28 June 2013

South Africa: Straight from the horses mouth

Hat tip: Craig

Just to show the international readers the mentality White South Africans have to deal with on a daily basis in the New SA! THIS is why hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Whites have left the country.

You can't fix stupid.

Australia: Cartoon of the day....

Open letter to SA from the foreign media

Ha ha - a journalist admitting that the media coverage of the death of Mandela is going to be remembered as the story that "made the Princess Diana thing look like a restrained wake for a loathed spinster who perished alone on a desert island. Oh man, this is going to be big."

I agree with most of what he says, except for the part where he calls Mandela a genius. But, I guess if you look at the other num-nuts running the country at the moment then Mandela probably does look like a genius to them.

Have a laugh. It's Friday.

The media camped outside the Mandela hospital....

Dear South Africa,

Please get the fuck out of the way.

Wait, that probably came out wrong. Let us explain.

As you may have noted, we’re back! It’s been four long months since the Oscar Pistorious bail hearing thing, and just as we were forgetting just how crappy the Internet connections are in Johannestoria, the Mandela story breaks.

We feel that it is vital locals understand just how big a deal this is for us. In the real world—far away from your sleepy backwater—news works on a 24-hour cycle. That single shot of a hospital with people occasionally going into and out of the front door, while a reporter describes exactly what is happening—at length and in detail? That’s our bread and butter. It’s what we do.

And you need to get out of the way while we do it.

It’s nothing personal. In fact, we couldn’t do this successfully without you. In many cases, our footage is made more compelling by your presence. Specifically, we are fond of small black children praying and/or singing in unison. Equally telegenic are the Aryan ubermensch blonde kids also praying/singing, who help underscore the theme that Mandela united people of all races under a Rainbow umbrella.

Also very important, thematically speaking, are Mandela’s successors. We very much like the idea that your ex-president was “one of a kind”, and that despite his best efforts, the current batch of idiots prove that he was an exceptional presence, sui generis, and we don’t have to worry about someone else like him coming along in Africa ever again. We enjoy your leaders’ bumbling ways, their daft non-sequiturs, the glint of their Beijing-bought Breitlings. That “Vote ANC” truck parked outside the hospital? If that doesn’t speak to moral degeneration of the first order, what does? In other words, this story would lack a tragic arc without Jacob Zuma. May he keep on keeping on.

Then there’s the Mandela’s family. Really, where would we derive our soap operatic undertones if it weren’t for the infighting and the blinged-up brashness of that clan? We love subtly implying that a saint sired a generation of professional shoppers and no-goodnicks. In our biz, we call that “irony”. Makes for great copy.

In fact, we love everything about the country that doesn’t live up to Mandela’s legacy. We will take every opportunity to mention how everything you do flies in the face of everything Mandela would’ve wanted from his people—how you’re basically a nation of under-achieving screw-ups. All of this is fantastic, we thank you profusely for your individual and collective contributions to this essential storyline, and urge you to keep squandering your potential.

But like we said, we’re busy.

We need to be fed, constantly and without respite, big juicy mouthfuls of new information regarding every aspect of the story. Each piece of data, no matter how seemingly trivial or inane, is to us the rich, fatty gravy that we will slather over this one essential fact: the father of your nation is gravely ill, and we’re banking—literally, banking—on his not making it. The geraniums in the hospital planter, beating the chill of winter? Metaphor. Again—no detail too small.

Indeed, you need to brace yourselves. We’re about to engage in the single greatest orgy of industrial-grade mourning porn the world has ever known. Your little country will forever be honoured as the site that made the Princess Diana thing look like a restrained wake for a loathed spinster who perished alone on a desert island. Oh man, this is going to be big.

But that’s then. For the meantime, we need you to behave yourselves. We’re going to be pushy, and we make no apologies for it. This is the news—and news, after all, is the concrete foundation of democracy, a principle Mandela was willing to die for long before he was dying.

Note the solemn tone of our television reports. Ken the funereal passages published in our great papers. At times, the scramble for information may seem like a pursuit entirely free of dignity. But remember that watching a sausage get made can be a grisly process.

We would like to respect the fact that you’re going through a period of great sadness and protracted grieving. But we all need to be grown-ups about this.
So, we ask again, and this time with feeling:

Please. Get the fuck out of the way.


