25 May 2011

Finland: Soini to reprimand MP Hakkarainen again for racially insensitive remarks

There's a MP in Finland and he doesn't like lazy African refugees and their coarse customs. As is to be expected, the party chairman rushed to condemn his comments. The unapologetic MP, Teuvo Hakkarainen will most likely be rapped over the knuckles for his racially 'insenstive' remarks - indeed, his party are considering which measures to take against him. The True Finns got into power BECAUSE of their anti-immigration stance so I guess that many Finns will be agreeing with the comments. The first vicim of political correctness is the truth and Mr Hakkarainen should never have to apologise for that.

Timo Soini to reprimand MP Hakkarainen again for racially insensitive remarks
Teuvo Hakkarainen

True Finns party chairman Timo Soini is taking issue again with remarks made by the party’s new MP Teuvo Hakkarainen on immigration issues.

Soini was angered by an interview that Hakkarainen gave to Jämsän Seutu, a local newspaper from the Central Finnish community of Jämsä.

In the interview, which was published on Monday, Hakkarainen complained that Helsinki’s squares are full of idle “negro geezers” and that he feels that refugees should be sent to do forest work.

Hakkarainen also said that refugees who “shirk work” bring other problems to Finland.

“Before long the regular population of Finland will have to run away from here when they bring their own Islamic laws here. They come from the Horn of Africa and bring their coarse customs here.”

Soini said that the leadership of the True Finns Parliamentary group will have to consider measures to take against Hakkarainen.

“I do not approve of this kind of speech. That is quite clear”, Soini said.

Hakkarainen’s off-the-cuff remarks about immigration raised controversy already in April after a video interview in which he spoke about “negro geezers” seeking asylum in Finland, and in which he made a mocking imitation of a Muslim call to prayer.

That interview brought him his first reprimand from Timo Soini. Hakkarainen attributed his colourful language to his rural background.



  1. Anonymous26/5/11 03:29

    PC relies on people conforming with its speech and thought restrictions, if he doesn't apoligize and gets away with it. It will be a nail in the coffin of political correctness.

    This fellow should be leading his party.

  2. Yes ... but, unfortunately, he won't.

    And, even if he did, would he maintain the same stance as before? Hmmm ...