09 September 2013

And so the end is here.....

Two things happened over the week-end.

One: Australia has voted in a new Conservative government, headed by a decent man, Tony Abbott. There can be no doubt over the next few years that he will be smeared, maligned and vilified by the militant, radical, intolerant Left for holding true to his convictions. The Left, after all, hates anyone who is decent, honest, upright and who cares about people first and not their ego. In contrast, the Left peddles hatred, fear, control and intolerance and is obnoxious. 

Here is Mr Abbott and his beautiful family on Saturday night, post his victory speech:

The second thing which happened is that I have finally made the difficult personal decision to stop blogging and the Ozzie Saffa blog will be no more. 

My reasons are many, but the main one being is that I've run out of things to say - every post is starting to feel as if I'm repeating myself with nothing new to say. 

America is firmly under the control of the Lefty loons, who have infiltrated every institution in the country. From young to old, the Liberal Progressives control the people along the way. Electing and then re-electing Obama says a lot about where America is morally, economically and socially. America is no longer a country to look up to, but to learn from, and unfortunately they will need to fall hard to learn and appreciate what their core beliefs are as a country. 

I have little hope that the USA will ever shrug off what seems to have them tight around the throat - the Liberal Progressives and their anti-White, anti-USA agenda. They are intent on turning America into a country where no one wants to live, while selling the American non-dream as hope. White non-Liberal Americans are welcome to move to Australia, where there is still a future for them. And yes, you can bring your guns, but it's much more regulated here as we don't have the same gun culture here...

South Africa is firmly under the control of the Communist ANC and there is also little hope that the country will ever be successful again. I am frustrated, but also extremely sad to see what's happening to my old homeland. I thank my lucky stars daily that we are no longer living there, as unpatriotic as that sounds - and believe me, I never thought I'd feel that way.

As for the rest of the world, there are challenges everywhere, and to each their own. I can only count my blessings that I chose to bring my family to Australia, where there is still a working political system, although for how much longer no one knows. The Left have a way of destroying anything they touch and so it will probably eventually happen to Australia sometime down the line as well. Until then I'll keep my faith in my fellow man!

I've also come to realise that the ONE thing people can't take away from us is our ability to educate ourselves. One of the reasons I started the Ozzie Saffa blog was to use it as a platform to let people know what's really going on in the world; how the Left use fuzzy, warm emotions and fight reality to get what they want, and in doing so show themselves to be the biggest hypocrites alive. 

And I have managed to do just that - to educate myself. I have gone from sensing something isn't right to knowing why my sixth sense was right in the first place. And if you know how your enemy works then you can recognise the signs quicker and take action accordingly. 

So, it is with a sad heart that I close my baby down, my blog. But, I've accomplished what I set out to do. I started off ranting at the world; moved to educating myself; and then to making peace that I can't change the world, but I can be better informed. I have also seen that I make more of a difference by educating those around me in my life than by writing it in a blog. 

I now know what's going on in the world, I'm more informed and I hope that I've inspired you to question before just blindly accepting what we're spoon-fed through the media. What you see isn't what you should be seeing and when your sixth sense tells you something isn't right, then listen to it. 

I'll post a list of blogs that I visit regularly at the bottom of this final post so that you can continue to keep yourself informed. You may even see me dropping some comments along the way on these blogs. I will keep my email active so feel free to drop me an email anytime: limelite001atgmail.com

So, finally, a big thank you to all my loyal readers. You have kept me motivated to do this a lot longer than I thought I would. Also a big thank you to everyone who has sent me hat tips over the years. Thanks to everyone for being part of my blog.

It's time for me to move on and focus on my family and on how I can contribute more positively to my new beautiful country, Australia. We are extremely blessed and happy to live here and it's time for me to give back in a bigger way than just paying my taxes! 

I wish everyone well in whatever you do in the future. 

And keep fighting the good fight!!

Over and out,
Ozzie Saffa aka Lime Lite.

List of blogs:


Andrew Bolt blog (Australian conservative)

South Africa:

Obviously there are a lot more, so add any which readers may find interesting to the comment section of this post. 

