30 April 2012

Don't let them eat cake: South Africa's ANC party bans minister from eating treat in front of supporters

It's okay for the ANC government - champions of the poor(!) - to steal R40 billion in two years from their own people, but it's not okay for the government to eat cake in front of the very people they steal from in case they appear elitist - or so says the ANC. As per everything the ANC does, they can't even be truthful. They can't be seen to be living the good life as they impoverish the rest of the country. They can give money away to other African countries - the latest being a $35 million present to Malawi  (wonder what Zuma got in return?) - but they can't allow their own people, who pay the taxes for the ANC to steal or give away to every other African dictator - to have a good life too. Oh no sirree! They must starve. What more can one say? I guess the cake analogy is a good lesson to everyone out there. The ANC can have their cake and eat it too - just as long as the people don't see them doing so. Sums up their corruption perfectly!

iol news pic ANC centenary 19
ANC bigwigs share a toast before enjoying a slice of cake at the centenary celebrations in Bloemfontein. 

South African government ministers have been banned from eating cake in front of their supporters.

The country’s ruling party has decided its senior members should enjoy the sweet treat only in private amid fears it could appear elitist.

The move follows controversy after thousands of ANC supporters were forced to watch in frustration in January as the party’s leaders ostentatiously tucked into a huge cake during celebrations for the organisation’s centenary.

South Africa’s City Press newspaper reported that the ANC executive committee had since proposed birthday cakes should in future be eaten out of sight.

The publication published excerpts from an internal party report commissioned into the incident.

It said: ‘It was proposed that for future January 8 celebrations the eating of cake should be made private, as it does not augur well to eat in front of our members and supporters while they are not eating.’

The ANC’s new cake policy comes after it was accused of being out of touch and insensitive during its centenary celebrations.

The former liberation movement, which was founded in 1912, is considered to be a champion of the poor and provided a vocal opposition to white minority rule during apartheid.

It traditionally celebrates its birthday each January with a large cake iced in the party colours green, black and gold.

However this year the festivities were marred after supporters expressed outrage that they were excluded from the celebrations.

Many were forced to remain in the ground for several hours without sustenance as dignitaries including president Jacob Zuma made a series of lengthy speeches.Tens of thousands of supporters packed into the Free State rugby stadium in the city of Bloemfontein for a mass rally on January 8.

And some later left feeling angry after being forced to watch from the stands as a line-up of the organisation’s senior figures sipped champagne and tucked wholeheartedly into slices of a huge cake which had been wheeled on stage to mark the occasion.

The tension was heightened further when the country’s deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe told the crowd those without champagne should take photographs as the leaders were drinking it on their behalf.

The incident sparked widespread outrage, with local media later reporting that many supporters felt the open cake eating suggesting the party had lost touch with its roots.
City Press today claimed the ANC’s national executive committee discussed the situation during a meeting in March.

Party spokesman Jackson Mthembu confirmed it had been proposed that the party’s cake policy should now be reviewed.

In an interview with City Press he said: ‘The issue is how do you celebrate 100 years of the ANC with 150 000 people, when it comes to this area of eating cake?

‘How do we tweak this culture and make it less insensitive?’

An ANC NEC member told the newspaper the cake decision was important because it put the party in a bad light if leaders ate alone.

He added: ‘It makes us appear elitist.

‘We are saying we either get enough cake for everyone, or we don’t eat cake at all.’
The ANC has ruled South Africa since the country’s first democratic elections in 1994.

Greece opens detention camp for immigrants as election looms

For decades Greece has been used as the gateway to Europe byillegal third-world migrants, and at last the Greeks have woken up. I suppose nothing motivates governments to do the right thing as an election....and/or lack of money. Both reasons are in play in Greece today. Elections are due next week, and the country has also finally run out of money. And presto, the current government can find the money to build a detention centre to stop the flow! This should have been done years ago, but it was too hard, and money too easy. Let's see if this is a long-term project, or an election stop-gap, and lets see if it's successful at stopping the 130 000-odd illegal migrants which use Greece as their route to riches and welfare. Europe can sigh with relief....until the EU starts jumping up and down about the migrant's human rights. That should be, oh, within the next few weeks..... 

