30 November 2013

South Africa: EFF has a message for White South Africans

The laughably titled "Economic Freedom Fighters" (EFF) political party has a message for White South Africans. 

It seems Julius "Juju" Malema lied when he said White people didn't need to fear his Communist Black racist party......

Who would've guessed? 

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Julius Malema - aka Idi Amin jnr - leader of the EFF: 

New book out by Obama

South Africa: Nkandla report damns Zuma

Shame, poor El Presidente Zuma. He can't catch a break these days.

It's come to light that the palatial compound little homestead he's building himself in his hometown of Nkandla is all about him building his dream home on the back of the tax payer.  

Eish! You don't say, eh?

What was supposed to cost the tax payer R27 million has blown out by a little bit. Actually a lot. Actually, a hell of a lot. It's blown out to R215 million and counting, as El Presidente Zuma still needs another R31 million to complete his little baby.

Zuma made some "upgrades", which the government stated were "essential" upgrades for Zuma's security. So, you'd think it would be fences, or security glass, or a panic room.

NOT so. Public Protecter Thuli Madonsela - soon to be dearly departed Thuli once the ANC have mowed her down as she gets out of her car somewhere - discovered that these "essential" security upgrades were a swimming pool, visitors' centre, amphitheatre, cattle kraal, marquee area, extensive paving, and new houses for relatives!

Yeah, not sure what category those"essential" security upgrades fall into. Maybe the security that Zuma will live a frigging fantastic life in his harem until Jesus comes? 

But people should relax and give the man a break! It's hard being a battler for the poor Black people of South Africa and they should understand that this little housie is his just reward for murdering people in Camp Quatro, being a rapist and a fraud being a Black Liberation Terrorist Freedom Fighter. 

Now, if this had been anyone in the White Apartheid government, THEN you'd see the sparks really flying.....

But, I can't wait to see what the next ANC El Presidente builds himself. Or maybe the next president will be EFF's leader Julius "Juju" Malema. 

After all, a standard has clearly been set for the Black leaders of South Africa!

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma received substantial personal benefits from the multi-million rand upgrade to his Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal, the Mail & Guardian reported on Friday.

This emerged in Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's provisional report into the upgrades, according to the newspaper.

Government has stated the upgrades were essential for Zuma's security, but Madonsela found a swimming pool, visitors' centre, amphitheatre, cattle kraal, marquee area, extensive paving, and new houses for relatives included in the upgrade at "enormous cost" to the taxpayer.

Madonsela's report recommended the president be called to account by Parliament for violating the executive ethics code on two counts.

These were for failing to protect state resources, and misleading Parliament for suggesting he and his family had paid for all non-security-related features.

One of the key allegations listed in the report stated that costs escalated from an initial R27m to R215m, with a further R31m in works outstanding. 





Another Liberal wakes up.....

AFTER they've caused the damage of course.....

Living in Australia, I can attest to this....

Asian female drivers....almost as bad as Black South African female drivers.


USA: Why the Pilgrims Abandoned Communism

Communism is basically communal living - where everyone supposedly works and looks after each other, no matter their contribution to the commune. 

The Puritan Separatists - or Pilgrims - landed in Massachusetts in 1620 and their original economic system was a form of Communism. You could say they were one of the first communities to practice Communism. 

There were no property rights or division of labour in the colony. Food was grown for the town and distributed equally among everyone. The women washed clothes for everyone. They preserved meat for all the families. 

Sounds grand eh? Lenin and Marx would have been proud.

However, by 1623 - just 3 years of living Communist philosophy - the town was facing famine.

See, people started getting clever. They realised that if everyone was getting treated equally no matter their contribution, then why should they pull their weight if they'd receive what others produced anyway? Why should they toil in the sun all day to plant crops, just for the harvest to be shared equally with people who hadn't worked the fields? Why should the women toil all day washing other people's clothes, when people were sitting at home doing nothing but benefiting anyway? So more and more the people became lazy, making excuses or crying off sick to avoid working and contributing.

Sound familiar? Sound like the consequence of today's growing welfare state perhaps? 

In any case, the governor of the Puritan colony decided that the only way to save the day was to give parcels of land to families and make them grow their own crops to feed themselves. The families needed to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their own survival.

And the results were instantaneous. 
"They found that those who would pretend they couldn't work due to infirmity, weakness or inability (sound familiar?) gladly went to work in the fields. Corn production increased dramatically and famine was averted because communism was eliminated.
The reasons why Communism failed in the colony were numerous. It failed because it treated the young and old the same. It rewarded the less productive as much as the more productive. Members of the community found that they could do less and still get the same benefit.....

