25 September 2012

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24 September 2012

British still giving hundreds of millions of pounds in aid to wealthy countries

Is it truly a surprise when you read these types of articles? It usually just affirms what we already suspect - that foreign 'aid' is usually a waste of money, making only those who run aid programs rich, whilst the people the aid is intended to help remain poor. It's an entire industry supported by money given to them by others to distribute. The EU's aid budget is £10 billion a year! That's enough to pay off Greece's current debt re-payments. No, instead this money is shipped off to countries like China, Russia, Brazil, Iceland and Barbados. But not only is the EU guilty of squandering money, the cash-strapped British government is also very willing to use tax monies to give out free money to countries around the world. In fact, the British government is on a mission to increase their aid every year until they hit 0.7% of national income. Apparently that's the magic number where poorer countries will no longer be poor as they'll be funded by the rich British tax payer. And every year we read articles of the wasted funds or funds being 'diverted' from accounts into private government accounts. And still Western countries feel the need to ease their White-privilege guilty conscience. After all, how dare Western people live so well when there are others in the world who can't pull themselves up by their own socks and become just like us. Ms Gillard here in Australia has just borrowed pledged $300 million to the Cook Islands and another borrowed $320 million to promote female equality in the Pacific Islands! Wow, what a champ. Never mind that she's putting Australia further into debt and the tax payers get to pay for her largess. When last has the Cook Islands given Australia anything? When will Australia benefit from 'women equality' in the Pacific? The West has a chronic wasteful spending problem. Our governments are quick to smack us over the heads with increased interest rates when we live off too much credit, but do nothing about their own over the top spending. Since when do we vote in governments who decide how they will spend our hard earned money and put us into substantial debt? Since when do they make these decisions on their own, all the whilst knowing that their pensions are safe and will be paid on time? Democracy sure doesn't sound so swell these days, does it?

Countries including China, Russia, Brazil, Iceland and Barbados are benefiting from funds intended to help the world’s poorest, despite a pledge for it to go only to the neediest.

Among the schemes being paid for are a Turkish television channel, a scheme promoting tourism in Iceland’s national park, and a hotel training waiters in the tourist destination of Barbados.

The situation was described by one MP as “farcical” last night. The Government is now under pressure to reform aid spending - and to axe a commitment to increase it at a time when every other area of government bar the NHS is due to be cut.

Meanwhile a new poll today by ICM for The Sunday Telegraph showed that 70 per cent of people questioned said overseas aid should be scaled down, not increased. Two-thirds said a ring-fence, which protects it from spending cuts, was wrong.

Separately, one charity last night warned that it was time to find an “exit strategy” from the current system of spending aid money, in a sign that even recipients of the funds are losing confidence in how they are spent.

The new disclosures come after the Sunday Telegraph last weekend revealed how the international aid industry had made millionaires out of so-called 'poverty barons’ - consultants running aid programmes abroad. At an event for consultants held last Thursday in Whitehall, the chairman of the meeting told participants: “There’s lots of money! We’ve all got money!”

Another delegate urged consultants to come to Barbados to benefit from the largesse of aid donors, saying “the beaches are lovely but so’s the business!” while a third said: “I hope nobody from the Telegraph was here tonight.”

Now this newspaper has uncovered how:
* A sixth of the money spent by the Department for International Development (DfID) goes straight to the European Union’s aid programme;
* The EU spends about half its aid budget of £10 billion on middle and higher income countries - even though Britain believes those countries are too wealthy to merit support;
* Brussels has committed £30 million to 22 aid projects in China, a country with almost 150 billionaires, despite DfID closing its Chinese aid programme over a year ago;
* Brazil, which will spend £9 billion on the Olympics in 2016, received more than £10 million in European aid for schemes including £660,000 spent on the social integration of women living in fishing communities and £120,000 on the 'integration of indigenous city dwellers’.

DfID has set a target of spending 0.7 per cent of national income on overseas aid and UK money spent in Iceland, Turkey and other relatively wealthy nations such as the economic powerhouses of China and Russia count towards that goal.

Dominic Raab, a leading Tory Eurosceptic, said: “It is farcical that the EU spends nearly a billion pounds of UK taxpayers’ money and a significant proportion of Britain’s aid on middle income countries.

“Not only does that conflict with British aid priorities - which are increasingly focused on the world’s poorest - but EU development funds have been plagued by maladministration and fraud. This is a clear example of the folly of moves towards a single European foreign policy, and a prime candidate for repatriation to UK democratic control.”

Pauline Latham, a Tory MP and member of the International Development select committee, said: “It is time to renegotiate the amount of money we give to Europe for aid. If the public really knew that our money was going to countries like Turkey, China, Russia, Iceland and Brazil they would be furious.
“It is astonishing that European aid is going to middle income countries when there are so many countries that are so much poorer.”

Read more here

A word to rioting Muslims

Pat Condell says it's best: We don't care if you're offended, and we never will. Get used to it.

