21 June 2011

Western Governments Are Blamed for Asia's Shortage of Women

According to every non-White person on this planet, Western countries are to blame for a lot of things. Racism, colonisation, suppression, war - you name it and it's blamed on White Western countries. Just overlook all the good we've done as that's not so important. The latest blame-game goes like this. Asian countries favor males over females so they tend to abort female foetuses. Some Science writer by the name of Mara Hvistendahl has thought long and hard on how to turn this cultural issue into a 'blame the West' angle and she's come up with the piss-poor slant that, were it not for the West and it's technology, then no female genocide would be happening in Asian countries today. Amniocentesis, ultra-sounds etc. are now considered evil technology by Ms Hvistendahl and are not to be exported to the rest of the world...Well, exactly! Let's just start blaming everything on the West. Were it not for nuclear technology, Japan wouldn't have a nuclear issue today - ergo, West's fault! Were it not for the wheel, then car accidents wouldn't be happening - ergo, West's fault! Were it not for the evil MacDonald's then there wouldn't be obesity in the world - ergo, West's fault. I can keep going but I think you get the point. Ms Hvistendahl - maybe you haven't heard of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in your 'scientific' world, but it goes something like this. You have the CHOICE to do something. If you feel you want to abort a baby then don't blame anyone else but yourself for that choice. If Asia wants to have 1.5 more males than females then they will sit with the problem one day of having no females to breed with! Stop making excuses for other people's decisions and stop blaming the West - which is of course hard to do when you're an apologist anti-West 'writer' like yourself. Hey, I have an idea! Why not stick to writing about scientific facts instead of trying to appear intellectual?? Bet you'll sell more 'books'.

In her new book "Unnatural Selection," Science writer Mara Hvistendahl examines how the trend toward choosing boys over girls through sex-selective abortions has spread through the developing world, particularly in Asia. Coining the term "Generation XY," Hvistendahl provides the grim results of sex selection: while the natural sex ratio at birth is 105 boys born for every 100 girls, in India the figure has risen to 112 boys and in China, 121. The Chinese city of Lianyungang actually recorded 163 boys per 100 girls in 2007.

The shortage of women is already giving rise to deep societal problems. New markets have been created for women in Asia, including wedding agencies that arrange marriages between South Korean men and women often from poorer nearby countries like Vietnam, that now account for 11% of all marriages in South Korea. There is also a growing practice of child marriage in China, where wealthier families buy young girls to secure wives for their sons early. And with so many surplus men (e.g., up to a fifth of men will be single in northwestern India by 2020), she suggests that the excess testosterone could lead to raised levels of crime and violence.

But what distinguishes Hvistendahl's book from other similar reports is that, as the Guardian notes in a profile today, she "lays the blame squarely on western governments and businesses that have exported technology and pro-abortion practices without considering the consequences," unlike other accounts, that solely basing sex selection on cultural practices.
Amniocentesis and ultrasound scans have had largely positive applications in the west, where they have been used to detect fetal abnormalities. But exported to Asia and eastern Europe they have been intricately linked to an explosion of sex selection and a mushrooming of female abortions.



  1. Anonymous22/6/11 07:38

    What is it about these apologists, that they all have the same insipid and pathetic look about them? It must be in the genes.

    See: http://www.marahvistendahl.com/

  2. Nothing wrong with the way she looks. But there are enough things of substance to attack.

    For instance: "Exported to Asia and eastern Europe [Amniocentesis and ultrasound scans] have been intricately linked to an explosion of sex selection and a mushrooming of female abortions."
    1. No-one forced the technology upon these regions; sovereign nations chose to adopt it.
    2. The uptake in female abortions is due to anti-female biases in those countries' cultures, is it not?

  3. Anonymous1/7/11 05:28

    This is acrap. These people drown newborn girls in milk in some parts of india. Even in chronically problematic africa, we dont see blacks aborting girls due to ultrasound. This is a sick asian culture that places boys above girls. One day the men will be screwing each other in the ass for this stupid culture. You cannot make this up.