31 October 2013

Italy: Anti-racist activist raped after attending anti-racism festival in Italy

An Italian social worker was raped by an illegal alien after attending an ‘anti-racism” event in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The suspect is Buojemaa Es Sahly, a 32 year old illegal alien from Morocco.

It still amazes me how many dumb, gullible and naive White people there are in this world. It's as if they refuse to learn from history. Or maybe they choose to ignore it and would rather believe in the goodness of other people and in the tooth fairy.

It says a lot about a person's character when they attend "anti-racism" events. It says that they're all for mass immigration from third-world populations into their White countries. And it also says they are stupid idiots. 

I mean, what's not to feel sorry about this illegal alien, right? Here's a 32-year old man from Morocco, living illegally in Italy, who can probably spin a fantastic sob story about all the hardships in his life. And this dumb woman and her equally dumb fiance lap it up. And all the time this man is thinking to himself: "Man, these White people sure are dumb. They deserve everything coming to them for being so stupid."

One of my first posts on this blog was about a White woman who was raped in Haiti by a Black man, following the earthquake there in 2010. She ended up writing an article saying how grateful she was for the experience, as now she could "relate" to other raped women.

I wonder if this one is equally grateful? 

rape italy
Alleged rapist, Buojemaa Es Sahly

An Italian social worker and “anti-racist” activist became the victim of a hate crime after attending an “anti-racism” event called the “Festival multietnico” in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The rape victim and her fiances befriended from illegal aliens during the festival and accepted an invitation to stay with the,. The fiances was held captive at knife point, while the female victim was raped.

The attack took place last June, however the police have just now arrested a suspect. The suspect is Buojemaa Es Sahly, a 32 year old illegal alien from Morocco.


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The know-nothing President of the USA

Obama is fast becoming a joke in America and around the world. Actually, he's starting to become an embarrassment. 

And amazingly his Obamabot-media are also starting to turn on him too. 

Must have something to do with the media starting to distance themselves from the most incompetent POTUS ever, in order to give Hitlary Clinton a shot at the White House in 2016. Can't have Shrillary Clinton tarnished with the shite job being done by Obama! Nah, the media have to present her as the saviour of America to get people to vote for her. So, time to start stepping away from Obama and giving her some clear air and a mission of saving the country.

According to Obama, he, just like Manuel in Fawlty Towers - knows nothing. 

Below the video is a list of everything Obama doesn't know. That list is sure long for someone who is supposed to be running a country as powerful as America. 

I wonder how many of us would still have our jobs if we didn't know about so many scandals on our watch? 

The Obama know-nothing-about list isn't made up of small things like the colour of the rooms in the White House - no, the things of which Obama is unaware of is on a massive scale, like gun smuggling to Mexican gangs; NSA tapping of USA citizens and tapping of world leaders; the IRS being used to target Obama's political enemies; Benghazi attack; the tapping of reporters; and the latest, the disaster of his Obamacare health website.

At this point I'd like to point out that Obama not knowing about any of these scandals is about as likely as water not being wet. He knows exactly what's going on. He, along with Valerie Jarrett and all the backroom players, knows exactly what they're doing and how they're fast-tracking their end goal of destroying America from within...

One thing for certain Obama does know though, is the way to the nearest golf course, seeing as he's found his way there over 146 times already. 

And he does know how to quickly tell everyone how much he doesn't know about stuff:

What Obama doesn’t know:

Obama doesn’t know the NSA is spying on world leaders.

Obama Denies Knowledge Of Smuggling U.S. Weapons To Mexico. But he still blamed Bush.

Obama doesn’t know about Iran’s nuclear weapons.

Obama didn’t know that Benghazi wasn’t about a video.

Obama denies knowing Benghazi terror-attack survivors have been forbidden from talking to Congress.

Obama didn’t know about the IRS persecuting conservatives.

Obama denies knowing about alleged IRS targeting of tea party groups.

Obama Denies Responsibility for Prisoner Release

Obama denies knowing his Aunt is in U.S. illegally.

Obama Denies That He Came Up With ‘Red Line’ on Syria. The world did it.

Barack Obama denies knowledge of a domestic spying program.

Obama denies knowledge that the White House is involved in intelligence leaks.

Obama denies knowledge of NSA spying on Merkel’s personal cell phone.

Obama denies knowing of Healthcare.gov website troubles before launch.

So what does Obama know?

Obama knows Beyoncé and Jay Z and parties with them.

Obama knows Jennifer Hudson, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, and Kal Penn.

Obama knows celebrities!

Obama knows golf! 146 rounds!