Obama is Hope-Less

Who can believe that America is currently split 50-50 in favor of either Romney or Obama for the presidency in November? This should have been a no-brainer for the American people. So, why are American's so confused? Why can't they see what Obama is all about? There are various reasons, but one of the main reasons is the failure of the media to report on what Obama has and hasn't done. For example, on the day that America heard that 4 of their Libyan embassy staff had been murdered - including the Ambassador - Obama took himself to Vegas to fund-raise; and then hopped onto a plane to groovy on down with Jay-Z and Beyoncé at a $40,000 per head campaign party money raiser. Obama routinely attacks 'millionaires and billionaires'; however, the media never seems to ask him, seeing as he's so against people being so wealthy, why does he continue to fraternise and accept money from these people? And why do these people, who are attacked by Obama and his fellow Democrats, continue to contribute to the campaign? Boggles the mind, doesn't it? Another reason for the split in the polls is that the Romney message is one the American public doesn't want to listen to. Who wants to hear that the country is heading for a financial Armageddon of epic proportions? No, it's far easier to listen to dud Obama when he says that, yes, the country needs to worry about its financial position, but not quite yet. When should they worry Mr Obama? When the country is further gone than Greece? After your next 4 years of stimulus spending? When you've completely destroyed America? When America can no longer fight wars or defend herself? When should the American people worry? See, it's so much easier to listen to Hope and Change speeches, than Wake Up and Smell the Roses warnings. Last week some Lefty radical released a tape of Romney speaking at a private fund raising. He released the tapes in their entirety.....apart from a few edited 'missing' minutes' that he can't account for. The MSM went nuts, accusing Romney of not caring about the 47% he sees as entitlement bunnies. Well, take a look at the graphs below to see the truth of the Obama economy - graphs that the MSM will no doubt hide in their basements until after the election. The first graph is for the period April to June 2012 and shows that more people went onto disability and food stamps than the number of jobs created. The second graph is Obama's economy during his presidency where there has been a net loss of jobs, but over 20 million people added to disability or food stamps. In other words, the American people are now relying on the government to feed them. Where does this happen in the rest of the world? When government feeds the people, then the government can stop feeding them too, leaving them dependent. That is the reality American's should be concerned about. In the 1980's, just over 30% of Americans were not paying income taxes. Today the number has risen to over 47%. What happens when this number tips over 50%, so that more people are paying no taxes than those paying? As Benjamin Franklin once warned:
“When the people find they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”   
So, yes, you can either listen to no-care Obama who thinks that money grows on trees; or you can listen to the dire warnings from Romney and Ryan and decide the truth and what should be done about it. Just know that there are many people in the world hoping Obama wins the next election as that will mean they can continue with their radical plans for the destruction of America. And this is no joke. Obama is clueless and naive - he thinks he can slow the rising of the seas and force the sun to shine, he's that great. He also thinks he's Islam's great friend and the fool will see what Islam does to people like him. He is a useful idiot of the highest caliber.

From April to June of 2012, net job creation was less than people flooding the rolls of the food stamp program

Obama's Economy

On October 9, 2009, barely nine months after his inauguration on January 20th, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Obama. At the time, the committee said it was being awarded “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.”

Only a fool would say that Obama’s international diplomacy has worked. The siege of our Cairo embassy hoisted the flag of al Qaeda. Our Ambassador to Libya has been killed. Syria’s dictator kills his own people with abandon. The Iranians have not stopped working toward being able to make their own nuclear weapons and from Morocco to Indonesia, in a large swath of the world there are rallies whose slogan is “Death to America.”

While President Obama’s performance in office will be dissected by future historians, those of us who have to live through the experience day to day are often left wondering why he chose to pursue various policies.

A big part of the answer is that Obama is a dedicated Marxist. The recent tape of his 1998 discussion of the “redistribution of wealth” is pure Communism. It isn’t garden variety Socialism. A large part of the U.S. population has had some difficulty understanding what Obama was doing because they have never encountered Marxism so directly before.

The U.S. has been adopting “progressive” policies and programs since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and his nephew Franklin D. Roosevelt and it must be said that even Republicans in the White House and Congress embraced them.

The result are “entitlement” programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that have so distorted the economy that it is now impossible for Congress to balance a budget in which more than half is devoted to these programs before a single dollar is spent on defense and other domestic programs..

At the very beginning of the nation, Benjamin Franklin warned that “When the people find they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” 

The result of Obama’s first term has been the piling up of the kind of debt never seen in the entire history of the nation even during World War II. While it is true that Obama arrived as the wreckage of the 2008 financial crisis lay all about, the actions he took were odd.

The crisis which too conveniently occurred at the very end of George W. Bush’s second term during the 2008 presidential election campaign was the result of government policies reaching back to the days of FDR when the government decided to manipulate the nation’s housing sector by creating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to purchase mortgages issued by the nation’s banks.

When the crisis occurred, these “government sponsored entities” owned fifty percent of all mortgages and had been bundling them into assets sold to banks and investment firms. They would be dubbed “toxic assets” of unknown origin and no real value. They killed Lehman Brothers and required a massive bailout of major banks and investment firms.

Few argue that major banks had to be saved, but Obama had no need to seize control of General Motors and Chrysler. They could have gone through an ordinary bankruptcy procedure and emerged the better for it. Obama, however, was not concerned about the auto companies so much as he was concerned about the auto unions. In the process, the company’s creditors and stockholders were shunted aside. Americans have always opposed the nationalization of its industries. It is Communism.

As the U.S. economy began to fail, unemployment climbed to Great Depression heights, people lost their homes, the food stamps program expanded exponentially, and as unemployment benefits ran out, people signed up for Social Security disability benefits in huge numbers. The Federal Reserve, an independent banking cartel, announced “quantitative easing” that involved printing money out of thin air to infuse it into the economy. This devalued the U.S. Dollar and we are now to be subjected to a third such failed effort.

For the first time in the nation’s history, our credit rating was reduced and that process continues. If Obama is deliberately trying to destroy the economy, he is succeeding. All talk of “redistributing wealth” is pure Communism.

In the area of foreign affairs, Obama took credit for the U.S. withdraw of troops from Iraq that the Bush administration negotiated and then up’d the ante by inserting more troops in Afghanistan while setting a date for withdrawal; a war that the U.S. was losing and continues to lose. Even the troops Obama “surged” into Afghanistan have been withdrawn.

Our NATO partners are all bailing out as swiftly as they can, but Obama will let the Taliban kill our soldiers through 2013 insofar as they know the NATO coalition will be gone and no retribution will be exacted.

Indeed, the only retribution of any sort one can point to was the assassination of Osama bin Laden for which Obama took full credit over and over again. Did this possibly anger Muslims in the Middle East? Unquestionably. But the notion that Obama has an al Qaeda “kill list” that he personally was pursuing with antiseptic drone attacks evokes some very scary thoughts about this President.

