28 February 2013

How America Is Going the Way of Europe

The question remains whether American Progressives will completely destroy the economy before America becomes Europe; and if no, whether the whole EU/US mess implodes into something still uglier.

South Africa: Police brutality caught on video

Who wants to see how the South African police arrest a man? Well, at least their version of arresting someone! Their version includes not being able to lock the suspect in the back of a van, but handcuffing him to the outside of the police vehicle and then driving off with him.

The man later died of "various" injuries. I'm sure the police had nothing to do with his death....yeah right.

Welcome to the new South Africa!! Anyone still giving me a hard time about leaving can kiss my _ _ _.

Hat tip: George F


The amateur video footage obtained by the Daily Sun shows the South African Police Service handcuffing the man, 27, to the back of a police van and dragging him for about 400m behind their vehicle in Daveyton, Johannebsurg.  The man later died of various injuries. 

The Independent Police Directorate (IPID) said they were investigating the death of the man - a taxi driver originally from Mozambique. 

"We are still interviewing the witnesses because the allegations are that he was dragged with the police vehicle," spokesperson Moses Dlamini said on Wednesday.

Video link

South Africa: Govt pushing ahead with land redistribution

All this gobbledy-gook language the ANC uses, just so they can hide the mess they've made with "land reform" in the country.

What for? Why are they so adamant about "land reform" i.e. taking land away from White farmers and handing successful and productive farms to Blacks, at a cost deemed 'fair' by the ANC. 

Why, when they know that farms being handed over to blacks are becoming "distressed". Haha - isn't it a lovely word to use when Blacks fark up a farm? Distressed! In the article below, the ANC are once again speaking from two different corners of their mouth. One corner is saying that they will continue to buy farms they want - the other corner is saying that they need to spend money on the "recapitalising and development" of farms, and "restore" farms in distress. In other words, the ANC are going back continuously to bail out "land reform" farm which are duds.

You really can't make this up, even if you tried. What they are in fact admitting is that the farms being handed over to their Black brothers are returning to bush. They become kaput, useless, non-functioning, non-productive endeavours. And the government keeps pumping more and more money into the bottomless pit known as the Black farmer experiment. Anything to hide the abject failure of their land policy. Anything to hide that Blacks are not farmers. 

See, Blacks are just not cut out to be large-scale farmers. They don't care about their fellow man. They only care about what's going into their belly that day. Tomorrow will take care of itself- even if it means they need to kill to fill their belly. They look after themselves and that is all. That is why there isn't one successful Black-run city or country in the world.

So of course it's no surprise to most White South Africans that farms being given to Blacks are failing. It's all pretty much in line about what we've known for over 300 years about the African Black. And no amount of money is going to fix it.

But, all the ANC want to achieve at the end of the day is the removal of White farmers from the land. Deep down, they don't care if the farms they are "justly and equitably" annexing remain successful or not. Why would they care? They have the UN lined up to feed their hungry people if they can't grow enough food, and they have White tax payers to keep milking so they can steal more money from the country.

If the ANC hasn't learned from the Zimbabwe land disaster, then what makes you think they wanted to?

The real Boers of South Africa - those who fought and died for their land

Cape Town - The government is set on acquiring more than 310 000 hectares of agricultural land for redistribution by next year, according to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

The 2013 Estimates of National Expenditure, tabled by the minister on Wednesday, stated that this formed part of the government's "eventually redistributing 25 million hectares".

It was also seeking to "recapitalise and develop" 368 new farms by 2014, and to train 400 farmers as "mentors" by that time.

The new budget allocates R3.4bn to land reform in the coming financial year (2013/14); a further R3.5bn in 2014/15; and R3.5bn in 2015/16.

"The spending focus over the medium term will be on the recapitalisation and development of distressed farms; and land acquisition to increase access to, and the productive use of, land."

The government has recently reiterated its intention to move away from the willing-buyer, willing-seller model of land reform, favouring what it calls the "just and equitable" principle for compensation.

According to the estimates document, 696 farms have been "recapitalised and developed" to date, 389 of which were bought through "the pro-active land acquisition strategy", and 307 under land reform grants.

"[A total of] 6 971 293 hectares have been acquired to date."

It stated that over the medium term, spending on the land reform programme was "expected to increase to acquire 353 234 hectares of land to speed up the land reform process and recapitalise, and restore 500 farms in distress".


Chicago Proposes Sex Ed For Kindergartners

During my time at school, our 'sex education' class was all of ONE class in high school (and one unofficial class in primary school in grade 7). That was it. No curriculum, no discussion, no nothing. It was given during biology class and the students were so embarrassed that they just listened, kept their head down and couldn't wait for the bell to ring. Then everyone would breathe a sigh of relief and move to the next topic. And we turned out just fine.


Well, today our Liberal-Progressive run education departments want kids to have sex education their entire school lives. What the hell for? Just what the heck are they teaching these young kids for years about sex? 

Chicago is now pushing to start these classes in KINDERGARTEN! This is a time when kids are playing with dolls or cars, building Lego castles and playing dress-up. This is a time when kids are still innocent and free. Where they draw and paint and play in the sand. Not any more. No, the perverts want to start indoctrinating these little kiddies with immoral thoughts at a young age, and also start normalising abnormal sexual behaviour. 

