25 July 2011

Norwegian spree killer was a moderate. Media using fake facebook profile.

This week-end, Norway experienced a car bomb and a killing spree by a lone gun man. The MSM were quick to label the perpetrator as an 'extreme, Right-Wing, White male Christian'. If only the MSM were so quick to label Muslim mass killers the way they labelled this guy, because usually they go to great pains not to mention their race or religion - not so for a White person! Now, I don't know about you, but something about this murderer doesn't make sense. If he was so anti-Muslim, then why not blow up their neighbourhood? If he was so anti-Muslim, then why not shoot them dead? Instead, he targeted his own government buildings - on a public holiday - and shot his own, Norwegian youth dead. This guy fits the profile of a mass-murderer. He is not an extreme Right-winger as he is pro-homosexual; pro-Israel, and anti-racist - and since when do they support these views. It appears his only intolerance were the Muslims - which he didn't target in the attack. This guy was abandoned by his father at a young age and therein lies the answer. He targeted and killed the youth, and has not only justified the killings, but rationalised them as well - as only a true split personality can. He also planned this attack for years - not the action of someone who is extremist and violent. However, if the MSM and the liberal government can use him to vilify and label all centre-right people as 'extreme right-wingers' then why not? After all, never let a crisis go to waste....Actually, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it came out that he was a left-wing liberal, as so many of these nuts end up being.

The "New" Facebook page (where he's Christian and Conservative)
The "Old" Facebook page where no mention of this is made

SUSPECT identifies himself as “anti-racist, pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli” and attacked Vlaams Belang and the English Defense League on document.no (a website that appears to represent a Norwegian version of American neo-conservatism).

“That’s why we have to ensure that we influence other culturally conservatives to take our anti-racist pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli line of thought.” – Anders Behring Breivik

The English language facebook page identifying the killer as a “Christian” & “Conservative” was created AFTER his killing spree was over.

As soon as the killers name was released thousands of people began looking up his facebook page. It is common for people to make hoax pages when someone is in the news. Initially a page in Norwegian appeared bearing the suspect’s name, multiple face shots, and a photo of the suspect in the uniform of a European freemason. Then facebook deleted it. A SECOND page in ENGLISH then appeared bearing the suspect’s name and a single photo. Facebook also quickly deleted it. However the “mainstream” media is gleeful using this second facebook page to demonize Christians and Conservatives.

This was spree killer Anders Behring Breivik’s facebook original profile immediately after his name was released. And on the right a new English language facebook profile that appeared minutes later.
Click of the profiles to see the full sized versions.

Several things have been doctored up to alter the suspects political views. First a section titled “Philosophy” has been added to include “Christian,” and “Conservative.” The media has used this to great lengths.

Secondly, a previous section under the Norwegian term “Annet” is gone. In this former section the suspect identifies his heroes as Winston Churchill and Max Manus, the leader of the Norwegian anti-Nazi resistance. Someone in Norway picking these two men as his heroes would indicate that he is a moderate or centrist. More the middle of the political spectrum than the fringes.

Further, the suspect left the conservative Norwegian Progress Party four years ago and had been posting messages on a website that represents the Norwegian version of a Bush/McCain “neo-con.” Not a “right-winger,” or “ultra-nationalist.” Some European and Russian news outlets have even called him a “white supremacist” and/or “neo-Nazi.”

In fact, here is the website that the suspect most actively posted on and supported. The man who runs it is a Billy Kristol style neo-con. It is called document.no and run by Hans Rustad a Jewish man. Rustad is a former left-wing journalist turned neo-conservative. The website claims that only Muslims immigration should be restricted and that Asians and non-Muslim Africans are “making a positive contribution to Norway.” The website fanatically supports Israel and opposes Norwegian recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Rustad has decided to publish a collection of the suspect’s posts on his website. It is very extensive. None of the comments are extreme or hint at a desire to commit violence.

On one comment, suspect Breivik calls the English Defense League an embarrassment and says it “lacks ideological training.” He attacks the Vlaams Belang as racist and anti-gay. He says Vlaams Belang needs many “reforms” to “reach our level.”

Norwegian police are now saying that the suspect had no known connection to any radical groups.
The media falsely portrayed the radical leftist Jared Laughner, who is Jewish, as a “extreme right-winger” and “anti-Semite.” They portrayed the militant self-described “anti-racist,” bisexual, cross dressing Columbine killers (one of whom was Jewish) as “right-wingers” and “neo-Nazis.” So it was predictable that the media would have a field day with Anders Breivik, since he is right of center in some of his beliefs.


Obama delivers on his promise of "Change"

South Africa: Attacks force game lodges to close

You must know crime is bad in South Africa when two successful game lodges, the Blue Mountain Lodge and Tulani Safari Lodge are forced to close due to a crime wave being committed on visitors and staff at the resorts. The marketing manager of the resorts, Mr Christo Wagenaar, has decided to call it a day after the resorts experienced three attacks by armed robbers in the past month. As all South Africans know, once you're targeted then it's only a matter of time before people end up murdered and it's just not worth it. So, these two resorts will close in August and the local Blacks will lose their jobs - all so that a few criminals can get their jollies by terrorising innocent people. Tourism has fallen in the areas - apparently due to the poorly maintained roads and other infrastructure. That may be a contributing factor, but the more feasible reason would be that tourism has fallen due to the high crime rates experienced in South Africa, with more than 50 murders per day. I don't know about you, but even myself, an experienced ex-South African, have no desire to return to my homeland. My kids are still traumatised and when given the option to return for a visit later this year, answered with: "Why? We're not safe there and we'd rather go to Disney". Out of the mouth of babes.....and Disney it is.

Hat tip: Julian B

The Blue Mountain Lodge in Hazyview and Tulani Safari Lodge near Phalaborwa have been forced to close due to criminal attacks on staff and patrons.
Christo Wagenaar, marketing manager for Forever Resorts (the owners of the lodges) told News24 there had been three attacks by armed robbers in the past month.
"We've had guests being tied up and gagged while the criminals stole precious items such as jewellery, wallets and ipods," Wagenaar said. "We decided to beef up our security by installing extra lights and security cameras, but this wasn't enough."

On Wednesday13 July, after the extra security measures had been but in place, another group of men entered Blue Mountain. After being spotted the men fled.

"We're grateful that no serious incidents have taken place yet, but we need to look after our clients. So we've decided to close these resorts," Wagenaar said.
He attributes the rise in crime to the decline in tourism in the area. Towns such as Graskop, Sabie and Hazyview are apparently experiencing low tourist activities due to deterioration of roads and other infrastructure.
There are talks of local farmers having an interest in the properties, and Wagenaar said the Forever group is considering selling it. The personnel at Blue Mountain and Tulani will be redeployed at other lodges, or given the option of taking a severance package.
Reservations made until the end of August will still be honoured, after which the properties will be taken out of commission.

"We'd rather take precautions than risk lives," Wagenaar concluded.


