30 October 2010

Whites Blamed for 85% Nonwhite Juvenile Incarceration Rate in NY

Ho hum - another anti-white tirade about the treatment of blacks. When is someone going to stand up and call these people out? Some tax-payer funded "nonprofit" association blames whites for the fact that 66% of all incarcerated youth nationally are nonwhite. How about these nonwhites stand up and take responsibility for their own youth and sort it out instead of continuously blaming someone else? In any case, they can deny the obvious - that blacks are prone to violence because they can't control themselves (have you seen some "African American women fighting lately??)? If people would just start admitting the obvious then maybe some solutions can be found!


A U.S. States Governor-appointed advisory group on juvenile justice has blamed whites for the fact that 66 percent of all incarcerated juveniles nationally are nonwhite, a figure which rises to 85 percent in the state of New York.

The Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ), which claims it is a national nonprofit association, but which has nice offices and a large staff, says in a policy position paper on its website entitled “Unequal Treatment of Minority Youth in the Juvenile Justice System” that “youth of color receive harsher sanctions than their white counterparts at every stage of the juvenile court system, from the point of surveillance (including racial profiling) to disposition/trial, sentencing, and incarceration.”

In other words, according to this taxpayer-funded organization, the only reason why there are more nonwhite than white juveniles in prison is because of “white racism.”

This is, of course, pure nonsense but is typical of the anti-white bile and hatred which pervades the establishment, and holds that white people are to blame for all ills which affect any nonwhite community.

The CJJ paper goes on to inform its readers that “youth of color comprise more than two-thirds of the juveniles held in confinement, but less than one-third of the U.S. youth population.”

Despite this statistic probably being inaccurate (primarily because the U.S. Census counts all people from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East as white) the CJJ adds that “Latino youth represent approximately 12 percent of the U.S. population, yet 15 percent of the youth population sentenced to adult prisons.”

The CJJ demands that police, officers of the court, and correctional providers “ensure unbiased and rehabilitative treatment of all youth who come into contact with the justice system,” plainly implying that this is not currently the case, obviously due to the evil white racists who seem to lurk everywhere, putting nonwhite people down all the time.

At a recent conference organized by the CJJ, with the grand title “Fundamental Fairness: Working to Eliminate Racial Disparities in Juvenile Justice,” guest speaker Gladys Carrion, New York commissioner of children and family services, announced that her state’s juvenile detention system, “where 85 percent of those incarcerated are minorities, is working to reduce racial disparity.”

Ms. Carrion cited several reforms her administration has pursued, including eliminating status offenders in the system, investing in alternatives to detention, working with counties to develop risk assessment instruments, supporting home-based interventions, and introducing legislation to limit youth placement in state facilities to those who commit serious, dangerous felonies.

In other words, the way New York has addressed the embarrassing statistic which shows the amount of crime nonwhite youth commit, is to simply rearrange detention systems so that the figures are disguised.

The American Third Positions rejects the notion that white people are always to blame and demands that nonwhite communities stand up and take responsibility for their own problems instead of continuously scapegoating white Americans.


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29 October 2010

Gore leaves car idling for one hour

Al Gore - Al Capone - take your pic cause there ain't no difference. The hypocrisy and audacity of these  "environmentalists" is just stunning, beyond any imagination. This guy has gotten super rich off the climate lie - it's like a grand ponzi scheme. If this guy were serious about the poor environment we'd see him with his sleeves rolled up, planting trees or cleaning some rivers. But no, the way he tackles "global climate disruption" is to fly all over the world on your dime to deliver some not-true speeches to a bunch of brain-dead idiots. Does anyone still listen to this guy? Seriously! Another famous warmist con man is the director James Cameron, who's movie Avatar, I find out afterwards, was supposed to show how the evil capitalist white man invades and destroys a third world - if it was meant to be a propaganda movie then he completely missed his mark as all my 14 year-old son could talk about where the cool graphics - I fell asleep. In any case, James has also climbed on the dud climate band wagon. Cameron apparently assumes that people won't be able to notice that he is using a 100-acre ranch in Santa Barbara, a JetRanger helicopter, three Harleys, a Corvette, a Ducati, a Ford GT, a collection of dirt bikes, a yacht, a Humvee firetruck, a fleet of submarines. Nevertheless, Cameron demands that people live with less - the same people who made him rich by watching his movies. Talk about cutting your nose to spite your face. Go figure.

From Climate Depot

Gore leaves car idling for one hour during speech; Opts for Swedish government jet over public transportation

Recently, Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore toured again. Or maybe he does that all the time. This time, he turned up in Gothenburg (Sweden) for the usual alarmist talk. In advance, all distinguished guests were politely advised to – if possible – use any form of public transportation to go to the event, in order to minimize CO2 emissions.

Intriguingly, the Master of World Climate himself arrived in a rental car (with or without driver is unclear), from the airport, and subsequently left the engine running for the entire lecture. That is to say, about one hour. Incidentally, local legislation prohibits – for very good environmental reasons, i e pollution – any car engine running on empty for more than 60 seconds. Fines are severe. As far as I know, he was not fined.

It starts to form a pattern.

After the ceremony in the Norwegian capital Oslo, it is customary that the laureate is invited to the Swedish capital Stockholm, for a cordial visit. The train ride, supposedly the environmental choice according to Mr. Gore, is approximately four hours. However, he opted for the cosier ride with one of the Swedish government aircrafts. As these can, according to the rules, only be used when a cabinet member is on board – and as the Swedish government after a short ceremonial visit – offered to fly him to Frankfurt (Germany) for his flight to the US, you can calculate both the manpower and the fuel used for this grand tour against man's destruction of the planet.

Stupidity and hypocracy – as well as vanity – are, like it or not common human traits. I admit to some of them occasionally, but I don't demand taxpayers to finance my stupid talks at dinner (yes, I love doing that). Here's the deal Mr Gore: get out of my way, and I will keep out of yours.

28 October 2010

USA: Politics in black and white

A well written "in a nut shell" article about the rise and hopefully, the ultimate fall of Obama in
814 Days, 15 Hours, 06 Minutes, 25 Seconds (as of the time I post this article). Have a read...and see the man behind the slick teleprompter speeches and just what he has managed not to achieve. Blacks just aren't built for any position of power. They are weak and easily led astray. I really struggle to find a successful black person who got to a position of power (without playing the race card) and actually amounted to something. In 2007, the American people decided to take a black man at his word - a black man who was going to get the country back on track with hope 'n fundamental change. Little did the American people know just what that change meant. They decided to ignore his very radical socialist upbringing and background. They decided that a black man deserved a chance and with their guilty hearts they voted for this man. It hasn't quite worked out the way everyone expected it would. On 2 November, the American people will hopefully vote against Obama's radical policies. Maybe America needed an Obama to find its soul again.

In 2008, Barack Obama would not have been elected to the presidency if white voters had not reached a point since the days of the 1960s Civil Rights movement to think a black man could and should have a shot at the job.

If race played a role in the election, it was usually Obama that made reference to it, lightly touching on the subject to acknowledge and diminish it.

The only Americans permitted to discuss black/white relations these days are its media-designated spokespersons like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. When the NAACP spoke up recently, it was to condemn Tea Party members as racists.

Rather than advance the condition of blacks in America, Obama has done almost nothing. Indeed, one of his administration’s first acts was to defund charter schools in Washington, D.C. where, like most major urban centers, the schools that young blacks attend are universally dismal.

It is, of course, impossible to look at the handsome, young black President without seeing a handsome, young black President. Understandably, he has the support of the vast majority of America’s black population; approximately 9.9 million according to the last census. They are a minority among minorities. There are now more Hispanics than blacks.