How else do you explain the need to start exposing kids to sexual instruction so young? This is totally disgusting and inappropriate. And just why do they need teachers to do the job of the parents?? This is all very sinister. All meant to destroy the fabric of society. 

Where else but in Western countries do they concentrate on teaching this rubbish instead of teaching kids how to read, write and count? No wonder our schools are falling behind. Our priorities are all screwed up. A condom before a book is the new motto!

Parents had better start becoming more interested in what their kids are being taught. Kids are no longer allowed to be kids under the Progressives. No, they need to be indoctrinated and brainwashed into their perverted image and what better way than through the school system. They are being groomed to accept an amoral society full of sexual deviants, who want them to believe that anything inappropriate is acceptable and the new normal. 

Thanks but no thanks!

Gay pride - where anything goes and is encouraged...the new normal for our kids

CHICAGO -- Chicago public schools students get their sex education in the fifth grade as most do in the U.S., but CPS wants to change that, so the instruction begins at age 5.

Parents who are uncomfortable with the new policy will be able to opt out.  CPS says the curriculum will conform to each age group. For example, kindergartners through third graders will learn about their anatomy, all living things that reproduce, and appropriate and inappropriate touching. While fourth graders will focus on puberty and HIV/AIDs. It's not until after fifth grade that teachers will lead discussions about human reproduction, contraception and abstinence.

The proposed policy follows the "national sexuality education standards" put together by four health organizations.



The picture posted with this entry says it all - Australians suffering from recent flood damage are treated worse than the uninvited, country-shopping illegal immigrant boat people who continue to stream through our borders.

Most of the boat people are Asian and/or Muslim. Period. They leave their countries and head for Indonesia, and then wait patiently to pay and board a boat on its way to welfare-rich Australia. By stopping off in Indonesia for some sightseeing and then making their way to Australia, they are no longer classed as refugees - but country shoppers. 

But our pathetic excuse of a government allows them in. Hardly any are turned back. These 'refugees' are now living among us in our communities because their numbers have overwhelmed the current detention facilities. So they are let loose on unsuspecting Australians - we don't know who they are, where they're from or the real reason they're in our country. Yet they live among us.

Just last week, a female university student was sexually assaulted - presumably by one of the Sri-Lankan asylum seekers being HOUSED on campus at Macquarie University. Up to 88 Sri Lankan asylum seekers are being accommodated in housing NEXT to young female students on campus. Is is any surprise that an attack has occurred?? Just who was the genius in this pathetic Labor government who thought it was a good idea to put men from a third-world country next to young, pretty, defenceless women and not think there wouldn't be a problem??

If it were my daughter, I would sue this government to within an inch of their lives for the attack.

Ms Gillard thinks that all she has to do to hide her government's all-round incompetence is to shout "misogynist" at the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, and everyone will look the other way.

Not anymore Ms Gillard. You've cried wolf too many times and people just aren't listening to you anymore. You are a pathetic leader and you have never put Australian interests in front of your own.

You lack compassion and logic. And your government isn't much better.

September 14 can't come quick enough so we can use some well-oiled cricket bats on you lot!

Okay, so I’m a xenophobe and a racist? To be honest I could give a stuff any more. What is happening to my country and yours is plain wrong. If the Gillard Government, held to ransom by the morally bankrupt Greens, continues to pursue its inane open border policy then it fully deserves the thrashing we are about to give it.

Those arriving by boat from Sri Lanka are certainly country shopping. 

Sri Lanka’s representative in Canberra at the time, Mr Walgampaya, warned Australia that he saw no justification for Australia accepting any Tamil asylum seekers on either political or humanitarian grounds.

Mr Walgampaya continued, "My view is that Australia should not accept political or humanitarian Tamil refugees because Sri Lanka is perfectly safe for Tamils and Singalese equally. The Government is adequately providing for displaced Tamils. I do not accept Tamil claims that they are not being treated well”

The Tamil war ended years ago and the above emphatic Government assurance should settle the Sri Lankan question.

Now to settle the question about the remainder of the Asian invaders. 

Boat people are mainly from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq with a sprinkling from Myanmar and Bhutan. 

By UNHCR definition these are illegal immigrants because they depart from Indonesia. 

These people are not refugees and neither are they asylum seekers because they have already skipped the first and other ports of refuge. 

In other words they are illegally emigrating to their country of choice, the country that will suit their Islamic agenda, the country that will afford them the most social benefits, the country that has the most porous borders and the country that will not return them to their point of embarkation.

The Gillard Government insists we cannot turn these boats around because Indonesia says we can’t. Did I hear that right? INDONESIA SAYS WE CAN’T? Really, Ms Gillard? 

Do you have no respect at all for our sovereignty? Have you made us such international cowards that we now allow a foreign Islamic nation to dictate our immigration policy? WTF is going on? 

Are our defence forces mere diplomatic eunuchs when it comes to protecting our borders? 

Blind Freddie knows that Islamic invaders have no intention to assimilate, they form ghettos, build mosques to teach violence and use intimidation to impose their beliefs and laws on their hosts. 

Not all Islamics are terrorists but all terrorists are Islamic and if you think you can tell a moderate from a terrorist when all sing from the same Islamic hymn book then please inform the Americans because with that sort of insight you could have saved their twin towers.

