11 May 2016

The fall of Sweden

The Swedish people now suffer buyer's remorse. Since the mid-1970's when the Swedish government decided - without citizen approval - to open the country up to the 3rd world and Islam, the country at first slowly declined, but is now rushing to total oblivion as the Swedish nation as we knew it. 

Hence the feeling of doom and gloom, and buyers remorse, that some Swedes now feel. Not all of them, mind you, but some. It would be too much to ask that the Swedish people as a whole suddenly experience their light-bulb moment and 'get it' collectively. They are far too stupid and kowtowed a people to have their much-needed epiphany any time soon. 

Last year Sweden took in 165,000 3rd world 'refugees'. This year they're on track to take in another 190,000 - or 2% of the population. And this has been going on for years now. This is hardly good or sustainable when the population of a country is only around 9.5 million. It's is also hardly good for the preservation of the Swedish culture when most of these so-called 'refugees' come from backward places such as Africa or the Middle-East and are mainly Black or Muslim. The Black race isn't exactly known for their intellect and industrious ways - unless it's to do with some form of crime. And, as everyone with half a brain-cell knows, Islam is incompatible with Western civilisation, as it's not only a 'religion', but a totalitarian ideology - it is religion, politics and law all wrapped under one umbrella, namely Islam. And it steam-rolls over any other group, because followers believe they are superior and right. They also have one mission - to Islamise the world, and when over a billion followers march to reach the same goal, it's inevitable that it will one day happen - aided by the stupid, gullible Lefties/Progressives/Communists.

The Swedish culture is just another speed-bump in the way of the invading Muslims, and it will be removed in time. 

Islam is also a system where woman are treated worse than goats. Much like Black African males covet livestock more than their females. And, as a result, the group suffering the most in Sweden today are the Swedish females, who live with the constant threat of rape and attack. Sweden now has the highest rape figures in Europe and is the rape capital of the West. This is not due to the Swedish White male, but due to the Muslim and African immigrants.

At the same time as the communist government opened Sweden to destruction in the '70-80's under Olof Palme, the Left grew bolder, pushing their infantile agenda of feminism, and heartily embracing multi-culturalism via worship of the 3rd-world sub-cultures. And so began the fascist government campaign to silence anyone not on board with their ideology. Today Sweden pays for having the feminists, greens, communists and Progressives running ruining the country. 

You would think Swedish feminists would be outraged at how Muslim men treat women in Sweden, but you would be wrong. If you still haven't figured out that feminists do more harm to the female cause, than good, then you have some catching up to do with reality. Feminists would rather protect Muslim and Black men than tackle the truth, because they feel compelled to protect those poor, down-trodden races who they think need their protection. That paternalistic feeling trumps having to deal with the ugly, never-to-be-spoken-or-admitted truth, even if it exposes the feminists as the loons they are. Feminists much prefer to blame Muslim and African male behaviour on the White male instead. After all, feminists have de-balled the White male to such an extent that they know they won't dare fight back. Feminists are, after all, bullies, and the White male is their arch-enemy.

I have often wondered what it would take to wake dumb, gullible people up. Every time something happens that exposes the truth, I think, NOW they'll get it. NOW they'll see what I've been saying for years. NOW they will finally wake up. But, nope. The truth is quickly either explained away by the Left-controlled media, or lied about, or twisted, or swept under the carpet, and the gullible Muppet Western populations link arms and sing Kumbaya again. Until the next event....then it's rinse, repeat.....

I have all but given up on my fellow-man. It's been a slow process to let go of the anger and frustration, to shrug my shoulders and brush off that what I know I cannot change. I've at least got the blog to channel some of that frustration.

I live in hope that one day something big will happen to wake these ignoramuses up. One day......

And while I wait for the epiphany to happen, watch the video below. Swede Ingrid Carlqvist gets it, and has done so for a while now. She makes quite a few good observations, about why Sweden is a secularist society and so very forgiving and accommodating to the parasite Muslims who are killing the host. 

She also estimates that there are now over 1 million Muslims in Sweden..... making the country a lost cause.

It's worth the listen.

19 April 2016

USA: How brain-dead are kids in college??

The question of the day is, just how brain-dead are American kids attending college?