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece opened its first purpose-built detention centre for illegal migrants on Sunday in Athens, a week before a national election where illegal immigration has emerged as a key issue.
About 130,000 immigrants cross the country's porous sea and land borders every year, the vast majority via Turkey, and the authorities are forced to release those who are arrested because of a lack of permanent housing.
With Greece in its fifth year of recession and worries over rising crime levels, illegal immigration has become a major issue in the run up of the May 6 election.
The once-obscure far-right Golden Dawn, which wants to deport all immigrants, is among the parties that has benefitted most from the mood among voters, and is expected to win its first seats in parliament.
Greece's ruling Socialist PASOK and conservative rival New Democracy parties have also pledged to crack down on immigration to try to win over voters.
On Sunday, the first 56 immigrants were brought to the Amygdaleza detention camp in western Athens, a police official said. Dozens more are expected at the camp in the next few days, which can house up to 1,000 people, the official said.
Amygdaleza is the first of about 50 camps that Greek officials say will be built by mid-2013. It consists of dozens of containers that were originally set up to house people hit by natural disasters such as earthquakes.
"We are sending a message in every direction that the country is not unfenced anymore," Civil Protection Minister Mihalis Chrysohoidis said at a rally in Athens.

The £5 TRILLION burden of state sector pensions: Laid bare for the first time, £180,000 bill facing every family in Britain

The stench of socialism permeates the British air. Margaret Thatcher is famous for saying something along the lines of: 
"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."
Well, it seems as if most EU countries and England have now reached that point. Gone are the days where people could dream of rolling in state pension gold when they retire. Reality is painting a very different picture. And it's usually the fault of Unions, which promise the earth, moon and stars to their members, and force governments to agree to their unrealistic terms and then these same governments close their eyes and hope that when the Ponzi scheme comes crashing down, it won't be on their watch. Still today, despite seeing reality right in front of their eyes - that there is no more free money - the public sectors strike to keep their pension entitlements going. And governments bow down so that they don't have to deal with the political backlash; the problem gets shoved onto the next government to deal with, and the cycle continues. Right until you get to today's situation, where each household in Britain is responsible for £180,000 of the the state pension bill. So, for years and years, these public sector unions have held the country to ransom and the bill is now due for payment. What is needed is for government and the public sector to shrink - less people = less pensions to pay = more liberty and less nanny state. The system is obviously unsustainable and is summarised in the following comment in response to the article:

I am a retired Government worker but i have to agree with this article. I worked for 32 years and my pension contributions totalled about 50,000 Pounds. If i live to 85-90 my potential pension benefits will be nearly 2 million Pounds, more than i earned working. The country can not afford this for millions of workers.- Chris, Thailand, 28/4/2012 12:21

Hat tip: Mark L

Dissenting voices: Public sector workers went on strike last year

Hard-pressed taxpayers will be forced to foot a £5trillion bill for pension promises made by the Government, official figures revealed yesterday.

It is the first time the total amount owed in state pensions and gold-plated payouts to public sector workers has been laid bare.

The enormous liability will heap untold strain on future generations, with every household in Britain picking up a tab for £180,000.

It dwarfs the official £1trillion national debt and comes just days after the UK slipped back into recession.

Dr Ros Altmann, director-general of Saga and a former pensions adviser to Number 10, said: ‘In  the past, the Government has  hidden these pension obligations – at least we now have some kind of estimate.

‘This is a real liability and the money will have to be found somewhere.’

The figures, released by the Office for National Statistics, account for everything owed to Britons aged over 16, either in state pension entitlements or old age benefits built up working in the public sector.

They suggest 98 per cent of the money will come out of taxpayers’ pockets over the coming decades.

This includes a colossal £3.8trillion bill for state pension payouts to current and future OAPs – worth a basic £107.45 a week each today.

Another £1.2trillion will go to pay retired doctors, teachers and civil servants.

Although state staff make a contribution towards the costs, it covers just a fraction of the total. The Treasury uses money it has taken from taxpayers every year to make up the difference. 

Therefore a bigger deficit could lead to tax rises.

And contrary to popular belief, the state pension is ‘unfunded’.

Even though workers qualify by paying National Insurance contributions, there is no ring-fenced pot of money set aside today to pay for future pensions. 

Squeezed families have already faced rises in VAT, cuts to child benefit and child tax credit, an increase in National Insurance contributions and fuel duty hikes.

In addition the Bank of England’s policy of pumping £325billion of extra money in to the economy to stimulate recovery, known as quantitative easing, has caused rises in the cost of living, which are steadily eating away at savers’ returns.