05 September 2013

Australia: Two more sleepies.....

It's getting more and more tense here in Australia as we hurtle to our election on Saturday.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is still leading in the polls - for me quite surprisingly, seeing as he's been under constant attack by Rudd the dud, who speaks from both sides of his mouth.

Rudd is quite simply a vote-whore. A vote windsock. He will be anything to anyone at the moment. Just ask him a question and he'll quickly switch to your position based on your question.

And he waffles, and waffles, and waffles. He's a poly-waffler!

He's a man (and I use that word loosely) with no spine, no convictions and no decency. He licks his lips, flicks his hair, uses his smarmy voice, and lies when his lips move. God help us if he does somehow rig the election and win. And seeing as he has Obama's team here, cheating is something we can expect.

In contrast, Tony Abbott has been on message, has grown throughout the campaign, and has managed to retain his dignity, never responding to the barbs being thrown at him constantly. That's all the Left side of politics has you see. They can't defend their piss-poor record, or attack Abbot on his well-planned and organised campaign, so it's play the man instead of the ball.

Yesterday Tony Abbott walked through Flemington market in Sydney. He was swamped - people flocked to him and one of the workers (Nino) even grabbed him and gave him a kiss, pronouncing he was going to save Australia. 

In contrast, Rudd visited the Flemington markets last week and was heckled by the workers and left as quickly as he could.

That's all you need to know if you're going to vote on Saturday.

Hold thumbs for us and say a prayer wherever you are in the world. Australia needs to be rid of UN Globalist Kevin Rudd and his trashy Labor Party. 

South African gold miners strike over ‘slave wages in white man’s economy’

Well, I guess this is karma for all the overseas owners of mines in South Africa.They were the first to make deals with the ANC to kick out the White NP government and install the Commies instead. They thought they'd have puppets forever.

And now? Now the dog is biting the hand that feeds it.

About 80 000 gold miners have gone on strike for higher wages. Last year 46 people died during the platinum mine strikes. How many this time, as the ANC further loses its grip on their "wekkers"?? It seems the Unions are doing their own thing these days and not following the Tri-partite party line. 

One of the Unions (NUM) is demanding a 60% pay rise.....

Yeah, that's going to happen......not.

I'm guessing these strikes aren't going to exactly help South Africa's faltering economy. The West was prepared to invest in SA as long as they could get cheap labour in return for their investment dollars. And seeing that there's plenty of Black ants in the country, this wasn't an unreasonable expectation. But, now that the ANC has mismanaged the economy, and the cost of living has risen dramatically, the Black ants aren't able to live off the low salaries they've been receiving.

A lot of people aren't able to live a good life these days.

Hence the strikes. 

Rising fuel and food prices, the weakening rand, strikes - all bad indicators for a prosperous future. Add to that unemployment of ~45% and you're looking at a power keg ready to blow.

Now, if only the ANC would allow some skilled White labour to run things for a while.....things may turn around. 

However, the Black ANC ego is too big and the lesson they're about to learn is going to be pretty hard. Enjoy ANC!

Hat tip: Harb I  

About 80,000 gold miners in South Africa walked out on strike on Tuesday night, raising fears of renewed violence in the crisis-hit industry and underlining the government’s dwindling authority.

President Jacob Zuma admitted that he could only plead with companies and unions to find a peaceful solution and avoid seriously damaging the economy, already hit by sluggish growth and a contagion of strikes in other sectors.

But the parties remain poles apart. The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) accused captains of industry of “arrogance” forcing it to embark on nationwide industrial action “that will change the gold mining landscape forever”.

The dispute over pay comes a year after 46 people died during unrest in the platinum belt and amid signs that the century-old mining industry model is broken. For years South Africa was the world’s top gold producer, accounting for more than two-thirds of output in 1970, but it has slipped to fifth place with just 6% of global production.

The NUM is demanding rises of up to 60% after talks broke down. The union, which represents about 64% of South Africa’s 120,000 gold miners, said it rejected “with contempt slave wages as represented by an increase of a meagre 6.5% or R300 (£18.68) per month”. It claims bosses have continuously awarded themselves huge bonuses.