It is, however, Obama’s policies, not his skin color, that have created resistance. In a recent statement, Earl G. Graves Sr., chairman and publisher of Black Enterprise, said, “The distress is real and legitimate. First, people of all races and economic backgrounds are continuing to suffer as the result of an economy that continues to struggle.”

Graves, however, gave Obama a pass with the now familiar assertion that Obama “inherited this mess”, but the fact is that Obama sought the presidency and all presidents inherit whatever issues preceded their term in office or occur on their watch. It is the manner in which they address those issues by which we judge their competency.

Graves lamented that, despite Obama’s election as the nation’s first black president, “there are still people who just cannot get past the issue of race. They still can’t bring themselves to respect a black man, even if he is the President of the United States, regardless of his policies and actions.”

To which I say “hogwash.”

The forthcoming midterm elections are all about the Obama administration policies; the profligate borrowing and spending, the bailouts, the takeover of the nation’s healthcare sector, the shutdown of offshore oil drilling, the insults to foreign allies, and the timidity toward foreign enemies.

Having lived in the south at a time when segregation was the norm, I can attest to how far white America has come in rejecting those restrictions, but I would argue that their hopes for America’s black community have fallen well short of expectations.

White Americans are hugely disappointed. Much had to be ignored when some of them voted for Obama. At one point in the campaign he had to disavow Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the twenty years he attended a church devoted to black liberation theology; a church where Rev. Wright could stand in the pulpit and say, “God damn America.”

Much within America’s black community remains dysfunctional. A recent Wall Street Journal commentary about the NAACP, noted that “Blacks are 13% of the population but comprise 38% of prison or jail inmates in the U.S., and black-on-black violent crime is the norm. Blacks commit 52% of all murders and make up 49% of all murder victims—90% of them are killed by other blacks.”

In cities, many of which that have had black mayors, the schools are among the worst. More than 70% of black children are born to single women and, as The Wall Street Journal commentary noted “are more likely to live in poverty, perform poorly in school, to commit crimes and abuse drugs.” This is a failure of the progress many white Americans had wished for.

Obama is no flag-waving black American. He has noticeably been unwilling to salute during the playing of the national anthem. He is demonstrably a socialist in a capitalist nation.

When he selected Van Jones, a black member of the Communist Party, to be his “green jobs czar”, Jones resigned when his communist affiliation was revealed. When Obama lived with his grandparents in Hawaii, a teenage mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a black newspaper journalist and poet who was widely known in the 1950s to be a communist. His memoirs speak of his affinity with Marxist students and faculty members.

He was elected despite this. It has taken less than two years in office for the backlash to occur.

It may be unfair, but whites hold black politicians to a higher standard of behavior simply because they have risen to positions of power, often as the result of heavily black constituencies.

Charles Rangel (D-NY) is facing ethics charges along with Maxine Waters (D-CA). It was revealed that Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) steered college scholarships to members of her own family. In 2006 Rep. William Jefferson was found to have $90,000 in bribe money in his home freezer and subsequently went to jail. In 1994, Rep. Mel Reynolds was found guilty of having had sex with an underage 16-year-old campaign worker.

When it comes to the Department of Justice, issues of voting rights are front and center. The double standards of DOJ under the leadership of a black Attorney General, Eric Holder, are a cause for concern in the white community.

While on a recent campaign stop in Rhode Island Obama repeated his mantra that the nation’s economic problems are all due to Republicans despite the obvious fact that Democrats have been in control of Congress since 2006. Prior to the 1994 midterm elections, Democrats had controlled Congress for forty years.

At one point Obama said, “We can’t have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

The ill-conceived and unfortunate back-of-the-bus remark comes from the early days of the Civil Rights struggle for equality when, throughout the South, blacks were required to sit in the back of the bus. Applying it to Republicans was especially offensive. In a recent radio interview he told Hispanic listeners that they must “punish our enemies.”

Like an old time Southern Democrat politician Obama has played the race and ethnicity card reflecting his party’s dependency, not just on blacks, but a hoped-for Hispanic support as well. The rest of his base has shrunk to unions and the nation’s youth.

The midterm elections are expected to make a dramatic change in Congress and, when the dust settles, it will not be because America is led by a black president, but because America is led by an incompetent president, a socialist whose policies will have been soundly rejected.


See where Obama's wrath is headed after midterms

Seems like Mr Teleprompter Obama is waiting for the midterm elections to pass before stabing Israel in the back. I tend to believe this article - seeing as Obama et al have never been a fan of Israel. Time will tell what his true agenda is and what he's going to ram through by executive order.

White House officials told the Palestinians that President Obama is waiting until after the Nov. 2 midterm elections to press Israel harder for a deal to create a Palestinian state, a senior Palestinian Authority


The PA official said Obama believes pressure against Israel now could have a negative impact for Democrats in local elections, including in many districts where support for Israel has become a campaign issue.

After the midterms, the U.S. will continue to press Israel to agree to a complete halt to Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank, the senior PA official said.

Also, the White House is considering backing a United Nations declaration to create a unilateral Palestinian state if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not agree to demands in peace talks, said the official.

The official said there is a growing sense that Obama has adopted many of the positions of the PA, including on starting talks at the point of the final borders for a Palestinian state, as the PA had wanted. Netanyahu wants to focus talks on security issues before addressing final border status.

An extensive poll released earlier this month showed a growing number of Americans support Israel over the Palestinians and will vote for political candidates based on their stance regarding the Jewish state.

Read more here

Swedish far right not welcome at Nobel dinner

So who's been a naughty boy then? "Far-right" Sweden Democrat leader, Jimmie Åkesson (far-right because his party is nationalist, conservative and againt third-world immigration without integration), is the only Swedish parliamentary party leader not invited to the Nobel banquet in Stockholm in December. Apparently, his party's values aren't compatible with those expressed by Alfred Nobel. "Democracy" appears to only mean something when the honchos in the political aristocracy, with their self-aggrandised intellectual and moral superiority, approve. Never mind that 6% of the Swedish voters supported SD last September. Censorship over dialogue... no surprise coming from the Left. And let us not forget that Yassir Arafat, with blood on his hands (and young boys in his lair) received the Peace Prize; not to mention Obama (for stopping which war again?) and terrorist Mandela. The whole process is a joke.

Sweden Democrats' (SD) leader Jimmie Åkesson is the only parliamentary party leader not invited to the Nobel banquet in Stockholm City Hall in December, with the Nobel Foundation citing the values expressed in Alfred Nobel's will.

"It comes across very clearly that no consideration should be made to nationality affiliation. SD's values stand in direct contravention of this," said Michael Sohlman, Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation, to the Aftonbladet daily.
The decision to exclude Åkesson from the guest list for the Nobel Banquet on December 10th was taken by a united Nobel Foundation board.
"We are a private foundation and decide ourselves who we want to come to the banquet," Sohlman said, explaining that the Sweden Democrats' policy programme indicates a view of humanity not compatible with that expressed by Alfred Nobel.
Jimmie Åkesson expressed surprise and disappointment at missing out on the festivities.
"It is regrettable, in recent years all the party leaders have been invited," he told the newspaper.
Åkesson described the decision as "controversial" and considered it strange for the committee to cite Alfred Nobel's last will and testament.
"I am surprised that they choose to take this stand and take this decision to single me out and not take a general position that they don't invite the party leaders," Åkesson told Sveriges Radio's P4 news programme on Wednesday.
"This seems to be a political decision. Michael Sohlman is after all a Social Democrat politician," he said.
The Nobel banquet is traditionally attended by the Swedish royal family, political leaders, Nobel prize winners and a host of other dignitaries. Further politicians on the list for this year's festivities include the foreign minister, finance minister, education minister and culture minister.

27 October 2010

My Tribute to Halloween

It takes several months to grow the fruit but amazingly just two hours for artist Ray Villafane to sculpt these petrifyingly detailed portraits out of pumpkin.