Tom McPhail, a pensions expert at Hargreaves Lansdown, warned: ‘A large part of the pension system is built on a wing and a prayer; the smart money is on making sure you have your own pot of savings to look after yourself.’

‘We don’t know whether the Government will be able to afford these eye-watering sums.

‘The cost will fall squarely on taxpayers’ shoulders.’ 

Pensions minister Steve Webb said the figures show the Government is right to pursue cost-cutting reforms due to rising life expectancy. 

‘These large and rising pension bills show why the Coalition had to take urgent action to reform public service pensions and to bring forward the increases in state pension ages,’ he said.

The Government plans to link the state pension age – currently 65 for men and 61 for women – to life expectancy. 

Pension experts say babies born in 2012 might not get their state pension until they reach 80.

The state pension age is already rising to 66 for both men and women by 2020 and 67 by 2028.

Mr Webb said further plans to raise this will be published ‘later this year’.

He said: ‘We need to make sure the state pension system is kept on a sustainable footing and that costs are shared fairly between the generations.’

The figures give the Government further ammunition in its  bid to reform public sector pensions – which have been labelled ‘unsustainable’ by Chancellor George Osborne.

Campaigners calling for reform say a ‘disproportionate’ share of taxpayers’ money will end up in public sector workers’ pockets.

They say around 37 per cent of the national pensions bill – around £1.85trillion – will be used to pay for public sector retirements.

This is despite the public sector only accounting for one in five Britons.

Miss Altmann said: ‘The irony is that millions of public sector workers think they’re getting a bad deal when they are actually getting more than anyone else.’

Last November one million public sector workers went on strike over proposed reforms to their state pensions. 

NHS workers and civil servants will stage another one-day strike in May over the dispute.

If Only the Romans Had the EPA to Crucify the Dissenters

It's no secret that Obama and his fellow radical impostors use the EPA as their stick to defeat normal Americans to follow their agenda. They can't use the Cap and Trade route as the GOP voted that down. So, they had to come up with another 'legal' way to still get their way. So, what better way than to use a governmental agency to do their 'green' purge? What better way to stop development and progress than with the EPA who can thwart any attempt by arguing it's not in the people's, or Earth's, interest to say, drill for oil, or build a new pipeline. Don't think these radicals aren't clever. They are way cleverer than us. They've already decided their contingency avenues if their first push doesn't work. Same with Obamacare. If it's found to be unconstitutional, these fascists will find another way to clobber the American people into line - probably in the form of an Executive Order. Obama has issued Executive Orders to bypass Congress whenever he can't get his way through the front door, and it's usually days later that people realise what he's approved via EO. It's become his everyday way of ruling his Empire - who needs Congress? The EPA is just another tool that Obama uses, so it's always refreshing when the extremist idiots who head up these agencies inadvertently expose the way they really think. The latest gaffe is for the head of the EPA to lecture about crucifying people who don't agree with their mind-think collective. Yeah, great democracy! Democracy - especially in America - has become the Trojan Horse that radicals use to hide behind when they push their rotten agenda down people's throats. Let's hope that whoever is the next new POTUS, they'll close the EPA and other totalitarian government departments down as quickly as possible, for the good of America and the world.

recently surfaced video of an EPA official's rant confirms what many of us already knew about the Obama Administration: they fancy themselves as the rulers of conquered territories populated by restless barbarians who must be subjugated at any cost, complete with indiscriminate and severe exemplary punishments.

Al Armendariz, Administrator for EPA's South Central Region (appointed by President Obama on November 5, 2009), thought he was among his cohorts when he said this:

"The Romans used to conquer little villages in the Mediterranean. They'd go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they'd find the first five guys they saw and they would crucify them. And then you know that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.

"And so you make examples out of people who are in this case not compliant with the law. Find people who are not compliant with the law, and you hit them as hard as you can and you make examples out of them, and there is a deterrent effect there."

Considered to be one of the 25 most powerful Texans, Armendariz has used his government position to do just that - crucifying some oil companies on trumped-up charges in order to terrorize the others.

But his reference to a "Turkish town" gave me pause. Turkey didn't exist at the time the Romans conquered Asia Minor. At the time, it was inhabited mostly by Greeks. Romans could only conquer a Turkish village if they were to take a time machine ten centuries into the future, given that Rome fell a thousand years prior to the Turks brutally invading Asia Minor and calling that land Turkey.