If you watch the video below, then the answer is: "What's the level after brain-dead, because these kids are dumber...."

I was listening to US radio host Michael Savage earlier today and he gave out a few pearls of wisdom as to why the West is dying:

In 1880, the Brothers Karamazov wrote: 
"If God does not exist, everything is permitted."
And now you know why Communists are atheists - if you don't have a God to fear, then you have no rules to live by, so anything goes. Which Communists use to entice the young to their side. Want to smoke marijuana? Sure, no problem mate, just light up. Don't worry about all the toxic chemicals and what they do to your brain, or be worried that marijuana is the common gateway drug to harder, more addictive and deadlier drugs. Just do what feels goooooood..... no consequences to worry about, dope-head. Now, sign here for more free stuff - and remember to vote for me! 

The next quote was from Belgian playwright Émile Cammaerts (paraphrasing):
"When people cease believing in God, it's not that they start to believe in nothing - it's that they'll believe in anything."
What do people believe in today? Especially the youth? Not much, apart from their feelings.

The kids in the video couldn't even tell a short White guy that he isn't a 6'5" Asian woman.....that's how far society has fallen. In my day, we would have laughed at anyone so ridiculous. Now they watch that they don't offend, no matter how stupid they look.
Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens wrote last year that the “death of Europe is in sight,” he opined that its people stand “for shallow things, shallowly. Europeans [only] believe in human rights, tolerance, openness, peace, progress, the environment, pleasure.” Yet it’s worse than that. There is only Truth, and then innumerable lies; disconnected from the former, a people inevitably falls victim to the latter, and we’re embracing lies only the insane could believe. Pseudo-elite dogma currently is that a boy must be considered a girl if he claims he is so “deep down,” even though the claim is made based on nothing but feelings. Moreover, we’re to be considered bigots for not participating in his delusion or for denying him access to the bathrooms of his choice. Then there’s that obsession with using Big Brother to coerce Christian businessmen into servicing faux weddings, which occurs while the Left makes not a peep when Muslim businessmen refuse to be party to them.
Now, look back at the video and you will understand that the next generation are morons. And the next generation following is going to be even worse. Instead of the West getting more intelligent, we're regressing into precious petals scared of anything that isn't remotely pleasant.

Generation after generation have been indoctrinated by atheist communists called 'teachers', who have infected Western schools and colleges. The Communists weren't stupid - they knew that the way to their MIA Utopia was through the eyes and brains of the youth, so they infiltrated the education departments throughout the West, and started to demolish the societal pillars keeping our communities strong. 

It is no mistake that Communists such as Mao and Hitler have used the youth to be their ideological foot soldiers - their little brainless, easily influenced, armies.

Some young adults do recover from their stupor once reality hits, which is usually when they leave the safe-space of college and start looking for a job and start paying taxes. When they see that they are working so others can live free, that usually wakes them up quickly. The others still stuck in stupor-land, usually end up being bitter, twisted Communist agitators, who blame their lack of achievement on 'the system' - and then spend their lives fighting the system, while sucking on that system to keep them clothed, fed and warm - for free.

The stupid college kids are the main target of the Communists. It's fertile ground for those looking for a 'cause' in life. And what better cause than one that tells them that they aren't personally responsible for their own lives?

That's why current Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders - just like Obama did - targets the dumb minds of the youth, who have never been taught what Socialism/Communism does to a country, a people, or a nation. They have been brought-up by union atheist teachers, who have brainwashed the youth to believe that Capitalism is bad and that Socialism is very 'fair'. And that society owes them anything their heart desires, and all those desires are 'rights', which government should provide for, via the tax payer.

If only those taxes grew on a magic money tree, but apparently that tree is just a Socialist myth - as big a myth as the 'Utopia' created by socialism.

Now you can understand why the video shows young adults - in college - who will not 'judge' others, because feelings may get hurt. It's much 'fairer' to just agree with anything anyone says, because who are they to judge? Next they'll start believing that a rapist shouldn't be jailed, because who are they to judge? Murderers? No judgement!

I grew up reading fables. They were instrumental in shaping my views in life. I learned, for example, that if you keep lying, eventually no one will believe you, even when you're telling the truth (Peter and the Wolf). 

