09 February 2016

Busy travelling

I'm out of Melbourne this week travelling around Australia on work-related business, so no blogging.

What has been quite amazing to me as I travel around the country is that wherever I am, I come across ex-South Africans - the latest encounter being this evening in the hotel restaurant, where a South African male was chatting to a Pom and an Aussie - and he was pretty honest about the state of SA. And more surprising to me was that the Pom and Aussie were aware of what was happening in the country. Pretty refreshing actually. It just goes to show that even though the media choose what is reported to the world, people aren't fooled. The silent majority are not dumb.

It's becoming more and more obvious that there are a ton of expat Saffas now living in Australia.  Are there any White South Africans left in the country?

On a sadder note, friends of the family lost a family member in SA last week. Major Coert Jordaan was stabbed/shot to death while he was fishing on his day off. He was 39 and in the police service. He leaves behind a wife and 3 year old daughter. His fellow police officers didn't rest until they found the scum IQ67's who were responsible. May he RIP.


04 February 2016

USA GOP candidates....

Sums them up 100%.....

If either of these clowns win the GOP nomination, then God save America, because Hitlery Clinton will win. And if Americans think the country is going to hell in a hand-basket now, then watch under Clinton's reign....it will be America's final nail in the coffin. Period.

South Africa: 22 charges laid against De Klerk, Vlok

The Anti-Racism Action Forum (ARAF) has laid 22 criminal charges against the last Apartheid president, F-Wit de Klerk.

As you may recall, it was under Liberal pansy de Klerk's watch that the country was handed over to the ANC.

F-Wit de Klerk and the Dead Terrorist, Nelson Mandela, were given a joint Nobel Peace Prize by the international globalists as a thank you. That's the reward when you destroy a previously functioning White-run country.

Even Obama received his early.....

This is actually hilarious. The great de Klerk being whacked over the head by the same Blacks he handed the country over to so enthusiastically.....Gone are his 15 minutes of fame, and now the dogs are back to bite the hand that fed them.

They are still hungry and still unable to feed themselves.

According to de Klerk, he has nothing to fear as his hands are clean. Well, they bloody better be clean, because surely he can afford the best soap in the world with the 30 pieces of silver he received for selling SA out to a bunch of murdering communist liberation dunces.

South Africa wasn't perfect back under Apartheid. No country is - but it was a fully functioning country, where the skilled, industrious White population paid their taxes towards the upkeep of the lesser-abled Black tribes. This allowed the Black numbers to swell, as their living standards improved, their life expectancy extended, the infant mortality rates fell, and their education levels were boosted. 

This all to the detriment of the White population by the way.

And yet these Black twits want to lay charges against de Klerk - instead of laying charges against the ANC, which has caused all the problems. They were handed a first-world country with the best economy and military on the African continent, which they have systematically destroyed since 1994. All that good fortune banked during the Apartheid era has now been squandered and the country is running in the red - morally, financially, criminally. The ARAF should be suing the ANC to explain where all the billions of stolen taxes have gone under their watch. They should be suing for the corruption, incompetence and theft against the SA citizens. They should be suing Zuma to return the money he used to build his mansion. 

But, no. Once again they blame the Whites for their eternal misery - and de Klerk is their target. They should be kissing his treasonous feet.

Speaking of feet, it's not only F-Wit de Klerk they're targeting. Nope. They also going after Apartheid minister of law and order Adrian Vlok. Old Vlokkie was the nincompoop who washed the feet of some Blacks, to 'atone for his sins'. Today the fool uses his house as a refuge for the vulnerable and distributes food to poor Black families. How about the poor White families Vlokkie?? The poor AFRIKANER families??? Your own people.

In the video is the IQ67 ARAF communist Black supremacists explaining their plan of action. The leader is typical of the Black agitators found during Apartheid. They are not mentally fit to herd goats. In fact, if it were 300 years ago, they would have been known as the village idiot and shunned.

Enjoy de Klerk and Vlokkie. Your 15 minutes of fame are back.

Latest Zimbabwean farm takeovers

A 66-year old cattle/dairy female farmer, Yvonne Goddard, is the latest victim of the Zanu-PF farm-takeover scam.

Ms Goddard, who has lived on the 120-hectare farm for the past 45 years, was kicked off her farm, Cresta Ibeka, earlier in January by newly appointed Zanu-PF provincial chairman Cde Ezra Chadzamira. Chadzamira has claimed the farm as his own, saying that Ms Goddard had been "under-utilising" the farm, so he was doing his patriotic duty by appropriating it for himself. As you do when you're part of the ruling political class.