Islamisation has already occurred in Western Europe with drastic consequences. Many long suffering countries have now banned Islamic immigration as a result. 

Japan has a longstanding embargo on Islamic immigration. Those already there are severely restricted in their anti social activities. 

So, why do they depart from Indonesia? Because that’s the only country where the people smugglers operate from and last time I checked Indonesia wasn’t at war with anyone, so they are not escaping persecution from the Indonesians. 

If their claim is that they are indeed escaping persecution, then they are lying! 

They had already escaped persecution when they arrived in Malaysia or Indonesia. Australia is now their country of choice.

Only the economically able can afford to pay air fares to Indonesia and the people smugglers’ exorbitant fees.

“We will decide to who comes to this country and the circumstances under which they come”, suggested John Howard. 

To suggest other than that is an abrogation of a Prime Minister’s duty to protect his/her nation’s borders.

These people are not the Europeans who built Australia. These people do not share the same culture, ambitions, religions, social customs or laws and they have absolutely no intention to.

We respect our women. To the Islamic male their women and ours are mere chattels and can be bashed, subjugated, raped and molested at will. 

Do you really believe the Islamic male will become civilised at the first sight of a gum tree?

If only they would accept us and our culture then we would accept them, and with typical Aussie open arms, but they do not accept us and never will.

Abbott’s first international cable as Prime Minister should be to Indonesia: “Dear President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, or whatever your bloody name is, either you take immediate steps to ensure your country does not persist further with shipping illegal immigrants to my country or I will take immediate steps to ensure you do. We have bigger guns than you and the ones we gave you don’t work anyway. My second name’s not Rudd or Gillard so kindly stop breaching our borders or the next boat I see in our waters will be firmly inserted up your clacker, 
Allah is Great!” 

The Gillard Government has forced us to pay a heavy price for its dubious UN status and Gillard won’t be around to see the horrific results of her facilitated Islamic invasion.

... but our children will be.


Pro-life students the target of vandalism, intimidation at the University of Sydney

Even here in Australia we have the intolerant Left displaying their small mindedness. Their classic MO is to do everything they can to destroy the message of those they don't agree with.

It's how the radical Left works. Instead of having a discussion about their views and ALLOWING others the same right, they would much rather try and silence those they don't agree with. By any means possible.

LifeChoice Sydney is a pro-life student club which aims to promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death, through reasonable and informed discussion on the issues of abortion and euthanasia. Their stall at Oweek was vandalised overnight by some small-minded intolerant's, who waited for the cover of darkness to slink in and tear down the LifeChoice booth. They also stuck stickers and used graffiti to write obscene and abusive words on the stall, as well as the following message: "political free speech is bullshit if it extends to arseholes". 

Aren't these freaks cute? Free speech for them, but not for you, because they don't agree with your views.

They are so loud and proud of who they are and what they stand for that they wait until no one is around to show just what miserable, small cowards they are. If they were so confident of their message and their actions, why not destroy the stall in front of the LifeChoice supporters and university students? Why wait for no one to be around and then have their free speech moment? Petty foolish fools. And the next batch of militant, radical, insufferable Australian Greens Party politicians no doubt.

But, this is par for the course from the Left. They are the emptiest vessels going, only good to make the most noise; unable to stand for something.......anything. They don't have any manners or morals. And amoral people don't like to be reminded of what they lack in character as people. They also don't want to be reminded that they stand for nothing that's good and conducive to building a better society. In fact, their actions tell us a lot about them - cowards who can't put an argument together without destroying and hiding in darkness. 

So please carry on with your intolerance dear Lefties, while you screech about free speech through the other side of your split mouth. Instead of harming the cause of LifeChoice, you are doing a lot to promote the good they stand for. Because, at the end of the day, how many students would want to be be associated with you and your intolerant views and bullying tactics? 

I'm guessing not many. You are exactly the people Mum warned us about.

Hat tip: Chris

TODAY 28 February: LifeChoice Sydney, a pro-life student club affiliated with the University of Sydney Student Union (USU), has been the target of bullying and vandalism which sets a worrying precedent for free speech on campus.

The club’s Oweek stall was vandalised overnight, with some persons or groups having torn down the booth provided by the USU as part of the opening week of the academic year.

Stickers and graffiti had also been scrawled across the stall, with statements such as “political free speech is bullshit if it extends to arseholes”, as well as other obscene and abusive words.

The trashing of the stall comes a day after a student had already vandalised the club’s banner by sticking a label sponsored by the SRC Women’s Collective. Due to the adhesive on the stickers, the club’s banner was ruined and will now have to be replaced.

“This is shocking and unacceptable behaviour”, said LifeChoice president Rebecca Elias. “LifeChoice is about engaging in rational discussion. It’s very disappointing to see people resort to bullying and vandalism to express their point of view. “

“We have online forums; we have our stall here all week for people to come talk to us; and yet none of these people bothered to speak to us straight-up about their problems.”

“It’s terrible to think that the perpetrators could be members of our own Women’s Collective – given that half of LifeChoice’s membership are women who have now been victimised for expressing their ethical views”.

Lara Early, a student who was staffing the LifeChoice stall, says “I am very concerned about the safety of myself and my friends on the stall”.