Hans Christian Andersen wrote a tale called: "The Emperor has no clothes". It's about two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, no one dares to say that he's naked until a child cries out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!" 

College kids today remind me of the people in the tale who were too scared to say the Emperor is naked, lest they appeared to be "unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent". 

Much better to be seen as collective morons, than, God-forbid, tell the truth.

13 April 2016

USA Professor: Climate-change deniers deserve punishment

Professor emeritus of political science and public and environmental affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Michael Kraft, has written an opinion piece in the Providence Journal, about how climate change deniers are denying 'scientific evidence' of climate change.

His piece goes as follows:
"Blah, blah, blah, scientific evidence, deniers, blah, blah, blah, tobacco companies, blah, blah, blah, OMG PANIC, blah, blah, blah, fossil fuel companies, blah, blah, blah....."
And then ends with the following:
"Those who intentionally misled the public about climate change should be held accountable."
Oooooooooooo look, another little Lefty fascist in the making. Fascist = Either you agree with me, or I will beat you (preferably to death) until you agree with me.

Yo, Prof, how about you bring me some real EVIDENCE of global warming - you know, proof that the Earth is warming uncontrollably due to man, and that this warming in no way, shape or form has occurred in the past, ever - then please email it to me. My email address is on the top left of the blog. 

While you're hunting for this non-existent proof, you can read this blog, which lists failed global warming predictions. 

And when you do eventually send me that factual evidence - not the doctored rubbish that passes as 'scientific evidence' these days - then, and only then, will I line up to receive my punishment.

Remember readers -  inside every Liberal is a TOTALITARIAN fighting to get out.

South Africa: New Springbok rugby coach announced

Allister Coetzee has just been appointed Springbok rugby coach. 

And, as in everything in South Africa these days, his position was an affirmative action appointment. Mr Coetzee is the second non-White coach, after the other genius Peter de Villiers, who was handed a World Cup victory team in 2008, and destroyed the team within his first few years as coach.

Coetzee walks into the coaching role, just as the ANC government is ramping up the Springbok rugby hatred. Well, actually, the ANC has made it one of their top priorities of government to racially transform all (successful White) SA sporting teams. Sporting teams such as the laughable Bafana Bafana soccer team, won't have the same race-based quotas  imposed - as the team is already nearly 100% Black.

It would seem the ANC is more interested in White sporting teams than in creating jobs, stamping out rampant corruption, or tackling the ongoing crime epidemic in the country.

Sport is much more important than those boring day-to-day issues affecting the entire country.

Minister for Sport Fikile Mbalula reiterated that transformation remains the "primary objective" for new Springbok coach Allister Coetzee. Which means that, within the next three years, exactly half of the Springbok team must be Black players. 

His demands have been signed off by the South African Rugby Union.
"I am happy with where rugby is going with regard to transformation. It's no longer cheap talk," Mbalula said in a pot shot to previous regimes. "If you are not going to comply, you will be judged and punished."   
I'm not sure why Mr Mbalula doesn't demand the team be 100% Black within the next year. If his goal is transformation, then he should put his heart and soul into it completely. I'm sure all the Black rugby fans, who buy $$ tickets and play the game, will be rejoicing in the empty stands. 

He could even go one step further and just ban Whites from playing the sport completely. From young to old. That would make much more sense than this slow-paced transformation plan. I'm pretty sure they can knock a 100% Black Springbok team together right now from all the Super Rugby teams - and if they don't have enough players, they can just go look in Soweto or Khayelitsha for some. It's not as if there aren't 40+million Blacks in South Africa to pick from. After all, you only need to be able to catch a ball and run to play rugby.

Back in the day, countries like New Zealand, Australia and others, eventually refused to play the Springboks, because the team was, according to them, race-based (White). There were protests wherever they played. I remember protesters even flying overhead and dropping flour-bombs on the Springboks in New Zealand.

So, I'm looking forward to these same countries boycotting and protesting the Springboks again, because the team will once again be picked based on race and not merit.

Somehow, I don't think that will happen.......

Good luck Mr Coetzee. You couldn't get the Stormers to win anything of note, but I'm sure you'll do much better with the Springboks! Robbie Fleck must be laughing in his cups.