“The NUM has noted government’s wishes that industrial action be avoided and dares the state to explain which side it is on,” spokesperson Lesiba Seshoka added. “The union is aware of the devastating impact industrial action would have on the economy, which is largely a white man’s economy with no benefits for poor black mineworkers.”

Read more here

Picture of the day......

Ain't this the truth?

USA: University professor: Republicans "raped this country", "are a bunch of dead white people"

This video appears to have been secretly filmed around the time of the last American election, as he bashes Mitt and Ann Romney in it.

As you watch, keep in mind that this is a PROFESSOR from Michigan State University lecturing his students on their first day of his creative writing class bashing the Romney's and "old White Republicans" who "raped" the country. He was obviously setting the tone for his class and voicing his expectations as to who they were to vote for.

Not only does he smear Republicans, but then has a go at one of his students who "frowned" at him, asking if they were a closet racist, not wanting Black people to vote. He then tells the person that he's coming after them...maybe not in class, but outside ....

This is a professor, who is verbally and mentally abusing his captive audience. His audience - the students - rely on HIM to grade their "creative writing" papers so any thought, idea, view or opinion which differs from his very Lefty opinionated one is obviously not going to get a good grade.

I can almost guarantee you that he's still teaching at the university.

And so, children, this is why the once great America has fallen so far so quickly.

Spain: 15 year old girl blinded in racial hate crime that was caught on tape

Another White girl attacked by cowardly Moroccan Muslim men in Spain. 

This time a 15 year old girl, slashed across her face with a alcohol bottle as she waited for a taxi in Marbella. She is now blinded in one eye.

I wonder when Europe is going to wake up to the creep of Islam in the region? Everyone is treating this issue with political correct gloves, in case they offend.

Well, not sure about you, but I'm offended on behalf of this girl and not the Muslim scum.

Hat tip: Joe M

Nicole Zanlith, a Danish citizen, was waiting for a taxi in the Spanish town of Marbella. A group of North African Muslim immigrants attacked her for the fun of it. They slashed her face with a broken vodka bottle causing permanent blindness in her right eye.

Violence against European women by Muslim immigrants is exploding at unbelievable rates. It is easy to see why the perps targeted her. She is beautiful and fair-skinned.

The news report at least admitted that the attackers were Moroccan immigrants, which is more than most US media outlets would have done.  However, the report is still a deflection. Instead of talking about the nature of the crime, they make the story about a Disco serving to underage patrons.


Summit & Right Online Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle would be my pick as President of the USA......if only he'd run.

Bill Whittle of PJ Media was a rock star at last weekend’s Defending the American Dream Summit sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

Have a listen as he reveals why the Left are winning the political narrative in America. 

Actually, his explanation can apply to South Africa as well, seeing as the ANC has successfully hijacked the right to humiliate and control the hatred against the Whites.

Watch, it's worth the time.

Once again, it's everyone's fault but Obama's (literally everyone's!)

The problem with "Progressives" is that they're full of crap, lies, smears and any other deviant trait - they just can't be honest or decent - it's not in their DNA.

The end justifies the means with these twerps. In other words, they don't care how, as long as they get what they want at the end of the day.

In August 2012, Obama declared that Syria would cross a red line if Assad resorted to moving or using chemical weapons.

Yesterday in Sweden - on his way to Russia for the G20 - he declared that he hadn't drawn the red line, the WORLD had drawn the line.

Here he is drawing the line, before he's un-drawn the line:

However, someone forgot to tell Secretary of State John Kerry, because 8 hours after Obama said what he did, he says this:

See what a coward Obama is? He's a lying POS. All so that he can re-write history and distance himself from the corner he's painted himself into. HE was the one who set the rules for military action in Syria, now he wants us to believe that the world had set the rules instead.

Bustard. Weak-kneed coward.  

Unfortunately for him, however, the little thing called the internet these days happens to save exactly what was said, by whom, and on what day. 