And it failed because the colony didn't put any importance into maintaining the family unit. Men working for other people's children; women washing clothes for other men; children working for other families. There was no incentive to work or prosper as a family.

No wonder Communists still attack the family unit today. It's in their DNA - to destroy the glue that keeps society functioning and exceeding. That's why there's the push for Gay "marriage" and adoption of children by homosexuals by the Socialist/Communist movements. Always in White-run countries....

It's also why the Liberal media are pushing the notion that "traditional marriage" is no longer relevant in its current form and that other types of relationships are more modern. Like polyamory -  having multiple romantic and sexual partners in an open relationship. And that a village should raise children. Everything hippies once practiced....and failed at.

People who think the Gay marriage agenda is all about marriage "equality" need to open their eyes real quick. Once the traditional family unit is destroyed by the Marxists then everything else tumbles down with it.

Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids. 

Already we see children being raised more Liberal in our Western societies - growing up as selfish brats, expecting their needs and wants to be met immediately. The feminists have succeeded NOT in empowering females, but leading them to being exploited even more - all in the name of "female liberation". In the process, the role of the White male has been belittled. Today we sit with more and more women not marrying and having kids because they're waiting for the perfect man to come along - and men choosing not to marry as it's easier to sleep around and enjoy the benefits of all that feminist liberation without the attached responsibilities.

Add to this the Gaia worshipers calling for population control....of mainly White people - while they invite third-worlders in as immigrants to overpopulate our countries and take what we produce. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Oh well. As the Puritans found out, what sounds like Utopia is usually too good to be true. There is always a price to pay and we'll find out down the line the price we will pay for allowing a minority of ideologues to manipulate our morals, standards and our values in our Western countries.

Because Communism has NEVER worked anywhere it's been tried - it's against human nature, just as the Puritans found out.

The Pilgrims’ Short Lived Experiment in Communism

Click here for the full article. 

South Africa: De Doorns farmworkers now ‘worse off’

I think this article is meant to elicit sympathy for the plight of farm workers in South Africa.

If that is the case then it fails miserably.

Last year the ANC and their union buddies stoked up tensions between farmers and their workers, calling for an almost doubling of salaries paid to the workers. The government quickly used the ensuing worker riots to raise the minimum wage to R105 per day (R11.67/hour), up from R57 per day.

Overnight farmers faced a doubling in their salary bills. Just where the unions and ANC thought farmers could pull this extra non-budgeted money from is beyond me. 

So, farmers had no alternative but to recoup their loses from the workers themselves, by raising the electricity and rent prices for workers living on their farms. 

Because what the ANC and their union buddies didn't highlight while they instigated the protests, was that farmers, on top of paying salaries, also provide subsidised housing and utilities, food and transport to their farm workers living on their farms - at their cost. Some farmers even provide schooling on their farms for farm kids, and pick up the health costs. 

Instead, the ANC and the unions focused on the salary aspect alone. Naturally the farmers had to look at their costs including the benefits paid to their workers and cut extra costs so as to afford the new minimum wage. 

It's called cause and effect, dear ANC. 

Now farm workers are complaining that they're getting less money than before the wage increase. 

Farmers now pay a worker per hour, so farm workers are earning less as a result:
Tavistock Farm human resources manager Wynand Viljoen said: “The minimum wage is R11. 67 per hour for a nine-hour working day, which amounts to R105. All workers are paid per hour and if they come in late or do not pitch up for work, they won’t be paid. The wage increase was sudden and high and we had to place some of the costs on the workers.”
Gone are the days when farmers paid workers to sleep off their drunk stupor after a week-end of booze. Now it's pay per hour worked. 

Some farmers have had to stop paying for medical costs.

The workers, the unions and the ANC thought they were being clever when they wedged farmers with a higher salary bill. Once again the union buffoons didn't think the consequences through - nor were they truthful with their union members, promising them the land of milk and honey without either. 

So, while union management live very well off the monthly union fees they get from the farm workers, the workers live the reality of the unions interfering in their jobs. 

Well done unions and the ANC! You have once again shown the country why it's best you don't stick your noses in where they're not needed. All you've managed to do is get a worse deal for the farm workers.....and no empathy from those of us who watched farms being burned down by these farm workers. 

You reap what you sow. 

LIFE should have improved for De Doorns farmworker Jenny Lottering after her daily wage almost doubled, but she is as strapped for cash as ever.

She used to earn R57 a day. She now gets R105 a day after a minimum wage increase by the government, but a new hike in utility services by farmers means she goes home with as little as R500 for two weeks’ work.