“I think this is a serious problem for the university and our union – what kind of message does this send for new students? I don’t feel safe on my own campus.”

LifeChoice intends to lodge a formal complaint to the university and with the USU, and Ms Elias calls for all students to condemn any form of attacks against free speech on campuses.


27 February 2013

Hollywood is Dead

Oh happy days!

I last went to watch a movie at a cinema in 2008. The first and last time in Australia. And I can pretty much guarantee that I won't be watching another movie on the big screen....ever again.

Why? Because I refuse to give my hard-earned money to watch a bunch of liberal actors, in politically correct movies. Gone are the days of good entertaining movies with solid screenplays - replaced by 'modern' day interpretations, liberal ideology and filtered narratives. Gone are the days of great actors - replaced by photogenic, generic actors, each one less relevant than the next, but who think we actually care about their views and lives. Sorry, I just couldn't care less. 

I didn't even bother with the Oscars this year. I don't know who won what - nor will I bother to find out. Most of those winning have been chosen because they fit a certain political ideology and message. It's no longer about the best of the best. 

What I did see was that this year they dragged out the Wookie to present some or other award. Have they EVER asked the wife of a Republican POTUS to give out an Oscar? Why did the Wookie get a go? Could it be as a favor to Obama for all the tax breaks and subsidies he slips Hollywood? A case of you scratch my back and your wife gets her fugly mug on TV? All so that the Obama's can keep that image of being hip and popular alive.....yeah right.

Well, sorry, Hollywood doesn't gel with me any longer. Just as I don't watch TV or the "news" any longer,  I don't watch movies any longer. I CHOOSE what I'll watch and when. That's at least one good thing about the internet.

So, goodbye Hollywood. You were a big part of my growing up years, but I've moved on and you've been dumped! I no longer recognise you.

You won't be missed.

Hollywood has no problem being dumb, sleazy and violent. Those are all known and marketable qualities. What it does not look is appearing desperate. Desperation, however, is what the Oscars of this year and last year have in common. They stink of an industry desperately racing its own age and irrelevance reaching for gimmicks to try and hang on to a younger audience.

The dirty little secret is that Hollywood hardly exists anymore. The industry is bigger than ever, but its bread and butter consists of 200 and 300 million dollar special effects festivals filmed in front of green screens and created in Photoshop and three-dimensional graphics programs. They star obscure or mildly famous actors and they do two-thirds of their business abroad.

America is still the official headquarters of the global entertainment industry, but many of the bigger projects are filmed internationally with foreign money and intended for foreign markets. What the American corporations bring to the table is the intellectual property, which is why the latest spasm of mergers and buyouts has focused on taking control of every treasury of classic marketable properties.

Disney has put Star Wars, Mickey and Marvel Comics under one roof. It’s impressive from a business standpoint, but bankrupt from a creative standpoint. Old Americana is being milked dry for the sake of turning out another disposable movie starring familiar characters. The movies are actually still the same.

The blockbuster has mutated into its final stage. The “individual” movie is almost dead. Forget Jaws or Raiders of the Lost Ark. The modern blockbuster is seamless and soulless. An impersonal work that renders the director and cast irrelevant. The criticism has been made before, but what is new now is the percentage of special effects and the cost. The more expensive a movie becomes, the more risk averse its producers are.

If a movie is going to cost 200 million dollars to make, then it has to be identical to the other 200 million dollar movies that were profitable. The template is there. All that’s left is to plug in another talented Korean, British, Russian or even perhaps American director, and then roll out the same movie with characters from another property.

The movie must have collapsing skyscrapers, massive explosions and a few slumming character actors. What it cannot have is too much dialogue or plot, because those don’t translate well. How a movie will play in Topeka or even Los Angeles doesn’t matter nearly as much as how it will play in Beijing, Moscow and everywhere else.

Hollywood makes movies on the side. What it really does is manufacture special effects theme parks for other countries whose own entertainment industries are not yet ready for prime time. And the types of movies that it makes can be made nearly anywhere. And will eventually be made anywhere. Tinseltown is pretending to be artistic and creative, even while both qualities are dead as doornails.

The blockbuster has mutated into its final stage. The “individual” movie is almost dead. Forget Jaws or Raiders of the Lost Ark. The modern blockbuster is seamless and soulless. An impersonal work that renders the director and cast irrelevant. The criticism has been made before, but what is new now is the percentage of special effects and the cost. The more expensive a movie becomes, the more risk averse its producers are.

If a movie is going to cost 200 million dollars to make, then it has to be identical to the other 200 million dollar movies that were profitable. The template is there. All that’s left is to plug in another talented Korean, British, Russian or even perhaps American director, and then roll out the same movie with characters from another property.

The movie must have collapsing skyscrapers, massive explosions and a few slumming character actors. What it cannot have is too much dialogue or plot, because those don’t translate well. How a movie will play in Topeka or even Los Angeles doesn’t matter nearly as much as how it will play in Beijing, Moscow and everywhere else.

Hollywood makes movies on the side. What it really does is manufacture special effects theme parks for other countries whose own entertainment industries are not yet ready for prime time. And the types of movies that it makes can be made nearly anywhere. And will eventually be made anywhere. Tinseltown is pretending to be artistic and creative, even while both qualities are dead as doornails.

