01 July 2013

South Africa: Attacks on Whites for June 2013

Nothing to see here folks. Move along. No White genocide. It's all a publicity stunt by the White people of South Africa.

Even Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr is getting some negative attention for bringing attention to the White killings. The South African Rugby Union has decided they will never allow him to sing the anthem again at a Springbok game. The Blue Bulls are also considering dropping him from being associated with them.

It's time for WHITE South Africans to boycott Springbok rugby games. See if they can afford to have no Whites buying their expensive tickets.

After all, the Springbok team is only picked based on which players can suck up to the Black members in SARU the most. And which team places are still available after the compulsory Black players have been picked.

Time for White South Africans to catch a wake-up. And that includes the Blue Bull supporters who are as thick as two planks and will blindly support the Springboks while their own Afrikaner people are being subjected to unmentionable horrors!

Hat tip: Nick A and Sunette Bridges

The coffin of Barend Nel (19), stabbed to death by Black thugs for his cell phone 

JUNE ATTACKS… 27 Days, 48 Attacks, 94 Victims, 13 Murdered, 2 Raped, 15 Farm Attacks. 

*1 June 2013: Frankfort – Free State: A woman was attacked, assaulted and raped in her home in Reenen Street by 2 Black men. 

*1 June 2013: Westville, Natal: Freddie Lewis, his wife and 2 daughters were attacked in their home by 6 Black men. Freddie was shot 3 times but managed to get the attackers out of his house. He is currently in hospital. 

*1 June 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Laure Amicke was attacked near the Waterfront by 2 Black men. She was robbed and stabbed in her back and suffered damage to her lung. 

*1 June 2013: Durban, Natal: A young man named Trevor was highjacked and beaten over the head with a panga. The attackers stole is cellphone and wallet and left him in the car for dead. He is currently in a critical condition in Glenwood Hospital. 

*1 June 2013: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: A 54-year-old man, his wife and 28-year-old son were attacked in their home in George Grey Street by 3 Black men. The man was shot and his son beaten over the head with a metal object. The wife sustained no injuries but was also admitted to hospital and treated for severe shock. 

*1 June 2013: Sun Valley, Gauteng: A group of friends were attacked in the home of their host in Stirrup Road by 2 Black men while having a braai. One of the guests was shot and is currently in Sunninghill hospital. The others were tied up, beaten and robbed of their cellphones.

*1 June 2013: Fochville, Gauteng: Albert van Emmenis, an elderly farmer, was attacked by 8 black men on his farm. He was beaten over the head with a metal rod and suffered a broken arm. Only a cellphone was stolen. His wife discovered him in the house. 

*3 June 2013: Queenstown, Eastern Cape: Dudley Buss (67) was murdered on his farm and stuffed into a freezer. One of his attackers has been arrested. He was found in an informal settlement nearby. 

*3 June 2013: Boksburg, Gauteng: Michael Zafiris (42) was higjacked and murdered. His body was found in the veld in Blesbokspruit in Springs. 

*3 June 2013: Brits, Northwest: Elderly farmer, Gert Fourie and his wife, Elsa, were attacked on their farm, Magalieskruin by 3 black men. They were severely beaten and Gert suffered head injuries inflicted with a metal object.

*4 June 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: A family was attacked on Plot 40 Wattle Street, Swasina Park, at 5am by 3 Black men. They were tied up, beaten and their car was stolen.

*5 June 2013: Brits, Northwest: Baby Jordaan (79) was attacked and beaten in her home in Bokkiepark by 2 Black men. 

*5 June 2013: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga: A 70-year-old farmer was attacked in his home. He is badly bruised but managed to keep his cellphone hidden from his attackers and while they were busy elsewhere in his house, me managed to call for help. The attackers fled when they heard the vehicles approaching. 

*5 June 2013: Rivonia, Gauteng: A family of 4 were attacked in their home by 3 Black men. The woman went outside to put out the trash when the men attacked. She ran into the house and the attackers followed. They shot the father in front of his wife and children and fled. The man died on arrival at the hospital. 