“I pay R100 for electricity and R75 rent every two weeks. If you have to go to the doctor you have pay your own way. Before the increase we earned R57 per day. Our medical aid was R210 per fortnight and we only paid it when we had to see a doctor. We paid R57 a fortnight on rent and there was no electricity cost,” she said.

“I simply don’t see the increase we fought for for so long.”

While workers say they are dissatisfied by this, there is no new strike on the cards as they cannot afford to lose income again for an extended period.

The Cape Times spoke to farmworkers on four farms in De Doorns who showed their current and previous pay slips showing how farmers increased their deductions.

A Tavistock farmworker, Jakob Peterson, said before the new minimum daily wage the electricity was R100 a fortnight per household.

Peterson’s electricity increased by R40. “The R105 is just another myth because the farmer pays us per hour and pushes up the electricity. We walk away with away about R450 to R600 every two weeks.”

Before the increase, he would live on R583 a fortnight.

Frans Booysen, a farmworker on the Vendutiekraal Farm just off the N1, earns between R400 and R450 a week.

“While we were still earning R69 per day, we paid R50 for electricity and we received R100 units and our rent was R34.50.

“Now, with the new minimum wage, our expenses have increased and the farmer only pays for hours worked. We might as well go back to earning R69 a day.”

Booysen said: “There are times when I cannot buy electricity because my income is too little. I then have to make fires to cook food.

“I am forced to pay rent for a Wendy house with no proper flooring and a toilet that is a health risk for me and my children.”

The Cape Times inspected his portable toilet and found raw faeces in it. He said the toilet has not been cleaned in months.

Agri-Wes Cape spokeswoman Porchia Adams, however, said farmers were faced with a 65 percent increase in labour costs and have had to recoup the increased cost.

“The farmers had a financial pinch and had to find ways of making up for the high salary that was handed down on them. The increase in utility services is a way of making up for the R105.

Efforts to contact management on Da la Hey Valleisig and Vendutiekraal farms failed.

Tavistock Farm human resources manager Wynand Viljoen said: “The minimum wage is R11. 67 per hour for a nine-hour working day, which amounts to R105. All workers are paid per hour and if they come in late or do not pitch up for work, they won’t be paid. The wage increase was sudden and high and we had to place some of the costs on the workers.”

MEC for Agriculture Gerrit van Rensburg said he supports the move by most farmers to increase utility services. “You have to understand that the farmers’ financial books have to balance. As long as their conduct is within the law, I have no problem with it.”

He urged farmworkers who have problems on farms to report them to the provincial government’s complaints hotline.


29 November 2013

Obama's version of Thanksgiving

How to draw money out of an ATM in South Africa

South Africa’s sole graphite electrodes plant facing possible closure

South Africa’s (and Africa's) only graphite electrodes plant - which employs around 370 people - is facing possible closure.

Management is in talks with the UNIONS and if there is no viable alternative, closure of the plant should take place by June 2014.

But, it's not only the South African plant of GrafTech set to close. The Brazilian branch is also on the chopping block. Together, over 600 people will lose their jobs. Both facilities face termination as a consequence of being the two "highest-cost operations".

However, the Mexican plant is set to expand and increase capacity but with minimal employee additions. Even though closing both the Brazilian and South African plants will decrease overall output, the company will save $75-million in yearly cost savings.

So, what does this all mean?

Well, it means that South Africa (and Brazil) are becoming too expensive to do business in, with UNIONS adding to the overhead cost of business. It means that strike action called on by UNIONS is adding to business uncertainty and lower productivity. It means that companies would rather go to Mexico to do business than in South Africa. And even though both closures means less capacity internationally, it means huge savings for the company. If the company is saving $75 million a year by firing 600 staff, that equates to a saving of $125 000 per staff member fired. That's a HUGE saving.

So, as the Unions in SA get stronger and flex their muscles, so does business respond and close shop and leave the country. 

Another company which has clearly had enough of strike action in South Africa is German car-maker BMW. BMW has announced that they are scrapping their planned expanded investment in the country due to labour issues:
 Today, Business Day newspaper featured an editorial on BMW and criticised President Jacob Zuma’s economic policy approach. 
“The president is a politician. BMW is a manufacturer. Only one of them knows what they are talking about,” the editorial read.
Attard Montalto said investors were keeping a close eye on the country, not only in the car sector but with Eskom’s delayed construction of power stations and labour struggles in the platinum and gold sectors too. 
“There are many other companies thinking the same thing because of labour issues,” he said.

Great going! I guess delivering those 5 million jobs promised by President Jacob Zuma is going to take a while longer to achieve....