The entertainment industry dumbed down its products to the lowest common denominator to target the teenager. And in the process the entertainment industry destroyed itself. Television networks killed family hour to chase upscale twenty-somethings and wiped out their own viewership. Their big brothers destroyed the movie theater by making it indistinguishable from an amusement park ride. The television network model killed networks and the cable networks that adopted that same model are about to get whacked by the collapse of the cable bundle business model. The movie model made the movie easy to reproduce by any country with enough capital and digital artists. These days that’s the People’s Republic of China.

Read more here

South Africa: Afrikaners to blame for abuse - minister

Here we have the next Black female politician to make a fool of herself. Is there any other kind in South Africa?

Minister of Women, Children, and People with Disabilities, Lulu Xingwana has waded into the Oscar Pistorius shooting case and said on Australian TV that "young Afrikaners and their Calvinistic faith should be blamed for violence against women and children in South Africa". This is typical of the ANC - they conjure up wild, reckless and racist statements without having to face any consequences - because they can.

What a stupid foolish moron this woman is. How about she restrict her comments to her BLACK tribal males and their propensity for any type of violence - rape (child rape, elderly rape, any rape goes), torture, and barbaric murder practices? This maid should rather comment on her own race before she puts her Black foot in her big Black mouth.

This is the same women who has been shuffled from department to department in the ANC government. In every position she's been, she's managed to fuck it up mess it up with her incompetence and big farking racist mouth.

Her record?

In her appointment as Agriculture and Land Affairs Minister, Xingwana caused controversy in 2007 when she accused White farmers of being cruel and inhumane towards their workers. She claimed that farmers regularly "rape and assault" their workers - without any proof of course. Farmers were pissed off, and two farm unions challenged her to provide evidence that would support her accusations. The minister called for a meeting with the unions, but the farmers walked out in protest. She left someone else to clean up her mess.

In April 2009 Xingwana had a special mobile toilet imported at R500,000 ($60 000) for her exclusive use while handing over land in various parts of the country. Its specifications  included gold trimmings. All the better to crap in, eh Lulu, while your own people don't even know what a toilet is....

And just last week, allegations of corruption and mismanagement have been highlighted in a secret report on Big-Mouth Lulu's department. Lulu herself is under investigation for spending R2.1 million ($260 000) of tax funds on decorating her department's head office with luxury office furniture. All the better to plant your big fat ass in comfort, eh Lulu, while your own people sit on the floor.....

THIS is the piece of filth who thinks she can go on Australian TV and speak rubbish about people she doesn't know? As if she's so high and mighty and full of morals! She's nothing but a low-life racist incompetent piece of trash which belongs on the nearest township rubbish heap.

Humba Lulu. Crawl back in the hole you came out of you cockroach. Just take a look at the photo of Lulu and it says it all.

Hat tip: Julian B

Lulu Xingwana - the lights are on but no one is home....

Johannesburg - Civil rights organisation Afri-Forum is considering bringing a complaint of discrimination before the Equality Court against the Minister of Women, Children, and People with Disabilities, Lulu Xingwana, after she was reported to have remarked on an Australian news programme that young Afrikaners and their Calvinistic faith should be blamed for violence against women and children in South Africa.

Xingwana said on the Australian news channel ABC News on Tuesday: “Young Afrikaner men are brought up in the Calvinist religion believing that they own a woman, they own a child, they own everything and therefore they can take that life because they own it.”

Ernst Roets, the deputy chief executive of AfriForum, said: “Xingwana’s remarks boil down to a blatant contravention of various sections of the Promotion of Equality and the Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act.

“She has discriminated on the basis of race, faith and gender,” it said.

“On top of that, she clearly lacks the necessary expertise to talk knowledgeably on the topic.” .
Roets added that AfriForum had submitted the matter to its legal team.

The Afrikanerbond also hit out at the minister, with a spokesman, Jan Bosman, saying on Tuesday night: “This is an extreme verbal attack on the integrity of Afrikaners. It is unwarranted, uncalled for and without any substance.

“At the very least, the minister owes Afrikaners, men, women and children, an apology without any reservations.

“This statement by Minister Xingwana is in direct conflict with the oath of office she (took) when she accepted this position.

“She has abused her office and does not in any way reflect honour to this position nor dignity.”

 Meanwhile, Xingwana expressed disappointment on Tuesday at Oscar Pistorius being granted bail last week after the shooting in which his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, died early on February 14.

Pistorius has said in court that it was not, as the State alleges, premeditated murder. He said he mistook his girlfriend for a burglar when he fired the shots.

If there had been no gun in the Pistorius household, Steenkamp would be alive, Xingwana said during a briefing on government action on violence against women and children.

“I was disappointed that Oscar got bail. But I respect the decision of the court and I acknowledge strict measures have been put (in place), and he’s not a flight risk,” said the minister, who last week briefly attended Pistorius’s bail hearing.

“The real trial has not started. The trial will start in June. We look forward to the law taking its course.”

But sooner than that, Xingwana said, she wanted to see stricter gun control – particularly as women were three times more likely to die violently if there was a firearm in the house. There was no reason someone should have more than one gun.

“As women, we are saying, if there is no gun in your home, you are safe,” Xingwana added.