This video is pretty funny: 

Putin topples Obama in Forbes power ranking

Well done Obama, another amazing non-achievement! 

Like him or loath him, at least Putin knows how to be a leader. Someone who does what he says, whether good or bad.

There is no grey with Putin - it's either black or white.

And while Barack Hussein Obama draws his red lines in the sand - lines which he doesn't know what to do with once they've been crossed - Putin just keeps doing what he's doing, and doing it well.

I guess everyone now sees the difference in having someone like Putin as president - a person who has worked himself up through the KGB ranks and into presidency - compared to the great "community organiser" Obama, who couldn't tie his shoes without instructions from his teleprompter. Obama, who was voted in not once, but twice as POTUS, because of the colour of his skin and not the content of his non-existent character.

Well, right here is the result. America no longer is feared. America is no longer the poster-boy of a successful country. America is no longer respected. All because of the negro in the White House.

I was going to write something highly offensive (to do with cotton), but I'd rather just re-publish my favorite photo of Putin and Obama.

New York (United States) — Having outfoxed him on Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has pipped Barack Obama to the title of the world's most powerful leader as ranked by Forbes on Wednesday.

It was the first time in three years that the US president has dropped to second place on the magazine's list and came as US-Russia relations slid to a new low.

Putin, who has enjoyed 13 years of dominant rule over Russia, was again elected president in March 2012.

Obama, on the other hand, has just emerged scathed from an embarrassing 16-day US government shutdown caused by a budget and debt crisis in Washington.

"Putin has solidified his control over Russia, while Obama's lame duck period has seemingly set in earlier than usual for a two-term president -- latest example: the government shutdown mess," wrote Forbes.

In August, Russia granted asylum to former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, wanted in the United States over a mammoth intelligence leak.

A month later, Putin played the trump card again by averting Obama's threatened missile strikes on Syria with a plan for Damascus to hand over chemical weapons.

"Anyone watching this year?s chess match over Syria and NSA leaks has a clear idea of the shifting individual power dynamics," Forbes wrote.

The 2013 list of 72 powerbrokers was chosen to reflect one for every 100 million lesser mortals on Earth.

Third prize went to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is expected to rule for a decade in which China is set to eclipse the US as the world's largest economy.

Pope Francis made his debut at number four and German Chancellor Angela Merkel rounded out the top five.

Among 13 newcomers were Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-Hee at number 41 and Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, in at number 64.

There were 17 heads of state who run nations with a combined GDP of $48 trillion and 27 CEOs and chairs who control over $3 trillion in annual revenues.

Only nine women made the cut despite representing half the world's population.


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Clay Bennett editorial cartoon










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Kenya deals harshly with rapists......by making them cut grass

A 16-year old girl was  beaten, gang-raped by 6 men and left to die in a sewerage ditch in Kenya.

Three of the men were known to the girl and delivered to the police by villagers, where they were subsequently dealt with extremely harshly. Their punishment? Cutting the grass around the police camp and then being set free.

So, the punishment for raping a young girl and leaving her wheelchair bound with a broken back and internal injuries was cutting grass???? Wow. I guess that's African justice at its best.

But, why should we be shocked? 

In another African country - South Africa, which is considered the rape capital of the world - one rape occurs every four minutes, with less than 10% of rapists ever prosecuted.  

The value of life in Africa is cheap and rape of women is considered a national sport. As it is in most third-world countries.

And yet the feminazi's around the world are more interested in Western countries and the "perceived" war on women there - like not having enough women in government, or having enough female quotas in companies, or government not paying for their $9 a month contraception pills. That is their version of a war on women.

And while these radical feminazi's navel gaze, they ignore the plight of women in the third world and Muslim countries.

Yeah, sorry, they have better things to bitch about than highlight girls being raped and thrown in ditches or being forced to marry Muslim paedophiles.

Tough! They are caring, just not that caring.

Hence why I don't have any time or respect for them and their hypocrisy. 

Hat tip: Harb I

Kenyan women march in Nairobi on August 14, 2003 to protest against rape

Nairobi (AFP) - Over one million furious campaigners have signed a petition demanding justice after three men accused of brutally gang raping a Kenyan schoolgirl were ordered to cut grass as punishment.

The ferocious attack on the teenage girl and lack of action against those who carried it out has sparked outrage in the country.

The 16-year-old, known by the pseudonym Liz, was reportedly attacked, beaten and then raped by six men as she returned from her grandfather's funeral in western Kenya in June, before the gang dumped her, bleeding and unconscious, in a deep sewage ditch.

