28 August 2013

USA: Three-year old White girl bullied by Black kids

A group of Black kids and a pre-teen bully a three year old White girl and make her cry at least twice on camera. The cameraman (a 12 year Negro) brags on Facebook and titled his video "When white people piss black people off."

While watching the video, all I could think about is which self-respecting parent allows their 3-year old to, number 1, play alone in the streets; and 2, be around Black kids unsupervised??

Then I saw. Here's a photo of the father of the girl:

According to this article, the father has sorted the incident out with the father of the Black kids. 

Oh yeah?

The media have tried to play-down the racist element to the video by saying that at no point do the Black kids say anything racist. Then, dear ever-excusing media, please explain why the 12-year old boy posted the video to a fake Facebook account with the heading: "When white people piss black people off"???????

Yeah, sweep, sweep, sweep. Keep sweeping the inbred racism of the Negroes in America under the politically-correct carpet. 

Except, that carpet sure is forming a huge bulge these days, eh?

And as for the father - and mother - of this girl, they better wake the fudge-up, start getting their act together and raising their daughter right. What the hell were they thinking allowing their 3-year old to be outside unsupervised around Negroes?

Negroes will act like Negroes regardless. The parents of this girl should know better than that!

Hat tip: Harb I 


  1. I saw both videos. In the second one they actually start pushing the poor child around and push her over. Did you see the glee on the faces of the kids actually doing the bullying? Utterly disgusting. And when this little girl grows up to be an overt racist and outright states her hatred of them then she'll be one thats evil inherently.

    1. I didn't even look at the second one - the first one upset me too much. where the hell were her parents?? I can guarantee you this isn't the first time it's happened or why would he be ready with the camera? This little girl probably thinks this is normal and then goes to school and starts acting this way and then gets punished! And her parents are to blame!

    2. I asked exactly the same question. And she's crying loudly so its almost impossible to believe that no one heard it. He parents should be taken to task and those little terrors thoroughly punished. They definitely had a plan to verbally and physically bully the little girl. All of them need a damn good hiding.

    3. Yup, you're so right.

  2. Yeah I saw this and commented. LOL!! My comment was instantly deleted. I wonder why?

  3. Anonymous28/8/13 17:41

    This is sickening....the little apes deriving so much pleasure from it and the fact that her parents are nowhere to be seen.



    1. Absolutely. They do start young!

  4. They asking that their 3yr old daughter gets raped by a 12 year old black thug, its just better observing, better not get involved, the parents look like white trash, they shouldn't be allowed the proveledge of having a blonde hair blue eyes daughter, this is the level they want to reduce whites to.

    They want us to be reduced to that level of animalism

    They want us to be crammed into the violent ghetto with them, to have our sons and daughters raped, just as they do, to have no morals just as they, but we proving to be a bump that won't smooth out on the road to mediocrity

  5. Scum like these must be put down. What will they do when they reach 18? Well we all know, that's why I say, put them down under. Friking gemors!