The American model designer and former art teacher uses spoons and a scalpel to carve the innocent orange gourds into Halloween horrors in double quick time.

Villafane, 41, has become a minor celebrity in the States and his weird and wonderful work has featured on a range of TV programmes.

Horrifyingly good: Ray Villafane takes, on average, just two hours to carve one of his pumpkin sculptures, like this one entitled Shattered

Range: Villafane's sculpture Medusa shows where some of his inspiration comes from, but he has previously sculpted Star Wars characters and even Barrack Obama into pumpkins

Increasingly intricate: This work, Zipperhead, is the most complicated design so far and took Villafane a day to complete while

Increasingly intricate: This work, Zipperhead, is the most complicated design so far and took Villafane a day to complete while Nailbiter, right, shows his love for oddly shaped pumpkin to lend character to his designs

Professor pumpkin: Villafane used to be an art teacher and pupils loved his designs such as Jackhyde, left and

Professor pumpkin: Villafane used to be an art teacher and pupils loved his designs such as Jackhyde, left and Tongue Twisting, right

Native American: This less spooky sculpture is called Gourdonomo

Give the man a hand: Villafane gets a cameo in this photo of his piece A Handful of Evil


These EU guys are on a good wicket. They live like kings whilst Rome burns. They now want to increase their already bloated budget to £114billion next year - funded by YOU the EU tax payer! Read the article below to see the absolute gigantic waste the EU has become. Is this really what the EU started out as? As far as I remember, it was all about bringing strong EU countries together economically, so that they had one currency and allowing their citizens easier border access, making them stronger as a united front. It has since blown out to a huge monster that has it's tentacles in every pie. They can now tell countries how many immigrants they should take in; interfere with laws; demand welfare payments for all; pillage from countries; decide which products may be sold...and the list goes on and on and on... Wow, Stalin would be proud! Hehad to murder millions of people to achieve what the EU has managed with their stealth tactics. The UK is getting a bit nervous - their EU contribution is already the astronomical amount of £48million a day and now they want even more from a country that is only now turning the financial corner. £48million a day - think about that for a moment...Hmmmm - me no like and I don't even live there! EU; UN; IMF; Unions....pure poison. Feel free to add to the list.

BARKING Brussels politicians have proved they live on another planet by pouring millions of pounds into the pointless European space programme.

As millions of Britons faced swingeing cuts, the draft EU budget reveals an extra £23million will be spent on space research next year, taking the annual total to £204million.

Taxpayers’ cash is also being funnelled into a £670million subsidy of pro-European documentaries and art-house films revelling in scenes of sex and violence.

Nigel Farage, frontrunner to lead the UK Independence Party, last night described the draft budget as proof that Brussels had lost touch with reality. He said: “The idea of sending eurocrats into orbit has its charms but £23million extra for space research is bizarre.

Will the first EU space rocket have gold-plated taps and marble flooring? It seems our eurocrats have finally got off the Brussels gravy train and boarded Starship Excess.”

The 500-page draft was rubber-stamped by MEPs on the same day that Chancellor George Osborne was pulling Britain back from the brink of financial ruin with an £81billion cut in state spending.

The EU document is unapologetic about the 13 per cent increase in next year’s European space programme from £181million to £204million.

It states: “Decreasing financial support for policies like research and innovation, which are core priorities of the European Union cannot be accepted by the European Parliament, because they can be harmful for the functioning of the programmes. Therefore, increasing appropriations… is fully justified.

"The document also lavishes taxpayers’ cash on a six-year media programme to bankroll films promoting Europe’s “identity and heritage”.

There is an 85 per cent increase in the entertainment budget and a £551,000 rise in funding for the private company that arranges MEPs’ travel.

Although it is a private company, the EU travel agency will next year enjoy a public subsidy topping £1.7million to make sure its politicians and their families fully enjoy their holidays.

Some £26.4million has been pledged for the Euroscola programme, which allows MEPs to pay people to visit them in Brussels on fact-finding trips. Web TV, the European parliamentary channel watched almost exclusively by eurocrats and MEPs, will enjoy an £8million grant next year.

A further £850,000 has been set aside to promote cross-border tourism.

Mr Farage said: “The profligacy of the European elite and their projects is astonishing. Cars, trips, wine, social clubs, all paid for out of our taxes and of virtually no benefit to anyone bar themselves.”

The revelations came as the Open Europe think tank published research showing that while 192 quangos in Britain face the axe, quango-land in Brussels is thriving.

The cost of EU quangos has tripled over the past five years and will top £2.1billion in 2011, of which £300million is funded by Britain’s hard pressed taxpayers.

The draft budget outlines an eight per cent increase in quango costs, including the creation of five new agencies and support for the existing 47 quangos.

They include the European Institute for Gender Equality, which will receive £46million next year.

Emma Boon, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Taxpayers hand billions to the unaccountable, meddling EU every year and, despite cutting spending here, the EU is continuing to burn through our money at an even faster rate.

“While we are abolishing dozens of wasteful quangos, our savings are being undone as Brussels creates new ones. Meanwhile, Brussels is busy slowing down Britain too, with EU red tape costing British business and organisations billions every year.”

The MEPs have backed European Commission plans for a 5.9 per cent increase in the EU budget for 2011.

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday branded the inflation-busting demand “outrageous” and vowed to use this week’s Council of Ministers meeting to form an alliance aimed at forcing a cash freeze on the EU budget. If he fails, Britain will see its contribution rise by £840million next year, pushing Brussels’s bloated budget up by almost £7billion to £114billion next year.

With Britain now pouring £48million a day into the EU, demands are growing for a referendum on whether we should be in or out.

Jon Gaunt, radio presenter and spokesman for the EU Referendum Campaign, said: “There is a massive disconnect between the political class and ordinary people and this is an issue where people can rally behind the flag and say it’s not right. The EU Referendum Campaign is not saying let’s get out of Europe. We are just saying let’s have a debate about this and let’s have a vote.”

The campaign has a petition on the internet which it hopes will attract the signatures of hundreds of thousands of voters.

In the run-up to the election, David Cameron outlined plans to trigger legislation in Parliament for any petition backed by one million or more citizens.

While that democracy pledge did not survive the coalition agreement, one million signatures calling for an EU referendum would be impossible for politicians to ignore.



I agree 100% with this. Notice how anyone who is a nationalist and conservative is immediately branded far-right. In any case, why should Christians compromise on their traditional holidays? Do we expect, for example, the Muslims or Jews to do the same? No. Australia is also starting this nonsense of not allowing Christmas Carrols and anything Christmas into schools in case we offend the 1% Muslim population. SOMEONE has to stand up for us, the people. Good luck EDL. Notice also that 98% of Daily Star readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state. When are our governments going to start listening and worrying like we do?

A FAR-RIGHT group has vowed to “close down” any town that ditches British traditions and shows favouritism to Muslims.

The English Defence League said it has written to every council in the country threatening a mass invasion if they ban the word “Christmas”.

It includes using the term “winter festival” in case Christmas upsets Muslims.

EDL leader Stephen Lennon said “working class people” in the UK were “at boiling point” over what he says is the “Islamisation of Britain.”

His declaration comes after yesterday’s Daily Star poll found 98% of readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state.

He said: “If the politicians aren’t going to stick up for us, we will make them, because we will cause so much fuss and so much noise they are going to have to listen.

“We will not back down or be beaten into submission. We don’t care if you call us racists. We are coming anyway. We are going to continue doing it until someone listens.”

The EDL was set up last year after Islamic extremists hijacked a homecoming parade for British troops in Luton, Beds.

On Sunday more than 250 EDL members joined US activist Rabbi Nachum Shifren at an anti-Palestine demo outside the Israeli Embassy in London.

John Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham and Rainham, said: “All parties must search for a definition of modern England to choke off what the EDL taps into.”


Exodus of thousands of South African white farmers

An interesting story from Council of Conservative Citizens. It seems as if the Georgian Government is very willing to support South African white farmers who want to leave the country. All I can say is good luck to them. If this venture is successful, we will see Georgia becoming an agricultural leader in the next 10-20 years. The stupid South African government doesn't realise the gold these farmers are worth - but when their people are starving and scratching in the soil for food - ala Zimbabwe - then maybe they'll catch a wake up - or again, maybe not.

I've posted the story as is from the CoCC website. The first video is in Russian with the English written translation below it (it'll make more sense to first read the translation  under the video and then watch it). The second video clip is a follow-up to this story in English.

White farmers in South Africa are the most target populations for racially motivated violence in the world. 3,000 (actually nearly 3800 - LL) farmers and their family members have been murdered by blacks.

The ANC has been seizing their land to give away to it’s black supporters. Farmland already confiscated now lies in ruins. New black farmers produce little, if anything, of the confiscated lands. Now the ANC is working on plans to seize another 30% of white owned farmland.

Facing violent genocide, and state sponsored persecution, plans for a mass exodus to the Republic of Georgia are in the works.

White farmers were driven out of several other African nations, which confiscated their lands. Each time, economic collapse and starvation followed. In Zimbabwe, a few thousand white farmers fed the entire nation with enough left over for exporting. The were forcibly expelled. Today the farms lie in ruins, with all of the modern machinery rusting away. Zimbabwe is in a perpetual state of mass starvation and relies on foreign aid and charity from white nations to survive.


On October 9, 2010 Georgian TV news program aired a detailed report about plans for the resettlement of white farmers of South Africa to Georgia. This program has become in fact an official announcement about the project.

In addition to interviews with the Boers and reportage from South Africa, the program shows Boers visiting Georgia and the signing in late August 2010 of a memorandum of cooperation between the Georgian government and the Organization of the farmers of South Africa, uniting 41,000 Afrikaner families, approx. 150 thousand people.

Plans are not only real but are already under implementation.

Speaking on Georgian TV, the representative of white farmers said that the South African government is forcing white farmers give away 30% of their land to the blacks. But black farmers do not produce anything and do not want to produce.

And so, Georgia made an offer to the white farmers. Minister of Diaspora Affairs of Georgia and the South African farmers’ organization have signed a memorandum at the end of August 2010. It’s main point is to offer Transvaal farmers to move and transfer their agricultural businesses to Georgia.

Minister for Diaspora Affairs says that Georgia is ready to receive all the white farmers of South Africa – 41,000 families (about 150 thousand people), give them land for free and simplify obtaining all the necessary documents.

It is assumed that, like at home, the Boers in Georgia will be engaged in wine production and animal husbandry. The first farmer from South Africa, William De Klerk had already received Georgian citizenship.

“The idea of the Georgian government to bring the farmers here is very good. They can contribute a lot to Georgia. The situation in South Africa is getting worse every day. If Georgia will guarantee the personal safety of Boer farmers and their property, then this initiative will have great success “- says De Klerk.

The head of the organization of Transvaal farmers: “Every farmer must decide whether or not he will go to Georgia. Here (in South Africa) our main problem is the security. Since the black majority came to the government, more than 3000 farmers have been murdered. Often even the police takes part in the attacks. We do not know if we will have any land left. We have great experience and we are well known on the international market. ”

Just six weeks after the signing of the memorandum, in early October, the delegation of Transvaal farmers arrived in Georgia. The delegation inspected in detail the proposed land and met with officials, acquainted with the general situation in Georgia. The Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili personally told them about the situation in the country and demonstrated the effectiveness of the Georgian police. Farmers received personal number plates as a gift from the minister and got issued Georgian international driving licenses in 10 minutes. In South Africa, this process takes 3 months. The Boers also had a rugby match with a team of Georgian officials, but special attention was paid to the viticulture – in fact the main occupation of the farmers, along with livestock, is wine making, they produce the world famous South African wines. The Boers took part in rtveli (traditional grape harvest) in Kakheti and learned about Saperavi – a unique Georgian red wine grape of late maturing, from which famous wine of the same name is made. The delegation recorded in detail the entire trip, video footage will be shown to all members of farmers’ associations (41 thousand families) in South Africa, who will see and hear what their representatives saw Georgia.

South Africa: R34m farming materials go to waste

Ahhh - the  type of article we have come to expect from South Africa these days. Here we have R34 million worth of farming tractors going to waste and being stripped by the local peoples...you can decide who they are. Each tractor, worth R500 000, are going rusty because the province's agriculture department has failed to register them with the traffic department. Well, if it were my free R500 000 tractor I'd find the money to register it myself - why wait to get everything for free from government?? Oh, stupid me - these tractors are not meant for white farmers, they're meant for the new emerging black farmers - who can't even pay to register a tractor let alone run a successful farm (because if they were successful, they'd have the money to register tractor!). If they're going to wait for the useless South African government to do the registering, then they'll have to wait until Jesus comes (as our esteemed President, Lots-of-Children Zuma says about the chances of whites running South Africa again). In the meantime, the head of the province's agriculture department, Nelisiwe Sithole (no, not Shithole), says she's aware of the missing parts and has promised to take action (wow, she actually sounds like she means it - but we know better). Well, you have more chance of seeing Jesus again....you get the picture.

The Mpumalanga department of agriculture's failure to distribute 85 tractors worth an estimated R34 million has resulted in most of them being stripped by thieves.

What a flop! The Mpumalanga department of agriculture's failure to distribute 85 tractors worth an estimated R34 million has resulted in most of them being stripped by thieves.

The tractors were donated by President Jacob Zuma to boost needy farmers in Mpumalanga.

They have been gathering dust at the Matshiding playground near Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga since they were donated in June.

Sowetan reported last week that farmers were angry that five months after the donation they had yet to benefit from the equipment and plough the land.

Each tractor is worth just under R500 000, but they are getting rusty because the province's agriculture department has failed to register them with the traffic department.

"We are really disappointed that our dreams as emerging farmers have been let down again," said Mashike Mmekwa, a farmer from Lefiso village.

The tractors were part of a R500million government Masibuyele eMasimini programme which seeks to provide black farmers with hi-tech farming equipment.

In Mpumalanga, the project is managed by Ben Sibanyoni.

Nelisiwe Sithole, head of the province's agriculture department, said she was aware of the missing parts and promised to take action.

The provincial agriculture department is not new to controversy involving the wasting of money.

Earlier this year Sowetan reported how officials in the department had squandered more than R100 million earmarked to help emerging farmers.


26 October 2010

UK: The capture of Tower Hamlets

Yes, yes, I know it's very boring to continually read about the Islamisation of Europe and Britain, but this post from Melanie Phillips is really worth reading to understand how Muslim supremacist bodies such as the Islamic Forum of Europe, are infiltrating local governments and backing Muslim candidates to win local elections. Tower Hamlets is now a proud owner of a Muslim mayor, who has dodgy connections to radical Muslim extremists and will now start to implement the Islamic way of life on the community - not to mention fiddle with the billion-pound budget. It would take an event like Rahman being caught siphoning public money to Hamas for the UK government to wake up (or maybe not). And, as mayor, he cannot be removed for the next 4 years until the people vote him out.

People like myself who have warned for some years now about the steady Islamisation of Britain receive a torrent of scorn and abuse from the so-called custodians of our culture. Terms such as ‘scare-mongering’, exaggeration’ or ‘alarmism’ tumble out alongside the inevitable ‘Islamophobia’.