But randomly executing so as to terrorize conquered peoples into submission was exactly what the Muslim Turks later did in order to subjugate the non-Muslim natives in their own ever expanding empire, as the Ottoman Empire swept over much of the former extent of Rome's empire.

This Texan Young Turk's appalling knowledge of history makes me wonder about his knowledge of other fields, including environmental science and business management. Knowledge and the scientific method of inquiry have been replaced with the feeling of righteousness and superiority towards the "savages" - i.e., those of us who do not share his "progressive" worldview.

From my unprogressive "savage" perspective, however, if the Romans had today's EPA to crucify the dissenters, the Roman Empire would still be around today and the Turks would be in real trouble. And not just the Turks; the rest of us would also live under the fascist jackboot.

I would have liked to make a prediction that if fascism were to come to America, it would come wearing a friendly smile as a protector of the people and the planet. But such a prediction is too late: the friendly, smiling fascism is now here.


29 April 2012


A baseball analyst has conclusive proof that Global Warming/Climate Change is causing the balls to fly through the air. What's his proof? Well, apparently we're going to find out about it one day! Simple. These nuts can say anything they they like, make any outlandish claim they want and get away with it, all for the good of the planet. I have yet to see ONE of their freakish theories come true! The more desperate they get trying to convince sane people that the sky is going to fall on their heads, the more dumber their claims get. WE AIN'T LISTENING ANYMORE!!!!

Tim McCarver

On Fox Sports’ coverage of Saturday’s Milwaukee Brewers-St. Louis Cardinals baseball game analyst Tim McCarver theorized about why home runs seems to be flying out of ball parks. He thinks it’s global warming/climate change:
Tim McCarver: “[T]he air is thinning…. There have been climatic changes over the last 50 years…. I think that’s one of the reasons balls are carrying much better now.”

Joe Buck [Fox Sports play-by-play announcer]: “So that’s your ‘inconvenient truth’ about it?”

McCarver: “You’re going to find it out one of these days, yes.”


27 April 2012

USA: Mainstream Media’s Hispanic Skin Color Advisory System

Mitt Romney is rumored to disobey the mainstream media’s Hispanic Skin Color Advisory System while vetting vice-presidential candidates. According to experts, the likely Republican VP candidate, Marco Rubio, who is of Cuban descent, is too light-skinned to be considered fully Hispanic, falling under a subprime minority group classification as White Hispanic, or WHISP.

Bill Whittle: The love of theory is the root of all evil.

A really good clip from Bill Whittle on the greatest sentence of all time: “The love of theory is the root of all evil.”

Ann Curry: It’s “fundamentally unfair” that some people have more money than others

This is how far the Left are from reality. Ann Curry, co-host of The Today Show in the clip below preaches that until America is fair regarding how people make money and until the playing field is fair, it is unfair....or some such nonsense. Really Ms Curry? You want fair do you? How about you give me some - no, make that most - of your reported $2 MILLION annual salary you are paid to lecture and peddle your we-are-all-equal crap and then we can all hold hands and sing Kumbaya? How about that? Or, how about you give away your unfair $10 MILLION you have in the bank to the people who don't work because of your unfair playing field? Let's start with you and yours and work through all those other lets-be-fair liberals from the Left. Then you can come preach to me about fair and unfair playing fields. What a load of BS. Let me guess - she votes Democrat and believes in Global Warming, fairies and unicorns?

Ann Curry was born in Guam and has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars. Ann Curry is a journalist and one of the anchors for the Today Show on NBC. She also hosts Dateline and is a substitute anchor for the NBC Nightly News. She is the recipient of three Emmy Awards. She lived in Japan for much of her childhood and then moved to Ashland, Oregon.
What is Ann Curry’s annual salary as co-host of The Today Show? $2 million

Obama’s Attacks on the Family Farm Come Straight From Marxist Handbook

You may have already heard that Obama is proposing to make it illegal for children to work on farms. He has since backed away from the proposed legislation, but make no mistake, he will try another way to attack farmers. Attacking farmers is an old Communist tactic. If farmers can feed the nation, then the nation doesn't need Communism. What better way to impose Communism but by destroying the food producers? Communism takes many forms, but the result is the same - it's only the method they use that is dynamic. In the old days of direct Russian Communism they attacked the farmers and removed them from their farms and 'redistributed' them to loyal Communists. They used class envy and propaganda - just like Obama does against the rich. The method Obama will use may be different for the farmers, but the effect will be the same - destroyed food producers. Obama's EPA (or as I like to call them, the KGB) is doing all it can to over-regulate everything - to make life so difficult for people and companies that they will eventually give in to what they are against. They tried to regulate dust a while ago but were thwarted. Now they've tried to regulate children working on farms, which has now also been thwarted. But get their way they will. Below is a narrative of how Communists attack farmers to destroy this form of Capitalism - they can't have that now can they? After all, Communists are totalitarian and you may never be able to live without them. Just like Team Obama.

