31 July 2013

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South Africa: Power-obsessed leaders fiddle while SA burns

Last week South African Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcus said that the economic growth outlook for 2013 had been revised down from 2.4% to 2%.

And Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said Treasury would cut its economic growth forecast to as low as 2% because mining strikes and the recession in Europe would dent exports.

Today the jobless figures were released, and they aren't looking too flash. The number of South Africans out of work rose to 4.723 million and unemployment rose to 25.6%. During last quarter, unemployment rose from 24.9% to 25.2% after the economy shed over 100 000 jobs. This quarter another 123 000 jobs were lost. So, over 200 000 jobs gone in six months. 

Back in May, the Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) said the jobless figures were "shocking and demoralising" and if the trend continues, instead of the ANC creating 5 million jobs between 2010 and 2020, they may end up losing jobs. This from the Union most responsible for the job loses with their strikes and militant actions.

In 2011 President Zuma promised to create 5 million jobs by 2014. At the same time he announced that he was setting up a R9-billion jobs fund, as he declared 2011 South Africa's "year of job creation" in his State of the Nation address in Parliament.

Zuma then revised the target to 5 million new jobs by 2020......

Yeah, somehow one just can't believe what this fool promises when it comes to creating jobs. During every election cycle, the ANC promises 5million jobs and after they're elected - again - the target date gets pushed back again. The new magic cut-off year is now 2020. That's 7 years away and going on current trends, instead of creating jobs, over 2.5 million jobs will be lost instead. That's not counting all the jobs lost the last few years since the "new" "new" promise was made....

Praag has published an article regarding the sad state of education in the country:

  • Dropout rates in South African schools between grade 10 and grade 12 have more than doubled since 1995; 
  • The grade 10 cohort of 1995 consisted of 719 190 pupils, 78% of whom became matric candidates (seniors) in 1997
  • By 2012 this dropout rate had increased to 50% with the grade 10 class of 2010 consisting of 1 006 381 pupils, with only 51% going on to become matric candidates in 2012.

Which means that in 1997, 561 000 pupils wrote their final school exams, compared to 503 000 pupils  in 2012. However, in 1995 there were 719 190 pupils in grade 10 compared to 1 006 381 in grade 10 in 2010.

This puts to bed the oft-repeated myth that Black South Africans thirst after education.

So, with the poor state of education in the country, the increase in the unemployment rate and the economy struggling, it's not looking too good for the people of South Africa. Then of course it doesn't help to have Unions agitating for strikes and a rise in the minimum wage - or to have a clueless government on how to create jobs (clue: STOP excluding Whites from the economy; stop stealing from tax payers; stop rampant illegal immigration; lower taxes; STOP affirmative action and BBEEE!!).

So, while the ANC concentrates on the next election and remaining in power, the country burns....

Hat tip: Harb I & Nick A
And if you press here, the Rand falls......

It has been a week-and-a-half since Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcus and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan both dropped bombshells on South Africa.

Without beating about the bush, they told us that the economy is tanking and tough times lie ahead.

The country is in economic crisis but no one seems to care much about it except these two leaders.

Marcus told us on July 18 that the Reserve Bank's economic growth outlook for 2013 had been revised down from 2.4% to 2%.

Then, speaking from Moscow the next day, Gordhan echoed Marcus and said the Treasury would cut its economic growth forecast for this year to as low as 2% because mining strikes and the recession in Europe would dent exports.

But it says something about our political elite, and our political culture, that these announcements have not made it into most newspapers.

Let's unpack what the two announcements really mean.

First, consider that the economy grew by only 0.9% in the first quarter, the slowest since 2009, when President Jacob Zuma's administration came into power. Consider also that we need the economy to grow at about 7% annually to lower the unemployment rate to 14% by 2020.

Then consider this: Marcus announced on the same day that the youth unemployment rate had reached 52.8%. Yes, more than half of all young people are walking the streets instead of working.

The Zuma administration's economic performance has been getting worse ever since it came into power. Gordhan's projections for economic growth have taken a beating every year. He promised 2.7% last year but gave us only 2.5%. He promised 2.7% this year but has already backed off to a measly 2%.

The implications are dire: unemployment is likely to rise and retrenchments will continue as businesses take strain. South Africans are hugely indebted as it is, but things will get worse.

So who cares? No one, it seems.

Election season is in full swing. A lot of mud, poo, scandal and tears are being flung about.

There is a lot of noise, but no real engagement with the issues that affect the poorest of the poor - the people whose lives are going to be devastated by inadequate economic growth, retrenchments and deepening unemployment.

We have forgotten about them.

Instead, the ANC, its allies and the twitterati were yesterday salivating over the Zwelinzima Vavi sex scandal.

The in-fighting and the divisions that have gripped the tripartite alliance - the ANC, labour federation Cosatu, and the SA Communist Party - are now more important than a serious discussion about what ails this economy and how we should go about fixing it.

Many political players are in this sad, pathetic state of disarray.

COPE is still in court fighting over leadership positions.

The Economic Freedom Fighters, despite the name, arenothing more than champagne socialists, drunk on the promise of power.

The party is only in its infancy but already it is flirting with dangerous religious quacks such as the notorious Pastor Mboro, of the East Rand.

The Pan Africanist Congress and Azapo are in tatters and will be wiped out in the next election.

The Inkatha Freedom Party is being consumed by its own ghosts.

