28 October 2013

Mozambique: Two kidnappings this week in Maputo

Just a heads up. If you're rich and living in Mozambique, the chances of you or a family member being kidnapped for ransom is pretty high.

Now the rich are running from Maputo (formerly known as Lourenço Marques before independence) and relocating to Nelspruit, South Africa to keep their families safe. 

Must be bad when you seek asylum in South Africa!

Wonder where all the money is going to go? Surely not to buy more military arms......

MAPUTO – A 35-year-old woman was kidnapped on Tuesday, and a man on Monday as kidnappings continue to escalate in Mozambique. Mozambique police spokesman, Arnaldo Chefo, said the woman was kidnapped near the Portuguese School while she was taking her child to school. 

He said two suspects driving a Mazda vehicle grabbed her as she stopped near the school.Witnesses say the kidnapping happened very quickly and, when one of the kidnappers assaulted the victim, she tried to scream for help but was quickly silenced as they held her at gunpoint.

Family of the man who was kidnapped on Monday night – who according to police is the son of the Nautilus Group’s owner and who has family in Nelspruit -have still received no ransom demand as yet.

Last week, four kidnappers stopped a school bus and forced all the children off the bus. They had a picture of their nine-year-old boy, picked him out the crowd, grabbed him and vanished. His family is currently also awaiting a ransom request. 

In a previous incident three weeks ago, when the luxury car carrying the sons of the director of project development for Petromoc, Mr Tito Tezindi, pulled up at their exclusive private school, an unidentified vehicle bumped into them diliberately.The children's driver jumped out to see what had happened, and as he did, three armed men grabbed the youngest boy, Rudi (9), and fled. 

The kidnappers are demanding a ransom of one million US$. This came to light after Lowvelder first reported that ultra-rich families from Mozambique were seeking asylum in Nelspruit and purchasing properties in the area to relocate their families.

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