30 January 2015

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It should be a black square if you want to be politically correct. Otherwise it's just another White privilege cartoon.

South Africa: Zuma and public office bearers’ salary hikes approved

South African president Jacob Showerhead Zuma will now earn R2 753 689 per year.

Not too shabby for a goat herder with 5 years of schooling.

A nice increase for someone who has trashed the country and headed up a government who has managed to loot R700 BILLION through corruption over 20 years in power. 

Ah, R700 billion. It sounds so clinical - so innocuous when you put it like that - R700 billion. Is that all, I hear you say? What's the big deal???

So let's break it down a little. That's an average of R35 BILLION per year looted from the tax payer - which is just under R3 billion per month - or R 100 000 000 per day!

Yes sirree - R 100 million per day on average is what's lost to corruption in South Africa. Now all of a sudden that R700 billion starts looking more than innocuous, eh? 

And therefore Mr Zuma deserves a raise. After all, a-looting and a-pillaging is hard work while trying to keep a straight face and telling his people how much he cares about their poor, pathetic, crime-riddled lives, while he throws the champagne down his pie-hole.

Then after lying all day, he still has to go home and service his 5 wives and change the nappies of his 22 children, all the while trying to explain why he shouldn't repay the money for the mansion the tax-payers built him. All R250 million of it.

Just think about that. Every 3 days South Africa could build a Nkandla mansion like Jacob Zuma has - just on the money stolen from their wallets by the ANC cadres. Each month they could build 10 Nkandla mansions and have money to spare for the little extras, like swimming pools - in case of a fire.

Who says Communists are stupid? Here they are running South Africa when we thought it could never happen. We were a proud, courageous, righteous people - unlike the commies - and look where that got us?  And now, not only are the commies running South Africa while we watch them, but they're doing a grand job of destroying the joint, and all the while their dumb voters celebrate the destruction as something good. 

Viva comrades! 

When all the while it was we Whites who were the stupid ones. Our boys and men died on the border protecting the country against this filth and our very own National Party government sold us out to the Communists without a whimper, telling us it was the right thing to do.

Yeah, it sure was right. Just look at the grand life the commies now lead, while everyone watches them in disbelief. They don't care if they know that we know what they're doing.

So then, have you ever wondered why we worried back then what the world thought of us? 

Yeah, me too.

Hat tip: Nick A

President Jacob Zuma’s salary will increase to more than R2.7 million a year and he will receive a lump sum payment of about R100 000 in back payments.

National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete and Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng will receive about R2.6 million with similar back payments.

All government officials are in for a salary increase now that the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers has made its recommendation on public sector salaries.

The increases for our top officials are as follows:

» President Jacob Zuma: R2 753 689, up from R2 622 561

» Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa: R2 602 297, up from R2 478 378

» Ministers: R2 211 937, up from R2 106 607

» Deputy ministers: R1 821 577, up from R1 734 835

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Point made....

Joke of the day.....

'Journalist' communist Max du Preez has joined South Africa's News24 after he was slapped on the wrist by his former employers for writing a negative article about President Zoooma.

Here's the joke - from News24:
"We are thrilled to be able to offer a 'home' to Max. His reputation for truth, his passion for press freedom and his calibre of journalism make him one of the best, and exactly the kind of unapologetic opinion we want on News24," he said in a statement.

Hahaha. Reputation for truth?? Calibre of journalism??? Best???? Unapologetic opinion???

Hahahahahaaaaa. Bwahahahahahaaa.....

Old Maxie is a die-hard communist, who is an ANC mouthpiece. He is owned lock, stock and barrel by the South African Communist Party to write propaganda.

News24 is scraping the barrel. Now you know what they stand for - nothing. Absolutely nothing apart from sucking up to the ruling party. They are nothing but sycophants. 

Spare me.

Armed robbers leave a trail of blood through South African shopping mall

There was a wild shoot-out at the Bedford Centre shopping mall, east of Johannesburg on Thursday.

Seven people were shot and injured including two alleged robbers in the shoot-out between security guards and a group of armed men.

The security guards were collecting cash inside the centre when they were confronted by a group of armed men. Customers were caught in the crossfire.

This is South Africa today - a virtual war zone - where the criminals are king and the citizens unarmed. Where criminals can't read or write, but can operate an AK-47.

Welcome to South Africa under Black criminal rule.

Hat tip: Nick A

Seven people, including two alleged robbers, were injured in a shootout at a shopping centre in Bedfordview, east of Johannesburg, on Thursday, Gauteng police said.