So, just who does Obama think he's kidding here?

In the meantime, a few other "conspiracy" theories have been unveiled. Qatar has already spent $3 BILLION funding Al-Qaeda in Syria. Saudi is also backing the rebels. Why?

Well, Qatar has gas and wants to pump it to Europe, but needs a pipeline through Syria. Russia has gas and doesn't want Qatar to supply Europe.

Saudi Arabia wants oil to remain dominant so wants to protect and control the entire region - and also wants to build a pipeline through Syria. 

So both Qatar and Saudi Arabia want their own puppets running Syria.

In contrast, Obama seems to want to start some drive-by-shooting in Syria to hide what's going on in the USA. His economy....or rather, his non-economy; the job stagnation; higher unemployment; tanking housing market; de-valued dollar; record debt; debt ceiling approaching (even though the debt has remained frozen for weeks now to avoid voting on the debt ceiling), etc. Then of course there's his unpopular Obamacare, which is going to be costing families thousands MORE for healthcare than what they were paying before....even though Obama promised costs would reduce.

Obamacare is nothing but more government control over people's lives and redistributing wealth from the middle class to the non-workers, thereby destroying the middle class. It was never about providing healthcare for all as over 30 million people will still be left without health insurance. 

There was nothing wrong with the previous legislation which a strong economy and stopping illegal immigration couldn't fix.

Add to the mix the NSA spying on America people; the IRS scandal (government targeting conservatives through the tax office); and Benghazi, which is coming up for the first anniversary on the 11th Sep. 

See why Obama is desperate to turn the focus away from his rubbish presidency and muddy the waters with military action in Syria? Bonus is that he gets to help his Muslim Brotherhood pals at the same time.

And so Obama is off to the G20 in Russia, where Putin is waiting for him with closed arms. Putin today said that John Kerry was lying about Syria using chemical weapons. Putin also gave NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden asylum so he's been rubbing Obama's face in his power. Seeing Putin greet Obama is going to be pretty funny. 

And Obama's snub to Putin?? He's going to be meeting with Gay activists in Russia instead of meeting with Putin privately. Yeah Barack, you show Putin who's boss! Go fraternise with the homosexual lobby instead of trying to resolve your differences with Putin!  What a man, what a sad, pathetic joke.

President Obama blamed the entire world Wednesday for his decision to engage in military action in Syria. “I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line,” he said.

Obama went on to list the Syria Accountability Act and the Chemical Weapons Convention, and others have listed the Geneva Protocol as a way to remove blame from Obama.

But the “red line” phrase, that’s all Obama.

Thanks to a little thing called the Internet, we can look back at comments Obama made on August 20, 2012. On that date, speaking at a press conference, Obama said “A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.”

But Obama wasn’t done trying to reassign blame. “My credibility is not on the line,” he said also. “International credibility is on the line.”

Obama made the claims during a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, where he’s meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt.


04 September 2013

Zimbabwe: Hunger on the rise

This article is probably a mistake seeing as Mad Bob Mugarbage recently won re-election in Zimbabwe, and during his campaign he said that Zimbabwe was doing just great, and that the Western Imperialists should leave Zimbabwe to be run by the Black man.

Yes sirree, they should just leave them alone, but before they leave, Bobbles needs them to send some food for his starving masses. Oh, alright, about 2.2 million starving people need some food from the Imperialists.

Apart from that tiny issue, Zimbabwe's doing just great! A roaring econo.....no, wait. Low unemploym.....no, scrap that. Vigorous foreign investm .....scrap that one too. 

Okay, okay, the facts are that Zimbabwe is sitting with an unemployment rate of 70%; food production is half of what it was in 2000; and foreign investors aren't investing in the country. Happy now??

But, apart from all of that, Zimbabwe is doing just great. If it wasn't for the bad weather, erratic rains, the high seed costs, the exorbitant fertilizer prices..... all would be just great and the now Black-run non-existent farms would be producing like they did under White ownership. It's just a coincidence that all these factors have come together now and never seemed to have afflicted the White farmers! That's why they managed to produce so much excess food to feed the the world compared to production now.

