31 May 2013

USA: America's China mistake

When will the USA learn that you can't be friends with your enemies?

Apparently they're going to have to learn the hard way. Sometimes a knock to the head is needed to wake a person up.

So, what is Obama up to now? Well, he's invited China to participate in the 2014 Rim of Pacific naval exercise to be held off Hawaii. 

Yes China!

Isn't that a great idea? Yes, why not have the one country in the world - China - which is out to destroy America and invite them to learn all your military secrets without having to hack your computers or spy on you? Why don't you just show them how you strategise with your allies during naval exercises. And gosh, darn-it, why not just help them develop their own military - especially their navy - let them copy your tactics so that one day they can outsmart you! What could possibly go wrong? 

Has no one learned from history???

So why would the Liberal Progressives be so dumb and clueless as to sleep with the enemy? 

Or, are they perhaps smarter than what we give them credit for? Maybe everything's going according to plan, and that plan is to sufficiently weaken American influence and its military might - and that of their allies - just as they've dreamed of for so many years...

What they fail to consider is that their little Obama administration experiment has been one gigantic failure so far. All that big talk they had going on prior to the 2008 and 2012 elections has proved to be just that - big talk and no action - all meant to get the empty suit Affirmative Action savior and messiah Obama elected. Their little pet Trojan horse.

And the only thing that Obama has accomplished is to impose Obamacare on the American people - and he had to lie through his teeth and flash his smile and use his teleprompter overtime to get that one through. It's proving to be a disaster as it rolls out and most Americans don't want it anymore. Oh, and we must concede that he's been pretty successful in tanking the economy and putting the country in spectacular debt - a debt from which the country will probably never recover. 

His foreign relations have been a disaster. The Arab Spring - where democracy was supposed to spread and save the people of the Muslim region still living in the 7th century - has now turned into an Arab Disaster. The real story about Benghazi is just waiting to be told. 

Obama's use of the IRS to hound his political enemies has backfired. His spying on the Press has been exposed. 

And, according to Obama, he knows nothing about anything, so he's in the clear.

In reality, he's up to his eyeballs in lies, corruption and fraud and it's only a matter of time until his clay feet are exposed to his Obamabots.

So, allowing China to come partake in a few military exercises with the USA and their allies should be ringing alarm bells in most American heads - except the Liberals as they're tone deaf.

China is a very different beast to other Mickey Mouse Communist and Muslim forces. They have outplayed, outwitted and outlasted almost every other Communist dictatorship around the world, and not by accident. They are probably laughing their heads off at the piss-weak president of the USA and his stupidity at inviting them into his lair.

And if Obama thinks he's smarter than the Chinese, then good luck with that. Fool. 

This spring, China's navy accepted the Pentagon's invitation to participate in the 2014 Rim of the Pacific — RIMPAC — naval exercise to be held off Hawaii. This will be the first time China takes part in the biennial event.

Our allies should signal their intent to withdraw from the exercise if China participates. Failing that, the invitation should be withdrawn. RIMPAC is for allies and friends, not nations planning to eventually wage war on the United States. Russia sent ships in 2012, but while its senior officers may occasionally utter unfriendly words, they are not actively planning to fight the United States. Analyst Robert Sutter was surely correct when he wrote in 2005 that "China is the only large power in the world preparing to shoot Americans."

That assessment, unfortunately, remains true today. Beijing is configuring its forces — especially its navy — to fight ours. For instance, China has deployed along its southern coast its DF-21D, a two-stage solid-fuel missile that can be guided by satellite signals. The missile is dubbed the "carrier killer" because it can be configured to explode in midair, raining down sharp metal on a deck crowded with planes, ordinance, fuel and sailors. Its apparent intent is to drive U.S. forces out of East Asia.

A pattern of aggressive Chinese tactics also points in that direction. Especially troubling is the harassment in international waters of unarmed U.S. Navy reconnaissance vessels for more than a decade, most notably the blocking of the Impeccable in the South China Sea in 2009. And there was the 2001 downing of a Navy EP-3 and the surfacing of a Song-class attack submarine in the middle of the Kitty Hawk strike group near Okinawa in 2006.

Since then, we have been hearing bold war talk in the Chinese capital, from new leader Xi Jinping to senior officers and colonels who say they relish combat — a "hand-to-hand fight with the U.S.," as one of them put it in 2010.

Why do China's officers want to go to war? There is an unfortunate confluence of factors. First, there is a new Chinese confidence bordering on arrogance. Beijing leaders, especially since 2008, have been riding high. They saw economic turmoil around the world and thought the century was theirs to dominate. The U.S. and the rest of the West, they believed, were in terminal decline.

The Chinese military also has gained substantial influence in the last year, perhaps becoming the most powerful faction in the Communist Party. Beginning as early as 2003, senior officers of the People's Liberation Army were drawn into civilian power struggles as Hu Jintao, then the new leader, sought their support in his effort to shove aside Jiang Zemin, his wily predecessor who sought to linger in the limelight. Last year, the civilian infighting intensified as the so-called Fifth Generation leadership, under the command of Xi, took over from Hu's Fourth. Like a decade ago, feuding civilians sought the support of the generals and admirals, making them arbiters in the party's increasingly rough game of politics.

The result of discord among civilian leaders has been a partial remilitarization of politics and policy. Senior officers are now acting independently of civilian officials, are openly criticizing them and are making pronouncements in areas once considered the exclusive province of diplomats.

The remilitarization has had consequences. As Huang Jing of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy said: "China's military spending is growing so fast that it has overtaken strategy. The young officers are taking control of strategy, and it is like young officers in Japan in the 1930s. They are thinking what they can do, not what they should do."

What do China's admirals want? They are supporting their nation's territorial ambitions to close off the South China Sea to others. This brings them into conflict with nations surrounding that critical body of water and pits them against the U.S. If there has been any consistent U.S. foreign policy over the course of two centuries, it has been the defense of freedom of navigation.

According to a white paper it issued in April, China is building a navy capable of operating in the ocean's deep water, and has 235,000 officers and sailors. Its navy last year commissioned its first aircraft carrier, and it is reportedly building two more. China has about a dozen fewer submarines than the U.S., but the U.S. has global responsibilities. The Chinese, therefore, can concentrate their boats in waters close to their shores, giving them tactical and operating advantages.

While the Chinese plan to dominate their waters and eventually ours, we are helping them increase their effectiveness with invitations to RIMPAC and other exercises and by including them in joint operations like the one directed against Somali piracy. The U.S. Navy at the same time is continuing to reduce its fleet, currently at 283 deployable ships. As Beijing's behavior has become more troubling, the Pentagon has clung to the hope that military-to-military relations will somehow relieve tensions with the Chinese.

Yet as Ronald Reagan taught us, the nature of regimes matter. We are now helping an incurably aggressive state develop its military — to our peril. There is something very wrong at the core of the Obama administration's and the Pentagon's China policies.


South Africa: May crime round-up

Time for a round-up of the crime committed on Whites by Blacks in South Africa during the month of May.