USA: It's only a heat wave

The world has been conned about the 'climate change' danger that is apparently imminent....any day now....The great big Carbon Dioxide hoax is hopefully losing momentum around the globe - but unfortunately, not in Australia. This great hoax is all about a TRACE gas, which makes up only 0.04% of the atmosphere, yet this is the gas that is being blamed for causing "dangerous, man-made 'climate change'". To put it into context - in a room 3x3x3m, the amount of Carbon Dioxide would fit into a Corn Flakes box. Of the CO2 in the box, 3% can be attributed to man - the other 97% being emitted by Nature. Of the man-made 3% in the box, Australia contributes 1.4% of the total - the rest of the world contributes 98.6%. So, we're talking about 1.4% of the 3% in the box. Hellooooo!!! Please call me is you're a 'believer' because I have a bridge to sell you!!! In any event, and much to my disgust, Australians are being conned by their own government into believing we can save the world by paying more in taxes. To achieve a measly 5% reduction of our 'dangerous' 1.4% CO2 'foot-print' by 2020 - whilst, of course, China and India INCREASE their emissions by 800% in the same 6.5 years - the mighty Australian government is planning to tax us to the tune of $71bn in a 6.5 year period - that's on top of all the OTHER taxes that we already pay. How's that for economic hari-kari? Go figure, but you can't talk sense to Marxists/Greens/Labor. In comparison, the EUs  little 'carbon trading scheme' scam has collected $4.9bn in it's first 6.5 years - yet we're going to save the world by cutting emissions by 5% (of the 1.4% in the Corn Flakes box we emit) for only $71bn - bargain I say! No one must mess with Australia as our government is all powerful that even Nature is on the run! The world's climate can be controlled by the Australian tax office didn't you know?

The most surprising thing about the current heat wave affecting much of the United States is that no global warming charlatan is claiming that it is the result of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Since the late 1980s, Americans were assailed with the global warming hoax until, in November 2009, the release of emails between the trolls ginning up false “climate models” were exposed.

These days the term “climate change” is used as a substitute for “global warming”, but fewer of us are fooled by this. Al Gore is planning a last-ditch effort in September to revive the hoax, but that will fail.
Even those in the mainstream media are too embarrassed to report the absurd notion that CO2, a trace gas in the Earth’s atmosphere (0.0380%) vital to all vegetation on the planet has anything to do with climate cycles. A new cooling cycle that kicked in around 1998 is the predictable result of less solar activity.
This is not to say it’s not hot. Heat waves are as common to summer months as blizzards are to winter ones. For those who possess the memory of fungus, there was a heat wave that engulfed the East Coast from July 4 through 9th in 2010. Weather records reflect that heat waves are a natural event, often following or preceding record setting cold waves.

While Al Gore and the last holdouts of the global warming hoax continue to tell us that CO2 emissions (the use of fossil fuels for energy to produce electricity, drive anywhere, and manufacture anything) will destroy the world, the world’s most sophisticated particle study laboratory, CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, will soon announce a finding that will blow the CO2 nonsense to bits.

Dennis T. Avery of the Hudson Institute, reports CERN has demonstrated “that more cosmic rays do, indeed, create more clouds in the earth’s atmosphere.” Cosmic rays are subatomic particles from outer space. More clouds means that less of the sun’s warmth reaches the Earth’s surface.

This completely overturns the torrent of lies that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been churning out for decades. The IPCC’s scientists went into full panic mood as a new cooling cycle asserted itself in 1998.

As Avery points out, the IPCC scientists had deliberately ignored “the Medieval Warming (950-1200 AD), the Roman Warming (200 BC-600BC) or the big Holocene Warmings centered on 6,000 and 8,000 BC.” There was also a Little Ice Age from 1300 to 1850 to account for as well.

While the global warming crowd has been telling everyone that they must stop burning coal, using oil or natural gas, and “reduce our carbon footprint”, a recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, in just four days, negated every government-mandated effort to control or reduce CO2 emissions worldwide for the past five years! When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, it put so much smoke and other gases in the atmosphere that it cooled the Earth’s temperatures for a few years until they dissipated.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency is frantically issuing new rules and regulations to reduce the CO2 emissions from utilities and manufacturing facilities before the public realizes that its actual goal is to kill the U.S. economy by increasing the cost of electricity and everything else. It is insanely trying to shut down the mining of coal, while other elements of the Obama regime are trying to stop any drilling for oil.

Unable to scare everyone with the global warming hoax, new horrors are being invented, from ocean acidification to the claim that the atmosphere is being overloaded with nitrogen. Relax, there’s four times more nitrogen in the atmosphere than oxygen and it’s no big deal.

The Greens think you’re stupid
Americans need to be aware that major environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth are desperate to maintain the fictions required to deprive the U.S. of the energy it needs to function.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg just gave $50 million to the Sierra Club to support its “Beyond Coal” campaign. Bloomberg actually thinks it’s a good thing the Sierra Club has managed to stop 150 coal-burning plants from being built. Meanwhile, during the current heat wave, providers of electricity are worrying whether they can continue to meet the increased demand for it. Coal provides 50% of all the electricity we use in America.

How stupid or evil do you have to be to stop building the plants that provide electricity at a time when the population and the demand for it is rising? Must America become a third world nation with rolling blackouts and brownouts?

Friends of the Earth are in a panic that Republicans might actually get the U.S. government to cut back on the insane spending that has put the nation on the edge of sovereign default. Lately they’re claiming that Majority Leader, Eric Candor (R-VA) “is threatening to sink the American economy and undermine environmental protections so that his wealthy friends, including big oil corporations, can keep sitting on their cushions.”

That’s the same Big Oil that hasn’t been able to build a single new refinery in the U.S. since the 1970s. That’s the same Big Oil that has seen ten oil rigs leave the Gulf of Mexico since the May 2010 Obama “moratorium” for drilling sites in Egypt, Congo, French Guiana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Brazil. They took a lot of jobs and revenue with them.
If you wanted to destroy America, all you have to do is make it impossible to access several century’s worth of its own huge reserves of coal and the billions of barrels of oil inland and offshore that would, indeed, make America more energy independent.

The next time anyone speaks about “sustainability”, they are talking about turning out the lights and emptying the highways of America. The next time anyone talks about “the environment”, they mean the same thing.

So, remember, it’s just a heat wave. It will end just like all the others and, in a few months, we will all be talking about the blizzards.

