26 August 2015

USA: First family return from (another) vacation

Check out how happy the First family are, to be back home after vacationing with the billionaires on Martha's Vineyard for the past 2 weeks. Especially The Wookie Moochelle. Imagine having to wake up to that every day. 

Time is running out for the Obama's holidaying on the US tax payers dime. This last trip should take the tally to over $40 million spent on vacations by them. 

Next up, Obama will start attacking the 'millionaires and billionaires' for being greedy and causing all of America's problems - after he's been dining  and partying with them for the last 2 weeks.

25 August 2015

Looks pretty cool

The world's largest hovercraft opened a Russian military sports event, called the Race of Heroes, by transferring a BTR-82A wheeled armored personnel carrier and scores of troops onto an unequipped shore. The hovercraft has the ability to carry 130 tonnes of personnel and cargo.

How big is Australia?

This big - and with only ~23 million people.

Mass exodus of Zimbabweans into South Africa

It is estimated that 5,000 Zimbabweans are crossing into South Africa every day. That means another 2 million added to SA's population this year alone.

Zimbabwe should be empty by now with most of the Zimbabwean population sitting in South Africa these days, having fled from their Black liberation leader, the great Mr Mugarbage. Maybe White South Africans should now invade Zimbabwe and take it over, and kick all the remaining Blacks into South Africa? Let the ANC finally have their commie utopia of a 100% Black SA. Maybe old Mugarbage can co-run South Africa with his BFF Zuma! Two violent criminal thugs holding hands. Surely Nkandla is big enough for the 2 of them?

Just think of how quickly Rhodesia would rise again if all the SA Whites swapped with the Blacks? The country would flourish and the agriculture sector would return to being the world's breadbasket in no time. One can but dream.

The stream of economic Zimbabwean migrants into SA is due to Mugarbage destroying Zimbabwe's economy so spectacularly. I mean, the world couldn't allow Rhodesia to be in the capable hands of Ian Smith's government. No, thank goodness they saved Rhodesia from a bunch of evil racist Whites and applauded enthusiastically as it transitioned to Black rule. It's sure worked out grand, eh? Almost as successful as South Africa under the ANC!

I must have missed where the people were starving and fleeing Rhodesia under Mr Smith's rule. Can't seem to find that chapter in my book titled: "How to destroy a successful African country in 20 years - a guide for Dummies". 

Companies in Zim are either retrenching staff or winding down operations and closing. The agriculture sector, of course, has been devastated by Mugarbage, with another poor growing season expected (no kidding). Must be due to more global warming .....I think that was last year's excuse, if I recall correctly.

Surprisingly, the shops are fully stocked - the only problem is that the people can't afford to buy anything, so they starve or flee.

And off they go to South Africa as economic 'refugees', to go burden that country with another 2 million low-skilled, low-IQ people. As if South Africa can afford more IQ67's to look after. And if you were to ask them, they'd probably vote for Mugarbage again in 2018 - when the next election is due to be held. BTW - Mugarbage has said he will be up for re-election, so great news for Zimbabwe.

Already the health MEC for Gauteng (Johannesburg area) Qedani Mahlangu last week said the number of foreigners visiting South Africa's hospitals was putting severe strain on facilities and she called on African countries to provide adequate healthcare (haha). African women in their last trimester of pregnancy are choosing to travel to South Africa to deliver their babies:
“I’m not sure why they have to travel to Gauteng, risking travelling long distances.”

“There must be antenatal services provided in their own countries. These women can give birth in those countries.”
She's not sure why? Well, maybe it's to do with providing a free service to them in the hospitals built during Apartheid? Not that the health service is brilliant these days, but it's probably still better than in the rest of Africa. And then they get baby grant money and free health care for the child afterwards from the very benevolent ANC. Life is good in South Africa for those running away from starvation. Virtual paradise.

Here's a simple idea on how to stop all the soon-to-be freeloaders Qedani. How about getting your ANC to close the borders to the rest of Africa? Just a wild thought. How many million Nigerians, Zimbabweans and other Africans are residing in South Africa these days - all mooching off the taxes paid predominantly by the Whites? How many are doing crime, selling drugs, running prostitutes in South Africa? 