The biggest failure is the one filling the front pages of newspapers and the television screens. His outreach to Islamists was greeted with the most predictable response ever. Apologizing for America. Bowing to the Saudi King. They perceived he was weak and it was an invitation to overthrow dictators and replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood. The “Arab Spring” was never about democracy and never about freedom. It was about Sharia law.

The son of a Muslim father, raised in a Muslim nation as a youth, attending mosques with his Muslim step-father, and on record to support Muslims, should surely have known that a holy war had been pursued for over three decades by the time he took office.

Even so, the White House completely failed to heed the inherent danger of the 9/11 anniversary and our Libyan Ambassador paid for it with his life, along with three of his staff. Obama’s policy appears to be one that says if we do nothing, maybe they will leave us alone. They didn’t. They won’t. Instead, as our embassies were under siege, the President was attending fund-raising events and appearing on television with David Letterman.

In line with his intent to destroy the nation, his administration’s target of choice was the energy sector and coal mines and power plants are shutting down across America. The massive amount of federal land has been off-limits to drilling for oil or gas, but fortunately it is occurring on privately owned lands. By deterring the building of the Canadian oil pipeline Obama killed an estimated 20,000 jobs that would have been created and thwarted the oil that would be transported to U.S. refineries.

In addition to the “stimulus” the Obama administration threw billions at the most loony forms of energy, solar, wind, and biofuels. At one point, he even suggested pond scum, algae, as an energy source worth funding. GM’s electric cars cost $49,000 each and have few buyers other than the U.S. government.

In concert with the Departments of Energy and Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency was unleashed to pursue an orgy of regulation-making that has required the House of Representatives to vote to rein it in for fear of the economic destruction that would ensue. This legislation and every budget Obama put forward to Congress has been defeated or stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Obama is counting heavily on the short memory span of most Americans, understandably concerned with their own problems, but their problems are entirely the result of his administration’s policies.

The pundits are wondering for whom distressed Americans will vote. Most assume they will vote for Obama, but Americans do not like being out of work with no prospect of new jobs or living with their parents after four debt-filled years of college.

And, lastly, there are disquieting reports that Obama administration departments and agencies are purchasing massive amounts of ammunition. The only people they would be used against are Americans.

None of this bodes well for the first Communist President of the United States, but with any luck a majority of voters will choose a successful venture capitalist to replace him and to do what Republicans have had to do since the days of FDR, clean up the mess that Democrats have left behind.


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23 September 2012

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Seeing Double

Bill Whittle making more sense. Wish there were more like him instead of mindless sheep following the leader.

20 September 2012

Australia: S&P says Australia heading for $20b+ deficit......oops, no, made a 'mistake'

Standard and Poor have been beaten over the head by the Australian Labor government retracted their report from yesterday where they stated that, instead of the Australian government producing a promised $1billion surplus, they are on track to deliver a $20-25 billion deficit. Miraculously, after Wayne Swan told them to retract they discovered their error and have now said that the government is amazingly still on track to deliver an aneamic $1.5 billion surplus. This after Labor have set record deficits since coming into office. From a powerful $22 billion surplus left in the kitty in 2007 by ousted John Howard, to a record deficit of $230 billion as of today. So, Labor has managed to blow over $250 billion in just over 4 years with nothing to show for all their spending. And they have produced these record deficits during a mining boom where mineral resources have delivered record prices and record taxes for the government. And now that China's economy is slowing down and resource prices falling, Labor are apparently still on track to deliver on their pathetic $1.5 billion surplus promise.They jiggled and jangled and did a slight of hand to promise their tiny surplus in the first place, having brought forward some spending into the previous financial year, or delayed payments into the following financial year, all so that they can promise an imaginary surplus to prove they can look after Australia's finances - with almost no one in the media intelligent enough to report the fools they are making of Australian tax payers. What a pathetic joke they are. Labor have NEVER produced a surplus in the last 21 years - who are they kidding or fooling? Only the rusted on Labor Progressive, Greeny, Union supporters, that's who. The other realists who don't have their heads up Labor's backsides can see them for the dithering, wasteful spenders that they are. Julia Gillard, beloved Fabian Socialist, is out in Canberra, promising even more spending almost daily, of money we no longer have or will have, sinking Australia into even more debt. But, we're told not to worry, because compared to other suicidal bankrupt countries, we are in great shape! Need to fix your teeth? No worries, Labor is going to do that for you by taking from the tax payers to pay the new big dental bill. Need to pay better child-care carers salaries? No worries, Labor will pay the short-fall on behalf of the private sector. Need better salaries for union teachers to 'improve' education standards? No worries, Julia will find that extra $5 billion per year....hiding under a rock somewhere. Need to buy the disabled votes with a disability scheme? No worries, Julia will pay for it in, um.....8 years with money she will most definitely not have. But, the disabled are allowed to get excited in the meantime and vote for Labor! Nothing like making empty promises for others to keep and pay for. All to keep the votes rolling in today and her in power. It's almost as if she has no conscience, but that couldn't be, seeing as our Julia has had at least 2 affairs with married fathers. No, she most certainly had a conscience when she didn't report her union boyfriend to the police when she 'discovered' he was stealing vast amounts of money from union members, from a slush fund created by her, when still a lawyer, at a law-firm she was a partner in and when she was apparently still 'young and naive' at 32. No, Ms Gillard is salt of the earth - a true Australian patriot who can't wait to sell her country down the river to socialism......gradually. But, she's made a pretty good start, racking up the debt and putting as many people out of work and onto the government teat with all her great new taxes on the air we breath and our mined resources. All the while allowing more and more Muslim boat people into the country, where they can live off the hard-working tax payers for free and riot and behead us when we don't agree with them. The world is surely upside down when we realists are called racists for pointing out the bloody obvious to the deaf and blind progressives. Nothing that a little disability scheme can't fix, hey progressives? 