21 July 2011

South Africa: Malema - My money is nobody's business

For the readers who don't know who Julius Malema is - he is the South African ANC Youth League President. At age 30, he's supposed to be setting an example for the Black youth in South Africa. However, the ANCYL is a youth league in name only - they are actually radical communists hiding behind the youth tag facade. Julius - or Juju as we affectionately call him - is a very dangerous, evil, racist little man. He reminds me of Idi Amin. Since coming to the fore as the ANCYL President, he's managed to turn everyone in SA who isn't Black, against him. White's hate him as he preaches hate speech against them. One of his favorite songs is 'Kill the Boer (farmer)' and he was recently taken to court about this. He has also been calling for Blacks to forcefully take land away from White farmers (ala Zimbabwe style - did you know that Mugabe is his hero?) and calling for the mines to be nationalised. But what is most surprising, is that this fine, caring, upstanding YL President - who calls on the poor Blacks to take what they want - is a millionaire many times over. Yes, evil Capitalism that he keeps dancing and singing about has made him pretty rich. No tin shack for him! No, he gets to live in one of THE most expensive and exclusive suburbs of Johannesburg, because, according to him, the poor Blacks don't mind if their leaders are rich. He also owns a farm and numerous expensive vehicles. His Black followers - many of whom should be extremely disillusioned by the ANC because of their non-delivery - follow him around like the sheeple they are. You see, they love all the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. He appeals to the disgruntled youth - millions of unemployed youth - who want nothing more than to take from the Whites because they want what they have - without working for it. Malema taps into this rich source of support and the ANC government know exactly what he's doing...and condone it. Malema is only carrying out their instructions because he's too dumb to come up with this attack on his own. And how does Juju justify his lifestyle and his money, whilst his followers scratch in the dirt for food? The following quote should give you a clue into his stupidity and then you may understand why I say he's not very clever (apart from double failing most of his Year 12 subjects!):
"One of the things I've learnt in my short life in politics is the ability to live in the conditions of capitalism while fighting it and defeating it," he told reporters in Johannesburg.
Yes, that's how stupid his followers are. They lap this crap up like it's the gospel. I don't see him living in a shack with his fellow, unemployed comrades. No, he has 'learnt to live in capitalist conditions whilst fighting it'! When asked where his money is coming from, the media are told that it's none of their business. Yet, he readily decides who's rich in South Africa and who should be targeted as they're evil Capitalists who stole the money from the Black man 300 years ago (when they were still trying to figure out the wheel)! I really give up on South Africa and Africa in general. If this is an example of the quality of Black brain coming out of the dark continent in the year 2011 then I despair. How can Africa ever progress if this who they look up too?

Man-boy Juju Malema
Johannesburg - It was nobody's business where he got his money from - and his supporters did not mind his lavish lifestyle, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said on Wednesday.

"One of the things I've learnt in my short life in politics is the ability to live in the conditions of capitalism while fighting it and defeating it," he told reporters in Johannesburg.
Malema had called a media briefing to respond to a Sunday Independent report at the weekend that he was building himself a R16m house in the posh Johannesburg Sandown suburb.

First he said the news report only existed in "the imaginations of right-wing, narrow-minded and obsessed white people".
Then he told a journalist who asked where he got his money from: "It's none of your business... you must mind your own business."
'Not accountable to media'
He was a private citizen and not accountable to the media, said the African National Congress Youth League leader.

If the SA Revenue Service were to investigate him about the reported Sandown house, following a complaint from the Democratic Alliance, he would co-operate fully.

He added he was confident his taxes were in order, before launching into an attack against "ruthless capitalism".

"If you are a capitalist, you are an exploiter."
Asked how he justified his own expensive lifestyle - he lives in Sandton and drives a Mercedes Benz - Malema responded that poor people did not mind if their leaders were rich.
He boasted that he was "the only remaining leading political figure in the country who gets welcomed in the squatter camps".

"In this country, there are some amongst the poor who are saying Cyril Ramaphosa must be the president. He's a multi-millionaire.

"Some amongst the masses are saying Tokyo Sexwale must be president. He's rich. They don't care about his money, our people don't care about our money. What they care about is political consciousness, the will to liberate them," said Malema.

‘I remain poor’

"It's not about where we stay. Our people know that very well. It's not about the type of shoes we wear. That is petty. Our people want the political will and the ability to act and that is what we are doing."

Malema said he considered himself to be poor, because his house in Sandton and his car were owned by the bank.

"My definition of rich is those who own the means of production, I do not own...

"Instead of being rich, I remain poor but I'm creditworthy...

"That house you [the media] always make a noise about in Sandton - not the one you allege I'm building - it's owned by Absa. And if I fail to pay it, for sure, Maria Ramos [Absa group chief executive] would be very happy she's taking a house from a man who is leading a nationalisation campaign, because she does not want nationalisation."

Negative media coverage of him was all part of a drive to undermine the agenda he represented.

‘I would surrender my land’

"I represent nationalisation of mines, expropriation of land, decentralisation of development, free education, the liberation of the working class."

The ANCYL would only meet with the Chamber of Mines to discuss nationalisation if the chamber agreed to hold the meeting in a poor rural village, so that the mining bosses could "appreciate where we're coming from".

On land expropriation, Malema supported it if it happened in the public's interest.

He would even give up his Sandton house or his farm if land expropriation on those properties were to be taken in public interest.

"I've got a house here in Sandton. If tomorrow they say, that house, there is a need for a street to pass there and therefore they are expropriating it, I would not have a problem.

"I've got a farm with cattle... if I go home and they say they want to build a school, if it is in public interest, I would surrender it."

But if the government wanted to give the land to "an individual", Malema would not hand it over.

"We are talking about expropriation of land for public interest and public purpose. Not for individual benefit, not for political leadership benefits. That is anarchy. We will never allow that."


20 July 2011

South Africa: Boy survives night of terror

Can you imagine being 9 years-old and watching how two savages rampage through your house whilst threatening to hang your father? Well, the two savages lied, because what the 9-year old didn't know was that they had already stabbed and killed his father outside. They ransacked the house, looking for money. Money they knew his father had in the house because he'd sold 10 pigs two weeks previously. An inside job. When are White farmers going to learn not to trust their Black help? When are White farmers going to go to the White squatter camps and find some White men and women willing to work on their farms instead of hiring Blacks? Today, a 9 year-old boy is an orphan and traumatised beyond imagination, having found the bloody body of his father. It's a wonder that his life was spared. At least that is something to be grateful for. And another White farmer is murdered. What's the latest figures? Are we over the 4000 dead farmers since 1994 ? Well, we're certainly pretty near and no one says a thing....

Johannesburg - A 9-year-old boy has told of his night of terror on a smallholding at Zuurbekom near Westonaria, during which he discovered the body of his murdered father.

"They said they were going to hang him. They lied,” he said after the ordeal.

Police suspect that robbers assaulted Zoltán Toth with a pick axe and that he bled to death. He would have turned 74 on Wednesday.

“We heard how the dog barked at someone outside in the yard at 19:00,” the boy recounted.

His name is being withheld as he is an underage witness in a criminal case.


Toth, a Hungarian, went to see what it was and the boy stayed behind and looked through the kitchen window.

There were two men - one with a firearm and another with a knife.

“One pointed the firearm at me but I locked the door and hid.”

The boy said one of the attackers broke a window with a stone and unlocked the door from inside. Toth was still gone and had the only cellphone with him.

“I hid behind the door and they looked for me for some time. The men said they would hang him [Toth] if I didn’t come out.”

One of the men found him behind the door and wanted to know where Toth had hidden the money.

“I told them to look in the cupboards but they didn’t find anything.”

After a long search, the men found a hidden safe which they broke open. They warned the boy that they would shoot him if he left the house, and that they would return later.

'Scared and alone'

“I was very scared and alone. I didn’t know what to do. I waited for him [Toth] to come back and at 23:00 decided to watch TV.

“I fell asleep just after 04:00 but woke up a little while later, at about 05:00.”

When it started to become light, he went outside to call for help, but found his father's blood-stained body about 10 metres from the kitchen door.

He called an employee who called the neighbours.