On Monday, the number of those who signed an online petition started by Kenyan woman Nebila Abdulmelik and publicised by the campaign group Avaaz passed the million mark and was continuing to grow.

"Letting rapists walk free after making them cut grass has to be the world’s worst punishment for rape," Abdulmelik said. "It's an absolute failure of the entire system and an absolutely shameful response by Kenya's police."

The victim knew some of the attackers, and three of them were taken by villagers to the local police station, the girl's mother earlier told Kenyan media.

"The three... were only ordered to cut grass around the police camp and set free shortly after," the girl's mother told the paper.

She is now wheelchair-bound with a broken back, caused either by the beating or by being hurled down into the pit, and also suffered serious internal injuries from the rape.

"My wish is to see justice done," the girl told The Nation newspaper, which first reported the story and has led a campaign including raising funds to cover medical costs.

"I want my attackers arrested and punished."

Lawmakers have condemned the attack and subsequent police failures, ordering action to be taken.

"Liz's ordeal is unbearable to imagine, but the only way to stop police dealing with victims with such heartless negligence is by holding them to account," said Dalia Hashad, campaign director for Avaaz.

Kenya's police chief David Kimaiyo said in a statement at the weekend that "investigations are complete", and that the force was awaiting only instructions from the office of the director of public prosecutions. He gave no further details.

Rape is a major problem in Kenya, and is often not taken seriously by the police, according to studies.

One government study in 2009 found that as many as a fifth of women and girls were victims of sexual violence, although other later studies have put the rate even higher.

Another UN-backed government study in 2010 focusing on children found a third of girls and a fifth of boys had suffered sexual violence.

"Liz is sadly not the first or last victim of rape," Abdulmelik added, who works for a women's rights group in Kenya.

"Her case has to be the moment when we all rally together, express our solidarity, our outrage and demand public accountability and an end to the culture of violence and impunity that has become the norm."


30 October 2013

Swedes unhappy with immigrant integration

People in both Stockholm and Malmö were surveyed.

Per the report, 88% of those living in Stockholm and 78% living Malmö thought the presence of foreigners was good for their cities.

However, only 38% (Stockholm) and 26% (Malmö) thought that immigrants had integrated well. A 9% drop on the figures in the 2009 survey.

I'm not sure how you can be, on average, 83% happy to have foreigners in your city, but on average be 68% unhappy about how they've integrated. Something doesn't add up.

Unless the questions were a bit misleading and foreigner presence includes tourists and legitimate foreign/overseas workers, and not only the high Muslim and African "immigrants".

In any case, an average of 68% of people are unhappy with the integration, which is pretty high. That means 2 out of 3 people disapprove. 

It seems that the multi-cultural "let's-all-be-one" honeymoon is nearing it's natural end in Sweden.It seems that as the Muslim population approaches 10%, the tolerant Swedish people are FINALLY waking up and seeing that their government has sold them out. It seems that the Swedish women aren't enjoying the raping fruits of Islam either. 

But, this comment at the original article sums it up best:
So you take people from an uncivilized part of the world where women can't drive or leave the house without their husband's permission, get stoned for being raped, and where they are constantly at war with each other and you put them in Sweden ... and you expect INTEGRATION? RIDICULOUS!
Now, if only their brain-dead, "you-will-like-it-because-we-say-so" government would take note. Sadly, I don't think that will happen until it really is too late.

Foreigners aren't well-integrated into Stockholm and Malmö according to a new survey on the quality of life in European cities.

The survey was carried out on behalf of the European Commission, with over 40,000 people across Europe rating how satisfied they are with their own cities.

According to the report, 88 percent of Stockholmers think the presence of foreigners is good for a city while in Malmö that figure is 78 percent.

However, there was a significant difference in perceived integration levels, with Swedish respondents overwhelmingly stating that they didn't think immigrants were well-integrated in society.

Thirty-eight percent of Stockholm residents think immigrants are integrated well, with 26 percent of Malmö dwellers answering the same for their city, a 9 percent-drop compared to the 2009 survey.

Of all the cities included in the study, the two Swedish cities showed the highest discrepancy between the percentage of respondents who were favourable toward foreigners and those who thought they were well-integrated.

"In Stockholm and Malmö – where the presence of foreigners is perceived as a good thing by a majority of respondents – there is also a majority who disagree that foreigners who live in the city are well-integrated," the researchers wrote.

"Malmö and Stockholm recorded discrepancies of respectively 52 and 50 points."

The two Swedish cities topped the discrepancy stakes on this question ahead of Munich and Helsinki.