It's been one of the bloodiest and most violent months of the year and Sunette Bridges has done a great job of keeping tabs on all the victims.

For me, the saddest death is Carmen Manthe (37) - a new mom with an 11-week old baby. She was brutally assaulted by three men and sustained massive head injuries while she was taking a shower last Tuesday afternoon. She fell into a coma later that evening and her life support was switched off on Monday after she was declared brain dead. She was at home on maternity leave with her mother, Denise Simpson, and domestic worker, Thembeka Madakani, when the men burst into her bathroom and assaulted her with a tomahawk, according to the police. Her mother was injured and admitted to hospital, but released the next day. 

The domestic worker only sustained minor injuries. I just bet she did. Amazing how they're almost never harmed...... I wish people would wake up and stop using domestic servants and garden boys!

May all those who have lost their lives RIP.

Tomorrow is the last day of one of the bloodiest and most violent months yet this year for White South Africans... 

In 30 Days I have recorded 69 Attacks on 101 Victims, 7 Raped, 20 Murdered! ..20 Farm attacks. Sx

1 May - Christo Viljoen (47) was shot through his neck in Bultfontein by 3 black men. 

1 May – Babs Roos (70) was attacked in her home in Klerksdorp. She was assaulted, robbed and murdered. 

1 May – Heleen Robbertse (74) was attacked, tied up, bitten and robbed in her home in Sonlandpark. Her leg was severely injured and she has to receive ARV’s because one of the attackers bit her in order to remove her jewelry from her vingers. 

2 May - Rudy Zwarts was attacked at his home and left unconscious after being beaten on the side of his head with a brick. 

2 May – A 60-yeard old lady was attacked and murdered in her Greenhills home. Her 89-year-old mother-in-law was severely assaulted by 3 black men. 

3 May – Alex Walkinshaw, his partner Lindie and 11 year old daughter Jayden were attacked and severely assaulted in their Pretoria home by 5 black men. 

4 May - Elderly Roux-couple, 74 & 71, were attacked on their Piet Retief farm by a gang of black men wielding pangas.

5 May – Two young girls were attacked with pangas by 3 black men while visiting the Lowveld Botanicaal Gardens.

5 May – Janine van Rensburg (38) was murdered in Oudshoorn. 

5 May – Sampie van Aardt was severely injured during a botched highjacking. He was beaten up and stabbed with a screwdriver by a gang of black men near Brits. 

6 May – Ryan McCrae (24) was attacked an assaulted near his parents home in Bloemfontein. His attackers attempted to strangle him before robbing him en fleeing. 

6 May - Martin Coetsee (67) was attacked on his farm in Makwassie by a gang of black men. He was severely injured, beaten and dragged around his house by his ears. He is still in intensive care. 

Martin Coetsee

6 May - Juliette Rutte (62) was attacked and beaten in her home in Northclliff, Johannesburg. 

7 May – Peter Hackland (61) was murdered on his farm in Ixopo in Natal. His daughter and mother were also hurt during the attack.

8 May – Daan and Erka Rosseau were murdered in their home in Wellington. They suffocated to death when their attackers put plastic bags over their heads. 

Erka Rosseau

9 May – Gerald Carey was attacked and severely beaten with a baseball bat by 2 police officers because he refused to pay them a bribe.

9 May – Clive and Vicky were attacked and severely injured on their Small holding in Kraaifontein in die Western Cape.

9 May – A man was held up in Vredekloof by 2 attackers. He was badly beaten and his jaw and cheekbone were shattered.

10 May – A 22-year old woman was beaten and raped by 4 black men in police uniform and vehicle near Kempton Park. Police are denying any responsibility and claims it is a gang they have now dubbed “The blue light gang”. 

10 May – A man and his disabled son were attacked by 3 black men in their Centurion home. They were both brutally assaulted and the 35-year old son was shot in his face.

10 May – Nick Reynders (59) and his son, Dawid (38) were highjacked at their home in Witbank. They were taken away in different directions by the group. Nick was severely assaulted and escaped by pretending to be dead. His son was dragged behind the vehicle and stabbed 12 times. He is in hospital. 

11 May – Vernon Grant (95) was attacked, tied up and robbed in his Port Elizabeth home by 3 black men. 

11 May – Gerhard du Preez (71) was attacked and hit in his face with a block of cement by a black man he had just offered a job. He is still in hospital in a very serious condition. 

11 May – Gus Silber (56), his wife and two daughters were attacked, tied up, held up with guns and robbed in Northcliff. 

Gus Silber

12 May – Hein van der Merwe (22) cyclist was pushed off the road and assaulted by 3 black men in suits and a diplomatic vehicle. 

12 May – At and Winifred Janse van Rensburg were attacked on their farm in Buffelspoort by a gang of black men who ambushed them when they returned home. They were severely injured. Winifred is still in intensive care and suffered a fractured scull and has bleading on the brain. 

Winifred Janse van Rensburg

13 May - Tom Pieterse was attacked in his home in the town of Makswassie. 

14 May - Rui Moutinho (37) was brutally murdered in his home in Nigel. His body was only discovered 2 days later. 

14 May – Cathy Stander was attacked at her Blanco home while her husband was out jogging. She was held up with a knife and robbed of a laptop.

14 May – Fred van den Bergh (58) and his wife, Cosette (55) were attacked in their Faerie Glen home. Fred was shot dead and his wife badly beaten.

Fred van den Bergh and wife Cosette

15 May – 20-year-old girl raped during an attack at her parents’ home in Glenvista.

16 May – Farm attack on Kobus Bester on his farm Steekbokfontein in Koster.

16 May – Frank de Bie (67) was attacked in his home in Boksburg. His was stabbed in his shoulder and arm. Hit over the head and tied up. His dog was shot and he was robbed. 

17 May – Johnny Nelson and his wife attacked on their farm in Broedersput. Johnny badly injured and in hospital. 

17 May – William Sharman was shot and killed by 4 black attackers in New Germany for his lunch box… 

17 May – Les and Gale Adlam attacked on their farm on Balmoral road. Both badly injured. Les still unconscious. 

17 May – Pieter and Lena Theunissen were attacked, badly injured and robbed in Sabie. 

17 May – Ferdie Richards was Highjacked near Bronkhorstspruit by 4 black males. He was severely injured, tied up and dumped in the veld. 

17 May – Ben Pieterse found 3 black men in his daughter’s house on their farm near Rustenburg. When he surprised them he was shot in his leg but managed to take the weapon and shoot one of the attackers.

18 May – A farmer and his family were attacked in their home by 2 black men while having supper. They managed to overpower their attackers. 1 Fled, but the other is in hospital. 

19 May - Francois le Grange (51) was murdered in his home in Les Marias, Pretoria. His was beaten to death with a stone and his car was stolen. 

19 May – Karen Daley (43), her son Matthew (13), husband Mark (47) and Mother Elly (72) were attacked in their home in Glen Hills. They were held at gun point, Karen was groped and het mother kicked in the stomach while being robbed. 