Now we can see what these cultural kamikazes are helping bring about. In the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, a man with reported links to radical Islamism, Lutfur Rahman, has been elected Mayor of the borough, giving him control of a billion-pound budget and thus the apparent installation of a platform for the progressive intimidation and silencing of British Muslims who do not want to live under sharia law, let alone the non-Muslim majority in the area.

In order to know anything about this crucial development, you have to read the Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan who has been closely following what’s been going on in Tower Hamlets during the past year. He writes on his blog:
For the last eight months – without complaint or challenge from Mr Rahman – this blog and newspaper have laid out his close links with a group of powerful local businessmen and with a Muslim supremacist body, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) - which believes, in its own words, in transforming the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed… from ignorance to Islam.” Mr Rahman has refused to deny these claims.
We have told how the borough’s change from a conventional council leader to a mayoral system came about as a result of a campaign led and financed by these two groups – and how the IFE, in its words, wanted to “get one of our brothers” into the position.
We have described in detail, again without complaint or challenge by Mr Rahman, his deeply problematic two years as council leader until he was removed from that post six months ago, partly as a result of our investigations. After he secured the leadership with the help of the IFE, millions of pounds were channelled to front organisations of the IFE, a man with close links to the IFE was appointed as assistant chief executive of the council despite being unqualified for the position and the secular, white chief executive was forced out. Various efforts were made to “Islamicise” the borough. Extremist literature was stocked in Tower Hamlets’ public libraries.
We have described, once more without complaint or challenge from Mr Rahman, how he signed up entire families of sham “paper” Labour members to win the party’s mayoral nomination – acts which caused him to be sacked as the Labour candidate by the party’s National Executive Committee.
Now, however, Mr Rahman has won as an independent – getting more than double the number of votes of the Labour candidate imposed in his place, Helal Abbas. As mayor, he will have far more power than he had as a council leader. And unlike a council leader, no-one can sack him, except the voters in four years’ time.
Much responsibility for this debacle must be laid at the door of the Labour Party which, as the Labour MP Mike Fitzpatrick warned earlier this year, was failing to deal with Islamic entryism so that the IFE had effectively become a party within a party. This evening a brave Muslim, Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri who previously issued an anti-terrorism fatwa and is is currently facing death threats from al-Qaeda and the Taliban, is due to issue another anti-extremism call at a meeting in east London. But what chance does he have given the failure of the British ruling class to tackle Islamic extremism?

Elsewhere, the indigenous culture of this country is under siege. Today, the Mail on Sunday reports that the diocese of Bradford may disappear altogether because so few Christians are worshipping there any more, outnumbered two to one by Muslims:
Insiders said the crisis was particularly acute in parts of the country where population shifts had accelerated a general decline in churchgoing, hitting church collections which feed diocesan coffers. One said: ‘Some areas with a high concentration of Muslim migrants have experienced “white flight” and the Church is struggling to maintain a foothold.’
Statisticians have predicted that there will be more Muslims in Britain’s mosques on Fridays than Anglicans in church on Sundays within a decade – though Church spokesmen point out that Anglicans increasingly worship at other times of the week. The latest figures suggest this milestone has already been passed in the Diocese of Bradford, which was founded in 1919 and covers the city, the western quarter of North Yorkshire and parts of East Lancashire, South-East Cumbria and Leeds.

The crumbling of church membership is due overwhelmingly to a profound loss of spiritual purpose and moral nerve within the Church of England – and the vacuum is being filled by Islam. Instead of defending its own territory, and with it the religious and moral underpinning of British society, the CofE has decided to stamp upon its Jewish theological roots and instead appease -- through its strategy of Christian-Muslim dialogue -- the creed that seeks to supersede Judeo-Christian culture.

The outcome is that Britain’s establishment is actively assisting the progressive Balkanisation of Britain, in accordance with the global strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies to take over the west. Astoundingly, the security and political establishment even now still chooses to embrace the Brotherhood, treating them as authoritative Muslim spokesmen and even employing them as counter-extremism advisers, on the ludicrous basis that they are merely religious ideologues who can be used to divide British Muslims and divert them from al Qaeda.

The idiocy of this approach was recently underlined when the Brotherhood’s ‘supreme leader’ Muhammad Badi (sic) called for jihad to bring about the end of the US and Israel. As Barry Rubin observes:

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has endorsed (Arabic) anti-American Jihad and pretty much every element in the al-Qaida ideology book. Does that mean the Egyptian, Jordanian, and all the camouflaged Muslim Brotherhood fronts in Europe and North America are going to launch terrorism as one of their affiliates, Hamas, has long done? No.
But it does mean that something awaited for decades has happened: the Muslim Brotherhood is ready to move from the era of propaganda and base-building to one of revolutionary action. At least, its hundreds of thousands of followers are being given that signal. Some of them will engage in terrorist violence as individuals or forming splinter groups; others will redouble their efforts to seize control of their countries and turn them into safe areas for terrorists and instruments for war on the West.
In Britain, long turned into just such a safe area, there is alas precious little chance that this will be understood. This devastating analysis by Hadar Sela itemises the extent to which the Brotherhood has the useful idiots and malign ideologues of the British progressive establishment in its clutches. As she so bleakly states:

There is barely an aspect of British life today in which Muslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas supporters lack influence. From the academic world, including student organizations, through politics and government, trades unions, the media, the legal system and even some Christian churches, they have succeeded in re-writing the prevailing narrative by means of the employment of the language of charity and human rights. Skilfully, they deflect criticism by the use of anti-racism laws and social mores and manage to market themselves as the face of ‘moderate Islam’ so successfully that they are often invited to act in an advisory capacity to decision makers and are even able to secure government funding.
But of course, it is Islamophobic exaggeration and scare-mongering to say so.


South Africa: ANC 'shoot the boer' hypocrisy slammed

So, in July this year, the Human Rights Commission of South Africa found the "kill the farmer, kill the boer" struggle song to be hate speech and it was banned (and it took them only 16 years post Apartheid to find the song offensive - go figure). If the whites had a song called "kill the Zulu, kill the Xhosa blacks" then I'm pretty sure all the blacks and liberals of this world and the outer galaxies would have been up in arms, baying for our blood. 

Well, no one has ever accused the reigning communist government of South Africa, the ANC, of having a brain cell to share amongst all 2000 MPs (or whatever the latest number of parliament members the country is at now). In their infinite wisdom, they are now challenging the restriction on singing the song. So, let's think about this for a moment. Besides the obvious that they're not very bright - just why would they want to appeal the banning of a highly racist and violence-inducing song in a country where over 18 000 people are murdered every year (that's the figure that the ANC admit to - we know it's higher and more like 30 000 murders a year). Makes you think. Could it be that they want to keep racial tension simmering forever so that their dumbed down black population don't look to the ANCs obvious governmental failings? Could it be that this is the next step to ensure whites are forced off their land out of sheer terror of what's to come? Whatever the reason, this is what South Africa and the great ANC has been reduced to - keeping the masses of people living in poverty, relying on the government for their hand-outs, whilst all the while the ANC live like kings off the sweat of the tax payer and the country's riches. Viva South Africa.

(For those who don't know, boer means farmer in Afrikaans and it also denotes the descendants of the Dutch-speaking settlers who left the Cape Colony during the 18 and 19th century to settle in the north of South Africa, to escape British rule.)

Cape Town - It is ironic that the ANC wants to restrict the media while claiming freedom of speech to justify its "dangerous hate-inciting speech", the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) said on Monday.

The fact that the ANC had applied for leave to appeal against the restriction on singing the song in which the words "dubul' iBhunu" (Shoot the Boer) were used, created the impression the ANC supported this song's cruel message, FF Plus spokesperson Anton Alberts said in a statement.

"Through this action the governing party promotes racial tensions and racial hatred."