Ilona Katalin Papp, who moved from Hungary to South Africa a few years after Toth in the late 1960s, said he had sold about 10 of his pigs two weeks ago and that was why his murderers had known he had money.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said Toth presumably bled to death after he was attacked with a pick axe.

"The suspects stole a considerable amount of money and fled.”

Toth’s wife, Angelina, died in 2005.


Major African countries ignore Horn of Africa famine appeal

Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are suffering their worst drought in 60 years. Remember Live Aid from 1985? That 'global' concert which raised millions in aid for the Ethiopian drought relief? It was so successful that Band Aid charity co-founder, Bob Geldof was honorary knighted by the Queen! Wow. Well, guess what folks? Yip - they need our money help again. Pictures of starving babies are being broadcast all over the world so that we can once again feel sorry for the people from the Horn of Africa - which is suffering from drought ......again. Now, call me cold, but those pictures just don't do anything for me. You see, being raised in Africa, I understand the African mentality of give, give and give. And every time the West just gives, gives and gives. Isn't it wonderful? Who helps the West when they have a drought? Well, they help themselves. But not Africa because the West thinks they don't know how, so of course they sit back and let the West take over their problems. Let's give some facts about how the West just isnt' helping by throwing money at it. In 1985 the Ethiopian population was 41 million. Today, 25 years later, with all that suffering and continuing droughts, the population has fallen to just.......oops, I mean, the population has doubled to 83 million! Nature is trying to balance the books and the stupid West keeps fighting Nature with paper! Just let it happen people. Once again we will feed this generation and keep them alive long enough to produce the next generation so that we can feed them too. Just where does it end? How many billions more $$$$ does this problem need? Oh, and as for the the rest of Africa coming to Ethiopia's aid - forget it! The stupid West keeps throwing money whilst the rest of Africa parties. How stupid are we???

No African country has offered a donation to help famine victims in the Horn of Africa outside of those affected, it has emerged.

No African country has offered a donation to help drought victims in the Horn of Africa outside of those affected, it has emerged.

Despite the continent’s biggest economies having previously made generous contributions to aid efforts in Haiti and Japan, there has been little response from them so far to what aid agencies are calling the worst drought in 60 years.

Million-pound donations have been sent to the World Food Programme by the US, France, Germany and the EU. Kenya and Sudan, countries in the affected region, have also contributed.

UN officials said the World Food Programme had received 60 per cent of the $500 million (£300 million) it appealed for to help save the lives of an estimated 10 million people. But to date, there has been no announcement of aid sent to the region by any of the major African economies, such as South Africa, Nigeria, Angola and Tanzania.

So far, the British Government has pledged £38 million in food aid to Ethiopia and the British public has donated £13 million to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s East Africa appeal. Today, Andrew Mitchell, the International Development Secretary, will announce an additional £52.25 million package of support for the region.

South Africa has a grain surplus of 40,000 tons. Contacted by The Daily Telegraph this week, Clayson Monyela, South Africa’s foreign affairs ministry spokesman, said the country usually channelled aid through charities. He did not answer questions about its response to the latest crisis. An official with the Angolan foreign affairs ministry said that he was still waiting for information about his country’s response.

Jean Ping, the African Union’s chairman, said the Ugandan-led AU mission in Somalia was stepping up security to ensure aid gets through to those in need. The AU’s High Representative for Somalia, the former Ghanaian president Jerry John Rawlings, has also been told to “sensitise” African nations to provide financial and material support.

Michael O’Brien-Onyeka, Oxfam’s regional campaigns policy manager for East and Central Africa, said it was “disappointing” that African states insist on “African solutions for African problems” with regard to Libya but fail to respond to droughts and famines.

“It’s a general malaise on the continent, the culture that humanitarian responses should be left to Western countries,” he said. “You don’t have to be a first-world country to respond to your brothers’ needs. This could have been a good opportunity for African countries to practise what they preach.”

Heavy rain in Somalia has added to the misery of those looking for help: too little and too late for much of their livestock.

“When you are hungry, cold is a killer, and the people here are starving and helpless,” said Batula Moalim Ahmed, an elderly mother, who called for plastic sheeting for shelter, as well as for food and medicine.


USA: AFA gets an extra $1 million to tackle diversity issues

The USA government is paying their own Defence forces bribe money to recruit anyone who isn't White. You see, the USA government has decided that they don't like their armed forces in the hands of 71% Whites. Apparently, they want more diversity, but I'm sure, deep down, the real reason is that the US government is tired of all the White men and women being maimed and killed in war and want to spread the burden around! So really, we should look on this bribe money as a blessing and thank them for their consideration. The Hispanic, Black and Asian Americans need to step on up and also start bleeding protecting their country. I'm tired of our young White men and women dying - and so too is the USA government it seems! Come on minorities! There's money to be made and your entrance qualifications are sure to be easier than the White folk! The USA government is prepared to overlook your incompetency as long as your skin color is the right hue! Come on minorities - come die for your country like the Whites. Step on up. The line is right over here.....Don't all rush at once now, y'all.


The Air Force Academy has a plan and a $1 million budget to make the school more diverse, but no numerical goal that describes what diverse looks like.

Adding more cadets from minorities groups to the academy’s population has been a goal for years. The Board of Visitors, the school’s oversight body, was told Friday that the school has a new plan, which includes diversity training for employees, stepping up minority recruitment and training “inclusion ambassadors” who will promote diversity at the academy.

“The good thing is we’re doing something about it,” said Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, academy superintendent.

The academy’s student body is 71 percent white, which is similar to its sister academies for Navy and Army, and close to the national population average.

But the academy wants to see gains in the number of black and Hispanic cadets on the campus, who make up a combined 16 percent of the student body, well below their share of the national population.

But the Air Force is staying away from quotas.

“Metrics have always been a tough thing for all the services,” Lt. Gen. Darrell Jones, an Air Force personnel officer from the Pentagon told the board, which advises Congress and President Obama on academy matters.

The Air Force put money into the academy program this year, adding $1 million to the program in 2011 – doubling the academy’s diversity budget. Much of the cash is being spent on recruiting in black, Hispanic and Asian neighborhoods. The idea is that attracting more minority applicants will gradually grow the academy’s minority population.

Still, some board members fear that the program lacks clear goals because it doesn’t set racial quotas.
“Not having those objectives and goals is hurting us,” said board member Alfredo Sandoval, a 1982 academy graduate who is a managing partner of the Private Investment Group.

Jones said numbers alone, though, won’t do the job.

“The goal is to have a diverse population find success in the military,” he said.


Black America vs. Obama?

When the US government is choking financially, the Black African American people suffer. Why? Because most are dependent on welfare and many more are employed by the government. So, when the government is tight for money, benefits and federal jobs are the first on the chopping board. Blacks are 25 percent of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of the State Department, 37 percent of Department of Education employees and 38 percent of Housing and Urban Development. They are 42 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 55 percent of the employees at the Government Printing Office and 82 percent at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (that stat is scary). Obama has managed to tank the US economy even worse than I thought he could - seems like his puppet master, George Soros, has done his work quite well. Obama has therefore managed to decimate the 'Black Middle Class' (however that class is defined) and they now have a median net worth of just $2,170. Yet, despite all of his incompetence, 95% of them will vote for him again in 2012 because he's not White. It's almost like they're cutting their own nose to spite their face....Anyhow, the 2012 election is going to be interesting. The GOP nominee will most likely go to Rick Perry from Texas. Although not the best Conservative, he'll at least do a better job than Obama - and he's not seen as a 'tea party radical' by the all important swing voters. What the USA needs is a Tea Party supporter to be President to turn the country around, but they've been demonised by the liberals so as to seem radical to the gullible. If Perry tips his hat into the race then Obama can start packing. In fact, I'll even help him!