A total of 79 European cities were used in the analysis. It included all capital cities of the countries concerned, apart from Switzerland, together with between one and six of the larger cities in each respective country. Around 500 citizens per city were interviewed.

The findings on Swedes' attitudes toward integration echo those of Transatlantic Trends study released last month by the German Marshall fund.

Among other things, the study found that Swedes have a more favourable opinion of immigration than they do of the actual integration process, and that 64 percent had concerns about how the government was handling immigration issues.


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South Africa: Where Corruption, Rape and Murder Are Normal

Hat tip: Anonymous (you know who you are)

Here's a good article about life in the real South Africa written by Robert Morley. I won't be posting it below as it's pretty long. But, just click on this link to read it in full.

However, here are just a few little nuggets of gold which I'd like to highlight from the article:
"The mainstream media report regularly on atrocities in Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria. We rarely hear about South Africa. But what is happening there is deeply troubling—for a number of reasons. It also holds some powerful lessons for those of us who live elsewhere."
On the rape culture:
But if you look up the facts, they will stun you even more. If you have a daughter, think about her. Then think about this: One out of three South African girls will be raped before she turns 18. 
Almost three out of four South African women have been sexually abused at least once. 
South African women have a greater chance of being raped than of graduating from high school. 
What kind of country is this?
Where is the outcry? Why isn’t this all over the news? Why aren’t women’s groups crying out at the top of their lungs? Why aren’t people demonstrating? This is South Africa, a country considered modern and civilized. Now it has descended—without much fuss, apparently—into a jungle of chaos.
An astounding 66,000 rapes occur in South Africa each year—one every four minutes. Interpol says this makes South Africa the rape capital of the world.

Yes sir, indeed, a few very good questions. What kind of country is this? Where's the outcry? Why, it's a Liberal-created paradise, where Liberals thought you could put savage barbarian Blacks in charge of running a once fully functioning, almost first-world country and it would magically turn out all sweet smelling roses and sunshine, with unicorns and fairies flying around the eternal rainbows. A "jungle of chaos" is miles too kind to describe what has happened to South Africa.

And as for the outcry, save your breath. Women's groups around the world are more interested in Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's supposed "misogyny" and America's non-existent "war on women" which Mitt Romney was going to start were he elected. Those kinds of causes are much more important than the rape of women in South Africa, or the plight of Muslim women around the world....

On the criminal police:
How do you live in a society where rape is considered legitimate by so many? In a society that reveres witch doctors and voodoo magic? In a country where the most important institutions are irreversibly corrupt? You get cynical, it seems. You go numb.
Transparency International released its 2013 Global Corruption Barometer report. It found South Africa to be among the most corrupt countries in the world. According to its findings, an astounding 83 percent of South Africans believe that the police force is corrupt. And 36 percent of respondents admitted to paying at least one bribe to the police.
In July, an internal South African police force audit revealed that 1,448 police employees, including a major general, 10 brigadiers, 21 colonels, 43 lieutenant colonels, 10 majors, 163 captains and 706 warrant officers, had undisclosed criminal convictions for murder, attempted murder, homicide, rape, attempted rape, assault, aiding and abetting, theft, breaking and entering, drug trafficking, kidnapping, robbery, malicious damage to property, and domestic violence. The vast majority were top brass. The same audit found that there were “serious challenges” regarding the management of discipline in the department.
In recent years, the police force has become internationally notorious for its brutality and corruption. 

Shame, the author seems shocked at these findings. It seems that putting the foxes in charge of the hen-houses isn't a good idea, and that having corrupt, lying, incompetent and criminal people in the police force isn't such a good idea after all. Who knew?

On "Whites Are Targeted":

Last year, South Africa had an astoundingly high murder rate of 31.9 per 100,000 people, according to police statistics. That is almost 20 times the murder rate of Canada, 27 times the rate in the United Kingdom, and more than 30 times the rate in Australia or New Zealand. South Africa’s murder rate is almost twice as high as Rwanda, Chad, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.
But for white farmers in South Africa, the murder rate is 99 per 100,000!

That makes farming in South Africa the most dangerous profession in the world—if you are white! For black farmers, the murder rate is the average.
White Afrikaner farmers face unprovoked brutality and disproportionately high numbers of victims who are tortured and mutilated—burned with hot pokers, scalded with boiling water poured down their throats, hacked apart. Yet prominent ANC politicians, including President Zuma, sing hate songs in public that have lyrics glorifying the killing of white farmers.