Put some of the millions of unemployed Blacks on the border to stop the hordes coming in. It would kill 2 birds with one stone - stop  the invasion and provide some employment.  

Problem solved..... until the newly employed work out that they can start collecting bribes.

Hat tips: P Smith, Nick A

24 August 2015

The real reason Mick Fanning survived a Great White shark attack

Remember a few weeks back when Australian Mick Fanning survived a shark attack during a surfing competition at J-Bay (South Africa)?

Well, it can now be revealed how he survived.

My South African readers will understand this.

South Africa: Train derailment: repair work blamed

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) has been in the news lately, when trains they commissioned to be built in Europe (Spain) finally arrived on South Africa's shores a few months ago. 

The train tender was awarded to the Spanish company, even though there is an (unofficial) unemployment rate of 45% in South Africa. One would think that there was a local company which could have built the trains instead, creating jobs with the money staying in the local communities. But apparently not. 

So off to Spain the tender went, and wherever a tender goes, government corruption follows. There would be little doubt in anyone's mind that a few ANC cadres earned themselves a tidy 'commission' from outsourcing the government contract overseas.
However, the problem with this little enrichment plan of the ANC is that the imported trains are not the correct height for local conditions. The trains scrape through most tunnels and over bridges, and the doors don't line up with the height of the train station platforms.

PRASA was warned numerous times by engineers within their own department, and experts in the private sector, that the trains were not the correct height for local conditions and therefore, were prone to derailment. However, never stand in the way of an ANC bigwig and his pay-off monies. As a result and as per normal, the warnings were ignored.

And so we sit with this incident with one of the Spanish trains already derailing. Most of the coaches derailed while the locomotive and the first five coaches overturned.

Another four coaches slammed into the overturned coaches. Sixty people were injured and landed up in hospital, including the co-driver, Mr Affirmative Action Fazel Boer:
'Prasa officials were by his side (Fazel) on Wednesday morning making arrangements to have him transferred to Mediclinic Gariep in Kimberley.'
Or, put another way: Prasa officials rushed to the co-driver to get their stories straight. And the story was that the train was NOT TO BLAME for the derailment......

So, into damage control went Prasa, blaming the derailment instead on 'repair work on the railway line by Transnet and a lack of communication'.

If you say so Prasa. However, what happens when the next train derails? 

Better to keep some ready-to-go excuse-cards in a big barrel Prasa, as you're going to be needing them, I'm thinking. 

South Africa - Guess what this photo is about

Guess what this photo is about:

This is a group of South African farmers (Boere) along the N1 highway, praying on their knees for the murders, theft and corruption to stop.

This is a heartbreaking photo. 

Which other country treats their farmers so appallingly (apart from Zimbabwe)? Which other country doesn't care about the plight of the farmers? Which other country turns a blind eye to the over 4000 farm murders, which occurs at a rate of 1 murder every 2 days in South Africa???

Please tell me. 

Camp of the Saints comes to Europe

Camp of the Saints is a novel about the third world invading Europe.

Take a good look at the cover of the novel and read the short explanation below:

The Camp of the Saints (Le Camp des Saints) is a 1973 French apocalyptic novel by Jean Raspail. The novel depicts a hypothetical setting whereby Third World mass immigration to France and the West leads to the destruction of Western civilization. Almost forty years after publication the book returned to the bestseller list in 2011. The title is a reference to the Book of Revelation.
Except, the fictional novel is no longer a fictional novel. It is now reality. Hundreds of thousands of third-world'ers are invading Europe under the guise of fleeing conflict at home. And, as the book written 42 years ago predicts, Western civilisation is going to be destroyed as a result.

Of course, the author Jean Raspail was no psychic. He was a realist. Even back in 1973 he could see what the end result would be of encouraging the lesser races into Europe, and into France. And he was spot on. He couldn't have written it any better if he tried.