The DA is bending over backwards to sign up a man associated with homophobia, sexism and an attempted murder charge.

All the while, the economy is tanking. If there is a case for Zuma to answer, this is it.

Since he came to power he has singularly failed to provide leadership on economic policy.

To avoid making a clear decision, he appointed four ministers to oversee the economy.

Gordhan and Minister in The Presidency Trevor Manuel have gamely tried to pull one way while Economic Planning Minister Ebrahim Patel and Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies have pulled the other way.

It's a confusing mess. Four years later, there is still no certainty about our macro-economic policy.

The whole thing is a patch job. Last week, the ANC announced that it would establish yet another task team on the economy. Oh my, not another.

All this has consequences. South Africa has been wracked by service delivery protests: who is behind them? Answer: the young people walking the streets without jobs.

Now the populists are running around promising young people "economic freedom" and nationalisation of the mines and land - all of which could lead to a Zimbabwe scenario.

What will the hopeless, unemployed young do then? They will follow the populists because the ANC is failing them.

There's a popular phrase: "It's the economy, stupid!" Our leaders would do well to reflect on it before the nation goes bust.


Obama Mocks The Job-Creating Keystone Pipeline As "Not A Jobs Plan"

Gosh, the guy is truly an embarrassment to America.

With his ratings starting to drop alarmingly, Obama hit the campaign trail last week to go love-it up with his base again. Nothing works with the Obamabots than when he's in campaign mode, even when it's not election time. It seems that's all he's got. Campaigning - where he gets to read divisive speeches off his teleprompter and mock others. Hilarious!

Most of the voters are turning on Nobama. His poll numbers started tanking after his racial-warfare speak post the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict - and with the economy still in the toilet (no matter how his cheer-squad try and spin it as 'recovering'), and his signature Obamacare healthcare plan becoming a fiasco, it was time to go and ramp up the hatred again.

It seems people are eventually seeing through this fraud. However, it's always too late, isn't it? No matter how you try and warn people, they ignore it and keep drinking the kool-aid, and the rest of the country has to suffer their poor choice. Obama was elected and then re-elected because:1. He's Black; 2. He's Black; 3. He speaks understandable English for a Black man; 4. White guilt; 5. He's Black; 6. He appealed to the stupid, gullible, brainwashed youth and minority voters; and lastly, 7. Because he's Black. 

That's all he had and he got away with it. Twice.

So as buyers remorse creeps in with his voters, Obama hit the campaign trail, which he disguised as a jobs-recovery gee-up. Last week Obama once again claimed - for about the 19th time - that he's pivoting back to the economy and will focus on job creation "like a laser beam". 

Then he promptly went off to play his 133rd round of golf. And his Martha's Vineyard vacation with the family is coming up. Something to look forward to after all the hard work he's' put in to fix the economy!

Today he decided that he needed to mock the Republicans about how they don't have a jobs plan and that them banging on about building the Keystone Pipeline would only create about 50 permanent jobs. 

Ah, so the Republicans don't have a jobs plan, but you do? Really?

Well, show us yours Mr O. I wonder if he realises that continuously bashing the Republicans also isn't a jobs plan? But it does make good theatre, huh Obama? Yeah, and your dumbo Obamabots laugh as you make fun of people who aren't in charge of running the country. 

No Mr Obama, that would be YOUR responsibility.

But I guess when you got nothing, then you got nothing. But, Obama sure is great at making fun of other people when it's him that needs to be laughed at.

South Africa: Government to buy Mala Mala Game Reserve

Isn't it great to know that the South Africa government, which can't rub two pennies together, has enough money put away to buy a luxury Game Reserve?

The MalaMala Game Reserve has been in existence since 1927, turned from a piece of wild grazing veld into a premium eco-resort, with every African wild animal you can imagine. It's main purpose is to preserve the wild life of the region. 

So naturally the Mhlanganisweni community  - a group of "dispossessed" Black South Africans - launched a land-claim a few years back, wanting their "land" back. Yeah, I would have also claimed to have owned it 20000000000 years ago if you look at what it is worth today compared to back then, eh dispossessed community?

Last year the Land Claims Court ruled that the restoration of the land to the community would not be feasible exactly for this reason. The claimants lost living space, grazing and cropping land, but today the property is an eco-tourism venture and has been restored to its pristine wilderness condition. So the claim was rejected. 

However, owner of the resort, Michael Rattray, who has owned and built up the property for over 40 years, has agreed to sell the land for R900 million to the government. The government only wants to pay R460 million, so the case is headed to the Constitutional Court which has to determine what is fair and equitable.

Now the government has said that once the price has been settled, they will buy the land and keep the current owners running the venture. Really? You want White people to stay in charge of a luxury resort being bought by the ANC on behalf of the Mhlanganisweni community (supposedly)?? Gee, I wonder who's going to be on the title to that land, eh ANC cadres? They're all probably licking their lips as I type, dreaming of taking their girlfriends on Safari on their newly acquired land. 

Who said the ANC was dumb? They are using tax payers money (mostly White money) to buy a luxury Game Reserve for themselves, using the excuse of a "land claim" by a community not entitled to the land........genius!

Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti said that the "land ownership structure" in South Africa needed to change, but there was no need for the economic use of the land to be changed. In case you missed it, that's Black double-speak for: We Blacks don't have a farking clue how to run anything successfully, so we need to exploit the White people to do our work for us, because if we hand this ground to the Mhlanganisweni community it'll soon be worthless, and all the animals hunted and eaten. And then we can't brag about owning a luxury Game Reserve, where we can host Black African leaders and have girlfriend parties. 

The Mhlanganisweni community are going to meet the real ANC soon. They think they're going to get rich off this land-scam, when all along the ANC are earmarking the land, which has been built up over decades into a first-class, world renowned luxury eco-development by White conservationists, for themselves.

The only thing the ANC does 100% successfully is putting themselves first.

Hat tip: DR

MalaMala - soon to be MoneyMoney

One of the luxury units - the ANC are licking their lips in anticipation.....

The government will buy the exclusive Mala Mala Game Reserve, Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti said on Tuesday.

"We are going to buy Mala Mala, but we are going to ask them [the owners] to stay on," he said at a three-day National House of Traditional Leaders lekgotla.

The "land ownership structure" in South Africa needed to change, but there was no need for the economic use of the land to be changed.

The 13 000 hectare game reserve is currently subject to a land claim by the Mhlanganisweni community.

Business Day reported in April that the owners of the land had valued it at R900 million, but that Nkwiniti's department was prepared to pay only R460m for the resort.

The 2 000-strong Mhlanganisweni community was removed during the apartheid era.

The battle about the price is before the Constitutional Court, which has to determine what is fair and equitable.

According to Business Day, the regional land claims commissioner had offered R760m for the land, but this offer had not been approved by the ministry.


Australia: Rudd flies in Team Obama

Rudd the dud is stooping to a new low - even for him. He's flying in three Obama campaign heavyweights so that he can use the same tactics which helped Obama get re-elected.

So, we can expect to see made-up "scandals" against the Coalition leaked; lies told; and targeting of the youth vote.

Rudd has shamelessly pandered to the young voters, using nerdy "cool" language to show them how with-it he is. The phrase "gotta zip" is used by him nowadays when he needs to run away from tough questions from some journalists (those who actually try and pin him down instead of licking his shoes). His new nick name is Zippy.

Zippy - who doesn't leave home without at least one TV camera and a few journo's following his every move - is responsible for most of the poor policies,the current state of the economy and the huge budget deficit. However, now that he's on his second attempt at being the Prime Minister he wants the Australian public to forget that he was the instigator of all the waste and deaths and instead see him as the saviour. And it just may work as he's managed to pull the poll numbers up for Labor - it's now around 49 - 50 to the Coalition.

This is trying times for Australia as the country simply can't afford another 3 years of Labor rule. However, it seems all it takes these days to get into power and running people's lives is to act cool and with-it and you're voted in. Gone are the days when adults expected their politicians to be responsible and act in the interest of the country. Nowadays you can go into massive debt, destroy working policies (in Zippy's case border protection, which has led to over 1000 people dying at sea) and lying to the public and all is forgiven as long as you're seen to be doing instead of actually doing. You can make all the promises you like pre-election and break them and the media forgive you....as long as the politician is cool and from the Left and speaks with purpose. An extra forgivable trait is if the politician can spin their mistakes and blame the Opposition.

The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is unfortunately not a media-tart. He's a pretty Conservative family guy, who just gets on with doing what's right and not bringing attention to himself. Unfortunately the youth don't go for this - too boring. So Abbott is made fun of and mocked by our Lefty Luvvies here in  the Australian media. Just as long as one of the Left get in they will do whatever they can to get them over the line.

So, Obama's guys are flying in to further push the Rudd smoke-and-mirror illusion. They will no doubt be focusing on social media - because that's where the brain-dead, brainwashed youth tend to hang out, and like, you know, communicate and everything. The language they use on the Twitter forum is especially foul, but that's what Rudd is targeting to get him re-elected. And it just may work seeing as the youth are today's swing voters. 

This is what constitutes politics these days. It's become a popularity contest and people vote for the personality instead of who's to be entrusted with the country. 

And if the Coalition don't start waking up then they will be beaten by Zippy's dirty smearing tricks. We've seen what America has turned into under a clueless fraud with a personality and Australia is going to same way under the Labor Party.

Oh well, at least we know Rudd will call the election soonish if he's bringing in the big outside boys to help reinvent himself. Let's just hope there are enough sane people in Australia to stop this madness that is Zippy the media tart. 

Kevin, after all, is all about Kevin.

Kevin Rudd has called in three US campaign heavyweights, including the man dubbed ''Barack Obama's digital attack dog'' to help defeat Tony Abbott.

With speculation over the poll date now at fever pitch - and an announcement expected within days - the ALP's campaign team has secured the expertise of Tom McMahon, the former executive director of the powerful Democratic National Committee during President Obama's last campaign.

It has also called in Joon Kim of the consulting firm New Partners, and the British social media expert, Matthew McGregor, known for his ability to get spoof videos online sometimes within minutes of mistakes being made by his opponents.

All three played pivotal roles in the 2012 campaign when the Democratic Party out-boxed the Republicans using ever-more sophisticated social media and comprehensive field operations to see off what initially looked like a strong challenge from the popular Mitt Romney.

Mr McGregor is expected in Australia within the next two days while the other two have already arrived.

Before rising to vice-president at New Partners, Joon Kim managed 14 campaigns in six states between 2010 and 2011 (seven of which were successful), and served as ''field director'' of John Kerry's presidential campaign in 2004.

The government will produce its foreshadowed economic statement this week, possibly the last item of business before Mr Rudd visits the Governor-General for permission to stage the election.

September 7 is seen as the most likely date, given a consensus that Mr Rudd will not want to wait long once the economic state is released.

Political insiders cite the Obama campaigns as the gold standard in how to get voters out - critical in the US where voting is voluntary - and particularly in how to motivate and energise young voters.

Labor insiders say the youth vote will be a key factor in the election, claiming there has been a spike in pre-election enrolments since Mr Rudd returned to the leadership.

Mr McMahon, who had also been campaign director for the Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean in 2004, is regarded as a pioneer in the use of emerging social media platforms to organise grass-roots campaigns.

While the move is likely to draw criticism from the opposition, it will send shockwaves through the Abbott camp, given the trio's reputation for devastating campaigns built around a popular candidate using humour and ridicule.

In the most recent Fairfax-Nielsen poll Mr Rudd led Mr Abbott as preferred prime minister by 55 per cent to 41 and also held a strong lead in the net approval ratings with plus 8 per cent to Mr Abbott on minus 15 per cent.

Dubbed ''Tom Terrific'' after the 2006 elections that delivered control of the US House to the Democrats, Mr McMahon has more than 18 years' experience with the Democratic Party, running campaigns, crafting media attacks on the Republicans, fund-raising and providing strategic advice.

He served as executive director of the Democratic National Committee between 2005 and 2009, and helped craft the committee's ''50-state strategy'', which was credited with preparing the way for President Obama's victory in 2008. Before that, he was deputy campaign director for the Howard Dean presidential bid.

Joon Kim, of New Partners, last year defended negative political advertising, saying campaigns had ''relatively short windows'' to build brand affection and were thus likely to go for sharper messaging.

According to NZ research firm UMR, Joon Kim said: "Pepsi started off when you were a six-year-old saying Pepsi was cooler than Coke. Political campaigns only have time to say Coke will give you cancer and there is no other choice but Pepsi".

The Independent said of Mr McGregor: ''During the Obama campaign Mr McGregor's carefully crafted attack video and blogs exploited every Republican gaffe - often within minutes or hours of them being reported.''


30 July 2013

Mugabe: Don’t fear long-eared whites

I see the genius Mugarbage is at it again. He's full of beans when he's out campaigning. He never misses the opportunity to rubbish the White men and women who built Rhodesia up into what it was until the Black Communists took over. 

When he's not in electioneering mode, you can find Mugarbage out rattling the begging bowl to feed his people......pretty please White people, come feed my masses, with a cherry on top!

But, that's not the case at the moment. No, he's currently out geeing up his people to vote for him. According to him, Blacks have been "conditioned" to respect the White man, and Black people are afraid of White people....something to do with their "long ears". 

Really Mugarbage? Long ears?? Last time I looked, my ears were just fine and they also worked.

He also said that Zimbabwe had “destroyed colonialism” and that new economics textbooks needed to be written because “colonialism” and “exploitation” were currently being taught to the children. 

Yes, I can just imagine the new improved version of Zimbabwe's history a-la Mugarbage. It should go something like this: Ruin your economy by taking from the productive and giving it to the jealous, have-nots and war veterans. Make all your people run across the border to South Africa where they can work, steal, rape, murder to their heart's content, and then get them to send the spoils of war back to any family left in Zimbabwe, who then spend it in the ruined economy. 

Perfect! See, who needs Capitalism when Communism is so much simpler? The only problem is when South Africa's economy starts to die....as it's doing at the moment. Then where do your people run to when they're chased out??

He also said with their good education, Black people should become directors and owners of companies and White people should be their employees. Yeah, that's going to happen any day now, eh Mugarbage......any day ......hello, where are all the directors and owners?? Hello, hello! You "liberated" Zimbabwe a while back, so where are all these successful Black business owners you've created since then? You've been el-Presidente since 1980 - that's 33 years ago, so please let us know when your economy is going to be up and running and produce these wonderful small-eared successful Black company directors. Just so that we in the West know when to stop sending food to feed your people.....

However, you have to hand it to Mugarbage. No matter how he's pressured, no matter how he ruins his economy, no matter how he insults the West - he's STILL in power. Our lilly-livered White South African government CAVED in to the first signs of pressure and the shiny 30 pieces of silver they were offered. The traitor de Klerk is really enjoying his comfortable life while Whites in South Africa sleep out on the streets. De Klerk and his fellow traitors gave South Africa away to a bunch of useless, corrupt Communists and we'll never get it back in one piece again.

Mugarbage has shown the world how to ruin a country and still remain in power! He's a Black man after all, and no threat to the global elitists!

President Robert Mugabe has told Zanu-PF supporters to go out there, head corporations, work the land, and not stand back for white people.

“We have been conditioned to respect the white man,” he said in a rare English phrase during his two and a half hour speech, which was mostly in Shona. “People are saying they’re afraid of white people. Are they afraid of their long ears? They’re even afraid of ears now,” he said to laughter.

He spoke yesterday to about 40 000 supporters in Harare’s 60 000-seater National Sports Stadium at one of Zanu-PF’s final rallies before Wednesday’s polls.

He said Zimbabweans were losing “part of our earth, part of our land” because mining companies came from abroad, took the mineral resources and left.

“My gold, precious, is under the earth,” he said. “That gold is much more meaningful to me because it’s part of my land, the earth where I have my residence.”

He said the Zimbabweans’ share of the mineral resources in the country was “more significant” than the capital companies injected into the mines. “The money comes and goes, my share is there in Mother Earth.”

He added that Zimbabwe had “destroyed colonialism” and now needed to write new economics textbooks for the children because “colonialism” and “exploitation” were currently being taught.

He said with their good education, people should become directors and owners of companies and white people should be their employees.

“Zimbabweans must benefit from this land. If others want to share, they should come not as masters but as subordinates.”

Zanu-PF’s policy of indigenisation requires foreign-owned companies in Zimbabwe to give 51% ownership to the state.

In contrast, MDC-T, the party headed by his rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, is pushing for a policy called “JUICE”, which would encourage foreign investment and the opening up of Zimbabwean markets.

Mugabe also told people to work the land so that the land could look after them, and so that they could keep the land.

He said the new, black farmers were doing things for themselves and “they aren’t waiting for the whites”.

He said the white farmers of old said farming was theirs, and claimed not to make much profit from it. “They were lying,” he said. He said black farmers now contributed a significant amount to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Mugabe (89), whose age has been called a “national crisis” by Tsvangirai, said what had kept him going so long was “that I want to educate the young”, give them skills and make them masters of their own destiny.

Zimbabwe’s literacy rates are the highest in Africa.

Although he attacked Britain and the US, Mugabe yesterday held back on attacks on his southern neighbour after earlier lashing out at Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu for his stance on the human rights of gays, and at President Jacob Zuma’s envoy Lindiwe Zulu.

Zulu had been communicating the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC’s) concerns about Zimbabwe’s readiness for Wednesday’s elections, but last week Zuma said her utterances were “unfortunate”.

A member of the SADC facilitation team yesterday told City Press Zuma had to do it because Zulu was too “open”.


South Africa: Crime stats so far for July 2013

Another horror month of Black on White attacks in South Africa.

Stats are being kept by SA singer Sunette Bridges- these are the attacks she knows about so there may be more attacks that she's not aware of. 

Sunette's Facebook page was erased by the powers that be last week - it appears she's causing a few headaches for the ANC elite and their traitor supporters - like NASPERS. She is back on Facebook and is also on Twitter. They keep trying to silence her as it seems the ANC doesn't like the truth getting out about their genocide against the White people of South Africa.

I say, publish the truth far and wide. If many people spread the news then the ANC and their comrades are powerless to stop the truth from getting out. Copy and paste and spread it around! They can stop some of us, but they can't stop all of us!!!

Thanks to ToxiNews for publishing the stats.

Sunette Bridges

28 Days, 30 Attacks, 48 Victims, 3 Raped, 13 Murdered! 

*1 July 2013: Struisbaai, Western Cape: Rex and Irma van Zyl were assaulted in their home by a black man. Rex was badly beaten. Their attacker fled with R50 and a packet of cigarettes. 

*1 July 2013: Port Edward, Natal: A mother and her 2 daughters, on holiday from Pretoria, were attacked by a gang of black men while taking a stroll to the beach. They were brutally assaulted and robbed. 

*1 July 2013: Springs, Gauteng: Elderly couple, Dirk and Rita Koekemoer, were attacked by a gang of black men when getting into their car. Dirk was stabbed several times and thrown on the back of his LDV. Rita was assaulted and also put in the back of the vehicle. They were dumped in the veld some distance from town. Dirk died from his wounds and Rita spent the entire night searching for help. She was eventually found the next morning. She is in hospital. 

*2 July 2013: Johannesburg, Gauteng: Brian Shalkof (65) dies after he and his partner were brutally assaulted and robbed by 4 balck men. He suffered serious head and internal injuries.

*2 July 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eatern Cape: Andrew Brown (42) was shot to death by a black man while on duty as a security officer. 

*3 July 2013: St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape: An elderly man was stabbed in his face at his home by a black attacker. He is currently in a serious condition in hospital. 

*5 July 2013: Piet Retief, Mpumalanga: Elderly farmer, Vic Mohle, was attacked on his farm road by a group of black men. He was assaulted and shot in the leg. They took off with his LDV. He was only found the next morning. 

*5 July 2013: Kempton Park, Gauteng: Raymond Els (17) and a friend were attacked by 3 black men while on their way to the Festival Mall. Raymond was assaulted and kicked until het lost consciousness and his friend was held up with a knife and robbed

*6 July 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: Jerome (22) was attacked in his parents home on their smallholding. He was assaulted and shot in the back when he tried to escape. He is currently in a serious condition in hospital.

*7 July 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Clyde Byrns (26) was stabbed to death by a gang of black men who attempted to mug his girlfriend.

*8 July 2013: Clocolan, Free State: Isabel Hugo (67) dies almost a year after being hit by a rock thrown at her during an attempted land grab in Clocolan. She suffered serious brain damage and never recovered from her injuries. 

*9 July 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: The Potgieter-family was attacked on their smallholding by a gang of black men. Rudolph Potgieter (45) and his son, Colin (25) were both shot and are recovering in hospital. A bullet is still lodged in Colin’s spine. 

*12 July 2013: Saldanah, Western Cape: Onica Bakkes (25) was assaulted, beaten over the head and stabbed to death. 

*12 July 2013: Parkhurst, Gauteng: 82-year-old Mrs. Forleo was attacked in her home at 10 am. She was severely beaten and left bleeding while the attacker ransacked her home. She is recovering in hospital. 

*14 July 2013: Molteno, Eastern Cape: Lizelle le Roux (42) was attacked and stabbed to death while walking on her parent’s farm by a gang of black men busy stealing sheep.

*16 July 2013: Montague, Western Cape: Robert Bader and his daughter were attacked at their home by a gang of armed black men. Bader was shot dead and his daughter injured.

*17 Jule 2013: Rustenburg, Northwest: Bossie Barnard died after being shot the previous day when he happened to drive by as a gang of black men were bombing an ATM. He was shot in his leg. He was taken to hospital but discharged the next morning without receiving any treatment and died on the hospital premises. 

*18 July 2013: Evander, Mpumalanga: A family was attacked in their home and threatened and tortured for 8 hours by 3 black men. Monica and her 2 year-old son were tied together and made to sit on the floor along with Johan and the other kids. They had to urinate on the floor as they could not use the bathroom. Their dinner was devoured in front of them and they were continually threatened with loaded guns while the gang ransacked their home, loaded all their belongings into the family vehicle and eventually left at 2am. 

*18 July 2013: Rayton, Gauteng: Gideon Niemand (19) jumped on the back of his father’s LDV, trying to prevent a highjacker from getting away with the vehicle. The highjacker lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a concrete wall. Gideon was badly injured and taken to hospital where it has since been established that he suffered serious brain damage. 

*18 July 2013: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: Judith Christina Müller (84) was strangled to death in her home.

*20 July 2013: Sabie, Mpumalanga: Ben Oberholzer and his family were attacked in their home by 3 black men. He was shot in his shoulder and right arm and is currently in hospital.

*23 July 2013: Kloof, Natal: Bruce Galloway (59) was abducted from his home at 4 am in the morning while on his way to a meeting in Mthata. His abductors stole his money, forced him into their vehicle and threw him off a cliff some distance from his home. He was discovered 2 days later by a group of students. He was still alive but hurt. His ring finger was almost amputated in an attempt to steal his wedding ring. He is currently is hospital. 

*23 July 2013: Krugersdorp, Gauteng: Neil Muller was shot dead in the driveway of his home in Luipaardsvlei by a gang of black men who tried to hidghjack his car. 

*24 July 2013: Naboomspurit, Limpopo: Gerda Botha was attacked, stabbed with a knife and raped by her black gardener on her farm. She was stuffed into and walk-in fridge covered with bags and left for dead. The attacker fled on a stolen quad bike, dumped it in town and escaped in a taxi. 

*24 July 2013: Randfontein, Gauteng: A 61-year old woman was brutally attacked in her home in Helikonpark by 2 black men. She was assaulted, continuously beaten and allegedly raped in broad daylight. 

*25 July 2013: Alberton, Gauteng: Nicky Klopper was shot dead in his home in New Redruth by 2 attackers who also robbed him of his weapons. 

*25 July 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Victoria James (34) was attacked by 4 black men armed with guns when she returned home from work. She was assaulted, forced into her home and robbed. The attackers fled and then withdrew R3500 from her bank account after forcing her to provide them with the pin. 

*26 July 2013: Modderspruit, Mpumalanga: Berryl van den Berg was attacked, held up with knives and robbed at her home on the farm by 4 black men who were at the house earlier in the day pretending to look for work. Her husband asked them to leave, but they returned shortly after he left the house. 

*27 July 2013: Hendrina, Mpumalanga: Claudi van der Merwe was highjacked and murdered, her body dumped on a farm road in the district and her car deserted 2km further down the road. She was stabbed to death and found half-naked. She leaves behind a 6-year-old daughter. 

*28 July 2013: Zeerust, Northwest: Elderly farmer, Hennie Enslin, was attacked and brutally assaulted on his farm Doringhoek. He is in hospital in a serious condition.


USA: The family sending all ten of their home-schooled children to college by the age of 12

A mother of ten has home-schooled her children and of the ten, six have gone to college by the age of 12 years.
  • 24-year-old Daughter Hannah completed her master's degrees in math and mechanical engineering by the age of 22 and is currently designing spacecraft;
  • 22-year-old Serenneh is currently on her way to becoming a Navy doctor - which will make her one of the youngest physicians in American history;
  • Rosannah, now 20, became a fully-fledged architect at the age of 18;
  • Heath, who graduated from Huntingdon College at 15, will have completed his master's in computer science just after his 17th birthday;
  • 14-year-old brother Keith, is a college senior with a passion for music who is studying finite mathematics;
  • Seth, 12, is the latest to begin at college. At seven, he announced that he wanted to be a military archaeologist. He is now a freshman at Faulkner University, where he studies the Middle Ages.

The next in line is 10 year old Katrinnah and she's preparing to write her college entrance exams soon and is busy completing high school.

The other three are all being home-schooled and are on track to go to college at 12 as well.

One of Seth's college friends, Wesley Jimmerson, mused: 
' 'It makes you wonder; are they advanced, or are we just really behind?'
And therein lies the crux of the matter. The other kids are just way behind.

We are all aware of how our school systems have been infiltrated by the radical Left, and what that's brought our schools are the teacher's unions, low-quality teachers and the lowering of learning standards. Gone are the days of focusing on the foundation subjects that matter like: Math, English, Reading, Writing - replaced with social justice studies and other feel-good (or feel-bad, depending if you're a White child) subjects, all intent to indoctrinate and brainwash kids into Leftist Liberal thinking patterns. The result in America has been the election of Barack Hussein Obama......not once, but twice.

Students leaving school these days are far-less educated than days gone by. Last week I posted the Harvard Entrance Exam of 1859, which the kids of today would be hard-pressed to read, let alone pass. 

So, moral of the story is that if you're able to have your kids home-schooled then that's clearly the best way to go. If you can't do it yourself, get the grannies and grandpa's to help - nothing can replace experience and our elderly are full of life-lessons that can be easily passed on to the next generation. As the parents of these kids say, they are just average people, not brainiacs, but they have put their kids education first and have focused on their interests at an early age. They have taught their kids outside of the school system and have produced exceptional examples of what can be achieved.  

This is the future of education. Leave the Progressives to brainwash the spawn of the Liberals, and teach normal, decent children outside the infiltrated, toxic school system.

Hat tip: You know who you are

A mother who home-schools her ten children in Montgomery, Alabama, has opened up about how six of them began their college degrees by the age of 12.

Those of the Harding siblings who have already graduated from college have gone on to become a doctor, an architect, a spacecraft designer and a master's student. Another two - 12 and 14-years-old - are still finishing up their degrees.

But despite the Hardings' incredible achievements at such young ages, their parents - Mona Lisa and Kip - insist they are a family of 'average folks' who simply find and cultivate their children's passions early on.

Hannah was the first to take her college entrance exams - at the young age of 12. 'I didn't expect to pass,' the 24-yead-old told Today.com. 'So I started crying, because I was thinking, "Now what?"'

She passed the exam and, at just 17, became Auburn University Montgomery's youngest ever graduate, obtaining a BS in mathematics.

Hannah went on to get master's degrees in math and mechanical engineering, and she was designing spacecraft by the age of 22.

The other Harding siblings, spurred on by their parents' encouragement and their older sister's success, were quick to follow suit.

Seth, 12, is the latest to begin at college. At seven, he announced that he wanted to be a military archaeologist. He is now a freshman at Faulkner University, where he studies the Middle Ages.

Just down the hall is Seth's 14-year-old brother Keith, a college senior with a passion for music who is studying finite mathematics.

His ambitious younger sister Katrinnah, ten, plans on taking her college exams next year.
Still, despite the exceptional talents of her brood, Mona Lisa - who studied to become a nurse before staying at home to educate her kids - said: 'I don't have any brilliant children. I'm not brilliant.'

The mother-of-ten also explained that her husband, who flew helicopters in the army and didn't graduate college until 25, is not brilliant either. 'We're just average folks,' she insists.
People who know them, however, would beg to differ. 

Seth's assistant professor Grover Plunkett, for instance, said of the 12-year-old, who lives at home rather than in a dorm: 'He's got the highest average in the class.'

But the Harding children insist they are not geniuses. Instead, they credit their achievements to home-schooling, as well as a concentrated focus on their passions, which their parents taught them to hone in on from an early age.

'By the time you get down to number five, number six, they just think learning seems normal,' Mona Lisa said of her children.

'We find out what their passions are, what they really like to study, and we accelerate them gradually.'

For Serenneh, that passion was medicine. The 22-year-old is currently on her way to becoming a Navy doctor - which will make her one of the youngest physicians in American history.

Younger sister Rosannah, now 20, became a fully-fledged architect at the age of 18.

And Heath, who graduated from Huntingdon College at 15, will have completed his master's in computer science just after his 17th birthday.

'It makes you wonder,' Wesley Jimmerson, Seth's college friend, mused. 'Are they advanced, or are we just really behind?'

In fact, Mona Lisa and Kip are convinced that all children have the capacity to learn at the rate theirs have. 

The couple have written a book to illustrate their teaching method and launched a website detailing their unique approach.

The book, called College By 12, is said to feature 'lots of tips of how you can simplify your homeschooling', as well as 'testimonies of how God has worked in our lives'.

College may sound like too much pressure for the pre-teens to handle, but the Harding parents insist their kids are thriving, not suffering.

'All our children would have to tells us is, "You know, this isn't fun any more,"' says Mona Lisa says. 'And we'd do something about that.'

Kip agrees with his wife: 'The expectation is that you're going to have a fun day,' he said as he watched his children play in the backyard. 'Not that you're going to come home with A's.'
Indeed, the couple insists that despite their accelerated eduction, the children have led normal lives.

'We didn't limit their experience,' said Mona Lisa. 'They're taking college classes, but socially, they are just teenagers.'

Their remaining children are seven-year-old Mariannah, Lorennah, five, and Thunder James, three, all of whom are being home-schooled, too.


South Africa: Initiates told penises will grow back

Ah, the annual cull has started in South Africa with the "initiation ceremonies" of young Black Xhosa males.

This traditional amputation and killing ritual goes back centuries and is meant to usher youths into manhood. The ritual revolves around taking teen Xhosa boys into the bush for a few days, away from civilisation, where they get to paint themselves in white clay and do things to and with each other - all kept secret of course - and culminates with the circumcision of the boys.

Or, rather, it's supposed to end that way, yet every year tens of teens either die or are left with amputated appendages due to the botched circumcisions performed by "handlers" or "traditional" nurses (read 'sangomas'). Yeah, nothing like having a traditional someone chopping at your private parts with a sharp object - or in this case, a blunt, infected object - and expecting it to end well. These are the same people, after all, who live in shanty towns, among the rubbish and filth and are still trying to adapt to the modern world, including the foreign concepts of sanitation and disinfecting.....

So far 60 teens have died since May this year, and at least 300 have been hospitalised with injuries. Some of the boys have had to have their weenies amputated due to infection and gangrene. 

Some of the boys who turned up at the hospital had amputated appendages and were told by their handlers that they weren't too worry as it would grow back again. Almost like a lizards tail..........or maybe not.

Now, if these teens had stayed in school and educated themselves they would know that this isn't possibly true. But, seeing as Black teens think edukation is for sissies, and tradition and culture trumps everything, they still risk their lives to go to the bush to become men. In Xhosa folklore, men aren't men until they've been chopped.....although I'm not sure they meant that quite so literally!

The parents of these boys have only themselves to blame. Year after year they see boys dying after undergoing the ceremony, and year after year they still send their sons to go play Russian roulette with their lives and penises. 

Oh well, I guess this is nature's way of thinning the pack and who are we to stand in the way of culture! Chop chop. Next!

Hat tip: Nick A

(Picture: AP)

This is a grim time of year for a hospital in the Eastern Cape, where mattresses are laid on floors to cope with the stream of young men with severe injuries from botched circumcisions at initiation ceremonies.

Some patients with amputations, a doctor says, were told by their handlers that their genitals would grow back, reflecting a fog of misinformation that makes it hard to stop what has become an annual health crisis.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. 

The traditional ritual, which goes back centuries, is meant to usher youths into manhood, inculcating them with the responsibilities to become valued members of their community. 

Former president Nelson Mandela wrote about the spiritual meaning of his own circumcision in the same province where the Holy Cross Hospital is struggling to handle the influx of injured males.

At least 60 males have died at initiation schools in the Eastern Cape since the start of the initiation season in May, health officials confirmed. 

Thirty of them died in the last six weeks, and 300 others were hospitalised with injuries.

Dingeman Rijken, a doctor at Holy Cross Hospital, has treated so many cases that he is campaigning for better practices at the ceremonies, circulating a training manual that calls for proper medical precautions. 

The manual contains graphic images of circumcisions and offers an ideal method of performing the procedure, which he's shared with people involved in initiation ceremonies around Eastern Cape's Pondoland region.

"It is becoming a psychological issue," said Rijken, who has treated 140 initiates in the last year and admitted another 150 for serious injuries.

"I have had to tell eight boys this season that they've lost their glans or parts of their penis, so it is a health problem. We can't run away from it, we need to address it."

He said nurses struggle to keep up with the overflow of more than 68 initiates who were admitted in the last two weeks with badly infected genitals, dehydration or other serious injuries.

The worst of the injuries occurred after botched circumcisions performed by inexperienced traditional nurses, who use the same spear on multiple initiates without protecting against the spread of infections, then cover up wounds with tightly wrapped bandaging that cuts off blood supply to the area. 

After about 10 hours the genitals can become gangrenous and in some cases permanently damaged, but many initiates do not seek hospital treatment for another five to 10 days, Rijken said.

By this time very little can be done. Doctors cannot perform surgery because initiates suffer from sleep deprivation and dehydration and are not in a condition to give consent.

In minor cases, Rijken cleans off loose gangrenes around the affected area, bandages it and treats it with antibiotics, which eventually may result in a partial amputation of the penis. In more serious incidents, boys wait a period of one to six weeks until the entire organ falls off, he says.

Initiations are mostly practiced, though not exclusively, by the Xhosa. Young males participate in the ritual as a formal preparation for adulthood, usually undergoing circumcision and survival tests in secluded sites. 

Most of the deaths in the Eastern Cape were in Pondoland, where the practice was banned in the 1820s by its then ruler, and then reintroduced in the last three decades as men who left their communities to work in mine fields were ostracised because they were not considered men if they were not circumcised, Rijken said, citing his research of its history.

Government legislation stipulates that participants should be at least 18, but parents can sign a consent allowing younger boys to participate. 

Rijken has monitored more than 60 ceremonies and rescued several injured boys, and says he sees initiates mostly between ages 14 and 17, but has treated boys as young as 12 who are too young to understand the implications of losing their male organ.

He said initiates rarely complain about pain because they fear being beaten by nurses and ridiculed by peers for not properly observing a tradition that encourages initiates to develop a tough demeanor. 

One patient had part of his injured penis "yanked off" as punishment for complaining, and those who suffer penile amputations are frequently told by handlers that their penises would grow back, Rijken said.

"But that's why we need to involve the community, to tell them it won't grow back," he said.

Like others who have spoken about the long-held tradition, Rijken believes it will take the combined effort of traditional leaders, provincial health departments and effective government regulation to end the killings and save the cultural practice, but he said it's time the community is educated on the dangers.

"At a certain point if you see so many boys are dying, then it's time to talk about it," he said. 

"We want people to do away with the secrecy and get the community involved."


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