30 November 2013

USA: Why the Pilgrims Abandoned Communism

Communism is basically communal living - where everyone supposedly works and looks after each other, no matter their contribution to the commune. 

The Puritan Separatists - or Pilgrims - landed in Massachusetts in 1620 and their original economic system was a form of Communism. You could say they were one of the first communities to practice Communism. 

There were no property rights or division of labour in the colony. Food was grown for the town and distributed equally among everyone. The women washed clothes for everyone. They preserved meat for all the families. 

Sounds grand eh? Lenin and Marx would have been proud.

However, by 1623 - just 3 years of living Communist philosophy - the town was facing famine.

See, people started getting clever. They realised that if everyone was getting treated equally no matter their contribution, then why should they pull their weight if they'd receive what others produced anyway? Why should they toil in the sun all day to plant crops, just for the harvest to be shared equally with people who hadn't worked the fields? Why should the women toil all day washing other people's clothes, when people were sitting at home doing nothing but benefiting anyway? So more and more the people became lazy, making excuses or crying off sick to avoid working and contributing.

Sound familiar? Sound like the consequence of today's growing welfare state perhaps? 

In any case, the governor of the Puritan colony decided that the only way to save the day was to give parcels of land to families and make them grow their own crops to feed themselves. The families needed to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their own survival.

And the results were instantaneous. 
"They found that those who would pretend they couldn't work due to infirmity, weakness or inability (sound familiar?) gladly went to work in the fields. Corn production increased dramatically and famine was averted because communism was eliminated.
The reasons why Communism failed in the colony were numerous. It failed because it treated the young and old the same. It rewarded the less productive as much as the more productive. Members of the community found that they could do less and still get the same benefit.....

And it failed because the colony didn't put any importance into maintaining the family unit. Men working for other people's children; women washing clothes for other men; children working for other families. There was no incentive to work or prosper as a family.

No wonder Communists still attack the family unit today. It's in their DNA - to destroy the glue that keeps society functioning and exceeding. That's why there's the push for Gay "marriage" and adoption of children by homosexuals by the Socialist/Communist movements. Always in White-run countries....

It's also why the Liberal media are pushing the notion that "traditional marriage" is no longer relevant in its current form and that other types of relationships are more modern. Like polyamory -  having multiple romantic and sexual partners in an open relationship. And that a village should raise children. Everything hippies once practiced....and failed at.

People who think the Gay marriage agenda is all about marriage "equality" need to open their eyes real quick. Once the traditional family unit is destroyed by the Marxists then everything else tumbles down with it.

Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids. 

Already we see children being raised more Liberal in our Western societies - growing up as selfish brats, expecting their needs and wants to be met immediately. The feminists have succeeded NOT in empowering females, but leading them to being exploited even more - all in the name of "female liberation". In the process, the role of the White male has been belittled. Today we sit with more and more women not marrying and having kids because they're waiting for the perfect man to come along - and men choosing not to marry as it's easier to sleep around and enjoy the benefits of all that feminist liberation without the attached responsibilities.

Add to this the Gaia worshipers calling for population control....of mainly White people - while they invite third-worlders in as immigrants to overpopulate our countries and take what we produce. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Oh well. As the Puritans found out, what sounds like Utopia is usually too good to be true. There is always a price to pay and we'll find out down the line the price we will pay for allowing a minority of ideologues to manipulate our morals, standards and our values in our Western countries.

Because Communism has NEVER worked anywhere it's been tried - it's against human nature, just as the Puritans found out.

The Pilgrims’ Short Lived Experiment in Communism

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  1. Great write-up LL. Wish more people would take the time to read this.

  2. I usually don't leave a comment as you're usually spot on with your narratives. But, this is one of your best!