S&P says Australia heading for $20b+ deficit

One of the world's major ratings agencies, Standard & Poor's, believes Australia will record a budget deficit of $20-25 billion this year.

The agency has slashed its earlier estimate of a $1 billion surplus.

S&P's senior director of sovereign ratings Tan Kim Eng says the cut is mainly due to global economic problems.

"Firstly the export sector is not doing as well as initially expected, commodities exports have not been as strong, on the other hand expenditures are rising," he said.

The agency has affirmed the country's sovereign rating at the highest possible AAA, one of only seven countries in the world to be rated that highly.

However S&P says this could come into question if there is no pick up in the global economy and Australia's financial system is affected.

The agency's deficit estimate matches the Federal Opposition's, which Treasurer Wayne Swan dismissed earlier today.


Ratings agency moves to correct deficit report

Global ratings agency Standard and Poor's has moved to correct an earlier statement it made about the Federal Government's prospects of returning to surplus.

An S&P analyst originally told the ABC the agency was predicting a budget deficit of up to $25 billion this year.

But S&P now says the analyst was referring to old figures from the last financial year.

It says the Federal Government remains on track to deliver the predicted modest surplus in 2012-13.

The agency says given the current forecasts the surplus is likely to be about $1 billion.

"Our base case is for the Federal Government to return its balance to surplus in the 2013 year, and for the general government (which includes the state and local governments, and which we assign the sovereign rating to) to achieve a surplus in 2015," another S&P credit analyst told the ABC by email.

"While we see significant downside risks to these forecasts, we believe the general government balance sheet is sufficiently strong enough for a return to surplus to be delayed a year or two without bringing pressure on the ratings."

South Africa: Vavi worries about Lonmin domino effect

Oh this is rich, coming from a communist trade union general secretary. Zwelinzima Vavi is a worried man. He is worried because the miners who went on strike at Lonmin negotiated a wage increase directly with management of up to 22% without his help. This after National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) failed to do anything for the miners. You see, Vavi has a few favorites when it comes to Unions. NUM is one of them and NUM were fighting with another non-government union at Lonmin to stop striking at the mine. This led to violence with Zuma eventually ordering police to gun down the rogue non-government union miners to get them to stop striking. Lonmin has now caved and increased wages after ongoing protests at their mine. Other miners at other mines, emboldened by their Lonmin brothers, are now also striking for the same deal. Vavi is now seen as weak and has come out asking some very serious (haha) questions. Questions like 'how can strikers force the hand of companies with unprotected strikes' (!) and 'how am I going to keep my job' - nah, not really, but you get the idea. Vavi is in Zuma's pocket, part of the tri-partite happy circle of ANC-SACP-COSATU running South Africa. And finally some Blacks have realised that they really don't need Vavi's permission to strike and force businesses to listen to them. Vavi must be running around like a headless chicken, crapping his pants. All these years he's controlled the direction of South Africa's economy, forcing through strikes and industrial action the path the country should take; stopping jobs and destroying companies at the touch of his hand. Anyone not on the ANC favorite-list is put on a Vavi hit-list. Vavi is the top gun, deciding who has the right to strike and who has not; or starting strikes when he needs to flex his muscles. Vavi has become extremely wealthy 'negotiating' with companies behind closed doors, using his strike muscle as leverage for payment. And now that he's been shown up as an insignificant clown, he all of a sudden sees the error of workers striking at will! Hau! What a laugh a minute. All these years he's been there, agitating the Black 'wekkers' of South Africa, telling them they are bigger than the companies they work for - demanding more and more money, squeezing every last penny out. Getting them all hot and bothered to show en masse how powerful they are. And today he back-flips wondering about the wisdom of allowing workers to force the hand of companies. You can't make this stuff up. Honestly. Vavi, like all threatened communists, have a forked tongue when it comes to their back-pocket. Suddenly he shows that he really isn't all for the workers after all. And now that the Lonmin miners have gotten their way, other industries are sure to follow, leaving Vavi with egg on his face as he's left out of the negotiations. Run Vavi run. Catch up from the back of the pack if you can. Your chickens are finally coming home to roost. Not only are you now seen as a loser, you have lost control of your precious wekkers. You drive around in your grand car and live in your mansion eating caviar and sushi, whilst the people you're supposed to be representing are now running the show for you. And one can only imagine what this will mean to South Africa's economy, as more and more Blacks demand higher wages when there is not enough money to go around as it is. Watch as companies start closing down as wage increases start biting. Vavi unleashed this monster, demanding minimum wages in a country which has an abundance of cheap labor. He has lost control of Frankenstein. 

Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi. (Werner Beukes, Sapa)
Catch-up king,  Zwelinzima Vavi

Johannesburg - The Marikana wage deal set a dangerous precedent, the Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said on Wednesday.

"If those workers forced the hand of the company in that fashion through an unprotected strike, what stops Driefontein in doing the same," Vavi asked delegates at Cosatu's national congress in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Earlier on Wednesday Vavi had to leave the congress to deal with a strike at Gold Fields Driefontein mine in Carletonville where 15 000 workers have been on an illegal strike for the past 10 days.

Leaders of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) accompanied him.

On his return from the mine Vavi said the mineworkers were demanding a salary of R12 500. This was the same demand made by workers at Lonmin's Platinum mine in Marikana, North West.

On Tuesday Lonmin workers accepted a final offer of a 22% increase giving some workers R11 000 a month.

Vavi warned that other workers would think that they too could get substantial increases by going on illegal strikes.

"We are not saying that workers do not deserve their money, but if we are not careful this may mean an end of the central bargaining system in the country.

"Workers will just embark on wildcat strikes and steam ahead and force us to follow them."

He called for the congress to come up with a radical commitment to putting workers interests first.

He said the Driefontein workers were having problems with their NUM branch leaders. "[However] they all remain loyal members of NUM."