UK: Former Equalities chief admits he was wrong about Muslim immigration

The former head of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Trevor Phillips, has admitted he “got almost everything wrong” on Muslim immigration in a damning new report on integration, segregation, and how the followers of Islam are creating “nations within nations” in the West.

 Here is a photo of Mr Phillips:

So, what prompted Phillips to admit his mistakes? Well, an in-depth new poll carried out by ICM found the following:

  • 23% of British Muslims support the idea of areas in the UK where sharia law is introduced instead of British law.
  • 39% believe wives should always obey their husbands.
  • 31% believe it is acceptable for British Muslims to keep more than one wife
  • 52% think homosexuality should be illegal in the UK.
Phillips admits that, most worryingly, people with separatist views are far more likely to support terrorism. 

And horror, amongst horrors, Phillips calls for schools to curb Muslim numbers:
He says schools may have to consider a 50 per cent limit on Muslim or other minority pupils to encourage social integration. 
And there you have it. The gullible Liberal mind meeting the reality of the consequences to their actions. And it's ALWAYS too late.

Phillips has concluded that the Muslim population in the UK is becoming 'a nation within a nation'. In other words, exactly what multi-culturalism has always encouraged among 3rd world'ers - foreign cultures living within the security of the host culture. In this case, the major problem is Islam being allowed to fester within a (former) Christian nation. 

Or, Muslim ghetto's....same as in France, and Sweden, and Norway, and Germany, and America, and Canada, and Australia..... and .... and ..... and....

Apparently Islam is incompatible with the West. Surprise!

Quite frankly, Phillips' biggest mistake was to introduce the phrase "Islamophobia" to Britain nearly 20 years ago. By bashing anyone raising alarm bells 2 decades ago with the "Islamophobia" label, Phillips and his fellow feel-good Lefties managed to stifle any debate or views that didn't favour the very people they wanted to protect - the non-White Muslims. What this managed to do, was to freeze people from doing anything about the growing problem. There are now over 3 million Muslims in England, with the number set to double over the next few years. 

Phillips and his little 'Human Rights' committee predicted years ago, that there would be 2 million Muslims by 2020...... Only out by a million a few years earlier than predicted. Oops.

Phillips also writes from both sides of his mouth:

"Britain is in many ways a better place than it’s ever been – more prosperous, more diverse, more liberal.
For a long time, I too thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape. I should have known better.”

Which of course is a lie. Britain is going to eventually crumble under its diversity and liberalism. As a country's population turns darker, so it starts to resemble the 3rd world - where these 'diverse' people flee from in the first place.

Both diversity and liberalism hurt White British people. As in every other White-run country around the world where this scourge has been encouraged.

I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me what is so good and wholesome about 'diversity', as opposed to a 'uniform' White society. When someone can explain the pro's to me based on facts and not emotions, let me know.

So, you ask, why would Mr Phillips be falling on his sword now? Will his utterances and 'alarms' make any difference at this point? Well, if Britain isn't willing to stop the flow of these cultures and 3rd world races into Britain, then no. The current 'conservative' Tories government - led by that Progressive twit David Cameron - are unwilling to admit that multi-culturalism is an abject failure, and that Britain should stop rampant immigration from the 3rd world. They are also in favour of staying in the united soviet states of the EU - which further encourages mass immigration and loss of sovereignty.  

In my opinion, the reason why Phillips has admitted the truth now, is to protect himself later on down the line, when the true effects of Muslim immigration - which he promoted, protected and enabled - is very clear for all to see. At the moment, Britain is only getting glimpses, and they keep ignoring what's right before their eyes.

Instead of Phillips freely giving his opinion today, Phillips should be jailed with a cork shoved in his mouth. He was the architect of the ruination of Britain. He fought for the way Britain looks today and far into the future. He has done nothing to stop and reverse the platform he laid down. Now, all of  a sudden, he sees his errors......

But, now it's all too late. Phillips will be remembered as the man who set the multi-cultural wheels in motion - and the former mighty Britain will be destroyed from within as a result.

Remember people - when something doesn't make sense NOW, fight against it. We are always far too willing to allow the Left  dictate our future, by them using emotional goobly-gook language to hide the danger of their policies. Unless we fight them at the beginning, we risk living with the consequences of their actions down the line, and by then it's always too late to stop the ship sinking. All they do is as Phillips does today - shrug their shoulders and maybe admit they were wrong. 