Ms Goddard must be feeling pretty butt-hurt, seeing as she's been bankrolling Zanu- PF for years - even funding the party's 2005 provincial elections campaign and the provincial conference in 2001. She has learned the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished - especially when you worship at the altar of the IQ67 religion. Paying bribe money to keep the hungry, envious wolves from the door works for only so long in Africa. Now her beloved Zanu-PF party has kicked her in the guts, leaving her destitute.

I bet she didn't see that one coming......

But, that's not the best butt-hurt story recently out of Zimboonwe. 

The ex-wife of Allan Munn, Gillian Munn was kicked off the 209-hectare family dairy farm in Goromonzi last October/November. Apparently Grace Mugarbage needed another farm to add to her collection.

So, why is this a feel-good story you ask? Well, because Allan Munn helped to get rid of Ian Smith, then Prime Minister of Rhodesia.

Back in the day, the bleeding-heart Allan Munn owned a publishing company, which he used to promote the "Black cause" in Rhodesia. He appointed Black directors to his business - a first for Rhodesia - so big was his Kumbaya heart. He also used his influence to establish the Salisbury September Declaration, an activist group that created a link between the British government and the liberation armies, and then solicited over 100,000 signatures from stupid White people in Rhodesia to pressure PM Ian Smith to the Lancaster House 'negotiating' table in 1979. 

That was the table where Rhodesia was sold out to Mugarbage and his fellow 'freedumb' fighters by the British, with the name of the country changing to Zimbabwe.

On a side-note - where are those 100,000 Whites who signed the petition??? Hopefully they're still living their dream in Zimboonwe, under the tyrant Mugarbage. However, I greatly doubt that. Dumb Liberals are usually the first to flee when their Utopic vision is crushed. #Cowards. As I've said before, Liberals are like locusts - they swarm, devour and destroy a crop, then take flight and move to the next healthy crop, never looking back at the destruction they've caused in their wake.

Fast forward to 2015 and Munn's family farm is now in the hands of the wife of the man whose arse Munn once kissed. Karma sure can be a biatch. Luckily.

Remember dear do-good'ers, the wheel turns. It may turn slowly, but it turns, and Munn and his family have been crushed by a gigantic tractor-sized wheel, going by the name Schadenfreude. 

So, where is Mr Allan Munn the activist, these days? From all accounts he now resides in ...... France! One has to wonder why he's hiding there seeing as he spent his life working to topple the White government, for his Black liberation buddies. One would think he'd be back in Zimbabwe, living the life of the average impoverished Zimbabwean. He should be proud of what he helped create and not living far, far away from his vision.

Below is a letter from Peter Vowles, who wrote to Newsday on 7 July 2015, when Grace Mugarbage first started making noises about appropriating the Munn farm (which was only realised in November last year, after months of court battles). 

In the letter, Mr Vowles says that he is a dear friend of Allan Munn, and that he's just shocked that the farm is in danger of being expropriated. 

Go ahead and read the letter, because if you ever wanted to see the disconnect between a Liberal and reality, then the letter highlights their mental deficiencies.

You see, Mr Vowles says that Mr Munn is no ordinary farmer, and perhaps Zanu-PF has forgotten Munn's activist history and they don't quite realise just what an important White man Mr Munn is. After all, he helped to remove the White government for them, and hand the country over to a bunch of Black freedumb fighters. And that means Munn doesn't deserve to be treated quite so harshly. It's quite alright to treat the other White farmers in that manner, but not the special snow-flake Allan Munn.

Mr Vowles then goes on to ask: "Where are Munn's Black friends now"???? 

Well Mr Vowles, funny you should ask, so let me answer for you seeing as you're a frigging stupid tool. His so-called Black friends used him to get what they wanted - that would be Rhodesia/Zimbabwe - and then when he was no longer useful to them, they kicked him to the curb, eventually taking the farm. 

Mr Munn would be a classic example of what is known in communist circles as a 'USEFUL IDIOT'. Soviet Russia loved them idiots who would sell their own mothers out for a pat on the head. 

Good doggy. Woof woof.


I guess Mrs Gillian Munn can always go live with ex-hubby in France.

TV-media in Finland teaches citizens how to protect women from being raped

Well thank goodness the government-controlled YTE media group in Finland has finally decided to spill the beans on how women can stop being raped! If only they'd released this video years ago, millions of women could have prevented this!

You see, according to the video below, women only have to hold up their hands in a stop gesture. Or, even better, use two hands. And if they're really genius, use a bag to fend off the attacker/s! 

Who knew it was this simple?? If only women had known .......

You have to hand it to the Liberal media. They are THAT delusional that they think putting this cutesy video together is going to stop:

1. Finnish females from being targeted by Muslims and 3rd world non-Whites for rape;
2. And, subtly blame White Finnish males for the rape crisis by using a White male in the video....why not use a Muslim or a non-White - you know, those responsible for rape in the country?