The workers said they would not abandon the union just because of their problems with the branch leaders.

Vavi said the workers were demanding that the leaders be dismissed and would not listen to argument that according to Cosatu's constitution there were processes to follow.

The NUM would hold a special national executive committee meeting on Wednesday night to discuss the issue.


Florida: Teen dies and two friends wounded after they are 'lined up and shot in the head execution style

Every day I read about Blacks in the USA brutally attacking other races. The articles are too numerous to keep blogging about. Just like all the farm murders in South Africa. It gets a tad depressing after a while to keep repeating the same thing over and over, without seeing anything done about it, or worse, the criminals' actions excused by those willing to sell-out the law abiding people over the violent thugs living amongst us. The excuses are plenty and ridiculous, and yet the apologists keep popping them out in the hopes that they are right and society is wrong. Shame, they had a hard upbringing. Shame, they had learning issues. Shame, they only knew their mother's love. Shame, they had no dog when they were growing up. Shame, they were exposed to drugs at a young age. Shame, they were abused. Shame, they were brought up in a ghetto. Shame, they had ADHD. Shame, they are Black in a White-privilege world. On and on it goes, lawyers and the judiciary covering up for violent criminals. Anything to get them back on the streets where they'll eventually find someone who loves them and they magically become model citizens. The article below is one which can't be ignored as it's a classic example of how a violent criminal has been allowed back on the streets to murder those who would testify against him for a previous home invasion. This thug has been allowed to roam the streets with 17 prior criminal charges. In fact, was released on bond with a tag for his last foray into the world of crime. Just how long does the judicial system give these thugs to self-reform at our cost? The victims weren't so lucky during his 18th attempt - so maybe the answer is 17 times? One of his young victims has died, and the other two, both shot in their heads, survived and are now in hiding. Three young lives destroyed for trying to make this career criminal feel good about himself. How many more must he make to suffer until a freaking judge decides that we've given him enough time and paid with enough lives for him to have sorted himself out? These thugs were so stupid, that even though they had all three victims lined up and at their beck and call, they couldn't even kill them properly. Just how dumb are they? They deserve the death penalty for being that dumb, and another death penalty for thug Only-17-Crimes for being that stupid to have a tag and leaving his house during the  time the group execution was taking place. I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but even I can connect the dots on this one without a magnifying glass. And they deserve one final painful death penalty for being alive whilst one of their young victims lies dead - his life taken in payment for the crimes they committed. Enough is enough. Time to become tough limpy-wristed judges! And where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for these victims, like they were for old Trayvon? 

Hat tip: Mark L

Terrifying: Alex, left, had reached over for the hand of Brienna, right, and her brother to tell them he loved them before he was shot dead in his living room. The siblings are now in hiding
Alex Zaldivar (deceased), left, and Brienna Campos right

Bessman OkaforNolan Bernard

Bessman Okafor, left, was out on bond following the May break-in and his electronic tag shows he was not at home during the second break in. Nolan Bernard, right, was also charged in May

Father of slain Alex pointing out all the blood and how the kids were rounded up and shot

A teenager has been killed and two of his friends seriously wounded after two men broke into their home, lined them up and shot them in their heads execution style, their family said.

The death of Alex Zaldivar, 19, and injuries to Remington Campos, 23, and his sister Brienna Campos, 20, came just one day before they were to testify against two men in an earlier invasion.

The families of the victims believe one of the two suspects accused of the first break-in, Bessman Charles Obinna Okafor, returned to the home to kill the witnesses while he was out on bond.

'They were trying to execute them all because they were going to testify the very next day,' Zaldivar's father, Rafael, told the Orlando Sentinel. 'They came here and executed him like a dog.

The friends' home in Ocoee, Florida was targeted for the second time on September 10 at 5.15 a.m.

Police believe two or three suspects kicked down the locked front door and started pulling the friends from their beds and lining them up in the living room.

Brienna, whose room was nearest the front door, was scrambling to put on clothes when the intruders dragged her out and put her face-down on the floor.

Her brother Remington was pulled from his bed, pistol-whipped and pushed next to his sister, he told his parents. Alex was then forced alongside them.

Fearing his life was about to end, Alex grabbed the hands of his two friends and told them he loved them - before the suspects kicked apart their hands and started shooting, the parents said.

Brienna was shot first but remained conscious, sparking one of the men to ask: 'Did you miss?'
She played dead and listened as her brother and friend were shot, her father said.

They fired at Alex multiple times, including at least once in the back of the head. Remington was shot once in the head, but also miraculously survived.

The men left and after Brienna failed to find a phone, she stumbled with her brother through the back door and over a fence to a neighbour's house, leaving a trail of blood behind them.

The Campos siblings survived and are now in hiding. They are certain their attackers were the also behind the May invasion, but police have not yet made any arrests in the latest case.

The two men, Okafor and Nolan Darnell Bernard, were scheduled to stand trial on September 11, the day after the shooting, and Alex and Brienna were listed as possible witnesses.

One suspect, 27-year-old Okafor was out on bond with a tag. He left his home at 4.40 a.m. the morning of the shootings and returned at 5:46 a.m., court records reveal.

He was arrested for violating the terms of his release but has not been charged in the shootings.
The parents of the victims returned to the home on Monday to sweep up their children's dry blood and tell their version of events.

'It's a miracle my children survived, ' Alfonso Campos, who owns the home, said.

Alex, who was studying business at a nearby community college, was buried in Gotha on Saturday. He leaves behind his parents and big brother, Raf.

Alfonso Compos said his children will now fight to put their friend's killers behind bars.
'They will not be afraid to keep on going and bring justice,' he said.

'We don't want his death to be in vain,' Rafael Zaldivar added. 'They executed him like a dog. They were cowards, complete cowards.'

Friends and family are now rallying for Alex's voice to be heard, setting up community groups calling for justice and signing petitions to make breaking out on bond harder for suspects.