In December 1989, communism fell in Eastern Europe and Romanians started the process of reclaiming their land and personal property confiscated by the Communist Party during 1949-1962. My maternal family recently received judicial notification of recovery, 23 years after the suit commenced.

Mom and I were given a plot of land that we have never seen. I am told that it is covered with rocks, the type that an enterprising fellow nearby is already exploiting and selling to construction companies for road building. I am not holding any high hopes or interest right now to plant a crop but it feels strange and empowering at the same time to own an ancestral piece of property that had belonged to my family for generations but was taken by force after World War II. Grandpa would be proud!

In 1921, peasants were given 4 hectares of land. When communists came to power in 1945, under pressure from Moscow, a new agrarian reform was passed meant to disband large farms and to gather votes for the Communist Party. Hundreds of thousands of farmers received small plots of land to grow crops on and feed their families.

Once entrenched, the communist agricultural vision changed. Their leaders were convinced that small properties were not valuable and condemned to non-modernized operations. At the time, people had plenty to eat and their families were thriving. However, community organizers fanned across the country convinced them through extensive propaganda that the state would be more efficient in administering the land.

The Marxist-Leninist dogma said, “A small property generates capitalism day by day, minute by minute, spontaneous, and in mass proportions.” The small-time farmer feeding his family, with a little surplus, was seen as an individual member of the bourgeoisie, requiring squashing.

The commie’s strategy was to turn farmers against the richer farmers through class envy and class warfare and it worked quite well.

The communists began the process of confiscating land from farmers who owned 50 hectares or more in a violent manner in March 1949 via an immediate executive order or decree. Overnight, farmers were taken out of their homes and forcibly moved to other villages, while their homes, animals, agricultural equipment, and land were seized. Farmers who had some mechanized agricultural tools were labeled “rich and bourgeois.” The “socialist transformation of agriculture” followed via division of farmers into five categories: those without any land, poor peasants, middle peasants, well-to-do farmers, and the very rich farmers.

The Communist Party introduced the quota system in order to compensate for lack of food in cities across the nation, to make war reparations to the Soviet Union, and to ruin farm operations that were doing well. A significant part of the crops had to be turned over to the state. Oftentimes the farmers were only left with the seed necessary for next year’s crop or nothing at all. Thousands of previously well-off farmers or people of modest means were ruined this way, including the very poor whom the communists pretended to protect.

The farmers who opposed collectivization, the joining of small private farms into large, state owned and controlled farms, were violently repressed through deportations, incarcerations, and confiscation of everything they owned, including clothes.

Deportations involved taking families who were considered most resistant and uneducable in labor camps and placing them in the middle of nowhere, far from civilization and transportation, forcing them to live in a hut in order to have shelter from wind and cold, surviving like the American pioneers in the west. More than 40,000 farmers were deported this way to 18 geographically difficult regions to survive in, the so-called called special communes” run by the dreaded security police loyal to the Communist Party.

Northern Moldova and Transylvania offered most resistance. The farmers were arrested, shot in their homes, or summarily executed without due process. Thousands were sent to jail by 1950 and their wealth confiscated. If allowed to return to their village of birth after a lengthy deportation (1949-1956), farmers found their homes occupied by other families who were staunch communist party members and were rewarded for their loyalty with ownership of a confiscated home. Injustice was swift and the spreading of wealth was cruel.

Collectivization was completed in 1962 with medal awarding ceremonies. The chaotic and mismanaged agricultural system under communists experienced such a sustained crisis between 1948-1962, that the effects are still felt today, twenty-three years after the communists lost power.

Can this happen in America? Can we lose our land and property to someone else deemed more deserving by constant leftist propaganda? Can we lose our land to wilderness because environmentalists in control force us to move? Or is it already happening peacefully and silently while the population is being soothed with “hope and change”, lies and fabrications on a daily basis?

