30 April 2013

South Africa: Mandela family rakes in millions

Liberals around the world will shout: "so what's the problem with that?". 

Well, let me tell you, you little mental pygmies.

Here is the problem. Nelson Mandela should have been hanged when he was found guilty of high treason and terrorism in 1964. The only reason he didn't get the death penalty was because 3 Jewish Communists had been found guilty with him and the Apartheid government was scared of the international fall-out that would result were they to be hanged with Mandela. So their lives were spared and he got life-imprisonment instead.

Mandela went into prison a cowardly low-life Communist terrorist who was only too happy to blow up innocent people, and while in prison, he was miraculously transformed into a Black consciousness leader by the world's bleeding heart Liberals and the ANC. It suited the ANC's purposes as they now had someone whom they could present to the world as a Black hero who fought the oppressive White regime - a Black man who was banished to prison for his bravery and taking a stand for his people. Over the years the ANC white-washed his inconvenient Communist history and made him out to be a saint.

Mandela's heroes were all Communists - Karl Marx and Fidel Castro being among them. The armed wing of the ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe ("Spear of the Nation", abbreviated MK) was co-founded by Mandela, Walter Sisulu and communist Joe Slovo. Most early MK members were White Communists. Mandela studied Mao and Che Guevara for ideas of  how MK could use "guerrilla warfare and terrorism" to overthrow the government. Mao, of course, killed around 80 million Chinese people. Che Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary and a mass-murderer for Fidel Castro. And these were Mandela's heroes.

In 1983, a car bomb was detonated by MK in South Africa's Capital, Pretoria, killing 19 people and injuring 217. Mandela later admitted that he had signed off on the bombing from his prison cell. In comparison, the recent Boston bombings killed 3 people and received world-wide attention and condemnation. Americans want the death sentence for the surviving Jihadi bomber. The 1983 Church Street bombings - where 19 innocent people, including Blacks - were blown to smithereens on the orders of saint Nelson Mandela received......well, it received world-wide silence.

Mandela was offered his freedom in 1985 by then South African president PW Botha, on condition he "unconditionally rejected violence as a political weapon". He refused, knowing that his international allure would increase by remaining behind bars, playing the poor oppressed Black victim under the White man's thumb. His hero status climbed around the world to such an extent that the NP government under fcuktard de Klerk were convinced that they had to deal with the ANC and hand the country over to them to stop the violence and international sanctions. 

The ANC were a nothing. Nothing but an undisciplined blood-thirsty, money-hungry group of liberation fighters who planted bombs as their claim to fame. They burned their fellow Blacks alive by "necklacing" i.e. hanging car tyres around the necks of anyone not supporting them and setting them alight - all so that they could incite fear in the Black population and grow their base. They used Mandela's guerrilla warfare tactics to convince the stupid NP government that they were a mighty force. That and the 30 pieces of silver they offered fcuwit de Klerk did the trick nicely and the country was handed over to these terrorists without a whimper. Oh how the world lauded Mandela as the greatest peace-lover in the world. He even shared the Nobel Peace Prize with traitor de Klerk. 

All around the world, people couldn't understand how Mandela could forgive his captives without resorting to violence. Want me to tell you fools why? Because Mandela didn't know what he was doing - he only knew how to be a terrorist and wanting to live the life of a Communist. He was hungry for money and power - and he needed the Whites to run the country more than they needed him. Why do you think he had a White Afrikaans woman as his PA? He had also built up the false persona of a non-violent, benevolent man who only wanted peace. How he must have laughed at the world behind closed doors.

So, how did Mandela go from a terrorist in prison for 27 years, to a multi-millionaire after being president of South Africa for only 6 years? Well, once out of prison, he quickly set up his children's charity which was used to collect and launder international donations and bribes to him. Bribes for the mineral wealth of South Africa which he sold to the highest bidder. And then he used that dirt money to build the Mandela empire, all for the good of him and his family, and which his children and grandchildren use to further their financial interests today. The Mandela-clan have many fingers in many pies and companies. They wield much power and money, and they give zero back to the indigent people of South Africa.

As the title to this article states, the Mandela family is raking in millions......all from money given to a murdering Communist terrorist.

Yes, true, Mandela does do some good. He holds a birthday party every year in his hometown, where all the poor little Black kids in the area can go and party and get their free food parcel and ANC T-shirt, all of which is donated and which Mandela  doesn't even have to buy from the money in his own pocket.

Just look at what he's done to better the lives of the people he apparently cared about so much that he went to prison for them......Yes, he must be a saint after all.  

Johannesburg - Former president Nelson Mandela's children and grandchildren are currently active in more than 110 companies, according to company information.