His strategy is obvious - he believes the economy has to go backwards in order to go forwards! 

Hat tip: Nick A

South Africa’s only graphite electrodes plant, which is also the sole manufacturer on the African continent, is facing possible closure, putting 370 jobs at risk.

The plant, which was established in 1965 in Meyerton, 50 km south of Johannesburg, currently supplies half of the South African market with graphite electrodes that conduct power into electric arc furnaces to melt ferrous scrap for steelmaking.

GrafTech South Africa GM Craig Taylor emphasised to Engineering News Online, however, that closure was currently still at the proposal stage.

“We are busy with a consultation process at the moment with the unions and employee representatives. The consultation process has to run its course and, if there is no viable alternative, closure should take place by June 2014,” Taylor added.

The two unions concerned are the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and Solidarity.

GrafTech South Africa is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NYSE-listed US-based GrafTech International, which has told shareholders that it intends closing the plant “subject to certain ongoing union and workforce consultations”.

Should closure ensue, GrafTech South Africa will continue to distribute graphite electrodes from the group’s other manufacturing plants in the US, Mexico, Spain and France.

It is only the South African and Brazilian facilities that face termination as a consequence of being the two highest-cost operations.

In contrast, GrafTech International’s Monterrey plant, in Mexico, which is actually earmarked for growth as one of the company’s “most advantaged facilities”, is expected to increase capacity by 15 000 t in less than a year with minimal employee additions.

Growing the low-cost Mexican production facility would further lower the company’s overall graphite electrode cost structure, GrafTech International CEO Craig Shular said at this month’s third-quarter presentation to shareholders.

The bulk of GrafTech South Africa’s 370 employees – which make up more than half of the potential 600 employees impacted globally – stand to lose their jobs in the event of the plant closing.

Since the 2008 global financial crisis, the global industry has been in an oversupply situation.

The closures in South Africa and Brazil are expected to cut 60 000 t out the company’s global graphite electrode capacity and, with related overhead initiatives, yield $75-million in yearly cost savings.

Formerly Ucar, GrafTech International Holdings Inc is a multinational incorporated in 
Delaware and headquartered in Parma, Ohio.


USA: Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Beaten in Prison

Feel good story of the day.

Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan has been beaten up in prison (still to be confirmed by the prison). Apparently, while guards were "busy" looking the other way, three of his fellow inmates decided to give him something to pray about.

Muslim radical Nidal Hasan served in the United States Army as a psychiatrist and was responsible for shooting and killing 13 US soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009, just days before their deployment to Afghanistan.

Obama and his White House Muslim Brotherhood gang decided that this wasn't an act of terrorism, but "work place violence". The reason for this two-fold. One: so that Obama didn't have to pay out damages to victim’s families. Two: to protect his Muslim peeps. Period.

Now, it would be appreciated by most Americans - and others outside the border - if someone would be so kind as to leave a strong sheet (or a nice piece of rope) in his cell so that he can martyr himself and go collect his 72 virgins. 

It's past his time on earth. Time to go to hell.

U.S. military families the world over celebrated when news got out that Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan had his beard forcibly shaved when he reported to prison back in August of 2013, to be housed until he is executed.

Due to political correctness and the fear of offending his Islamic beliefs, Hasan was allowed to wear his beard, an act in and of itself which made a mockery of the U.S. legal system, after he murdered 13 soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas in 2009. The act would be the largest terrorist attack on a U.S. base, had Hasan’s actions not been labeled “work place violence” by a politically correct U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama administration that feared payout damages to victim’s families had the act been labelled an act of terror.

Hasan, a Muslim, claimed he was killing U.S. soldiers set to deploy to Afghanistan to protect his fellow Muslims, but the politically correct U.S. government did not want to be confused with such facts, because they had their minds already made up. Work place violence! Leave it alone!

If Hasan thought he was having a bad day when he had his beard forcibly shaven when he entered prison, his concept of a bad day got worse last week when, according to rumors coming out of Leavenworth, he had been beaten by three other inmates.

According to the rumors, three of Hasan’s fellow inmates set upon Hasan and beat him profusely while guards were “busy” looking away while transferring him from a religious service of his choosing back to his cell. It is alleged that he is suffering from a broken nose and several facial lacerations. The rumors are yet to be confirmed by the prison.


South African Missionary Cautions Against New Film Praising Life of Nelson Mandela

Great news everyone! Here's a film I'll be celebrating.....never, ever watching.