Americans are asleep, ignorant, mesmerized, doped up, or so corrupt that they no longer care what happens to their fellow citizens, their children’s future, the future of our country, so long as they have a cushy job, mindless television shows, sports, a pay check, perhaps bribes, comfortable homes, club memberships, vacations, and most of all, intoxicating power and control.

Redistributing wealth is the only thing communists know how to do brutally and stealthily well. Those who do not pay taxes or hold down jobs protest that it is their right to steal someone else’s money. They’ve even come up with a new euphemism, they are not stealing the wealth of producers, they are merely forcing them to “share the burden.”

But it is stealing! Every moment of time that we must work to earn money and pay taxes that are then spent by our out-of-control government on non-producers is a moment too long that we are slaves to someone else, a moment of time that is stolen from our limited time on earth.


South Africa: Public servants siphon off R40 billion in social grants

You can have a look at the narrative at the next article to see what I think of the corrupt, inept, dysfunctional ANC government of South Africa. It's not as if this corruption and fraud haven't been reported to the ANC before. No, this is nothing new for South Africa. Yet the ANC refuses to do anything about this blatant stealing of tax money - a whopping R40.8 BILLION over just two years. This amount of money could fund the new e-Toll roads in Johannesburg....twice over and they would still have change to show! If anyone wants to know why I left South Africa it was because of the crime and the looting of the country by a group of Marxist terrorists, portraying themselves to the world as competent, caring down-trodden Blacks, brutalised by White South Africans. Instead they have outed themselves as the communist liberation freedom fighters they are -  a collective of thieves, each trying to outdo the other to enrich themselves on the backs of people's hard work. 

Public servants have illegally received more than R40.8 billion in fraudulent social grant claims between August 2009 and December 2011.

This was revealed in an answer to a parliamentary question from the Democratic Alliance (DA) by Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini on Thursday.

According to the answer, the money lost through social grant fraud by public servants could have paid 145,875 child support grants.

The Department of Social Development confirmed last week that the Special Investigating Unit had found 25,255 cases of social grant fraud by public officials since the inception of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in 2005.

"It is clear that this type of corruption has become endemic and that we need urgent intervention by the Department," Mike Walters, DA spokesperson for social development said.

Walters said that since the establishment of SASSA, his party had called for a comprehensive vetting process of officials involved in the social grant system.

A reply to a DA parliamentary question received from the Department of Social Development in March this year confirmed that 80% of staff members employed by SASSA have not been properly vetted.

Walters said it was imperative the SASSA database was cross-checked on a regular basis against both the PERSAL system, which is used for human resource transactions and the payment of salaries in the public service, and the population register of the Department of Home Affairs, which should indicate whether or not a specific individual is deceased.

"We will continue to push for the names and positions of public servants involved in social grant fraud. It may very well be that the individuals involved are in senior positions and have significant influence over the system and databases," Walters said.