Guns account for the second-highest number of violent deaths, according to the SA Institute of Race Relations 2012 SA Survey.

Sharp blades account for most violent deaths.

Xingwana’s comments were made in Pretoria, before the parliamentary debate on “the growing rate of gender-based violence in our society”. She promised she would “catch up on this very important debate”.

Her failure to attend the debate was noted by Debbie Schafer, the DA’s spokeswoman on justice.

Xingwana’s comments came as Pistorius spent his first few days – still under the glare of the media – out of police custody after being granted R1 million bail by the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Steenkamp’s death, following the rape, mutilation and murder of Anene Booysen, a Bredasdorp teenager, has galvanised a public outcry.


USA: Democrats complain about presence of debt clock on Capitol

Ah shame, the poor poppets.

Two Democrat members of Congress, Maxine America-will-become-Socialist-country Waters and Keith I'm-a-radical-Muslim Ellison, are scared of the US debt clock! They threw a tantrum during a House Financial Services Committee meeting on Tuesday and demanded the scary clock be removed during the Democratic session.

What you scared of fools? What, you don't want to be constantly reminded of the mess you've helped put America in? You wanna stick those commie heads of yours further in the sands of denial? You scared you may grow a conscience?? 

Ellison stated that it was clearly a political prop designed to message ideologically. What the heck does that mean? Does he even know himself? Waters went on a rant which I'm sure she didn't even understand. 

These Democrats are really scraping the barrel with these two in their ranks. One is worse than the other. One is more racist than the other. One hates Whites more than the other. And they're both just plain dumb. 

This is what is running America? Seriously?? When will the people in America demand a better quality of politician? When will the people in America start seeing these fools for what they are - career political hacks who are there to look out for themselves and their agenda only, and screw the country. 

When you look at George Washington or John Adams and then look at the likes of Obama, Ellison and Waters - you just have to ask yourself, where did it all go so wrong?

Some members of Congress apparently don’t like to be reminded about how much debt the country continues to rack up.

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday on the budget, two Democrats complained after House Financial Services Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling instructed that two monitors in the hearing room display a real-time running national debt clock.

California Rep. Maxine Waters and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison both issued complaints about the displays, according to video of the hearing.

“Clearly it is a political prop designed to message ideologically,” Ellison said.

Waters asked that the debt clock not be on display whenever Democrats spoke, Hensarling said during the hearing.

“At the request of the ranking member, the national debt clock will not be put on the screens during Democratic time,” said Hensarling, a Texas Republican.


USA: Keith Ellison Has Epic Meltdown On Sean Hannity

You can be the judge of who comes out of this "interview" looking like they have class. ​

Rep. Keith Ellison came out swinging tonight telling Sean Hannity that he is the worst excuse for a journalist he’s ever seen, and that was before things got ugly.​  The fact that someone like Ellison has been supported by enough people in his life to be an elected representative is a fail of epic proportions.

This is why Americans can't have nice things.​

Act of sportsmanship gives Texas high schooler shot at glory

See if this doesn't tug at your heartstrings!

Australia: The great pretender

One for the Ozzie readers. Enjoy!

Try and tell the young today!

Yes, can't understand why kids today don't believe how we used to live!

26 February 2013

Something to lighten the mood.....

Obama is Setting Us Up

I guess all countries have their ups and their downs.

America is currently going through a huge down. The question is: will she ever go back up again?

Personally, I think it's going to be a tough ask. If another Marxist Democrat in the form of Hilary Clinton gets into office in 2016, then I think you can pretty much kiss the USA as you know it, good bye.

However, were the Republicans to grow a pair and find a true Conservative leader - someone who is able to speak common sense and logic to the voters in a language they can understand - especially to the low-information-voters (LIVs) - then there may be hope.....and change.

The article below outlines all the international game-changers who are working and achieving in the background while Obama fixates on the 'war on women'; tax hikes on the evil rich; disarming the American people; and pandering to the illegal immigrants.

While he fiddles, Rome is burning. So much has happened under Obama's watch that it's incredible that not one Liberal is joining the dots on his presidency and coming up with an epic FAIL.

That's left to the rest of thinking America. Those Americans who don't get a free Obama-phone and free food and free health care are the ones worrying. It's those Americans paying for all of that free stuff who are thinking about what is happening to their country. 

The rest? Those who aren't sitting on their free couches, in their free houses, eating their free food, watching their free TV, chatting to their pals on their free phones, are in their Mama's basements typing on the Huffington Post website about how much they hate racist Republicans.

We live in interesting times don't we? 

Let's just hope come 2016, Americans have had enough of the Progressive Marxist experiment called Obama and vote for some real desperate change!

And then maybe, just maybe, the world will show some respect for American again...

Will she rise again?

In the days since the November elections, the pace of Obama’s destruction of America has increased significantly. Now that the Marxists have secured the executive branch for another four years – thanks to massive voter fraud, a cowardly Republican Party, and a couple of million self-righteous fools who refused to vote, apparently preferring a Muslim Marxist over a moderately conservative Mormon – Obama and his lawless unindicted co-conspirators have thrown caution to the wind.