A movie has been made about saint Nelson Mandela based on his autobiography "Long Walk to Freedom". The movie is titled "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" and is set for release this week-end in the USA. Other countries will no doubt be falling over themselves to show this epic...lie.

The director is Mandela-crazy South African Indian Anant Singh, who worships Mandela...... and probably views this movie as his ticket to greatness. 

The movie has been in the pipeline since 1999. I guess time is your friend when you have to white-wash history and hope memories fade.

Singh admits that the script had to be revised "numerous" times. I guess trying to hide inconvenient truths does take numerous re-writes. Can't have the truth....

But it doesn't stop there. Oh no! No, Singh decided that Mandela had to be portrayed as a "freedom fighter" who was sentenced to prison for his opposition to the Apartheid government. Yeah, I guess lying is to be expected when you're trying to make an idol out of someone with clay feet. 

Can't have saint Mandela being shown for what he was/is - a  murdering TERRORIST and COMMUNIST. When the Left try to martyr an evil man then truth leaves the room very quickly and navel gazing ensues. 

No, much easier to portray Mandela as a saint, who did nothing wrong, and was only imprisoned for being a "freedom fighter" by the horrible White racists, instead of letting the world know that he was jailed for pleading guilty to 156 acts of public violence and terrorism

I'm looking forward to Anant Singh's depiction of Osama Bin Laden one day! Can you imagine how he'd make him look? Gone will be his TERRORISM crimes, replaced by a Ghandi-like character, just a misunderstood man of peace, hunted down like a rabid dog by the evil racist Americans.....

Anyhow, I'm wondering if Mr Singh decided to include the chapter from Mandela's book where he admits to signing off on the Church Street bombing, which blew 19 people to pieces? Or is that too inconvenient a truth to put into this fairy tale movie?

Because if you're depicting Nelson Mandela as a freedom fighter and not as a COMMUNIST, MURDERER and TERRORIST, then your movie has ZERO credibility.

No doubt this movie will win an a few Oscars. The Left loves them some Mandela! 

Hat tip: Nick A

A renowned South African missionary is cautioning against a new film that praises the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela, whom he says was actually a terrorist that promoted abortion, pornography and homosexuality in the nation.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is set to open in theaters in the United States this weekend, as it follows the anti-apartheid activist from his humble childhood through his inauguration as the first elected president of South Africa.

The movie, produced by Anant Singh, directed by Justin Chadwick and written by William Nicholson, features British actors Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela and Naomie Harris as his wife. With a $35 million budget, the action-packed Long Walk to Freedom is stated to be the most expensive film made in South Africa, and is 15 years in the making.

The production is based on Mandela’s autobiography of the same name, but has undergone numerous script revisions. Distributor Harvey Weinstein of the Weinstein Company says that he has been looking forward to the movie for some time.

“I am extremely passionate about ‘Long Walk to Freedom,’” he wrote in a statement. “Anant Singh first gave the book to me when the first edition came out. We have been talking about making this film since 1999. There have been a number of stop and goes, but sometimes things work out for a reason, and Anant Singh has done a masterful job in producing this epic story of our times.”

In the film, Mandela is depicted as a freedom fighter who was sentenced to prison for his opposition to government apartheid.

“They took everything from him except hope,” the trailer for the film outlines.

As Mandela is sentenced to 27 years in prison, his wife and others lead a campaign to set him free, and he eventually works his way to becoming president of the nation.

However, Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship of Newlands, South Africa recently told Todd Friel of the television and radio broadcast Wretched that Mandela was deeply involved in terrorist activity and is responsible for promoting wickedness in the land.

“I wouldn’t generally want to celebrate somebody who made his position in life by blowing people up,” he stated on a recent broadcast. “[H]e plead guilty to 156 acts of public violence and terrorism.”

Hammond outlined that Mandela was the head of the military wing of the African National Committee (ANC), which Hammond also referred to as “the abortion, necklacing and corruption party.” He said that 1,000 Africans were killed by necklacing in the country through the ANC, an act where terrorists would “put an automobile tire over someone, pour petrol over them [and] set them alight.”

Hammond also described numerous other acts of violence that he alleges were committed by the ANC under the order or oversight of Mandela.

“Missionaries and their kids [were] murdered, bayonetted on the fields—whole families killed by landmines planted in the roads,” he said.

The South African missionary stated that Mandela’s wife Winnie also participated in violent acts.

“Winnie Mandela actually was found guilty in court of the murder of a 12-year-old boy,” he explained. “And it was upheld on appeal. She was sentenced to five years in prison, [but] she hasn’t served a day.”

In 2010, following the release of the Clint Eastwood film Invictus, which also celebrated the life of Mandela with Morgan Freeman playing the lead role, Hammond likewise issued strong warnings.