*6 June 2013: George, Western Cape: Jan Barendse (73) was attacked in his home and stabbed 5 times. He was discovered in a pool of blood in front of his bathroom. He is in a critical condition in George Mediclinic. 

*6 June 2013: Springbok, Northern Cape: A 73-year-old woman was attacked and raped in her home. 

*6 June 2013: Centurion, Gauteng: Hanu Krause was attacked by Black men. He was stabbed and beaten and is currently in the Unitas Hospital. He suffered a concussion and several stab wounds. 

*6 June 2013: Brakpan, Gauteng: Martie de Beer (39) was attacked by 4 black men in front of her home at 5.30am when leaving for work. She was badly beaten and her can was stolen.

*6 June 2013: Richmond, Northern Cape: Piet Schrooder (70) was attacked on his farm by 3 Black men. He was stabbed but survived. This was the 3rd attack on him. 

*7 June 2013: Natal: The body of Mr. Koen, who went missing a couple of days ago, was found this morning. He was murdered. (Still awaiting more detail.) 

*8 June 2013: Panbult, Mpumalanga: Bernie van Zyl wat attacked on his farm. His attackers repeatedly hit him on the head with a gun. He was found unconscious by his wife when she returned home. 

*8 June 2013: Lichtenburg, Northwest: Regard Hansen was attacked on his farm and severely injured. He is currently in hospital.

*8 June 2013: Welkom , Free State: Marie Ripley (82) was attacked in her home by 3 black men. She was strangled, beaten and a sheet was stuffed down her throat. They stole her money and jewelry. 

*8 June 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: A family was attacked in Birdflower Street on their Kameeldrift West smallholding by 5 Black men. They were beaten, tied up and held hostage for 4 hours before they were robbed. 

*8 June 2013: Gravelotte, Limpopo: Melinda Lee Bam (30) was shot to death in her bed when 3 black men gained entry to their chalet on the Bonlati Game Farm. Her partner, Francois Visagie (30) was shot 3 times, but survived. The 4 children that accompanied them, locked themselves in a room during the attack. The murderers stole a cellphone, a bit of cash and a loaf of bread. 

*9 June 2013: Ladybrand, Free State: Meril Luck (59) was attacked by 2 Black men at the nursery. One of the attackers beat her up badly, demanding money, when another stood guard. She managed to call for help while 1 of her attackers was trying to open the safe. 

*10 June 2013: Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape: Michael Quin (52) was murdered in his brother’s house where he was staying while doing work in the Transkei. 

*11 June 2013: Malelane, Mpumalanga: Noël McSeveney (57) and his wife, Alta, were ambushed when arriving at their farm by 2 Black men. Noël was shot and his wife brutally attacked and beaten over the head. They are both currently in hospital.

*12 June 2013: Carletonville, Gauteng: Drienie Nortje (68) was attacked in her home in the early hours of the morning by 2 black men. She was beaten over the head with a wrench. She managed to escape and lock herself in her bedroom and call for help. She is currently in hospital. 

*12 June 2013: Cape Town, Western Cape: Luis de Faria (42) was higjacked and then thrown off a 15 meter high bridge onto the N1 highway. He died on the scene. 

*13 June 2013: Birch Acres, Gauteng: An elderly couple was attacked in their home by 3 black men. The 70-year-old man was repeatedly stabbed, they were tied up and robbed. 

*13 June 2013: Kloof, Natal: Kerry Savin was attacked at her home when she went outside to get the mail. Her attacker stabbed her 12 times with a knife and fled without taking anything. 

*15 June 2013: Hofmeyr, Eastern Cape: Louis Traut, (80) his wife and 2 daughters were attacked on the farm Doornkop by 3 black men. They stabbed Louis to death. His wife and daughters were also injured but survived. They fled with weapons, cash and a cellphone.

*16 June 2013: Olifantshoek, Northern Cape: Herman van der Schyff (34) was attacked by black men while on security duty at an abattoir. They tied him up and stabbed him to death. They fled with his cellphone and wallet. 