Most of the invaders come from Africa or the Middle-East. Instead of staying on their continents and seeking a safe haven in a country with a culture/religion similar and near to their own, they choose instead to get on leaky boats or cross numerous borders, to get to the riches of Europe. And most of Europe welcomes them with compassion, food, clothes and a welfare cheque. The Progressive Europeans will take care of them, and instead of fighting, will have THEIR culture, language and borders eroded as a result. 

The true Europeans are starting to rally and fight the onslaught.

The New World Order/Globalists must be having a good laugh. Seeing as this has been an orchestrated campaign, they should be clapping each other on the back for a job well done. Cause the conflict, and encourage the invasion. But, you ask, why? Why would they want this to happen? Well,what better way to control and get rich at the same time, than by ensuring wealthy European countries are no longer countries with any wealth or identity, but lands filled with millions of common peasants who are easily controlled and not loyal to their new homelands?

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And Europe is their first prize. Next will be the other White-run countries around the globe: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, America, Russia........The White countries are filled with industrious, clever, peaceful people, and they can't have that. It's competition the Globalists don't want or need.

South Africa was the canary in the coal mine, but White people around the world weren't interested back then. No, according to them, South African Whites had it coming to them, so they laughed and ignored what was done to the country and partied on. It felt good to protest and shame their own race.

Today, 20-odd years later, they're not laughing anymore. They're feeling the reality we warned them about.  You can't allow a parasite to make itself at home, because sooner rather than later, that parasite will ultimately control the host. And kill it.

So, how do you like dem apples Europe? How do you like all that diversity, multi-culturalism and non-White races walking your streets, attacking you, spitting on your hospitality? Those others you were so eager to embrace? Not so funny anymore, huh?

At the same time as the invasion into Europe, that other White-bastion America is also under siege. The poor and destitute from central America have been encouraged to pack up and invade the US via the southern border; and the Africans, Asians and Middle-Easterners have been encouraged to fly into the USA using visas and 'refugee' programs eagerly provided by Obama, courtesy of the US tax payers.

Once there they get to live on food-stamps, section 8 housing, welfare money and free Obamacare. 

Australia is holding off for now via the conservative government, which is under siege internally by the Progressives, who constantly attack the government via the newspaper, TV and union money. Australians are a gullible lot, believe it or not, and all the propaganda against the current government is slowly working, so don't be surprise when they're replaced next year. And then the onslaught of Muslim invaders will begin again under the Socialist Progressive Labor/Greens.

New Zealand has a "conservative" government, run by a Progressive John Key, who is flooding the country with Asians. He is ashamed of what his forefathers accomplished, elevating anyone who is not a White New Zealander onto a higher pedestal. He is also trying to replace the New Zealand flag. 

Canada is also being pulled to the Left and being invaded by anyone not White. So, no hope there either.

As long as Putin is in power, there is hope for Russia. Russia has been the target of the Globalists for decades now. They have even used other countries - Ukraine and Georgia, for example - to try get rid of him. And yet he perseveres and flourishes after each attack - strong in his Christian faith and by winning 80% popularity among his people. He's not going to go down without a fight - unlike the rest of Europe. Putin is at least some hope for Western civilisation.  

Never say the White race isn't eager to self-destruct. We must be the only race on the planet who suffers from guilt of accomplishment. 

So, have a good look at who is invading Europe in the video below. The video was shot on the border of Greece and Macedonia, with the 'refugees' succeeding in breaching the police lines. Macedonia has declared a state of emergency due to the huge influx of migrants.

You will see that the majority of the invaders are young, fit men. Hardly any women or children. So, please tell me why this is so. Why is it that when these supposed refugees flee, it's usually (80-90%) young men who are doing the fleeing? 

Answer: Because this is an invasion and not refugees - there to rape and inter-breed with the White women of Europe (shock horror, truth). And our White males are too spineless to fight the overtaking of their countries in case they offend, or something.

A time will come when the situation reaches critical flash point. The water is starting to boil, so don't be surprised when the once polite, affable and accommodating Europeans turn into "racists" to save their countries - and the Globalist media attacks the response.

21 August 2015

This is what the migrant invasion looks like in Macedonia

This is what European nations are having to deal with due to the compassion of the Italians, the EU non-response, and the invasion of Syria and the rest of the ME into Greece.

20 August 2015

Zimbabwe: Another 23 White-owned farms to be seized

I see that the buffoon Mugarbage is still going.

He sure must be scared of the after-life, as I've never seen anyone cling to life more than him. Don't worry Mugarbage, the Dead Terrorist has reserved the seat next to his for you, down in the fire-pit.

For those who don't know, Zimbabwe is facing its worst staple food crisis in a decade, with an estimated four million of its 13 million people at risk of starvation, according to the World Food Programme. 

Don't worry Mugarbage - the WFP will feed your starving people for you. You just keep doing the important work of running your country....... into the ground.

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko said in June that the new Black farmers had gutted commercial agriculture and embarrassed Mugabe:
“It’s true that the resettled farmers have failed us,” Mphoko said. “They have put to shame our president. President Mugabe is being verbally abused everywhere because of the failed land resettlement.
“President Mugabe is now being forced to beg for food from neighbours. We were once the breadbasket of the region, but these farmers have destroyed the agriculture sector.”
So, let me get this straight. Mugarbage and his side-kick thought it was simply a matter of taking productive White-owned farms and handing them over to "resettled farmers", and away she'd go, ready in no time to produce healthy successful crops, ready for harvest and then to feed Zimbabwe and the world!

Except, just the opposite has occurred. 

It sure takes a special kind of stupid to be that dense. But then, Africa has many dense and dim people so it's par for the course.

And then of course, even though Mugarbage's grand plan has produced nothing but starvation and misery for Zimbabweans, and resulted in Zimbabwe having to import their staples, that hasn't detracted him from repeating the same mistake, over and over. So, another 23 White-owned farms are earmarked for some of his Zanu-PF cronies, under the guise of liberation.

On Monday, Mugarbage made a farewell speech as outgoing chairperson of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). And he couldn't resist insulting the Whites of South Africa, calling them treacherous, and pleaded with Africans not to let them fool them, or "the devil will emerge in the Black man".

Ooooooo, I'm scared. These same Black men can't even grow a successful crop off once productive farms, handed to them on a a tray. So bring it on.

Mugarbage's departing gift to SADC was a classic - called the 'industrialisation strategy'.

This so-called strategy shows you how great a business man Mugarbage is:
The industrialisation strategy is expected to dominate talks at the summit about development in SADC, which reportedly has to find $500-million over the next five years to implement it.
SADC’s annual budget is about US$80 million.

Yup, sure sounds like another Mugarbage grand plan. No wonder Zimbabwe is in pain.

HARARE - Government yesterday listed 23 white-owned commercial farms it has targeted for confiscation as government moves to take over all the remaining white-owned farms.

The announcement was made in a State newspaper and listed the identities of the farms earmarked for seizure.

“It is hereby notified that the minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement acquires for and on behalf of the State, the land identified and described in the schedule for purposes of agriculture settlement under Section 72 (2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” the notice said.

“Further take notice that the ownership of the acquired land with full title therein vested in the State is with effect from the date of publication of this notice in the Government Gazette.”

Officials said the deadline would allow new black owners of the land enough time to prepare and plant for the new crop season, which should start in October.

White farmers defying the order to leave their land face up to two years in jail.

In a speech to supporters of his ruling Zanu PF party, President Robert Mugabe said the government was now looking at the totality of its land.

If others were allowed to own portions of it, he said, it would be out of charity — not as a result of colonial history.

“Don’t be too kind to white farmers,” Mugabe told supporters at a recent Zanu PF rally. “They can own industries and companies, or stay in apartments in our towns but they cannot own land. They must leave the land to blacks.”

This also comes amid reports that names of six Zanu PF-backing white farmers have been handed to central government seeking permission for them to remain on the farms under new laws safeguarding farms “of strategic economic importance”.

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