Every day, new outrages are proposed, all aimed at destruction of the Middle Class and America as a free, capitalist, constitutional republic. However, in our efforts to recognize and combat the internal attacks – the tax increases, the land grabs, the granting of citizenship to illegal invaders, the undermining of private property rights, etc. ad nauseam – we are failing to notice the external threats that Obama’s policies are abetting. The re-militarization of Russia and their much more aggressive and threatening attitude is of great concern, but there are other, much less publicized ones we need to be aware of.

China has made trillions of dollars off us, thanks to massive interest payments on the uncontrolled borrowing by the Obama administration, and from a huge and ever increasing trade deficit, where they export to us way, way more than we export to them. During the Obama “presidency,” China surpassed America as the world’s leading economic power. They have used this money to radically increase the size and sophistication of their military, to the point where it is very questionable whether we could do anything should they move to start taking over other Asian countries, like the Philippines, Japan, or South Korea.

This is not an irrational fear, either. The dispute with Japan over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands appears to be a test by China to see who will do what as they aggressively move to take territory claimed by Japan. Chinese admirals, who never speak without government direction, have threatened World War III to “protect” Iran. But ultimately, it is the good ol’ USA that is their target. Does anyone remember when Russia was selling off military equipment after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and China bought every last one of their attack subs that were specifically designed to target the US Navy? Since at least the 1990s, the Democrats have aided and abetted China in the upgrading of their military capabilities – remember the technology that Clinton sold them that allowed them to get their missiles to actually hit what they aimed at? Obama has been carrying on this tradition, allowing formerly restricted advanced technology to be sold to the Chinese military. And just a reminder, the Panama Canal, vital to our national security, is, thanks to the Democrats, run by a company – Hutchison-Whampoa – with ties to the Chinese Military, as is a port facility 50 miles off the East Coast in the Bahamas that has an 11,000 foot-long runway, capable of handling the largest of military aircraft.

Add to this the fact that the North Koreans, who have nuclear weapons, are testing missiles capable of hitting American cities. They appear to believe that the US and South Korea are gearing up to attack and invade them, based on beefed-up war games scheduled for next month, and may very well make a pre-emptive strike at one or both.

Iran, a constant threat due to its active support of Islamist terrorists world-wide, is very close to producing nuclear warheads to arm its already large stock of long-range missiles. Obvious targets, besides Israel, will be our military bases in the Mediterranean and Europe. Only the self-deluded believe they will not use them.

So, with all these real, dangerous, and growing threats to America, why are Obama and his Democrat storm troopers upping the pace of their rendering of the military incapable of defending us? They have pushed to military to accept open homosexuals and women in frontline combat units, in spite of documented growth in serious problems that have and will result from this. They are actively pushing to make devastating cuts to the military budget. In spite of condemning overseas intervention in the internal affairs of other nations, Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, has just committed troops to Niger, joining those already in as many as 35 other African nations.  We were told some time back that our military no longer has the capability to fight a two-theater war. Why then, is Obama spreading them even thinner? And with the growing nuclear threats, why is Marxist Obama moving to unilaterally make drastic reductions to America’s nuclear arsenal?

Seen in this context, the moves by Obama and the Marxist Democrats to disarm We, the People, the law-abiding American public, takes on an even more sinister caste. It is looking very much like hard-core Marxist revolutionary Obama is trying to set up America, and We, the People, for take-over somewhere in the not too distant future by role models and debt-masters, Communist China. Time to wake up?


South Africa: Protesters force motorists to pay up

I always find it amazing the lengths Blacks in South Africa will go to "earn" money via illegal means. Just think of what they could accomplish if they'd put all that effort into earning money like other people do - legally.

Take the article below as an example. Black "protesters" blockaded roads in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and then forced motorists using the road to pay a fine to let them through.

How ingenious! 

What's next? Are they going to start barricading schools and hospitals and charging a fee to enter? 

Years ago, Blacks in South Africa came up with a wonderful plan on how to fleece motorists out of money. They would help you park your car and then charge you for keeping an eye on the car until you returned. Pretty soon it was a common sight - every where you parked, there the 'car guards' were, eager to remind you they were watching your car in return for money. And just try to refuse their offer and you returned and find your car had a few new dents or scratches in it. And they would know nothing about it...... 

So, this ingenious idea will soon become another scam. First they "protest" and block off roads - and then you, the motorist, get the honor of paying to be let through their barricades. And if you don't? Well, don't expect to make it out alive.

Welcome to the new South Africa - where doing things illegally pays off!

A car guard in South Africa - soon to be offered as a university course.....

East London - Protesters who blockaded roads in Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape, have forced motorists to pay at least R50 to pass through, the Daily Dispatch reported on Monday.

Motorists told the publication that roads between Lady Grey and Sterkspruit were barricaded.

Sterkspruit residents, under the banner of the Sterkspruit Civic Association (SCA), are demanding to have a standalone municipality that is not part of Senqu Municipality, which incorporates Lady Grey and Barkly East.

Other complaints relate to lack of service delivery in Sterkspruit, and allegations of corruption and nepotism within the Senqu Municipality.

Pupils in Sterkspruit have not been to school since 11 February as roads were blocked with stones and burning tyres.

The SCA has condemned the behaviour of the residents.

“We strongly condemn the stoning of vehicles, assault of people and blocking emergency of vehicles from passing through," SCA chairperson Mcebisi Mgojo told the newspaper.