*16 June 2013: Rustenburg, Northwest: Le Roux Minnaar and a friend were attaked near “At se Gat” by 3 Black men. They were tied up, beaten and robbed of their Cellphones and cash. The armed attackers shot at them, but missed. 

*17 June 2013: Westville, Natal: Basil Miller (68) and his wife Bea (66) were attacked in their home by 5 armed black men. They were tortured, kicked and beaten for 2 hours before the gang fled with their car and goods stolen from their home. 

*18 June 2013: East Londen, Eastern Cape: Eugene Preston (70) was attacked at 6am while getting in his car in St James Road. He suffered serious head injuries and a broken arm. Nothing was stolen. He died of his injuries in hospital. 

*19 June 2013: Zeerust, Northwest: Tom en Irene Kirstein were attacked on their farm by a group of Black men. They were brutally assaulted and robbed.

*19 June 2013: Johannesburg, Gauteng: Johannesburg Business man, Jeffery Wiggill (59) was highjacked and murdered. His body was dumped in Soweto next to his vehicle. Only his cellphone and wallet were stolen. 

*20 June 2013: Naboomspruit, Limpopo: 3 Black men attacked the Plank-family on their farm. They were tied up and assaulted. The attackers fled when help arrived. 

*20 June 2013: Schoemanskloof, Mpumalanga: Schalk Blom was attacked on his farm by 6 Black men. He was beaten, tied up and robbed. 

*21 June 2013: Johannesburg, Gauteng: Garth du Preez (19) was attacked at a traffic light by a Black man. His car window was shattered and Garth was set alight. He sustained serious burns to his face, neck, torso and hands and is currently in ICU under sedation. 

*21 June 2013: Sasolburg, Free State: A group of friends were walking to a restaurant in town when they were attacked by 3 Black men. One of the boys, Barend Nel (19) was stabbed to death. The attackers fled with his cellphone. 

*23 June 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: A group of students were attacked in their commune by a gang of armed black men. One of the students tried to call the police for help. Another one of the students, Wayne (23) defended his friend from an attackers who was assaulting her. He managed to save her from her attacker with his sword but was cut in the process. 

*25 June 2013: Waterfall, Natal: Pauline Kleve (73) was attacked in her home by a gang of black men. They poisoned both her dogs, assaulted her and fled in her car. Pauline was widowed shortly before this incident and the attackers took off with her husband’s ashes because they thought the fase was valualble. 

*26 June 2013: Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng: Roelof du Plessis (51), his wife Laura and their 19-year-old Son were attacked on their smallholding by a gang of Black men. They gained entry to the Son’s bedroom and started assaulting him. His parents woke from the commotion and found him in the living room where he was being assaulted. The attackers shot Roelof several times and fled. He died on the scene. Nothing was stolen. 

*27 June 2013: Rustenburg, Northwest: Elderly couple, Dawie (still awaiting surname) and his wife were attacked on their farm by 2 Black men. They were beaten and dragged around the house. They managed to alert the Community Police. Chris Lombard from the CPF arrived and was stabbed with a knife. He managed to shoot 1 of the attackers. 

*27 Junie 2013: Cookhouse, Eastern Cape: Frank du Plessis and his wife, Betsy, were attacked on their farm by 2 Black men. Betsy was assaulted and Frank was stabbed to death.



  1. Anonymous1/7/13 18:41

    May the big fella bless you, LL. What is happening in SA against white people is unconscionable. If it were up to the people in Oz, the problem would implode upon itself, as much of SA would hav moved here - solving our present problem as well!

    1. Yup, I wish all the Whites would be accepted here without question. Can you imagine the effect? So many industrious, clever people coming into the country. Just leave the liberals behind so they can live with their Black brothers while they eat each other.

    2. Mr Mister1/7/13 22:10

      If Australia allowed ALL the decent hard working 4 million+ white South Africans in, Australia's median IQ would rise and the country would leave the world standing in cultural arts, sporting talent, medical science, engineering and technology. All they would need is boerewors and Mrs Balls chutney.