Bloody racist global warming!! 

Hat tip: Harb I 

Zimbabwe faces its worst food shortages in four years following a drought and poor harvest, the U.N. World Food Programme said on Tuesday, a month after veteran President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF disputed re-election.

The agency said it was working with the government and other international aid organizations to provide food assistance to about a fifth of Zimbabwe's 13 million people from October until the next crop harvest in March/April 2014.

"Hunger is on the rise in Zimbabwe with an estimated 2.2 million people - one in four of the rural population - expected to need food assistance during the pre-harvest period early next year," it said in a statement.

That is the highest number of Zimbabweans requiring food assistance since early 2009, when more than half the population relied on such aid.

That was the peak of a decade-long economic crisis critics blame on Mugabe's policies, notably his government's seizure of white-owned commercial farms for redistribution to landless blacks.

Mugabe, 89 and Zimbabwe's ruler since independence from Britain in 1980, maintains he was correcting ownership imbalances created by colonialism.

The latest food shortages were due to bad weather, high seed and fertilizer costs and projections that food prices will climb because of the poor maize harvest.

Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party, who were declared overwhelming winners in a July 31 election rejected as a fraud by his main rival Morgan Tsvangirai, have promised food imports and said no Zimbabwean would die from hunger.


Picture of the day.....

Photo-shopped, but still pretty funny.

Hat tip: Hugh P

South Africa: SANDF in big trouble

I hope President Hopey Changey Obama isn't going to be relying on the South African National Defence Force to help him out in Syria anytime soon as it seems that the SANDF is on the brink of collapse.

The collapse is being blamed on (among other things)......wait for it..........drum roll please.........here we go..............ta-da: an exodus of highly-skilled technical staff.

You don't say? You mean that Black South African affirmative action types aren't up to the level of the highly-skilled technical staff (read Whites) which the ANC slowly but surely has been ridding the SANDF of?? Say it isn't so...

On top of that, the ANC is starting to run out of money so chop-chop goes the defence budget. It seems that nearly two decades of stealing money from tax payers is finally starting to catch up with the ANC. 

But, that's not all the ANC has done to "lose" money of course. Not only have they been stealing left, right and centre, but they're intent on further destroying the economy by hounding the White skilled labour out of the job market, thereby reducing job creation, competence and global competitiveness. Add to that all the strikes; the jabbering of nationalising mines and foreign companies; the chatter regarding land re-distribution and foreign land ownership; the weakening of the rand; the cost of fuel etc. - put it all together into the Communist blender and you end up with Zimbabwe Mark II.The same Zimbabwe which today can't feed its people.

They may as well change the name of the country to South Zimbabs.

But, I digress. 

Last I heard, of the three South African navy submarines, two were out of commission. One, because some affirmative action idiot blew the electrical circuit on one; and the second because some affirmative action monkey slammed the submarine into bottom of the sea floor. And seeing as there's no skilled technical staff to fix the damage, both subs have been out of commission for years now. 

And the other last I heard, most of the air-force planes have been moth-balled as there's no money for maintenance or fuel to fly the planes. So, pilots have either been let go (the Whites first naturally), and the affirmative action ones left don't have enough flying hours to fly the planes should they really need to. Zimbabwe even bought some of the SANDF's helicopters to help their ANC buddies out......

Yes, peeps, this is the result of putting backward monkeys in charge of a once functioning, developed country. A country which HAD one of the best military's in the world. A military which kicked East German, USSR and Cuban butt in Angola. All carried out by a bunch of 18-yr old White boys led by some exceptionally intelligent Boer Generals. They sent the Commies packing with their tails between their legs.

What a sad day this is for South Africa. Actually, scrap that. That sad day was the day Fwit de Klerk and his merry band of traitors sold our country to the Black soulless ANC Communists.

I wonder if they're proud of what they've done to the country? 

Hat tip: Harb I and Clarence W 

Sadly, THIS is what's protecting SA today......eish!

The SA National Defence Force is on the verge of collapse.