Firstly, I am no expert, but having women hold their arms out straight while making the stop sign only allows the attacker to put a woman in a wrist-lock. 

Secondly, the video fails to explain what a woman is supposed to do if she is tackled to the ground from behind, holding her down, instead of meekly grabbing her arm?? 

Or what should a woman do if there's a gang of men attacking her? Maybe that's in the follow-up video, which is yet to be completed. After all, it can't be easy having the Lefty media twits decide how best to instruct women to protect themselves from the same 'refugees' and 'immigrants' the media worship on a daily basis.

Reality is a b*tch.

I guess when you live on the Liberal planet known as Planet Cuckoo, all the criminals are nice people who are very respectful when they attack - as shown in the video. I mean, which other criminal, apart from those living on Planet Cuckoo would back off so sheepishly when a woman uses a 'stop' gesture?

This video reminds me of the stupid Liberals in America suggesting that there should be signed "safe zone's" all over, where women can run if they're being attacked. Because, somehow, jumping into a marked 'safe zone' stops an attack. 

You can't fix stupid. You can only point and laugh at it - loudly.

01 February 2016

Australia: Welfare bill for refugees to top $100m

The Turnbull government is ­considering boosting English, education and employment ser­vices for refugees amid new ­research showing only 7 per cent of a group of 2013 arrivals have jobs and budget estimates that welfare ­payments for new ­arrivals will ­exceed $100 million a year.
When the Australian Labor Party was in government from 2007-2013, they opened our borders and allowed upwards of 50,000 "refugees" in - most arriving via boats from Indonesia. When Tony Abbott came to power in September 2013, the boats promptly stopped. He had the guts to turn them back, and amazingly the people smugglers got the message. No more boats have arrived since.

Of course, the bleeding heart Greenies and Labor want anyone who wants to come to Australia, to come on over. Just not any evil White people. Or those with skills who can actually pay their way.

Now a recent study has shown that of the 2400 poor darling 'refugees' Labor shooed into the country and were granted visas to remain in Australia between May - Dec 2013, only 7% are employed. And to top it all, after nearly 2 years in the country, 75% still can't speak English.

Welfare payments for refugees is set to cost we the tax payer $100 million a year.

But, that's not all. Australia is set to take in 12,000 Syrian "refugees", and guess how much they are going to cost we the dear tax payer? Only $640 million over the next 4 years. And in year four, $165.3m has been allocated just for welfare payments alone.

Isn't diversity grand? It's singing Kumbaya a costly exercise???? 

These people come sponge off tax payers here in Australia, and while we the tax payer have to scrimp and save to live, these people sit back, put their feet up and suck on the welfare teat, while pumping out kid after kid.

So, here are my policies were I in government:
  • Anyone coming in as an asylum seeker/refugee, must be sterilised once they arrive - no further children allowed. If they don't like it, leave;
  • If they are still on welfare after 2 years, their payments are reduced so that by year 3 they receive no welfare payments;
  • The do-gooder politicians and Lefties who want these people here can pay out of their own pockets for these people's upkeep;
  • Take money out of the ABC budget to pay for the welfare of these people. The ABC is quick to use OUR taxes to be anti-Australian and encourage refugees to come over, so they should be the first to feel the pinch;
  • Any Greenie or politician who complains gets a one-way ticket to a country which is exporting refugees. They can go help fix up the mess at source;
  • The UN can STFU and steer future 'refugees' to the rich Gulf states for a change. The UN are to blame for all these so-called 'refugees' running away, instead of fixing their own bloody countries!
Refugees may need Australia - Australia certainly does not need anymore refugees!!

USA: Police deliver tax-payer relief shot to hostage-taker

Police shot and killed an armed robbery suspect who took an employee hostage in Irving, Texas last Friday.

There is so much negativity towards the police - especially in the Black community - that the silence is deafening when the police do good. Imagine having to walk in their shoes day in, day out.....

Great shooting by the policeman. One bullet to the head. 

It's what's known as the tax-payer relief shot.

Hat tip: Mark L

University Academics Say Pedophilia Is ‘Natural, And Normal For Males To Be AROUSED By Children’

Hat tip: D Ryan
"An academic conference held at the University of Cambridge said that pedophilia interest is “natural and normal for males”, and that “at least a sizable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children, and normal males are aroused by children.”

And there you have it. The slow push by these sick people to normalise Paedophilia. Just as they've done with homosexuals, transgenders and every other non-heterosexual group.