19 May – Leslie Rabie, the manager of a guesthouse in Alberton, was assaulted by 15 black men who were reportedly drunk after returning from a wedding, making a noise and damaging property. When she ask them to be quiet, she was beaten with a knobkierie. The police found the incident funny and asked her to refund the guests for their stay. None of the men were arrested. 

Leslie Rabie

19 May – A young white male in his 20’s was walking home after visiting a friend in Queenswood, Pretoria, when he was attacked, beaten and raped by a black man. 

20 May – A 57-year-old white man was attacked in his home in Dorothy Road, Heuningklip, by 4 black attackers. He was shot through the neck. His current condition is not known. 

21 May – Gerhard Coetzee and his wife were attacked on their farm near Sudwala. Gerhard was severely injured and taken to hospital. The 5 attackers fled with 2 hunting rifles and a 9mm pistol. 

21 May – PJ Hassard was attacked on his farm in Hluhluwe in KZN by 5 black men. He was shot and is currently in hospital. 

PJ Hassard 

21 May – Lizelle Webster, her husband and daughter where attacked and robbed in their home in Kayalami. They were held at gunpoint and the attackers threatened to rape them. Her husband was severely beaten and taken to hospital. 

22 May – Kobus Larrem was shot and killed by a highjacker who demanded is car keys as he left home for work in Eastvale, Springs. 

23 May – Wilhelm en Marina Burger were attacked on their Stellenbosch farm at 3 am in the morning. They were robbed of weapons, cellphones and jewelry. 

23 May – Jenny Lachenicht, who was attacked and beaten with a garden shovel on 28 April, died in ICU today. She never regained consciousness after the attack. 

23 May – Morne Nel (32) was shot and killed during an attack on him, his girlfriend and 2 children at their Muldersdrift home. 

23 May - Salmon Ferreira (79) and his wife Rentia (78) were attacked, assaulted and robbed in the Oranjehof Retirement home in Bonaero Park.

23 May – Odette Scrooby-Joubert (ex miss SA) was attacked, hit over the head and robbed at gunpoint in her Bryanston home. 

Odette Scrooby-Joubert 

24 May – An 82-year old woman was attacked, assaulted and robbed in her Summerstrand home in Port Elizabeth. 

24 May – An 80-year old woman was attacked, raped and robbed in Walmer in Port Elizabeth. 

24 May – Gerrie Putter was attacked by 4 black men on his smallholding in Haakdoornboom in Pretoria. He was shot in his back. 

24 May – Annebe Lategan was raped, murdered and dumped in the veld near Elsburg. She was naked when found and her throat was slit. 

24 May – Dave Maratos (65) was attacked and stabbed to death on a farm in the Greytown district. 

24 May – Traudel Kretschmer (76) was murdered by 3 attackers in her home near Piketberg at 7pm. Her body was discovered the next day. She was bound, beaten over the head and strangled. They stole a cellphone and necklace. 

25 May – A white woman was attacked and gang raped in Allanridge at a Gold Laboratory by a gang of 7 black attackers who also tortured and brutally assaulted her colleagues for 4 hours. 

25 May – Johan Janse van Rensburg and his wife were attacked by a gang of black men in their home in Safarituine, Rustenburg. Johan was shot to death and his wife was shot and brutally assaulted. She is in hospital. 

26 May – A 65-year old White man was shot execution style during a robbery in Durbanville. He died on the scene. 

27 May – Carmen Manthe (37) died today after being in a coma for a week. She, and her Mom Denise, were attacked by 3 black men with axes and knives in Willowvale. 

Murdered Carmen Manthe

28 May – An elderly couple were attacked in their home in Nelspruit by 2 black males, one of whom was their gardener. The 61-year old man was shot twice but survived. 

28 May – Deon Jardim (31), an off duty police officer, was shot in front of his house in the presence of his 2 daughters by 3 attackers. He was shot in the chest and the bullet narrowly missed his heart. 

Deon Jardim

28 May – A young mother was attacked and raped in her home in Port Elizabeth by a black man with dreadlocks and a scar on his face. 

29 May – The body of Dr. Louis Heyns (59) was discovered in a shallow grave in Strand after he had been missing for a week. He was abducted, murdered and buried by 3 attackers who then stole his car and sold it to a chop shop.

Murdered paediatrician Dr Louis Heyns


Sweden: Minister warns Husby unrest may fuel prejudice

When a country has an "Integration Minister" then you know it's time for a dose of reality. And Sweden needs a good dose.

The Integration Minister of Sweden, Mr Erik Ullenhag was out visiting school students in Tensta, a neighbouring district of Husby, where the immigration riots took place last week.

According to Mr Ullenhag, the naughty Swedish people may now become prejudiced towards the people living in the area, due to the rioting. Really? So, no speeches to the kids about how immigrants should, like, um, integrate into Swedish society? That your biggest concern, is it Erik - prejudice from the Swedish people?

Yes Mr Ullenhag, just IGNORE that it was the immigrants burning cars (over 300), setting fire to buildings, including a school, and attacking police. Paper over those facts - sweep it under the PC rug. Rather go for the jugular and attack your own people who watched in amazement as their kindness in accepting refugees, housing them, schooling them, giving them healthcare, food, welfare etc. was THROWN back in their faces by the ungrateful youth. Attack your own Swedish people for future "prejudices" and coming away with a jaundiced eye, realising that no matter what they do, no matter how much they give, no matter how much compassion they show, it'll never be enough for the Muslim immigrants. Yes, what a grand idea - attack the very people footing the bill for all the refugees your government has forced onto the country - 44 000 last year alone and over 100 000 new immigrants in total. To be exact, they now make up 15% of the population and growing fast.

What a tool.

So what did one kid point out to the good Minister? Well, that the riots started because of the segregation in Sweden. How funny is that? During Apartheid South Africa, Sweden was one of the most vocal countries against us due to our segregation policies. They funded the ANC from abroad and supported any terrorist group hostile to our government. 

And now Sweden? How does it feel to be hypocrites?? 

Sweden now sits with a divided country - a segregated country - with pockets of Muslim refugee ghettos, where they have their own laws and where police and other government agencies may not enter - essentially they have a country within a country. A segregated country of their own making. A few decades ago, Sweden was a relatively peaceful, cohesive, prosperous country, full of native White Swedes. Today, due to their own stupidity, they have imported hostile non-White, third-world foreigners - majority Muslim - to come and live with them in peace and harmony. Except it hasn't worked out quite like that. How naive could they be? Apparently they were tired of having a beautiful, working, peaceful country and wanted to shake it up a bit. They just got more than they bargained for.

Now they sit with thousands of hostile Muslims who want to destroy the culture and laws of their host country. Well done Sweden!

In any case, the solution given by the kid who pointed out the segregated communities was that immigrants should be able to live in the middle of the city. Then they would be happy. Well, why not. Hop to it Mr Integration Minister, you have your orders. Move all your hostile refugees and foreigners to the middle of where the Swedish people live and work in peace and harmony and away from the refugees you've forced on them. Their demands need to be met lest there is more rioting. Maybe throw in a car or two, a free house, more free stuff. Any day now your new cultural enrichers will be happier......any day now they'll accept Sweden as their new home away from home.