You Swine Happy Now? Blacks killing Whites to right perceived historical wrongs - Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor from American Renaissance speaks in the video below about how Blacks (and other races) are indoctrinated to hate White people in schools, universities and colleges. 

It brings the following to mind:

Michael Richards better known as Kramer from TVs Seinfeld said the following in his defense speech in court after making racial comments in a comedy act:

There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans... 

And then there are just Americans. 

You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you.. so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. 

You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. 

You have Yom Hashoah. You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi. 

You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we'd be racists. If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists. 

If we had White History Month, we'd be racists.

If we had any organization for only whites to 'advance' OUR lives, we'd be racists.

We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce. Wonder who pays for that??

A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.

If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships... You know we'd be racists.

There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US ... Yet if there were 'White colleges', that would be a racist college.

In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.

You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you're not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.

I am proud...... But you call me a racist.

Why is it that only whites can be racists??

Hat tip: Treacle Bender

British primary school where every single pupil is 'foreign' and speaks English as a second language

You gotta shake your head.

The entire focus of this article is about how wonderfully well a school is coping, when not ONE child speaks English as their mother tongue. Not one.

As one commentator on the article says, Ofsted is a joke. Ofsted is the official body for inspecting schools and gave the school a thumbs up. So, take the high praise for this school with a giant pinch of political correct and politically motivated salt.

The true focus of this article should be why. WHY has this school got not ONE child whose first language is English? The answer? England's rampant multi-cultural dream and infestation of the country is the answer.

London has already fallen with only 45% of the residents White Brits. Whose next? Because there will be a next and another next and another next. Already more Brits are fleeing England a year than immigrants arriving. It's only a numbers game going forward....how quick can the Muslim immigrants out-breed the left-over Brits?

And still they stream in, aided and abetted by the useless Cameron government. The previous Labour government allowed 7.5 million immigrants in during their reign.....vote Labour for an ethnic neighbour! They'll need to make up a catchy tune for the Tories now too.

Oh well, let's look on the bright side! Ummm......I'm still trying to find the bright side....anyone?

A lesson in diversity: Head Christine Parker with some of her pupils, who between them speak 20 foreign languages

A primary school with more than 400 pupils has become the first in the country where no children speak English as their mother tongue.

Punjabi Urdu, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian and several African dialects are among the 20 foreign languages spoken at Gladstone Primary School.

But it has thrived in the face of adversity. Only 14 months ago the school was rated ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted, the lowest of four ratings. Last month it was upgraded to ‘good’, the second highest.

The school, in Peterborough, has adopted a string of measures to cope. Teachers give ‘running commentaries’, explaining everything they are doing so that pupils associate objects and actions with the words that describe them.

A ‘buddy system’ is also in place with children in schools over the border in Lincolnshire so that pupils can benefit from having friends who are native English speakers. Pupils study and play together at each other’s schools once a fortnight.

Teachers are motivated by salaries that are linked to their performance, something Education Secretary Michael Gove is introducing across the country from September in an attempt to drive up standards.

Read more here

UK: Aaron, 9, ‘bullied to death for being white’

This is a very sad tragic story.

A 9-year old White boy hanged himself due to bullying by an "Asian" gang at school. Put plainly - a bunch of racist Muslim boys bullied a White child into killing himself.

To be honest, I have to blame the parents. This kid was bullied for months! Where were his parents? Why didn't they do something about this? They KNEW about it - complained about it to the school, yet nothing was done about it and they still sent that kid to school.

As a parent, I would NOT have tolerated this situation. I would have removed him from the school as soon as I saw that nothing was being done to protect him. This kid was threatened with a plastic knife and told to his face that all White people should be dead. And you leave your kid in this school - despite making complaints and nothing getting done about it??

And this school has a lot to answer for. They did nothing, even though they were aware of the bullying of this child.

Yes, it's easy to judge from afar, but speaking as a parent I can safely say that I would not have allowed this to continue. Your kids and their well being comes first. Stuff being politically correct.

So, rest in peace Aaron. May your death not be in vain. 

Hat tip: Treacle Bender

'Gone but not forgotten': Friends and family last night paid tribute to the young schoolboy

A boy of nine who was found hanged is believed to have killed himself after he was ‘bullied for being white’ by an Asian gang at school.

Aaron Dugmore – thought to be one of the youngest children in the UK to commit suicide – was discovered in his bedroom after being tormented for months, his parents said.

They said Aaron was threatened with a plastic knife by one Asian pupil, who warned him: ‘Next time it will be a real one.’

He was also allegedly told by another pupil that ‘all the white people should be dead’ and he was forced to hide from the bullies in the playground at lunchtime.

Aaron’s mother, Kelly-Marie Dugmore, 30, and stepfather Paul Jones, 43, said that despite complaints to the school, nothing was done to stop the bullying.

Aaron had recently started in Year Five at Erdington Hall Primary School in Birmingham, a school where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic minority backgrounds.

According to staff at the school he had already ‘settled in quickly’ with his classmates after he joined the school last September when his family moved nearby.

The school, which caters for 450 pupils aged three to 11, received an ‘inadequate’ rating by Ofsted inspectors last year.

Read more here