Their wealth was held in a network of at least 24 trusts established by Ismail Ayob, the family's former lawyer, Beeld reported on Monday.

Some of the trusts own several expensive properties in Johannesburg's upmarket neighbourhoods.

Makaziwe Mandela's 3 575m² house in Hyde Park, for example, is owned by the Makaziwe M Trust and, according to the latest property valuation, was worth about R13.6m.

However, it was virtually impossible to determine the full extent of the Mandela family's wealth and interests, because of the network of trusts in which the assets were held, as well as the lack of public documentation providing information.


The most recognisable Mandela entrepreneurs were his granddaughters Zaziwe and Zamaswazi (Swati) Dlamini, who had a reality show on TV and had also launched a Mandela clothing range.

Grandson Zondwa Mandela was recently in the news because of his involvement with President Jacob Zuma's nephew Khulubuse Zuma and their association with the controversial Aurora mine.

Company information showed the Mandela children and grandchildren had, over the past two decades, been involved in about 200 companies extending over a wide range of sectors, including real estate, investments, railway engineering, minerals, medical firms, fashion, and entertainment.

Makaziwe, Mandela's eldest daughter, was an active director in 16 companies, including the South African subsidiary of the Swiss multinational food giant Nestle, a shopping centre in Kimberley, two railway engineering companies, and four companies apparently engaged in mineral exploration.

Zenani Dlamini, Mandela's other daughter and currently South Africa's ambassador to Argentina, was an active director of nine companies.

She was previously associate director of a company with Clinton Nassif, who was implicated in the murder of mining magnate Brett Kebble.

Zondwa Mandela, Khulubuse Zuma, and Zuma's lawyer Michael Hulley were co-directors in Labat Africa.

The three were at one stage directors of the Aurora mine, but Hulley had since resigned.

Nandi Mandela, Mandela's granddaughter, was a co-director in a city planning company Linda Masinga & Associates, which according to the company's website, had completed numerous municipal contracts for municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal.

According to Beeld, Nelson Mandela himself did not possess many assets registered in his own name.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation Trust in 2012 paid R2.9m to "The Founder", slightly more than the R2.8m of the previous year.

As a former president Nelson Mandela also receives a lifelong presidential pension.



  1. Anonymous30/4/13 20:27

    Can't wait for the piece of crap to peg off.

    1. My champagne is on ice for that day.

    2. And you talk big about being non-violent

  2. Sandgroper30/4/13 23:09

    Did they get him for treason or sabotage? Be as it may, I cannot wait for the old fart to meet his maker Lucifer. My best friend's dad was killed in the Church Street bombing. We were in Matric.

    1. He was charged with sabotage as well. Yes, I'm sure they're going to party it up big one of these days in hell where Chavez is waiting for all his commie pals - Mandela, Castro, Mugarbage.....

  3. Anonymous30/4/13 23:37

    Yes is it not interesting how N.M. was not dragged through a truth and reconcilliation hearing, where he could apologise to the families who suffered at his hands. What he did was ok, but one the reverse side it was seen as wrong. Even Winnie got away with killing her own kind. Stompie's family probably got some hush hush compensation.

    1. It's okay when Blacks do it in the name of Black liberation against evil White people. They would never have dragged NM before the TRC as he would have had to admit to all his sins - and we all know that he's pure as snow with nothing to confess.

  4. Anonymous1/5/13 04:22

    How I wish the lefties of this world, the Bonos and the Geldoffs and every other person who worships this bloke could read this article - maybe they would then see what the REAL Mandela is all about and maybe the world would be a slightly better place! The REAL TRUTH about Mandela in a 10 minute read - short, to the point and factual.
    Well written LL. Good stuff mate.

    1. Dankie maat. The only problem is that Liberals are so blind and as dumb as shite that even when the truth hits them full-face, they still deny it. My articles aren't written for the stupid, but for those who can still be saved.

    2. I am a leftie. I have read this article. The REAL Mandela is quite an awesome guy. You probably are against the Weather Underground, If you even know who they are. The world is a better place because of Mandela. THE REAL TRUTH about Mandela is a 10 minute read- short, crazy, and full of crap.
      Poorly written LL. Crappy stuff 'mate'.
      "abc-defg-kar-mat-die-wol-wiele" What the heck!!

    3. Weather underground was full of super elite white kids. Preaching kill your family...lol yeah they made the world a better place. Give me a break....2 of idiots blew themselves up ....attempting to blow up cadets and there dates at west point.