“There’s a lot of Christians out there who idolize Nelson Mandela because they’ve been given false, misleading and incomplete information,” he said. “He has pushed for the legalization of abortion, pornography [and] homosexual relationships. … [He was] trying to legalize prostitution. He’s a radical liberal.”

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom has been rated PG-13 for violence, sexual content and profane language. The two-hour film is expected to roll out in American theaters beginning this Friday.


Christmas tree in Sydney has been lit.....

The City of Sydney Martin Place Christmas tree has just been lit - the festive season has officially begun!

See my next blog post about what I think about establishments not celebrating CHRISTMAS.

At least Sydney has realised who is bringing in the money and customers during CHRISTMAS. 

I'll post Melbourne's effort as soon as I get photos. 

Time to take a stance against anti-Christmas establishments

Have a look at this picture:

Notice that they have a Santa in a sleigh and instead of saying Merry Christmas, they have replaced it with Happy Holidays. Other terms are Seasons Greetings or some other obscure greeting which doesn't mention the word "Christmas".

Excuse me?

We Christians are far too forgiving for our own good. Muslims state the names of their holidays, as do Jews and every other religion. Christians have to be happy with "Happy Holidays" for Christmas time.

I think not.

From now on I will NOT be entering or spending my money at any business which announces anything but Christmas in their display windows in the lead up to Christmas. It's time to take a stand against this PC indoctrination.

And not only will I be boycotting them, but I will tell them why. They need to realise who their customers are and who buys their products and why!

Moderate Muslim countries have no problem with displaying Christmas or wishing people Merry Christmas in their shopping centres to cater for their Christian customers. Yet our own Western shopping centres do everything to hide which holiday it is and which we're supposed to be celebrating. 

These businesses are only too happy to sell stuff for us to give as CHRISTMAS gifts, but don't want to mention the word "Christmas" in case it "offends" someone.

They'd rather cater to the minority than the majority. It's not as if Muslims are buying in their shops at that time of year, yet they're the ones being kept happy.

Well, I'm offended that these shops are treating Christmas as their quick-buck season yet won't say what religious holiday it is.


Who's joining me in taking a stand? 

Medicare.....Aussie style

Hat tip: Corry

The phone rings and the lady of the house answers,


"Mrs. Sanders, please."


"Mrs. Sanders, this is Doctor Jones at Saint Agnes Laboratory. 
When your husband's doctor sent his biopsy to the lab last week, a biopsy from another Mr. Sanders arrived as well... 
We are now uncertain which one belongs to your husband.
Frankly, either way the results are not too good."

"What do you mean?" Mrs. Sanders asks nervously.

"Well, one of the specimens tested positive for Alzheimer's and the other one tested positive for HIV. We can't tell which is which."

"That's dreadful! Can you do the test again?" questioned Mrs.Sanders.

"Normally we can, but MEDICARE will only pay for these expensive tests once."

"Well, what am I supposed to do now?"

"The MEDICARE Helpdesk recommends that you drop your husband off somewhere in the middle of town.

If he finds his way home, don't sleep with him 

The answer to yesterday's guess what it is.....

I had some colorful answers to the question.

Someone guessed "Michael Jackson's head caching a light during the filming of a commercial", and another " Obummers hair sparkling in a Electric chair". We wish!

The first correct reader was Ozzie Froggy. 

The answer: Melbourne at night from space.

Your Noddy badge is in the mail! Although you do have an unfair advantage seeing as you reside in Australia.....so I've changed my mind. Nothing for you!


28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving......

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.

Please have a piece of pumpkin pie for me.


Guess what it is......

Put answer in the comments section and I'll let you know tomorrow....

South Africa: We’re oppressed, say Black professionals

Black "professionals" are appealing to Julius Malema - leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party - to rescue them from oppression by the Whites in South Africa.

These are the same Black people who hadn't even seen a wheel by the time Jan van Riebeeck arrived in the Cape in 1652. They couldn't read or write and led a nomadic existence, killing, raping and pillaging other tribes to survive.  

These are the same people who would rather consult a witch doctor before seeing a medical doctor.

These are the same people who seem to believe their skin colour is why they can't get ahead in life in a Black-run country.

A Black-run country where they outnumber the White population nearly 10:1. A country of over 40 million Blacks and only around 5 million Whites.....

If all that they're complaining about is true - namely, that White-owned or -led firms made them work twice as hard to get recognition compared to their White colleagues - then why don't they start their own businesses, or go work for a Black-owned or -led company instead? 