USA: The trial of George Zimmerman

For those living outside the USA and aren't aware - the trial of George Zimmerman has begun.

Zimmerman killed a 17-year old Black teen - Trayvon Martin - last year during his neighbourhood-watch stint. The police initially ruled it self-defence, but the Black race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson drummed up enough media publicity to put pressure on Florida to charge Zimmerman with murder. And they obliged.

Obama even climbed onto the band wagon and said that if he had a son, he'd look like Trayvon. The Obamabots all went weak at the knees for their messiah....

Trayvon Martin - the sweet little boy who was killed by a racist White (just don't look at his gold teeth and that he was suspended from school for dealing drugs)

Zimmerman is half-Hispanic, half-White, but the Black racists insist that he's White as it fits their "he only killed Trayvon because dat cracker is waycist" narrative.

Here's a photo of "White" George Zimmerman:

Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty

So far, the Prosecution's star witness Rachel Jeantel is doing a great job for the Defense. She was the last person to speak to Martin on his phone moments before he died. Rachel isn't very bright as you can see in the video below. She stated that Martin told her on the phone he was being followed by a "creepy-ass cracker". She then insisted that when Blacks use the term "cracker" for Whites, it isn't being racist. In fact, MSNBC even trotted out Black and White apologists to back her up, most agreeing that saying cracker isn't racist. One Libtard even wrote a column stating that using the term "cracker" is actually a source of pride in Florida, as it compliments Florida's cowboy history..... 

How low can they go??? Pretty low when it's their side they're protecting with all their might. Then even "cracker" gets spun as a source of pride!

So, if the Libtards think that it's okey-dokey to use "cracker" for Whites - because it's a source of historical pride (cough-BS-cough) - then surely using the word "nigger" is also a source of historic pride for the South and should be allowed?? Or what say you Libs?? 

Yeah, thought not.

Here's the lying Rachel Jeantel - star witness - and  while you watch bear in mind that she's allowed to vote:

So, all the Black teens (and White trailer-trash) are out in full force to stand up for the low-life Trayvon Martin. Give them a few years to spin it and he'll be their version of Nelson Mandela! 

Just yesterday I blogged about celebrity TV chef Paula Deen - a White Southerner - who admitted to using the naughty "nigger" word  27 years ago and as a result, she's lost her job and sponsors as the media destroys her - much in the same way as sharks frenzy-feeding. 

Yet today, Blacks are out on twitter threatening to kill Zimmerman, or the first White person they find, and using the "nigga" word and calling him a cracker. 

And the media is going to be outraged at their threats and use of nigga  in 3.....2......1.......

Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty

Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty
Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty
Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty

Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty
(Credit: Twitter via Twitchy)
Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty
(Credit: Twitter via Twitchy)
Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty
(Credit: Twitter via Twitchy)
Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty

News wrap-up for the week.....

This week has been very exciting.

First, here in Australia, we had our old Prime Minister Kevin Rudd the Dud becoming our new Prime Minister again, after he and some of the desperate Labor Party politicians decided that they needed to save some of the Titanic's deck chairs, and so took steps to remove the red-haired, screeching Fabian Socialist, Julia Gillard. 

It was a bittersweet moment as Australia wanted her gone, but the honor of kicking her out was to be done by us the voters - not the Labor Party. The Prime Minister is OURS to pick, not some political party. We pay their salary and they work for US. 

Sky News commentator Paul Murray said it best:

In South Africa, Mandela is on the brink of being declared dead....officially....any minute now. However, his death won't be without lots of fanfare and a media frenzy never before seen. The ultimate prize would be to have Obama nearby when he finally kicks the bucket - swoon! 

And the ANC - ever alert to all free publicity - has made hay while the sun shines. They are already electioneering outside the hospital where their hero is dying. When it comes to poor taste, the ANC comes out tops.

The ANC are going to milk Mandela's death to the bitter end. It's not everyday that a Black saint dies and there will never be another one like him, what with his white-washed history, going from a terrorist to a peace-loving, forgiving man! Why, any day now the Catholic Church is sure to canonize him a saint....even though he is a Communist and doesn't believe in God. Semantics...  

Viva ANC, viva......