On "The Government Ignores Reality":
In police spokesman Zweli Mnisi’s own words, “For us, racializing crime is problematic. You can’t have a separate category that says, farmers are the special golden boys and girls. You end up saying the life of a white person is more important. You cannot do this.”
So the government pretends the atrocious murders and rapes are just robberies gone wrong, and the viciousness continues. And the white farmers die. 
What angers the white farmers even more is that the government won’t even let them defend themselves.

On "The Good Old Days":
So it really isn’t that astounding that growing numbers of non-white South Africans—especially the older generation that lived during apartheid—admit to a certain longing for the old days. The reasons are obvious and transcend race. South Africa’s crime rate is among the highest in the world. Its official unemployment rate is around 26 percent, but it is probably a lot higher. Its public institutions are corrupt, and law and order is failing. Beyond the police force, Transparency International found that 74 percent of people think all public officials and civil servants are corrupt or extremely corrupt, while 70 percent believe the whole political system is corrupt.
Then there is the obviously decaying infrastructure. Regular and unplanned power blackouts are now just part of South African life. Generation and transmission systems are all failing. What isn’t buried underground is stolen. Sometimes the underground wires are stolen too.

On "Frog in a Pot" syndrome:
You know the story of the frog in the boiling pot? It is a useful metaphor for people in South Africa today. They live in a country gone mad. Already the water is simmering, but the danger does not register. Those on the outside yell, “Jump out! Do you want to die?” But from inside the pot, the insane seems like normal, everyday life.
But this is NOT normal! Murder, rape, torture, a totally corrupt police force—is not normal. Living a life of fear is not normal.
Wake up, South Africa. The water is starting to boil.

Where is the pot of gold??
Taking power from the white man, as it turned out, did not automatically result in utopia. Passing laws forbidding companies from hiring whites did not solve black unemployment. Legislating higher minimum wages did not make people wealthier. Forcing companies to become black-owned did not magically create a better, fairer economy. Promising free houses to the masses did not fix homelessness. More welfare, it turned out, led to more single parenthood, more fatherless families and more poverty. Requiring schools to hire black teachers first, regardless of qualifications, did not improve the quality of education. Mandating black police forces did not reduce crime. Black law enforcement did not decrease exploitation. In many cases, the new laws have made things worse.
 If only solving problems was as easy as passing more laws.

So, there you have it people. A rare nugget of truth in the crazy world we live in. However, not many will read this article, and even less will care. 

South Africa is part of Africa after all, and according to most other brainwashed people around the world, White South Africans deserve everything they get for being White and successful and trying to run a country full of IQ67 Black people in a way that made sense at the time. 

So this picture is for those people:


USA: Neil Cavuto nails Obama and his many lies

Fox presenter Neil Cavuto is on fire. 

The bottom video is from today, and the top one is from 13 October.

He nails Obama and all his lies, and blaming Fox News for his total disasters.


South Africa: Anthony Bourdain trashes our European-African Heritage on CNN

Head on over to the TIA MYSOA blog to read what liberal prick wanker and food "expert" Anthony Bourdain said about the Boers on CNN.

It wasn't pretty.

Hat tip: CW 


USA: This must shock Obama.....42% Identify with Obama Politically, 42% with the Tea Party

It seems that Obama and his fellow Democrats (and, yes, even some RINO GOP's) smearing the Tea Party as "crazy, racist, backward, gun and Bible clingers" has failed  on a grand scale. 

The country is almost divided in half, with one half identifying politically with Obama and the other half with the Tea Party. This after most of the US media have done their utmost to vilify and ridicule them and label them racist Whites, hankering back to the days of slavery.

The Tea Party is a non-partisan movement, which stands for lower taxes, less government spending, smaller government, and a return to the Constitution. No wonder the Left - including their media lapdogs - have done everything they can to discredit these people any chance they get. Obama even put the IRS on their heels....

This poll should give conservatives a lot of heart for the 2016 election, seeing as many in America have already made peace with the inevitability of Hitlary Clinton becoming the next President of the USA.

Now, if the GOP would just go true conservative - purge the party of RINO's - and capture back their base and these swing voters, then they'd have a great chance of winning the election in 2016.....

Anyone listening???

29 October 2013

Riddle of the day......

Riddle: How do you know when Obama is in trouble politically?

Answer: He heads to church for a photo-op.....

Over the week-end, Obama, the Wookie and his spawn did a rare thing, they attended church. Wow, must be going worse for Obama than we thought.....

Then he ran off to play his 146th round of golf......

My, my, what a beautiful family....bwhahahahahaa....

Never seen this before......

Coming from South Africa, even I have never seen this before.....

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Sexy Guys (76 pics)

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Sexy Guys (76 pics)

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