  5. Anonymous1/5/13 09:02

    I've always considered Nelson Mandela a criminal, but the upside-down state of the world has, since the early '90's decreed that he should be worshipped. It's a sick, sick world we live in if you're of white NOrthern-European descent.

    1. Well, wait until he kicks the bucket and then watch how the world reveres him. They will never publish the truth. He is a hero with clay feet. I'm hoping one day the truth will emerge and people will finally see the communist POS he is.

    2. Not only north european, any caucasion, south to north, east to west

    3. Anonymous7/12/13 13:18

      He is dead and you are right the main stream media is revering him!

  6. Off topic but one of those 'believe it or not' issues involving....yeah, right! The ruling ANC...

    The mind boggles!

    1. Thanks - I'll check it out.

  7. Muntdela kicked the bucket years ago. He's the one on ice until the appropriate distraction on the world stage sets in. This might sound outrageous yet not at all surprising.

    I believe this is common knownledge by the world leaders in the know, and have ordered this hushed up until the right moment.

    It was reported a few years ago that his personal body guard, a white fella, left home after an urgent call on a week-end and never returned. His wife was asking for any news about his whereabouts.

    I can't remember on which blog I'd read this. It must've been on a previous popular SA site that has since been taken down.

    Perhaps someone who frequents this blog might remember more about this.

    1. Not too sure about that as he was photographed recently with Zuma. True, he does look half-dead in the photo, but it looked very much like him. I don't think he's with it anymore. Seems they're just keeping him alive to spite us. They'll milk his stardom until he's dead. He's worth more alive than dead at this time.

  8. Anonymous30/5/13 12:10

    Read some articles awhile back by.....sarah maid of albion mandela.... where she was of the opinion that when he does meet his maker it will lead to open slather on the white population, I fear she maybe right , she carries the latest figures on her blog re the numbers of white farmers being brutaly murdered, a very grim state of affairs and totaly unreported by MSM. When I migrated to Australia I came by boat and called into Capetown, very beautifull city with the backdrop of table mountain, also remember the Indian markets in Durban, that was 1971, such a shame. Thank you for your work LL , I found you a couple of weeks ago and now a regular ..... Dave in Melbourne

  9. Anonymous13/6/13 00:09

    What the F(_)ck are you people smoking?? are your brains switched off, is this a blogg for the incredibly stupid?
    Anonymous who eventually reveals he's name Dave in Melbourne??? Go down on your knees and praise God for Nelson Mandela, because if it wasn't for him what we wanted as the oppressed people of this nation for more than 30 years would have happened and you Sir would have not been in Australia right now!!

  10. Anonymous6/7/13 06:31

    I'm Thapelo and you all are faggots.

  11. Anonymous31/7/13 22:55

    You're an idiot - I don't argue with idiots

  12. Anonymous6/12/13 18:37

    And the terrorist is dead finally

  13. Anonymous6/12/13 21:10

    If I was targeted, to be tortured and killed, by a group of people who claim to be superior because they are of a different ethnicity, I would fight back. This article just says the oppressed should stay the oppressed. This is a sore-losers article based on how hard racist whites cannot accept that the same land they found, owned by blacks then, was taken back. by the same people you found here. . you guys are not different than Nazis. Think about that for a while.

    I, such as this "terrorist" you spoke of, don't even want to waste my time hating on people like you. I believe I'm better than that. Stay in Australia, enjoy the poisonous snakes and insect, and horrid temperatures.

    At least my leader died from natural causes, as opposed to Eugene Terreblanche, dying by the hands of a young black boy in attempts to rape him. Sies. AWB = Nazis = Pilgrims

    Nkosi'sikelela iAfrika

  14. Anonymous7/12/13 02:23

    Thank you for the above comment some people need God.

  15. Anonymous7/12/13 12:44

    What a bunch of racial carp! You support Bush, Blair and others who killed hundred of thousands of people and for what? Do me a favour.... Mandela is a hero, he stood against his oppressors and conquered them. Long live his memory! I'm a white south African and proud

  16. Anonymous9/12/13 22:38

    To all the Mandela`s haters surely you are full of hate, racist and no common sense! and thank god you are few of you!!
    This world does not need you!! and your voice will always remain underground and since I am a by racial i have a lot of love and respect for every human being. I will not trash you guys cause that will make me just like you .

  17. "he who relies solely on peaceful measures shall perish." Sun Tzu....i don't know who is blinded more, sons of those who formed the regime or your fathers who enjoyed using the oppressed as target practice...a man did what a man could ....im typing this text instead of doing you gardens you should be lucky i am not planning my revenge bombings but instead i look at your fathers day by day and smile because of his teachings ....


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