The truth hurts.......

(TRIGGER WARNING: This post may offend you if you're a sensitive, easily offended precious-petal Lefty, who lacks a thinking brain. If this describes you, please DO NOT READ any further. However, if you do read further because you're addicted to being offended, and you realise that you are indeed offended, do the following immediately: Run to your safe space under your bed, put your tinfoil hat on, and suck your thumb until your panic-attack-like symptoms subside. If symptoms do not resolve within a week, please consult your nearest safe-space manager, for tips on how to overcome your crazy affliction.)



Give a White man a pile of bricks and he will create a city.

Give a Black man a city and he will create a pile of bricks.



Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michaelangelo between 1508 and 1512:

Exterior of Sistine Chapel, built in 1473:

St. Peter's Basilica, built in 1506:

In contrast:

Southern Africa.....

Zulus building a hut, artist unknown: 

Zulus building a hut, 1895:



12 April 2016

South Africa: Nkandla stories are 'white people's lies', says Blade Nzimande

So, I eagerly clicked on the link to this story sent to me by Nick A - so I could read about all these lies White people have told about South African President Jacob Zuma and his mansion - built on tax money, paid by tax payers, to the tune of R250+ million - a mansion known as Nkandla.

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande laid out the following very alarming claim:
"He said the reports were "lies perpetuated by white people", according to the SABC."
That's it?? No specifics? No detail as to what exact lies have been told by these evil White people? Just a general blanket statement, saying that the stories surrounding the Zuma corruption, that is represented by Nkandla, were just lies told by White people??

Gee Blade, thanks for that, you old lying commie. 

Meanwhile, back in the land of reality, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela last month found that President Zuma and his family had 'improperly' benefited from R246 million security upgrades at his private Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal. 

Hmmmmm..... just what could she mean by 'improperly' benefited? Surely it couldn't mean that Zuma swindled his mansion complex from taxes paid by tax payers - all so that he could live the life of luxury, together with his 4-5 wives and 22 (claimed) children - all funded by the tax payer, for life?

Say it isn't so! 

It appears that Black 'liberation' fighters, who take over governments, don't actually rule via principles, but via corruption, nepotism, and gangsterism. All the while running the country into the ground.

Why, yes, it would appear so. The sad tale that is South Africa is proof of that theory. Another great example, is of course, Zimboonwe, where that old liberation fighter, Robber Mugarbage, reigns. 

Both countries were successfully run by Whites, until they were handed over to Black rule. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

Another part of history, is the fleeing of the (Indian) Gupta family out of South Africa - in the stealth of the night, flying off to Dubai:
The Gupta brothers Ajay and Atul, close business associates of President Jacob Zuma and his extended family, have left South Africa. The two elder Gupta brothers flew out in their heavily laden private jet on Thursday night. The report says the Guptas did not inform Zuma of their departure.The Guptas used favours from Zuma to build a multi-billion rand empire on sweetheart public sector deals."

Oh-oh. SURELY White people are to blame for this as well???  Where's Blade with his 'lies perpetrated by White people' statement now??? Cooo-eeeeee!!! Blade!!!! 


Zuma's corruption, via the extremely wealthy and corrupt Gupta family, must come as a complete surprise to every South African. After all, it's not as if Zuma has form....to the tune of 783 pending fraud cases against him......... or that Zuma has been caught using another rich (Indian) South African family to enrich himself previously. Oh wait! 

Schabir Shaik and his brothers are unavailable for comment.

Regarding Zuma not knowing that the Gupta's were fleeing - don't believe that little lie. Kiddie Amin - also known as blabber-mouth Julius "Juju" Malema, leader of the Economic Freedumb Fighters - is on record 1 April, saying that Zuma flew to UAE (Dubai) recently with R6billion (~$600 million) for the Gupta's. Zuma's plane does not undergo a customs check, so he was able to smuggle the cash out on behalf of the Gupta's. One has to wonder if Zuma only smuggled out cash, or did he also manage to hide a few gold bars in the cargo hold for himself??

