of what can only be described as cultural genocide in that country." See our story "EU take on SAA in pilot racism".

The Australian Protectionist Party recognises the right of all people, irrespective of racial, cultural or religious background to a safe homeland, self determination and the opportunity to control their national destiny in an increasingly globalised world.

"With the advent of so-called majority rule, minorities such as the Afrikaner communities are experiencing ever increasing disadvantage and persecution based on the colour of their skin" Phillips said.

"The South African government has done little to protect the lives of the nation's farmers and their families, actively promotes the on-going Anglicisation of the nation's government sector with the current debate of the "Languages Bill" and has reduced an estimated 10% of the nation's Afrikaner community to the poverty line through the introduction of a race based Affirmative Action policy - a situation President Zuma described as both "shocking and surprising", yet has done nothing to address".

"Australia was quick to take the moral high-ground against South Africa decades ago, now is not the time to expose our hypocrisy by refusing to re-introduce sanctions and apply meaningful diplomatic pressure upon the ANC regime," Phillips said.

Presented without comment....

Australia: Most immigrants come from the UK

A few things to note regarding the immigrant population of Australia.

South Africans are the third highest immigrant group living in Western Australia (capital Perth), and Queensland (capital Brisbane). So, if you're thinking of moving to Australia and think you may be homesick, aim for either Perth or Brisbane.

Also, in 2006, South Africa was in 10th position out of the top 15 countries by birth. By 2011 South Africa had jumped to 8th position. We're ahead of the Greeks now.....which is interesting.

There are now roughly 162 000 South Africans living in Australia (as per 2011). 

The UK leads the way in total number of immigrants, however:
"Over the last 10 years, the proportion of the Australian population who were born in the United Kingdom decreased from 5.7% in 2003 to 5.3% in 2013. Conversely, the proportions increased for people born in New Zealand (from 2.1% to 2.6%), China (from 1.0% to 1.8%) and India (from 0.6% to 1.6%)."
So, Chinese and Indians are flocking to Australia. The two race groups with the highest populations in the world. It's madness from Australia to be allowing them in at this rate.

The only positive thing one can say is that they are forced to live at first-world standards. No shacks. No 20 families to one room. No having 20 kids which they can't afford.

Those rights are bestowed on our illegal immigrants who come by boat and who get to live free for life off everyone else. We're compassionate that way.....

Also interesting to note that there are over half a million New Zealanders living here. New Zealand's population is around 4.5 million, so just the 500 000 here would push their population over 5 million back home. Instead they live here while NZ takes in Asians to replace the White's leaving. They estimate that Auckland will have an Asian majority in a few years time....

It would be interesting to see what our religion numbers looks like. How our Muslim population is growing, as it no doubt is. I guess we should be thankful that most Indians are Hindu's, helping to keep the Muslim numbers down.

We are nothing if not a stupid, suicidal race, we White people. Always so eager to embrace "diversity" and "multi-culturalism", but never of our own people. 

(click on the "read more" link under the picture for the various tables)

A must-have Clinton-duo for the house.....

Hat tip: Hugh P

USA: Obama off on another holiday.....

While millions of Americans come to grips with their new "healthcare" cost increases courtesy of the Obamacare regulations, Obama, the Wookie, his two spawn and the dogs will be heading off on their annual Hawaii holiday.

This time they'll be going for 17 days, costing tax payers only $4 million...

Must be real nice to be king Barack Hussein Obama. He's worked very hard this year destroying the American economy, the healthcare system and foreign relations!  And while ordinary Americans try to wrap their heads around their new country, Affirmative Action Obama will be va-cation-ing on their dime.

Not too shabby for a failed community organizer, eh? It's amazing where Affirmative Action and knowing the right Marxists/terrorists can get you!

Obama hit pay dirt on all fronts.

Deep breath America - only another 3 years of this Marxist fool to go!! 

Picture roundup.......

Extra long picture roundup this week as it's the last for the year.......

I know people tend to scroll quickly through the photos, but take your time on each photo and appreciate the beauty of our world, and mans accomplishments.


For the boys........

For the girls............

(Hat tip: Aunty G)

And finally......

An adult version of a Christmas tree......