South Africa: How the ANC steals from the people

Years ago, under the Apartheid government, the South African government set up a road fund which was funded by a fuel levy. As a result, we had world-class roads throughout the country. When the ANC came into power they stole all the money from these types of funds which were set up to maintain the existing infrastructure. Then they closed their eyes and hoped that the infrastructure would take care of itself. Of course it didn't and soon the electricity infrastructure came crashing down, leading to electricity black-outs across the country which still continues today. During Apartheid, South Africa sold most of the extra generated electricity to other African countries as they had an over-supply of cheap, abundant electricity. Today the ANC can't even supply enough electricity to keep the country going. The next shameful ANC looting episode occurred in 1999, where over R60 billion was wasted on the Arms Deal fiasco - where a peaceful South Africa bought billions of dollars in military weapons and machinery that they apparently just had to have. Of course a lot of the money was used to pay off bribes and for the ANC to pocket via a re-routed payment process - and the weapons and machinery lie wasted today, apparently not needed anymore. There have been so many examples of waste, corruption and stealing by the ANC - too many to mention. The Soccer World Cup is another classic example, where the SA tax payers are still paying for the white elephant stadiums that lie unused, but where the ANC and their pals pocketed money through the tender process for the stadiums. The SWC - which was supposed to put South Africa on the map and instead impoverished the people even more. The latest ANC scam is the e-Toll controversy, where the ANC has used State pension money to fund a R20billion  road upgrade in Johannesburg. The ANC, eager to continue with their pillaging of the country, set up a front company called SANRAL. SANRAL funded the upgrade with R20 billion from the State pension funds, without their permission - an upgrade which was supposed to be part of the infrastructure plans of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. After this vast spendathon on already built roads, the government informed everyone that the 'new' roads would be toll roads with an e-Toll money collection system. Everyone is now naturally outraged as tax payers have already paid for these roads via the still existing road fund. Now they have to pay twice, the second time via toll monies, collected by SANRAl. Once SANRAL pays back the borrowed pension monies, they of course get to pocket the interest for the rest of their lives.  COSATU - the biggest labour union in South Africa, and also a government partner of the ANC - acted all outraged and shouted for strikes and mass action....only until it was revealed that they were part of the SANRAL consortium. They have now postponed any strike action against the toll road for a month until the court case has been resolved (yeah COSATU, pull the other one why don't you!). And this story keeps getting better. SANRAL have appointed a Swedish company to run the e-Toll system to the tune of over a R1billion PER YEAR in 'collection' costs! Yes, not a few million, but over a billion EACH YEAR. How's that for pay back to the Swede's for their support for the ANC during Apartheid? Now that the people are angry and openly hostile to the ANC, the ANC have run to the courts trying to legalise this stealing of public money and trying to get the courts to force people to pay the tolls. Ahhh, the ANC, champions of the Black man in Africa! How the liberals the world over were taken for fools. The ANC were only ever interested in getting their grubby paws on the riches of the country so they could live in luxury - bugger their fellow Black man.  And in the rest of the world the liberals sit back smoking their big fat victory cigars, clapping each other on another hatchet job well done.

Even as a high court battle to stop the Gauteng e-tolling system played out in Pretoria, the government was sticking to its guns, saying the implementation of the tolling project had reached the point of no return.

Presenting his R39-billion departmental budget for the next financial year in the National Assembly, Transport Minister S'bu Ndebele claimed that the Gauteng freeway improvement project had won the support of the majority of its users.

But opposition parties - the DA, COPE and the African Christian Democratic Party - slammed the looming system, some branding it the ''most expensive in the world".

Ndebele said a "huge majority" of the estimated 800000 regular users of Gauteng's freeways had given e-tolling the thumbs-up by buying e-tags.

"We are encouraged that 501245 e-tags have so far been sold and distributed to regular users of this road network. It's a clear indication that people are cooperating with us," he said.

A court battle waged by various lobby groups to interdict the implementation of the Gauteng tolling regime is scheduled to resume today after a judge ruled that the matter was urgent.

The tolling system is due to take effect at midnight on Monday.

Opposition MPs are not impressed by Ndebele's assertions.

The DA's Ian Ollis is leading the charge. "What we have been forced into with the e-tolls is the world's most expensive toll collection system,'' said Ollis. ''It will cost over R1-billion a year just to collect the tolls. That money will not go to upgrading highways but to the company that won the tender."

Ollis argued that it would cost only R4-million a year to administer a "small fuel levy" increase instead of the "expensive tolls".

The ACDP's Steve Swart weighed in, saying his party was opposed to the tolling of suburban roads because of rising fuel prices. He said the government should have thought about the high cost of collecting the tolls before it entered into the R20-billion agreement.

"This tolling project will impose an indirect cost on the economy via the associated strikes and will impose a direct cost by increasing transport costs," he said.

Ndebele hit back by insisting that there was "no way" the government would abandon e-tolling.

"Who is going to say which road toll should be stopped? Which project do you want stopped because you've got R20-billion to pay . the road is there, you can't roll it away like a carpet.

"It's your problem."

He argued that the tolls had to be enforced to enable the SA National Roads Agency (Sanral) to repay its loan of R20-billion, used to finance the improvement of highways around Pretoria and Johannesburg in the last two years.

He said failure to service the debt could cause it to skyrocket to R32-billion because of higher interest rates in the near future, and could compromise the credit rating of the government.

Trade union federation Cosatu, which said it would organise the "mother of all marches" against the e-tolls on Monday, yesterday postponed the march for two weeks until after a meeting with ANC leaders.

Cosatu's national spokesman, Patrick Craven, said the strike would now be in the second week of May.