"Three customers, two security guards and two suspects were injured during the shooting. All have been taken to hospital," said spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Katlego Mogale.

Security guards were collecting cash inside the centre when they were confronted by a group of armed men, she said.

"A shooting ensued between them, with some customers caught in the crossfire. An undisclosed amount of money was taken by some of the suspects."

One person had been shot in the head, arm and abdomen while another was shot in the arm, said paramedics spokesperson Danielle Dooley.

One suspect was shot in the leg and tried to run away but was found in the basement area, said Dooley.

Another suspect had been shot in the chest and was found near the escalators.

An elderly woman was found hiding between clothing rails at a store. She had a heart condition and was experiencing chest pain. She was treated on scene and transported to hospital by for further medical treatment.

Police have warned shoppers to stay away from the shopping centre. 


USA: Detainee swapped for Bergdahl suspected of militant activities

In May last year, Obama exchanged 5 high ranking Taliban Islamic terrorists leaders held at Gitmo for army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

The reason given for the 'hasty' prisoner swap - without first giving Congress the mandatory 30-day notice period - was that Bergdahl's health was deteriorating. As we know from experience, these types of rogue actions are taken when Obama needs a "scandal" to cover up another scandal. At around the time the Bergdahl prisoner swap was announced, Obama was drowning in the VA hospital scandal, so voilĂ , the Bergdahl announcement was made.

It's like throwing a bone to the toothless media.

Everyone subsequently learnt that not only did Obama sanction the release of 5 murdering radical Islamic terrorists for an army deserter, but that he paid Qatar - the facilitator - $5 BILLION for the swap. In your eye American tax-payers!

The military then said they would launch an investigation into Bergdahl's actions to see if he really was a deserter. The Pentagon has been sitting on that report for months now, but they still haven't released it.

Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer told Fox News a few days ago that Bergdahl would be charged with desertion shortly. However, the Pentagon is still burying the report - probably under strict instructions from the man who said he'd have the most transparent administration in US history - Barack Hussein Obama.

King Hussein still needs to squash the findings for a while. He'll keep that card up his sleeve until his next scandal needs to be removed from the front pages of the wimpy, slobbering newspapers......

The precise terms of the release of the 5 Taliban 'leaders' to Qatar - and the Qataris promise to monitor their activities - has never been made public. All five are believed to still be in Qatar (or Gutter for short).

However, today we read that one of the 5 POS has attempted to return to militant activity from his current location in Qatar by making contact with suspected Taliban associates in Afghanistan.

No shite Sherlock!

When you release unrepentant militant terrorists what do you expect them to do when they're released? Go run a cafe?? Sweep streets?? No, if you're sane you'd expect them to go do what they did before they went to prison. Terrorism. 

In contrast, if you're a stupid, naive, infantile Progressive/Liberal you expect them to become model citizens.

So that's why, instead of treating this scum as if they're humans, you're supposed to wipe them out - as they would do to you in a heart beat. You don't pussyfoot around with them and treat them with respect. You kaboom them. And you CERTAINLY don't release them back to the wilds.

It's like catching rats running rampant in your roof and releasing them outside - you know, because you're a good Liberal person. Next week the rats are back and they've brought friends. Lots and lots of friends. That's why you take Ratex and you kill them. Period.

Same with your militant enemies.

Our governments these days have been deballed and PC'd into stupidity. What was once done to protect ones country without question or hesitation is now thought to be offensive and inhumane these days. 

And that, dear boys and girls, is why there is no peace on Earth and our countries are unsafe. And that's why you don't allow any Progressive/Liberal scum to run your country.

The end.

The U.S. military and intelligence community now suspect that one of the five Taliban detainees released from Guantanamo Bay in return for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in May of last year has attempted to return to militant activity from his current location in Qatar by making contact with suspected Taliban associates in Afghanistan, multiple officials tell CNN.

The development has led to an ongoing debate inside the administration about whether there is a new threat from this man, and potentially the other four.

This is the first known suggestion that any of the detainees involved in the exchange may be trying to engage again in militant activity. It comes at a politically sensitive time as the administration has quickened the pace of prisoner release in an effort to encourage the closure of the Guantanamo, and the Army must decide in the coming weeks whether and how to punish Bergdahl for leaving his post.

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29 January 2015

Hump day.....


USA: American Sniper film 'behind rise in anti-Muslim threats'

I haven't watched a movie at the cinemas for years and years, because I refuse to depart with my hard-earned money by supporting the libtards of Hollywood.

But, I made an exception this month - after 8 years of boycotting Hollyweird I watched American Sniper.

