17 June 2011

The Color of Crime: Chicago

Nothing shows the stats like a good old pie chart. Below is a breakdown of Chicago's racial make-up and the perpetrators of various crimes in the city. Have a good look. You'll notice that the 'red' slice overwhelms all the other colors on the wheel for various crimes and you'll never guess who is represented by the color red! Yes folks, when people say that Blacks are being unfairly labelled as criminals, don't believe it. As you can see below, there is no disputing who the problem is in communities. And before you wonder why, it's all down to their genetic make-up. They have lower IQ's, with impaired cognitive abilities - i.e. they don't have the ability to plan ahead or think of consequences to actions. These are the people who are out-breeding us, invading our countries and then voting for what's good for us! But, if you think Chicago is bad then please spare a thought for White South Africans. African-Americans have an IQ of 80, but Black sub-Saharan Africans have an IQ of 67 - which makes them officially morons. Wonder no more why sub-Saharan countries are dumps. When Blacks take over, regression occurs. You only have to think of Zimbabwe as an example - once a proud, food producing nation....now, a place where the Blacks scratch in the dirt for food....

Chicago Racial Breakdown

According to the 2010 Census, African-Americans and Hispanics are 61.3 percent of Chicago’s population. Whites and Asians are 38.4 percent.


96.8 percent of homicide in Chicago is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.



Of the 2,759 robberies committed in Chicago in 2009, 2,352 of those robberies were committed by African-Americans, which means that African-Americans are responsible for 85.2 percent of robbery in Chicago.

Aggravated Assault

It looks to me like 96.8 percent of homicide, 93.3 percent of rape, 96 percent of robbery, and 91.8 percent of aggravated assault94.5 percent of violent crime in Chicago - is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.

If African-Americans and Hispanics were removed from Chicago, 95 percent of violent crime in Chicago would disappear along with them.

How does race have nothing to do with crime? Why does the media pretend there isn’t a connection here?



  1. Anonymous18/6/11 01:27

    Look at it another way. If Africans and Hispanics were to suddenly disappear the Crime rate in Chicago would drop by a corresponding 95%.

    Liberalism is genetic communism.

  2. Anonymous18/6/11 01:49

    What is a biological race or subspecies and how is it determined?

    A biological race or subspecies of a species is a population that is distinguished from other biological races/subspecies of this species by the following criteria:

    Each race has developed in a unique geographic location. Uniqueness does not imply non-shared environmental variables with the geographic location of other races.

    Each race has a unique natural history.

    Members of a race share a set of phylogenetically concordant phenotypic characters. Phylogeny refers to evolutionary relationships; the more recent the last common ancestral population, the closer two populations are phylogenetically. The phenotype refers to physical appearance, behaviors and other manifestations of gene expression.

    There is recognizable phylogenetic partitioning between the races.

    Evidence for phylogenetic distinction must normally come from the concordant distributions of multiple, independent genetically-based traits.

    The above criteria are the standard phylogeographic criteria for race or subspecies assignment.1), 2) “Subspecies” implies a greater level of differentiation than “race,” but these words are often used interchangeably, which will be the case in this FAQ except as otherwise noted.

    Tang et al. (2005) assessed 326 microsatellite markers in 3,636 individuals from 15 different regions within the U.S. and Taiwan. Cluster analysis assigned all but 5 individuals to their self-identified ethnic group.17) We know that American Hispanics are usually mixes of some combination of Europeans, American Indians and black Africans, but still, dividing the data into 4 clusters produced a cluster, 99.8% of whose membership comprised of Hispanics.

  3. Anonymous18/6/11 02:11

    Argument > When one considers the apportionment of diversity, the proportion of human variation that lies between populations is too low to justify the division of humans into biological races

    This is a false notion. At about 15% of the overall genetic diversity in humans lying between populations, this value is more than sufficiently large for racial differentiation if the phylogeographic criteria are met. Indeed, numerous species said to comprise of subspecies or races/breeds have lower values of between-populations genetic diversity. Goodrum compiled the following examples of the proportion of genetic diversity in various species that is between populations (FST). In the table below, note that 0.168 is the same as 16.8%, 0.155 is the same as 15.5%, etc.
    Fst for various species.


    Grey wolves 0.168
    Pumans 0.167
    Humans 14 populations 0.155
    Asian dogs 11 breeds 0.154
    European wild cats 0.13
    Humans 44 populations 0.121
    Coyotes 0.107
    Wolverines 0.067
    Jaguars 0.065
    African Buffaloo 0.059
    Polar bears 0.014
    Humpack whales 0.026

    Source: http://wiki.majorityrights.com/race

  4. Not sure what you're saying, anon 02:11.

    In any event, I am not anti-Black (disclaimer, I have Black friends), but am totally against the swamping of the West by Blacks and Muslims, or other non-Caucasians. This is my issue.

    That the MSM falsify/spin/lie through their teeth is all too evident for those who bother to look at the details of news reports - and why we should take MSM "reporting" with a hefty dose of salt.

  5. Anonymous21/6/11 02:47

    Krokodil. What I am saying is that if we were dealing with any other species of animal other than Humans the taxonomic classification of sub-species would apply.

    A zoo would never put its polar bears in the same enclosure as it brown bears or its coyotes with its wolves because they would just end up with hybirds.

    This is exacty what is happening in white countries, Negroid and Mongoloids are being placed in the same territory as European Caucasians. Diversity is being used to destroy the white race at the genetic level.

    Those black friends of yours will over time eradicate the white race.

  6. Thanks for the clarification, anon 2:47, but I don't accept your last sentence.

    Of course I can have Black friends and be against multiculturalism at the same time.

    Do I want to see Blacks, Chinese, Indians and, indeed, all the peoples of the Earth improve and prosper? Yes, unquestionably.

    Do I think this is most desirably attained by other races, cultures etc. swamping the West? Utterly not!

    Being friends with other races/cultures is not at all incompatible with loving your own.

    We are tribal people, as you correctly point out, but I have no hatred for other races/cultures in their own place and space.

    Of course, the modern world is not always so ideal a place.

    However, it is mass immigration that is ballsing-up the West - not merely a few "darkies" here and there (Britain had an Indian minority as far back as the 19th century, for example, but it was kept very strictly as a minority).

    The primary villains here are the flabby politicians and greedy super-capitalists. That is, unfortunately, primarily our OWN people.