I remember years ago watching a documentary about how a group of Gays in the USA had formed an organisation decades ago, with the sole purpose of slowly making homosexuality 'normal' in society. It was a work of love by these people. They dedicated their lives to quietly pushing their cause, starting with the youth in the schools, and infiltrating learning and government institutions. Just as the communists have done in the USA. They have the same aim at the end of the day - to destroy a strong, united society and weaken it forever.

This push started in the old America where being Gay was still considered a sin. And wouldn't you know it, but all that dedication by these people has paid off handsomely for them. What one thought was impossible just a few short years ago, is now the new 'normal' - and not only the new normal, but something to be celebrated and aspired to. All that hard work and the attacks on Christianity has finally paid off. Christianity is on a downward spiral in America and all around the Western world, and everything Christianity stands for is slowly being degraded. And into this vacuum, in steps evil.

This is not going to end well. The dam wall will eventually burst.

What people don't seem to realise about Christianity, is that it's the last defence to keep man civilised. It is the philosophy our great, successful countries was built on. It is the foundation of our society, and the ten commandments form the basis of our laws. Christianity has civilised man and given him the framework to achieve. If you don't believe it, look at what Islam has brought the world and compare the two philosophies. 

Christianity has also taught man that there is a higher Being to answer to, and that your fellow man is not to be worshiped. 

Christianity and Western society go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. And when you remove that bedrock from our foundation, the societal pillars start to crack and collapse. As we are seeing all around us.

People have been so brainwashed to accept the abnormal, that they now flock like fools to go watch the spectacles that are the 'Gay Pride' parades, where sicko's and weirdo's parade their abnormal sexuality for the world to see. What was once hidden, is now flaunted. 

Why, you may ask, is it necessary for these people to seek acceptance for their abnormal sexuality in such a public manner? Do you see heterosexuals celebrating their sexuality with floats, hardly-there costumes, or running around with their genitals on display, performing lewd acts in front of the onlooking children - while the adults laugh and applaud like clapping seals. Anyone who takes their children to see these disgusting parades should be arrested for child abuse.

Mark my words - the day will come when you will be shamed if you have not at least tried a homosexual encounter. Already a university in America has attempted to make it an admission requirement for students to divulge ALL their sexual experiences. The public outcry quickly stopped that nonsense, but it won't be long now. That was just the first push. And as we see from history, these pushes are the first warning shots of what's to come.

I remember pretty clearly when the Gay community was against marriage. They took pride in not conforming to the status quo. Then all of a sudden they wanted 'equal' rights to married people, so they got their civil unions.Then that wasn't enough so they pushed for Gay marriage - or, 'marriage equality'. Now they have that as well.

So, what's next on the agenda you might ask? What could possibly make these people happier than they are now?

It's only natural then that the Paedophiles also want a place on the Acceptance Wagon. Just like every other abnormal sexual group will eventually demand societal acceptance - including incest, polygamy and the countless variations thereof. What's good for the Gays, should be good for everyone. 

And so it will be. All common sense has flown the coop.

Pandora's box was opened when the West started accepting Gay marriage. It was a huge hammer-blow to the marriage societal pillar. The nuclear family is being attacked and we stand by watching Gay Pride parades, and clap. 

And Gay marriage won't be the end of the long list of demands these Progressive Regressive's will make on us, the conservatives. It's in the Progressive nature to destroy anything that is good and functioning - which is the antithesis of what a conservative stands for - which is 'to conserve' what works.

Make no mistake, Progressives arrive great satisfaction at rubbing the faces of Christian/conservatives in their deviancy. Nothing excites them more. These people don't want marriage equality - they want marriage destroyed. When you destroy marriage, you destroy the child. Just like Feminism isn't about promoting or advancing women - it's about destroying the male. 

I really couldn't care what people do in their bedroom. That is their business. But, when these groups demand that I accept what they're doing, then I have a huge problem. 

Mental illness is prevalent in the LGBT communities. And yet this is what we celebrate today and 'accept' as the new normal. Mentally ill people setting societal standards.

My parents must be spinning in their graves.

Apartheid fun fact for the day....

Apartheid fun fact #5:

In 1970, Black workers in South Africa earned R1751 million - or 25.5% of the total wage bill in SA. This increased to R17 238 million in 1984 -  32.3% of total wages in SA. This was a 1000% growth. 

In the 1986/1987 financial year, White South Africans paid R9000 million in taxes; Blacks R171 million in taxes; Indians R257 million, and Coloureds paid R315 million in taxes.

So, you tell me who was taxed to death to support the Blacks of South Africa. They earned 32% of the wages, yet paid the least amount in taxes, yet got most of the benefits.

Yeah, the poor Blacks......

Laugh for the day....

Hat tip: Nick A