The ANC's inability to change from a so-called freedom movement to a modern political party was clearly visible from the fact that the ANC was alleging the song was part of its struggle for freedom.

The ANC should rather pay attention to morally transforming the organisation and internalising and enforcing rationality, rather than expecting society to transform on a racial basis.

"It is clear that the ANC is trapped in the past and that they do not understand the sensitivities of South
Africa," Alberts said.

The FF Plus would monitor the ANC's application and was considering various strategies to oppose it.

Christian Democratic Party leader Theunis Botha also criticised the ANC's appeal. The decision to appeal was "as damaging to the country as is the decision by the Hawks to abandon the investigation into the controversial arms deal", he said in a statement.

"As it stands, it was already a crying shame that it was necessary to approach the court to halt this clear manifestation of hate speech."


South Africa: Dog guards murdered man's body

Another senseless death of a white person in South Africa - once again on a smallholding. The current death toll of farmers is 3,738 of the 20,000 “white” farmers and smallholders have been murdered since 1994, up to Oct 24, 2010. That amounts to +/- 234 farmers (or people living on farms/smallholdings) killed each year - or +/-1 killed every 2 days; = 19% of the farming community murdered. So, let's compare farmers to policemen - since 1994, 2,000 of the country’s 78,000 cops have been murdered - or 1 killed every 3 days;  = 2.6% of the police force.  It's therefore much more dangerous to be a white farmer in South Africa than to be a police officer…

If this isn't genocide then I don't know what is - and the useless, clueless and delusional ANC government say that the ongoing murders of South African farmers forms part of the normal crime pattern of the country. DENIAL is not a river in Egypt - it's the planet that the ANC occupies! But, what these stats don't take into account is the brutal torture and/or rape the victims have to endure before being brutally murdered...And in many cases, nothing is taken from the victims. Please Liberals, move to South Africa so that you too can feel the result of the monster that you helped to unleash on the African people and now ignore...

Pretoria – One of Albertus de Jong's dogs guarded his body, presumably for three days, after he was murdered on his smallholding in Perdefontein near Wallmansthal, north of Pretoria.

The other dog sat waiting at the house's front door until help arrived.

The 66-year-old's maimed body had been left under plants. An axe lay nearby.

De Jong, who came to South Africa from the Netherlands in the '80s, was presumably robbed and hacked to death with the axe sometime between Thursday night and Sunday morning.

De Jong’s friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, said when she arrived at the smallholding, one of the dogs was guarding the front door and the other sat near the body.

“The dog sitting near Albertus' body kept looking from his body to the front door and back,” she said through her tears.

The woman said she had gone to the smallholding when he didn't show up for Sunday lunch at her home in Pretoria.

“I called him but there was no answer. I still spoke to him on Thursday…” she said.

Then she called two friends and together the three went to De Jong’s smallholding to investigate.

'Nice fingerprints'
“When we arrived, the gate was standing open and the padlock was gone. The front door was open and when we went inside, the place was a mess. They stole everything, even his bakkie.”

They called emergency services and decided to wait for the police outside the gate, in case they couldn’t find the place.

“We were on our way to the gate when I saw Albertus’ body lying under the plants. They had hacked him to death with an axe.

The murder weapon was lying near him,” she said. She said when the police arrived at the scene, one policeman said “wow, we’ve got some nice fingerprints on this axe”.

The friend says De Jong has no family and was never married.

“He had lunch with me every Sunday and he was usually on time.”

She took the dogs to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to be put down.

“They’re old. They loved Albertus and went everywhere with him. I know he wouldn’t want his dogs to live with someone else,” she said.


25 October 2010

10 ugly comments made by 10 even uglier liberal women

This is just to show how dumb liberal women are...they should rather stick to their day jobs.

1. Janeane Garofalo


“Our country is founded on a sham: our forefathers were slave-owning rich white guys who wanted it their way. So when I see the American flag, I go, ‘Oh my God, you’re insulting me.’ That you can have a gay parade on Christopher Street in New York, with naked men and women on a float cheering, ‘We’re here, we’re queer!’ — that’s what makes my heart swell. Not the flag, but a gay naked man or woman burning the flag. I get choked up with pride.”

2. Rosie O’Donnell

“Wait just one second. Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”

3. Barbara Streisand

“Bush’s actions remind me of Herman Goering’s quote during the Nuremberg Trials, where he stated: ‘…it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.’”

4. Helen Thomas
Remember these people are occupied and it’s their land,” Thomas says in the video. “It’s not German and it’s not Polish.”

"Asked what Jews in Israel should do, Thomas says “go home.” Asked where that home is, she replies: “Poland. Germany. And America and everywhere else.”

5. Hillary Clinton


"I have to confess that it’s crossed my mind that you could not be a Republican and a Christian.”

6. Whoopi Goldberg
“I know it wasn’t rape-rape. I think it was something else, but I don’t believe it was rape-rape.” — Whoopi Goldberg on Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year-old girl

7. Sandra Bernhard

…if Palin ever visited New York, she would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers.”

8. Wanda Sykes


“(Rush Limbaugh) just wants the country to fail. To me that’s treason. He’s not saying anything different than what Osama Bin Laden is saying. You might want to look into this, sir, because I think Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker but he was just so strung out on Oxycontin he missed his flight. … Rush Limbaugh, I hope the country fails, I hope his kidneys fail, how about that?”

9. Cindy Sheehan


"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you’ll stop the terrorism.”

10. Roseanne Barr

“Many of the Palestinian people are jewish and became christian after Israel stole their land and homes. They were dark skinned, and so driven out of their homes by a cheney-ized Judeo Christian Bushite America. the jewish american socialists are sending a flotilla from america to break the blockade of the anti-semitic zionists in Gaza! Zionists are German. weird hybrid. In order to defeat euro socialism, Hitler leveraged the rich jewish industrialists against the working class jews. The Russian accounts say that the last trains to Auschwitz were first class, as that is all the leverage left to the jewish oligarchs within the ‘reich’, (other than the jews like Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler at the top). The scientists of the Reich successfully created a mutant human–a hybrid of Jewish mentality and German Resolve, the Zionist– He who broke the back of the labor movements and socialism,— which is the goal of National Socialism—(different word for the American Southern Confederacy-the one Anne Coulter loves).”


Lite moments...

Going against your principles

A chilling video from Citizens Against Government Waste which highlights what America is facing.

French perfume house Guerlain faces legal action over racist comments

I think I just vomited in my mouth. This is so ridiculous and over the top that you can only shake your head in disbelief. A French perfumier, Jean-Paul Guerlain, claimed that he had worked like a "nigger" on his newest perfume. What was he thinking? How dare he say "hard work" and "nigger" in the same sentence? I take exception to that statement, but for totally different reasons to old Al Sharpton, the race hustler, who thinks he can now get a meeting with the French president because this guy said the holy "N" word. Of course this whole thing triggered the usual race protests. Yet, when a woman gets stoned to death in Iran no one (including Al Sharpton) says a word, but just utter the N word and they go off like firecrackers. Makes real sense....Maybe women being lined up for stoning should say the "N" word too?

Demonstration against Jean-Paul Guerlain
Protesters gathered outside Guerlain's Paris shop after Jean-Paul Guerlain said he "worked like a nigger" on a perfume

Anti-racism groups in France are to sue the perfume house Guerlain after one of its best known perfumiers said he "worked like a nigger" to create a new scent.

Around 100 protesters gathered outside the Guerlain store on the Champs Elysées this weekend, calling for a worldwide boycott of the perfume house and its owner, the luxury brand, Louis Vuitton-Moët Hennessy, because of the racist slur.

Jean-Paul Guerlain, 73, a descendent of the perfume house's founder, was interviewed on French state TV last week, and asked about the creation of a new perfume, Samsara. He replied: "I worked like a nigger. I don't know if niggers have always worked like that, but anyway."