And in America, the Gang of Traitors Eight has passed the first hurdle and gotten their Immigration Bill passed through the Senate. Now the House has to pass it and that looks likely as they seem to have enough RINOs to ram it through. America will then die a very slow, painful death....

The US Supreme Court also decided to give the finger to the voters of California when they overturned a vote from the people banning Gay marriage. What the Supreme Court has done in one foul swoop is to tell the American people that no matter what you vote for, we can overturn it based on nothing more than how we feel about a matter.

This opens up the path for the American government to force states to accept any new definition of marriage they can dream up. Any group not happy with a State law can follow the same pattern to petition the Supreme Court, and the Liberals on the bench will do their bidding.

America is slowly being transformed in front of our eyes. Obama isn't worried about real issues, like jobs and the economy - no, he's more worried about gay marriage, climate change, making nice with all of America's enemies, and weakening the country in every way. And while the country falls apart, he and his Wookie are touring Africa on a one-week, $100 million junket - with adoring crowds of Black people chanting his name. Oh the ego.

This is the stupidity that was voted in, not once, but twice. 

America isn't going to survive Obama....

USA: Baby Stroller Mama Beating

Just watch as the animals go at each other - women and men and the baby gets forgotten. 

And then they wonder why we don't want to live among them. They are truly the lowest form of life.

And is that White dude crazy trying to break up a bunch of primates going at each other? Either he's crazy or he's crazy.

Hat tip: Julian B

Obama heads to South Africa as Mandela still critical

Do you know what I don't understand? 

Why these communists are quick to murder innocent people for their cause, but when it's their time to die, they cling to life like a limpet to a ship.

Apparently it's life for them, but not for you. Or put differently, weeds never die.

And it seems they're keeping Mandela on ice - because I have no doubt he's already dead - until Obama arrives in SA later today. If Mandela didn't die this past Monday or Tuesday then the next best thing for a dramatic dream-ending is to have him to take his last breath with Obama standing next to his bedside....or at a minimum, in the country.

Can you imagine if Mandela dies too early and Obama's visit gets totally ignored??

Can't have that! The egos all around wouldn't be able to handle that.

Pretoria - US President Barack Obama flies to South Africa on Friday hoping to pay homage to the legacy of his critically ill hero Nelson Mandela, who is critically ill in hospital.

Read more here (if you can be bothered)

Joke of the day....

My daughter just walked into the living room and said "Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, and stereo, and iPhone, and iPod, and my laptop. Please take all of my jewelry to the Salvation Army or Cash Converters. Then sell my new car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house. Then disown me and never talk to me again. And don't forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brother.

Well, she didn't put it quite like that... she actually said..

"Dad, this is my new boyfriend, Mohammed."

Hat tip: Hugh P

27 June 2013

USA: Paul Ryan struggles to explain why sealing the border before granting amnesty isn't feasible

What a farce this is turning out to be.

America is royally screwed now that the RINOs in the Republican Party are being exposed for what they are.

The latest RINO is Paul Ryan - the ex vice-presidential nominee under Romney. Sure, he tried to sound like a Conservative during the election campaign, but now he's standing naked for all the world to see the traitor he is.

Listen as he blah-blah-blah's about why it isn't a good idea to first seal the border and THEN look at solving the problem of all the illegal immigrants. Gosh - he gave such a lame response that anyone in doubt must surely see the fix is in to destroy White America.

Let's see. What will happen when all these millions of illegals get amnesty? They will be exempt from Obamacare so will be more employable than ordinary Americans. They will work for less money, making them more employable. They refuse to speak English, so that contributes to destroying America's culture. 

So, middle-class Americans will be the only ones suffering as a result of this blanket amnesty push by all these traitors.

And then you have Obama not worried about jobs. In fact, he's now targeting the coal industry because he wants to get serious about non-existent climate change. On top of that, he's laying off 80 000 troops. More job losses to come, expenses to rise and energy prices to take off - just as Obama promised. Did anyone want to listen???? No. 

And all those stupid coal-mine workers who voted for Obama because their union told them to should take a bow. Could they not see what was going to happen if Obama was re-elected???

Now they're losing their jobs.....well done boys.

USA: See what happens when an armed hijacker meets an armed citizen

If Obama had a son.....