With dwindling budgets, an exodus of highly-skilled technical staff and reduced spending on training and equipment, the defence force - according to military experts - can barely meet its constitutional obligations.

Increasing international demands and frequent internal deployments - such as the recent presidential announcement of the deployment of hundreds of troops on crime fighting operations over the next four months - is putting further strain on the already overstretched armed services.

The army has nearly 2000 troops on peacekeeping missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan, and military trainers in the Central African Republic and the DRC.

The defence force has military observers deployed under the AU and UN flags in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The navy has a frigate, and air force personnel and aircraft, in the Mozambican channel and Mozambique deployed on anti-piracy operations.

Military analyst Helmoed Heitman said the defence force was now collapsing.

"We have huge sections of the budget spent on salaries, with equipment and training left lacking. We are hopelessly short on manpower - 20000 troops too few - and porous borders that cannot be guarded properly," he said.

"We have pilots who can't fly [sufficient] hours, troops who have been given limits on the amount of ammunition they can use in training, and equipment, such as our frigates, which cannot be maintained because there is no proper budget.

"The defence force is collapsing. If drastic action is not taken soon, in the next three years it will be beyond recovery."

The Defence Department received just over R34-billion last year from the Treasury. Its current budget of R37-billion is expected to increase to R39-billion in the 2013-2014 financial year. Professor Renfrew Christie, dean of research at the University of Western Cape, said the military's budget needed a drastic increase.

"We spend 1% of our gross national product on defence. We need a military capable of looking after our country with the time now coming to increase spending to 2% of GDP," Christie said. "To do our duty, we need a bigger and better equipped military. The option of downscaling our involvement north of our borders is not an option.

"Protecting our country and its borders is far bigger than just putting up fences," he said.

Retired admiral Chris Bennett, the former naval chief of staff, said the massive "poaching" of technical staff had led to numerous crises in the navy.

"Our military, especially on the technical side, is being bled dry by both public and private industries, as well as by foreign militaries.

"Though the navy until now has managed to stay afloat, things are beginning to bite," he said.

"The right funding has not been given to the military [which is] being required more and more by parliament to do things [parliament is] not prepared to pay for.


Quick update from Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl had to go back to the drawing board to add even more players to her Syrian diagram from yesterday.

I'm thinking she'll need to do another update seeing as she's left off Israel. 

Maybe by the end of the week we'll know who is who in the Syrian WWIII zoo! Yes folks, it's that complicated.

And before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not laughing about the Syrian situation. I am completely frustrated and against anyone sticking their beaks into a Muslim faction civil war. I WILL NOT BE SENDING MY SONS TO GO FIGHT OR DIE FOR A BUNCH OF RADICAL MUSLIMS because of Obama's ego.

Only the USA seems to be dead keen on getting involved in this nonsense. A country run by a POTUS who received a Nobel PEACE Prize.....for being Black it seems.

Hat tip: Gossip Girl

UPDATE: Diagram with Israel included. Thanks GG!

Australia: Cockpit footage captures moment light plane loses power

Yeah, not so sure I'd remain as calm if my propeller cut out and I had to do a crash landing.

This incident took place in Queensland, Australia.

The pilots, identified as 18-year-old Josh Matica and 22-year-old instructor Doug Field, stay remarkably calm and prepare for the landing. They were at 1100 feet when their propeller cut out and had about 2 minutes to prepare before reaching the ground.

Arline Captain Michael Greig had the following to say:
 “Those are the sort of guys you want sitting next to you in the seat when something does go wrong because you know how they’re going to react – they’re going to be calm, methodical and do the job at hand at the time,” 
Now, I wonder how the student affirmative action pilots at South African Airways would've reacted?? 

Who would you rather?

Climate change - the cost to "act"

As we all know by now, global warming.....errr..... climate change is a load of rubbish. It's a scam thought up in the 1980's by some wacky globalists - including Al Gore - to scare the human population into believing that they are going to fry due to their activity.

And along came the UN to push the agenda....