Jean-Paul Guerlain
Jean-Paul Guerlain

Patrick Lozès, of France's Representative Council of Black Associations, said the French word "nègre" used by Guerlain was an "extremely pejorative" and "racist" term equivalent to "nigger" in English.

He said that the fact Guerlain felt so at ease using it on national TV was symptom of the "deep sickness" of racism in French society. He condemned LVMH and the Guerlain company for not reacting to the comments quickly enough.

US civil rights leaders, including Al Sharpton, who will visit France next month, are to ask for a meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss Guerlain's comments.

Guerlain, a famous "nose", or perfume developer, retired from the company in 2002 but acts as a consultant to their top perfumier. He issued a statement apologising for his "shocking words" and said he took full responsibility.

Guerlain head office said his words were unacceptable. LVMH released a statement condemning "all forms of racism". Christine Lagarde, France's finance minister, said Guerlain's comments were "pathetic".

Will someone please shut Krugman up

It's amazing how liberals live on another planet when it comes to seeing the real picture. I would love to be a fly-on-the-wall of their brains - just to see how they come up with their stupid reality. Here is a liberal Nobel Prize winner telling the UK that they better start spending more money - that they don't have - otherwise they won't reduce their deficit! How about they just stop the government waste and senseless welfare entitlement programs where people are paid more to stay at home and raise kids than they get paid in an actual job?Just a thought - and look, I'm no Nobel Prize winner so what do I know, right? The UK and the USA were once the powerhouse countries of the world - now they are a former shadow of themselves, with not much power or money. And why? In the good old days they went around preaching and telling other countries what to do, all the time ignoring what was happening at home. Rampant immigration is one of the causes of their downfall - but, shame, the poor immigrants need to feel loved and helped by these great democratic countries. Boy, has that come back to bite them. In any case, most of the west are following their lead and ignoring what's going on at home in favor of looking after Tom, Dick and Mohamed in the rest of the world. Until we lose that helper mentality then there will be no end to the madness we currently see. (Is it just a coincidence that the countries with the worst foreign aid assistance records are now the new powerhouses??) 

US economist Paul Krugman  (Photo: EPA)
He's at it again: US economist Paul Krugman

I see old Kruggers, Nobel prize winner and New York Times columnist, is at it again. Not content to lecture his own country’s administration about how they are not spending enough, Professor Krugman lambasts Britain’s coalition government in his latest column for its deficit reduction plan, which he reckons will condemn the UK to a depression.

Here’s a taste: “What happens now? Maybe Britain will get lucky, and something will come along to rescue the economy. But the best guess is that Britain in 2011 will look like Britain in 1931, or the United States in 1937, or Japan in 1997. That is, premature fiscal austerity will lead to a renewed economic slump. As always, those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”.

Good stuff, and who knows? Maybe he’s right. Yet the idea that you can more or less indefinitely keep putting off deficit reduction until the economy is firing on all cylinders again just looks like an excuse to me for continuing to spend at unaffordable levels. He accuses the Tories of being “ideological” in their single minded pursuit of deficit reduction, and of using the crisis to dismantle the welfare state, yet he conveniently skirts around the underlying issue, which is in essence that the country can no longer afford this expenditure.

Osborne’s fiscal consolidation is aimed only at removing the structural deficit – which is the bit that won’t go away when the economy returns to normal. The Obama Administration’s reluctance to take similar action in the US is extraordinarily irresponsible, and one of the reasons why the Democrats are so hopelessly down in the polls.

Surveys show that only about 20 per cent of Americans are Krugmanesque type liberals. Some 40 per cent count themselves as conservatives and the rest, the disenfranchised middle, reckon on being moderates. Yet as others have observed, if you asked the right questions the great bulk of Americans would say they are both liberal and conservative – socially liberal, that is, but fiscally conservative.

The striking thing about my last two visits to the US is just how worried by the deficit most Americans are. Indeed they are ashamed by it, and rightly take the view that unless it is tackled soon, it will seriously undermine America’s long term economic prospects, not to mention its positions in the world. Obama’s failure to realise this, and to continue to force a minority liberal agenda down everyone’s throat, is the reason he’s lost the plot. To restore his presidency, he needs to move towards the centre, and that includes the construction of a robust deficit reduction plan that begins with dispatch.

Professor Krugman suggests that Britain has nothing to fear from excessive public debt, which is still as things stand below its long run historical average. He’s technically right about this, but like a lot of statistics used to support a particular, ideological position, it’s completely meaningless. Looking at the path of UK public debt as a percentage of GDP, there have indeed been quite long periods when it has been much higher than it is now, but these periods mainly coincided with prolonged and all embracing war – first the Napoleonic wars, then later the Boer war and the first world war. Britain had barely recovered from the financial consequences of the first world war by the time the second world war hit.

The big point missed by those who think elevated public debt doesn’t matter is that these periods of excessive debt utterly crippled the UK economy. Indeed, Britain’s decline through the twentieth century as an economic superpower directly correlates with increased indebtedness. Fighting wars is not good for economic health

Both America and Britain are again technically at war, but these conflicts are relatively small affairs by past standards. What makes the current unsustainable trajectory of public debt so worrying is that it’s not military spending that is the problem this time around. We cannot rely on demilitarisation to come to the rescue of the public finances, as it has in the past. Public debt is excessive for entirely different reasons – the excess in public spending is not on fighting wars but on treating ourselves – and unless America does something about it soon, the US will decline economically and geo-politically over the next fifty years as surely as Britain did in the last century.


South Africa: Pregnant Free State mom raped

Two things amazing about this article. Firstly that it appeared on one of the most read South African news websites, News24 - these types of stories (black on white crime) are usually ignored/bleached by the MSM and are left to the smaller non-English newspapers to report. The other amazing thing is that all 3 victims survived - the norm in South Africa is that the black ciminals brutally murder their crime victims after they've been sufficiently tortured. One can only speculate why they were left to survive, but it may have to do with the possibility that one of the criminals worked for the family and maybe felt some remorse? Not likely, but at least they weren't murdered - there are small mercies to be grateful for....

Bloemfontein - A traumatised Free State man has spoken about the horrific attack in which his pregnant 21-year-old daughter was raped by robbers.

"Just the other day she was still my innocent little girl, running around barefoot," said Holla Holtzhausen, from the Mabula game farm near Ladybrand.

Holtzhausen said his daughter Monya, her partner Quintin Steyn, 23, and their 2-year-old son were attacked on a smallholding near Estoire outside Bloemfontein at about 03:00 on Friday.

Armed robbers

They woke up to see masked men standing next to their bed. Two of the men were armed.

"The men insisted on R10 000. Quintin said he didn't have that much cash in the house, but he could call his sister to bring the money. They refused and sprayed him with teargas. Quintin lay down over their little boy to try to protect him from the teargas."

Holtzhausen said there was also a break-in at the house on Tuesday night, but the robbers could only get away with a small amount of money from a handbag.

"On Friday morning they cut the burglar bars with a bolt cutter. They forced Quintin to open the safe's combination lock and took some jewellery and a small amount of cash."

The robbers then loaded various electronic devices, including four expensive televisions, a computer and DVD players, into Steyn's bakkie.

"Then they were blindfolded and they tied my grandson to Quintin. He and Quintin were shoved into the bakkie with one of the robbers who drove away."

Flung into car

Apparently Monya was then flung into her car and one of the robbers drove off with her.

"They didn't know where they were going, but at one stage Monya saw the home affairs department building through a slit in her blindfold."

According to Holtzhausen, they soon stopped at a house where the robbers' accomplices unloaded the stolen goods and packed them in a garage.