On a Facebook group, they write that Okafor has a history of violence and crime - 17 criminal charges since he was 16.

'How could [the judge] let such a violent criminal with a record like this go with a soft slap on the wrist?' they write. 'None of this would have happened if Okafor were still in prison where he clearly belongs.'


Australia: The word 'behead' went over Muslim mother's head

Hey, give the woman a break! The mommy-of-the-year who took pictures of her little cute tyke holding up a poster saying 'behead those who insult the prophet' during the Sydney protests has a brilliant excuse for her actions. She didn't know what the word 'behead' meant. And now for breaking news, for all those who believe this, I have a really large bridge to sell you - step this way and form a line. So let's analyse what's going on here. Every Muslim person on the planet calls for infidels to be beheaded. It's part of their faith and backed up in the Koran. Yet we are to believe that she didn't know what the word meant and just happened to ask her son to hold up some random sign she found lying around, which she didn't understand. Apparently she understood the word 'prophet' just fine - she just didn't understand the rest of what was typed. I wonder what would've happened to this very 'naive' lady had the sign contained anti-Islamic words. See my problem with believing her little story? I may not be that intelligent, but I'm not that dumb either. I can only guess at how her fellow Muslim fanatics came up with this BS excuse. They know the White man is gullible and stupid when it comes to forgiving, so why not just lie to them again and all will be forgiven. Just like the Muslim woman in Sydney a few months back who accused a police officer of harassing her when there was clear video evidence that he hadn't. And just like that same Muslim woman who refused to admit guilt to the incident as the police couldn't prove it was her under her tent-sack. Yeah, I'm trying real hard to believe the latest in a string of lies told by Muslims to get out of taking personal responsibility for their actions. They sure are brave to call for beheadings when they're in a rabid pack, yet can't admit when they've screwed up. You can fool most of the Liberals most of the time, but me, try again. Muslims are allowed to lie to defend their religion - it's part of their psyche. Nothing new here it seems.

Behead sign

THE mother who gave her child an inflammatory banner to hold up during the Muslim riot told police she didn't know what "behead" meant.

The Jordanian woman, 28, handed herself in to police on Monday after her photo was splashed across newspapers and TV and she was branded an irresponsible mother.

The woman was photographed encouraging her four-year-old son to hold up a sign which read "Behead all those who insult the prophet".

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the image of the child calling for beheading of another person was "incomprehensible", while Premier Barry O'Farrell called for the woman to be investigated by child protection services.

But the woman, who has only been in Australia for two years, told detectives from strike force McAllister she did not know what the sign meant.

She said she picked up the sign in Hyde Park and, after waving it herself for a short time, gave it to her young child to pose with.

"She said she didn't know what behead meant," a senior police source said.

"She recognised the word 'prophet' and assumed it was something in support of him."

The woman told police she was "embarrassed" by the fuss she had caused.

19 September 2012

So true......

Here's another perspective on what Romney had to say about the entitlement culture and their voting patterns......

Multicultural Defenders of Monocultural Islam

A really good essay about multiculturalism and Islam. Multiculturalism was invented in the latter part of the 20th century and is promoted as a good thing in Christian Western countries, forcing us to tolerate and celebrate all faiths, cultures and races of people living in our countries. It is Political Correctness incarnate. It works by shaming us to allow all these different people to come live amongst us, even those cultures and races which are intolerant to our way of life and the laws we live under. We are taught to embrace these foreign people and STFU, or face being outed a racist. Go ahead, make my day! So, the dilemma that the Left/Liberal/Progressives have is the following: the West is forced into embracing multiculturalism, yet Islam is a monoculture with a supremacist ideology. We are expected to be the tolerant ones within the multicultural relationship in our very own countries. How do liberals deal with this brick wall? Well, they either ignore it, excuse it.....or better yet, apologise profusely when the new arrivals are insulted in any way by us. And in return we are subjected to their very vocal and physical displays of displeasure for any perceived slights, of which there appears to be many. Liberals amongst us, who have subjected us to their way of thinking, will one day pay a huge price for their ideology. Many Liberals are gay, or are ardent supporters of the gay lifestyle - Islam kills gays. And yet this group actively seeks to support Muslims in any way they can - and if that means by denigrating and destroying Christianity and the Jewish faith in the process, then so be it. These idiots believe that because gays are 'rejected' by main stream society, and Muslims are also 'rejected', then together they can wallow in their collective rejection and bond in the process. Back at the ranch, it's like putting Bambi in Simba's cage. But never expect Liberals to see their idiocy - they are incapable of it because for them, there is no evil (apart from White Christians), so it's  left to us crazy Conservatives to fight them when they do dumb things (it's like protecting the crazy Aunty in the family). In the ideal world, Liberals would never be allowed to make any  decisions; however, in the real world they are usually in positions of power, ready to impose their loony policies on us, the little dumb-dumb people. And all the time they're being laughed at by the Muslims because at the end of the day, they are just another useful idiot which they use and destroy first chance they get. Chris Stevens - slain US Libyan Ambassador - is one such example. An anti-Jew Gay Liberal do-gooder, who died at the hands of those he helped. Apparently it didn't matter to the Libyan rebels, who saw him as American first, Liberal freedom fighter last. And so in the West we sit with this blight that is multiculturalism - a parasite that will eventually kill the host. Not much to laugh about there. But, to make your day, wouldn't you love to see one of these Liberal wanker Greeny metro-sexual dudes date a Muslim girl and go meet her  family? Should be heaps of fun when he finds out just how much they don't respect him.

The West is made up of countries built around one basic and incredibly important political ethos — they are all Liberal Democracies. Unfortunately, these countries also share a more recent political ideology which has come to be known as multiculturalism, a word invented in the latter half of the 20th century to enforce our toleration — indeed celebration — of all faiths, cultures and races.