Back at the ranch, man contributes 3% of CO2 emissions. And CO2 makes up 0.039% of atmospheric gasses. YET, this is the gas to blame for "climate change". 

What a scam, what a joke. 

I would estimate the fires raging across the USA at the moment have released more CO2 into the atmosphere than man will do this year. One volcano releases more CO2 than man does in 10 years. Most of the CO2 released into the atmosphere is through nature via decomposition of vegetation and photosynthesis. 

And contrary to what these environmental Marxists wants you to believe, CO2 is GOOD for the planet, increasing crops and making the planet more green, not brown.

However, the people on earth are the actual idiots for falling for this scam. Al Gore is laughing all the way to the bank with the millions he's made by flying around the globe on CO2 emitting planes preaching to people about having less children (he has 4) and lessening their carbon footprint (from the man who owns mansions and takes planes and cars everywhere he goes, and living like a king). Al Gore isn't too worried about the rising tides he scaremongers about, seeing as he owns sea-side mansions..... 

In fact, most of these climate change fearmongers own sea-side property, including Australia's Climate Change commissioner Tim Flannery (2, next to each other). Why, even our ex-Prime Minster Julia Gillard - she who sold her useless soul to the Greens and gave Australia a carbon tax she promised she wouldn't (which has killed our productivity and closed businesses) - even that lying misandrist socialist has bought a mansion near the sea in Adelaide. Yes, yes, she did warn about the rising tides too.

So, what is the cost to mankind to reduce the global temperature by just 1 degree Celcius. Based on the Australian model it would cost rich countries $3.2 quadrillion. One quadrillion is a thousand million million - which is $3.200,000,000,000,000 for a 1 degree difference.

Yeah, it would be cheaper to do NOTHING and adjust to life IF ever required.

Oh, and by the way, global temperatures have been stagnant for 15 years now while CO2 has risen. The latest explanation from the "scientists" is that the CO2 is hiding in the deep, dark blue seas, just waiting to jump out and fry us in the next few years. Unfortunately they think we're that dumb to believe this crap. 

And so many do....

03 September 2013

Do I have some talented readers or what?

Gossip Girl has drawn up a "for" and "against" in the Syrian "war" using the newspaper article I posted a few posts down. 

From the diagram you can clearly see it's pretty much a mess - which is why all the CLEVER countries are staying out of it.

Except the USA......

Hat tip: GG!

Australia: Four sleepies left.....

Yes, we're getting excited and anxious here in Australia to get this voting over and done with. It's been a long 6 years of living under Socialist Labor - in fact, I've only ever lived under them since I arrived here in early 2008.

Since arriving in the country till today, I've become a proud Australian Citizen, ready to vote this stinking, incompetent, dysfunctional government out. I'm sure many South African readers will be asking themselves how I can be a proud Australian Citizen and not still be South African. Well, it's easy really, as I've embraced my new wonderful country, warts and all from the day I stepped off the plane with my family. 

Today, South Africa is but a distant memory.....but one I will keep alive through my blog.

And what an honor it will be to finally vote and have a choice, seeing as most of my adult life in South Africa was spent voting between the ANC or the ANC (in effect). 

This time around it will be my first true "democratic" vote.

Ah, can't wait. 

Bye bye Ruddy Rude boy.

South Africa to criminalise ‘hate’, including ‘hate speech’

This article surely can't be true! This must surely be a lie!!!

Last week I said that one of these days White people in South Africa wouldn't be allowed to walk on the street, out in public lest they offend a Black person. It seems I wasn't far wrong.

See, here's just another cog in the anti-White wheel, which will ultimately hurtle South Africa as quickly as possible into a true Communist State.
A draft Policy Framework on Combating Hate Crimes, Hate Speech and Unfair Discrimination has been finalised that will introduce the concept of hate crime to South African criminal law.
The ANC are now going to use the courts in South Africa to punish anyone saying or doing anything that THEY - the glorious ANC - deem to be hateful or discriminatory. Not even your words will be safe in the Communist state of South Africa. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Last week, for example, I blogged about a White woman in South Africa who asked for the boom-gate to be opened so she could drive her car out of a parking garage. The Black idiot on duty thought she called him a baboon, so he complained to the police and they arrested her and put her in a jail cell full of Black males and left her there for 5 hours. 