"The Disappearing Black Middle Class" ran the headline over the Chicago Sun-Times story. And the statistics from the Economic Policy Institute were indeed sobering.

In 2007, best year of the Bush era, white households had a median net worth of $134,280, compared with $13,450 for black households.

By 2009, the median net worth for white households had fallen 24 percent to $97,860. For black households, it had plummeted 83 percent to $2,170, a near wipeout.

As Algernon Austin of EPI's Program on Race, Ethnicity and the Economy put it, "In 2009, for every dollar of wealth the average white household had, black households had two cents."

One explanation for this surely is the wave of foreclosures on subprime mortgages, a large share of which were held by African-Americans.

But while unemployment among white men has surged in the Great Recession, among black men it has hit 16 percent, the highest level since the Department of Labor began to keep records in 1972.

Ominously, things are likely to get worse, because Bill Clinton's assertion, "The era of big government is over!" is today palpably true.

Not only in Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey, run by Republicans, is this so, but in liberal mega-states like New York and California. There, Govs. Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown run the show, and government payrolls are also being slashed and government pensions pared back.

From Greece to Portugal to Ireland to Italy, an age of austerity has begun. And now that age is about to begin in Barack Obama's Washington.

Why should this adversely affect black America?

Because not only are African-Americans disproportionately the beneficiaries of federal programs, from the Earned Income Tax Credit to aid for education and student loans, they are even more over-represented in the federal workforce than they are on state payrolls.

Though 10 percent of the U.S. civilian labor force, African-Americans are 18 percent of U.S. government workers. They are 25 percent of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of the State Department, 37 percent of Department of Education employees and 38 percent of Housing and Urban Development. They are 42 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 55 percent of the employees at the Government Printing Office and 82 percent at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.


Texas Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives

Check out all the 'White' fugitives in the top 10 Most wanted in Texas. Yeah, I don't know about you, but if some of these are White, then I'm the tooth fairy.....Click on this link to see these pictures up close and see if you're tooth fairies too!


19 July 2011

USA: Electric Car Maker Folds, Salinas Loses $500,000

Anybody wanting to make a quick buck? Just run on over to California and sprout some Green nonsense, receive your Green government grant money and away you go - literally. The Green business reminds me of the snake-oil salesmen of years gone by. Always too good to be true. But, the real clowns are the local governments falling for this Green crap. The Californian city of Salinas handed over $540 000 and the California Energy Commission another $187 000 to a snake-oil salesman environmentally friendly electric car manufacturing company called Green Vehicles. Green Vehicles has now gone bust - without producing a single car - with the company President informing the City leaders via email that his company was Green dust. The city is now trying to get at least $240 000 back from the company. The company President is apparently devastated that his company has crumbled as he had promised 70 jobs and $700 000 per year in taxes to the city! His company's mission was: "To make the best clean commuter vehicles in the world; To manufacture with a radical sense of responsibility; To engage in deep transparency as an inspiration for new ways of doing business." Yeah - radical sense of responsibility alright. And no one saw this failure coming? Run boy, run. If governments are too stupid to spend their money wisely then they deserve to be defrauded. My suggestion? EVERY government should be made to pay back 10% of every dime that they waste whilst in government. They can get a bonus of 10% on all genuine profit made as a balance. Maybe that way governments will be more accountable with our tax money and what they do with it. Fools.

How Green was my valley? We'll never know...

A Salinas car manufacturing company that was expected to build environmentally friendly electric cars and create new jobs folded before almost any vehicles could run off the assembly line.
The city of Salinas had invested more than half a million dollars in Green Vehicles, an electric car start-up company.

All of that money is now gone, according to Green Vehicles President and Co-Founder Mike Ryan.
The start-up company set up shop in Salinas in the summer of 2009, after the city gave Ryan a $300,000 community development grant.

When the company still ran into financial trouble last year, the city of Salinas handed Ryan an additional $240,000. Green Vehicles also received $187,000 from the California Energy Commission.
Salinas Mayor Dennis Donohue said he was "surprised and disappointed" by the news. City officials were equally irked that Ryan notified them through an email that his company had crashed and burned.

Salinas Economic Development Director Jeff Weir said Green Vehicles flopped because of a lack of investors.
Donohue said he will work with the state to try to get at least $240,000 back from the now-defunct company.

Last year, Salinas city officials said they were excited about Green Vehicles moving from San Jose to Salinas because they wanted to turn Salinas into a hub for alternative energy production.

City leaders wooed Green Vehicles to jump-start the sputtering local company and turn Salinas into an "electric valley." Donohue and Weir both voiced their high hopes for Green Vehicles.
The start-up company promised city leaders that it would create 70 new jobs and pay $700,000 in taxes a year to Salinas.

Green Vehicles was supposed to be up and running by March 2010 inside their 80,000-square-foot space at Firestone Business Park off of Abbot Street.
Ryan had lofty goals, listing his company's mission as: "To make the best clean commuter vehicles in the world; To manufacture with a radical sense of responsibility; To engage in deep transparency as an inspiration for new ways of doing business."

Green Vehicles designed two vehicles, the TRIAC 2.0 and the MOOSE, which it planned to manufacture.
On July 12, Ryan wrote a blog post announcing that his company was closing.

"The truth is that not realizing the vision for this company is a huge disappointment," Ryan wrote.
Ryan outlined three mistakes he made while steering his company into a brick wall. All three reasons boiled down failing to generate enough capital.

USA: Far-Left Dem Rep. Jim Moran Storms Out Of Interview After Saying He Supports Wealth Redistribution…

You have to love these Socialist supporters of the 'redistribution of wealth' ideology. Far-Left Democratic Rep. Jim Moran believes it's ok for the government to take from the wealthy and give to the poor because, he reasons: 'it's tax money which gave the rich the roads to transport their goods to make their profit" ....or some mambo-jumbo like that (what he clearly forgets is that the rich also contributed significantly to those taxes - idiot). But, just watch as a few innocent - or rather - some well asked questions gets him into a huff. In the beginning of the interview he admits that it's not ok to take someone's money forcefully. But then he says it's ok if the government does it. When he gets asked the first question again, he suddenly gets all snappy and runs for the hills. Hilarious. He obviously realised just how stupid and demented he was sounding. Hey, I'm all for redistribution of wealth to lazy, welfare cheats, as long as it isn't my hard-earned money they're redistributing. They should start with people like Mr Jim Moran and anyone professing to love redistribution first. Let them put their money where their wallet is. But, I guess if that became law, no one would admit to supporting redistribution. It's always so much easier to preach to others about what's best for them....withou backing it up with action from yourself.