Multiculturalism sits at the pinnacle of Political Correctness (another expression invented in the late 20th century) and is promoted in the post-Christian West with a religious fervour. Multiculturalism trumps all in the PC world. The working class, the homosexual, women in general but particularly so feminist women — all bow before a political and ideological supremacy invented to favour of a foreign race and a foreign religion.

This peculiar attitude has been adopted by our ruling classes who are obsessed with atoning for the perceived sins of historical oppression carried out in the name of Christianity and the colonisation of non-white countries. The West now finds itself in the position where multiculturalism is the driving ideology behind pretty much everything — the law, education, employment and correct thinking. Those who do not think correctly are called racists, the ultimate heretical sin in PC terms.

So where does Islam fit into the liberal/left’s brave new PC world of non-prejudice, non-discrimination, tolerance for the “other” and respect for all races and religions? Is it unreasonable to suggest the core tenets of Islam’s political/religious ideology make it intractably and unarguably impossible for Islam to peacefully adapt to life in multicultural societies?

The answer to this question represents the most important issue of the 21st century. If Islam is capable of living alongside Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists, feminists, homosexuals, adulterers, beer-drinkers, short-skirted women, admirers of free speech and democracy, and perhaps even Justin Bieber, then the West is capable of living in peace as it has done so for close to the last seventy years.

If, on the other hand, all the above are impossible for Islam to peacefully co-exist alongside, then the multicultural West is heading for the showdown of all showdowns with monocultural Islam. Given the huge demographic growth of Islam within the West and the 1.6 billion Muslims without the West, such a showdown has the potential to cause World War III.

This is why Islam is the most important issue of our times. The liberal/left, with their professed love of multiculturalism and moral relativism, should really be the ones most concerned about the negative aspects of Islam, but they have essentially gone AWOL on the subject. This does not, sadly, come as a surprise. If Islam is indeed a monocultural and supremacist ideology, then the liberal/left would have to stand against it. They would then lose their perceived moral mantle and become “racists”… so they choose to either ignore Islam, or — in the case of the BBC types — to actively excuse it.

The evidence suggesting Islam is monocultural is overwhelming. The history of Islamic conquest and its subsequent physical and ideological supremacy over the defeated people is there for all to see, if they can be bothered to read a history book. The Koran itself is a monocultural and supremacist tome which calls for the death, conversion (reversion) or acceptance of a second-class status for all non-Muslims.

So vehement is the animosity shown by monocultural Islam toward all other cultures and religions that entire geographical regions have been physically broken up. In 1947 the partition of India was a direct result of Islamic monoculturalism, as was the partition only recently of Sudan, albeit after the deaths of close to half a million non-Muslim Africans.

If Muslim women become involved with non-Muslim men then such is the shame of monocultural Islam they must be killed in the name of “honour.” This does not sound particularly multicultural or tolerant to me; does it to you? Left/liberal lovers of multiculturalism should really try dating a Muslim girl in Tower Hamlets or Malmö. Ask her family to join you both for a drink in the pub, better still, her three brothers by themselves….how long do you think you would live? Hopefully not long enough to impregnate her if you really cared for her longevity….

The list of examples affirming the total inability of monocultural Islam to respect and live amongst multicultural non-Muslim societies is far too long to go into here, but one thing is very clear — Islam is as monocultural as monocultural gets, and worse still, is a supremacist ideology to boot.

Which is why we find ourselves in the political nightmare that is the 21st century West. Our foolish insistence that multiculturalism is a positive boon to our countries means one thing and one thing only in the face of a resurgent and monocultural Islam — extinction circa 2050 at the worst, or victory after countless horrors and death at the best.

What a tragic irony this is. The liberal/left will not like life in a monoculturally Islamic West. That they should actively seek to bring about a decidedly illiberal monoculture as a direct and inevitable consequence of their belief in multiculturalism is one of the more baffling aspects as to the workings of the liberal mind.

Perhaps someone such as Nick Lowles, the erstwhile co-ordinator of Hope not Hate, might care to weigh in on the subject? Mr Lowles celebrates Britain’s multicultural society, but surely he cannot argue that Islam is anything other than monocultural? Over to you Nick — how exactly can you reconcile your admiration of multicultural Britain alongside your defence of monocultural Islam?

I doubt Mr Lowles will take up the challenge, not least because logically speaking he is simply unable to. The fact is, the Lowleses of this world don’t actually care one jot about multiculturalism .What they really care about is utilising mass immigration and monocultural Islam as the twin siege guns of revolutionary warfare. Lowles naïvely believes that from the shattered countries and societies monocultural Islam must inevitably bring about will rise a new Socialist/Communist world order.

I’m not sure that such people fully recognise what they are unleashing. The Communist Iranian backers of Ayatollah Khomeini against the Shah of Iran only realised what they had done when they were sentenced to death, but it certainly explains the otherwise inexplicable support of hard-left multiculturalists for the all too obviously inassimilable, dangerous and supremacist monoculture that is Islam.


Meanwhile in Sydney, Australia:
8 year old Ruqaya  called for all children to rise in Jihad against the enemy of Islam and establish a global government of strict Sharia law. 
“... all children risk your lives... nobody is too young” she claimed.

“These uprisings have demonstrated that this “umma” (global Muslim community) is alive and well, my love is for jihad, (holy war) I have unshackled myself from the fear which I once held, and I yearn to once again live under the banner of (the Islamic state).”


Mike Smith blog down again....

UPDATE: Mike Smith has taken his blog down as he's unable to blog and has had spamming issues. So, not bad news after all!


Please keep a look out and let me know his new address when he's up and running again.

Seems he was getting too close to the truth regarding the revolution within a revolution happening in South Africa....and then he dared to blog about it. The ANC must be pooping in their pants if a person like Mike Smith is able to unravel all their little plans and secrets so easily.