    3. Mr Mister - you are correct. And we have boerewors and Mrs Balls here!

  2. Anonymous1/7/13 20:03

    The majority of white people believe Uhuru is scare tactics, and it is their right to think so, but at least be prepared rather than being caught off guard and you cannot protect your family when the unexpected happens. It is time for white people to sit up and notice what is going on around them. I pray that the killing of white people will not happen, but my intuition warns me that something is very wrong.South African whites should be very worried, does it mean nothing when white people are being murdered around us , as long as it is not their family being murdered and tortured?

    Mariaan - South Africa

    1. Everyone is asking whether it will happen when it's been happening since 1994! If Whites in SA haven't taken precautions for when Mandela dies, then they are being very short-sighted. Make plans about how to evacuate your area in the case of Black riots and attacks. Speak to your kids and tell them a safe place to meet should they attack during school. Plan that there won't be cell phone use, food or water. People need to be prepared. Sure, if it doesn't happen then happy days. If it does at least you won't panic!

  3. I spoke to an ex SAP bloke yesterday (coloured chap who retired after about 30 years in the force). He mentioned that from his point of view is that it will start with Zulu vs Xhosa. As I live in Cape Town, you can see the squatter camps at the airport. The majority of these people come from the Eastern Cape who are Xhosa. He mentioned to me that the DA under Zille will not be able to cope with the violence when (not if) it hits here in the Cape.

    I asked where the coloureds would stand and he gave me a brutal answer. He said that the youngsters of today are only interested in dealing in drugs as that is easy money and that they will side by the side who is the strongest and who can provide more sophisticated weaponry. The thing is that although we do not have a huge Zulu population here in the Cape, the Xhosa will start the shit because of their living conditions they are currently in.

    So, although the Cape could be the "last enclave", it will suffer violence and bloodshed like the Northern parts of our country. I have been prepared for years now. Many people do not believe Uhuru because they do not know history (Hitler's brown shirts in 1937(?) - could be wrong about the year. The head in the sand spectacle is evident all over.

    BTW, the ex SAP bloke I spoke to was in the process of moving his family to the UK !!!

    1. I've heard that it will start with Black on Black war first and then probably spread to the White areas as they get more and more angrier. Someone once sent me a google street view aerial map of the N2 where you can see all the squatter camps along the highway. Boy was I shocked as they are literally everywhere. I don't people realise how packed on top of each other they are.

      There are a lot of Coloureds in NZ and also some here in Australia. They know the crap is going to hit the fan soon and they are in the middle. The young Coloureds are so drugged up on Tik that they don't even know what's going on around them.

      You have to cry for South Africa and what's going to happen to it. You need to move to Canberra and go stay with your boet!

  4. Anonymous1/7/13 21:02

    I am frustrated that my middle aged children refuse to face up to the reality of white genocide and leave.
    After Obama circus - I understand the syndrome of being "beaten to senselessness" i.e. shut down / closed off - saturation point has been passed.
    I am white... not "African" as all white youth have shoved in their face during the past few days.
    AFRICAN YOUTH will have USA privileges. Hooray.

    The whites can no longer absorb anymore "white guilt" ...exacerbated by Obama.
    White guilt means "we deserve whatever comes our way."
    The white youth do not feature at all. They are the recipients of Apartheid privilege you know !

    We call 1950 onwards 'THE GOLDEN YEARS ' at last we were allowed to be "South Africans" no longer a "last bastion of colonization."
    Afrikaners found their feet; English speakers were fed ad nauseum the CAMPS and still do today. (Not trusted)
    Rooinekke had to "look" after themselves as ALL the whites do again under ANC.

    SO - my grey haired 'children' have "Battered Syndrome" being educated in dual medium schools where kids labelled each other.

    To not "want to know"
    "I have enough to worry about that I can fix - without worrying about something.......,.'I can do nothing about.'

    SO us stupid whites - who remain to be slaughtered have no more GUTS. Its been beaten out of us by non-South Africans being labelled with guilt that we enjoyed our 'privileges' and did not overthrow the vile, evil ...add more nouns. verbs adjectives whatever you wish to add. Been there done that enough already.