Why? Because the Liberals in America are going apeshite about the movie, that's why. They've acted like tantrum-throwing 2 year-olds and what better way to piss them off further than to support the movie they hate to their bone marrow??

I also went because it was directed by Clint Eastwood and I have a lot of time for old Clint. After all, he did depict Obama as an empty chair..... Clint is no libtard.

The movie hardly touches on all that Chris Kyle achieved. He was a Navy SEAL and is the most lethal sniper in US military history, having been credited with 160 confirmed kills. And when he finally retired he went on to spend time helping his fellow war veterans recover from their PTSD, and one of those veterans he helped went on to kill Chris Kyle in February 2013 while at the shooting range. He survived 4 tours of duty in Iraq, even with a reward on his head by the rag-heads, and went home to be killed by one of his own. How ironic and how sad. Kyle was 38 when he died.

So, why do the libtards carry on like squealing pigs when they speak about the movie? Because the movie, according to them, glorifies a killer. Yes, that's correct, these fools call a man who protected his own soldiers a killer, just because he was tasked with shooting enemies in the battle zone. He should be hailed a hero.

Even the BBC shows their libtard mentality, calling those killed by Kyle not terrorists, but his victims. Bunch of wankers.

Fools. Dumb liberal fools. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

See, this film is making huge amounts of money for old Clint and the producers, and poor Oprah's "Selma" is way, way behind. American Sniper has made over $300 million in America so far. It seems that the American people are HUNGRY for some real men in the movies after being subjected to feminised male roles for far too long. Yes sirree bob - America is hungry to see men who act like men. Men who love their country, their fellow Americans, and who aren't afraid to go die for their country. Men with muscles who act like a man - a man who calls his enemies 'savages'. No wonder he's a hero of American patriots.

The Liberal/Progressives idea of a real man is this - Pajama Boy:

Or this:

And not this:

And then on cue, here come the eternal victims, the Muslims, saying there's been an increase in threats against them in the USA. Well then LEAVE!! Take your towels and head rags, your tented women, your brats and goats and move back to your flea-infested sandboxes where you can go pray to your prophet 2000 times a day and stone your women uninterrupted. No one is forcing you to live in the land of the infidel. 

So, do yourself a favour and take the time to piss Liberals and Muslims off. Go see American Sniper. It's well worth the money.

And at the end of the movie, as his coffin is driven past adoring fans on the side-walks and on the bridges overhead, ask yourself why the pansy in the White House , the effeminate Obama didn't even acknowledge this man's death, nor did he lower the flags around the nation. Yet he runs to Saudi Arabia to kiss Saudi Arabian ass when their human-rights abusing king dies.

No wonder America is hungry for a real man.

Hat tip: Mark L

The release of the film American Sniper has led to an increase in threats against Muslims in the US, according to an Arab-American civil rights group.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has written to director Clint Eastwood and star Bradley Cooper.

Their film is based on US soldier Chris Kyle's service in Iraq from 2003-09.

The ADC said a "majority of the violent threats we have seen over the past few days are result of how Arab and Muslims are depicted in American Sniper".

The organisation, which describes itself as the largest Arab civil rights organisation in the US, said it had collected "hundreds of violent messages targeting Arab and Muslim Americans from movie-goers", mainly from Facebook and Twitter.

The letter asked Eastwood and Cooper to speak out against such messages "in an effort to reduce the hateful rhetoric".

"Your visibility, influence, and connection to the film would be a tremendous force in drawing attention to and lessening the serious dangers facing the respective communities," ADC president Samer Khalaf wrote.

Jack Horner, a spokesman for the Warner Bros film studio, which released the film, told the Reuters news agency that the company "denounces any violent, anti-Muslim rhetoric, including that which has been attributed to viewers" of the film.

He added: "Hate and bigotry have no place in the important dialogue that this picture has generated about the veteran experience."

Spokespeople for Eastwood and Cooper had no immediate response to requests for comment, Reuters news agency reported.

American Sniper has been a major hit in North America, exceeding box office predictions by taking $90m (£59m) in its opening weekend - a record for a January release. It also has six Oscar nominations.

Film controversy
But it has caused controversy. Some have hailed its portrayal of Kyle as a war hero, but others have criticised it for glorifying violence and for Kyle's attitude towards his victims.

Kyle, a Navy Seal, served four tours of duty in Iraq and killed more than 160 people, making him the most deadly sniper in American history.

The film is based on his book, also titled American Sniper, in which he claimed to have no regrets and referred to those he killed as "savages".

Kyle was killed in February 2013 on a firing range in his home state of Texas.