South Africa: 6 arrested for 'renaming' Mandela Drive

How do you get the corrupt, inefficient South African Police service to actually do their job? Why, you use stickers to rename Nelson Mandela Drive to another name; sit back with your popcorn and watch them come flying! Apparently, the police were watching on CCTV how six WHITE men used stickers to deface a board with the holy words "Nelson Mandela" on. Before these six men could count to three, the police were there to arrest them. That is how efficient the SAPs is! Murderers, rapists, criminals - no worries, you just carry on. But, a few White men must just stick a few stickers onto a street sign and watch the SAPs react! This is the same country where more than 50 people are murdered daily and where someone is raped every 17 seconds. Where the child and infant rape is the highest in the world. Sticking stickers trumps all these crimes! Let nobody say that the SAP doesn't have their priorities all sorted.

Between me reading the original story and posting the article, the word "White men" had been removed in describing the perpetrators. If Whites are under any illusion that they're not under attack in South Africa, then wonder no more. Juju Malema can scream and dance that he wants Whites dead and gone, but just let someone stick a sticker and they're arrested. Makes complete sense....if you're an African.


Johannesburg - Six men have been arrested for allegedly using stickers to rename Nelson Mandela Drive to Clive Derby-Lewis Street on directional boards in Pretoria, police said on Monday.

Lieutenant Colonel Tshisikhawe Ndou said the six men were caught on CCTV cameras along Nelson Mandela Drive in Sunnyside on Sunday night.

"The police rushed to the scene and arrested the six who were found with several replacement stickers. They were immediately arrested and taken to Sunnyside police station."

They refused to explain their actions to police.

The men, aged between 25 and 38, were charged with malicious damage to property and expected to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

According to the Pretoria News, the men belonged to a right-wing grouping in the city known as Verkenners (scouters), and were all city residents. One of them is a German citizen.

Derby-Lewis, a former Conservative Party politician, is serving a life sentence for his role in the assassination of SA Communist Party secretary general Chris Hani
Hani was assassinated on April 10 1993 outside his home in Dawn Park, Boksburg.
Using a gun provided by Derby-Lewis, Polish far-right immigrant Janusz Walus shot him in the head as he stepped out of his car.


UK: A new low for a society saturated with sex, the unthinkable rape judgement

In the UK last February, six footballers had sex with two 12 year-old girls and were subsequently charged with rape. They were sentenced to a two-year prison sentence. This week, they were freed on appeal. And the reason they were freed from their pathetic 2-year prison sentence? The court ruled that the girls had 'wanted sex' and that this is 'what young people do'. The men's defence was that they thought the girls were 16. Now, I don't know about you, but since when do men, aged between 19 and 21, mistake girls of 12 to be 16 years old? It's not like this all happened in the dark. These girls were at a party, indicated that they were interested in sex with the men, and were then driven to a recreation ground where they were raped. One of the girls was raped by five of the men; the other girl by one. At what point did these men not have a bit of doubt as to the age of these girls? And how can a court decide to overlook the rapes because the girls wanted sex and so got their wish? When does the court actually do its job and protect these young girls, which ironically the law has decided aren't old enough to know better, from what happened to them? Just what message does this send out to the perverts in the community? Child rapists will now be able to defend their actions by saying that their victim looked older and begged for sex, and they'll get off free. These six football players knew exactly what they were doing - the girls didn't. And the travesty in this case is that the court of law has sunk to a new low and has not defended the vulnerable.
Hat tip: Mark and H

Luke FarrugiaDennis De Sousa

Jahvon Edwards Courtney Amos

Jahson Downes Ashley Charles

Every now and again, something happens in this country that makes me despair.

An incident and its consequences that suggest a new and malignant stratum has forced its way into society, like a vein in a blue cheese. That the unthinkable has become the everyday.

That happened this week, with the case of the six footballers and the two 12-year-old girls they were charged with raping.

The men, several of whom are former members of Reading FC’s academy, were originally given two-year sentences after admitting various counts of rape four months ago.

However the culprits, aged between 19 and 21, were freed on appeal this week.

The courts ruled that the girls had ‘wanted sex’ and that this is ‘what young people do’.

The girls had also lied to the men about their age - and in the eyes of the law this seems to have cast them as the sexual predators in this wretched incident.

Well, let’s get one thing clear. Even at their worryingly young age, the girls certainly weren’t angels.

They got themselves into the party, they attracted the attention of the men and they apparently signalled, via text messages, that they wanted to have sex with them. All of which is depressing enough in itself.

However, no matter how much mascara they were wearing, or how knowing their smiles, short their skirts or flirty their texts might have been, we are still talking about children here.

Children whose parents hadn’t noticed there were missing until nearly 2.30am that morning.

And if their own parents can’t protect them, then the law in this country should.

Consider what happened that fateful night. After meeting at a party last February, the six promising young footballers picked up the two girls and drove them in two Vauxhall Corsa cars to a recreation ground in Reading.


It was a freezing winter night, but this did not deter a squalid orgy from taking place.

One of the 12-year-olds, described by a judge as ‘the more sexually experienced’ of the two girls, was raped by five of the men, while the other girl was raped by one.

I can’t be alone in shuddering at the casual horror of a child being described as some sort of skilled sex practitioner by a legal bigwig, as if she was some paragon in a ponytail who was good at hockey or baking cupcakes.

The judge also said that accidentally sleeping with underage girls was a hazard that men who indulged in casual sex might sometimes have to face. He might as well have added, and if you do, lads, don’t worry because you’ll get off on appeal.

Nowhere is even the suggestion that what they did was morally wrong.

And despite their protestations of innocence, is it really that hard to tell the difference between a 12-year-old child, even a precocious one, and a 16-year-old? Did a flicker of doubt cross their minds, as they floored the Corsas towards the dark park? Obviously not. And if it did, they’re not telling.

When the men were set free on Wednesday, it hardly helped that their relatives celebrated by cheering and hugging each other inside London’s Criminal Appeal Court, delighted to hear that the boys were of ‘decent and good character’.

Excuse me? Taking two girls to a public park for a gangbang? Passing the girls around like bags of sweets? That doesn’t sound much like good character to me. Even if the girls had been above the age of consent, it still would have been horrendous.

And it just seems to suggest, all over again, that there is one law for footballers and one law for the rest of us. Even if they are, as in this case, no Rios or Waynes, but largely unknown and aspiring Premiership players.

Is it not the case that, if a girl is underage, the law sees it as sexual assault and a criminal offence whatever the circumstances? That children are not deemed fit to give informed consent, even if they are pretending to be older? Anyone who has sex with a girl under 16 is breaking the law — and if she is under 13 he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Well, not in this case, obviously.

Yes, these girls were the architects of their own misfortune, but they were only kids. Sympathy should have been with them, not the adults who gleefully led them further astray.

Yet the horrible truth is that they — and we — live in a society saturated with sex. From pop videos to the relentless sexualisation of youngsters, there is no escape from the pressure. Particularly when it seems that every week, another famous footballer is caught in a fresh sex wrangle with a mistress, prostitute or string of willing girls.