Why lower themselves to work for the racist, evil White man in the first place? 

See, it's easy to run and complain to the EFF, which is a party calling for all White-owned land and businesses to be handed over to Blacks, but it's not easy for them to put their own money where their mouth is, get off their backsides and do something about their grievances. No, it's far easier to go look for sympathy from a fellow envious Black man than do something constructive. And it's easier to complain than do because they don't know how to do.....

Let's be frank here. South Africa's economy is failing because the ANC decided that the country needed Affirmative Action (AA) and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) - meaning that any company over a certain size has to employ a certain number of Black staff (competent or not) and also be majority Black-owned in order to receive government contracts and work....or face tax penalties and ultimately closure. 

Both these policies have only managed to artificially empower some Black people who should never have been empowered in the first place. And it's made some well-connected Black elitists very rich, by sitting back and reaping the monetary rewards earned by others, just so that a company can say they meet the BEE requirements of being Black-owned.

Great wicket to get on! 

The result of all this government interference in trying to put lipstick on a pig? 

  • Most skilled Whites have run for their lives....literally. Not only has AA and BEE been a disaster, but most Whites don't want to be raped or brutally murdered by barbarians.
  • Former well-run businesses are suffering under incompetent Black leadership and staff; and
  • The country's infrastructure and public services are quickly declining 
On the one hand you have reality. On the other you have Liberals filling the heads of Blacks with the lie that all their ills are a result of the White man and not because of their own behaviour or short-comings. 

You have to wonder how these people reason. If the White man of South Africa is truly to blame for all the ills of the Blacks in the country, then why is a country like Liberia - which has NEVER had any Whites living there - in a worse condition than South Africa? In fact, I challenge you to name a Black-run country which is a thriving, successful country. Haiti is another classic example of where the slaves blamed the White Frenchmen - murdered them out - and today Haiti is the poorest nation of the Americas.

Hmmm.........just what could the common denominator be??

So, Blacks are struggling to keep up with White standards and are disillusioned. Ah, shame, poor babies. Apparently sitting in the sun brewing beer doesn't pay the bills or buy them a Mercedes Benz, like Julius Malema has. 

So, it's off to the EFF for them, so they can have their backs patted, their hard-luck stories rehashed and their minds filled with even more anti-White hatred. 

But what the EFF doesn't tell their new disillusioned supporters is that if they ever do get into power then all EFF promises will bring is even more misery to the Black people of South Africa. 

Communism/Socialims/Marxism has yet to work. Oh, it sounds wonderful in speeches and when your head is filled with jealousy and envy about what others have and you don't, but the reality is a whole different ball game.

These people complaining to the EFF are not Black professionals - they are professional Blacks. 

And that is the problem with Africa.

Hat tip: Corry

Johannesburg - Black professionals – including lawyers, engineers and accountants – have appealed to Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party to rescue them from “oppression” by their white counterparts.

They told party leaders they were treated as inferiors, that their knowledge was being undermined for racial reasons.

Black professionals who attended the EFF’s professional’s forum in Joburg on Friday said they told Dali Mpofu and EFF policy chief Floyd Shivambu that white-owned or -led firms made them work twice as hard to get recognition compared to their white colleagues.

Malema was not present at the gathering, convened by Mpofu to get the views of black professionals on the country’s direction and the party’s policies.

A black attorney, who owns a law firm, said on Sunday they poured their hearts out to the EFF on their treatment by major law, auditing and engineering companies.

They told the EFF that:

* Their knowledge and capabilities were doubted and treated as inferior compared to that of their white colleagues with the same qualifications.

* They were often paid lower salaries compared to white colleagues with the same qualifications and experience levels.

* They were mostly excluded from major projects that could develop them professionally.

* They were forced to report to less-qualified whites, who were paid high salaries.

* They were being used for window dressing by white-run companies desperate to meet BEE requirements to get government contracts.

The attorney, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared a backlash on his business, said blacks were forced to “work on the periphery” of the real work because most companies were run by whites “who don’t believe in our knowledge”.

“They don’t respect us as people. They don’t respect our intellectual ability. They would subject us to this because of our skin colour.”

EFF central command team member responsible for the professionals, Hlaiseka Chawane, confirmed that those concerns were raised.

“They say they are not exposed to work that is going to develop them professionally. Instead they are reduced to administrators and messengers. We will take up their cases,” said Chawane.

Business Unity SA, which represents 90 percent of private sector business in the country, said the points raised at that meeting were “not far-fetched”.



Hat tip: Corry 

I was walking along Durban beach when I came across a lamp partially buried in the sand.