But, Mr Integration Minister ignored that suggestion and stressed that Sweden needed more "positive cycles" - whatever the heck that means. One of the burning questions of the day for this fool from government was why there wasn't one mosque in the town.

Palm meet face. No wonder Sweden is going down in flames.

Minister warns Husby unrest may fuel prejudice

Sweden's Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag warned on Thursday that the unrest in Stockholm's outer suburbs last week may lead to prejudices about the people who live there. 

Ullenhag shared the message while speaking to a group of around 100 school students in Tensta, one of Husby's neighbouring districts that was also targeted by vandals last week.

The minister said that the prejudices about the Husby residents will be fueled because the people who don't know anything about the area will associated it with burning cars.

Ullenhag chose not to venture out to Husby during the week of unrest. 

"The people who threw rocks and those who burned cars got enough attention last week. Now it's all about trying to support the positive trends and to show that we seriously care about those who live in the area," he told the TT news agency.

One of the students, Mert Yilmaz, pointed out that the car burning was a direct result of the segregation in Sweden.

"It would be better if the refugees who come to Sweden lived in the middle of the city instead, then it wouldn't have happened," he said.

But the integration minister stressed that living arrangements can't be settled in such a manner.

"The problem is that for those who it's gone well for, they have chosen to move on. We must ensure that we have positive cycles. Why, for example, is there no mosque in Tensta, I think that's strange," he said.


30 May 2013

Kleinfontein invaded by black politicians with black BMWs, ambulance and…

As a follow up to this story.

The monkeys were out in full force in Kleinfontein today. The nicely rounded Black politicians and hangers-on'ers  arrived in their tax-funded black BMWs to inspect what they have labeled as a racist White enclave in the New South Africa. You know, that mystical land where everyone gets treated fairly, including Whites.....hahahahahaaaaa. 

They came out in full force, these monkeys, to see what the racist White Afrikaners are up to on their own private lands. They had heard rumors that it was all orderly and everyone was working in harmony with each other, and there was hardly any crime. Hau! We can't have that in the Rainbow nation. 

They also brought a firetruck and an ambulance along. Just what the F did they think was going to happen? Barbaric, uncivilised Whites come streaming out to attack them with their brooms and feather-dusters? 

Hey monkeys - you're not that important. The White people living in Kleinfontein have work to do - menial and manual labour work to keep the place going and to make it grow. They don't have time to stare at your stupid blue-light convoy full of racist Black politicians and their girl-friends who have come to gawk at working White people.

Last time they went to inspect Kleinfontein - a private co-op - it cost the Gauteng legislature R270 000. Maybe they'll charge more this time - throw in some padkos (road food) of caviar and champagne. 

Bloody fools. 

It's the monkeys running the zoo these days. Here, shove a banana somewhere.


The arrival of the monkeys in their expensive cars

Taxpayers' money on display in the form of black cars from the Black Forest... err, in Germany, that racist white country

More all-black BWMs to come and intimidate an alleged all-white, all-Afrikaner enclave

Blue lights for VIPs, Zimabwe-style
All the girl friends come to look at working White people
In case the discussion gets heated, they have brought the fire brigade to douse the flames... And an ambulance, in case any overweight politician has cardiovascular problems

Australia: I see racism everywhere.......

For those who don't know, Australia has a unique football code called Australian Rules.

It's extremely popular here in Melbourne, with most of the AFL clubs based here. There are various AFL clubs dotted around the country, including in Sydney.

During Friday nights "Indigenous round" (where White people are forced to remember that there are non-Whites in the country and to feel White privilege guilt about their role in dispossessing them of their land), Collingwood played the Sydney Swans at the MCG. Collingwood are the most popular club in the country, with the most members. 

One of the Sydney Swan's players, Adam Goodes - an Aborigine - heard a 13-year old girl from Collingwood call him an ape from the side-line. Instead of ignoring it, he pointed the girl out to security and she was whisked away from her Granny, held for two hours alone while the police grilled her, and then ejected from the MCG, shamed. The press published her photo. Tut, tut, racist White girl, they all proclaimed. Hundreds of navel-gazing articles followed, many expressing how racist White Australians are. Still are. And what's to be done about it. 

The girl has since said that she didn't mean to be racist, but that she called him an ape because he looked like one. He's big and hairy, she said, and looks like an ape. She didn't even know what racism meant.

Here's her apology letter to Goodes:

And here's a picture of the precious petal, Adam Goodes:

Hmmmm....just how wrong is she? 

Let's be clear here. Goodes is 33 years old, 1.94 cm tall and 100kg, and he took offense to a young girl calling him an ape. My oh my - what a dill.

Goodes said earlier he was shattered but did not blame the teen.
'Racism had a face ... and it was a 13-year-old girl - but it's not her fault," Goodes said.
Maybe he should go for an Oscar next time. Shed a tear or two for good measure.

AFL players are supposed to be tough, manly, arrogant men, and this one can't handle an insult from a little teen girl???? See, he interpreted her remark as racist, therefore it is racist. And so bloody what, Adam? Can't you handle such incidents? My son has been called worse and he's a White teen rugby player up against mostly Pacific Islanders. He just gets on with it. 

Goodes is a big proud Aboriginal man, so proud that he can't even date an Aboriginal woman. Nah, it's always a White chick with these guys. Never one of their own. It's not like there's a lack of them out there  - it's just that they're not White, and it has to be a White woman for them to feel superior and on par - preferably a blonde to really stick it to us Whites. Proudly Abo this guy is, I tells ya. 

But I digress.

At the time of the incident, the president of the Collingwood club, Eddie McGuire hung the girl out to dry. He didn't try to protect her or downplay the incident, or even stand up for her right to shout out an insult. No. He phoned her and told her off for being racist, and then he issued a statement telling the world that:
 "We've organised counselling services ... for her, her friends and family and we won't be abandoning her," McGuire said.
So, yesterday, amidst all the ape-calling and discussion of racism, old Eddie McGuire really put his foot in it. On his radio show, while laughing and discussing the start of the King Kong musical here in Australia, old Eds said the following:
"Get Adam Goodes down for it, d'you reckon?
"You know, the big, not the ape thing, the whole thing"

Adam Goodes should promote King Kong, the musical? Really McGuire, after all that talk of racism???

I would have laughed at the joke, but the precious petals here in Australia all swooned and attacked. They even called for him to resign as Collingwood president.

Haha - how does it feel now Eddie?? How does it feel to become public enemy number 1 - attacked by your own people - those intolerant Libs? The ones you were only to happy to pander to and castigate a 13-year old girl for her racism - now you're considered more racist than her??

And what was Adam Goodes reaction to the comments? Well, he REFUSED Eddie's apology. He's probably having a good sulk while sucking up the public attention to his hurt feelings.

Hmmm......I wonder if the police are going to interview Eddie for 2 hours as they did the girl? Will the police ask Adam if he wants to press charges, as they did for the girl? Or will there be double standards, one for the girl and one for an important man like Eddie McGuire?

Oh Eddie - you set up the girl to be labelled, and now you get the same treatment!