So to those who say that the concept of role models is rubbish, and that young people do not ape the bad behaviour of their heroes and peers, please take note of this awful tale. The trickledown effect of corroded celebrity is plain for all to see.

Surely there is a direct link between Ashley Cole secretly sex-texting random girls, footballers ‘roasting’ young women in their hotel bedrooms, numerous highly-publicised cases of footy stars having sex with anyone who takes their fancy and this sorry incident — two 12-year-old girls flat on their backs in a Reading park on a cold February night, surrounded by footballers doing what footballers do best.

And encouraged by a court that seems to think the girls only had themselves to blame.

Lord Justice Moses slashed the sentences meaning the footballers could be released immediately
The 'Judge'

18 July 2011

South Africa: Corruption eclipses sunshine

When you read this article, bear in mind that the author is a Black South African by the name of Justice Malala. Justice has always been pretty fair and open-eyed when writing articles - although he has strayed with his ANC rose-tinted glasses every now and then. But, Justice is angry and disillusioned because his 'liberation' party, the ANC, hasn't exactly produced what they promised when they took South Africa over in 1994. His latest disillusionment has been a report that former Treasurer and now Minister in the Presidency, Trevor Manuel, has issued which contains a few eye-opening paragraphs (read article below) which basically admits that South Africa is declining, and not progressing! No sh!t Sherlock!! I'm curious Trev, what's been the clue that finally woke you up? The rampant corruption? The White flight? The poor economic management? The lack of maintenance of infrastructure? The lack of standards of service? Did I mention the corruption?? Skills flight? It seems that Old Trev is a bit slow - or maybe he's been too scared to stick his neck out and admit that the liberation movement he once blindly supported turned out to be nothing more than a gigantic scam (hey, but at least the wanker liberals throughout the world can celebrate that they gave it to Apartheid South Africa). Gone are Trev's dreams of creating a better life for the poor down-trodden Blacks of South Africa (yeah right - I'm sure he has a bank balance to be proud of today). I would love to say that I told you so, but my heart bleeds for South Africa and the disaster it's turned into, and the sad part is that it's only going to get way, way worse. Happy birthday Mandela. You finally have the South Africa you always dreamt of having.

Justice Malala
In the early 1990s South African cynics coined a phrase that they gleefully used to denigrate journalists who saw the positive side of the changes the country was going through.

As Nelson Mandela and his comrades were released from jail, the ANC and other liberation movements were unbanned and exiles returned home, these "optimistic" journalists wrote about the non-racial country we were being given and the inclusive future we had the possibility of building.

Yet the cynics kept having a go at them. South Africa, they said, would go the way of all Africa: wars, poverty, and corruption.

The journalists were accused of "sunshine journalism". They were told they were blind to "the real ANC" and its communist allies. They were told the country would implode in 1994.

South Africa did not implode. Instead, under the wisdom of Mandela and the steady hand of Thabo Mbeki, what followed were 14 fat years of economic growth and stability. Don"t get me wrong - there were massive failures as well under these two presidents, but the trajectory was upwards and onwards.

I have always been a sunshine journalist. Whenever I have attended ANC meetings and been confronted by angry loyalists asking why I criticise them, my answer is simple: "I criticise out of love for this country."

I see a future for South Africa and, therefore, like the members of the ANC and other parties, I also want the best for it. The most patriotic thing I can do for my fellow citizens is to write, and write again, and continue writing. Even when I am at my most critical, the point is that I am critical to help, somehow, right the wrongs that afflict us.

I am making this point because it is becoming harder to be an optimist in South Africa. Corruption is becoming endemic and it is destroying virtually everything that we stand for and hold dear.
It is becoming impossible not to, every so often, shake one"s head and wonder if the cynics were right.

I am reminded of Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel"s report a few weeks ago. It contains three haunting paragraphs. They read: "Political change brings no guarantee of social, economic or indeed political progress. Throughout history many civilisations, empires and countries have experienced dramatic decline rather than progress .

"The indicators most often associated with decline include rising corruption; weakening of state and civil society institutions; poor economic management; skills and capital flight; politics dominated by short-termism; ethnicity or factionalism; and lack of maintenance of infrastructure and standards of service.

"Elements of these indicators are already visible in South Africa, though their strength and prevalence is uneven and differs from sector to sector. If they become more prevalent, the country"s progress could be stalled, its gains reversed and even the foundational aspects of democracy unravelled."

Corruption in South Africa has now reached unspeakable levels. It is spoken of as if it is part of the norm. For many of us, it is now part of doing business with the government. For many citizens, it is just part of what we have become.

I spoke to a group of women last week who casually agreed that they would buy their driver"s licences. Why? They believe that driving inspectors will fail them just so they should pay bribes. These are intelligent individuals with degrees - and they have lost all faith in the system.

Can I blame them? Last week, Cosatu asked why President Jacob Zuma had not lifted a finger on acts or accusations of clear corruption in his administration. Cosatu cited several of these acts.

First, Co-operative Governance Minister Sicelo Shiceka allegedly used taxpayers" money to visit a girlfriend in jail in Switzerland. Months after the scandal, Zuma has done nothing.

Second, Northern Cape ANC chairman and finance MEC John Block is still in his office despite charges of corruption and fraud.

New allegations on the arms deal have come up. Zuma has not acted. Why not?

When a newspaper sent questions to Zuma"s spokesman, Zizi Kodwa, he sent an SMS saying: "No comment."

There are so many instances of cronyism, downright corruption and bribery, the whole thing has become farcical.

The ANC as a party is not much help. Its investment arm, Chancellor House, is an example of high-level looting of state resources.

There is no leadership on the issue. The Zuma family is so mired in controversy, the president cannot move.

South Africa has brilliant sunshine even in the middle of winter. Increasingly, though, it seems that"s all we"ve got. And that cannot build a country.


The Mexican-American Boom: Births Overtake Immigration

Here are some facts for the USA. Births have overtaken immigration numbers as the main driver of growth under the US Hispanic population. This means that there are more Hispanics being born than are immigrating to America, which means that by 2050 they will comprise 29% of the US population - or roughly one third. Just imagine America turning into a giant Mexico......and why not, seeing as Mexicans just love their country and can not wait to leave and infest other countries, dragging down the neighbourhood in the process. Apparently, the 'boom' in births is due to the illegal immigration wave and because they are more fertile. More fertile? What this translates into is that they are pumping out kids at a rate of knots, because they get supported by the US tax payers in the form of welfare payments, whilst the majority of White couples only have the number of kids which they can afford to raise themselves. That is what is wrecking our countries. Welfare is the bane of every Western civilisation, because nothing encourages  'refugees' or 'immigrants' as much as free money....for life. Our western countries will one day look back and see that 'democracy' was our undoing - especially America. America has long preached democracy to the rest of the world at its own peril. As a result, America has been forced to live what they have preached, which has allowed the liberals to use it to their own advantage, bringing in every PC law they could, so as to hamper the citizens and advantage the invaders. Oh well, it was good whilst it lasted.

Births have overtaken immigration as the main driver of the dynamic growth in the U.S. Hispanic population. This new trend is especially evident among the largest of all Hispanic groups -- Mexican-Americans, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center.