And why wouldn't Zuma do just that for his pals? After all, if the SHTF for Zuma, Dubai is only a plane-flight away for him and his brood, and I'm sure the Gupta's will fling their arms open wide for their comrade in corruption. 

Now blabber-mouth Kiddie Amin is saying that Zuma plans to flee South Africa any day now.... Going on past timelines, we should find out in the next 2 weeks if this is the case.

But, I wouldn't get too happy if I were you and sitting in South Africa. The next obvious question would be - who would the ANC replace Zuma with? And following the natural flow and past form of communists, the next dictator will be far, far worse than Zuma.

Elton John and his cheating 'husband'

The pro-gay marriage camp and their media supporters, have gone to great lengths to use Elton John & his gay-marriage as an advertisement and promotion for the joys and naturalness of homosexual 'marriage'. 

Now that picture-perfect lie is coming crashing down.

It seems that Elton's hubby, David Furnish, has a roving eye. He's been having an extra-marital affair with a British businessman for years now, which at one point, included a gay threesome, involving olive oil...... 

Goodness knows how many more affairs Furnish has had, because it's almost a forgone conclusion that this isn't the first one.

Apparently, Elton knew about the affairs, so they weren't exactly affairs..... as they have an 'open' marriage. 

Which then begs the question, why did they get married in the first place????? And why bring children into their immoral world???

The National Enquirer published the story in America, but Elton John has used an injunction to block publication of the exposé in Britain, essentially on the basis that he does not want his children to see it. 

Ah, the children..... yes, that would be their two young sons (5 and 3 years old). Elton John is 69 and Furnish is 53.

Furnish' romps should come as no surprise. Homosexual people aren't exactly known for their fidelity. They are known to be a very promiscuous group, with many partners, which is why they were always the most vocal group against marriage. 

Before they were for marriage......

My concern has always been, that once gay 'marriage' was recognised, there would be no basis to deny them children - or the right to adopt children. 

So here you have two elderly gay men, raising two young boys in a gay environment. Which isn't a very healthy situation in the first place - especially for children - as you deny them a maternal or paternal relationship, and the mother/father dynamic, which produces healthy, well adjusted children. And you expose them to the very dysfunctional world of the homosexuals.

Plus, homosexual men and women tend to suffer from mental issues and have high suicide rates - which is visited on the children.

In every heterosexual relationship-outcome situation, the courts always put the needs of the children first. However, when it comes to homosexuals, society mostly puts the needs of the gay adults over the child, or potential child. In nature, homosexuals wouldn't be able to conceive naturally. However, these days homosexuals can have children via many artificial means, including adoption. And it's become the fashionable thing to do. Bugger the children.

Just think about those 2 small boys being raised by grandpa John and sleazy Furnish. One day these boys will find out that their 'mother' was picked by their dad's, the same way they would have picked out a breeding mare. And then imagine when they discover that they were conceived by that pair of men co-mingling their sperm in a test tube, and that concoction being used to fertilise an egg. And then imagine finding out that the people who paid her were the pair of men who were raising them as "parents"- who then deprived them of any maternal influence. And then imagine discovering that their mother abandoned them at birth, not with difficulty and out of love for them, for whatever reason, but for money...

I would think them finding out that one of their dad's was a serial homosexual adulterer would be the last on their long list of issues they'll be discussing with their 24-hour-on-call psychologist..... 

USA: Colorado GOP decides who the people should vote for

Following on from my blog post Thursday last week about how the vote is rigged in US states by the GOP, this week-end the Republican Party outdid themselves, by deciding that the people of Colorado do not need to vote for the GOP POTUS candidate. Instead, the GOP would decide who the stupid little people should support in the general election:
"Over the weekend, Colorado awarded all 34 delegates to Ted Cruz. The fix had been in since August, when party officials, alarmed at Trump’s popularity, decided it would be best if Colorado Republicans were not allowed to vote on the party’s nominee."
The Colorado GOP then tweeted that they had 'done it', and #NeverTrump. Which they now deny doing, saying someone 'hacked' their twitter account. Haha. What a bunch of phony liars. Just like saint Ted Cruz.

If you're a Cruz supporter, you are no doubt laughing at how "clever" his team has been to invade Colorado and hand-pick all the state delegates... who all happen to be Cruz supporters.