How's the shoe fitting?

And I'm betting there's one very happy, relieved 13-year old girl in Melbourne today - no longer the focus of the racism witch hunt. The Liberal Progressives have bigger fish to fry!

King Kong promotion in Melbourne - ironically with the MCG in the background

South Africa: Teacher’s assault caught on video

Well, well, some Black teachers are using a stick to hit their pupils when they don't follow the rules. This  usually means that these teachers knows what works in their classroom.

So, what's the big deal here? Granted, this teacher was a tad extreme, but in our day we had teachers walking around the class with a ruler, hitting our hands if we were naughty. You quickly learned to be quiet and respectful.

Boys received corporal punishment for bad behaviour and boy did it work! A long thin cane to the buttocks was all it took to open the ears and close smart mouths. Girls either had their hands smacked with a nice long wooden ruler or did detention. As a result, there was hardly any fighting between kids, no talking back to teachers, no issues with handing in work on time, and no issues with disrespect. If kids still chose to do the wrong thing, then they were kicked out of school.

Back then, schools were institutions of learning and shaping and molding the future.

And since corporal punishment has been removed from our schools, because shame, the poor dears may get a smack or two, our schools have become a joke. Hardly any learning is done, disrespect is the norm, and coming and going is up to the pupil.

This is what the disease of Liberalism does to society. What we sit with today is a direct result of going soft on our youth. Today, parents can't even smack their own kids without being punished or taken to court. Teachers sit with the result in their classrooms, too scared to take action in case they get into trouble from the government or parents. 

Suspensions are used these days as a way to stop the behaviour. All it does is stop the kids from going to school. Instead they sit and play games at home or go to the mall. Gee, wow, what bad punishment that is. No wonder the number of suspensions is increasing.

Just get the cane and wooden ruler back into the school system and watch kids start to show respect again. 

But no, that's too easy. Can't have that.

Hat tip: Shamus

AN EASTERN Cape teacher has been caught on video beating a Grade 10 pupil.

The video was captured by a fellow pupil using his cellphone.

The pupil, Zenande Mekeleni from Ndabankulu Senior Secondary School in Butterworth, said the incident occurred on May 8 when she and her classmates failed to produce maths homework.

The teacher beat her with a stick. In the video, which the Dispatch has seen, the teacher can be heard swearing at the pupil.

According to Mekeleni, the entire class was punished the same way. She said her parents reported the incident to the school.

Principal Vuyani Thongo refused to comment on what he called a “sensitive matter”.

In a separate incident, a parent of a Grade 2 pupil from Child’s World Primary School in Berlin said his son was beaten by the principal for failing to wear long grey pants.

Parent Dumile Qamarwana said his nine-year-old son Lufefe Ndika did not want to to go to school.

“He said the principal went into the classroom, dragged him by the collar and beat him with a wooden spoon on his behind,” the furious parent said.

Qamarwana went to the school but a meeting with the principal, Melany Booysen, proved fruitless.

He said she was “rude” and asked about school fees owed.

Booysen would not comment on the matter, and directed the Dispatch to her lawyer, who also did not comment other than to say that Booysen reserved her rights.

Education spokesman Loyiso Pulumani said corporal punishment was a crime and advised parents to report it to the police.


France's first gay marriage is broadcast to nation

No sooner was the new Gay marriage bill signed in France, when the first Gay marriage took place.

And what a ceremony! Most of France was against this bill, so what did the Liberal Progressives, Lefty media and Socialist government do to force the lie that everyone is happy about the bill? They televised the marriage live on French television. They even made sure a government minister was part of the happy audience inside city hall. Note, not a church, but it's only a matter of time surely until the Gay activists start demanding that the Church start holding Gay marriage ceremonies.

I remember the old days when only very important marriages were televised on TV. I remember us kids being kept at home for the Charles and Diana wedding!  Today, the only princesses getting married, live on TV, are the Gay and Lesbians. The world sure is changing, and not for the better.

People often question why people have a problem with Gay marriage and/or their lifestyle. Well, I never really voiced my problem with it, as long as they stayed on their side of the fence and kept on the down-low. I didn't want to hear, see or read about it. However, this has all changed as the Gay activists have decided to throw their lifestyle in our faces and forcefully shove it down our throats for good measure.

They don't realise the damage they've done to their own Gay brand as more and more people start openly rejecting and questioning the wisdom of being tolerant and keeping quiet.

Last week even the Boy Scouts of America couldn't escape the new normalisation of a Gay society. The BSA was pressured to change who they are and what they stand for, all so that the pop-culture of homosexuality could be embraced. The BSA mission statement went out the window without a thought about the consequences. Openly homosexual boys would now be allowed to join the BSA. What's the problem with this? Well, as you'll see below in the summary of facts, homosexual boys aged 15 are having sex. Would you want your young son to be around these sexually active Gay boys?

I for one am now going to become more vocal about the Gay issue, because we have seen what happens to society when we keep quiet and tolerant - our voices and views are drowned out by the Gay minority who have no license to change who we are. They have managed to pervert our society into their Utopia.

So, let's get some honesty and facts out into the world about what a homosexual lifestyle brings to those practicing it. 

The Family Research Council has put together an article by pulling data from various studies on homosexual practices and relationships (Gays and Lesbians), and it sure is interesting reading.

Here's a summary of the fact-filled article:

  • Gay men are in the highest risk group for several of the most serious sexually transmitted diseases and the incidences are on the rise
  • Homosexuals are failing to disclose their HIV status to their sex partners
  • Younger homosexuals are engaging in dangerous sexual practices at an alarming rate - a 5-year study of homosexual males aged 15 to 22 found that one-quarter had unprotected sex with both men and women
  • Instability and promiscuity typically characterize homosexual relationships - both Gays and Lesbians
  • Studies indicate that the average male homosexual has hundreds of sex partners in his lifetime
  • A study found that 43% of White male homosexuals had sex with 500 or more partners, with 28 percent having 1,000 or more sex partners, and only 2.7% claimed to have had sex with one partner only
  • Another study found that few homosexual relationships last longer than two years, with many men reporting hundreds of lifetime partners
  • There is high promiscuity within the homosexual population. One study found that couples with a relationship lasting more than five years had incorporated some provision for outside sexual activity in their relationships
  • Most "unsafe" sex acts among homosexuals occur in steady relationships
  • Homosexuals are more at risk of developing the following diseases: Human Papillomavirus; Hepatitis; Gonorrhea; Syphilis; Gay Bowel Syndrome; HIV/AIDS; Anal Cancer 
  • There is a high incidence of mental problems under both Gay and Lesbians, with over 75% seeking psychological counseling of some kind, many for treatment of long-term depression or sadness
  • Homosexuals have a higher rate of suicide
  • Homosexuals have a reduced life span. One study found that life expectancy at age 20 of gay and bisexual men is eight to twenty years less than for all men. They estimate that nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently aged 20 years will not reach their 65th birthday
  • The incidence of domestic violence among gay men is nearly double that in the heterosexual population; and 90% of the lesbians surveyed had been recipients of one or more acts of verbal aggression from their intimate partners during the year prior to this study, with 31% reporting one or more incidents of physical abuse

So, basically, most homosexuals are promiscuous, diseased, violent, unhappy, suicidal and don't live long. Not all, but most.

The fact that stands out to me is that 28% of Gays have had 1000 or more sex partners, and 43% have had over 500 partners.

These are the types of militant Gay activists who demand marriage "rights" for 2% of the population, of which nearly 30% have had over 1000 sexual partners. I'm guessing staying faithful is not a priority to them.

Where's the morality? Where's the decency? Where's their moral compass?? 

And we are listening to them??? We are letting them shape our world??

Good grief. We have gone crazy. And let me remind you that even in countries which have legalised Gay marriage, most Gays don't rush to the alter. Only around 12-13% get "married".

And contrary to popular belief, there is no Gay gene which homosexuals are born with. It's an acquired conscious behaviour. That is why many homosexual men try and corrupt younger males at an early age. And many females who become Lesbian do so after being raped or violated at an early age.

Marriage is clearly not a priority to the Gay population, so why are they so eager to push it on our societies? Most Gays aren't - it's once again the tiny minority of eternally unhappy Gays and Gay activists who want to impose their will on others - because they can.

Time to fight back.

France's first Gay marriage

MONTPELLIER, France (AP) — In a historic ceremony broadcast live on French television, the first gay couple to marry in France said "oui," then sealed the deal with a lengthy and very public kiss.

Hundreds of invited guests including a government minister gathered for the moving ceremony Wednesday inside city hall in southern French city of Montpellier. Hundreds more flocked to the square outside the building as Vincent Autin, 40, and his 30-year-old partner, Bruno Boileau, were wed.

The politically charged ceremony was held under tight police surveillance — a stark reminder of the months of bruising opposition to the new gay marriage law that French lawmakers passed earlier this month.

Although the marriage itself went undisrupted, outside the city hall it was not trouble-free. A plainclothes policeman dragged back one protester on Wednesday who shouted threats and tried to approach the couple as they were being escorted into the building, before the ceremony. Police also used tear gas to push back a small group of demonstrators who gathered behind the city hall.

"Even if we have passed the hurdle of equality, there are still more battles to fight... But for now, it's a moment for festivity, for love," Autin said after exchanging vows. Some cried, others smiled as Frank Sinatra's hit "Love and Marriage" blasted out, marking them tying the knot.

The two men then walked hand-in-hand to the city hall balcony to wave to well-wishers alongside Montpellier Mayor Helene Mandroux, who officiated at the ceremony. Smiling proudly, Mandroux called the marriage a "historic moment" and "a stage in the modernization of our country."

The two men, who will adopt the names "Messieurs Bruno et Vincent Boileau-Autin," were holding a separate, private ceremony later Wednesday for close friends and family.

"Many people have been waiting for this law on marriage and adoption. Now, it's done. Many people are going to be doing as we did, and celebrating their unions... We are very pleased and honored," said Boileau.

It is not clear yet when the first gay adoption will take place.

News of the marriage will not be welcomed in every corner of France. Just last Sunday, tens of thousands of people protested fiercely in Paris against the new gay marriage law, demonstrations that ended with riot police shooting tear gas.

A plan to legalize same-sex marriage and allow gay couples to adopt was a liberal cornerstone of Socialist Francois Hollande's election manifesto last year. It initially looked like a shoo-in for the French president — since the measures were supported by a majority of the country — and an easy way to break with his conservative predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy.

But the issue became a touchstone as Hollande's popularity sunk to unprecedented lows, largely over France's ailing economy. The law became a political hot potato that exposed bitter divisions between urban France, where homosexuality is widely accepted, and the Catholic heartland where conservative attitudes hold sway.

"What happened in our country to create so many divisions?" Mandroux said Wednesday, reflecting on the wrenching debate.

Demonstrations against the gay marriage law have often spilled into violence.

In Sunday's protest in the French capital, several hundred protesters clashed with police, throwing bottles and chasing journalists. Interior Minister Manuel Valls said police arrested some 100 far-right protesters.

Paris police estimated that 150,000 people took part in the demonstration but march organizers claimed on their Twitter account that more than a million people did.

At the same time Sunday, on the shores of the Mediterranean, the prestigious 66th Cannes Film Festival gave the Palme d'Or, its top honor, to "Blue is the Warmest Color: The Life of Adele," a graphic French film about a tender, sensual lesbian romance.

France is the 14th country so far — and the biggest in political and economic weight — to recognize gay marriage.


A European Spring

I'm not going to say much about this article, apart from make the time to read it. 

Some of the lines from the article:
Muslims come from a culture that celebrates death and “martyrdom,” so that doesn’t scare all of them. What does scare them? Being sent back to their backward home countries where they have to live with their own dysfunctional cultures without having non-Muslims to make life comfortable for them or Western taxpayers to fleece.
It's a work of art by Fjordman and well worth the read.

On 22 May, 2013 two African militant Muslims armed with knives and Koranic quotations beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight in the streets of London, England, near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich. The murderers then praised Allah and stated that the British would never be safe in their own streets anymore.

At the exact same time, some of the immigrant-dominated suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden had erupted in major riots, going on night after night with car burnings and shouts of “Allahu akhbar!” during attacks on the police.

Similar riots have already taken place multiple times in other Western European countries such a France. And not just in Paris. In the southern city of Marseille, which is partly an Arab and African city already today, the problem of street crime has reached such heights that even Socialist politicians plead for the army to be sent in against the gangs — the overwhelmed and understaffed local police lost control over these territories years ago.

The unarmed British soldier beheaded by two Islamic fanatics in London was later identified as Lee Rigby — a 25-year-old “cheeky and humorous” serviceman described as a “loving father” to his two-year-old son Jack. Witnesses said the suspects “hacked and chopped” at his body and were shouting the Islamic phrase “Allahu akhbar!” British Prime Minister David Cameron stated that the savage murder will bring the UK together and “make us stronger.” Speaking outside Downing Street, the Prime Minister said the attack was a “ betrayal of Islam.” Very similar sentiments were echoed by London Mayor Boris Johnson, another alleged “conservative,” as well as countless other Western leaders and media outlets. The only problem is that this is not true.

No, Prime Minister, beheading non-Muslims has been practiced for centuries around the world. Jihad is not a “betrayal” of Islam, it is Islam. The only “betrayal” here is that of people such as Mr. Cameron and the Western ruling class which he represents. They betray their own nations and countries every day by continuing to let Islamic fanatics into Western cities, from Austria to Australia and from Finland to Canada, while they harass our sons and daughters, mock our laws and customs and threaten us with terrorism. The days when these ruling elites could claim that they “didn’t know” the effects of their policies are now long gone. The negative effects are all around us to see, from Muslim-ruled streets in Neukölln, Berlin to the terror victims of Madrid, Spain.