Well, let's hope my blog survives! I set up a back-up blog a few months ago on wordpress with the following address: http://ozziesaffa.wordpress.com/ 

Please bookmark and if I'm shut down on Google I'll use the back-up blog.


18 September 2012

The numbers that show Obama’s economy isn’t working, literally

Today we read that Romney was overheard telling his supporters at a fundraiser that 47% of Americans don't pay income taxes and those people are locked in Obama voters. The MSM have gone ballistic with this, trying to turn what he said into something controversial and saying he's admitting he doesn't care about those 47%. Here's the video clip:

I'd like to know what's so wrong with what he's saying. He came out today to clarify what he was saying at the fundraiser:

No matter how he explains, this is manna from heaven for the MSM as they now have something to remove the attention from Obama and his foreign policy disaster, which is currently playing out across the Middle East. The MSM will run with this for weeks, milking it for all it's worth, hoping that the 47% don't wake up to the truth and continue to support Obama - their free-stuff messiah. 

And below are some home truths in chart-form as tweeted by Sen. John Thune. In today's instant gratification society, it's probably better to show the 47% pictures for them to understand the reality of America's financial situation. Romney is correct - those currently receiving free money and free stuff from government are unlikely to vote against the person giving it to them. It'll be fascinating to watch what happens to America when the majority of people voting don't pay income tax one day...which, if Obama is re-elected, will probably be by the 2016 election. In South Africa only 5 million people pay taxes (mostly White people) to support the other 45 million in the country (mostly Black people), and the 45 million make up the majority of voters. So you have to ask yourself how can this possibly be democratic, where so few support so many, yet their votes mean nothing at the end of the day. This too will happen in America one day when Blacks and Latinos will have more political clout than the White population. However, the free-stuff sector of the population, who get to cast their vote, will not take kindly to Romney's message.

New Nando's ad

South African's will appreciate this one...

17 September 2012

Australia: Senator links violence to multiculturalism

Poor Senator Bernardi is going to cop it from the Liberal Australian media by telling the truth. In Australia - like most Western countries - we have a media ranging from centre-Left to extremely-Left. Only a few Conservative voices are tolerated, but vilified all the same. So, it's going to be interesting to see the fall-out from what he said today - that multiculturalism is linked to recent violence in Sydney from the Muslim population. As I blogged yesterday, Muslim protesters got out of hand in Sydney, attacking police and smashing their vehicles. And as if on cue, all the Lefty hipster media luvvies are out today, trying to somehow spin the criticism towards the ordinary law-abiding Australian citizens who are going to use this violence to fan the flames of racism.......even if this isn't racism, but religious-ism. As the Left love to say, never let a crisis go to waste, and what better time to bash concerned White Australians than when they're proved correct about their warnings of Muslim immigration. One such example of an apologist is  Rachel Evans who writes in 'Green Left' (cough- bullshit-cough) that it was all to do with police brutality and that the Muslims were just hanging out praying. I suppose police cars being smashed was done by the police, was it Rachel? And how about waving Hamas and Al-Qaida flags? Police as well? Throwing bottles and glass at the police? Police to blame too?? Holding up signs calling for be-headings? Police again? Yeah Rachel honey, I can just see how unfair all this has been to the innocent Muslims, who just happened to be hanging out praying when the police swooped down and kicked their butts for no reason whatsoever. Bloody racist Islamophobic cops! Another example is my dearest Progressive writer, Peter FitzSimons. Old Pete, he of the 9/11 apology letter to Muslims, is now outraged I tell ya! Outraged! that his home city has been trashed by angry protesters. He goes on to say: 
We have to ask: Do you have the first clue as to the ramifications of your actions? Do you not understand that the net result of such irresponsible, appalling action is to give ample fuel to every racist in the country to reinforce every bad stereotype they have ever had of you, and that will affect badly the hundreds of thousands of other peaceful and law-abiding Islamic Australians?
See, he can't even bring himself to tackle Islam - but he can turn his outrage on the Australian people. What a coward he is. It must stick in his craw that the closest he can come to offend the eternally offended is to guess how White Australians will react and use their little riot. Coward, coward, coward. Hey Pete, wait until they start attacking your precious gays! Then I want to watch you spin your wheels in damage control. Typical useful idiot Progressives - living in their protected little ivory towers, hiding behind their keyboards, and blasting the real innocent: the concerned Australians.

Hat tip: Fred T

One of the cute protesters at the riots in Sydney over the week-end - with his proud mommy taking his pic for prosperity for when he graduates to being a suicide bomber one day. They blow up so fast these days.....

Another view of proud mommy....
According to Green Left writer Rachel Evans, this is a policeman smashing his own car - not an innocent praying Muslim man

SOUTH Australian Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has linked violent scenes between Muslim protesters and police in Sydney to multiculturalism, just days ahead of a major speech by businessman and migrant Frank Lowy.

Mr Lowy is to deliver the inaugural Australian Multicultural Society lecture on the benefits of a multicultural society at Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday.

"The naive cling to the romantic idealisation of the generations of migrants who have successfully settled in Australia, thinking things will continue just as they have in the past," Senator Bernardi said in a post on his website on Monday.

"They proclaim multiculturalism as a triumph of tolerance when in fact it undermines the cultural values and cohesiveness that brings a nation together."

Senator Bernardi said the events in Sydney should be a wake-up call and he had warned colleagues for years that the violence seen in Western Europe a decade ago could happen here.

"It should serve as a wake-up call to the naive and just plain foolish who are in denial that a significant problem is emerging in Australia," he wrote on his website.

"When are our political and community leaders going to wake up to the fact that what is going on here is exactly the same process that has caused such chaos in some comparable nations?"

Six police were injured, along with 17 others, during violent clashes on Saturday when a group of about 200 Muslims protested in Sydney over an anti-Islam film made in the US.

Last year Senator Bernardi told a radio station that Islam was a totalitarian, political and religious ideology and was the problem, "not the Muslims".

He has also called for a ban on women wearing burqas.