I picked up the lamp and gave it a rub. A genie appeared and told me I had been granted one wish.

I thought for a moment and said, "I want to live forever."

"Sorry," said the genie, "I'm not allowed to grant eternal life."

"OK, then, I want to die after a Black government balances the budget, eliminates the debt and stamps out corruption”

"You sneaky little bastard," said the genie…

Something to think about......

An Australian trying to name the USA states

(Click on image to enlarge)

Behind the windfarm scenes

Tax payers of the North sure are being scammed big-time.

They're being scammed out of cheap energy, with their governments replacing cheap coal/gas/nuclear generators with expensive "Green" alternatives.

So, wind turbines and solar are "in"; cheap coal/gas and nuclear are "out".

What they fail to tell the tax payers is that in order to have wind and solar, they also need to have back-up "dirty" energy on tap at all times. 


Because "Green" energy doesn't work. It doesn't generate enough energy and it doesn't always generate any power. It's unreliable.

If the wind doesn't blow. No wind energy produced.

If the wind blows to strong. No wind energy produced.

If the sun doesn't shine. No solar energy produced.

And now the latest admission is that wind turbines all across Europe are wearing out faster than previously thought. Initially it was calculated that turbines would last at least 25 years. But the truth is that if they make 15 years then they're lucky. It's more like 10 years tops.

Why? Well because of dirt build-up and icing of the turbines during Winter. 

So, not only is this form of energy intermittent and extremely expensive, but now it's going to be even more expensive because the turbines aren't lasting as long as planned and have to replaced sooner.

In the meantime coal/gas and nuclear are shunned. All so that some Gaia worshipers and the-sky-is-going-to-fall-on-our-head alarmists can feel good about themselves. 

Oh well. One day these wind turbines and solar systems are going to stand as testament to the stupidity of the Green movement and all those who fell for the scam. 

All this wasted money to stop insignificant warming which would be cheaper to adapt to than to waste BILLIONS trying to prevent. 

BTW - we're into year 17 of NO warming. Just saying.

Readers may remember Gordon Hughes' report about the lifetimes of real-world industrial wind turbines and the finding that this is much shorter than assumed in government cost projections. The reasons for the short lifetimes centre on wear and tear on the turbine blades and on the gearboxes.

In that vein, you may be interested in this recording from a forum for windfarm operators in which some of these problems are discussed in fairly plain terms. Having listened, you realise that the factors affecting performance are legion, including not only wear and tear, but dirt build-up on the blades, icing. These factors can severely impact upon performance, and because they tend to unbalance the blades they then increase wear and tear on the mechanical parts of the turbine. But icing is even more serious, as the last speaker on the recording notes:
The icing issue in Northern Europe is huge...there was a [wind] park in Northern Sweden...and it iced up for 21 days....you are talking about a complete shutdown...do the maths...everything else becomes insignificant...there will be huge PR problems...you are looking at if we will invest in wind farms or wind energy ever again.

Wax hom Cruiser....

A bunch of Afrikaans men having fun in the dessert - looks like the Namibian dessert.

Ah, memories......

Hat tip: Fred T 

15 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Greatest President In American History!

No, really, he's the greatest! 

The greatest failure......

1) He's sending weapons to Libya to help repair America’s strained relationship with Al-Qaeda.

2) Parents all across the country can now point to Barack Obama's performance when they're explaining to their children why they shouldn't use drugs.

3) He won the Nobel Peace Prize. Hello!

4) Thanks to healthcare.gov, "New Coke" no longer has to bear the shame of being the worst product roll-out in American history.

5) Because of Obama, 91 million people without jobs now have plenty of time to spend with their family.

6) He extended childhood all the way up to 26 by allowing "children" to stay on their parents insurance until then.

7) He's kept goofy Uncle Joe Biden from becoming President for five long years.

8) No President in American history has done more to further gun sales than Barack Obama.

9) Without Barack Obama, none of us would have ever heard the name Sandra Fluke and what a tragedy that would be!

10) He has already broken Bill Clinton's record for the most lies told in one presidency with three years left to go in office.

11) When the SEALS asked for permission to kill Bin Laden, he didn't insist that they merely give Osama a good talking to instead.

12) He has worked tirelessly to know the American people better through invasive TSA searches, reading their emails, and listening in on their phone calls.

13) He's living proof that even a pothead who thinks there are 57 states can still live the American dream.

14) Because of Obama's economic policies, more Americans than ever have gotten to experience the sweet, sweet joy of funemployment!

15) Obama's policies are so bad that even real racists have stopped hating him for being black and hate him for his failed policies.