On September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary for the 9/11 Islamic Jihadist terror attacks that killed thousands of American civilians, and was intended to kill hundreds of thousands more, three Jewish men in Waltham, Massachusetts had their throats slit from ear to ear and were nearly decapitated. Evidence indicates that the brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who are believed to have carried out the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013, were also involved in this triple homicide two years earlier. Their father is a Chechen Muslim and their mother is a very devout Muslim woman. The Tsarnaev brothers came to the USA as refugees, and repaid this kindness with terrorism and murder. Let their example serve as a lesson to naïve Westerners.

The London attack is far from the only time that Muslims have slit the throats of non-Muslims, which is done in almost exactly the same way as they halal-butcher sheep. When Jihadists use Koranic teachings to compare “infidels” to animals, these are not just empty words. The same thing happened with Theo van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam, for instance, and beheadings have ample support in Islamic texts and established practice all the way up until today.

As the English patriot Paul Weston commented on the website Gates of Vienna, PM Cameron appeared brave and statesmanlike in some of his public statements, but by deliberately leaving out words such as “Muslim,” “Islam” or “Jihad” he missed the main point. London Mayor Boris Johnson made his appeasement attitude and mindset even more apparent when he claimed “it is completely wrong to blame this killing on Islam.”

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch duly lays out the verses from the Koran acted out by these Muslim murderers in London. Yet even some supposedly right-wing newspapers and media outlets nevertheless absurdly claimed the beheading had nothing to do with Islam. The denial is as deep and psychologically fascinating as it is disturbing.

During the Olympic Games in 2012, London had anti-aircraft guns set on rooftops for the first time since the Second World War. Which war is Britain in this time, exactly? You’re not supposed to say that out loud. Muslims are largely free to spew out hatred in their mosques, yet if the natives in simple Twitter messages on the Internet point out the violence inherent in Islam’s teachings or the aggressive Jihadist campaign of conquest that is being waged against them and their families, the police may charge them with “inciting religious hatred.” That’s not from a George Orwell novel written generations ago; it is the reality of British and Western life today.

Within a few days, eleven people across the UK were arrested for making “racist or anti-religious” comments on the Internet through services such as Facebook or Twitter. A 22-year-old man appeared before magistrates in Lincoln charged with posting a “grossly offensive” anti-Muslim message on Facebook following the savage Woolwich murder. Lincolnshire Police warned users of social networking sites that they face arrest if their posts were likely to incite racial hatred or violence. A 23-year-old and a 22-year-old from Bristol were held under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred. Police have arrested three people ahead of an EDL protest for allegedly posting racist Twitter messages.

While Muslims are butchering British people in British streets and Muslim immigrant gangs use sexual torture against native children as young as ten years old who are dismissed as “white infidel whores,” the main priority of the political and media elites seems to be clamping down on groups such as the English Defence League (EDL). They are allegedly dangerous and divisive “extremists” because they stage protests against the above-mentioned atrocities resulting from immigration policies that have been promoted by the elites for decades.

In essence, the response of the Western political and media elites to any and all Islamic atrocities in our lands is to say that “This is a tragedy, for which nobody is really responsible. Muslims are the primary victims of it because it increases Islamophobia. Now, go back to your homes, shut up and watch something about the evils of white privilege on TV. And don’t write anything about this on the Internet, or the authorities will charge you with racism and hate speech because you don’t want to expose your children to racial and religious hatred from the backward tribes we just let into the country and will continue to let into the country indefinitely.”

I’ve heard comments from some of those who grew up under Communists regimes. Yes, they loathed the repression and the economic hardship, but above all they hated all the lies. They were constantly told things by the media and academia that they could see with their own eyes were blatantly untrue, yet were nevertheless supposed to parrot unquestioningly or lose their jobs and possibly face legal trouble with the authorities.

It’s remarkable just how many similar problems we can see under Multicultural regimes in the modern West. The ruling elites additionally seem to share the same Utopian longings, combined with contempt for regular people and a desire to use them as guinea pigs in grandiose experiments of social engineering to create a “new man.”

What really annoys me about the reactions to the latest wave of Islamic and Third World violence in the spring of 2013, from Boston via London to Stockholm, is all the nonsense we are being presented by our politicians and press. I’ve heard the same lies before, again and again and again for years. I’m sick and tired of it, just as millions and probably tens of millions of other citizens throughout the Western world have become as well.

Now that my real identity is known, I can confirm that I was in the largest city in the Arabic-speaking world on September 11th 2001, or 9/11, when I was a student of Arabic language at the American University in Cairo. I was already growing increasingly anti-Islamic well before that date — and many other events after that date continued to accelerated that trend — but living in Egypt during 9/11 was certainly educational.

The fact that many of the local Muslims were quite happy about this Jihadist attack against the infidels and the Great Satan did not surprise me much; I already knew that the Middle Eastern Islamic culture has a powerful undercurrent of hatred against anything non-Islamic, coupled with extremely widespread conspiracy theories of the most absurd varieties imaginable, which even many educated locals believe in and repeat on television.

What shocked and disappointed me most about 9/11 is the extent to which Western mass media, academia and political leaders were in complete denial about the Jihadist aggression behind this attack, and tried to cover it up.

The problems of denial and appeasement have only increased since then. A full decade after the deadly 2001 Islamic attacks, the USA has a President, Barack Hussein Obama, who in his infamous Cairo speech said that he considers it his job to combat negative views of Islam wherever they exist. A comparable situation would be a statement by the President of the United States a decade after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that he considered it his duty as US President to combat negative views of Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany wherever these may exist in the world. This would have been viewed as a sign of defeat and submission by outsiders, and rightfully so.

Obama was in this case unfortunately a man of his word. The Jihadists from the terror network al-Qaida who carried out the September 11th attacks in 2001 in the USA were in part followers of the Islamic ideologue Sayyid Qutb, who was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Ten years later, the Obama Administration in the USA helped a Muslim Brotherhood regime to power in Egypt and stabbed a loyal ally, Hosni Mubarak, in the back.

Throughout the Western world, a widespread self-censorship and gradual submission to Islamic demands and intimidation is spreading. There is no way to counter this without dealing with the root causes, the chief of which is Muslim immigration. Islamic countries and organizations should also be barred from investing in or buying critical infrastructure in Western countries, which includes Arab petrodollars donated to Western universities or schools.

The self-censorship is increasingly due to just plain physical fear of attacks and terrorism. This culture of fear is the first sign of Islamization and the initial stage of dhimmitude, the deeply humiliating status of non-Muslims under Muslim rule. The independent scholar Bat Ye’or has been mocked by the academic establishment, but in her fine work she has explained and predicted the mechanisms of dhimmitude with frightening accuracy.

Islam does not mean “peace”, but “submission.” Muslims are required to submit to sharia laws, but all non-Muslims on the planet should also submit to Muslim rule until they themselves finally accept Islam. Muslims have not just a right but a duty from Allah to wage war against everybody else on Earth until they submit to Islamic rule.