In the decade from 2000 to 2010, the Mexican-American population grew by 7.2 million as a result of births and 4.2 million as a result of new immigrant arrivals. This is a change from the previous two decades when the number of new immigrants either matched or exceeded the number of births.

The current surge in births among Mexican-Americans is largely attributable to the immigration wave that has brought more than 10 million immigrants to the United States from Mexico since 1970. Between 2006 and 2010 alone, more than half (53%) of all Mexican-American births were to Mexican immigrant parents. As a group, these immigrants are more likely than U.S.-born Americans to be in their prime child-bearing years. They also have much higher fertility.

At 31.8 million in 2010, Mexican-Americans comprise 63% of the U.S. Hispanic population and 10% of the total U.S. population. According to Pew Hispanic Center tabulations from the March 2010 U.S. Current Population Survey, 39% of Mexican-Americans-or 12.4 million-are immigrants. With the exception of Russia, no other country in the world has as many immigrants from all countries as the U.S. has from Mexico alone. Nor does any country in the world have as many citizens living abroad as does Mexico. According to the World Bank (2011), more than 10% of Mexico's native-born population lives elsewhere, with the vast majority (97%) of these expatriates living in the United States.

Overall, the Hispanic population of the United States grew from 35.3 million in 2000 to 50.5 million in 2010, accounting for more than half of the nation's overall population growth during that decade. Some 58% of this Hispanic population increase came from births rather than the arrival of new immigrants.

Hispanics now comprise 16.3% of the total U.S. population. This share is projected to rise to 29% by the middle of this century, with the bulk of the future increase driven by births, many the descendants of today's immigration wave, rather than the arrival of new immigrants.


Gay tolerance teaching mandatory in Toronto schools

Growing up in South Africa under Apartheid, the education system was based on Christian principles. However, our evil White-led Apartheid government - which the world believed to be super intolerant and racist - allowed for all religions to be taught in school. When it came to religious studies, Jewish children would leave to be instructed in their own religion. If a student didn't want to take part in the religious classes in High School, they were allowed to leave the class - as long as their parents were aware of the decision. Sex education was only taught in High School and only in our Biology classes, where the bare facts were given. Yet, today, governments are doing our children a huge diservice, bending over backward to appear tolerant of everyone and everything. Take for example schools in Toronto, Canada. Christian parents may not opt-out of the Toronto Public School Board's curriculum-wide inclusion of gay, lesbian, transgender and queer issues. Since when do schools get to decide what deviant sexual practises may be taught to our own children without us being able to decide that our kids don't need to learn about it?? And this filth is being taught from Kindergarten - around age 5! If this isn't sick and disgusting then I really don't know what is. Next they're going to start teaching how great Paedophilia is and that it should be embraced and tolerated. Just how freaking low can we go as a society?? Oh, and does this mean that the Muslim kids also don't get to opt-out?

Hat tip: Julian B


Christian parents wanting to opt-out of the Toronto Public School Board's curriculum-wide inclusion of gay, lesbian, transgender and queer issues are being told to like it or lump it.

“We cannot accommodate discrimination,” said Ken Jeffers, coordinator of gender-based violence prevention with the board. “If a parent says 'We don't like gays and lesbians and we don't want our child to learn anything about them,' that would be, under our policies, and under Ontario Human Rights legislation, discriminatory.”

The resource guide for teachers of students in kindergarten through grade 12, titled Challenging Homophobia & Heterosexism, is meant to help educators integrate teaching moments concerning GLTQ issues into everyday discussions in the classrooms.

“As a blunt example, if we had parents who were members of the Church of the Creator, which is a white supremacist church, wishing to be exempted from anti-racism education, we wouldn't allow that either,” Jeffers said.

For some parents, however, the programming goes beyond tolerance and anti-bullying and amounts to promotion and celebration.

“They are presenting an entire secular humanist world view that contradicts the teachings of many families,” said Phil Lees, leader of the Family Coalition Party, and a former public school teacher.
Lees says parents shouldn't have to leave the public school system if they want to keep these issues from being taught to their five-year-olds.

“Other cities have alternative classes within the public system that teach in specialized ways, they focus on Ukrainians, Germans, Muslims, Christians or traditional learners,” says Lees. “Why can't we have the same thing for Christian families within the Toronto public school system, just like the Afro-Centric school?”


School cheating scandal hits US

The US federal 'No Child Left Behind' law is a prime example of why a government shouldn't be sticking its nose in other people's business. Under the federal law, schools that perform poorly and fail to meet certain benchmarks may be forced to offer extra tutoring, allow parents to transfer children to better schools, or fire teachers and administrators who don't pass muster. As a result, schools have been cheating the system so they don't get penalised - contrary to what the law was supposed to achieve. A new report for the state of Georgia has uncovered the largest-ever cheating scandal, where half of Atlanta's schools have cheated by inflating students scores...for as long as a decade. As a result, some 11-year olds only read as well as six-year olds - and it only took the establishment a decade to notice that kids weren't particularly bright when they left school in Atlanta?? As I said, governments always think they have to micro-manage our lives and here is a prime example of why governments should rather stay the heck out of our lives.

Hat tip: Julian B

Progressive utopia

Atlanta - A new Georgia state report details the nation's largest-ever cheating scandal, concluding that half of Atlanta's schools allowed practices that inflated students' scores to go unchecked for as long as a decade.

The report reveals that schools turned a blind eye to - or even condoned - teachers who erased wrong answers on test sheets or encouraged students to copy off one another.

Administrators - pressured to maintain high scores under the federal No Child Left Behind law - punished or fired those who reported anything amiss and created a culture of "fear, intimidation and retaliation," according to the report released earlier this month, two years after officials noticed a suspicious spike in some scores.

The report names 178 teachers and principals, and 82 of those confessed. Tens of thousands of children at the 44 schools, most in the city's poorest neighbourhoods, were allowed to advance to higher grades, even though they didn't know basic concepts.

One teacher told investigators the district was "run like the mob".


"Everybody was in fear," another teacher said in the report. "It is not that the teachers are bad people and want to do it. It is that they are scared."

For teachers and their bosses, the stakes were high: Schools that perform poorly and fail to meet certain benchmarks under the federal law can face sharp sanctions. They may be forced to offer extra tutoring, allow parents to transfer children to better schools, or fire teachers and administrators who don't pass muster.

Experts say the cheating scandal - which involved more schools and teachers than any other in US history - has led to soul-searching among other urban districts facing cheating investigations and those that have seen a rapid rise in test scores.

In Georgia, teachers complained to investigators that some 11-year-olds could only read as well as 6-year-olds. But, they said, principals insisted those students had to pass their standardised tests. Teachers were either ordered to cheat or pressured by administrators until they felt they had no choice, authorities said.
One principal forced a teacher to crawl under a desk during a faculty meeting because her test scores were low. Another principal told teachers that "Walmart is hiring" and "the door swings both ways," the report said.

Another principal told a teacher on her first day that the school did whatever was necessary to meet testing benchmarks, even if that meant "breaking the rules."

Teachers from the investigation contacted by The Associated Press did not return calls or declined to comment.

Educators named in the investigation could face criminal charges ranging from tampering with state documents to lying to investigators. And many could lose their teaching licenses.