"This is to give time to assess the outcome of the meeting between Cosatu and the ANC leadership on April 26, the legal steps being taken by the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance against the roads agency, and any future legal action that Cosatu or others might take," he said.

"The strike embraces the campaigns against e-tolling, labour brokers and labour law amendments that could cripple trade union rights."

In the Pretoria High Court, opponents of the tolling system yesterday scored the first - and crucial - victory in the legal battle to derail the implementation of the controversial scheme.

The legal team representing the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance and others convinced Judge Bill Prinsloo that he should treat the case against tolling as urgent. Had the judge ruled that the matter was not urgent, the case would have been thrown out of court.

Prinsloo ruled that the applicants had made a valid case for urgency and that "the public interest and the ongoing interest from many quarters" caused it to be an urgent matter.

The alliance, supported by the SA Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association, the Quadpara Association and the SA National Consumers' Union, said its bid to stop the scheme was based on the contention that Sanral had failed to give proper notice of its intention to toll.

The applicants argued that the decision to toll was unreasonable, and that adequate enforcement of the system was "practically impossible".

Dismissing the argument of the respondents - which included Sanral, Ndebele, Gauteng MEC for roads and transport Ismail Vadi and the Treasury - that the alliance's application was four years late, the judge said it was apparent that the fate of the e-tolling system was uncertain until Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan's February budget speech, therefore it "would have been premature" for the applicants to lodge their application before then".

A submission by Ndebele and Vadi's lawyer, Vincent Maleka, that motorists would be refunded should the court rule in the alliance's favour would "be difficult for logistical reasons".

Sanral CEO Nazir Alli refused to comment on the new development, but alliance chairman Wayne Duvenage said the ruling was a swing in favour of those opposing e-tolling.

He said he was "quite optimistic" about the final outcome.


Miss Fiji row: 'She doesn't look native enough'

Well Fiji, what are we going to do with you? You are not following the universal brief that everyone is equal and race doesn't matter and we are all one happy big family. But in Fiji it appears that race and ethnicity do matter. The recent crowing of a mixed race European/Fijian 16-year old as their contestant for the Miss World 2012 beauty pageant has unleashed a huge controversy that the lady in question doesn't look Fijian enough, and therefore is not representative of the people - nor is her hair, which apparently should look like the naturally-fuzzy Fijian hairstyle. So, seeing as there are many Fijian's living in Australia who are only too quick to chant that Australia is racist, then what does this make their own people? Or is it okay for them to want their own people to be recognised in their country as Fijian, but fine to sit in other countries and cry racism when the reverse is seen to be done to them? Thanks Fiji for making a very good point which Western countries are too scared to make lest we be shouted down as racists - by people like yourselves. Irony much?

Torika Watters

OUTRAGE erupted in Fiji over the country's contestant for the Miss World 2012 beauty pageant - initially because she is only 16 but now because she does not look "native" enough.

Schoolgirl Torika Watters - who is of mixed European/ Fijian heritage - has been criticised since beating a bevy of full-blooded indigenous women to win the Miss World Fiji crown on the weekend.

Furthering the controversy, the competition was overseen by New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter and other non-Fijian judges.

The ugly race row has even included attacks on Watters' hair, with many claiming the model chosen to represent the island nation should have a "buiniga" - the local word used to describe the naturally-fuzzy Fijian hairstyle.

Hundreds of hateful comments had to be deleted from the official Miss World Fiji Facebook page.

A pageant spokeswoman said the harsh criticism would in no way affect the decision.

"In the past few days, there has been nothing but negative criticism and remarks from our own people," she posted on the Facebook site.

"Instead of bringing all the wrong attention to our brand and country, why not start supporting our ambassador, building her up and praying that she impacts the world with her story?

"Fiji has received enough negative press already, shouldn't this be one for making up for lost ground?

"Our forefathers promoted unity and respect and, sadly, in our society today this is not evident (among) many who call themselves proud Fijians."

Racial division is deep-seated in Fiji's social and political history.

The debate about Watters' age was sparked by Rose Foulger, who runs the Miss World New Zealand pageant and claimed the Fijian selection was a breach of the Miss World regulation rules.

Chief judge Hunter - the former wife of rocker Rod Stewart - hit back, saying she was 16 herself when first scouted as the "Tip Top" girl.

The Australian arm of the Miss World competition declined to comment yesterday.

The Australian representative will be chosen next month. The Miss World 2012 pageant will take place in Mongolia on August 18.