30 August 2014

President's through the ages......and then Obama

South Africa: Silent cry of the Boer

I got a lump in my throat while watching the video below.

It's a very quick look at the history of the Boers in South Africa, and what they've been through trying to carve out their own land, culture and pride. To watch it is to realise what was given away in 1994 by our very own leaders.

And I find it pretty ironic that the Boers, who fled Europe for South Africa in the first place due to being persecuted for their religion, were then sold out at the end by their Dutch-reformed Church - which convinced the Boers/Afrikaners to give South Africa to the Blacks, as it was the right thing to do.....

I see that the South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa met with representatives of the Boer-Afrikaner Volksraad at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Thursday, so that the Boers could brief Ramaphosa and his delegation about their concerns for self-determination.

Good luck with that if you think it'll lead to anything for the Boers. There is no way on God's green Earth that the communist ANC will allow the Boers their own piece of the country. They can't have a group of White people upstaging them and showing the Blacks in South Africa what the White-man can achieve without Blacks killing them off. 

The only way for the Boers to achieve self-determination is to do it the way the ANC did - through guerilla warfare. Terrorise the ANC just as the ANC terrorised South Africa for 40 years. 

It's the only "negotiation" they understand. The Battle of Blood River will pale in comparison. 

USA: 20 Illegals in Panga Boat Storm the Beach, Enter San Diego

This photo now makes sense:

While the NSA in America is watching American citizens, looking for "terrorists" by going through their private emails and watching their every move, the real terrorists are entering the country by hopping over the border. A border left wide open by the same government which is using NSA to harass true American citizens.

Makes sense, no?

Do you want to see how easy it is to get into America? To sneak past the coast guard which costs tax payers over $10 billion per year?

Here are 20 men on a boat, which managed to land on a beach in San Diego. Of the 20 men, 12 are still at large, having evaded police.

It was only luck that a resident noticed the landing at 7am.

Another boat load tried the same trick the next day, but was intercepted about off the coast of San Diego County by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents.

The question to the US government should be: how many boats have landed successfully, which have not been detected, and who was on board?

If I were the devil......

This is from 1965.

Listen to how spot on Paul Harvey was 49 years ago.

Simple enough to understand?

Giving people "welfare" in western countries, and aid to foreign  countries, to help feed their children is why the world is going to pieces.

Australia: Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’

Global Warming.......errrrr ......Climate Change is all about propaganda rather than science.

That's the new Lefty type of science. No need to use data, facts or question anything. Just pick a side and then fit your data to prove the decided outcome.

Use emotion, not facts, to control an agenda.

When it comes to race realism, they shout "racist" whenever it's pointed out that a certain race is showing certain, unsociable tendencies. Anything negative is shouted down with "racism", "xenophobia", or my favourite, "White supremacist". 

When it comes to economics, they trash a free economy, instead screaming it's unfair for anyone to do well, and it's only fair for all to be equal. Socialist and communist countries would disagree.....

Name the agenda, and you'll find a Lefty using emotion instead of facts.

And it's the same with the climate non-debate. The Left are so intent on winning the debate that they'll even pervert science to achieve their pre-approved outcome.

Except Mother Nature isn't playing ball.

What to do????

No problem, just fudge the data to fit the narrative.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has been doing just that. They have been caught manipulating historic temperature records to show a warming trend. Which they deny of course, saying they've used "world’s best practice and a peer reviewed process to modify the physical temperature records".

No sure about you, but I trust them completely to "modify" temperature records! Not.

And isn't it amazing that after "modification", these records now show a warming trend, instead of the cooling trend?

The BOM said that modifications were made to take into account type of instrument used, choice of calibration or enclosure and where it was located. Except that records were found to have been "modified" when none of these things had occurred.


Yeah, and all those "modifications" just happen to fit with the BOM scaremongering about how Australia is heating up dangerously and that more money should be flung at it to stop it! 

Who would have guessed they were just sticking to their agenda, and changing data to fit it so perfectly?

Most of us with working brain cells and a questioning mind.

THE Bureau of Meteorology has been accused of manipulating historic temperature records to fit a predetermined view of global warming.

Researcher Jennifer Marohasy claims the adjusted records resemble “propaganda” rather than science.

Dr Marohasy has analysed the raw data from dozens of locations across Australia and matched it against the new data used by BOM showing that temperatures were progressively warming.

In many cases, Dr Marohasy said, temperature trends had changed from slight cooling to dramatic warming over 100 years.

BOM has rejected Dr Marohasy’s claims and said the agency had used world’s best practice and a peer reviewed process to modify the physical temperature records that had been recorded at weather stations across the country.

It said data from a selection of weather stations underwent a process known as “homogenisation” to correct for anomalies. It was “very unlikely” that data homogenisation impacted on the empirical outlooks.

In a statement to The Weekend Australian BOM said the bulk of the scientific literature did not support the view that data homogenisation resulted in “diminished physical veracity in any particular climate data set’’.

Historical data was homogenised to account for a wide range of non-climate related influences such as the type of instrument used, choice of calibration or enclosure and where it was located.

Britain: Terror threat level raised to ‘severe’

What's wrong Dave? 

Aren't the Muslims living in England your friends any longer??

Haven't you fought so hard to protect them for so many years, with every fibre of your being? It seems that didn't work to appease them after all.

And now you go before your nation and tell them that there's a good chance of another Islamic terrorist attack on British soil?

Just the other day, two Muslims in Britain decapitated a soldier - Lee Rigby - and all the navel-gazing Liberals in the media, and wimps like the Prime Minister David Cameron - went out of their way to protect and make excuses for the religion which produced those two barbarian head-choppers.

Now that British Muslims are decapitating people over in Iraq and Syria, including photojournalist James Foley, while they're out on their Summer holiday break - and then returning to England all jihadi'ied up - now Cameron and his brave government are warning the British people that a terror attack is quite likely.

You don't say, eh? You lot aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, are you?

Any 2-year old could have figured out what would happen when the government molly-coddled and protected the Islamists above other citizens. These are the same type of brave British officials who looked the other way as hordes of Muslim men gang-raped young White girls. And they're the same British officials who looked the other way when school districts were taken over by Muslims, leading to the radicalisation of school children.

So, now, all of a sudden, they've woken up to themselves and the British citizens will pay the price - not them - seeing as they have round the clock security. It's only the little people - the cannon fodder - who will once again feel the brunt of government stupidity.

As one commentator says:
In the old days ,when a castle was under attack, the first thing they did was shut the door and pull up the drawbridge - do you think the same tactic might work today?
Work today? No sir, not  with the current race-traitors sitting in the castle.

I'd say it's too little, too late. 

The horse has bolted, Mr 'Just call me' Dave Cameron. 

Hat tip: Mark L

More armed police will patrol Britain’s streets to counter the threat posed by fanatics returning from Iraq and Syria, David Cameron announced yesterday.

He warned that the return of hundreds of murderous extremists posed a greater threat to our security than Al Qaeda or the IRA ever did.

His comments came as Theresa May announced the official terror threat level had been raised to ‘severe’ – the second-highest state – for the first time in three years.

Read more HERE

Norway: Mohammed is most popular name in Oslo

England, Wales and Norway have something in common - the most popular boys name in all three capitals is Mohammed.

Are the alarm bells ringing yet in Norway??

Apparently not. 

Statistics Norway (SSB) Senior Adviser, Jørgen Ouren, says it's "very exciting" that this has happened.

Here is a picture of Mr Jørgen Ouren:

In this picture, Mr Jørgen Ouren still has his head attached to his neck. This may change one day in the near future when all those little Mo's have grown up and are running Norway.

I'm sure Mr Jørgen Ouren will be very excited then.
"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so." 
- Ronald Reagan 

What Norway will look like one day.....

For the first time in the capital city's history, Mohammed is the most common name for boys and men, said a study on Thursday.

Statistics Norway (Statistisk Sentralbyrå - SSB) has counted the population of Oslo and found that Mohammed is the most common male name in Oslo for the first time ever.

Jørgen Ouren of SSB said to NRK: “It is very exciting.”

Altogether 4,801 boys and men are named Mohammed or variations of Mohammed as their first name, and Mohammed has thereby passed both Jan (4,667) and Per (4,155).

The name has spent four years in a row at the top of the list of baby names in Oslo, but this is the first time that Mohammed tops the men's name list for Oslo.