So, can you imagine what's going to happen to the White people in South Africa if this draft legislation passes?? Any Black person interpreting you saying something THEY consider hateful will give them the ability to make a criminal case of  "hate speech" against you, and you WILL be prosecuted. Same applies if they say you discriminated against them unfairly, or if they say you attacked them out of hatred.

And this Policy may well pass, seeing as the DA opposition party is useless with old Aunty Black-Sash Zille at the helm. She is everything to all Black people, but no friend to the Whites - and she especially hates the Boers and Afrikaners, the exact groups this new Policy is meant to target.

And we know that only Whites are the true problem race in South Africa and the poor sweetheart Blacks are just their innocent victims. Why, just look at how the Whites stab, assault, rape, torture and murder themselves and blame it on the poor Blacks! 

Do not think for a moment that the ANC has drafted this Policy for any other reason but to elevate the Blacks in the country and to give them further ammunition to use against the ever-suffering White people.

It's just another straw to break the camel's back. Everything about the White race in SA has been made into something verboten. Their history, their schools, their language, their culture, their human rights, their dignity....all gone under Mandela's wonderful Marxist Communist liberation barbarians, the ANC.

Wow, who would've thought that South Africa would fall so quickly under the Communist ANC? Me, me!! 

So here you have it White people of South Africa. These new laws are meant to further restrict not only your freedoms, but your speech, the way you think, the way you act, the way you express yourself. And if a Black person takes offence to just one word you will be in trouble. 

So, no more complaining or pointing out facts on Facebook about the crime - as Sunette Bridges and many others do. No more complaining on Twitter - as Steve Hofmeyr and many others do. No more writing blog posts which the ANC deem to be "hateful" as so many Whites in South Africa do. 

In short, no more telling the world what's really going on in South Africa, or you'll get a knock on the door and you WILL be thrown in jail alone with your fellow Blacks to be re-educated.

You are, dear White people, quite frankly farked if this Policy passes.

Can anyone remember when the ANC, under saint Mandela, were out calling for "democracy" and for the country to unite post Apartheid? Can anyone remember how they called on freedom of the press, association and movement? Can anyone recall how they said that they were going to treat everyone equally in the New South Africa?

Yeah, they kinda lied. What they meant was that everyone EXCEPT the White people would be treated fairly and equally.  

So, all those Liberal asswipes who had tears in their eyes as they watched as Mandela walked to freedom, here's a middle finger to you. You have, in your insipid naivity unleashed the next African tyrants and you have aided in taking a once thriving, almost first-world country and helped flush it down the Communist toilet so that even Cuba looks First Worldly compared to South Africa.

And just think, if I were in South Africa and if this law had passed, I wouldn't have been able to write this post!

A draft Policy Framework on Combating Hate Crimes, Hate Speech and Unfair Discrimination has been finalised that will introduce the concept of hate crime to South African criminal law, giving effect to international legislation aimed at balancing the right to dignity with the right to free speech. Legalbrief Policy Watch reports that Justice and Constitutional Development Minister announced this yesterday during an address to guests at a discussion panel hosted by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies.

According to the Minister, the draft framework seeks to address ‘newly-defined hate crimes’ – including hate speechwhere there is evidence of a discriminatory motive for targeting characteristics that include but are not limited to race, nationality, religion and sexual orientation. He said that the draft policy framework attempts to define the concept of hate speech in a way that reflects South Africa’s commitment to freedom of expression.

Acknowledging that people are often victimised despite ‘the presence of the law’, Radebe emphasised the importance of ensuring that hate crime does not spin out of control and lead to anarchy. He also pointed to the need for ordinary South Africans to be educated about the values underpinning the proposed new policy, referring in particular to an ill-conceived perception that foreigners are not entitled to the same rights as South Africans.

Once the draft policy framework has been approved by Cabinet, it will be released for public commen


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