Great photo......

South Africa: 'Madiba not just for blacks but for all!'

Some French "journalist" has written the vomit-inducing article below asking why there aren't any Whites gathered outside Mandela's hospital, holding vigil.

Read the article to see how she uses smears, innuendo and projection to damn Whites as scared racists who hate Mandela. Only one "source" has a surname - everyone else is just a figment of her White-damning imagination.

Well, let's give her her due - she's partly right in that most SANE Whites hate him for what he did and for what he's never repented or asked forgiveness for. However, on the "scared" bit she's way off base. Maybe Whites just don't care to stand around with the Mandela-crazies, waiting to hear he's dead? Maybe they have jobs to go to and money to earn so they can pay their taxes so that the Mandela-crazies can stand and hold vigil?

But I digress. Back to this stunning piece of rubbish journalism. 

Her best line is quoting some White person named Miken (what made-up name is that?), who spoke to her with his "hand covering his mouth as if someone may be trying to read his lips" (seriously??): 
“Some whites don’t like the blacks. Some of my white friends don’t want to see them. That’s why they live in their own neighbourhoods, amongst themselves, they consider themselves superior."
Wow, great journalism here from a brave French woman who can't even use proper made-up South African names to smear Whites. And "covering his mouth to not read lips"??? Honey, do me a favor and go back to France and cover your own "racism" of White French people wanting the Muslims out of their country. If you're going to project, then at least go where there's a real story. 

This is what the world is going to be fed for the next few weeks after the Great One has kicked the bucket. Whites in South Africa will be cast as the evil racists; Liberal Whites  - most sitting safely overseas - will come out of the woodwork rejoicing in Mandela's achievements; and the Blacks in the country will remind everyone about Apartheid and ask for donations of guilt money.

And now everyone overseas can figure out how South Africa was handed over to a bunch of terrorists. Not too difficult, eh?

Here's some of that truth sadly lacking in journalism these days:

As Nelson Mandela lies in a hospital bed with his health in a critical condition, throngs of South Africans have gathered outside the Pretoria clinic where he is being treated to show their support and pay homage to the man they call by his tribal name ‘Madiba’.

But apart from the scores of western journalists, the crowds at the gates of the Mediclinic Heart Hospital are almost exclusively of one colour, with barely a white face visible among the masses - a situation that has caused bemusement and even a sense of anger.

“Why have no whites come here to pay their respects or say a nice word for Madiba?” asks 29-year-old Comfort. “Madiba is not just a figure for blacks but for all the people!”

As Comfort speaks he does so in a lowered voice, but those around him still turn away at the very mention of colour. Clearly, 20 years after apartheid ended, race is still a sensitive subject in South Africa

As night falls, tongues become looser, although opinions are still expressed in whispers.

“It’s shameful, after all he has done for the country,” Moses, a friend of Comfort, also aged 29, says suddenly. “Not a single white has come to support or honour him.”

For Moses and others like him, the reason is clear: the whites “are afraid”. 
Masabata, a security guard from Pretoria, believes that whites have stayed away because “they know that Mandela’s death will change things”.

“Once Mandela dies, they think blacks will take their homes, their jobs,” elaborates Ben, a 29-year-old pharmacist. “They tell themselves that as long as Madiba lives there’ll be no fighting because it would cause too much pain for the former president [who has fought for national reconciliation since his release from prison in1990]. But after [his death], everything will change, you will see.”

Many South Africans, such as Rejoice, a mother who came with her sons to leave a bouquet of flowers outside the hospital entrance, dismiss such views as “crazy”. But others, like Miken, the only white person to be spotted in the crowd, are not so sure.

“You’re talking about difficult questions that no one wants to ask. But, ok, you want the truth?” says the businessman, hand covering his mouth as if someone may be trying to read his lips.

“Some whites don’t like the blacks. Some of my white friends don’t want to see them. That’s why they live in their own neighbourhoods, amongst themselves, they consider themselves superior.

“They think Mandela caused them to lose the country. They don’t respect him,” he adds, his voice still lowered.

“Me, I don’t say anything but I don’t agree, I think Mandela is a great man,” continued Miken, pointing to the bouquet of roses he came to lay outside the hospital.

“So no, I’m not surprised I’m the only white here, we don’t really mix with each other in Pretoria.

“Here, you’ll see that apartheid never really ended.”


Joke of the day.....

My troll is going to love this one!

A black child asks his mother, “Mama, what’s a Democracy?”

“Well, son, that’s when white folks work every day so we can get all our benefits, you know like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps, WIC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, & the list goes on & on, you know”.

“But mama, don’t the white people get pissed off about that?”

“Sure they do, that’s called racism!”

More good news out of South Africa.....

Digger arrives at Mandela's Qunu residence - apparently to dig his grave. Small house he has there in the background seeing as he sat in prison for 27 years for treason. Must be a moral in there somewhere.... 

Mandela is apparently on life-support.

I've "lost" two friends on Facebook recently after they posted touching tributes to Mandela saying that we should pray for him.

I asked them if they were praying for all the victims of his bombings as well.

Apparently they didn't like that and un-friended me.

I'm devastated......

School rugby tour to South Africa marred by violent crime

This incident happened in April, but was only brought to my attention recently.

A Western Australian boy's rugby tour to South Africa turned into a nightmare for one player, who was hogtied and held at gunpoint when his host family suffered a home invasion. He was fortunate that's all he had to deal with. Usually people die in these home invasions.

Australians are largely ignorant of the danger lurking in South Africa. They think that the Black population in the country is wonderful and just misunderstood - why, just look at Nelson Mandela! Most aren't aware of the current realities, otherwise they would never have sent a boy's rugby team to the country. In fact, I would have refused to let my son go were he chosen for that team. And it's my ex-country.

The boys were taken to Johannesburg (where the attack happened), Cape Town and visited the country's Propaganda Apartheid Museum (of course, that's a given), Nelson Mandela's house and Table Mountain.  They also visited several "shanty towns". 

See how totally ignorant those in charge are? They think that visiting a township is the same as going to the petting zoo. And in any case, these "tours" of the townships are usually carefully scripted so that only the "good" side is shown - and by good I mean that they will show the gullible White children just how the poor Blacks are made to live, in tin shacks and on top of each other. The crime and barbarianism isn't shown. That's swept under the PC carpet. Nor is the truth acknowledged - that Blacks choose to live like that. Nor would they dare tell the boys that they wouldn't be able to enter a township on their own, or in the dark. No, these types of school trips are all about infusing White guilt into the sub-conscience of the young White kids.... 

Well, these boys sure got to see the real South Africa. They would've come away from South Africa realising that the BS they're fed about the country is exactly that - BS. The school website didn't even mention the violent crime prior to the tour. How many of these boys will return for a visit? How many will encourage their family and friends to go?? All they will remember is how one of their team mates had a gun pointed to his head.

And the sad thing is that, despite what happened early in the trip, the families and school decided to continue with the tour. They put their kid's lives in danger for nothing.....

People may think that the words I write are all lies, that I scaremonger. But reality begs to differ, and nothing teaches like the truth.

Hat tip: DR

THIS is the picture which accompanies the article. Another untrue smear on White people...

A BOYS' rugby tour to South Africa turned into a nightmare for one player who was hogtied and held at gunpoint when his host family suffered a home invasion.

The Christ Church Grammar School First XV team visited Johannesburg, Cape Town and several shanty towns as the years 10 and 11 players enjoyed a pre-season tour during holidays.

Accommodation was supplied by billets but one local family became a victim of the country's violent crime, with armed bandits breaking into the home where the Perth boy was staying.

He was tied up and had a gun held to his body during the invasion.

CCGS principal Garth Wynne said the incident had marred the school's rugby tour last month but said the youth escaped unharmed.

Tour leaders decided to continue the trip rather than bring the boys home, he said.

"After consultation with the parents of the boy concerned, the tour leaders and people in South Africa, the tour continued as planned and has subsequently returned to Perth," Mr Wynne said.

"The boy is now being supported by both his family and the school to watch for any sign of post-traumatic incident distress."

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman said there were no warnings against travel to South Africa but visitors were "advised to exercise a high degree of caution because of the high level of serious crime" and "pay close attention to your personal security at all times".

In a letter to parents before the tour, Chris Miles, the teacher in charge of rugby, said the trip would cost each student about $5000.

The school's website makes no mention of the violent crime but says the rugby boys arrived in Johannesburg before going to a training facility and were then hosted by families from Bryanston High School.

After notching a win on the field, the boys visited a safari lodge and went on a four-wheel-drive trip.

In Cape Town, the players were hosted by the Wynberg Boys High School and played a final match against a team from Langa Township, which they described as a shanty town that was a "real eye-opener".

Year 12 player Tom Sheminant said: "Every ruck was a dust bowl and the fit African boys really showed us an aggressive and expansive brand of rugby.

"As the final whistle blew, we were mobbed by about 800 supporters and couldn't believe the carnival-like atmosphere."

Tom's parents declined to comment on the home invasion yesterday.

The team also visited the country's Apartheid Museum, Nelson Mandela's house and Table Mountain.

In 2010 former All Blacks and Western Force coach John Mitchell was stabbed in his Johannesburg apartment when two men broke in and demanded money.


USA: The lynching of Paula Deen

Paula Deen is a chef on the Food Network.

She is now famous in America after she admitted to using the word "nigger" after a gun was held to her head in the bank she was working at 30 years ago.

She also - at some time - expressed a desire to hold a party for her son and have the waiters dress as slaves.

These "incidents" were exposed during a deposition stemming from a lawsuit filed by a former manager of her  restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. The lawsuit filed by a Lisa Jackson alleges that Deen and her brother, Bubba Hier, committed numerous acts of violence, discrimination and racism that resulted in the end of Jackson's five-year tenure at Deen's Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba's Oyster House eateries in Savannah. Deen denies all the charges.

The deposition was released to the public and the anti-White privilege game was on!

As a result of her "admission" of using the N-word, Deen has lost her TV cooking show, numerous sponsors and has been dragged through the mud by the media. The Black race-baiters and human rights cheer squads are going to town on this one. They got them a live one here and they ain't gonna let go until that big, bad White fish is in the boat, dead from a blow to the head. And, of course, all her money has been given to the poor Lisa Jackson who is still suffering from all her "abuse" at the hands of Deen. 

The same plan is used over and over every time by these offended Blacks, and it always works perfectly. Just smear a White person as a huge racist, pillory them in the press, drag them backwards through the bushes, and then the fix is in. The lawsuit is easy pickings.

Yes, let's just conveniently ignore that Blacks call each other nigger all the time. Let's forget that Blacks call Whites cracker all the time. Let's just ignore that Blacks are the biggest racists out there. It's so much more important and totally unacceptable when a rich White person says a word most people utter daily with no second thoughts.

Political correctness is being used to sound a warning to every White person in America here by the Left - don't even think of drifting off the PC thought-control reservation or we will use all means to destroy you and squash you like a bug. Racist Blacks are given pass after pass - they can even say on national TV that it's great to make a movie where they get to kill all the Whites in the room - and everyone laughs with them. But, just let a White person say "nigger" and you are destroyed.

So now Ms Deen is out going on every media program she can to try and save her empire and assure America that she isn't racist. Yesterday she said that if anyone has never said something they regret, then they should throw stones at her head and kill her. 

Nah Ms Deen, do you call that grovelling? Grovelling is when you offer to kill yourself  - after you drag your cross, climb on, hammer your hands down and wait to die....and maybe, just maybe the poor offended darlings will give you a break. Until then, you are just a piece of meat thrown to the wild dogs to be ripped apart until the lawsuit has been won in the media.

Instead of grovelling Ms Deen, how about attacking all the HYPOCRITES who are attacking you? Because, at the moment they see you as weak for trying to appease and deny. Name them as the hypocrites they are instead of laying down and digging your own grave. What have you got to lose? How's that grovelling working out for y'all??

So, why am I enjoying this so much? Because Deen is a staunch Obama supporter and campaigned for him. She is also a friend of Oprah Winfrey. And so, as a Liberal Black-sucker-upper, she is getting to feel what it's like to be smeared, lied about and labelled as the biggest racist Grandma in the country.

How does it feel when your side turns on you Ms Deen? 

Paula Deen - her sin? Saying the N-word!

USA: Manhattan’s Upper West Side Weighs In on the IRS Scandal

Man, videos like this one are great. 