    It seems that us whiteys do not deserve to be alive.
    That is the brainwashing shoved down our throats every moment we breathe.
    WHERE can we go if we do not have assets ?
    Those who have assets have to be under 40.

    So I speak for the middle aged cast off rejected despised whites - in a world that is losing its sanity under multi-culturism that demands white skins to be SUBSERVIENT to a lesser.......add your own definitions.
    I am gatvol of the labels.

    My only satisfaction is being able to say "goed so."
    You wanted it - so take the consequences.
    I watch with smug satisfaction, knowing that there IS justice. The labellers are reaping their harvest of multi-culturism.
    ANIMALS DO NOT "multi" anything. They mark their boundaries.
    To each his own and birds of a feather fly together.
    KNOWN as APARTHEID... to each his own !
    Bitter and depressed - Octagenarian.

    1. I've come to realise that you can't save everyone. Those who want to do something will. Those too blind and deaf will have to be woken up on their own.

  5. Anonymous1/7/13 23:06

    I hear a lot of people say, take your shit and leave. If only it was that easy! We wanted to leave 5 years ago but frankly it was just too expensive to move 10 people (immediate family).

    I wouldn't be able to leave by myself, what if it really does happen? Won't be able to sit in another country and know my whole family is being slaughtered.

    This is the reality we face, some are more prepared than others. I'm just really hoping that if the shit does hit the fan that we would get international help. I'm hoping that people are aware enough now to pressure their governments into sending aid should the need arise. Hell they don't even have to fight the blacks...just evacuate all the whites!!

    There are so many variables, so many things to consider.


    1. In my opinion, you should have left 5 years ago. You would have been in a better position today to get the rest of your family out. None of the governments are going to come to the White's aid. They don't care.

  6. Anonymous2/7/13 02:38

    As I have said before , the whole white population should move to the old Cape and stand fast . the xhosas should be driven back to the Fish River. We need every army veteran to polish up his skill in combat irrespective of age and stand his ground . We need leaders who have the guts to spill blood when faced with the same resistance. This is the last shot. All these squatter camps were placed in strategic locations be it along the airport , freeway , power station etc namely to strangle the movement and ability of the opposition , namely the whites. By being in the cape we have less ground to cover and more resistance to offer, concentrated in the area that matters most ie. the Cape , a place none of the blacks can claim as stolen. If not , we are spread so thin around the country that murdering us in masses is easy since we are only in thin pockets, lack weapons, spread wide and far and will have all roads out of our areas blocked . Yes it will be a sacrifice to many to give up all what they possess in material goods like house , farm, business etc . Start moving NOW! That includes you white squatters outside Joburg and Pretoria . MOVE It NOW! By any and all means . There are places north of Cape Town and elsewhere to set up . Move it. Now!

    1. It will happen one day when Whites start getting desperate. At the moment, most Whites still believe in the fairies and stay put. For them to survive they will have to circle the wagons and fight.

  7. Anonymous2/7/13 02:57

    Don't count on anyone coming to save you, the entire world has gone mad; it seems no one cares about anything but their immediate families and their stuff.

    One thing I hate seeing is black attackers referred to as men. Sometimes our Marxist idiot talking heads on tv here in America refer to them as gentleman, they usually refer to white criminals as males and females.

    I pray for you guys. A lot of the same thing happens in America, but is swept under the rug by the media. A good website that tries to keep up with the atrocities is: Black racism and race hatred of non blacks.

    1. Exactly - no one cares really apart from the ex-pats who are spread around the world.

  8. Very sad to read LL, very sad. But nonetheless, the hard truth. We in RSA experience this kind of brutal attacks on a daily basis. Really, I plead with people to leave, anyplace on earth will be better than here at this time. Many people say that when the crunch comes, we will fight them. I am not negative, but realistic in this coming confrontation. How on earth will we be abble to win this one? I dont know. The blacks will come in drives of thousands at a time, how to stop them will not lay in the hands of a few hundred whites. For sure all abled men will fight them off with all we have, but eventually they will kill many thousands of us. I know that some people will say I am a slapgat or bangbroek. But commonsense must be the guideline here. The future for us looks bleaker by the day. Read the black's sites, hear what they say, see what they are doing to us. Me and my children are all ready to evacuate to some reletive safe plce somwhere in SA. I believe it's the solution for a while. There are also so many whites who are selling us out. Unbelievable but true. In short, which way you wish, we are all caught in this noose. But for people like you, thanks for keeping us in the know.