In Islamic culture you can encounter something called taqiyya, the use of deception, which makes it permissible to lie under certain circumstances to further the cause of Islam. This principle is practiced not only by Shias, but also by Sunni Muslims such as the Palestinian Jihadist terrorist Yasser Arafat, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, although this deception is more commonly practiced than many non-Muslims realize, this does not mean that all Muslims lie about their intentions all of the time. Some of them can be quite frank about their goals and views in their statements. The puzzling and disturbing thing to witness is that even when some Muslims state their violent hatred for us openly, members of the Western ruling class will usually fall over themselves to cover this up.

In other words: Muslims can and do lie sometimes, but Western mass media and politicians lie even more. Perhaps some of them truly believe their own nonsense, and thus lie to themselves, but they certainly lie to us.

A case in point is the public beheading in London, where the perpetrators literally shouted their Islamic beliefs and bragged about their desire to murder us in our own streets, humiliate us and conquer our countries. Yet the Western ruling class responded to this by saying that the attack had nothing to do with Islam. The same people, from The New York Times to the BBC, tend to downplay the statements of Theo van Gogh’s Muslim murderer, who slit Van Gogh’s throat in a public street. He’s a proud Jihadist who killed an infidel seen as mocking Islam.

There has been much talk of a “Euro-Islam,” but the simple truth is that there are no practical indications of any impending Islamic “Reformation.” On the contrary, what we are actually seeing is a wave of Jihadist aggression sweeping the world. Nor has anybody yet come up with a convincing theoretical description of the way Islam could be reformed, at least not if by “reform” we imply something peaceful and non-violent with secular laws.

Even if Islam should against all odds be possible to reform, such a messy and turbulent process would most likely entail generations of violent and bloody conflicts. If Islam cannot be reformed, the result will thus be Jihadist violence. In the very unlikely event that Islam can be reformed, this will probably also result in generations of Jihadist violence. Already today, when Muslims make up a small minority, only a few percentage points of our population, the Islamic presence has caused terrorism, murder and mayhem.

What this means is that the authorities in all Western countries are now promoting immigration policies that are virtually certain to cause pain, suffering, violence, terrorism and loss of freedom on all levels. After all the practical experience indicating that this is exactly the outcome we are likely to get, they continue promoting the same policies as if nothing has happened, and clamp down on critics of them. These twisted policies must end, now.

As we entered May 2013, the business daily Finansavisen in Norway published a series of articles proving just how costly non-Western mass immigration is to the country in monetary terms. In this case, the focus was mainly on welfare payments. That is a serious problem in its own right. In neighboring Denmark, the author and historian Morten Uhrskov Jensen has published a well-researched book showing the same pattern, which is by now well-documented in many Western countries. All Third World immigration, not just of Muslims, is costly.

Yet while the costs of such mass immigration in simple monetary terms is bad enough, one of the most negative effects is the loss of trust and the fact that you no longer feel safe in the streets of your own country due to imported ethnic crime and foreign mafias. This has become painfully illustrated within the space of a single week in May 2013, with the riots in Stockholm, Sweden, and the savage murder and beheading of a British soldier in broad daylight — not in Afghanistan or the Yemen, but in the streets of London, England.

The most serious problem of all, however, on which no price tag can be put, is the fact that Europeans in many countries are gradually losing not just their freedoms but their lands and their very existence as distinct nations. If present trends continue, the natives will in this century become a minority in places such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. It’s only a matter of which year this will happen.

This is the greatest and fastest demographic transformation of the European continent ever recorded in historical times, perhaps since the end of the last Ice Age, yet the natives are more or less barred from objecting to their ethnic displacement or properly debating what this massive transformation will imply. Institutions such as the European Union are doing nothing to stop this process, but are actively encouraging it in a deliberate effort to break down nation-states and establish the transnational rule of unelected and unaccountable oligarchs.

While Western authorities are trying to export “democracy” to Arab or Islamic countries they are weakening the democratic system at home, rendering it increasingly empty as they hollow out elected institutions and transfer power to unelected institutions, in Brussels or elsewhere. Whereas Western leaders show boundless willingness to listen to the “legitimate grievances” of Muslims, they display utter contempt for Europeans and people of European origins overseas. These are to keep their mouths shut as the ruling elites dismantle their countries and ridicule their cultural heritage. Western rulers and mass media show a shocking indifference towards the daily humiliations and crime suffered by the white majority population in their own countries.

The so-called Arab Spring has only succeeded in bringing sharia-sponsoring regimes to power that are likely to be hostile to Western interests. Yet that has not stopped Western governments from widely applauding and supporting this trend. They have also learnt nothing from their mistakes, but are currently trying to support opposition groups in Syria that are known to involve Jihadist fighters, some of them with ties to the al-Qaida terrorist network. The fact that our authorities still continue to support this trend is insane and unacceptable.

What we need now is a European Spring, not an Arab Spring. We need to abolish the rule of unelected autocrats and dismantle the EU in its present and increasingly totalitarian form. It is quite possible that we really need some form of European cooperation across borders in this century to keep the continent safe from external threats — for instance from a resurgent Islam — and to preserve Europe as the natural homeland of the European peoples.

Yet virtually everything about the actual set-up of the EU as it exists today is wrong. It is a totalitarian, utterly corrupt and generally useless organization that creates more problems than it solves, and does little to preserve or revitalize European civilization. On the contrary, it makes it easier for outsiders with hostile intentions to colonize the continent. The EU is therefore the wrong answer to the right question. It is so deeply and fundamentally flawed that it needs to be dismantled in its entirety and its institutions abolished outright.

In all Western countries, not just in Europe but also in North America, Australia and New Zealand, immigration needs to become much more severely restricted than it is today. In my view, that should go for non-Muslim immigration as well, but Muslim immigration is a special case. It should be stopped immediately to all Western nations and permanently halted. When you find yourself stuck in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging.

Stop with the lies! No, Islam is not a religion of peace; and no, we cannot allow it to expand in our countries.

Muslim immigration has been a historical mistake of epic proportions. It’s already been very costly in monetary terms, loss of lives, lost freedom and increased security measures. The sick and evil ongoing social experiment on an entire civilization needs to end, right now. The twisted and dangerous ideologies of open borders and Multiculturalism (but only for Western nations) must be discredited and abandoned as policies. Realistically, the ruling Western elites will not do this willingly and must probably be forced by popular pressure to do so.

Not only should we not allow any more Muslims to settle in our lands; we should start expelling the worst ones who are already here. Merely putting them in a soft Western prison, where they will form Islamic enclaves and work to convert other violent criminals to Islam’s violent Jihadist teachings, is not sufficient in the long run.

Muslims come from a culture that celebrates death and “martyrdom,” so that doesn’t scare all of them. What does scare them? Being sent back to their backward home countries where they have to live with their own dysfunctional cultures without having non-Muslims to make life comfortable for them or Western taxpayers to fleece. If that is what scares them the most, then that’s exactly what they should get. Any promotion of sharia or Jihad should be outlawed. Any breaches of this ban, or any involvement in serious criminal activities, should automatically get the perpetrator expelled and sent back to the homeland of his ancestors, even if he was born here.

To devout and serious Muslims, our secular laws are illegitimate and our citizenship is a worthless piece of paper, except insofar as it can be used to access our tax money. We should start taking their word for it.