Liberals People walking on the street in Manhattan's Upper West are asked what they think about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting groups and people who are against the Obama agenda. In this instance, the IRS targeted the TEA Party, Conservative groups, pro-constitution groups, and even some anti-Obama Jewish groups.

For years, Liberals have been living with their tin-foil hats at the ready in case a fascist government started spying on them. And now that the day they've been fearing has finally arrived, most of them don't have a problem with it. The tin-foil hats have been packed away because their idol, Obama, is the one shanking them. They have no problem with that as they love them some Obama and he can do no wrong! 

Now, just imagine for a moment if this had happened under Bush or Reagan. What do you think they would have said?

These idiots are so brainwashed. And they usually live in safe, White enclaves, protected from the effects of their views  - they live in their ivory towers, away from the riff-raff . Yet they are quick to denigrate anyone who doesn't agree with their views as being racist. It reminds me of the Sea Point Jewish community during Apartheid - they were always to quick to side with the poor Blacks who were being treated so horribly under Apartheid, yet when Mandela was voted in they were the first out of the country bound to the next White-run country they could find. Australia, America, Israel......they fled like the cowards they are. Today Sea Point is a community of prostitutes and drug dealers from Nigeria.

Oh well, what can one say? 

The only person in this video who shows any signs of intelligence is the last guy interviewed - figure out why....

Australia: Kevin, will you finish knitting the kangaroo?

Hat tip: Anon (you know who you are)

Two days ago Julia Gillard was portrayed as an ordinary Aussie granny woman, just sitting around at home knitting - in her opals, finery and high heels (as normal women do). She was pictured knitting a kangaroo for the soon-to-be-born British royal baby - even though she is a radical Republican and hates the royal family.


And just the next day she was kicked out as Prime Minister and has been replaced by the recycled Kevin Rudd the Dud - the narcissist egomaniac - all so that he could get his revenge on Julia for stabbing him in the back 3 years before. 

So, the big question is, will Kevin finish knitting the royal kangaroo??

Recycled leader

26 June 2013

Australia: Last ego standing......and Rudd wins.

UPDATE to this post

Rudd has won the vote for Leader of the Labor Party (57/45) and will most probably be back as Prime Minister soon.

He will want to call an election quickly before people start remembering why they disliked him so intensely the last time round. So, look out for an early election to be called.

I'm absolutely devastated as I wanted the honor of voting the Fabian Socialist Julia Gillard out.


Oh well, now I get to vote Rudd out. Same difference, but less glee.

Going to watch the State of Origin and root for Queensland.


No one can accuse Australia of not having an exciting political landscape.

Kevin Rudd the Dud, has announced he will challenge Julia Gillard in less than an hour for Leader of the Labor Party.

If Rudd wins - which looks likely as Gillard is extremely unpopular - then he will return as Prime Minister of Australia until the next election, which was to be on 14 September this year.

If he looses, then Gillard will remain as PM and lead her party to their biggest  political thrashing ever. Most of the Labor politicians dislike Rudd intensely; however, he is the only one among them who is slightly more popular with the public (don't ask how), and will be able to save some furniture at the election. So, many of them are going to have to swallow their pride and vote to re-instate him as leader to save their seats.

Both are as bad as each other - one is an egomaniac narcissist with a god-like complex;  the other a radical feminazi lying incompetent Socialist. I don't care who wins as both won't get my vote. However, I would love it to be Jules so I can have the pleasure of voting her out at the election.

I'll keep you posted as to who wins. 

USA: Mother beaten in home invasion

A mother was at home with her 3-year-old and a sleeping infant, when a home intruder kicked down her front door and started attacking her in front of her toddler.

The attack was caught on a nanny cam and shows a Black previously disadvantaged descendant of slaves beat the mother up viciously. It was not the Black man's fault - no, the woman is White and due to her White privilege the Black man was entitled to treat her in this manner. In fact, the White woman is lucky that the Black man only beat her up and didn't rape or murder her.

She should be grateful to her attacker.

When you watch this video and see how he beats her up, remember that when they attack White people in South Africa - and especially the farmers - they attack in packs like the cowards brave men they are.

WARNING: Graphic content

Hat tip: Julian B

Picture roundup......

For the boys..........

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