"One of them drove with Monya to a veld nearby and took off her clothes. Then she was raped.

"Another one came driving over with Quintin and my grandson. The men left them there and fled on foot."

Holtzhausen says his daughter recognised the voice of one of the men as someone who had worked for her and Steyn before.


"We shouldn't hate, but it's difficult when something like this happens to your youngest daughter. She's more than three months pregnant."

He says his daughter and Steyn are severely traumatised and are staying with family in Bloemfontein.

Police spokesperson Chaka Marope says charges of rape and housebreaking are being investigated.

"The police are following up on promising leads. We expect arrests soon."


23 October 2010

Middle-earth moves to Watford: $500m adaptation of The Hobbit set to leave New Zealand for Britain's Harry Potter studios

In a "up yours" moment for unions, Peter Jackson has given the Australian and New Zealand film industry unions the finger and relocated the production of the new The Hobbit movie from New Zealand to the UK. The Australian/NZ unions were demanding lunatic pay increases and other crazy union rules be imposed on the movie set and actors - to which Warner Bros said "no thanks" and stuck it to the unions. Only yesterday the unions were still confident that Warner Bros and Jackson would back down and weren't serious about the relocation, but I guess they had the wrong script and failed to see that they were indeed serious about not giving in to the union thugs. Oh boy, I wonder how many of their union members are now screwed and out of work? Never mind, I'm sure the union will bat for you and pay you for the loss of earnings - yeah right! Like I've always maintained, unions are the scourge of the world and we need a mega bug-spray to get rid of them....

For rent: Peter Jackson in a hobbit hole on the New Zealand set of The Lord Of The Rings first film in the trilogy The Fellowship Of The Ring in 2001
My new hero, Peter Jackson

The long-awaited Lord Of Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit is set to be shot in Britain after director Peter Jackson decided against filming in his native New Zealand because of industrial action there.

All three of the Rings films were shot there but yesterday, studio Warner Bros said the ongoing pay wrangle with country's acting unions had 'forced us to consider other filming locations for the first time'.

Meanwhile, the film looks set to shoot at Leavesden Film Studios in Watford, Hertfordshire.

All eight Harry Potter movies were filmed there, along with the likes of Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes movie with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr, and Warner Bros bought the entire complex earlier this year.

It means the Hobbit holes already on location in New Zealand are set to be abandoned.

Woolly Shirelings: The farmland at Matamata, New Zealand, is now home to thousands of sheep and cattle
The original Lord Of The Rings set in Matamata, New Zealand, - soon to return to grazing lands

The Oscar-winning Lord Of The Rings trilogy, which amassed $3billion (£1.91billion) in box office takings, sparked a boom in the New Zealand film industry, causing capital Wellington to be dubbed Wellywood.

Unions representing actors and set workers had asked for a boycott against the $500m (£319m) production because of the dispute over contracts.

The New Zealand Prime Minister John Key had tried to stop the project leaving the country, saying it's loss would be a potential 'tragedy' for the country.

However, Jackson had grown tired of the wrangling and had washed his hands of the unions, saying the country's film industry was 'on the way to being stuffed' because of the row.

The films are due to be released in December 2012 and December 2013.

Wilders to get a re-trial - Judge caught influencing key witness

Despite the Prosecution requesting that the charges against Geert Wilders be dropped, the Appeal's court refused the request and insisted on hounding Mr Wilders. Of course it is nothing more than intimidation and acting all politically correct as the Marxist/Socialists realise that if Wilders wins his case then the anti-Islamic flood gates are going to open all across Europe - as we're currently seeing. The UN is doing its best to stop any negative views of Islam - and no wonder seeing as most of their committees are now made up of Muslims and is heavily weighted in their favor. At the initiative of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the UN is on the verge of requiring all member states to pass laws criminalizing “the defamation of religions, including Islam.” - wow, what a surprise - a return to the Dark Ages is upon us.

However, it now appears as if one of the judges on the Wilders' case has been caught trying to influence a key witness. Geert Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz appealed yesterday for the trial judges to be replaced due to their prejudice - his appeal has been granted, and the panel of judges will be replaced.

From Gate of Vienna:

This brief account from Elsevier with the stunning news that one of the judges in the Wilders case may have attempted to influence the expert witness Hans Jansen before the trial. Many thanks to VH for the translation:
Request to challenge the court assigned: new judges for Wilders
[October 22, 2010] The disqualification court has approved the challenge request of the Geert Wilders. Thereby the trial of the PVV leader will be delayed many months.
Geert Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz submitted a disqualification request against the judges.
One judge of the Court, Tom Schalken, dined with expert witness Hans Jansen a few days before the trial and spoke on that occasion about the trial against the PVV leader. According to Moszkowicz, Tom Schalken thereby exceed his powers; he should not have been talking about the case may have tried to influence the witness.
Bram Moszkowicz discredits by the judges, as they did not immediately approve to the request to hear the expert witness Mr. Hans Jansen again. The disqualification court supports the conclusion that delay can be seen as a rejection.
According to Moszkowicz the impartiality of the judges is in question, since they in fact are subsidiary to the judges of the Appeal Court, and the Appeal Court had gone too far anyway, because they in fact already convicted Wilders before the judges ruled.
The Appeal Court decided that the OM had to prosecute Wilders. Initially, the Prosecution didn’t want this. Schalken at the dinner had tried to convince Jansen of the necessity of the trial against Wilders.
Wilders has filed a complaint against Tom Schalken. He accuses him of “mafia practices”.[1]

[1] “I wonder what kind of circus I ended up in” said Wilders. “A counselor of the court who ordered my prosecution has attempted to influence an expert witness. I find this a huge mess.” [source: Elsevier]


Dems ask black voters to help 'our president'

For years the media has accused the Republican party of “racism” and “divisiveness” for targeting white voters. Even in instances where it wasn’t true. Now Obama and the First Lady both are devoting their campaigning efforts almost exclusively towards blacks. The DNC is pouring tens of millions into racially charged Obama ads on black radio stations. Where is the media with condemnations of “racism” and “divisiveness”? Obama was supposed to be the candidate who was to bridge the race divide, part the Red Sea, and bring everyone together. Instead, he is the most divisive figure in America today and race relations have reached an all time low... Signs of a desperate, out of touch President.

In an effort to drive up turnout for the midterm elections in Chicago and other cities, Democrats are aiming a less-than-subtle message at African-American voters: "Our President Needs You."

A big African-American turnout is key to the end game strategy for Illinois Senate Democratic candidate Alexi Giannoulias, just as Republican rival Mark Kirk is going to the deep well of GOP votes in western DuPage County to mine his base vote.

With the Senate race deadlocked for months -- and with even a torrent of negative ads not budging the 15 percent or so of undecided voters -- getting out the base vote is now the crucial task at hand.

President Obama turned out African-American voters in record numbers in 2008 for his historic election as the country's first African-American president. The Giannoulias campaign is counting on Obama to be able to crank up turnout in his adopted hometown like no other place in the nation.

Obama has been to Chicago twice to fund-raise for Giannoulias, and Illinois Democrats want him to return during the final weekend before the election for a get-out-the-vote rally.

• Chicago is one of 18 cities with a President Obama radio ad blitz targeting African-American voters. The Democratic National Committee is buying $3 million worth of radio spots on stations with African-American audiences, including WGCI-FM, WGRB-AM and WVAZ-FM in Chicago.

"Two years ago, you voted in record numbers, and we won a victory few dreamed possible," Obama says in the spot.

• First lady Michelle Obama took on a niche but crucial demographic, hosting a conference call on Oct. 12 aimed at getting female African Americans in the faith-based community to vote. Just as President Obama has reached out to African-America media, Mrs. Obama on Oct. 13 phoned into shows hosted by Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden -- both of which have largely African-American audiences.