    1. There will always be the sell-outs. You just have to ignore them and believe they will get their day.

  9. I can't deal with this. It never stops. I can't believe we're living through this.

  10. Anonymous2/7/13 09:57

    I feel for all our fellow countrymen that have to live with this savagery.
    My thoughts are with you!

    I would just like to say to any expats that read about this slaughter to remember why you left and how lucky you are (myself included).

    The amount of ex saffers that I have come across in both NZ and Oz that whinge about not having their beloved maids, garden boys, the weather and various other insignificant bullshit is quite frankly sickening!

    1. I must say I haven't met many who still hanker after those days. Most are just grateful to have gotten their families out. For those who do carry on like that, best they go back! Me? I'm very grateful to be out, but I worry about those left behind.

  11. Anonymous2/7/13 21:12

    1. Middle aged .....How do you get a visa ?
    2 How do you sustain a family when unemployed ?
    3. How much will it cost to set up a home ?
    4. Any idea how much it costs to move a household ?

    Minor questions - just asking.
    A farmer is welcome anywhere so they really should leave. They are the most vulnerable.

    1. It's difficult to get a visa when middle-aged. I only know about Australia and I think you score points up until the age of 45. If you are starting a business or bringing lots of money then it's easier to get in.

      If you are not a resident or citizen of Australia then you don't receive any benefits - unless you come in with a sob story and get refugee status (which is what I'd suggest Whites do who aren't rich enough to immigrate).

      Not sure about the cost to move. Back in 2008 it was about R60000 for a container, but I didn't bring one over. I sold everything and bought new on arrival.

      I know there are some Boers here in Australia farming. Try contacting them to get info and maybe they would be willing to sponsor some SA'cans. Not sure how to find out who or where they are though.

    2. Anonymous3/7/13 19:14

      Thanks for info.

  12. Anonymous3/7/13 01:44

    My tribe is dying ....Steve Hofmeyer


  13. Anonymous6/7/13 14:14

    Leave SA while you still can move to the Americas.

    1. Anonymous16/7/13 03:53

      Whites South African must leave South Africa and move to Europe, Canada or Australia.

  14. Well White People what can I say 100's of Years of Oppression and Atrocities committed by Whites to indigenous people in there own countries non the less!


    Everything that you do has repercussions. It comes back to you one way or another!

  15. Anonymous10/8/13 05:55

    13 white murders in one month equates to 156 white murders per year!

    Here are some murder stats per country: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate

    Australia have 229 murders per year! I assume most of those 229 murders were also white, considering that Australia is mostly white.

    So you encourage folk to leave SA to move to countries with worse murder rates?

  16. Botswana has a black Government. They not Zuloes. So nooooo problems in Botswana. Botswans much safer than Australia.

  17. No 156 farmers murdered per year is a pee in the pot. 20,000 people are murdered per year. And road deaths is also above 20,000 per year. That is a grand total of over 40,000 per year. There is no distinction between colour or race.If you have something,then you are a target. It all goes about influx from Africa and joblessness of the masses. And no brains or will power from our (ESTEEMED ) LEADERSHIP TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS. They are to busy stealing (corruption) and filling there bellies. Farmers are merely soft targets. We do not have a first world leadership. Were the government supposed to serve the people. Here they believe as it was in King Chaka time. That the King or the Chief got the right to do as he pleases with his subjects. We Black or White or Coloured are all the Zuloe Kings subjects. And the state of the country or growth and happiness of the people is not his concern. Crime is just a method of culling his subjects. Thus the leadership say all is normal. That is according to King Chaka's rules as it was and as it still is.