However, if you're a sane person, you'll realise that this is an affront to so-called 'democracy'. What the GOP did was to tell the little people that they can't be trusted to vote for the candidate the Party wants, and so they changed the rules last August to stop Colorado from having a Primary election, in order to rig who the Colorado delegates would vote for at the GOP convention later this year.

I've read many articles about this fraud, and there are people out there saying that the Cruz-team won by outsmarting the Trump team. It's not cheating, they claim - it's winning. What they forget is that, what the GOP has done, is to make it loud and clear that the voters mean nothing to them. That they will decide who the little people may vote for, for president of the USA (POTUS). 

If you follow this tactic to its logical conclusion you will understand that, when they do it in one state, how much longer before the entire Primary season is cancelled in favour of the establishment picking the presidential candidate on behalf of the voters? That the voters don't get any say in their presidential candidate....

Pretty soon the Republican Party will be telling their voters how to eat dinner, what they may eat for dinner, and how hot that meal should be.

The GOP clearly does not understand human nature very well. Which is why Trump is winning despite their frantic efforts to stop him. When you tell people who to vote for, it never ends well.

Now, if Cruz were an honourable man, he'd disavow what happened in Colorado and insist on an election. Instead, snake-oil salesman, Rafael Cruz mocked Trump for being outraged at the GOP tactics in Colorado, and then thanked the non-voters for handing him all 34 state delegates. So much for Cruz being a bastion of conservatism and a Constitooooootion scholar. I'm betting that if Trump had done this instead, Cruz and all his lunatic Cruz-bots would be out there smearing Trump as a conniving thief. But, since it's in his favour, no worries mate.

I'm sure a lot of people would like to know what Cruz has been promised by the GOP for him to stop Trump using any means. Cruz can't win the nomination unless he wins close to 100% of all the delegates in the next few state elections. Which is mathematically impossible, seeing as Trump will most likely take all 92 delegates in New York next week (that is, until the GOP figures out a way to keep Trump's win under 50%). 

Just what has Cruz been offered to keep defrauding the American voters and denying their will?

No my friends, it is now very clear. Your vote means nothing. Not in America. Not in Australia. Not in England. Not in Europe. Not in any country which claims to be democratic (even though the USA is actually a constitutional Republic, but who lauds 'democracy' over the heads of every other nation in the world). So much for America and their lofty principles. The corrupt nature of their politics is on full display this Primary season. Now more so than ever before.

Democracy can only work when you have a homogeneous society, with everyone in the country working towards the same goals. When one faction is tempted with free goodies paid for by the other faction, in order to secure their votes, democracy dies. The system becomes corrupt and the backward slide begins.

The USA is sliding backward at a very fast rate these days.

And just to show you how far America has fallen, here is a classic American showing her stupidity and level of intellect:

11 April 2016

How the elites steal elections

We all know that Trump is the most popular GOP candidate - he has received millions more votes than Ted Cruz - and Trump has consistently led the polls since he announced his candidacy. However, all of a sudden, the polls have swung to Cruz, and the last few states have voted Lyin' Ted Cruz, even when some well respected polls show Trump as favourite.

How can this be?

Well, if the GOP establishment don't want you to win, they rig the vote against you. In the caucus states, Cruz wins, because the GOP can rig the votes. In open primaries, Trump usually wins - unless the Democrats vote Cruz to stop Trump.

And here's another little tidbit.  Cruz mostly wins when there is electronic voting.

Watch the video below as an example of how they rig the votes via electronic voting machines with a predetermined outcome. In this case it's the Diebold machines  This video is from 2012 and it shows how the machines are rigged with pre-programmed memory cards. The voting precinct staff who took part in the experiment were shocked at how the machine overrode their votes and flipped the result almost 100% against how they actually voted.

Now you can understand how rigged polls are used to soften the voters to a Cruz victory, while Trump is actually the preferred candidate. The puppet masters rig the polls and the machines with a pre-determined outcome, while the sucker voters think their votes matter. 

So what if Trump has rallies with tens of thousands of attendees, and Cruz can hardly fill a room. Your eyes are lying - just like Ted.

As Joseph Stalin once famously said:
It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything....